Arsenal opt for MASSIVE rotation | Barysaw only has 4 coffee shops, sorry Theo

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This the haunting tune that shall reverberate around Barysaw this evening. The CHAMPIONS of Belarus banged in 6 goals in their last game against the not so mighty FK Slutsk… sounds like… no, I’m above ‘sounds like’ jokes. They have scored 44 goals in 23 Premier League games this year. Their stadium cost €40m, less than Ozil, and it holds 13,126 people. Cosy. They have an average squad age of 26, men of honour, in their prime, ready to DESTROY Arsenal if they so allow.

Anyway, Wenger is taking this super chill, fam. He’s rested a lot of players, prioritising the Premier League on Sunday against Brighton.

Ospina, Cech, Macey, Mertesacker, Holding, Mustafi, Wilshere, Elneny, Maitland-Niles, Walcott, Giroud, Nelson, Willock, McGuane, Dasilva, Akpom, Gilmour, Debuchy.

Look at that squad. I only know two of the names there!

Still, at least it should fun. I’d love to see Reiss Nelson given a run. I reckon we’ll see Wilshere land a start after PLENTY of chat about his participation in games this month. I also have a feeling we’ll see Theo Walcott rock a start, because, well, he costs us over £100k a week so we should probably put him on the pitch occasionally.

I have very low expectations around this game. We should be winning even with an average team, my worry is Wenger hardly supercharges his first team for a West Brom game, heavens knows how players are going to feel about playing in a area of Europe they’ve probably had to have explained to them three of four times.

Theo: So it’s Spain?

AW: No, it’s Belarus

Theo: What part of Spain is it like?

AW: It’s not. It’s Belarus, a place called Barysaw

Theo: Who is Barry?

AW: It’s like Spain

Should be mad banter. For Theo, as a coffee lover, my recco would be Я и Ты – Моё любимое кафе! Menu is looking pretty damn tasty.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 21.22.18

Beautiful presentation.

Right, that’s me done. See you on the other side. Canny wait for this one!

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  1. DeShorthi

    Interesting regarding who’s the better striker between Giroud and Shearer. Whilst I appreciate it’s very subjective to determine who was a better player, surely for strikers wouldn’t it be goals scored? In the same way for goalkeepers how many match winning saves or clean sheets they make?

    Winning trophies is a team effort. More so than assists to score a goal. A team can create assists all day and a striker just can’t finish them (e.g wellbeck or Walcott) but better strikers score even when their supply may be great, poor or non-existent.

    Shearer won a better trophy, one which is far more about goalscoring consistency than Giroud’s fa cup medals. Shearer also won 3x premier league golden boots plus a euro 96 golden boot award. That’s a far better return for a striker. Only 1 of those golden boots is when he won an honour so it couldn’t even he argued that it was all solely down to his teammates. I’m sure he also outscored Giroud when Newcastle were really crap. This isn’t about bashing Giroud but I don’t agree that it can be said that Giroud, based on goals and medals is better than Shearer.