Will the PL ever give back to the fans? | 3 things Arsenal fans need to see vs WBA

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I can’t help but think the TV gods are screwing us in an attempt to make Newcastle heroes of the world. Surely it can’t just be me that’s noticed Rafa B’s team has been a perma fixture of late? Who was crying out for more Newcastle?

‘Sky are appealing to the Geordies huge fan base’

Please. How many Newcastle fans do you see outside Newcastle and Benidorm?

Very few my friends, I know that for a fact.

Anyway, if you ever needed more evidence of the PL screwing our Euro chances over TV scheduling, look no further than us playing the Monday before Spursday night. Can someone give me the rationale of putting Arsenal on a Monday night vs West Brom? Who needs that game in their lives outside the corresponding fans? No one. Also, what’s the formula for Monday night games? Just, like, whatever?

Madness. Then an away game at Bate on Thursday (Belarus). F*cking mindless and selfish.

I don’t mean to bitch about our lot with the Premier League, but more money than ever flows into the game, everyone is landing pay rises, the league has never been so secure, but the only people who don’t seem to land any kickback is the fans.

What is our gift? Where is our discount for being heroes? The league is quite happy to line everyone’s pockets, bar the people’s who make it all possible (the fans, keep up). The game is a racket. Money flows out of our wallets, then find its way into the hands of the most dishonest, underhand, loose people you can imagine. Look, even our manager and CEO are making a killing from achieving very little. You never hear those two complaining about inflation when it’s their money going up for old rope. It’s really sad. Who is going to stand up to the club owners? No one.

Wenger managed to land himself in another weird dialogue with the press.

“The players will have warm-downs, they have all that, everybody does nowadays,”

“Treatment with the physios, massage, cryotherapy – all the stuff where nobody knows whether it is efficient or not.

“No one knows because you have a lot of science. If you read the science, some have proved it works and some have proved it doesn’t work. The ones that prove it works are usually sponsored by the guys who say that it does.

“Is it smoke and mirrors? Yes. Because at the end of the day, since I’ve been in the job, we have improved a lot the medical treatment. A lot. But, still, if you have a muscle problem, it takes 21 days. It took 21 days 30 years ago.

“We have to respect nature and nobody could make miracles unless they doped the players sometimes. That means they inject players for a big game and the guy plays with an injury, with anti-pain.”

The body is the body, and sure, maybe there haven’t been major improvements on how quick it can recover (I’d still question whether a 40 a day boozer from the 70s could recover quicker than an athlete with today’s science and tech), but damn, there has been a lot of improvements into the understanding of how an injury happens in the first place. Has Arsenal been a leading light on this front? Not really. Wenger is the manager and he’s been aggressively sceptical of preventive methods because they are an attack on his authority to play who he wants. We have improved, but my oh my, didn’t it take a long time to move out of the ‘it’s the hair pills’ days?

In other news, Mesut might be moving to United in a direct ploy by Mourinho to prove that he can coach better than Wenger. A real whatever moment for me, but I have to put a stop to people buying into Wenger’s view that players running down their deals is a new thing, and AFC are just the first to bear the brunt.

It has ALWAYS been more lucrative for players to run down their deals. We dropped one of the greatest Bosman’s of all time when we landed Sol on 90k a week 16 years ago. He earned almost double everyone in the league. Hardly set the tone did it?

Here are the two issues Wenger has.

1) Top players don’t believe in his project / They have refused deals / Arsenal refused to sell the players

2) Our deadwood players have been asked to leave / They can’t leave because no one will pay their salaries because we pay too much to our shitters / They are seeing out their deals because they are about to get hit with massive salary decreases.

Transfer fees are going nowhere people. They said in 1995 when the Bosman ruling happened players would simply roll their deals down, and transfer fees would disappear. Guess what? It didn’t happen. Clubs need security over their assets to make the world go round. Players need contract security. Agents need to make money.

Clubs will go to greater lengths to protect their assets, like in the case of Neymar’s buyout clause (even though they’re probably regretting that at this moment).

If they can’t tie down their assets, they’ll simply sell them with 2 years to go and replace (Matic)

2018 Armageddon is a product of bad planning from Arsenal’s hierarchy and an uninspiring project.


Yep, we have WBA this evening. No Danny W who is back for Watford after the international break, but Jack IS fit.

Things I’m looking to see:

Lacazette: I want him to make an impact on the league. I can’t be hearing he needs time to bed in because Moratta and Lukaku are banging in goals for fun. You don’t break your transfer record on a player who needs half a year to settle at 26 years old. He should be taking WBA apart.

Sanchez: Man knows he’s being intensely scrutinised tomorrow. If he wants to play a role this year, he must be on his best behaviour, he needs to be a team player. He needs to play with a smile on his face. He needs to contribute like a hero.

Aaron: Wenger talking about captains armbands, most Arsenal fans just want to see him string more than 10 games together and play like a hero. Has he matured? Can he play with discipline tomorrow? Can he contribute some happiness to Arsenal fans super sad we’re going to miss part time #10 Mesut when he jumps ship? Lets’ hope so.

Right, that’s me tapping out. LOVE YOU BIG TIME. Even the folks in Asia who have been trying to hack my website. Like, seriously, there’s no money here… you could be doing better imo.


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  1. WestLondonGoon

    Realistically, we should have taken the money for Sanchez and Ozil in the summer and bought a whole new midfield; Ramsey is just ill-disciplined and inconsistent, Xhaka immobile and anonymous again tonight, and Elneney tidy, but not much more really. We have the weakest midfield of the top five/six clubs, by far, not even a question. Once we get a couple of injuries, we will see just how weak we are.

  2. Bamford10

    “Excellent second half from Arsenal and Alexandre Lacazette proving to be another very good Wenger signing.” – Gary Lineker

    He means this sincerely, apparently. People seem impressed with the second half. I didn’t see it. What does Le Grove think?

  3. Relieable Sauce

    Dacoure-Lemina-Capoue should easily boss Ramsey and the rest of the CM.
    Silva looks the much better manager as well.

    If he’s done his homework he should get a result, he certainly has the players.

  4. Bamford10

    “First half was wobbly. Second half very comfortable. Mature performance. Monreal & Elneny excellent.” – @GunnerPunner

  5. Paulinho

    If we are going to do anything Ramsey needs to stay fit and be our main player. He adds a defensive and offensive steel with his energy and industry; as well as underrated vision and intelligence.

    Sanchez and Ozil are a dreary dull busted flush of a combination and hopefully Wenger keeps Ramsey, Elneny, Lacazette as our main spinal forward players and phases the other two out.

    If Wilshere somehow gets fit and we bin Xhaka things could get quite good to watch.

  6. graham62

    Predicted 2-0. First half WBA had the better chances, second half very comfortable.Lacazette will bag loads providing he stays fit. Monreal MOTM. Elneny ran him close.

    Almost forgot, WENGER OUT!

  7. gonnerram

    Lucky Lucky performance. Against any other half decent team we will be done by half time.

    Scandalous defending towards the end of first half. I am not sure what mustafi was up to all game. Monreal and Kos were superb. if we are playing 3 at the back – better to play with Rob Holding.

    Second half we marginally improved. Ramsey was good – both offensively and defensively. With Kola on the left – suddenly our Achilles heels has disappeared. But more attacks are coming through the right hand side.

    I have to admit that we got lucky again. MOTM for me is – Nacho.

  8. Leedsgunner

    Obviously I’m pleased with the three points BUT let’s be under no illusions our defence looks leaderless and disorderly. Had Jay Rodriguez stayed down under Mustafi’s challenge we would have conceded a penalty and had Monreal been a fraction of a second late when he was clearing of the line we would have been talking about a scrappy draw rather than a win.

    Do we do defensive drills at the club? Do we actually practice defending off set pieces? They look disorderly and panicked when the opposition come marauding into our box… Who is the marshal out there organising our defence?

    When we defend it looks like it’s more via luck rather than because we are prepared.

    If we play like that against Man United or City we’re going to get hammered and humiliated.

    Had West Brom been more

  9. Leedsgunner

    Ramsey blows hot and cold… when he’s fit. Against top top opposition he loses confidence and tries too hard and forgets to the basics right.

    I like his attitude though, professional as they come.

  10. graham62


    Stanley Matthews was a better player under Wenger.

    My point being is that Wenger’s self-gratification holds no bounds

  11. Paulinho

    The ‘selfish’ garbage about Ramsey still being peddled I see.

    Hated his selfishness and tactical indiscipline when he scored in the Cup Final.

  12. Elmo

    The club need to work with Lacazette on improving his decision making when running with the ball as the spearhead of the fast counter. In several games so far this season he has been unable to choose the right pass and the right timing, and has to cut back and delay, or simply runs into trouble as he can’t decide.

    His pure finishing is a great asset, as is his work when out of possession, but that’s an area that he can really improve, and is vital to his role at Arsenal.

    Of course the club don’t work on these kind of issues with players, so it won’t happen.

  13. Sanmi

    If you are saying arsenal are lucky against brom when they didn’t even create any chance in the 2nd half, then I suggest you watch soton vs utd.
    Utd never got out of there half.

    Bottomline , it happens

  14. Paulinho

    Elmo – Agree, Thought he was poor tonight he’s not as sharp in that regard as I hoped he would be.

    Ramsey could’ve hat-trick tonight if Lacazette actually looked up and spotted the countless times he took up great positions.

  15. Relieable Sauce

    Ramsey scored 2 goals last season with a lot of game time and he is arguably the most competent CM at the club….

    : /

    Says it all.

  16. Do One Gambon

    Happy we won, happy we’ve hopped up the league a bit

    But my god mustafi is shit. Dives in every time. E.v.e.r.y. t.i.m.e.

    Even kids know to stay on your feet.

  17. Bamford10


    I have only watched the highlights at this point, but I agree that we were fortunate that they didn’t score one or two in the first half. They had a number of good chances.

  18. Bamford10

    Yeah, that guy Graham is excellent. Really looks at the game through a number of different lenses.

    The point he makes about Ozil, though — that he could have been so much more if he had Petit & Vieira types behind him — is a massive indictment of Wenger. Wenger has played Ozil as something like a second forward, not as a genuine CAM, and he has never put pieces in midfield that would allow Ozil to be an effective CAM.

  19. Leedsgunner

    If Ramsey was made captain it would ensure we won’t see him for months on end… if recent captains are anything to go by. Cesc, Tommy V, Arteta, and Per have been all injury prone.

  20. Emiratesstroller

    Came back from Emirates and would make following points:

    1. There were a lot of empty seats. It is increasingly clear that there is growing dissatisfaction about the way the club is being run.

    2. Our first choice defence played reasonably well apart from “the penalty” which should have been awarded to WBA and 10 minutes before half time when we looked generally fragile. The combination of Koscielny, Mustafi and
    Monreal looks solid. Kolasinac is a hard working monster and Bellerin looks to have recovered his form following departure of Ox.

    3. Arsenal’s midfield remains a problem. There is a lack of quality and balance.
    Personally I don’t feel that Xhaka and Elneny is the right combination to play
    in central midfield. They lack pace and slow the game down. Ramsey as usual
    plays like a headless chicken. We need to find a midfield general.

    4. Sanchez is not playing particularly well, but I don’t think that it is due to lack
    of effort. He needs better support from midfield. Lacazette had a very good game yesterday. He looks like the “fox in the box” that Wenger thought that he had found when he recruited Francis Jeffers.

    5. The TV scheduling as I pointed out last week needs to be addressed. It is totally unfair and unrealistic that we are expected to play three physically demanding games in less than six days. You have to ask why we could not have
    played our first game on Saturday or Sunday and the third game on Sunday
    at 4pm instead of noon.

  21. Don


    I thought the midfield looked much better with Ozil on the bench and Ramsay further forward
    I still thought Ramsey was frustrating though.
    Regarding that mf general, jack is starting to look like his old self again

  22. Pierre

    Disappointed with Ramsey yesterday. I really wanted him to show us that he could play further upfield but I’m afraid I don’t think he has the intelligence to play the özil role in the team. He improved slightly towards the end of the game but doesn’t seem to have the awareness of how to find space. He always received the ball under pressure and never really looked composed on the ball. In the ten minutes özil had on the pitch he showed Ramsey how to play the role,making space for himself, composed on the ball, linking the play. He made it look easy compared to Ramsey who nearly always had to turn back towards his own goal whereas özil received the ball on the front foot.
    Of course, these opinions will go down like a lead balloon on here but I was at the game last night and I was sitting /standing on the side where özil was playing and Özil’s touch and awareness of space shone through in his short time on the pitch and yes I do understand that there is more space at the end of the game but some players know (özil) how to use the space and some don’t (Ramsey).

  23. Redtruth

    Ozil always looks half decent against mickey mouse teams.
    Beating mid-table fodder is par for the course.
    Arsenal bossing top 6 sides would be something to crow about and discussing.

  24. shaun ellis

    let’s be honest here arsenal were beyond poor last night. Wenger really is taking the fans for complete mugs.the team are bang average .the midfield is the weakest I have seen in twenty years , no creativity what so ever .wenger selection again damages the team . Xhaka is bang average , alright at most things but not good at anything that includes passing and shooting , the guy is average and those of you who keep going on about his passing …what a crock .. …..Eleny again maybe I am missing something but the guy is bang average we are basically using two ex Basel players as our first choice midfield at home ….what the fuck…………the game last night was hard to watch ………………why switch Ramsey higher forward when he just shown a bit of form in the CM position , we can’t win anything with that team not surprised at the empty seats you can only take the fans for cunts for so long

  25. TR7

    Elneny is having a good season so far. I have always been a fan of his simple and smooth game. His positional awareness and reading of the game is amazing. He has got a very good engine as well. Lacks the flair to become a top class player but he does make our team tick. He should be a regular starter.

    Mustafi is really a substandard defender. It’s a shame we could not flog him in the summer. Goes to ground far too often for my liking and has no positional sense. We should give Chambers a few opportunities now. Mustafi is no better than Gabriel.

  26. OleGunner


    We can’t complain about fixture scheduling when we sold our soul to TV companies for massive reams of cash.

    Sky and BT can jostle us around anyway they like just the same as all the other 19 clubs raking in the dough.

  27. Samesong


    Generally agree with your comment however and this may be over critical of him, for a big lad he don’t half go down easy. Sometimes he gets caught on the ball too easy.