Will the PL ever give back to the fans? | 3 things Arsenal fans need to see vs WBA

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I can’t help but think the TV gods are screwing us in an attempt to make Newcastle heroes of the world. Surely it can’t just be me that’s noticed Rafa B’s team has been a perma fixture of late? Who was crying out for more Newcastle?

‘Sky are appealing to the Geordies huge fan base’

Please. How many Newcastle fans do you see outside Newcastle and Benidorm?

Very few my friends, I know that for a fact.

Anyway, if you ever needed more evidence of the PL screwing our Euro chances over TV scheduling, look no further than us playing the Monday before Spursday night. Can someone give me the rationale of putting Arsenal on a Monday night vs West Brom? Who needs that game in their lives outside the corresponding fans? No one. Also, what’s the formula for Monday night games? Just, like, whatever?

Madness. Then an away game at Bate on Thursday (Belarus). F*cking mindless and selfish.

I don’t mean to bitch about our lot with the Premier League, but more money than ever flows into the game, everyone is landing pay rises, the league has never been so secure, but the only people who don’t seem to land any kickback is the fans.

What is our gift? Where is our discount for being heroes? The league is quite happy to line everyone’s pockets, bar the people’s who make it all possible (the fans, keep up). The game is a racket. Money flows out of our wallets, then find its way into the hands of the most dishonest, underhand, loose people you can imagine. Look, even our manager and CEO are making a killing from achieving very little. You never hear those two complaining about inflation when it’s their money going up for old rope. It’s really sad. Who is going to stand up to the club owners? No one.

Wenger managed to land himself in another weird dialogue with the press.

“The players will have warm-downs, they have all that, everybody does nowadays,”

“Treatment with the physios, massage, cryotherapy – all the stuff where nobody knows whether it is efficient or not.

“No one knows because you have a lot of science. If you read the science, some have proved it works and some have proved it doesn’t work. The ones that prove it works are usually sponsored by the guys who say that it does.

“Is it smoke and mirrors? Yes. Because at the end of the day, since I’ve been in the job, we have improved a lot the medical treatment. A lot. But, still, if you have a muscle problem, it takes 21 days. It took 21 days 30 years ago.

“We have to respect nature and nobody could make miracles unless they doped the players sometimes. That means they inject players for a big game and the guy plays with an injury, with anti-pain.”

The body is the body, and sure, maybe there haven’t been major improvements on how quick it can recover (I’d still question whether a 40 a day boozer from the 70s could recover quicker than an athlete with today’s science and tech), but damn, there has been a lot of improvements into the understanding of how an injury happens in the first place. Has Arsenal been a leading light on this front? Not really. Wenger is the manager and he’s been aggressively sceptical of preventive methods because they are an attack on his authority to play who he wants. We have improved, but my oh my, didn’t it take a long time to move out of the ‘it’s the hair pills’ days?

In other news, Mesut might be moving to United in a direct ploy by Mourinho to prove that he can coach better than Wenger. A real whatever moment for me, but I have to put a stop to people buying into Wenger’s view that players running down their deals is a new thing, and AFC are just the first to bear the brunt.

It has ALWAYS been more lucrative for players to run down their deals. We dropped one of the greatest Bosman’s of all time when we landed Sol on 90k a week 16 years ago. He earned almost double everyone in the league. Hardly set the tone did it?

Here are the two issues Wenger has.

1) Top players don’t believe in his project / They have refused deals / Arsenal refused to sell the players

2) Our deadwood players have been asked to leave / They can’t leave because no one will pay their salaries because we pay too much to our shitters / They are seeing out their deals because they are about to get hit with massive salary decreases.

Transfer fees are going nowhere people. They said in 1995 when the Bosman ruling happened players would simply roll their deals down, and transfer fees would disappear. Guess what? It didn’t happen. Clubs need security over their assets to make the world go round. Players need contract security. Agents need to make money.

Clubs will go to greater lengths to protect their assets, like in the case of Neymar’s buyout clause (even though they’re probably regretting that at this moment).

If they can’t tie down their assets, they’ll simply sell them with 2 years to go and replace (Matic)

2018 Armageddon is a product of bad planning from Arsenal’s hierarchy and an uninspiring project.


Yep, we have WBA this evening. No Danny W who is back for Watford after the international break, but Jack IS fit.

Things I’m looking to see:

Lacazette: I want him to make an impact on the league. I can’t be hearing he needs time to bed in because Moratta and Lukaku are banging in goals for fun. You don’t break your transfer record on a player who needs half a year to settle at 26 years old. He should be taking WBA apart.

Sanchez: Man knows he’s being intensely scrutinised tomorrow. If he wants to play a role this year, he must be on his best behaviour, he needs to be a team player. He needs to play with a smile on his face. He needs to contribute like a hero.

Aaron: Wenger talking about captains armbands, most Arsenal fans just want to see him string more than 10 games together and play like a hero. Has he matured? Can he play with discipline tomorrow? Can he contribute some happiness to Arsenal fans super sad we’re going to miss part time #10 Mesut when he jumps ship? Lets’ hope so.

Right, that’s me tapping out. LOVE YOU BIG TIME. Even the folks in Asia who have been trying to hack my website. Like, seriously, there’s no money here… you could be doing better imo.


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  1. WestLondonGoon

    This is seriously draining now. (….especially the typeface), but don’t worry, Arsene has it all under control.

  2. Leftsidesanch

    Wouldn’t surprise me to see WBA get something from the game in the form of a draw or even more.

    I don’t know if it’s just me but this club, and the three stooges have almost entirely destroyed my interest in footy. I’ve hardly watched any Prem league action this season.

  3. Rocky7

    Off topic . Anyone here remember back in the days when Debbie used to run the ‘Junior Gunners’ and we used to play 5 aside in the jvc centre and go for trips to away games . …. good times. Think mid 80’s. When it was a football club . Not a Ponzi Scheme. Anyway just wondering if any of you guys posting here was there.

  4. TitsMcGee

    I don’t know if it’s just me but this club, and the three stooges have almost entirely destroyed my interest in footy. I’ve hardly watched any Prem league action this season.”

    If you watched Titanic every weekend for 12 straight years you’d get tired of it too.

  5. WestLondonGoon


    I know exactly where you are coming from there; I feel exactly the same.


    Yeah, I remember her! Lost loads of wieght and won ‘slimmer of the year’. She used to work with Paul Johnson, who now has the title of ‘equipment manager’ or something like that. I used to work with her brother so we always managed to get away tickets – a real bonus in the 88/89 season! You’re right though, it all seemed a lot more ‘personal’ back then.

  6. Emiratesstroller


    I posted last week that the TV stations have demonstrated clearly that Arsenal fixtures are no longer prime time viewing and that the scheduling over next six days is scandalous.

    There was no reason to schedule our fixture against WBA on Monday night when they knew we were playing also on Thursday, but what makes it even worse is that we are being asked to play our fixture against Brighton on Sunday LUNCHTIME as well.

  7. graham62


    “Sanchez must play with a smile on his face”

    As someone who plays with his heart on his sleeve, that is almost impossible.

  8. Dissenter

    Obviously we aren’t the big deal anymore for TV broadcasters.
    All we are good for if the post-game reaction from the fans on Arsenal fan TV, that is except Wenger’s silly press conferences.
    Our football is drab and lacking in identity.
    I expect a plunge in revenue this year which will translate into poor commercial deals next season.

  9. Leedsgunner

    “‘Once someone takes the decision to leave I wish them well and focus on my squad, but just look at the performances of the players who left us and then come back to me about it,’ said Wenger.

    You have to shake your head in wonder when somebody is as self deluded as this. Is he a recent
    premiership winner? A Champions League Winner?

    Is that why our best players are refusing to extend their contracts with us? Because they are afraid to leave? Is that why we can’t sell our deadwood players?

    Arsenal is a badly run club. Uninspiring uncompetitive and unattractive. Arsene Wenger is one of the key reasons why this is so.


  10. Leedsgunner

    If Sanchez DOES play with a smile on his face it’s because he knows unlike us, he doesn’t have to put up with Wenger’s absolute B.S. for much longer.

  11. Micheal

    I totally agree about the crazy TV scheduling. But there is no conspiracy.

    Part of the deal with Sky and BT is that they are obliged to show all EPL teams during the season. Up to Christmas, this invarably means showing lots of West Brom, Stoke, Newcastle, etc. It leaves Sky-BT free to cherry pick the top 6 teams from January onwards. It means they cannot be accused of ignoring West Brom, Stoke, etc or not giving coverage to all teams. I am sure there is an obscure site somewhere which logs how many times teams geting get shown live on Sky-BT.

    Once the EPL sold its soul to Murdoch, football surrendered all credibility and control over its own affairs. Crazy scheduling is where clubs reap what they sowed.

  12. graham62

    Actually, Sanchez has been the only player in recent years who emotionally displays what it is like playing for Arsenal FC.

    x by 60000, and you get my jist.

  13. Carts

    Solid post, Pedro.

    As ES said, I don’t think we’re “box office”. I remember the days when we’d feature so often, due in part to offering the neutral value for money. When you slip out of the upper echelons you’re essentially devalued.

    Did you happen to catch Wenger’s interview where he spoke of players leaving and not really hitting the heights anymore. More canards from the delusional one.

    The same way Hleb, Song left us a frittered away into obscurity, is also the same way Cole, Cesc, RvP, Nasri, Henry went on to win accolades. I really wish journos wouldn’t just sit there and gobble up his bullshit pie.

  14. Bamford10

    It would be nice to see Ramsey continue to play well, but this team will only accomplish top four this season if a good chemistry develops within a consistent starting XI that involves Alexis, Lacazette, Ramsey and probably Ozil. I don’t see how we succeed without all of these playing well and playing in the XI. We also need to see the ability to switch to a 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 when appropriate.

  15. Emiratesstroller


    I understand the argument, but Arsenal have been selected for games against Leicester on Friday and now WBA on Monday.

    You don’t see the two Manchester,Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool matches being played then.

    Also asking Arsenal to play three competitive games at this stage of season in less than 6 days
    is completely ridiculous and suggests to me that the tv stations are making our situation as painful as possible.

  16. Bamford10


    We’re not a great team anymore, nor a great draw. You really can’t blame them. Blame Wenger for making us entirely “meh”.

  17. Carts

    Mark my words, Arsenal won’t be the only team to experience “unfair” fixtures. It’s swings and roundabout.

    I’m pretty sure Utd had the same shit happen to them whereby some prioritisation was required, which paid dividends.

  18. Dissenter

    “You don’t see the two Manchester,Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool matches being played then.
    You forget to mention that all five teams are playing in the CL and play better football.
    You forgot auto mention that lol five teams didn’t decide to make the summer an off-the-field sola opera about whether their best player was leaving or not.
    We aren’t good nought to command the prime broadcasting slots. That’s the simple explanation.
    We are good for the pre-match Wenger press conferences and post-game drama, nothing else.

  19. Carts

    “Speaking after United had laboured to a 1-0 win over Ukrainian outfit Zorya Luhansk at Old Trafford on Thursday night, Mourinho voiced his frustration that they face three such key fixtures in the space of six days.

    “Well, we could play Liverpool on the Saturday, we could play Liverpool on the Sunday,” the United manager said. “We play Liverpool on the Monday.”


  20. Carts

    It is what it is. It’s magnified purely cos it’s Arsenal, when in fact most teams get pimped out over the xmas period. It’s not a big deal!!!

  21. Leedsgunner

    “Also asking Arsenal to play three competitive games at this stage of season in less than 6 days
    is completely ridiculous and suggests to me that the tv stations are making our situation as painful as possible.”

    Everyone knew what the score was at the beginning of every season.

    If we wanted to avoid pile up like this week we need to land Champion’s League football.

    What did Wenger do?

    After making a good start to the season, he boasted about how he had the strongest attacking line up ever right before the Watford game mid season and then proceeded to lose to Watford, Everton and Man City in short succession — effectively ending our title challenge. This malaise of form continued until April when we went on a hot streak (when the pressure was off of course and we were out of the league title race and the Champion’s League) only to squeeze into 5th.

    No one owes us any favours.

    If we want to get on as a club we need to stop blaming others and start taking responsibility and exercise accountability.

    PS: Pedro, please change the font to what it was before.

  22. Ade1

    The fixture situation is partly due to Sky’s (or someone’s) decision to avoid having the Champ’s League sides playing on a Sunday before a Champ’s League week. This means that many of the “Super Sundays” and “Monday Night Footballs” coming up are absolutely shocking – Arsenal are the only big team left available to them and are being fitted wherever.
    I don’t know if this has been the policy in previous years but I’ve never noticed it before. Two weeks ago we had Swansea/Newcastle and Burnley/Crystal Palace for so-called Super Sunday, which was bad enough, followed by yesterday’s sole offering of Brighton/Newcastle, but try to look at the upcoming “Super Sunday” fixtures without getting depressed:
    15 Oct – Southampton v Newcastle
    29 Oct – Brighton v Southampton , Leicester v Everton
    19 Nov – Watford v West Ham

    They don’t seem to have been allocated beyond this but I imagine they’ll carry on if no-one makes a fuss about it.
    It’s going to be a long winter.

  23. Micheal

    ES; I understand the argument, but Arsenal have been selected for games against Leicester on Friday and now WBA on Monday. You don’t see the two Manchester,Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool matches being played then.

    Sky-BT are obliged to show all teams live during the season. Not sure if there is a precise quota. But this is why West Brom, Stoke, etc feature in the early stages of the season. I believe the reason our games against Leicester and West Brom were live is because of this obligation – not because of Arsenal’s fixture list.

    But I fully agree that the fixture scheduling is crazy and counter-productive. Sadly the EPL sold its soul to Murdoch over 20 years ago and cannot complain. The fans have no leverage whatsover – regardless of how crazy the situation becomes.

  24. graham62

    So, as per AW, players who leave Arsenal don’t improve.

    RVP, Fabregas, Cliche, Nasri, Sagna and Henry all went on to win major honours.

    Never ending narcissistic proverbial diarrhea.

  25. Carts


    Wenger is losing his shit. The level of butthurt is now at hemorrhoid.

    If you’d just landed on planet earth, you’d think Ox left us having won 3 prem titles, 3 fa cups and a fucking champions league, as well as being named in FIFA’s team of the year.

  26. loyika


    Excuse me, what major honours did Sagna win after he left? Or am I missing something? The League Cup!?

    And was Clicy a better player at City than he was at Arsenal? Still played the same way imo, just happened to be in a team that won the EPL. (Its like saying Song and Hleb playing for a Barca team that won stuff, you won’t now say they were the catalyst to the Barca team like say RVP’s league wining season at United)

    Lets try to be more objective (as much as we can) in our analysis. (At least do some research as well)

  27. Uwot?

    As usual with wenger its full on ” constipation of ideas” & “verbal diarrhoea” the press lap it up because they know it winds us up.hence they never question it.

  28. Dissenter

    Wenger cannot stop talking shite…as usual.
    The media need to fill their pages on a slow news day so it’s a marriage made in heaven. The opportunities to grandstand at these press conferences are the reason Wenger will never leave Arsenal.

  29. Wallace


    “So, as per AW, players who leave Arsenal don’t improve. RVP, Fabregas, Cliche, Nasri, Sagna and Henry all went on to win major honours.”

    not the same thing though, is it? you could argue maybe RVP got even more effective that first season at Utd, but we saw the best of all the others. no doubt.

  30. ZFree

    So how’s AW going to manage this 6-day stretch? I think we could go with a back 4 in all games and not get hurt, but I doubt he’ll move away from his back 3.

    for WBA and the brighton game, maybe go with:


    Debuchy against Bate Borislov? Or keep playing reiss and maitland-niles out of position back there? I think chambers is hurt still so maybe go with:


  31. HighburyLegend

    “Monaco midfielder Youri Tielemans claims he rejected the chance to move to Arsenal this summer.”
    lol you bet he did.

  32. Uwot?

    He’s the only manager I know who has an opinion on ” everything” anything to deflect about the calamity of a shit show at Arsenal…..

  33. Carts

    nothing more frustrated than realising that the only real fixture is Arsenal v West Brom tonight.

    I expect a flat track bully performance, tonight. If West Brom come away with anything from this game, I won’t be surprised.

  34. Carts


    Outside of a healthy salary and London, there no real appeal left to join Arsenal.

    As a player, you want to play with the following:

    a) exciting managers
    b) top players
    c) prospect of genuinely competing from top trophies

    Sadly, when Sanchez and Ozil leave, we’ll have nothing left to offer..

  35. Hunter

    I am sick of hearing where our so called world class players,Ozil and Sanchez will play next season and although NOT world class you can throw Wilshere in that list
    too.If they are determined to leave and not give a shit then dont play them in our first eleven!
    NO player is bigger than the club,they either die for the badge or can fuck off in my opinion.
    If Ozil and Sanchez perform like they don’t care,drop both of them down to the U23 squad for the rest of the season.Or sell them both in January.
    WENGER is an idiot for not taking the Sanchez money in the summer and he will even more stupid if he do sent take whatever money in January.
    These two or three players aren’t stupid,they don’t have to prove how great they can be we have seen them at their best and there will be no shortage of takers!
    They can take it easy or perhaps not so in Wilsheres case,fake injuries,not try and could cause unrest in the dressing room,or be professional and give us 100 pct.unfortunately I believe in the former on past performances.
    Yes you will see Sanchez score some great goals,yes you will see the occasional superb Ozil pass or Jack finally finish fit for a run of games.I fear none of them want to play for Wenger or Arsenal and won’t look back with any regret when they leave at the end of their contracts.
    So why waste time with them,give the youngsters their chance and settle for mid-table.

  36. Alex Cutter

    “NO player is bigger than the club,they either die for the badge or can fuck off in my opinion.”

    It’s 2017. No one’s dying for badges anymore, let alone Arsnenal’s.

  37. gonsterous


    we need world class players.. you can’t play Jenkinson cause he loves playing for arsenal or wants to die for the badge. he has to have the talent to go with his passion…

  38. Leedsgunner

    “NO player is bigger than the club,they either die for the badge or can fuck off in my opinion.”

    Of course I agree with this sentiment. Yet, it is for this precise reason that I’m puzzled to why the club allows Wenger to treat it and the fans who love the club with such contempt.

    Wenger, by his conduct has shown that in his opinion, HE is bigger than the club. Frankly as long as he has Kronke’s backing… he is untouchable.

  39. Emiratesstroller

    In normal circumstance I would agree with the statement that “no player is bigger than the club”.

    However, at the moment there seems to be an awful lot of players on our books who would rather be elsewhere. The real concern is that they are choosing to wind down contracts to leave on Bosman or forcing Arsenal to sell at rock bottom prices.

    What we are seeing is a scenario where players are not signing new contracts even if we throw money at them.

    Personally I think that players now recognise that the club lacks ambition and
    the likelihood of us qualifying for CL is diminishing.

    When a club reaches that point the owner/major shareholder has two options
    which are:
    1. You replace the Manager and Coaching Team and bring in new staff like
    Man Utd/Man City/Chelsea and Spurs have done.
    2. Throw money at the transfer market.

    Arsenal have not reacted in this way and the consequences is that nothing is

    The departure of both Ozil and Sanchez will send out a very clear message about what is going on at the club. Whatever our view of both players you do
    not see the same outcome at other clubs.

    If a player wants to leave the club makes sure that there is at least sufficient
    time left on his contract to sell him at the best price.

  40. Son of a Gunn(ers)

    Was hoping to see Sanchez Ozil Lacazette but im glad Wilshere is back in the squad. Ramsey in an advanced role will suit him better. Can see him getting more games there as prep to replace ozil there.

  41. Jeff

    It all depends on what sort of Arsenal turns up. This is almost guaranteed to be a “park the bus” job and Pulis wanting to frustrate and get one over Wenger. In this sort of game I would have thought Giroud instead of Lacazette but who knows whether that will matter or not. I feel a draw coming on but on paper we should of course win.

  42. Jeff

    Kieren Gibbs – LOL. All those years it took Wenger to realise Gibbs was a West Brom type of player and yet of course he wasn’t because I don’t think he was a PL sort of player if I’m honest but that’s just me.

  43. TR7

    Livermore, Krychowiak and Barry – 3 DMs in West Brom central midfield. Welbeck’s pace and industry would have helped us against their defensive set up. Good that Wenger is persisting with 3 at the back though.

  44. Frost

    No Ozil. Sanchez Starting. Ramsey further forward. Elneny in there to do the running for Xhaka. Fucking love that starting 11.

    I mean we still shit. But this is the first time in Heaven Knows how long that Wenger’s got his starting 11 spot on.

  45. PieAFC

    Credit where credits due, definitely a more balanced looking team.

    Still passing sideways. We’re better when we play with urgency, moment we get the ball, too much retention doing nothing with it.

  46. Paolo

    Ramsey never delivers.. in all the wenger years of dross he is up there as my dis liked player..

    He sums up our club currently

    I hate Ramsey & I hate winger

    Poor Sanchez.. who can blame him for wanting to leave a sinking ship


  47. Paolo


    Thank god someone else can see what I’m seeing.. he is terrible & has been for years

    Same as twat that picks him every week

    Arsenal are so far away from winning league yet ppl still pay through nose to go watch it!?? I’m life long fan & silver member but not been for years…

    Club is a joke to rest of league but everyone at AFC are oblivious…

    Sad times for gooners that know football & loved The Arsenal before that French cunt appeared

  48. Paolo

    Ramsey is pathetic

    Just shows magnitude of managers delusion

    Misdemeanours & injuries aside Jack is twice player Ramsey will ever be

  49. Negation

    Incredible….Sanchez is giving passes left right and centre and people seem to notice the one time he doesn’t complete a pass. Breakups are always so bitter…

  50. TR7

    Alexis is on the wane. Always had the tendency to lose the ball, make bad passes but he used to compensate all that with his dribbling and goals. He is very predictable now.

  51. Negation

    Yeah, rubbish touch just there by Sanchez!

    Get him off and put on some no-name youngster who will be in the championship next season

  52. Don


    I don’t agree at all
    Sanchez is our most dangerous player
    He’s always been unpredictable and careless with possession but he’s still head and shoulders out best player

  53. Relieable Sauce

    Yeah Sanchez is crap, lets see if we can persuade Arteta to come out of retirement and do a swap with City in January.

  54. TR7


    Yes he is still our best player but that says more about lack of quality in our team than his quality. . All I am saying is we have probably seen the best of Alexis as a footballer. He is on a downhill path now imo.

  55. Negation

    oooooh, Sanchez sent to the bench — where’s Pedro? He might be right about Wenger trying to teach Sanchez a lesson………lol.

    And imagine, he was applauded off! Fans at the stadium must be blind.