Age-old AFC tradition rekindled as Wenger continues dish serious shade

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Captain Bribe is back!

Captain Bribe is back!

Arsene Wenger throwing so much shade they should call him Lunar Eclipse. Amirite?

“Yes [it hurts when such players leave] because ideally, you want stability and you want players who carry the values through the generation,”

“It’s true that Gibbs [hurt] more than Chamberlain because Gibbs has been educated here from the age of [14].

“When he arrived he was a left winger. I transformed him into a full-back because he was not necessarily rated as a guy who would make it as a left-winger. But I saw something in him — intelligence, pace — that that made me feel that he could make it as a left-back.”

I mean I’m totally buying into all this bitterness Wenger is dropping this season, but come on, let’s not jump into revisionist Gibbs history here. Wenger transformed Kieran into a left back who couldn’t break out of the shadow of a very average Gael Clichy, despite the Frenchman having a poor final ball and a love for a calamity moment.

Not only that, Wenger had to go into the market to sign Nacho because it was clear Gibbs would never make the jump. Being butthurt (LOL, heard that for the first time the other day) about losing a player you badly educated isn’t even worth talking about.

I’m also irked when he talks about the intelligence of his players. I specifically remember Kieran Gibbs strongest asset was bombing forward with no cover. Remember the CFC game he was sent off on when he exposed us badly in the opening 15?

I’d be more upset about spunking a load of money on a kid you were sure was good only for him to turn down £180k a week to play terribly somewhere else.

Anyway, enough about Gibbs. How about a little celebration of the return ofage-old old Arsenal tradition?

The captaincy bribe!

When you don’t have the dollars, the CL, or a title-winning team… give them the captaincy.

‘Why not? It is all there. He has maturity, has improved technically and is more conscious of the importance of his technical qualities. His game is clean. He has a huge physical power’

After 3 good games, he’s in the running for the armband, mainly because he’s heading into the final 18months of his contract and Wenger needs to dangle some tasty carrots. Wenger nails the reason I’d not be considering it.

‘The target for him will be to have 30 games.’

Aaron very rarely maintains a consistent run of games in the team. He’ll usually front end the season, we’ll lose him October through December, and his return will be sputtery at best. Wenger really needs to learn his lesson with Captains and start giving the armband to players that are fit and present. We’ve had a terrible run of names, but at least we’re moving back to bribing over giving it to players who crippled. Look at the state of this list.

Look at the state of this list.

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 20.11.16

Back into the positivity, I liked some of the comments he made about the Welshman.

‘If he starts from a strong defensive position, he can be dangerous against anybody.

‘He has a huge influence going forwards, we know that, and we know that he can contribute to that.

‘The strength in his game was of course his usual top-quality physicality. But he’s more focused on technical quality in his first touch and that makes him more dangerous.’

The point Wenger makes there about starting from a strong defensive position is essential. We all know Aaron can be great going forward, but far too often, his Glenn Hoddle like tendencies expose the rest of the midfield. Hopefully Wenger and Bould are coaching him on how to maintain discipline and be more like he was against Chelsea.

Wenger took time out to pontificate on transfers and players.

“Because you will be in a position where you [either] extend for money that you cannot afford, or you let them go into the final year of their contract,”

“This season, 107 players in the Premier League go into the final year of their contract, for the first time. And I think you will see that more, because the clubs want too much money for normal players. …

“So what happens is, the club cannot sell and doesn’t extend the contract.”

This is basically Wenger projecting and forgetting where Arsenal were at this summer. You can’t bemoan the transfer market for being too inflated, then claim it’s hard to sell. Look at the money that swapped hands, even without the mega fees.

Our problem was two-fold, we couldn’t sell players that were on mega money because those players were shite… then we couldn’t sell shite players on normal money because we wanted too much money. Namely Callum Chambers who we wouldn’t sell for less than £27m. Players just don’t want to be at Arsenal, trying to connect unconnected oddities to justify why Ozil, Sanchez and Jack are all passing, without addressing the elephant in the room, namely,  we’re a bit shit, is a silly.

Finally, the last piece of Wenger banter is about the Champions League.

“Do I still follow it? I think that the group stage, there are not many interesting games so I choose one or two that are interesting.

“It’s a routine now in the group stage. Look at the audiences, it has lost some attraction power.”

He’s right of course, but be real here, the group stages have been boring since they CL started letting in teams that were outside the top 2. They’re a little bit more boring now because UEFA has let in a bunch of super shite teams that has no chance of progressing.

Premier League roundup is pretty uninteresting. Everyone we should be caring about won. Pep G off to another roaring start, batting away the twitter nerds who call the greatest a fraud. Lukaku continues to show that if you can score goals for an average Everton side under Koeman, chances are you’ll be able to do it for an expensively assembled United. Liverpool and Spurs bagged 3 points. So basically, a big game for us against a WBA who have had a poor start but actually sit a point ahead of us in the league.

Oh, before I go, check out this piece from the BTL lads who have knocked together a beastly piece on the top 50 kids in Europe. Are you reading Steve Rowley?


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  1. Son of a Gunn(ers)

    Morning all

    Wenger does talk some shite doesnt he. The only thing that hurts about gibbs going is that we did not get more. Other than that good riddance.

  2. grooveydaddy


    Who have we been linked to on that list?

    Henry Onyekuru?
    Tielmanns? (vaguely remember him being talked about after we drew 3-3 at home to Anderlecht)

  3. gonnerram

    My 2 cents on the game tomorrow. I know it is the 6th game of the season but this is a must win. All the 5 top teams have won and are separated by 4 points. Arsenal has to win this game and stay close to the pack. Until city visit us in November we have some really winnable games (on paper) and we must make this count.

    Have a Plan: I am sincerely hoping that we have a game plan for WBA. Their plan is very simple. Congest the middle of the park,force Arsenal out wide and defend crosses – which is bread & butter for them. So do not bite to their plan and try crosses out wide, instead find a way through the middle.

    Cynical Fouls: When we lose the ball, and if they break do not be afraid to make cynical fouls and stop the attack. The attacks will be few and far but nipping them at the bud is important.

    Set Pieces: We have always lost to them on set pieces. The average height for them is over 6ft. Last time, they scored 2 goals from corners and there were danger signals before then. Tony Pulis knows how we defend and it is important we defend this well. There is not a lot of height in the side so avoid giving silly fouls on our own half .

    Plan-B: Giroud does very well against WBA so worth having a plan to bring him on early if things are not going very well. He is the option we must consider if we are going for crosses as WBA will offer spaces to Kola and Bellerin on the outside.

    Must Win: Approach the game as a must win game. As I mentioned before – this is a game where we cannot afford to slip up. These are the sort of games which decide how close we are to the top 4.

  4. S Asoa

    Fucking 12
    In honor of Con Wenger “values” he sprouts out of context .
    Fucking shit what is relevant is WINNING
    and to think so many dumbos aka A K B who swallow like good whores

  5. S Asoa


    Intelligent analysis mate.
    I run a local football team ( we do the culture part too for funding )
    Wish could pick your brains , since our local Club managed to climb 2 slots up in the Division in 3 years.

  6. Frankie Coffeecakes

    I suppose when you are not much of a manager you’d likely start spouting off your opinion on every subject available to deflect away from your weakness. To that end, Arsene Wenger.

  7. Mark S

    Strange weekend for fixtures. 8 on Saturday, 1 on Sunday, and then we play on Monday. In Italy, Spain, or Germany they would have tried/made sure the teams in Europe get an extra day of rest. In England, they make them play 3 days between fixtures. I get that it’s the Europa League, but England doesn’t really give their teams much rest when it comes to Europe.

  8. Pedro

    Rhys, this is why that millennial threw you under the bus.

    Roan and co don’t write about Monarchs and people in the press because they’re sports writers. But many do. Prince Phil gets hammered for being awful. At least he has the excuse of being 90 years old. Sampson is 34.

    The manager of England’s womens football team should be held to the same standard the average working joe would.

    If you sleep with someone in your team, you can get fired. If you do that in sport, you should certainly be fired.

    Making crass comments about Ebola to a Nigerian player, getting called out on it, and lying… you should definitely be moved on.

    Bullying, lying, and rumoured sexual misconduct < and you're making excuses for poor old Mark. You're morally bankrupt.

  9. leon

    I my opinion Ramsey is not dm he never has been he is much better in ozil position he would definitely score more goals now I know he is not as skillful as ozil but works allot harder that’s for sure. But this nothing new wenger has been playing players out position for years, he did with Ashivin who was never a winger he was a striker, did the same with Podiolski I could go on and on. Rather changing the system to suit strengths of players you have he doesn’t the other way round.

    You can tell all is not well, at the club half of squad want out .

  10. Frankie Coffeecakes


    Every team has “values”. Don’t know why Wenger and Gazidis continue to harp on them, unless of course you are trying to deflect away from your inadequacies as Manager and CEO, and an otherwise very forgettable and regrettable summer?

  11. Pierre

    Though I agree it’s a must win game I think you contradicted yourself a little in that you said it’s important to make cynical fouls to stop their attacks and then you said they are most dangerous from dead ball situations.

    In my opinion I think it’s important to give away as few free kicks as possible, anywhere on the pitch as west brom will hoof the ball into the box at every opportunity.
    We just need to play and defend sensibly as Wba tactics are so obvious that there is no need for cynical fouls as they do not have the ability to play through our defence.
    A comfortable win (3-0) is my prediction.

  12. gonnerram

    S Asoa — glad to be of help 🙂

    pierre — i was only referring to fouls near our box etc. That is a recipe for disaster given the height advantage they carry.

    Scot Carson will take free kicks from their half and I think either Brunt or Dwason will take free kicks in our own half.

  13. S. Asoa

    If Ozil signs to Manure for free.
    Daily Mirror
    6. Back at Arsenal – where they’re also set to lose Alexis Sanchez on a free transfer next summer as it stands – Arsene Wenger’s attempts to claim that everything is “FINE! JUST FINE!” would leave him coming across like Comical Ali

  14. Redtruth

    Vermaelen was Captain of Belguim and Ajax and should of been made Captain immediately on his arrival to Arsenal.
    Lack of discipline and organisation in Arsenal’s defence caused Vermaelen to regress as a player.

  15. Carts

    What I deduced from Wenger is that he’s feelin extra salty right now. As you rightfully pointed out, the CL group stages , since they let the likes of Bate Borisov in have tended to throw up a few shit fixtures.

    However, if you’re the champions of Belarus or Kazakhstan then you should at least have the right to participate in europe’s prestigious footballing prize. Let’s not forget some of these team would’ve played in 2 prior rounds…

    But I find the timing of Wenger’s comments all to coincidental. Essentially, similarly, to when he said not being in the CL wasn’t a big deal, when it was evident that we’d need to rely on teams dropping for us to make top 4.

    Each group throw up intriguing fixtures for the neutral and hardcore.

    I posted yesterday about Wenger talking total nonsense about 106 players going into their last year. This isn’t uncommon, per se. Maybe the number has increased but broadly speaking it’s pretty much standard.

    Wenger has attempted to conflate our contractual issues as if it’s something that’s reverberating across Europe, when this isn’t the case.

    Utd, Chelsea and City, Liverpool and Spurs have their core players tied down by the scrote. See Coutinho. I think the only anomaly is Alderweireld: If he leaves this summer they’ll get £40m. If they trigger the additional year option they get half that figure. Either way you cut that cake they’re ok because they have have Sanchez and Foyth ready to step in.

    Arsenal on the other hand have displayed amateurish characteristics for years now. With Ozil, Wilshere and Sanchez leaving next summer, we’ll do well to convince Ramsey to hand about.

  16. graham62

    Let’s be perfectly honest here, how many of us actually listen to, or even care, what Wenger talks about these days?

    Most, if not all of it, is nonsensical garbage. Of course, those with half a brain realize that all he is trying to do is deflect all the justifiable criticism that continues to come his way.

    He has become a disgrace, a total embarrassment and a liabilty to the club.

    Prediction for tomorrow night, 2-0 to Arsenal.

  17. Berg

    People have short memories. Is this the same Ramsay that was so shit against Liverpool that was subbed at half time or the same Ramsay who has played shit for the last 4 years. So one lucky dribble where he stumbled his way towards goal against Chelsea and he’s suddently messi!!!!

  18. graham62


    “Don’t blame Wenger for Vermaelen failing, that was down to him”

    Come on Don, do you really believe that?!

    More like a complete lack of structure and understanding at what was needed.

  19. Pierre

    The question is, can Ramsey consistently play with discipline and keep it simple, as he did v Chelsea. It’s now or never for him in an arsenal shirt.
    I have been one of Ramsey’s biggest critics for the last 3/4 years. always too far upfield, a very frustrating player. A poor man’s Frank lampard without the goals and the timing of lampard’s runs into the box.
    However, as I am an Arsenal supporter, and I believe a fan of a club should always want their team and players to do well (whoever is the manager),so I am hoping that Ramsey will prove me and quite a few others wrong and go on to be a top class midfielder.
    The özil haters should follow the same principle. Instead of picking out all the weak parts of his game, body language, heading, tackling, work rate (Debatable), why not promote the fact that he had made more chances for his team mates than any other player in the league(though they missed all of them, which is not his fault).
    If/when özil leaves in the summer, we will become a weaker team. People seem to think that it’s easy to create so many chances… its not.
    If özil plays tonight I guarantee you that he will create at least 5 chances for his team mates but will receive no credit unless the strikers convert the chances. Hopefully sanchez and lacazette will play up front with özil and then we will see the quality of the finishing improve.