Jack Wilshere bantered hard

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This really is a totally dead week for news. I’m having to craft stories about Jack Wilshere bantering with Chezzer on Instagram.





It’s a bit weird that Jack seems to be quite open about not being very good. Only recently he was asking if he could go to Tyrone Mings soccer school in a bid to get a game.

I get it, it’s jokes, but you worry about the self-fulfilling prophecy of telling everyone you’re shit and believing it.

Mind you, Wenger wasn’t exactly glowing with enthusiasm about his latest 90mins.

“I think you have to put this game into perspective as well, it does not exactly have the intensity of a Premier League game. But it’s important for him to build him up gradually.”

I mean, it only took ten years to realise that relying on his fitness isn’t smart. But there will be openings coming up. When asked about the next few games, Wenger said this:

“I don’t know. I’ll go game by game.

“We play next week three games – Monday, Thursday, Sunday – before the international break so I will have to make decisions to balance the team, to see who I play and where.”

Wenger is talking openly about rotation, probably because he knows his only chance at the league is to use the second string in all the other competitions. He should always be smarter about rotation, because I’d argue that his lack of smarts here has cost us trophies and progress over the last ten years.

Still, would be lovely to see Jack resurrect his career. He was a top talent back in the day. Just needs to find the right sort of motivation.

Right, that’s me done. Have a great weekend!

UPDATE: Jack responded… some Zinger Tower burger kick back there!



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  1. Matt

    I was thinking earlier today about squad rotation and getting the priorities sorted. We should have a group of say 15 players, our best players, who train together day in day out and who solely concentrate on Premier League games.
    When it comes to the League Cup, Europa League and FA Cup, we field a much weakened team. Players who did not play a minute during the last premier league game and who are unlikely to play in the next. On top of that, you add in the bulk of the U23’s and see what they can do.

    This could bring similar results to what Chelsea had last season. You felt that they were well prepared for every Premier League game because the had no European duties. PL is the number 1 priority, therefore we should make it our number 1 priority during the week before the game, not 2-3 days between the EL game and the weekend.

  2. Mark

    Lacasette will score plenty of goals for us. He’s a very good finisher ! Was unlucky with that rocket wrongly called offside.
    For strikers it’s a confidence thing, not helped by Wenger dropping & subbing him.
    He does his defensive duties,and I feel he will turn out to be an excellent buy for us.

  3. Goldinho

    I think a lot of Wiltshire s injury record is down to being played into the ground at 16,cause the manager wouldn’t spend any money on reinforcing the team.

  4. tee

    @dinho, you are absolutely wrong. wilshere playing style made h susceptible to tackles. it has nothing to do with overplaying. its only arsenal fans that complains of overplaying a player then start whining if such player decides to leave due to limited playing time. I won’t be surprised if you fault Wenger for your inadequacies in life

  5. Dissenter

    “If Lacazette doesn’t help us win the league then he will not be an excellent buy”
    Do you ever reflect on the drivel you keep posting?

  6. mysticleaves

    so many players played about the same minutes as Wilshere at his age too and weren’t injured. It’s not the injury, it’s down to training methods and play style.

    Messi started playing since 7, he isn’t as injured. Rooney too. Fabregas too. Neymar too. A lot of them.

  7. ArseneisaFraud


    Of course. But considering that he was so fragile as a youngster, the fact that he was overplayed, played a major role in him being injured so frequently.

  8. Mark

    Red , as long as Lacasette does his part then I’m happy to say he’s a good buy.
    It’s a team game & we got a shit manager.
    Asking for him to contribute is fair but surely not just down to him to win it for us.

    Anyway people are writing him off already.& he’s not even had a run of games yet. Let’s see how he’s doing end of Feb

  9. jwl

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
    Humpty Dumpty had a big fall.
    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
    Couldn’t put Humpty together again

  10. arsene's used sock

    the overuse as it relates to jw10’s injury record is because of poor biomechanics on his part (running /dribbling style) and the nature of his game.

    did arsene overplay him, yes he most certainly did, but overplaying a player should result in only mental fatigue, otherwise know as jadedness which is something cesc still suffers from when he is the first choice midfielder in a team.

    jw simply ran with bad form for a very long time, very hard to change how someone opts to move and place their legs while running, though that alone wasn’t enough to lead to him getting diaby’d, he had to leave his foot in on too many tight challenges when his joints are already compromised because of his gate.
    but at the end of the day it’s that very playstyle that made him such a figure in our team when he was emerging.

  11. tonyd

    Anyone else think these players are not worth £150k & £100+K?

    I understand the need to get them tied to longer contracts to have a resale value, but not at a salary where we can’t sell them on.

    To me it’s doesn’t make sense and continues the trend of having players we can’t sell to lower level clubs.

    Welbeck a squad player at best, and Ramsey now playing for a new contract with no consistency and positional sense.

    Aaron Ramsey and Danny Welbeck are in the final two years of their contracts
    Ramsey can expect to be offered £150,000 and Welbeck in excess of £100,000

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4911414/Arsenal-stars-Aaron-Ramsey-Danny-Welbeck-set-talks.html#ixzz4tSzzv4sn

  12. Steveyg87

    Suicidal offering ramsey a new contract. I’ve always been a fan of what welbeck brings to our style of play, so no complaints there. Gutted that the lad got injured again

  13. graham62

    Of course major questions must be asked of Arsenal’s medical/Fitness team.

    Fact, JW was heavily overused from an early age but was not a contributory factor to all his injuries.His bow legs and general playing style were also detremental when it came to his running and tackling abilities.

    Wilshere’s body mechanics/balance/movement have therefore led to many of his injury problems.

    Then of course, the experts knew all of this.

  14. Emiratesstroller

    Wenger has written an article on the Arsenal Official Website about the direction of the transfer market this summer.

    He highlighted the amount of money spent within the EPL and also of course the expenditure of Paris St Germain.

    Apparently there has been concern expressed not just by UEFA but also the
    German Prime Minister about the direction it is going.

    Wenger suggests that the market either needs to be controlled properly or
    be completely open.

    From my perspective the issue is that you have now two clubs [PSG and Man City] operating within the game who have resources, which far exceed anything available to other clubs.

    PSG have demonstrated this year that unless controlled they can buy in one
    transfer wind effectively two players costing almost £400 million and that
    does not include the wages and also agent fees that they have also paid.

    The fact that Mbappe was loaned to them for one season makes the situation even worse.

    The current situation puts all other clubs at an unfair disadvantage even if
    run by ‘ultra rich’ people like Abramovich and Kroenke. I am not talking about their modus operandi, but the fact that there is going to be a finite
    limit on what they can pay.

    Arsenal are unfortunately in the third tier of spenders, because clubs like
    Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Man Utd are able to generate
    considerably higher revenues than we do.

    The fact that Arsenal are no longer competitive with these four clubs is down to an owner who has not shown much ambition and a management team both on and off the field of play who have failed to deliver results.

    Clearly Arsenal are far behind all six clubs in delivery of commercial sponsorship. Indeed there are now several other clubs in EPL and Europe who
    outperform us there as well.

    The club has also failed to qualify for Champions League this season and
    that will for sure have consequences for the club’s balance sheet in year
    ending 31st May 2018.

    Bluntly we have seen already the outcome this summer when we bought just one player in transfer market and there has been total inertia in our
    contract negotiations with players currently on our books.

    I think that it is now blindingly obvious that both Sanchez and Ozil will leave
    by end of this season with probably no transfer fees recouped.

    There are also several other players reaching the end of their careers over
    next two years. As I suggested in summer we are faced with a potential large hole in our squad and probably not the financial resources or young
    players in our Academy to fill it.

    Realistically this is no longer a critique exclusive to Wenger and the coaching staff. We know that they are not fit for purpose that has been glaringly obvious for a long time.

    However, the bottom line has to be what Kroenke is prepared to do about
    the situation. It is no longer just about replacing personnel albeit that would be a good start.

    What is equally obvious is that Arsenal will need to bring in over next two
    or three seasons at least half a dozen new players in starting eleven plus a
    similar number in the squad. That is going to cost serious money. Somehow
    I don’t see it being generated from the club’s revenues.

    This is why I came to the conclusion that Kroenke will sell the club sometime in the not too distant future. I don’t believe that he has the resources
    [liquidity] or inclination to invest £500 million in the club and that is the minimum that I think will need to be invested in squad in next two to three years.

    At the moment Arsenal’s current resources allow the club to invest perhaps
    £50-60 million in transfer market, but even that figure might not be achievable if we struggle to find new sponsorship.

    Frankly it is a sad and disappointing story for a club who are failing to achieve their full potential.

  15. graham62


    We all well aware that Football has been totally transformed these past few years, infact since RA took over at Chelski.

    It is a sick situation when clubs like PSG, or should I say countries like Qatar, can monopolize the market place.

    HOWEVER, let’s not fool ourselves here, Arsenal Football Club have created their own disfunctional system that has manifested the longer Wenger and his regime, remains in power.

    Money has nothing to do with tactics/game plans/structure and motivational skills. Unfortunately, our ‘sugar daddy’ is Wenger himself.

  16. karim


    Love it when the Dortmund boss asks for points to be taken from Psg but doesn’t comment on the Dembele deal.

    Sure, Psg are ” killing the game ” a little but to be honest, all this campaign rose because the former giant clubs don’t want anybody else to join the party, that’s all.

    Madrid’s financial issues have always been taken care of by the king of Spain, Bayern’s Uli Hoeness was in jail not so long ago and, really, can’t remember that much noise when the likes of Chelsea or City started spending left, right and center..

    But then, let’s all shout at Psg …

    Who knew Verratti when he was in Pescara ?
    Kimpembe, Areola or Rabiot all come from the academy and are starters.
    Neymar and M’Bappe’s fees may look obscene but the latter still has a lot to prove, as he doesn’t even have 1 year of pro football behind him.

    So maybe, just maybe, a little perspective would be welcome.

    And don’t get me started on the crazy wages the English clubs offer average foreign players, which kind of sucks for their respective original leagues who can’t compete when their best players start shining.

  17. Emiratesstroller

    graham 62

    Wenger is part of the problem, but not the only one.

    For a start he is not the person negotiating contracts and transfers even if he
    has some influence in decision making.

    Second if you have management and coaching staff who are not fit for purpose you get rid of them as most other top clubs have done several times over.

    Arsenal and presumably Kroenke’s philosophy is not to do so for whatever
    reason. He is RESPONSIBLE as major shareholder and member of Board for
    making key decisions.

  18. Son of a Gunn(ers)

    So with Welbeck injured if Sanchez still doesnt get a start is it fair to say hes being edged out the team based on the fact he wants to leave? All this talk by wenger about him not starting being down to fitness is bollox because in the past hes been happy to throw him straight in and never rest him.
    With ozil now looking to leave will he start getting the same treatment. Lets see.

  19. Pierre

    Son of a gun

    We will see but I actually think that sanchez is still in pre season mode and is playing catch up with his fitness.
    He will start v West brom as will özil if fit..

  20. graham62


    Kroenke only looks at the $$$$$$ signs. Making footballing decisions does not fall within his remit. If it did Wenger, would have been shown the door long ago.

    Wenger is the voice and engine of the club and for this reason alone, he is responsible for all levels of decision making.

  21. Son of a Gunn(ers)


    I dont think its preseason mode, i think its i dont wanna be here mode. If he doesnt start then to me its a clear indication hes being phased out…..seeing how the team perform without him ahead of a january sale to the highest bidder.

  22. ArseneisaFraud

    Interesting take from you all on Jack Wilshere. I was also wondering whether AW training regime could have something to do with it as well, considering how out dated it must be; ie it is not designed for the intensity of todays football games.

    As for Sanchez, I personnally believe that he is more in desinterested mode more than anything else.

  23. Bamford10

    Gary Lineker is trolling Arsenal supporters (good-naturedly) on Twitter, leaving us off his list of title contenders while jokingly including Newcastle.

    We deserve this. Nothing about our current state suggests title contender.

  24. Bamford10

    Re Wilshere, I imagine the Bournemouth physio team knows what it’s talking about. I would think Jack’s problems arose from two factors: one, being overplayed, overtaxed; and two, returning to high intensity games or training w/o proper rebuilding of strength or conditioning.

  25. Marc


    Lineker is the perfect example of the intellect of a Spud. If we win on Monday we’re one point behind the Spud’s and I think we all agree we’ve been fucking woeful outside of the Chelsea match last week.

  26. TR7

    Even Pep is copying Conte’s formula of playing 3 defenders at the back. Wouldn’t be surprised if Klopp also followed suit given Liverpool’s defensive woes.

  27. Batistuta


    Not everything said by people like that about Arsenal should get to you unless it plays into your ultra hypa it’s all bad at Arsenal

  28. Carts

    ““It is something we want to address,” Wenger said in relation to fresh terms for Ramsey and Welbeck. “Both of them are in a good moment for us. But with the level of transfers and the amounts that players expect on their contracts, you will have more and more players going into the final year of their contracts. You will be in a position where you either extend for money you cannot afford or you go into the final year of their contract.”


    Anyone with a brain simply has to ask Wenger why no other top team in Europe, let alone the premier league, ais suffering with player contracts like we are.

    The guy is full of shit!

  29. loyika

    When did Arsenal supporters start taking what Gary (Walkers Crisp) Lineker!? Its like saying we should get vexed when Mikey “Mouse” Owen or Phil Nevile makes a list if contenders?

    So if Lineker says we will be relegaated some how this should mean much to whom exaxtly?

    @ Bam

    Sometimes you really need to ease up on looking at every opinion as concerns Arsenal by people on twitter, facebook and so on and every Tom, Dick and Harry pundit (for justification) there is really notthing they are saying that is not already known and many have their agendas to push forward. Like Alan Hansen (whatever happened to him?) who usually never had anything good to say about us even when we were winning things/top of our game.

    @ Arsene…. now thats how to put a bogey team to the sword…. hope you are watching wherewver you are.

  30. loyika

    @ TR7

    League is between United and Citeh for sure with the Chavs coming in from the rear. The rest of us are just scrapping for the left overs to make 4th spot.

  31. TR7


    May be I am in a minority but I am not convinced by Man United at all. Yes they will get top 4 but title challenge? Not for me. City and then one team out of either Spurs or Chelsea is my bet for a title challenge.

  32. loyika

    Well i put Spurs where you put United.

    I just feel Jose will squeeze every ounce from this team to push them till the end. They will not be as flashy as Citeh but will grind out results.

    As for Spurs, still feel their away form will be better than their home form and that will knock them off.

    Koeman survived there…. lose that game and he probably would have been sacked by next results/fixtures.

    C Palace to get relegated this season? Their next 3 upcoming fixtures doesn’t even hold any joy for them whatsoever.

  33. TR7


    I feel Poch’s Spurs always start slowly and then get in to their groove. They haven’t played that badly at Wembley either, just didn’t get the results I thought they deserved. Anyway we are all speculating/predicting.. so we will see. I agree with you on City’s chances and on Chelsea slowly picking up.

  34. Carts

    Thanks to a combo of defenders, goal keeper and coaching, city look far more solid at the back.

    Mind you, they started like a steam train last season so it’ll be interesting to see how they perform during the middle third of the season.

    You’d expected at least a second place finish and a semi-final in the CL. They could do with the league or FA CUP as well.

  35. Carts

    “Lacazette needs to emulate Morata’s performance to justify the expensive outlay.”

    Wenger said a 26 year old striker who scored for fun in France wasn’t quite physically ready.

    Idiot even left Iwobi on and replaced Laca

  36. graham62


    “Lacazette needs to emulate Morata’s performance to justify the expensive outlay”

    I would say all Lacazette needs is a manager to enthuse over him, like Conte enthuses over Morata, to fulfill his obvious talent.

  37. Pierre


    I’m sure you, being an arsenal supporter, would prefer lacazette to be a success.

    Only an imbecile would support a team and want one of their new signings to fail..
    I’m sure you are much too intelligent for that…

    Shall we get all the lacka jokes out of the way..

  38. gnarleygeorge9


    Wow! What a gr8 town you used to live in. I ❤️ London, especially the section between Holloway Road & Manor House

  39. graham62

    I pointed out a few weeks back that as long as Lacazette is given the right sort of service (and motivation) he will score at least 25 goals this season.

    Wenger is the key in all of this.

    Early doors, it doesn’t look too good.