Project Uninterested sets the tone for the Worthless Cup

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Yeah, like, the Royal Mail should sponsor the league cup, because so many teams have been mailing it in…


So less the rebirth of Project Youth, more the continuation of Project I’m not really that interested but the fresh air was pleasant.

A 1-0 victory over a pretty average team is still a victory, but it was disappointing to see the team knock it out in second gear. I’d rather see a bunch of kids fail trying hard, versus a team full of second teamers Royal Mail it in because they’re not fussed.

Maybe I’m being harsh, but I do think one of the biggest issues Wenger struggles with is squad motivation. Managing minds and legs isn’t his strong suite. I’d have thought players would have been more motivated to blow things up to prove they’re worthy of a first-team slot.

Tough to moan about a win, but also kind of odd that we can’t drop Doncaster?

Still, can’t say I’m not enjoying Wenger play mind games with Alexis. Watching him mope about was pretty amusing. Wenger isn’t going to pull out the stops for someone who plays for himself.

What’s with Giroud and Alexis not liking each other?

It was nice to see Jack Wilshere make a full 90minutes without drama.

Outside Maitland-Niles incredible recovery pace, there wasn’t really too much of interest.

A shame.

The League Cup is so pointless these days, they might as well bin it.

I have very little to speak of today, so I’ll catch you on the other side.

Yeah, I mailed in a post… just like the team. What a f*cking hypocrite.

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  1. WestLondonGoon

    Boomslang just wandered in, had a look about, made his dinner, then strolled off again, trofee in hand.

    Subtefuge that even Wenger would be proud of.

  2. ArseneisaFraud


    the page seems bugged as anything i am posting doesn’t seem to appear.

    As mentioned by Hillwood the podcast section strangely is a windowed page of a 2009 blog post.

  3. Ben

    Seriously Pedro must every fucking post be about Wenger? This obsession of yours is sad and pathetic really.
    Almost every blog out there including even Arseblog has come to the conclusion that Wenger is well past it but not every post is Wenger this Wengr that. It becomes really tedious, monotonous and quite frankly boring.
    Probably explains the dwindling comment numbers on this blog even at the time when most fans finally share your views about the manager and board.
    This used to be hands down the best comments section but even you have to admit that it has gone to shut and now lags behind Arseblog and r/gunners.
    Hell even those loonies at Untold have lots of posts about football in general in between their conspiracy theories.

  4. Samesong

    Seriously Pedro must every fucking post be about Wenger? This obsession of yours is sad and pathetic really.

    90% of le grovers probably don’t even read the whole post and just read the comments section. I’m guilty if that. Ben you either love le grove or you don’t I for 1 don’t read no other Arsenal blog apart from Pedro blog.

    The thing I like mostly about it is the different characters. There are definetlty a few nutjobs on here.

    Red will meet your near his house when you go protesting together.

  5. gonsterous

    lol YouTube has gone mental cause wilshere had a good game again bloody doncaster… I’ll just sit back and watch those same fans tell he is shit when he can’t put in a performance against Everton or Southampton…

  6. Marko

    Say what you like about Chelsea but they have a knack for getting decent money for players. Bought Costa for 32 million and after 59 goals in 120 games and two league titles they sell him back to Atletico for 50+ million apparently. That’s good business

  7. gonsterous


    comparing arsenal to chelsea is just embarrassing. may be arsenal from 15 years ago would be bigger than chelsea of this present day… let’s just compare arsenal to Everton, spurs, and pool cause that’s how far we have sunk…

  8. Do one gambon


    Fair comment to a point about the constant Wenger agenda… but this post didn’t really criticise him at all. 1 throwaway line about lacking motivational skills and that was it. Strange time to make your comment dude.

  9. WengerEagle

    Fucking u12’s shit going on over at PSG, Wankerish carry on from Neymar and Dani Alves.

    Cavani is a supremely able penalty taker and the lad has done his time there, Neymar has been there for 5 mins.

    Don’t think this PSG freak show will last long tbh, always felt that Neymar was inevitably Real Madrid bound and stsnd by that, PSG is just a 2-3 year stop over to wait out Ronaldo’s prime.

  10. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Top two tiers don’t take the league cup seriously so here’s a suggestion why don’t it get treated like the international week trophy

    When international games are on on the sat an Tuesday we play league cup games .

    There are three breaks two games in each break will whittle it down

    It would make interdull week more pleasant

  11. ArseneisaFraud

    This is dedicated to Ben. I feel that there is not enough of:


    On here. There. Happy?

    And this is for WLG:

    We don’t have enough of:

    Mirror Man Out! What the fuck is going on here???

  12. Pierre

    “Probably explains the dwindling comment numbers on this blog even at the time when most fans finally share your views about the manager and board.”

    Don’t worry Ben, they will all be back. Just waiting for the next defeat and they will all come out of the woodwork.

    I did point out to Le grovellers directly after the Liverpool game that they shouldn’t get too excited about the impending demise of Wenger as Arsenal had a run of games that would probably see them win all their cup games and also climb the table. The confidence will grow, the defence will sort itself out and important players like sanchez and kosielny will regain their fitness and the new signings will settle.
    We still haven’t seen sanchez, lacazette and özil start together. If they do click it will have an important bearing on how the season progresses.
    People talk about Welbeck starting in front of sanchez or özil . It ain’t gonna happen. As soon as sanchez is up to speed with his fitness and özil returns then they relegate Welbeck to the bench.
    Also good to see players like maitland niles and Nelson get game time. Maitland niles looks very assured in centre midfield, a crisp passer, reads the game well and pace to burn. He and Nelson will become permanent fixtures in the team in the next few years. I just hope the critical, negative arsenal supporters give them time to grow instead of getting on their back if they have a couple of bad games as they have done with iwobi, bellerin and wilshire.
    These players are the future of the club and should be encouraged. You never know, it may make them play with more confidence.
    Bellerin is again showing that he is a quality player after a blip last season. It makes the fans who sang “you’re not fit to wear the shirt” look a bit stupid doesn’t it.

  13. gonsterous


    the club is a mess and you turning a blind eye to it is one of the reasons why no one takes us seriously anymore…

  14. ArseneisaFraud

    Cheers WLG!

    I think we need to get the banners flying over Pedro’s workplace. It seem’s that this protest is falling on deaf ears… like a certain manager that we all dislike here. 😉

  15. Don

    From day one we should have put all our eggs in the Europa league basket.We dont a have a pray of coming 4th.The FA cup and the League cup are jokes.But the Europa is a way back into the promised land.If its good enough for Jose

  16. Emiratesstroller


    Most financial accounts which are published are unlikely to include the summer transfer window. That is certainly the case with Arsenal whose accounts cover the period ending 31st May 2017.

    One of the reasons that I suggested before the transfer window opened that
    Arsenal’s likely net spend would be no more than £50-60 Million was because we spent last summer £90 million net.

    Had we managed to buy Lemar that would have been covered by sale of both Ox and Sanchez. Ox has been sold along with Szczesny,Gabriel and Gibbs so I would expect at least one player to be bought in January.

  17. loyika

    @ Don

    We don’t have a prayer for breaking into the Top 4?

    How so mate, please enlighten me on who constitues Top 4? If we say the 2 Manc teams are in a different class, and then Chelsea (who i have not really been impressed with and see them struggling unless they get another striker in January) So that will leave Liverpool (your having a laugh) and Spurs? And please don’t even mention Everton (Having a laugh with large cuppa tea to boot)

    So unless Rafa and Newcastle go under the radar and break in i only see Spurs as the last contender for Top 4.

    Either ways, we will know where we are at around December/January.

  18. raptora

    Rafa is an excellent manager however no way that Newcastle break in top 4.
    He was the last manager under which Pool were relevant for a longer period of time and that was more than 7 years ago. He won them UCL cup and got them to another final as well. No one at Liverpool can ever dream of anything like winning the Champions League at the moment so as much as the fans were divided in their opinion of him I’m pretty sure that looking back to his period it’s going to go as a successful one.

    Looking back at the years without a Premier League title, if Wenger had managed to nick it for us in that disgusting final vs farcelona I’d be cool with it. A UCL cup for 12 years without a trophy would be okay in my books. It’s something our club has never won and would have made our ambition to be a top club have some backing. At the moment when someone hears our club’s name they go like “Oh but you guys don’t have a Champions League trophy” and boom… end of discussion. Pretty sure that’s the reason why Man City got Guardiola and PSG got Emery. Both have had successes in cup competitions and their clubs are desperate to achieve greatness. Greatness that can only happen by winning the UEFA Champions League.

  19. Bamford10

    Of course we have a chance of finishing 4th. We’ll have to play a lot better than we have been playing thus far, however.

  20. Bamford10

    Percentage of games we play in the 3-4-3 this season? Chance that Wenger switches to a 4-3-3 or 4-5-1?

    I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t like the 3-4-3. I do see the advantages of it, though, if you’re playing against a team that plays it.

  21. Bamford10

    The Mirror thinks Jack Wilshere was “superb” against Doncaster in the midweek game. Don, this surely has to have you not only excited but more optimistic re Arsenal’s chances this season? After all you have said about Wilshere?

  22. graham62


    I agree and I’m one of the avid WOB! Problem is,when you have such a lunatic running the show, because that is what Wenger has become,,what else is there to talk about?

    Bloggers like Pierre, think we just sit around “waiting for another defeat before coming out of the woodwork”, but that’s not how it works.

    Waffling on about formations/tactics/systems/team selections/who should/shouldn’t play is meaningless. We can all dream about what we want to see, but at the end of the day, Wenger will, ultimately, #### it up! I know it, you know it, WE ALL KNOW IT!

    Sitting back and accepting the ‘status quo’, as all AKB’s tend to do, is a form of defeatism. Tolerating this shambles, arguing the case that we should concentrate on being “behind the lads” is incomprehensible for those of us who see things in a completely different light.

    The negative tirade against Wenger is totally justifiable, and necessary, if Arsenal are to get back on an even keel. You see, nothing else matters. Win, lose or draw, our minds are are already made up and until Wenger leaves( and that day can’t come soon enough as far as I’m concerned) we will not be silent.

    I don’t hide in the “woodwork” waiting for Arsenal to lose, that is not my motivation. My mind is clear. Most, if not all AKB’s communicate their feelings by displaying arrogance/contempt and mocking people, like myself, because they see us as a threat to the stability of the club……….. BUT WHAT ####### STABILTY?!?!

    A simple analogy for you Ben. When an apple falls from a tree and is left to rot, it eventually withers away, consumed by the parasites and vermin of the world, until nothing is left. This, my friend, is what is happening with AFC and the catalyst of all this destruction is Mr Wenger.

    Now Pierre, I know, will come back saying “I haven’t taken my meds today”, but at least I know that by communicating my ongoing frustrations and anger towards Wenger, I am at least showing my LOYALTY and PASSION for my club, whereas those that constantly mock and belittle, are letting us all down.

    So, yes, it may be rather “tedious, monotonous and quiet frankly boring”, nevertheless, it is relevant and necessary if Arsenal Football Club are to move forward.

    Have a nice day.

  23. kristoman

    Chelsea had to spend £70m for
    Morata so they made a £20m
    net loss

    Don please get your facts wright before you comment. Morata cost 58m pounds according to BBC and SKY sport.

  24. Jasongms

    “Waffling on about formations/tactics/systems/team selections/who should/shouldn’t play is meaningless. We can all dream about what we want to see, but at the end of the day, Wenger will, ultimately, #### it up! I know it, you know it, WE ALL KNOW IT!”

    Indeed and it’s the main reason why most of us have resorted to one-liners’

  25. raptora

    You guys are both right. It’s so stupid with them annoying add-ons that most are certain to be met yet are not included in the initial transfer fee. Things like playing in over half the games in the league, or scoring more than 10 goals throughout the season are a joke for strikers of the caliber if no severe injury hits them.

    Lacazette bought for £46.5m fee up to £52.6m with add-ons.

    Morata – £58m up to £70m with add-ons.

    Lukaku – £70m up to £90m with add-ons and £10m valuation of Rooney.

    From then on people and especially dumb toilet media keep using the numbers in their favor.
    There’s no right or wrong but it’s only fair if you either count all of the fees with or all of the fees without the add-ons. Not counting the add-ons for one of the players and not doing it for the other. That’s wrong.

    Maybe meeting roughly halfway is the right thing to do in my eyes.
    Lacazette – £50m
    Morata – £65m
    Lukaku – £85m

  26. graham62


    “I just hope the critical negative Arsenal supporters give them time to grow, instead of getting on their back”

    Won’t criticize the players, just the manager.

    That’s why I would shake AS and OC hands if I met them in the street.

  27. Pierre

    “Won’t criticize the players, just the manager”

    Good for you.. It’s nice to hear that you are not one of the özil, xhaka and wilshire haters and will support the young players that are slowly being brought into the team alongside iwobi and Bellerin…

  28. Pierre

    “Any player that plays under Wenger deserves abuse and derision”

    Graham62 is in disagreement with you as he is in the belief that it’s not the players that should be criticised whether they play under wenger or not.
    And there was I thinking that you 2 were like minded in your views.

  29. Pierre

    Left Testicle
    Agree, stupid decision by Wenger.. AMN looks a very good centre mid and Nelson should be more in the attacking 3rd as he has composure in front of goal and to create t chances from the wing.

  30. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Wenger plays the ‘it’s part of their development’ card – but more often than not the individual and team suffers due to ‘development.’

  31. Josip Skoblar

    Bielsa’s been terrible for Lille. Boring and ineffective football, players played out of position, silly subsitutions. This manager is totally overrated

  32. Pierre

    Left Testicle
    Yep.. Agree with that
    I think all this “part of the development” crap all stems from the success he had with players like Lauren, toure, Ashley cole I think started further upfield as did kieran Gibbs and plus moving Thierry Henry to a striker.
    He thinks he has the midas touch but those days are long gone and now he should just use players in their correct position.

  33. graham62

    The only player who I have openly criticized in recent years is the German oath PM. One great game in six years(last seasons cup final) does not warrant cult status. Please don’t get me started on “but he won 90+ caps for Germany”.

    Denlison/Bendtner/Eboue/Sanogo don’t count, because they weren’t footballers.

  34. graham62


    The “worthless cup” should be revamped or ditched altogether.

    Maybe only those EPL teams who finish outside the top five should participate.
    That way those with European committments(inc FA/League Cup winners) can focus on doing well rather than just making up the numbers.

  35. Mark

    Great post earlier @graham62 !

    I mean how can you ignore somebody who has total say in who plays, where they play, how long they play, just about every aspect of the team. So yes unfortunately it will always come back to Wan-ger .

    So it should !! The man has no humility, it’s NEVER EVER his fault ! If he could say it was leaves on the pitch , he would.
    ( It’s an English thing to do with trains )

    Until he’s gone, not much else matters.
    He’s failing , and the reason the knives come out usually because he makes some unexplainable decisions, which cost us .

    People are angry because he should not have gone to Stan the pan & put on the catsuit , while Stan played stuff the dead tiger with Arse- ahem- N.

    He should have gone or let the board decide. For that he can never be forgiven. Totally spineless.


  36. Mark


    I really don’t know if you are aware of it, but the personal attacks are all you seem to post.
    We can all do it, but then the blog would just descend into a shit Fest.
    If you don’t agree with someone just say why .

    Just letting you know.

  37. ArseneisaFraud


    Just ignore PV4. He seems incapable of bringing anything else to the table and talk football. He’s already been warned by Pedro.

  38. Pedro

    PV4, I’ve had to warn you 3 times and remove 9 of your comments. You are banned. This is not the place for playing the online tough guy. Very boring for everyone.

  39. Emiratesstroller

    I find it shocking how the Television Programmers are planning our fixture schedule.

    It is bad enough that we are playing our Europa Cup Fixtures on Thursday, but
    to arrange our League Fixture on Monday and then another Fixture on Sunday at Noon is ridiculous.

    They could have arranged our Weekend Fixture against WBA on Saturday
    and our League Match on Sunday at 4 pm.

    It smacks to me that TV programmers are making life as difficult for us.