Wenger to reboot Project Youth: Some names that might be ready

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Feels ripe for a meme

Feels ripe for a meme

Ok, so no one told me mosquitos are clever. They actually hide. I’ve been on a three-day battle against one that has hidden in my apartment and so far, I’m being outsmarted. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve spent so many hours fighting the beast, I’m not sure whether I’d kill, or hug it out if we met.

Anyway, that’s my life right now and so fucking what.

Arsenal has a fun game against Doncaster in the League Cup this evening.

The big question. How the fuck do we play the tournament?


Maybe we go back to basics.

FA Cup – Fall back if we’ve tanked in the league by January

Europa – The freshener for the second stringers like Alexis and Ozil

League Cup – All out 2002-2008 Project Youth



I want CHUUUUUUUBA Akpom finishing like LORD BENDTNER

I want to be debating the merits of Maitland-Niles like he was the REBIRTH of DENILSON

Marcus McGuane could be BIGGER that DEEEEEEEENCH lad we all had hopes and prayers for.


Let’s make this the sexiest under 23 party since Porn Hub threw a pop up in The Tollington.

I’m into it. After years of waiting for the rebirth of Project Youth, are we finally about to see a little bit of fruit in an otherwise barren orchard?

I hope so. I don’t want to think Joncker and Ljungberg were as useless as their short Wolfsburg careers suggest.

… but look. There are others we might see. Jack Wilshere has finally matured, apparenlty. Wenger had this to say…

‘Jack deals with the pressure very well,’

‘He always had that from a very young age but I would say that overall he is more patient now. He got a few knocks and bruises that build a man and at the start it was all very easy for him.

‘Jack has gone through some tough times so he has that density, that fitness now of a man who knows that life is not only easy.

‘You have as well to go through some difficult periods and he has always had a football brain. Jack understands football very well, but I would say he’s a much more mature man today. He had always common sense Jack, but he had an impulsive character.’

I mean, you’re all reading that right? I mean. A lot I could pick holes in here, but Jack is English and the rules state I can’t critique a man of my own nationality.

My thing is this… you can paint Jack however you want, but reality is he’s a talent. A wasted one. He has one more chance to make the big time, and that’s at Arsenal. If not, he’ll likely face a career at Crystal Palace. Fine if all you care about is money, not so fine if you have dreams of the big time.

We’ll also likely see a bit of Per, maybe some Calum Chambers, and certainly a bit of David Ospina (YIKES).

Should be a fun game. Almost as fun as watching Chamberlain have a BLINDER in last nights Liverpool appearance. In the sense that I mean if your eyes were ‘shite football’ sensitive, you’d have lost your sight casting a view over his game.

Finally, what about United fans singing about the size of their star strikers penis? Aside from the odd defence of ‘positive’ racial stereotyping… IS IT NOT A BIT F*CKING WEIRD TO SING ABOUT A MAN’S PENIS?

Brexit Britain. What a joke.

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  1. WestLondonGoon

    Agreed Samesong,

    My daughter was at an academy for a few years (the nutter now plays rugby!), so I guess I’m talking more as a parent on this one.

    Are you a west London Goon as well then?

  2. PV4

    Samesong WLG

    I couldn’t give too shits about women’s football frankly or what the manger of the England women’s team did it didn’t do.

    I was aware of the comments to Aluko which have been blown out of all proportion and he has been found innocent. She should be ashamed playing the victim.

    The incident at Bristol I didn’t know the ins and outs but as long there hasn’t been any paedo behaviour then it’s just a witch hunt stemming from the aluko bullshit.

    Bamford fuck off.

  3. Dissenter

    It seems the FA did a shoddy job of investigating the initial Aluko complaint. They shouldn’t have offered her one penny to keep her quiet. They should have brought in an outside party to thoroughly investigate it. Everything else would have been unearthed had they investigated that initial complain properly..

  4. Dissenter

    “The incident at Bristol I didn’t know the ins and outs but as long there hasn’t been any paedo behaviour then it’s just a witch hunt stemming from the aluko bullshit”

    Like you said, you don’t know so why don’t you just STFU until the story gets out.
    I bet you Sampson isn’t going to release what happened to the media but parents of the teenage girls he worked with, who have kept quiet for long will start coming out.

  5. Unathanthium

    So we played a lot of tippy tappy against mighty Doncaster. Not surprised, I had the misfortune to see us play against Reading in the same cup last year. Same old sideways crap and players terrified of shooting. It was about as exciting as watching wood rot.

  6. PV4


    You’d do well to remember the past a bit or at least respect it. I know you’re bitter that you missed out on watching the best team in our history play with PV4 the heartbeat of the team.

    When PV4 left you were probably deciding which team had the prettiest shirts before deciding to latch on to our club.

    By your bullshit logic about finances Juventus or Atletico Madrid wouldn’t be in the top 10 teams.

    It’s not an exact science but even you have got to realise some team under perform their revenue and wage spend and some over perform. Are you getting this?

    And get guess what some teams are par for the course.

    We’re in the top 16 clubs in Europe and we should be progressing past the last 16 of the CL. A good draw would help too.

    We have no divine right to be ‘top 8 or else’ no matter what a pompous fuckwit like you thinks.

  7. Samesong

    Why is there even women’s football?

    Yes I am WLG

    Typical male chauvinist attitude its 2017 there are some girls out there better then men lol

  8. Jamie

    PV4, the resident internet tough guy and racist apologist.

    I’d love to see him approach his footballing idol, Patrick Viera and ‘joke’ about whether any of his family members in Africa have contracted Ebola, then try to defend his sense of humour by suggesting to Viera that he should not ‘blow [the joke] out of all proportion’.

  9. walls come down

    Perhaps you should take your own advice and STFU until the full story comes out as you seem quite content to comment on it but others may not?
    A spokesman for Bristol Academy said: “In 2014 the club was made aware of the FA’s investigation into allegations surrounding Mark Sampson.
    Bristol Academy Women co-operated fully with that investigation, which found that Mark Sampson did not pose a safeguarding risk working in the game. The club has had no further contact from the FA on this subject in the intervening years.
    So lets wait and see what comes out before anyone starts jumping up and down , telling others to shut up because you have different views.
    As for the Aluko case I believe an independent investigation in 2017, led by barrister Katharine Newton, heard Aluko’s claims that during a meeting in 2015, Sampson made a “highly inappropriate remark”.The independent review cleared Sampson and his staff of wrongdoing but it is understood that Aluko was paid £80,000 in a confidentiality agreement.
    Aluko had described her team-mate as “distressed” . At least one other player who was with England during the China Cup in 2015 said she believed the comment was made.
    However, the official report notes that the video evidence, recorded by an FATV cameraman, does not show the manager making any comment of that nature.
    “The player in question is in the video, as are three other white players and Mark Sampson,” a 15-page summary of Newton’s final report states. “The sound is clear and there are no references to police cautions or anyone being arrested, let alone a suggestion directly to the player in question that she has been arrested.
    “Mark Sampson has no recollection of making the complaint and says he cannot imagine suggesting to a player they have been arrested. You [Aluko] were not present at the meeting and so cannot provide any direct evidence as to what was or what was not said. I do not dispute your account that the player in question was upset about something she thought had been said and conveyed this to you. However, having watched the video and heard the evidence, I do not consider there to be sufficient evidence to uphold this complaint.”
    The FA followed up the inquiry by paying Aluko about £80,000 as part of an agreement and awarding her a central contract, worth another £20,000, even though she had made it clear she would not play for England again while Sampson was in charge.
    The explanation for the agreement was that the FA wanted to “avoid disruption” before this summer’s Euro 2017 tournament. Aluko’s lawyers believe that the agreement prevents her from speaking about the case but the FA insists she is now free to talk.
    Aluko’s case against Sampson made a number of other allegations about his behaviour in the England set-up, citing eight specific incidents, but Newton did not find the manager guilty of any wrongdoing.
    “I do not consider that Mark Sampson has held a long-standing negative bias against you [Aluko] based on negative racial stereotypes,” the barrister concludes. “Nor do I consider he subjected you to a course of bullying or belittling behaviour. I should add that I consider that you genuinely believe that you have been treated in this manner. However, I do not consider there is sufficient evidence to support that belief or to draw an inference of discrimination.”

  10. Emiratesstroller


    The real concern with how the FA handled this matter is that the Coach was
    under investigation the week before the England Match v Russia. He should
    have been suspended immediately then.

    The fact that he was SACKED immediately afterwards suggests to me that there was an overwhelming case against him.

    My guess is that the case against Sampson is only just beginning. If the allegations relate to minors it will almost certainly be referred if not already done to Police and then no doubt the Aluko allegations will also be further

    As you suggest the FA have done themselves no favours in how these matters are being handled. Child Protection, Racism and Drugs are the three
    most serious matters confronting any Sports Organisation

  11. Samesong

    I remember as a 14 year old playing at some team and my manager/coach who was a copper turned out also to be a Paedo. that was shocking cause he actually was a good coach.

    Never returned to the club after that came out.

  12. PV4


    ‘I’d love to see him approach his footballing idol, Patrick Viera and ‘joke’ ‘

    Ok precious. What like joking he has a massive cock that he’s slapped in the face of his team mate? Oh wait I can’t say that cos it’s racist too people might get offended.

    Jamie one of the resident vaginas.

  13. WestLondonGoon


    This will get very political from this point in, especially as MPs gave a vote of ‘no confidence’ in the FA only 6 months ago. Expect a full investigation of FA practices by a parliamentary commission to be announced very soon.

    I can’t see how any of them will survive this.

  14. Jamie

    Like I said; PV4, the resident racist apologist.

    Pretty easy for you to put your money where your mouth is. Use a legitimate Twitter account (containing your name and photo, perhaps even a reference to the company you work for), and tweet https://twitter.com/OfficialVieira a question/joke about someone in his family in Africa contracting Ebola.

    Nah, you’ll keep hiding here behind anonymity. Weak. Cowardly.

  15. raptora

    How horrible can some people be? I hope humanity never reaches the day when paedophilia will be considered a normal thing. In my eyes it’s the worst thing alongside mass murderers and rapists. It should always receive severe punishment.

  16. Rambo Ramsey

    Jamie Lannister, as opposed to you sitting safely behind your screen under anonymity and calling someone a racist/bigot/apologist etc?

    What are you, the resident lack wit?

  17. PV4

    Jaime one of the resident vaginas

    Tell you what if you feel so strongly send a complaint to watchdog, it’s what fanny’s like you do.

    Well done mark Sampson you had a joke with one of your players with a serious message behind it stressing the importance of Ebola awareness.

    What was wrong with highlighting the obvious issue at the time between Africa and Ebola whilst being concerned about his players?

    Social justice warriors are hilarious.

    This is how Jaime has sex…..


  18. raptora

    I remember a classmate’s girlfriend was going to basketball practice. He told me how when the coach wanted to explain or show something to the girls he would always grab them for the butt. In the locker room he would come without any warning exactly when the girls were changing clothes. My friend’s girlfriend needed a week to realize it is not a place for her and to stop going there. Have no clue how further was the coach going with this. And I don’t want to think about either. The girl was like 15 and he was over 55 yo.

  19. Samesong

    What are you, the resident lack wit?

    Rambo you are doing the same thing that makes you a hypocrite in my book!


    I live in West London so no hiding from noone here.

  20. Jamie

    Rambo –

    ‘Jamie Lannister’. I see what you did there. Clever.

    PV4 –

    Samson was ‘stressing the importance of Ebola awareness’?! Incredible.

    And it’s ‘fannies’. It’s fairly clear the extent to which you value education. Let me guess, you ‘don’t care about grammar’ either. Dropout.

  21. Leedsgunner

    It looks like if Wenger persists with this 3 in the back system Monreal will be now used as a CB.

    If so why didn’t we keep Cohen Bramahall as Sead’s understudy? What happens if Sead becomes injured?

    I wasn’t convinced with Reiss Nelson and Ainsley Maitland Niles as wingbacks…

    Honestly, Wenger is infuriating. If we were going to play this system this season why not buy wing backs to prepare for it? It’s not like we lack the transfer funds to do so…

    As an attacking midfielder/winger Reiss Nelson has been ripping it in the U23s and AMN looks so much more composed as a CM. Why not play them in their best positions?

    If Wenger persists in playing people out of positions is it any wonder that our best youngsters get disillusioned and want to leave?

  22. PV4


    ‘Samson was ‘stressing the importance of Ebola awareness’?! Incredible.’

    That’s me taking the piss out of you, obviously didn’t get the memo.

    A social justice warrior AND a grammar nazi…just WOW.

    You’re the type of guy that would complain when you get a risqué joke in the xmas cracker.

    Pathetic and armed with a vagina.

  23. graham62

    The FA must be disbanded and reinvented, what a joke.

    Then again, when we have a US President who makes up the name of an African country(Nambia), what hope is there?

  24. Carts

    ““Yes, I believe that he has adapted to the team play, to the way we want to play football,” the boss said ahead of Arsenal’s Monday night clash against West Brom.

    “He connects well with the other players, he’s disciplined, he works hard for the team. On the tactical and technical aspects I’m very pleased.

    “He still needs to adapt to the physical aspects of the Premier League and that will take maybe a little bit of time.”

    Guess that explain why a near useless Iwobi was left on while Laca’ was dragged off!

  25. graham62

    5OM and he says Lacazette needs time to adapt!

    He looked fine against Leicester and Stoke and then Wenger drops him against Liverpool. The ultimate kick in the teeth.

    God, Wenger is so good at this sports psychology.

  26. Bamford10


    “By your bullshit logic about finances Juventus or Atletico Madrid wouldn’t be in the top 10 teams.”

    Actually, this only more so proves my point. The supporters of these two clubs expect their team to be a top 8 European team — and this despite their not being top 8 in terms of money. Thus there is absolutely no question that Arsenal fans have every right to expect their team to be a top 8 team.

    This has nothing to do with any “God-given right” to this or that; it has to do with the fact that given our resources, we should in fact be a top 8 team.

    And your argument contradicts itself, btw. You say we should expect to be top 16. Wait, do we have some “God-given right” to being top 16? Of course not. But you think it a reasonable expectation. Except that so too is the expectation that we be a top 8 team. You’ve just lowered expectations so as to let your former idol (Wenger) off the hook and so as to attack us, his critics.

  27. Dissenter

    I am a citizen of Nambia
    I intend to appy for a US tourist visa in that capacity since Mr. Trump, Buffoon-in-charge has decreed that the country of Nambia now exist.
    Does anyone have a corporate box to sell at the Emirates. I will pay you in Nambian nambees.