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Arsenal came away from Stamford Bridge unscathed and without doubt the happier of the two teams. A 0-0 draw shouldn’t normally be cause for celebration, but against the backdrop of Anfield away, a clean sheet and a point felt pretty exceptional.

The question I posed pregame was whether Wenger had the nerve to do something interesting, and without doubt he did. Fortunately, Mesut Ozil disappeared before the game (rather than during), dropping out due to an injury. The big miss from the players available was Alexis Sanchez who dropped to the bench after scoring a wonder goal in midweek. Wenger truly reasserting some power and also rewarding Danny Welbeck for some solid performances.

The long and short 0f it was a very good first half we dominated. Lacazette will look back on that game and wince. He missed a pretty good chance inside Chelsea’s area, firing right at the keeper. His second miss from 6 yards out after Ramsey powered through Chelsea’s midfield and defence was the more embarrassing.

The second half saw Chelsea resort to the battering ram strategy, they introduced Bakayoko to pair with Kante. The two tightened up the game and limited us going forward. However, we didn’t cower. We gave it some back and because Cheslea sacrificed creativity, they didn’t make much of a dent on our goal.

The final roll of the dice from both managers was to intro the star players. We brought on Sanchez, quickly followed by Conte introducing Hazard. The two didn’t really affect the game. We sadly lost Danny Welbeck to another injury. The biggest incident after that was a stupid red card for Luiz when he petulantly attacked Kolasinac with a cowardly two-footed challenge.

A point a piece, but plenty of positives for Arsenal.

Life without the wantaways:

Wenger went bold dropping Alexis. He lucked out not having Ozil, who he’d have played. The output was a solid hardworking performance from the team. No one noticed we didn’t have Ozil. Sure, we could have used some creativity in the second half, but the reality is Ozil wouldn’t have dealt well with being roughed up by good players. You can call it an agenda from me, or just accept that stats and facts that show Ozil isn’t good against big teams and without him, we put on a good show.

Doesn’t mean Ozil isn’t useful, just means we should think about who the future of our #10 role is and invest there. Especially away from home.

Alexis is a little more debatable. Would he have scored one of the two chances Lacazette screwed? Undoubtedly. He’s a far more capable #9. However, you have to say that normally you’d expect Lacazette to bury both of those. We didn’t miss the selfish play and turning the ball over every 3 passes. Now Danny W is out, it’s unlikely there will be much bench time for the Chilean.

Aaron Ramsey:

The guy put in the sort of performance we’ve missed. He’s finally fit, he’s put a run of games together, and he’s starting to play like the player we’ve been waiting for since 2013. He brought players into the game, he created chances, and he showed a bit of discipline for once. A really encouraging performance out there. I hope Wenger starts to see Aaron as the focus of attention because we need a number 10 next year and that won’t be Mesut.

(Also a shout out to Iwobi who I thought was very good)


Great game for the defensive unit. I thought Kolasinac grew with the game. Monreal was solid as ever. I thought Koscielny was a total beast. Bellerin looked strong in a more familiar position. Mustafi was a funny one, a lot debating his impact. For me, he had a very good game against an exceptional player. Sure it was clumsy at times, but look, he kept a clean sheet and had the better of him on the day. Also worth noting that Petr Cech is making the saves now… he’s having a good season after finishing strongly last year.


I’ll give credit where it’s due. He was right to drop Sanchez. He picked the right team today. He’s thinking about morale and balance. He changed the formation when it wasn’t working in midweek. He stuck to his guns with 3 at the back today. Really good work.


It feels kind of low that we’re celebrating a draw. The expectations are so low now that sitting in 12th in the league is kind of fine because we didn’t get absolutely tanked today. That was progress out there regardless, but Wenger really needs to build on that if it’s to have any further meaning. City and United are looking strong, but outside that, there’s a lot of sputtering. Maybe top 4 isn’t so crazy after all? A 6 point gap can be made up quickly if we have a good ten game run.

We’ll see…

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  1. Bankz

    DM is back.
    The competition is back on.
    Yesterday’s game was many things but thank God we didn’t get dismantled.
    We actually did give a solid performance bar score.

  2. WestLondonGoon

    In a PL season where every point is vital, let’s not forget (or forgive,) the team selections against Stoke and Liverpool, which left us with 1 point from our opening 3 games.

  3. Al

    The only negative yesterday I would say apart from getting the Win is the substitution of Lacazette.

    Just keep the man on and take off iwobi. Chelsea would have been a lot more scared of that.

  4. WrightIsGod

    Struggling to remember the last time Ozil contributed and stood out in a game for a year whether it be big or small games.

    The might Ludagrets perhaps?

  5. Don

    This is Arsenal 2017.Anything other than a spanking away to a top 5 team and its greeted like a CL final win
    Wenger has lowered the clubs expectation so low that finishing 6th and getting into the EL next season will be looked upon as a great achievement
    Why is no one talking about the lack of away goals
    And Welbeck is not very good

  6. HighburyLegend

    “Mesut Ozil disappeared before the game (rather than during)”
    Ah ah ah excellent – and so true.

    “Maybe top 4 isn’t so crazy after all? ”
    Pedro happy to aim for the 4th spot trophy ?? Can’t believe it!!

  7. Carts

    What’s happening, folks? Nice weekend and that?

    I can’t lie, I watched the game out of intrigue. Saw that Sanchez wouldn’t be involved from the start; and conveniently, Ozil wasn’t available. There’s no shame in admitting that against Chelsea, away, he’s facking useless. Ozil, that is.

    I alluded to the fact that him not starting meant we’d get something out of the game.

    Having Ozil on the bench would’ve evoked anus-tweaking questions, Wenger doesn’t like. So lets saved Ozil the inevitable criticism and give him the day off..

    I’ll be brutally honest, I think we gave a good account of ourselves. We didn’t allow Chelsea to bully us, and we looked more assured. I didn’t think Iwobi had a good game, and i was more flummoxed at Wenger decision to remove Laca’ instead of Iwobi.

    One offers a goal threat, while the other, well, you to me what he offers…cos let’s not lie, Iwobi is bang average..

    Surely if you’re looking for a goal, your chances are increased with the presence of both Laca’ and Sanchez?

    The sad fact, is that this performance won’t be repeated for at least another 5 games. Wenger attributed the performance to the transfer window having now closed….let that sink in for a moment. The transfer window being closed. The old fool is scraping that barrel real hard now.

    Next time we get sodomised, he’ll blame it on an episode Pro Kabbadi or some shit.

  8. Bade

    We’ve never had 2 back to back tankings (as much as I remember. anyway)

    The enthusiasm of not getting humiliated be Chelsea is really weird. Of course getting a point away at the champions’ ground is a good result, but let’s just not delude ourselves.

    I don’t think it’s a catalyst for change or anything, it’s merely that the boys wanted to fight for their pride

    Soon we’ll be back to shit shows. 4th is really far away this season & we’re better be trying to get CL by winning EL

  9. HighburyLegend

    “It was about mentality and response after the last game”

    Ah ah, same old, same old arsène… Never acting, always reacting.

  10. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Unfortunately, like the good performance at Man City game a couple of seasons ago, Wenger won’t learn from this performance. Wenger, yet again, accidently stumbled on something that worked for ONE game. Make no mistake, Ozil would have played if he had been fit.

  11. raptora

    “In a game of few chances, Aaron Ramsey produced the best of the lot, dancing past David Luiz and Cesar Azpilicueta two minutes before half-time and seeing his shot come back off the post.
    But he was awarded the Man of the Match trophy for his all-round play, as he covered more distance than any other player (12.34km) and completed 42 of his 51 passes. It was an energetic, determined and stubborn performance that was at the core of Arsenal’s best away display of the season so far.”

    I didn’t like that when Elneny got introduced to the game Ramsey went to hug the side line super wide which is not a good option. He doesn’t have the speed or technique to operate as a wing so if we play with Xhaka and Elneny as mid pair if the welshman is playing, I’d like him to still be central and not drift so wide. Better to not play all three of them if it’s going to happen. I disliked it a lot. Feo would have made more sense in that regard.

  12. Leedsgunner

    I’m torn between being pleased we got a point from the defending Champions and being annoyed.

    I’m happy on hand to say I was proved wrong… we didn’t get hammered and we showed up and played a respectable game. Fair dues.

    Yet on the other hand, we could have won the damn thing if we were more clinical.

    It felt like yesterday was more about our boys trying to avoid an embarrassment rather than trying to win… I miss the swagger our boys used to have when the likes of PV4, TH14 and DB10 were here. No one fears us anymore.

    I was then more annoyed about Wenger then using the hard fought display at Chelsea to say the 4-0 loss to Liverpool was an accident.

    Him trying to explain away bad losses as accidents betrays an attitude of complacency and arrogance that refuses to learn from his mistakes.

  13. Don

    Arsenal Fan TV hilarious yesterday.Everyone who wanted Wenger Out are now praising the old fool.The biggest conversion since Saul on the road to Damascus
    Even LeGrove is saying top 4 isnt crazy after all.Is it any wonder Wenger gets away with it season after season when are fan base is full of deluded fruit cakes

  14. Guns of Hackney

    “The haven’t lost to Chelsea for a while trophy”

    Credit where it’s due…it was a sound performance but that means it buys Wenger more time, the fans settle back into a malaise and forget about the last decade and Wenger feels justified.

    So…we got a good point away to a strong team, but the imapact that could have in galvanising Wenger’s position will be far more devastating than if we lost to Chelsea.

    Good result on the day. Terrible for Arsenal’s future.

    Wenger out.

    Ps Lacazette was fucking rubbish.

  15. Samir

    No doubt they all obviously still want Wenger gone just like myself. But yesterday Wenger actually chose a good line up and had obviously done some work on the training ground (defence looked much better as well as the Xhaka and Ramsey partnership)

  16. shaun

    it’s not rocket science is it .playing two real centre backs in a back three…the mind boggles ………..replace monreal with a speed monster centre back job done.a real DM alongside Ramsey if you must and the game is won .Play your wing backs in the correct positions , put a team out with balance .It should be as plain as day now for the AKB the problem at arsenal is 400% wenger , not going into the reasons as it is too frigging obvious .and lastly the masterful substitution Lacazette instead if Iwobi .That type of performance should be the least we expect. A top team would be disappointed with the performance and know they need to be much more clinical in front of goal but the fact remains a worldclass CB and DM are the minimuim requirement for Arsenal to compete at the top .it should not be forgot that these two positions are not even being considered by the past it mamager which defo means his ambitions are a top 4 place and that’s just not good enough after 12 years with not winning the top prize .The man has the resources and is just not doing his job

  17. Pierre

    In his 20 odd years at Arsenal Wenger still hasn’t grasped the importance of pre season and having a team fit and prepared for the start of the season.
    He messes about with the defence, he tries players in different positions, he is worried about bringing players back to early after the summer international tournaments and we invariably start of the season with at least one bad result.
    This all has a detrimental effect on the team, the players and the fans.
    We then spend September and October playing catch up and, to be fair, we normally do catch up by November but wouldn’t it be nice to hit the ground running at the start of a new season.
    The team are now playing as a team, they look up to speed. All that bullshit about the team not being focused because of the transfer window don’t cut it with me. It’s the same for every team, Liverpool definitely looked focused against us and they had their problems with Coutinho.

  18. Jamie

    Squeezing back into the top 4 is a meaningless endeavor. We’ve been CL group stage filler for over 10 years, so classy players won’t be seduced by a CL participation award and taking a tanking in the knock-outs. The CL revenue will end up in the bank with the rest of the unspent cash, so no value financially in participating either.

    We’ve fallen so far behind in the prestige rankings that even winning the PL might not do much for us as a club (see Leicester). That said, nothing short of winning the league will attract world class players to Arsenal. And we’re so far away from that point that it’s futile to consider that outcome for the foreseeable.

    Tread water in the top 7 until Wenger fucks off, then start the rebuild.

    Decent result taking a point at the Bridge, given our current standing as a club.

  19. Pierre

    I actually think Monreal does a great job in a back 3.. He is the one player in the team who senses danger and will react the quickest..very similar to Ashley cole in the respect of making last ditch tackles and cutting out danger (although, of course Ashley Cole was a better all round player)..

  20. AngeAusArsenal

    Carts you bagged the shit out of Ozil and yet in your own words his replacement Iwobi was “bang average” you can’t have it both ways, at least Ozil creates chances.

  21. PV4


    Monreal is our version of Azpilicuata. He gives better balance to the back line (esp when you play the WBs on the correct sides) cos he’s more mobile and comfortable on the ball than a normal CB would be. And he’s a left footer which helps keep the ball moving and the play more fluid.

  22. raptora

    I agree. Still though if we forget for a second the way that we lost to Liverpool but still register a loss, and now the draw with Pool it would have make a loss and a draw at two of the hardest places to go. Not that 1 point of 2 games is good but versus top teams away tough stadiums it is not the end of the world.

    The Stoke loss is the one that we should have avoided and turn it into a win. With 10 points from 5 games we would have been 3-rd with Chelsea just 3 points away of the two Manchester teams.

    I agree entirely that Wenger always needs at the bottom least a full month at the start of the season to have a clear picture of how he sees our team. Problem is by the time he has it the overplaying of first team players starts and it leads to injuries in October and November. Santi’s injury vs Ludogorets is the perfect of dozens examples. That’s a serious mismanagement from the “I have been in this job for 33 years” persona and something that he will never get a grasp.

    Preseason vs top teams he kept playing Elneny as CB, players like Bramall when we had like 4 LBs back then, and AMN used in three different positions who will never come up good in any of them. Also jokes like Lacazette playing on the flank. Preseason games should be for galvanizing the team, to be a general rehearsal for the season start, not to tryout stuff that you would never ever do in a competitive game. If he wanted some players just to stroll around that’s what daily trainings are. Neither of Chelsea, Man City, Man United, Bayern, Barcelona or Real Madrid did anything remotely close to what our manager did. They played almost entirely their main squads, with the main formation and strategy so that they get that real game feel and remind themselves the habits of playing with the certain teammate. Our manager used it to put a weird mixture of first team players, squad players and players that will never smell the grass. How can a team get any understanding and togetherness like this?

    That’s why it takes a full month to get the basic understanding back between the players because the summer has been completely wasted. Mind-boggling.

  23. Leedsgunner

    Roll on Donaster Rovers

    I would play


    Chambers – Mertesacker – Holding – Monreal


    Walcott – Wilshere – Reiss Nelson

    Akpom – Giroud

    The Jeff

    Under no circumstances would I risk Sanchez and Özil for this cup.

    Even with the reduced amount of first teamers we should be able to beat Doncaster Rovers. Against West Brom I want to see Özil, Sanchez and Lacazette at full strength… and firing… the way they beat us last season at their home ground was embarrassing. We can’t take them for granted and think they will roll over and give us three points. In the EPL, we can’t see anyone as an easy game anymore.

  24. Leedsgunner

    “In his 20 odd years at Arsenal Wenger still hasn’t grasped the importance of pre season and having a team fit and prepared for the start of the season.
    He messes about with the defence, he tries players in different positions, he is worried about bringing players back to early after the summer international tournaments and we invariably start of the season with at least one bad result.
    This all has a detrimental effect on the team, the players and the fans.
    We then spend September and October playing catch up and, to be fair, we normally do catch up by November but wouldn’t it be nice to hit the ground running at the start of a new season.”


  25. Marko

    Perspective is everything with Arsenal these days. Yesterday doesn’t really change much it’s still early days and there’s still so many glaring issues that exist. I mean I think yesterday was more down to Chelsea being utterly toothless than an Arsenal masterclass. But I will give him credit clearly someone told the full backs to be more disciplined and cover the inadequacies of the two CM’s and that helped. Now it’s very possible they done that themselves cause as much as one would like to give Wenger credit for yesterday it’s worth noting that had Ozil been fit he absolutely would have picked him and we probably wouldn’t have had the same result. Anyway early days wait until injuries and the winner months set in and he’ll be found out again. At least Chamberlain leaving has forced him into playing players in their proper positions

  26. David Smith

    This is undoubtedly another false dawn, like when we won 2-0 at City a couple years ago.
    Wenger will soon have them back to kamikaze formations and tactics, he really cannot help himself

  27. Leedsgunner

    If we don’t want 2 strikers up front AMN, Ainsley Maitland Niles could partner Elneny… personally (I’m not convinced him at RB. His strengths are in midfield.

  28. shaun

    for me Monreal has good games and bad games and in my my opinion should only be used on the left of a three , ideally I would want a beast at the point of the triangle (a Baily type) fast and powerful with KOS and Mustafi left and right respectively especially for the prem and use Monreal when he is more suitable to nullifying the oppositions attack .I just don’t think he should be used in the middle of a three at all as that is the start of the unbalance as he is very left sided and has leftback tendencies as you would expect . I don’t think the manager needs to be in a position where he plays two left backs in a back three .The squad should be managed better than that

  29. Gooner63

    Still cracks me up on here, how some think Wenger is getting it right

    We beat a very poor Bournemouth side
    We beat a very poor Cologne side

    We drew 0-0 with a very under par chelsea team

    With the team we had out, apart from the Lacazette chance we didnt look like scoring

    We so far have bullied shit teams and have still only taken 1pt vs the top teams
    Which is pretty much what we do every year

    I guess we see where we are come 10 games in, but so far just looks like same ol season

    Wenger talked about title aspirations at the start of the season – has he seen City and Utd.

  30. Boomslang

    We’ve all seen this melodrama play out time and time again. Wenger pulls a few rabbits out of his hat, the usual suspects become gripped with deluded optimism, only to witness yet another capitulation. Rinse and repeat.

  31. raptora

    “We drew 0-0 with a very under par chelsea team”

    Lol. If we had won I’m sure same thing would have been said. Just like after the FAC final apparently Chelsea were already on vacation. Lol.

    This downplaying after a good game is just as bad as overbanging the drum after a lucky/ expected win.

    It’s a Chelsea team that bar their first game vs Burnley had wins at home vs Everton and away vs Tottenham and Leicester with a 6:0 annihilation in the UCL in midweek. If you tell me that this is a under par or in bad form Chelsea team then I don’t really know what to say anymore.

  32. Bamford10

    No need to praise Wenger — he didn’t get anything right in particular — but the players deserve praise, as they worked hard and got a result. Ramsey was particularly good.

    While I would prefer to see us in a 4-3-3, it probably makes sense to employ the 3-4-3 against teams, like Chelsea, that play 3-4-3. That way you have wingbacks covering wingbacks.

    Apparently we now have a relatively easy run of matches. Of this Barney Ronay just tweeted: “Looking at the fixture list Arsenal now have a really excellent opportunity to win nine in a row before collapsing in early December.” Sounds about right.

  33. S Asoa

    By the look of involvement yesterday compared to our shit spells, Bould looked involved and it showed in our defensive setup . This man ,when allowed , is supposed to be tough during training as compared to ” Monsieur Cones up his Backside .” Yesterday was a life and death situation and Le Imbecile Survivor apparently let a better man do tactics. But he is the 2.2 million paymaster of AFC so at credit mum is the word .
    Factoring the result should Wenger stay ?
    Pedro we had 10 years of same idiocy, petulance, willful neglect of duties during transfer windows and opaque decisions such as taking off Lacarzete instead of Iwobi.
    Please don’t give that Arsehole Extraordinaire a breather. Remember the Club can come out of the shit when the shitting Arsehole goes Pete

  34. S Asoa

    When Leicester won the League Arsenal was the only team to beat them convincingly twice . Dunno why ,but Wenger seems to get Conte all confused . So will Chelsea win this year ?
    Unlikely. It is the Manchesters who appear the most likely Champions. But what if our Octopus was Chelsea omen indicator ?
    Let us judge in May ,he-he-he.

  35. Leedsgunner

    I’ve given up expecting anything like titles from Wenger’s teams.

    Ironically, despite like saying “Judge me in May” Wenger constantly looks to justify himself with little victories during the season when it goes right — but when it goes wrong he is busy blaming everything and everyone than himself.


  36. Jamie

    Leeds –

    Anyone with an ounce of sense has given up of Wenger delivering a league title.

    I can’t keep a straight face as I type those words.

    Here they are again: Wenger delivering a league title. ‘lol’ as the yoots say.

  37. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Nobody has ever, in the history of the world, said ‘Octopus was Chelsea omen indicator’ until 12:59:58!

  38. Pierre

    “Apparently we now have a relatively easy run of matches. Of this Barney Ronay just tweeted: “Looking at the fixture list Arsenal now have a really excellent opportunity to win nine in a row before collapsing in early December.” Sounds about right.

    Maybe the difference this time is that we do not have 6 champions league ties as well as league matches…
    Europa league is a great opportunity to rest the majority of first team which hopefully will reduce injury and fatigue.
    Injuries to coquelin and Welbeck are a bit of a setback but on the positive side it will give us a chance to play Reiss Nelson, maitland niles etc in league cup and Europa league.

  39. raptora

    I remember after the Pool game people were excluding us from top 6, saying Everton will surely surpass us and we could be involved in relegation battle. Surely a bottom 10 finish they said.

    Earlier than that Everton had the best summer in Europe according to that lot. Same Everton that is sitting in the relegation zone and has a goal difference of 0-12 in their last 4 games. It’s crazy how fast some people shoot the gun.

    Same with Man United. I’m not convinced yet that they will compete. Ofc that will change if they keep winning but wins over 0 pts West Ham at home, relegation bound Swansea away, Leicester and no goal threat big crisis Everton at home is nothing that big to open the champagne just yet. The only hard game they had – away at Stoke – the drew it. Swansea were very much in the game until the 75-th minute and I could see a disappointment on the way. Same for Everton where Everton had 2 big, big chances at 1:0 and United decided the game late in the 83-rd minute.

    Manchester City look like the big favorite at this moment. Even though the referee helped them to win vs 19-th placed Bournemouth with a goal in the 97-th minute which was a total joke btw. They drew with Everton with 10 men and got lucky vs Pool because Pool went to outscore them and would have probably stand a chance if it wasn’t for the red card of Mane.

    Either way no one is head and shoulders above anyone. With a proper manager our team could play like they did yesterday on a week in week out basis. At the bottom least like they played yesterday. Which would allow us to challenge without any doubt. Till then it’s going to be like it has been for around 10 years now – great patches of form followed by complete wrecking balls. Same old.

  40. HighburyLegend

    “Under no circumstances would I risk Sanchez and Özil for this cup. ”

    lol I don’t see where’s the risk for Ozil.

  41. S Asoa

    PK’s left ball

    The octopus refers to the two title back World Cup where the crustacean correctly predicted Germany win through the tournament .
    Long time ,so our Relict seems to fit the bill..

  42. Kwame

    What happened yesterday was just a flash in the pan. A desperate man trying to save his job. Same, same, same. He puts himself in a hole, digs himself out and suddenly he’s the kid on the block! Any sane person would expect Weng Jong Un to get his lads to repeat performances ala City, last FA cup final, buy alas a leopard does not change its spots! The man must leave. Enough is enough!

  43. Pierre

    Always seems to be much more interest on here when The Arsenal lose… Even Don’s gone quiet as he has nobody to argue/debate with.

    The recurring theme for we next few weeks will be the Wenger obsessives saying we should beat everyone by 3 or 4 goals until the city game in November.. Anything less will be seen as a failure by Le grovellers to justify their criticism of the manager

  44. arsene's used sock

    yaaaay we drew against chelski while they have hazard on restricted minutes and Costa out in Brazil.
    if either of them start yesterday we lose the game, if ozil starts for us we lose the game, sanchez would honestly make no difference as I’m sure conte would have had someone sit on him for the game

  45. Guernsey gunner

    Let’s get real….Burnley have played Chelsea, spurs and Liverpool away I think. They have 5 points and have scored I think 5 goals in the process. We have played Liverpool, Stoke and Chelsea have 1 point and scored no goals. Its fucking shite away form where are the goals coming from when wiltord misses 5 yard tap ins?

  46. Pierre

    I’m not sure it’s Wenger who’s desperate.. I’m getting the feeling that there are going to be a lot of desperate people on here praying for The Arsenal to drop points in the next few weeks..

  47. Pierre

    Used sock
    “costa and hazard, or if either of them start yesterday we lose the game, if ozil starts for us we lose the game,”

    I could have sworn they all started in the cup final… And what happened.. Arsenal won.. Puts that theory to bed doesn’t it..

  48. Moray

    Have to say, yesterday was an impressive performance. Chelski were shit, but Arsenal played as a team for once and didn’t collapse against decent opposition.

    I still don’t believe Wenger’s team can sustain this level over a handful of games never mind a season, but credit is due for this game…

  49. Negation

    Pedro, why are running with this narrative of Sanchez getting benched? We all know that no one – not even Wenger – understands how Wenger thinks, so how can you be so sure? I think it’s more than likely he’s trying to get Sanchez match fit.

    I know you hate Sanchez because he probably hates the current Arsenal as much as you do, but try not to slate him every week. Just try. You can do it!

  50. arsene's used sock

    Pierrepont, you can’t really be pointing to the cup final as some ontological proof of concept for arsenal being a success under arsene, one team won the damn league, of course they’ll be fatigued in some throw away cup final, they already have the bigger trophy.

    no one worth their salt is falling for such a basic bait and switch.
    that aside it’s easier to put the cup final win down to the players attempting to send arsene off with a trophy, otherwise one must ask why these top players at arsenal won’t sign on for the manager that motivated them in the cup final.
    why is that the case?
    gee I wonder what the logical conclusion is here, it’s not like you have to see sanchez jeering at arsene for a greeting to know what’s going on or has gone on.

    may God save this beautiful club from the tyrants who would harvest its bussom

  51. Jamie

    The recurring theme for the next two seasons will be that we won’t win the title, and anything but winning the title should be seen as a failure at this point.

  52. PV4

    Used up sock

    ‘of course they’ll be fatigued in some throw away cup final, they already have the bigger trophy’

    Fatigued having rested players for the last game of season? They already had the league so they didn’t want to make history and do the double? Ok mate.

    Some people will go to any lengths to discredit the team it’s embarrassing.

    ‘aside it’s easier to put the cup final win down to the players attempting to send arsene off with a trophy, ‘

    So one minute AW has lost the dressing room but now you’re saying the players wanted to send him off with a trophy and tried extra hard in that one off game?

    Fucking hell make your mind up.

  53. arsene's used sock

    I mean come on man, we drew, we did better than a draw when rvp was at the club and the ox was still a teenager.

    the question that needs answering is whether we had any chance of winning the match.
    was it a point gained or 2 points lost, and it won’t take any amount of thought to come to the correct conclusion that we gained a point as 3 points weren’t ever an option for anyone looking at the game logically.
    you would have to perform some mental gymnastics to say we could have won.

    and before any mentions what might have happened if we were more clinical, the simple fact is we aren’t clinical.

  54. loyika

    “If Harzard and Costa had played we lose the game!?”

    WTF? Did both players not play in the FAC Final?

    I just find it amazing that people cannot just “shut da fcuk up” with the negativity and give the players credit (i don’t care about what/how anyone feels about the manager as folks will hold on to their opinions about him regardless of what he does from now till he leaves. Don’t blame anyone though as he has brought most of the bile being spewed on himself and to a large extent deserves it)

    But ffs!! When you can’t even say something good about the lads putting in a shift at a ground we haven’t done well at for a while then i seriously have to question why the fcuk you bother watching Arsenal. Many say – Its ARSENAL FC and not ARSENE FC and then slate everything the lads do.

    We expect then to give 100% every game (and they did in this one to earn a draw. Not the best result, but taking into consideration that many expected us to be tonked by the Chavs we will take this and move on) and then when they do most will still say; “Oh Chelsea were below par”, “Oh their Mascot was not included in the squad”, “If only JT was brought back into their defence” and other bullshyte comments.

    Ironically when some Arsenal supporters use those same comments/excuses as regards any of our feeble performances they are (rightly) pulled up on it, but time without number we slate the lads for doing exactly what we fcuking want them to do?

    If ones says, this was just a one off game and we expect nothing less from them in as many games as humanly possible (as there is no way we will be hard working in every game this season) then fair enough, but for some to constantly slate the lads (as a unit) just shows that these folks are just miserable fcukers in real life and football won’t help them recover from such a fcuked up personality.

    Give credit where/when credit is due and slate when its required. SIMPLE!!

    We will definitely have games where the lads will stand up and be counted and games where we go through the motions (sadly that’s the state we are in as a club) For me what is important is – Win, lose or draw – the boys give it their all. If we get beaten by a better performance then fair enough, but i won’t slate them when they fcuk up and then slate them when they at least show they give a fcuk., That frankly is just plain stupid.

  55. PV4


    Last warning? I get abused but can’t stand my corner? Really?

    Apparently I’ve got a mouth full of AWs nuts and I’m up all night with my bum boys.

  56. arsene's used sock

    rofl these mans still holding onto the fa cup.
    aight then lads, go ahead, see you at the end of the season when it’s the same old thing

  57. Pedro

    PV4, all I see you do is cunt people off on here and commentate on other people.

    Stick to football and cut out the petty insults.

    That goes for everyone.

  58. arsene's used sock

    I used to come on here and bash Pedro and wob’s for giving arsene a hard time, and then arsene decided it would be wise to only buy petr cech that one season, that was eye opening.
    didn’t win the league despite the whole organisation claiming we were in with a shout, got awarded with 2 pay rises.
    got outdone by Leicester too as it’s become clear they were organisationally brilliant leading up to that league triumph, the jarring bit is that we weren’t organisationally brilliant enough to cop Leicester to the league.
    the damn arsenal, got outdone on an organizational level by a team that was relegation bound the season before? not to make claims on how much anyone loves the club but I love God club too much to stand for that shit.

    I’m sorry if any of you lads don’t agree with my take, at the end of the day it’s a fact that the fa cup and the premier league are different trophies and everyone already knows which one they want to win at the first kick off.

  59. Rainman

    To be honest, I felt we played a pretty good game, held our own against one of the best. I even felt a little bit of the old fire for a while.
    But one draw a season doesn’t not make, the bigger picture is still a very depressing one.

    Wenger out.

  60. Champagne charlie

    The game was made with Xhaka/Ramsey doing what everyone hopes they can. Not for a second suggesting it will remain, but that was the difference.

    What you have to wonder is whether Iwobi/Welbz being grafters vs Alexis/Ozil being famous footballers is the catalyst for that?

    Normally the wide players are absent and Rambo is holding hands with the striker. Was a nice switch up

  61. arsene's used sock

    the daily mail is trying to fuck with my head man.
    ozil and sanchez aren’t necessities for the gunners??
    well why didn’t we sell them when they had value if that’s the case?
    this is gonna be a season of questions that need to be answered and some of the questions are enough to make one come down with a stroke.

  62. Pedro

    ‘Iwobi/Welbz being grafters vs Alexis/Ozil being famous footballers is the catalyst for that?’

    Such a shame Welbz picked up an injury. Say what you want about his finishing, Arsenal are a different beast with him playing. Such a great team cog.

  63. loyika

    @ Arsene’s used cock (Lolz at the way you guys think up these names)

    No one is doubting anyone’s love or commitment to the club, my own take is that when one gets to a stage where even when the lads put in a shift we become disappointed, then its best advised to take a brake from the team and find other stuff that gives you pleasure till you rediscover that love (if it can ever be recovered) and start feeling great about the club again.

    But the reality is that Arsene is here for 2 more years (and i said i am ready to wager a bet with anyone that he completes those years). If he would have walked it would have been last season, but the fact he choose to sign up with all that went on shows he is digging his heels in and ready for whatever the fan base can muster or throw at him.

    We will never find ourselves in the situation where we will perform so badly that even Stan K will push the “Nuke button” without being asked. If we had a run like Everton are on right now then that would rank up the pressure (doubt he would still leave though) but apart from that we have a set of fixtures (across all comps) where we will be found out in some games and pull a “Worldie” in others.

    The FAC is done and dusted and retired to history, people only brought it up because you mentioned Hazard and Costa not being involved in this from the start (in Hazard’s case) No fan would say the FAC is more important or makes up for not winning the EPL Crown, but in the circumstances most will take winning something as we know that Arsene will soon be gone as Manager.

    What should worry you more is the fact that Stan K will still be owner of the club even when Arsene is gone.

    Am i chuffed that we got at draw at SB? HELL NO!! I have always said that our lads don’t fear this Chelsea team the way we shyte our pans when we face Liverpool and i had expected them to win. (At lest get something from the game, which they eventually did) but many initially (due to their hatred for the manager) were predicting us getting smashed.

    Make no mistakes, there will be games where we will probably be turned over (probably United away) and i would be surprised if Pool don’t beat us at the Ems as Arsene can’t just seem to get this fear of playing Liverpool’s front line out of our heads, but there will also be games where i am sure the lads will put in a shift, like against Citeh. Only thing is Citeh have more quality than us and that might eventually tell during the game. So basically there will be enough results to please and frustrate everyone in good measure, depending on how you roll (regardless of if you identify as a so called AKB, WoB or Neutral)

  64. Jamie

    Pedro –

    His finishing though! It’s absolute trash. Despite his terrific work ethic, he’ll never be a great player, imo.

    He’s a decent squad player, but we should really be looking for a more complete attacking player for our starting 11; certainly one who doesn’t squander as many chances. He’s so frustrating to watch!

  65. loyika

    But seriously though, we had enough chances to put that game to bed. Mustafi’s offside goal was the worst as all he had to do was look at the line and tried to come back onside before stepping up for the jump.

    Still don’t understand why he took off Laca and left Iwobi? Unless Alexis and Laca don’t gel during training sessions in terms of playing off each other.

  66. Leedsgunner

    “He’s a decent squad player, but we should really be looking for a more complete attacking player for our starting 11; certainly one who doesn’t squander as many chances. He’s so frustrating to watch!”

    Actually he should be a perfect partner for Lacazette to sweep up the rebounds and score… how Laca missed that open goal yesterday… I will never know. I suspect he doesn’t either.

    It’s a shame that he is so injury prone… but I guess that helps him fit in.

  67. graham62


    All the WOB’s on this site, myself included, are well aware of the times when Arsenal play well and deserve credit. Sunday’s game was one such occasion.

    The trouble is Loyika, severe ‘Wengeritus’ symptoms nullify our belief that lessons have been learnt and that the team can move forward.

    We know, EVEN YOU KNOW, that we will never fulfill our potential with a manager in charge who is incapable of acting on these positives.

    Ten years of boring and predictable FAILINGS, because that’s what it’s been, has been too much for many(the majority) to bare.

    Regrettably, when such boredom sets in, the ablities to find solace in a 0-0 at Chelsea will never materialize.

    Sorry Loyika, but that’s the way it is.

  68. Jamie

    Leeds –

    Laca’s miss was woeful, it has to be said.

    Welbeck could perhaps form a partnership with Laca if we play 2 up top, but I’d rather have a great left attacking mid who knows how to score.

    Welbeck’s genuine ability sort of epitomises how Wenger has built his squads over the last 10 years – plays some decent stuff, but not quite good enough when it matters. Certainly not elite, but does ok most of the time.

    He’d never make it into either Manc current starting 11 or Chelsea’s, same most likely with Pool and Spurs. Good enough for us though? Ironically, just about. This is where we are now.

    Wenger out.

  69. loyika

    @ Graham62

    There is a diference i what your saying (which I understand) and what i was alluding too.

    It doesn’t take any thing from anyone to just say; “Nice game from the lads. Keep it up more often”

    Even; “Credit to the boys, but we wait and see if they can do it on a stretch or against other top 6 opponents” sounds much better than – “Chelsea were not at the races” or “Because Hazard started from the bench”

    What our business with how Chelsea approached the game or whom Conte decides to star from the off? We have more on our plate in second guessing Arsene’s selections per game as it is to worry about who plays for whom on what given day or game.

    All i am saying is that regardless of the Manager we should want and demand that the boys do their best in every game and when they do, we say so and keep it moving. I am not stupid to say we will win the league (i don’t smoke weed) and definitely getting int the top 4 will be hard work, but if i demand commitment and i see it i will acknowledge it (same way i will cuss them out if they played as they did against Pool and even against Leicester, regardless of us scrapping through to get the result).

    You said a while back – We are all Arsenal fans – At least lets try and act like it once in a while (or else why bother or put yourselves through the hassle of watching our games!?) There will definitely be enough occasions with this team, club and Manager to moan about (and it will be justified)

  70. Don


    Really? Really? Ramsey puts in a basic requirement performance and we are gushing o er false dawns yet jack wilshire’s Praise is from over indulgent English fans for inspiring a win.????
    Sorry but your game review is sub par
    Don’t agree with it
    Bam me if you like, I’ve said nothing abusive it derogatory but this is a new low.
    I appreciate you finding positives but you’re looking in the wrong place and down talking key players that deserve more credit than the ones you shine your light on.
    Poor post

  71. Champagne charlie

    “Such a shame Welbz picked up an injury. Say what you want about his finishing, Arsenal are a different beast with him playing. Such a great team cog.”

    Got to agree. Most fans need a player to be a goal machine or an assist man, but Welbz let’s our devastating players be just that with his contribution.

    Annoying in front of goal, but he ruins defences shape

  72. loyika

    @ Graham62

    Lolz (Cheapstakes!!)

    I meet you on that bet…. will even throw in a large pack of Maltesers or M&Ms for good measure.

  73. Leedsgunner

    Welbeck, Wilshere, Walcott, Ramsey they are all physically brittle as broken lightbulbs but the club still continues to blame bad luck and accidents.

    It’s gone on too long and too often. We are throwing points away and throwing millions in the bin by not changing our fitness regime. What’s the point of Shad Forsyth? I thought he was going to sort this out?

    Has his hands been tied by Wenger? Anyone know?

    It is torturous enough watching Wenger bumble and mumble along in the transfer market… having signed the players… the least we should be able to expect is that they stay fit.

  74. Jamie

    Don –

    Harsh on Pedro. His review is his opinion,

    My only gripe is that he alludes to making it back into the top 4 as something of value although, in my opinion, the tr4phy is redundant. We’re in damage-control mode while Wenger remains in charge.

    Participating in the CL won’t do anything for our damaged reputation. Wenger is damaged goods. The footballing world knows it. While he’s stinking out the place, no one with ambition to win the big trophies will want to join us, top 4 or no top 4.

    Wenger out, then let’s talk progression.

  75. Leedsgunner

    Of course I don’t blame players so specific injuries but our rehab seems to be so much more prolonged than other clubs.

  76. Don


    And I’m giving my opinion
    Now you’re giving yours
    It’s just an opinion.
    I disagree with Pedro’s on this occasion

  77. arsene's used sock

    it’s arsene’s used sock, not cock, I don’t even think you could pay a hooker enough to sit on it

    I would also like nothing more than for arsene to win the league and then bow out but it’s come to a point where I’ve had to accept that won’t ever happen, it just won’t.

    stan k, as far as I know, is at fault for giving arsene the rope to hang himself with, arsene is at fault for everything else.
    it’s also come to a point where I’m no longer watching games because I already know what the season end result will be.
    I can wait for results to prove me wrong and I would like nothing else other than to be proven wrong but it’s the same writing that’s been on the walls for just over a decade now, one can’t help it if they’ve learned to read what it says.

  78. London gunner

    Blogs gushing over. 0-0 Chelsea draw and welbeck a bang average player who tries hard…

    How the mighty have fallen…

  79. loyika

    Oh…. Sorry bout the mix up in your name (face palm)

    I feel you mate, but for me i would want the lads to win the league for themselves and the supporters, I really couldn’t care about Arsene.

    Right now he is a big problem and is just buying time. My stating that he will see out his contract is not based on my wanting him to stay, but the fact that the only person that could remove him couldn’t careless.

    I always felt he would sign the new deal and always had issues with Pedders and those who felt Gazidis and other member of the BoD had a say on if he jumped. I also believe this will be his last contract with the club (i hope to God it is)

    All in all, besides the Mancs i don’t see any other team that impresses me this season. If only the boys have self belief we could give it a go but a’las i am not holding my breathe.

    So decided to enjoy or be disappointed by each game as it comes. I would love for some players to come good and win something worthwhile, but as concerns Arsene? Couldn’t careless about how he feels. Will always respect him for his place and role as part of our history as a club however he has used up any sympathy i have. Just don’t see the need to take it out on the lads that are prepared to put in a shift regardless.

  80. Kwame

    We all love this club, but we have to face facts. As stakeholders what the fans want is for the club to win trophies,not all the time (which is impossible) but often. What have we found in the last ten odd years? The same manager delivering mediocre performances year-in-year- out. Is it out of place for some of us to ask him to make way for a more ambitious manager?

  81. Pedro

    Don, you’ve been trying to get back on here for 3 weeks, don’t pretend you’d be cool with being banned.

    Disagree with me, it’s just an opinion. I’m not here to tell you how to think.

  82. Bamford10


    “The game was made with Xhaka/Ramsey doing what everyone hopes they can. Not for a second suggesting it will remain, but that was the difference.”

    Ramsey was great, but I’m not really sure what Xhaka’s contribution was. Granted he didn’t make any massive blunders, but I don’t remember him making an impact. I could be wrong and he may have been excellent, but he doesn’t just get a pass because Ramsey was excellent. We need to see some evidence re Xhaka’s positive contributions.

  83. Bamford10


    One, so a little self-belief and this squad can contend for the title? Funny thing is that as negative as I am, I actually sort of agree. Problem is all of the stars would need to align and Wenger would need to not be a hindrance in the process. But the stars are unlikely all to align and Wenger will be a hindrance.

    Two, you aren’t impressed with City?

  84. Bamford10

    Anyone know the dimensions of the pitch at Stamford Bridge? It looked really small to me. Very little space anywhere, which helped us, I think.

    No idea, though, if it is smaller than other places.

  85. Relieable Sauce

    BREAKING NEWS!!! – One of footballs wealthiest teams, managed veteran Arsene Wenger puts in a decent, disciplined performance against a good team!

    If they can do that consistently over the next eight months they’ll surely make top 4.

  86. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Is poch right to dismiss the two cups as nominal an only focus on the main trophies ?

    It would kill wenger If spurs won the champs league

    It would hurt me , but would also make me laugh

  87. Ishola70

    Saw the first half of the Chelski match.

    Saw Xhattack lumbering about like an oaf again and another awful giveaway with a poor pass just before the 15th minute. He also had a decent strike on goal. Saw Mustafi do some good things but also saw him failing again positionally when he was the one keeping Pedro onside and the one putting his hand up for offside call. Saw enough to see that both Lacazette and Kolasinac are good buys despite the criticism of Lacazette for a missed chance that came to him awkwardly another rebound involving Welbeck. Saw that their should be a place made available in the team for Welbeck however erratic his finishing is.

    As for Chelsea saw that Cahill being their captain is a joke. Doesn’t show at all. Saw that Morata is like Bambi in comparison to Costa but most knew that before Sunday. He was horribly isolated upfront and that was one of the reasons Arsenal looked comfortable at the back.

    Might catch up on the second half on some playback website but then again as there were no goals in the match and both sides looked like they were not firing on all cylinders probably not.



  88. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    On a serious note

    Would any one else consider Rodgers as a replacement for wenger,

    Don’t dismiss so easily , give it a bit of thought .

  89. raptora

    Rodgers didn’t win the league with Suarez, prime Gerrard and healthy Sturridge. Especially Suarez was unplayable that year. Best striker that has been in the EPL since Henry. He should have guaranteed a title for a good team with a good manager. It didn’t happen. It’s all speculative but in my opinion Wenger would have won the league with Suarez. He’s done it with Henry.

  90. Confidentgoner

    We all know we could have used some more signings in the summer but credit to the lads for putting in a shift at the bridge.

    I will still tinker with our mifield. Play Xhaka or Ramsey , not the two. Play AMN or Elneny as CDM.

    Certainly make us stonger





  91. Confidentgoner

    Xhaka and Ramsey lack pace and do not tackle well. AMN has pace tackles well and fair dizribution. Play him behind Ramsey or Xhaka. Both can play his up, be involved in attack, and midfield, with secondary defensive duties. Any errors they make further up the field will not be fatal.

    Would sell Walcot to get Mahrez in January. This alone gives us top 4, and UEFA. Buy a proper CM and get rid of one of Ramsey / Xhaka, get Lemar, keep Sanchez, we probably win EPL and UEFA and Sanchez signs a new deal