Wenger uses Europa League to attack Premier League

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The time is NOW.

It’s the one we’ve been waiting 17 years for. The one you always had a little bit of envy for when your Spurs mates were up the road having a ripping Thursday night.


It is here, Europa League football. The last memory I have of it is PV04 blasting over against Gala. Since then, it’s been a competition that has eluded us because we’ve been just too damn good.

Wenger isn’t bitter about being in the Hipster Cup, not at all.

“I watched a few games and the main game, of course, was Chelsea. After a while I went to Barcelona against Juventus. It raises many questions about the Champions League, the way it is organised now. We will certainly have to think about it.

“What issues? Think about what? We will speak about it another time.”

He’s just telling it as it is. Champions League is a joke. Let’s talk about it later yeah? She was a slag anyway.

Sorry boss, what was that?

“Wednesday or Thursday night is no difference for us”

Errr, right back at ya Sister Sledge. Play when we want, don’t we?

So here’s the deal. We face FC Köln in a match up of kind-of-titans at THE HOME OF FOOTBALL.

Wenger could rest up 7 first teamers.

Petr Cech, Laurent Koscielny, Danny Welbeck, Mesut Ozil, Aaron Ramsey and Granit Xhaka ALL missed training. That’s big news, because I have my doubts they’re all injured, so it means Wenger is taking advice from his backroom team and he’s going for EXPLOSIVE pace and power at The Bridge on Sunday.

So what do we have to look forward to? Well, Olivier Giroud did the prezzer with Wenger so he might lead the line, gunning for his 100th club goal. Quite the milestone. It’s also a chance for Jack to land a game.

“Jack is very hungry and very determined‚,”

“He is also not completely at his best but he is getting there every week. I think he enjoys being back and enjoys competing for his place. What I see in training is positive.

“When he began his rehab  I was on tour with the club but since I came back I have observed him more. I know Jack well enough; he analyses every training session to see how he has done. He has a football brain, you don’t need to tell him much on that front, but I speak to him of course about how I see his evolution.”

We need a smart Jack performance. He needs to move the ball quickly, and move into space, rather than the tustle he enjoys so much (that has had him injured a few times). Fans might like to see the fight, but I’d prefer to see him stay out of trouble and dictate with his intelligence, vs his ENGUUURLAND brawn.

We’ll see though.

Good news to see that Mesut and Aaron won’t play a part in the game at all. Aaron needs to be wrapped in cotton wool. Too often he’s fit for 5 games, then we lose him for 3 months. Not quite the same for Mesut, but it’s clear his fitness has been an issue his whole career. At Madrid, he was played for 60minutes, then dropped. Arsenal just go hell for leather and play him in all the games until he’s exhausted.

The evidence has been laid bare by Sky a few times. The latest is quite damning (here).

The positive is what we’ve always known.


The negative comes with his fitness.

‘The numbers become less impressive, however, when they are broken down on a per 90 minute basis. Ozil, who played 2847 minutes last season, actually ranked ninth for distance run per 90 minutes and 10th for sprints per 90 minutes among the 15 Arsenal players who played a minimum of 1000 minutes.’

They note that there’s a decline as the season goes on. Layer that in with the big game failings and you have a problem. Pundits aren’t imagining it. You can say, ‘Arsenal don’t show up in big games’, which is totally fair. But look, you buy star players to lift the team. There really isn’t an excuse for one of the best in the business to not be there in the big matches.

Anyway, if it’s a trend to rest Mesut and co in the front end of the season, it might pay dividends in our Premier League play. Wenger essentially trying to replicate the CFC / LCFC model of resting the big names in the week. If he really does use his second string properly, we’ll have a more motivated squad as well. So the Europa League ‘could’ be a huge advantage for us.

Basically, we need a big win tonight to keep the plan on track… so fingers crossed!

Right, that’s me done. One last time on the podcast.


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259 Responses to “Wenger uses Europa League to attack Premier League”

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  1. ArseneisaFraud

    RSPC Arsenal

    Are you even surprised?? He doesn’t want to play for us. Look at the “key” passes he made so far.. all overhit.

  2. Do one gambon


    Its on comedy central.

    Rather than pay for a comedian on comedy store they’re just showing the match. Then Wenger’s post match interview will be the actual stand up part of the show

  3. Leftsidesanch

    Afc are the gift that keep giving..to everything, every other team (struggling players), charities etc but their fans.

  4. PV4


    ‘To think some on here were touting this sad bunch as joint favourites for this competition… Lol.’

    That’s the bookies you silly cunt.

    With this team no with fully strength team yes.

  5. Mark

    This is what happens when you’re sent out without a plan, against tactically astute opponents.. What changes will AW make ? He doesn’t have a clue. I bet he changes nothing till 63 mins.

  6. Leaving in a wooden box

    First half of quite ponderous inaccurate attacking play by arsenal., And quick, direct attacking play from koln.
    Wenger sitting on his hands feebly looking on.
    Whatever the result tonight, the first half performance should be considered as yet another piss poor Wenger show.

  7. Mark

    There’s no one good enough on the ball dribbling to commit defenders or confident enough to do it. This has been a factor of this team for a long time.
    So we get the sideways passing till the crowd get bored and jeer , then someone reacts and end up giving the ball away.
    This just repeats itself over & over.

  8. raptora

    Holding was never good. Excellent for his age – yes. Good enough to be anywhere near our first squad – hell no! People overhyped him same way they did with Wilshere, Theo, Ox, Ramsey, Iwobi, Bellerin, Gnabry, now Reiss Nelson. Last time we brought up a youngster in our main squad was effin Fabregas like 12 years ago and Ashley Cole a bit before him.

  9. Danish Gooner

    When a player from Schalke 04 with a great spirit and heart have to bail these ponces out everytime something is very wrong,very wrong.

  10. Leaving in a wooden box

    If Wenger managed real Madrid, he would still fck up.
    He is an obsolete 3 legged brain-dead dinosaur just going through the motions of eating and shitting and just existing as a useless lump.

  11. raptora

    Iwobi is another muppet told he can “play”. No penetration, no fight, no speed, no brain, no grit, no goals, no assists but side passing all day long. Belongs to Championship level.

  12. N'Gambo

    Listen to the Koln supporters – that is football support. They put us to shame. Arsenal supporters are a bunch of Arsene Wenger’s. We’ve forgotten what football is all about. We don’t play it, we don’t win it, and we don’t even support it.

  13. raptora

    Alexis needs some form back. He’s been terrible for Chile, booed by their own fans and being asked questions by his teammates. Against Bolivia he single-handedly lost the ball in half of Chile’s attacks. He’s trying to replicate this in our very own shirt. With success I must say.

  14. London gunner

    I’m not to worried about alexis class is permanent form is temporary

    Great keeping… could have gone for the dink though

  15. Mark

    The whole team need to be drilled on doing the basics properly ! It’s like they try to do the flash thing, make it look good.

    They need to realise keeping it simple looks impressive when you do it as a team.

    Great goal Sanchez!!

  16. raptora

    Not going to suddenly bring his form back but exactly what he needed.
    Stunning finish by the loner!

    I, for once, like Wenger’s subs.
    Holding was terrible – subbed.
    Iwobi was terrible – subbed.
    Need 5-6 more subs and it will be a proper lineup.

  17. London gunner

    He is the only exciting player we have.

    We have so many drab boring players usually with no end product

    Like iwobi, welbeck, giroud, Walcott

  18. Danish Gooner

    For fucks sake FEO you cant be serious,you are not supposed to be off side all the bloody time,use your fucking head man you have 15 years in this game and you still make the same mistakes,for fucks sake.

  19. raptora

    Tbh it did work once and it was almost surely going to be a goal, but the side ref picked up the flag… As bad as Feo is in a bad day he could have scored a hat trick and gave couple of assists.

  20. Bamford10

    While I still think he is crocked & not up to anything like the top level, Wilshere has added something to our play. Kolasinac has been our most effective player, though.

  21. Danish Gooner

    I seriously wonder how FEO have spent 12 years at this club,is wenger in love with him ?????? He offers nothing,zilch,zero he is more light weight then Glenn Helder used to be.

  22. Arsene's Nurse

    We look much better with 4-2-3-1. Wilshere has made quite a difference for the simple reason he’s actually running and creating some movement in the middle.

  23. #WAHT

    Wilshere playing well.

    Think that’s 3 times he’s been open in the box and Sanchez has dicked about with it on his own agenda.

  24. London gunner

    Jacks playing at 50 percent but that’s actually helping him.

    Not rushing into things or trying to pull to much off just keeping it simple.

  25. Leaving in a wooden box

    Good result. Like I said earlier, we have enough quality in our squad to get to the final of this competition, despite the burden of Wenger.
    Sanchez is the real world class player not we have….what a finish with minimal backlight and space.

  26. Samesong

    One thing Jack does well is he can spin off players, and still retain the ball dictating the play at the same. We miss that. Hope he keeps fit.

  27. ArseneisaFraud

    Leaving in a wooden box

    That has always been AW masterplan. He hopes that individual talent will do the trick. That is his secret.

  28. ArseneisaFraud

    Hope Jackie boy keeps his form as we will need his grit. Hope he cuts out on his “I fall down too easy” antics. I always liked the lad. Hope that he comes good and becomes The Arsenal legend I always thought he deserves to be.

  29. Emiratesstroller

    Summary of today’s game.


    1. Playing three at back with Holding, Mertesacker and Monreal. Lack of pace and poor positional sense. Holding is struggling this season.

    2. Midfield playing also pedestrian football and square passing game. No
    penetration whatsoever.

    3. Messrs Sanchez and Giroud looked rusty. Walcott is as usual headless chicken. Too often offside and too easily brushed off ball.


    1. Much improved defensively playing flat back. Bellerin and Kolasinac now
    obliged to track back defensively. Bellerin is beginning to recover form now
    Oxlade-Chamberlain has left club. Kolasinac is excellent player.

    2. Midfield still looked unbalanced and lacked creativity UNTIL Wilshire arrived. Wilshire may have a long way to go to prove that he is back to best, but
    what he does offer is football intelligence and craft.

    3. Sanchez improved in second half and scored great goal. Giroud was virtually anonymous and clearly short of fitness. Walcott is in my view should be offloaded. He offers very little to the team apart from occasional goal.


    Wilshire should be added to bench against Chelsea. He is not ready to play 90
    minutes, but he will add craft and composure to our midfield.

    Sanchez needs to start against Chelsea.

    Arsenal need to spend money next summer recruiting a top class centre back.
    I would rather spend £70 million on that position than £90 million+ on a left wing.

  30. Dream10

    Rob Holding will be very lucky to be a PL player in two years. We should have loaned him out to keep his value high.
    He has very little defensive instinct and little athleticism.

  31. Dissenter

    Fans should formally protest if Walcott is offered an extension on his contract.
    He’s a player with very little ambition beyond getting paycheck. How do you stay a club for 12 years and show very little improvement?

  32. Samesong

    Theo hot potato Walcott needs to replace Gary Lineker doing the Walker crisp ads the guy can’t hold the ball for 10 seconds without losing it.

  33. TR7

    Jack has undeniable talent. Not an iota of doubt about it. For me he is our 2nd best midfielder behind Santi Cazorla. But the issue with him is fitness, always has been. That said he was a breath of fresh air yesterday. I am so fucking tired of Ozil, Iwobi, Xhaka and Ramsey. Jack and Elneny far better. It will be a treat to see fit Jack and Santi playing together if that ever happens.

  34. raptora

    Good win last night.
    Things were not working but Wenger switched it up to 4 in defence and you could just see how the team could be week in week out with a manager that actually knows what to do.

    We saw how one player can inspire a whole team as well. Kolasinac changed the game for us and showed how important he can be.

    Also “Cologne lost a competitive game that they were winning at half-time for the first time since December 2014 (1-2 v Augsburg)”. Shows that they know how to play when they are ahead and they certainly made it hard for us especially in the first half after their goal. They probably deserved to score another one before the half time.

    Credit where it due though. The boys tried harder after the break and we made a lot of chances for ourselves. As limited as Walcott is he had a situation where he beat the offside trap and got trough on the wing, we had 2 people clear with Walcott already passing the ball, but the linesman had his flag up wrongly.

    Re how do we look better – in a back 4 or back 3/5 it’s not clear yet. Back 5 will certainly stay for the Chelsea game in hindsight we won twice in a row vs them with the same setup. Not sure if back 5 is good long term. It kinda made both of our wings to work with Kolasinac and Bellerin one of the best players on the field. Then you can use a mid three of Xhaka, Elneny and Ramsey in front of them. Will give stability to our middle and free up Ramsey to be more dangerous up front. We can even use Ozil in there vs the teams who defend with numbers and play three pure attackers ahead of him. Jacky can have a solid place in a mid 3 as well.

    Fairly certain that back 5 will be ditched soon as it’s not as good for us as it was presented to be. Plus the player who excelled on it the most – Ox, is no longer here so no point of sticking to it. Especially since now the place that we lose games is the middle it makes sense that we put more bodies there.

  35. Steveyg87

    “It will be a treat to see fit Jack and Santi playing together if that ever happens.”

    While that sounds good, they are both B2B players, it would have to be only one of them with a disciplined player, either Xhaka or Elneny, who has learnt how to tackle recently

  36. James wood

    That was Cologne bottom of the league and it took two
    very good goals to break them down
    You start with Walcott you start with 10.
    German supporters put us to shame real passion.

  37. TR7

    Series of poor performances from Rob Holding. Looked a bright talent last season but his positioning and temperament has been very poor this season. Every bright young talent loses his way at Arsenal these days.

    Iwobi was never top drawer but God he was awful yesterday. Sideways passing, no purpose, no drive! One thing he used to do well was to play with drive, run with the ball even though without any end product but he seems to be losing even that quality. I wonder what happens in our training sessions. Niles yet another player who final ball/passes were awful. It’s becoming a kind of trend among most Arsenal players.

  38. Dream10


    AW receives criticism for young players not developing, which at times, is warranted. However, not in the case of Holding. He is simply not a quality player.

  39. raptora

    “Sead Kolasinac has played a part in four goals (two goals, two assists) in five appearances for Arsenal.”

    Sead is a beast at defending as well.

    Thinking that Gael Clichy needed north of 150 apps to score his first ever goal. lol

  40. TR7


    Yes may be I judged him wrong. Looked a composed player to me last season but he was doing a Ramsey yesterday – always out of position. Also, looks nervous these days.