Wenger uses Europa League to attack Premier League

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The time is NOW.

It’s the one we’ve been waiting 17 years for. The one you always had a little bit of envy for when your Spurs mates were up the road having a ripping Thursday night.


It is here, Europa League football. The last memory I have of it is PV04 blasting over against Gala. Since then, it’s been a competition that has eluded us because we’ve been just too damn good.

Wenger isn’t bitter about being in the Hipster Cup, not at all.

“I watched a few games and the main game, of course, was Chelsea. After a while I went to Barcelona against Juventus. It raises many questions about the Champions League, the way it is organised now. We will certainly have to think about it.

“What issues? Think about what? We will speak about it another time.”

He’s just telling it as it is. Champions League is a joke. Let’s talk about it later yeah? She was a slag anyway.

Sorry boss, what was that?

“Wednesday or Thursday night is no difference for us”

Errr, right back at ya Sister Sledge. Play when we want, don’t we?

So here’s the deal. We face FC Köln in a match up of kind-of-titans at THE HOME OF FOOTBALL.

Wenger could rest up 7 first teamers.

Petr Cech, Laurent Koscielny, Danny Welbeck, Mesut Ozil, Aaron Ramsey and Granit Xhaka ALL missed training. That’s big news, because I have my doubts they’re all injured, so it means Wenger is taking advice from his backroom team and he’s going for EXPLOSIVE pace and power at The Bridge on Sunday.

So what do we have to look forward to? Well, Olivier Giroud did the prezzer with Wenger so he might lead the line, gunning for his 100th club goal. Quite the milestone. It’s also a chance for Jack to land a game.

“Jack is very hungry and very determined‚,”

“He is also not completely at his best but he is getting there every week. I think he enjoys being back and enjoys competing for his place. What I see in training is positive.

“When he began his rehab  I was on tour with the club but since I came back I have observed him more. I know Jack well enough; he analyses every training session to see how he has done. He has a football brain, you don’t need to tell him much on that front, but I speak to him of course about how I see his evolution.”

We need a smart Jack performance. He needs to move the ball quickly, and move into space, rather than the tustle he enjoys so much (that has had him injured a few times). Fans might like to see the fight, but I’d prefer to see him stay out of trouble and dictate with his intelligence, vs his ENGUUURLAND brawn.

We’ll see though.

Good news to see that Mesut and Aaron won’t play a part in the game at all. Aaron needs to be wrapped in cotton wool. Too often he’s fit for 5 games, then we lose him for 3 months. Not quite the same for Mesut, but it’s clear his fitness has been an issue his whole career. At Madrid, he was played for 60minutes, then dropped. Arsenal just go hell for leather and play him in all the games until he’s exhausted.

The evidence has been laid bare by Sky a few times. The latest is quite damning (here).

The positive is what we’ve always known.


The negative comes with his fitness.

‘The numbers become less impressive, however, when they are broken down on a per 90 minute basis. Ozil, who played 2847 minutes last season, actually ranked ninth for distance run per 90 minutes and 10th for sprints per 90 minutes among the 15 Arsenal players who played a minimum of 1000 minutes.’

They note that there’s a decline as the season goes on. Layer that in with the big game failings and you have a problem. Pundits aren’t imagining it. You can say, ‘Arsenal don’t show up in big games’, which is totally fair. But look, you buy star players to lift the team. There really isn’t an excuse for one of the best in the business to not be there in the big matches.

Anyway, if it’s a trend to rest Mesut and co in the front end of the season, it might pay dividends in our Premier League play. Wenger essentially trying to replicate the CFC / LCFC model of resting the big names in the week. If he really does use his second string properly, we’ll have a more motivated squad as well. So the Europa League ‘could’ be a huge advantage for us.

Basically, we need a big win tonight to keep the plan on track… so fingers crossed!

Right, that’s me done. One last time on the podcast.


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  1. Mark S

    In a strange way, I’m looking forward to tonight. I’d rather be in the CL for obvious reasons, but I’m interested to see who Wenger plays. Giroud leading the line with Iwobi, Jack, and Nelson providing him service. Willock bossing it in midfield with Chambers, Holding, and Mert in defense. Who the hell knows how it will go? Just something different than the usual.

  2. Guns of Hackney

    “There’s a statman waiting in the sky, he’d like to come and meet us but he thinks he’ll blow our mind”

    Ozil’s numbers look great but…who would you rather have in your team?


    I doubt many of you would have Ozil above any of those mentioned. He has the best numbers but…exactly.

    Can’t be bothered with tonight. We won’t be winning this tournament, any more than we weren’t winning the CL.

    Chelsea at the weekend is the bigger game. It won’t end well for Arsenal.

  3. jwl

    Europey league, here we come, can’t wait to watch matches broadcast from deepest transylvania.

    There are lots of goons in ottawa, azed, but I don’t know if any of them support Arsenal.

  4. Leftsidesanch

    @GOH Agree with you, but also can’t be bothered with Chelsea and we also certainly won’t be winning that competition either.

  5. HighburyLegend

    “The time is NOW.”

    The same slogan was used by the Dallas Mavericks when they won the NBA in 2011, sweet memories, Dirk41 is God!!

  6. Chris

    Really looking forward to tonight. Beers and a curry and tomorrow off work. It’s such a relief from the tedium of the Champions League group stage knowing we were more than likely going to get hammered in the last 16. This is a competition we should be getting to at least the latter stages, which makes a change from recent history.

  7. Chris

    Anyone else remember Vieira almost trying to laugh after blazing that penalty over against Galatasaray??

    That was such a great run in Europe that year. Was at the home game vs Deportivo and it was a great night. Exciting games vs Nantes and Werder too full of goals plus the tense everything at stake games vs Lens. Hoping for more of that as don’t know about you guys but was last like that in Europe back in 2012 against Milan when we nearly pulled it back.

  8. James wood

    Don was about 2.30 ,
    They dispersed around that time.
    To make their way to around the ground.
    Estimated 25 Thousand but they only have an allocation of about
    3000 tickets so should be fun.

  9. Seg

    “I watched a few games and the main game, of course, was Chelsea. After a while I went to Barcelona against Juventus. It raises many questions about the Champions League, the way it is organised now. We will certainly have to think about it.
    “What issues? Think about what? We will speak about it another time.”
    Have these issues been with the CL before, or they just reared their ugly heads now that Arsenal aren’t in it? Just asking.

  10. graham62

    What issues exactly? Jesus, Wenger just can’t stop himself.

    The thing is nobody gives a toss what he thinks. It’s laughable that he still thinks that because he says it, it must be right. An embarrassing excuse of a manager.

    I sincerely hope Jack has a great game tonight.

    At least the Cologne fans will help create a bit of atmosphere.

  11. Redtruth

    “That was such a great run in Europe that year.”

    No it wasn’t, we got eliminated from the Group Stages of the Champions league and dumped into the UEFA Cup which we failed to win..

  12. graham62


    Where would Le Grove be without your blunt and truthful assessments?

    If only you worked in the Arsenal PR dept.

  13. Arsene's Nurse


    13 Ospina
    16 Holding
    4 Mertesacker
    18 Monreal
    24 Bellerín
    30 Maitland-Niles
    35 Elneny
    17 Iwobi
    14 Walcott
    12 Giroud
    7 Sánchez


    10 Wilshere
    20 Mustafi
    22 Reine-Adelaide
    31 Kolasinac
    32 Akpom
    54 Macey
    61 Nelson

    Source: BBC

  14. Guns of Hackney

    That’s a really poor team. It also looks like Sanchez is now being punished with the Europa league.

    Does anyone actually care? Cologne have come to have a good time, nothing more.

    Anyone got a GENUINE free link to the game. Not one you have to give card details to.


  15. Leaving in a wooden box

    Even with the handbrake that is wenger, we have enough decent players in our squad to reach the final in the Europa…with a bit of luck. It’s a cup that it’s possible to win.
    We have no chance of winning the prem. City united and a resurgent Chelsea are way too good and managed superbly to give us a glimmer of a chance.
    So is Wenger saving our best for chelsea?….what’s the thinking? Damage limitation ?….

  16. Guns of Hackney

    Any of the Europa teams can beat Arsenal. No way is Arsenal going to Turkmenistan and getting a result.

    I’m afraid Arsenal will just be Arsenal this year…neither here or there but just buzzing about like a wasp at a tea party.

  17. Don

    Giroud is in his 6th season as Arsenal CF and he and he hasnt scored a 100 goals yet.Pathetic male model

    What’s this shit???
    I didn’t write that!!!
    Someone is trying to fit me up!!!
    Check the avatar muppet, nice try

  18. Don

    I actually feel giroud has been good value for money and I like his attitude towards the club. Had the chance to leave but choose to stay. He fights whenever he’s on the pict hits just that he’s too slow and misses too many crucial opportunities to be a top top forward

  19. Don


    Google top 10 football streaming sites
    I have a firestick so don’t need to any more. At the pub anyway. Come on Arsenal. Little bit of Euro glory for once this year
    Let’s have it

  20. Guns of Hackney

    Cologne fans will beast our prawn sandwich eating hipsters and have them for breakfast.

    A really expensive breakfast of avocado, dried crab quinoa rice served in an adidas gazzele trainer. All for £29.99.

    Come on you goose stepping, Bavarian overlords!

  21. jwl

    Guns of Hackney

    Is your name taken from Guns of Brixton but couple of boroughs north? I was listening to The Clash in my car half an hour ago while out getting groceries.

  22. Guns of Hackney


    It is. Clash fan and a Hackney boy (a real one).

    Groceries? Lost in the supermarket.

    You can have that one…I’m here all week.

  23. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Dirty kraits doing what they couldn’t do in 41

    Dirty scum

    If UEFA had any balls they would throw all German clubs out of Europe for 5 years

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    What a shit starting 11

    Why no chambers on the bench

    Wenger should be terminated
    Out of touch
    Out of date
    Out of my club

  25. Don


    Apart from jack not starting I think it’s the sensible thing to do
    Save your best 11 for the Chavs
    Keep them fresh
    They played a game midweek and their starters will have had less of a rest
    We have the advantage there
    We have done them 3/4 of our last meetings and if the game is called off (I’ll be devastated) then one shining light is that we have had a full week off
    Every single player

  26. Ughelligunner

    all this just shows that arsenal is still a big pull in europe apart from us fans who are acustomer to our failure. kronke laughing to the bank, who needs champions league

  27. Don


    Cheers man.
    I’ll just have to watch the Pedro/van conspiracies and homo erotic insults in future.

    All being said though I have a couple of gay mates that throughly relish that type of banter so maybe it skewed my view slightly. Call them benders or batty boys all the time and they think it’s great

  28. PV4

    Can’t believe Wengers made all those fucking Germans come over and delay the kickoff.

    What a cunt. Wouldn’t have happened if we had a new manager.

  29. Alex Cutter

    “Arsenal said the number of Cologne fans outside the Emirates Stadium were preventing home supporters from accessing the turnstiles…”

    What a bunch of fucking pussies. No wonder wenger is still in power.

  30. karim

    There’s a pic doing the rounds with 5 stewards in front of at least 5000 German fans in what looks like a narrow entrance, I mean Poldi didn’t die for this shit !

  31. raptora

    Fans of all teams should be reminded that THEY CANNOT DO WHATEVER THEY WANT!!!

    Depressing videos all over Twitter. FC Cologne might not be at fault but what I saw cannot be tolerated. Those “fans” attacking people and demolishing the stadium should be banned for life.

  32. tippitappi

    Ha easy call for EUFA if it was an English fans but their bottle it because its krauts
    Arsenal say its under control which means it ain’t ,still hope we crush the bastards now

  33. jwl

    It looks like there are more Cologne fans than there are Arsenal supporters. There must have been a lot of season ticket holders who sold their ticket to a german.

  34. Ishola70

    “It looks like there are more Cologne fans than there are Arsenal supporters. There must have been a lot of season ticket holders who sold their ticket to a german.”

    Said on here a few days ago or was it yesterday that this was happening. Making killing on sold on tickets. So many coming over from Deutschland and willing to pay big prices for tickets.

    They are very excited for this game ze Germans. Over-exuberance lol

  35. useroz

    Fucking Wenger turned the team into pathetic embarrassment.

    Look at at that piece of shit walcott can’t ho onto the ball for 10 seconds ffs.

    Can someone go the dressing room and fetch our MF??

  36. jwl

    I have mate who season ticket holder who been selling most of his tickets because he loathes Wenger for past few seasons, I will have to ask him next time we email him how much he made.

    It is shocking that many season ticket holders are more inclined to sell their tickets to germans than they are to use their ticket to watch match themselves.

  37. Bobby7

    Most of the Arsenal prawn brigade has never experienced this sort of atmosphere before. They’ll probably pee their pants a bit and go home at half time.

  38. #WAHT

    Few points:

    Yes it’s easy to point at the club/fans at this point and say pussies. But the Koln fans took over London today. This shouldn’t be allowed to happen in an town/city/sporting event. Period.

    This basically seems like a Koln home game now. Still so many empty seats.

    Ospina – smh.

    Great finish though.

  39. WestLondonGoon

    WHY did we sell Ox?

    It would have been his turn in goal tonight, and I’m sure he would have done a better job with the goal than Ospina.

  40. Danish Gooner

    What exactly does it take to get wenger sacked,let me hear your suggestions.

    If he publicly sodomizes a goat ??
    If he declare that he is son of Kim jung un ????

  41. TT

    Have to say that Stans Kronke preparation and team selection for this game has been awful. Poor wenger but be itching to get off the bench and yell at the players to pull their finger out but Stan forbids it apparently.

  42. Do one gambon

    Season tickets are electronic cards though, paper was stopped with the stadium move. I’d say the ST holders just didn’t turn up, like myself (due to work for what its worth). A ST holder wouldn’t hand over their whole ticket to a random German. He decides to act like a dick and you’ll end up banned.

    The Germans either bought off people who bought off the ticket exchange or general sale if there was one.

    I’m pretty sure even the red and silver members just have a their cards activated if they buy a ticket.

  43. Danish Gooner

    TR7,if it wasnt for wenger we would cake walk this tournament but with the fossile in charge anything but winning it can happen,it is beyond comedy anymore it is a tragedy unfolding right in front of our eyes.

  44. HerveDeNerve

    The absolute fucking joke that is Arsenal football club, what a fucking liberty, they are everywhere inside the stadium, even in the upper tiers and some have climbed into the exec boxes, do we even have a firm anymore?

    And then their goal….I’ve got spurs fans all over me..they’re all watching this, wait till Red Star turn up, 10 times more vicious…what a fucking embarrassment to admit you even support this toilet, shower of shit club..I’ve left and am walking home…..ashamed…Wenger you decrepid cunt

  45. ArseneisaFraud

    Commentator on BT Sports made a comment about how Arsenal fans would be looking at their watches in case they miss the train.

    Perfectly sums our fan base up.

  46. CHALO!

    Not condoning this behaviour but am I the only one that wishes our Wenger out protesting fans had this kind of passion? I bet u that if AFC ever had fans like these the board, manager and owner would treat us with more respect. Talk about creating an electrifying atmosphere.
    They’ll still get beat sha

  47. Leedsgunner

    To think some on here were touting this sad bunch as joint favourites for this competition… Lol.

    Self delusion reigns supreme. Like I said earlier we are nowhere good as we think we are.