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Ahh man, I was enjoying the robust shape and discipline of Juventus, then BANG, Leo bloody Messi spoiled the party and took the result home.

Chelsea won, United won, Atleti and Roma drew. Tonight we bear witness to Spurs vs Dortmund. Last year, they lost twice to Bayer Leverkusen, it’ll be interesting to see whether they’ve evolved since then. We’ll also have the chance to feast on Leipzig / Monaco, Liverpool / Sevilla, City / Feyenoord, and Madrid / Apoel.

I hope all the British teams lose.

The real gem, of course, will be Arsenal vs Cologne on Thursday night. The fancier alternative to the grotesque opulence that is the Champions League.

If the two trophies were people, the so-called-elite competition would basically be banker Essex boys ruining Shoreditch fighting each other outside the Hoxton Pony over a wry look in a kebab shop. Europa League? Man, that’s hanging out in South London sipping matcha cocktails, listening to jazz fusion, appreciating the latest musings of Mundial Magazine.

Who needs the glamour?

Not us.

Plus, we’ll be winning more.

In other news, Ivan Gazidis is going to be interviewing Gerry Peyton for DOF after the keeping coach brokered the deal for Kieran Gibbs. Tony Pulis let the cat out of the bag.

“I played with Gerry Peyton, who’s their goalkeeping coach, for five years and I know him very well, and I know ‘Bouldy’ (Arsenal assistant manager) very well – he’s been a friend for a long, long time,”

“So they were the two I contacted. I don’t know Arsene that well and when you’re dealing with managers, they want to tell you what they want to tell you to suit their clubs.

Damn, the real reason Dick Law moved on? Gerry P, wheeler dealer… TOTAL HERO.

So how about the squad picture, where is Santi? Well, sadly, he’s in the ‘we aren’t setting a date’ return date zone.

‘It’s difficult to predict when he’ll be available again, but overall it’s difficult to set a time, not before Christmas, that’s why I didn’t involve him in the Europa League, hopefully after Christmas he will be available.

‘Yes, but he’s not played over a year now, had a few surgeries, so you’re always cautious to set a time or date, but overall it looks positive.’


Reiss Nelson | Joe Willock | Eddie Nketiah

Are all in the first team squad.

I can breathe again.

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