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It’s been a long time since we could just have a pretty breezy chat about what’s going on.

What’s new with me? Oh, some absolute lothario has moved in next door and he’s either shooting porn, or he is gods gift to about 5 different women he rotates in and out. Complain? How can I do that.

‘Hey mate, errr, could you ask your lady friends to stop having such a damn great time, or at the very least, get it done a little quicker’

Anyway, as we speak I’m hiding away in music and writing as he shoots scen 18 of his love making epic. Don’t worry though, I’ll get him back on an early kick off in a few weeks and fuck up his Saturday morning.

What’s new with Arsenal?

Well, there appears to be very little in the way of news. Arsenal took their season total to 6 points with an EPIC win against a Bournemouth that look very much like they’re in trouble this year.

I had a great chat with Tim Payton about Arsenal that I’ll be posting a little later, he gave an overview of the challenges the club is dealing with in the market as well as a bit of insight into the fan Q&A that sounded like a washout.

Ivan is supposedly taking over transfer negotiation duties from Dick Law. I can’t see how that does anything outside compound the bottleneck issue we have. The club needs to build out that side of the operation, not put it in the hands of someone woefully underqualified to act as a Director Of Football type. Really quite amusing to read Wenger sniping at the notion Ivan is going to be anything outside an administrator.

“Ivan Gazidis has his office here (at the stadium),”

“There is an office for him (at the training ground) when he comes up, or anybody else who comes from Highbury House.

“But on a daily basis you can find him at Highbury House.”

He’s so insecure about anyone going anywhere his football operation that is slow, indecisive and thought of as a bit shite by the agents and CEOs of other major clubs around the world.

Dick Law leaving at any other club would be a huge opportunity to bring fresh thinking to a burning operation. At Arsenal, it’s an opportunity for the manager to consolidate power further.

One interesting thing we’ll find out this week is how seriously the club plan on taking the Europa League. Wenger hasn’t ever won a European trophy, and substandard trophies have saved his bacon over the last 4 years. There’s also a pretty epic prize of a Champions League place. I think we’re going to struggle badly to make top 4 this season, so that might be a backdoor option of interest for Wenger.

We also have Chelsea at the weekend. Does Wenger go for a Carling Cup team? Is he going for the Premier League? Can he prioritise this season?

So many questions. He blew Christmas last year predictably because he didn’t trust his squad to win the easier games away in the league. If he goes for the league and Europe, he’ll struggle with fatigue.

What will he do!

Finally, Coquelin looks like he’s out for 3 months. He’ll be recovering from a pinged hamstring and being mercilessly beasted by a barrage. That’s good news for Elneney, who is criminally underused in my opinion, but it also might open the door to a Jack Wilshere run of games. You can count on Ozil and Sanchez not giving any fucks this season, but I tell you something… Jack HAS to perform like a hero. Him having a good season is the difference between Juventus and Roma… or Stoke and Brighton.

Right, that’s me done. I’ll be back with a podcast this afternoon! … check out this Scooby Doo mystery.

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  1. Emiratesstroller

    Two points.

    1. The injury to Coquelin if correctly analysed as long term will highlight just
    how threadbare our midfield resources are. Cazorla is out until January, Wilshire is so injury prone that the chances of him playing more than two games on the trot is almost nil and we know that sooner or later Ramsey will get injured. That leaves us with Elneny who is hardly first team standard and
    Reine-Adelaide who is both inexperienced and untested.

    2. I would be surprised if we put out our “weekend” team against FC Koln. We
    are playing Chelsea at weekend and the German side are at bottom of Budesliga and frankly I would expect fringe players including the likes of Ospina,Debuchy Chambers,Holding, Mertesacker, Wilshire, Elneny, Giroud and Walcott and Iwobi to be selected. Sanchez may also be given game time.

  2. Leftsidesanch

    so likely Ivan to be on board? Thats just what we need – a man whos public utterings are sounding more and more like the man who interviewed him for his role.

    The spin is shameless too. 3 cups in 4 years? Lets just ignore that its actually 3 cups in 14 years. The club that we knew and loved is buried for the foreseeable future.

  3. Stephen Hamblen

    Same old Arsenal, same old Wenger. His refusal to allow someone with a fresh, new outlook to enter the club. We desperately need a new way of doing things at the Emirates, I’m sure this will benefit everyone and everything at Arsenal. There is a good base of talent at the club but if we don’t get Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger out the door, it will be wasted.

  4. Stephen Hamblen

    @ Emiratesstroller….
    This does indeed highlight the fact that we did a shocking job of business in the transfer window. While clubs like City, Chelsea, Man Utd and even Everton were busy early on, we sat idle on our hands. Yes, we bought 2 players in but one of them was on a free, the most important area of the pitch where we lack strength in depth is still midfield. This has been the case for years and we still let players slip through our fingers. Why go to Monaco early on with insulting offers for Lemar? If we are so keen on him, show him that we want him by giving Monaco the asking price. He probably got annoyed by us not going in hard for him early on. If we continue to allow donuts like Gazidis to run the club, we’re never going to get anywhere.

  5. Wallace

    from what Wenger said after the game at the weekend I think the early stages of the Europa will be 75-80% first team. expecting something similar to an FA Cup game against a decent side.

  6. Son of a Gunn(ers)

    The Europa is probably our only chance at champ lge football next season. I reckon we will see the likes of Giroud Walcott and Holding play. Id like to see Reiss Nelson given a start too.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    I wonder if that is what Gazidis was promised in the summer?

    I mean, pretty meaningless position though at Arsenal given that he was appointed and Wenger is still there, but still, new title and might even be more pay.

  8. Micheal


    Let’s put this into perspective.

    Gazidis is a man who within the past few months has been humiliated and emasculated in public when slimy Stan favoured Wenger ahead of ineffectual Ivan.

    He is a man whose background in football was with the “soccer franchise” in the US.

    He is a man who has presided over the steady decline of one of British football’s great clubs.

    Ivan is a man who rakes in £2.6m a year (more than the boss of Sainsburys) and has no desire or incentive to make the necessary radical changes to arrest the decline of our club.

    What do we do in the circumstances ? Give him more power and influence – always assuming that Wenger allows him to do his job.

    In any other business Ivan would have have been sacked several years. But Ivan has 2,600,000 reasons for not giving a fuck.

  9. Ankle-biter

    “SamesongSeptember 11, 2017 11:41:37
    De Boer sacked who was saying he was a good manager lol”

    Cesc appeal was desperate for him.

  10. Dissenter

    Same song
    De Boer is a good manager.
    I saw Palace play yesterday. They dominated the game and ought to have won. It such is football.
    I dont know how he recovers from this; two consecutive firings with abject results.
    Palace probably have big Sam ready to go.

  11. Carts

    I love listening to Wenger’s take on manager’s being sacked.

    He’s like the voice of reason lol

    All jokes aside – Palace should’ve brushed Burnley on Saturday – they were that good. Just couldn’t stick it in the damn net!

    Benteke and Danns guilt edge chances went begging. Feels sorry for the husky eyed dutch legend!

  12. Samesong

    Dissenter good manager or not
    It was a risk to take on a manager who has zilch premier league experience.
    I think they were unlucky to not come away with a draw against Liverpool but 4 games without a goal is shocking. I think I could of done a better management job than him tbf.

  13. Pierre

    I am going to go against the grain on here and say that I am optimistic for this season, and the main reason is our front 3 of sanchez, lacazette and ozil is potentially the best we have had since Henry, Bergkamp and Pires. (not as good though).. With a strong back up of Welbeck, giroud and Walcott.

    Of course the centre defence and midfield have to step up and play with discipline.

    Also the signing of Kolasinac is proving to be just what we need as long as Wenger plays him at wing or full back.. Very strong, intelligent player with a great final ball.

    Despite Pedro’s comment of “. You can count on Ozil and Sanchez not giving any fucks this season”, I am confident that we will see the best of them, especially ozil.

    Özil(and xhaka) are everyone’s pet hate this season but I think they will have their best season this time.

    I am thinking that the dreadful defeat to Liverpool will be arsenal’s eureka moment, the same as Chelsea last season when we gave them a football lesson in our 3-0 victory.
    I hope lessons have been learnt from the defeat to Liverpool.

  14. steve

    Pierre in August/September: “I’m optimistic”

    Pierre from Dec-May: *crickets*

    Business as usual with the akb cunts in other words

  15. Jim Lahey

    @Pierre –

    “our front 3 of sanchez, lacazette and ozil is potentially the best we have had since Henry, Bergkamp and Pires.”

    Better than 07/08 … Adebayor, van Persie, Rosický and Fàbregas?

  16. Wallace

    like Pierre I am excited about the Alexis-Lacazette- Ozil forward line. not sure where it ranks, but it’s certainly got a nice mix of ability and goals about it. our forward options are definitely the strongest part of our squad.

  17. Pierre

    RvP, ces and ade were quality and that team played great football with hleb, rosicki, song/flamini behind them and could /should have gone on to win the league.
    Probably not a lot in it between today’s front 3 and rvp etc though nothing will ever compare to Henry, Bergkamp and Pires.

  18. Jim Lahey

    @Pierre –

    Yeah the 3 we have now are potentially the best we have had in a long time! I am afraid I can not share your optimism for the season though, not with a midfield of Xhaka and Ramsey!

    “Probably not a lot in it between today’s front 3 and rvp etc though nothing will ever compare to Henry, Bergkamp and Pires”

    Doing Freddie a huge disservice there!

  19. Rambo Ramsey


    The Liverpool game a eureka moment that serves as lesson that we’ll learn from? What about the Stoke defeat that preceded the Liverpool match? What about the countless defeats of previous campaigns, all of which are painted with the same brush?

    Are you a blind optimist or a straight up buffoon?

    Lord Wenger and his band of numpties have established for a fact their collective inability to learn from mistakes.

  20. Pierre

    Our strike force has been pretty average for a number of years.. Giroud is not really what we want /need, good player but the team suffers when he is in the starting line-up.. Our best performances over the last few years have been when giroud is not in the starting line-up.
    I can see sanchez -lacazette – ozil doing some serious damage to teams.. Maybe start all 3 against cologne. Will be a good chance for them to build up a good understanding… I cant see Wenger doing that though..

  21. Leftsidesanch

    When asked why he turned down the opportunity, Wenger pointed to the progress made under him at Arsenal since he had taken charge in 1996.

    “Because I love the values of this club,” he added. “For me, a club is about values first and as well because I know what has changed. One day it would be a good chat to have with the press to look at the evolution.

    If you asked Wenger this same question before he got found out, do you think values would have been the most important thing to him then? – Wenger = master of spin.

  22. Pierre

    “Lord Wenger and his band of numpties have established for a fact their collective inability to learn from mistakes.”


  23. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Attacking options better than last /best that we’ve had for years’. Pfffft. Such meaningless comparisons, especially when you consider how mediocre our options over this period have been.

    How does our attacking strength match up with the other top sides, that’s the question worth exploring and one which would actually mean something.

    Ozil is weak willed and lazy who’ll reserve his attacking prowess for the weakest opposition. Welbeck is a donkey who will miss 90% of chances which is ill afforded. Lacazette is a proven finisher but in his first season in England, you never know. Sanchez is a dependable player but finds himself in circumstances that may affect his performance.

    Arsenal have the weakest attack of the top six teams.

  24. Pierre

    The thing that frustrates me with Ramsey and the midfield is it is quite easily rectified, even with the players we have available now.

    It’s all about discipline in midfield. Ramsey, I am sure, is quite capable of sitting in the middle alongside xhaka and dictating the play. But he needs to rein himself in or learn to time his runs into the box. If he continues to be ill disciplined then bring someone in who will play for the team.

  25. Pierre

    “Arsenal have the weakest attack of the top six teams”

    Sanchez – lacazette – ozil
    Pedro – morata – hazard
    Sane – aguero – sterling
    Alli – kane – erikson
    Sane – firmino – salah
    Rashford – Lukaku – mkhitarayan

    Looking at that list I can’t honestly see a massive difference in the quality..

  26. Boomslang

    How anyone can feel optimistic based on our season so far, amazes me. This is the same sort of ‘optimism’ a fat chunk of the fanbase have grasped onto, season after season, only to end up witnessing the all too familiar capitulations that have become synonymous with Arsenal.

    So go ahead, inebriate yourself with a strong dose of optimism, while at the same time numbing yourself to 13 years of failure.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Our front line is decent, though there are serious questions about Sanchez and Ozil’s commitment, but it does not really matter because when the pressure is on in tough games our midfield and defence cannot handle the pressure.

    Such a serious failure to leave the midfield totally unaddressed, how any competent manager could look at our team and not feel the central midfield needed addressing is beyond me.

    And I do not want to hear the rumours Wenger was ‘looking’ at something late on, that area should have been a top priority from the off this summer.

    Means the team is as weak, spineless, lazy and overly attack orientated as Wenger is.

  28. RealityBytes

    Was very impressed by Lacca, not only looking sharp – out jumping Ake on a number of occasions as well. Mustafi was all over the shop and I can’t get too excited about Ozil playing a few passes against Bournemouth, who lets face it were dire and look certain to go down on that performance. Was happy not to hear any “One AW chants” . Hope AW does not do a Chambers on Holding, personally think he could do a better job the No Mates Mustafi. Sanchez off at Christmas – mark my words!

  29. Jasongms

    Oxlade talking to the Times

    “But I felt the main thing was taking myself out of my comfort zone and really push myself to achieve as much as I can in a team and a position where I want to progress. That’s why Liverpool shouted out for me.”

    “Having been someone on the outside looking in, I couldn’t help but notice what the manager [Klopp] is doing here, and wondering what it would be like to play for a character like that. He’s very inspirational, passionate, involved and intense. I felt that was something that could gee me up.”

    Really damning indictment on Wenger there

  30. Wallace

    Rambo Ramsey

    “Sanchez is a dependable player but finds himself in circumstances that may affect his performance. Arsenal have the weakest attack of the top six teams.”

    a ‘dependable player’, eh? am guessing you don’t work in advertising.

    ‘Messi? Yeah, he’s had some good moments over the years.’

  31. Carts


    Think it’s important that people realise what Ox is saying, there. Ox knows full well that over the course of 4 years Liverpool might not lift any silverware.

    But from his perspective, it’s about a change of scenery, and essentially getting out of that comfort zone that is Arsenal.

  32. Dream10

    Hope we play a 4-3-3 on Sunday away to Chelsea

    Bellerin Mustafi Koscielny Kolasinac
    Ramsey Xhaka Elneny
    Ozil Lacazette Welbeck

    With Coquelin out injured, we don’t have any natural ball winners, so to play two in the CM areas is not ideal. The main reason we struggle in away matches against decent opposition is due to lack of ball retention. This means we can’t progress up the pitch & we end up facing wave upon wave of attacks which is a disaster with our history of defending transition play. Elneny is conservative, but his short passing is useful in building play to balance out Xhaka and Ramsey’s preference for vertical play (thru long passing & off the ball runs) I don’t like Koscielny playing on the right side of the three & with AWs lack of confidence in Mertesacker along w/ Holding’s terrible form & Chambers not being fit, a back four makes the most sense.

    Sanchez was abject for Chile in World Cup qualifying. He was well off the pace due to fitness, misplaced easy passes & wasn’t bothered w/ off the ball movement offensively & defensively. He has had significantly more poor than good matches away from home against the top 6 in his previous three seasons (Don’t think he had a touch in the box at Chelsea last season). I would give him 25-30 minutes in the 2nd half along w/ Giroud. We’ll need him for West Brom at home the following week. He’s one of our best weapons in matches where teams sit back in numbers as he is a risk taker & forceful in his play.

  33. champagne charlie

    “Pierre, two thirds of our frontline doesn’t want to be there. That’s a pretty major issue.”

    Think you’re talking this aspect up mate. Alexis is off in Jan so will need to perform or no cunt will do business with us and he could drift for a whole season (not happening), Ozil always has to earn his place in the Germany team despite being golden for them. Plus he wants mega wages from some Turkish side likely end of season so he’s in a play and get paid scenario.

    Alexis, Ozil, Lacazette, Giroud are quality. Welbz and Theo are options. We’re decently stocked up top, it’s the midfield that will dictate how effective we are. That’s the major issue we have, not Ozil or Sanchez

  34. Danny

    Arsenal took their season total to 4 points with an EPIC win against a Bournemouth
    Pedro we did actually beat Leicester…….