AST SPECIAL: Ivan Q&A roundup, Wenger’s summer, and future of Stan K

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Happy good afternoon to each and every one of you. Jump into our latest podcast that features the insightful Tim Payton of the AST.

We hear the inside track on the summer, we hear about the Ivan G Q&A and we also discuss whether Stan K could be about to sell up.

ALSO, we talk Wenger. My fave topic.

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47 Responses to “AST SPECIAL: Ivan Q&A roundup, Wenger’s summer, and future of Stan K”

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  1. ADKB

    Take a bow, Sir ADKB 🙂 Your mission in life is fulfilled as you’re no longer the specialist in failure. You’ve won the much-coveted tr4fee

  2. Tonyd

    If Wenger had taken any of the elite club jobs he’d been reported to have been offered, such as UTD, PSG, Barca at al, he wouldn’t have been in the job for very long.

    Those clubs are merciless with their accountability, and the strong mentality of their players would have been too much for Wenger to manage.

    Their gain our loss in Him not leaving us.

  3. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    So everyone’s positive cos we beat bmouth ,


    It’s all smoke an mirrors by arsene

    The David copper field of the managers world

  4. loyika

    @ Tony D

    Really doubt all the clubs listed. Firstly apart from say a Monaco breaking the model once in a while the Ligue 1 is usually a cake walk for PSG, so i think Arsene would have been able to win that regardless.(I would believe he won with Monaco way back when? Besides he is far more respected in France than we seem to think)

    And please who are the players with strong mentalities in the Barca team? I can only count 2 or 3? Even Ibra labelled them Children who followed the line. Now if you had said Madrid or Juve or even Bayern then i would agree.

    Besides neither of those clubs do long term managerial projects even with their most successful Managers so saying Arsene wouldn’t last is stating the obvious innit?

  5. loyika

    @ Seg

    That question should be put to Ibra, he played for Barca and labelled his ex-team mates as a bunch or wussies who did everything they were told by Pep and drove nice safe cars and so on.

    Same wsy Aurier rounded on his own team mates (funny enough including Ibra) and Manager as wussies at PSG.

  6. bacaryisgod

    I’m going to set myself up for a hammering here, but it came to my mind that Arsene hasn’t got enough credit for a pretty historic F.A Cup run in the last 4 years.

    Think about it this way. Every year there’s over 700 teams that participate in the tournament with about 6 teams now(Arsenal, Spurs, Man City, Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool) having a realistic chance of winning it and another 15 or so who might just have a magical run and shock everyone (think Portsmouth and Wigan from previous years.

    Over the last 4 years, Arsenal have been on average the 4th best team in England so for them to win 3 trophies in 4 years would have paid off massively if you had placed a wager on this. Not Leicester winning the title massive but around 500-1 odds nonetheless (putting their odds each of the winning years at 8-1).

    Slam him all you want for Premier and Champions League failures (although even there you can defend consistent mediocrity) but give him equal amounts of praise for his F.A Cup brilliance.

  7. grooveydaddy

    Bac is God

    That’s fine, but when AW himself lists the FA Cup as the 4th on the list in terms of priorities for the season, his recent successes in this competition cannot outweigh his failures in the top 2 ‘prorities’ (PL & CL), using his own metric.

  8. Ishola70

    I’m afraid Wenger talks too big a game to put his FA Cup wins the more recent ones anyhow on a high pedestal.

    You talk big like Wenger does and you get judged on the highest end trophies of which it is failure.

  9. Redtruth

    Arsenal had byes all the way up to the Semi-Finals in last seasons FA Cup.
    Previous FA Cup victories also favoured Arsenal.
    Arsenal winning the FA Cup brings the game into disrepute.

  10. Redtruth

    FA Cup 2017:

    Third Round: Preston 1 Arsenal 2
    Fourth Round: Southampton Reserves 0 Arsenal 5
    Fifth Round: Sutton 0 Arsenal 2
    Quarter-Final: Arsenal 5 Lincoln City 0
    Semi-Final: Arsenal 2 Man City 1 after extra time
    Final: Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

  11. loyika

    Err Red!(

    Please also put up who Chelsea and Man City played as well? So if either one of them won it would the FAC be more relevant? Or is it only an irrelevance when Arsenal win it?

    Also whats the BS of saying Saint Reserves? We played their so called full tesm twice in the league as well, please what was the scores on both occasions? Or are we now to blame for other team selections on any given day?

    As said (and totally agree) Arsene talks a good game so he can’t exactly expect many to feel chuff based on only FACs. He made that bed with his silly “4th is as good as a trophy!” stunt, so he must lie in it.

    I am sure in hindsight, when he is no longer Manager, many will look back at his haul of FAC trophies and give him his due (also rightly call him out for a lack of trophies in Europe)

  12. Redtruth

    FA Cup 2015:

    Arsenal play one ‘tough’ game away to a dysfunctional Man Utd.
    Semi-Final: Reading 1 Arsenal 2 *after extra time
    Final: Arsenal 4 Aston Villa 0

  13. Redtruth

    Chelsea and Man City have no issues when it comes to beating their rivals.
    Arsenal are flat track bullies and winning a devalued Cup competition proves nothing.

  14. Redtruth

    Southampton v Arsenal 2016-17 fixtures

    PL: Arsenal 2 Southampton 1 ( 4 minutes into injury time penalty winner)

    League Cup: Arsenal 0 Southampton 2

    FA Cup: Southampton 0 Arsenal 5

    PL: Southampton 0 Arsenal 2

  15. Pierre

    I noticed how you conveniently forgot to mention that we beat Tottenham, Liverpool and Everton on the way to winning 2014 final… It kind of defeats your argument really of your “Arsenal winning FA cups brings the game into disrepute” Comment..

  16. Redtruth

    Nothing heroic about winning a second rate competition like the FA Cup.
    3 FA Cups in 4 years hasn’t improved the team one iota.
    Still flaky, shaky and broken beyond repair.

  17. grooveydaddy

    Bac is g

    From AW’s mouth, not mine:

    1&2 – PL/CL
    3 – CL qualification (top 4)
    4 – FA Cup
    5 – League Cup

    ^^^ according to Wenger, hence the ‘4th is a trophy’ bollox. ..

  18. TitsMcGee

    Lol at using the FA CUP to defend Wenger.

    Wigan won the FA CUP a few years ago. Got relegated and haven’t been back. Aston Villa and Hull City have been in finals in recent years as well.

    Typical that sycophants would try and use it as some sort of get out of jail free card for a manager that is clearly a damn joke in the football world.

  19. Samesong

    Bacary is trolling you all and you are falling for the bait.

    How much praise do you want to give Wenger when he is earning 10m a year?

    Just to Win FA cups.

  20. Wallace

    a few weeks ago I posted a list of the winners of the FA Cup over the last 30yrs. it’s been one of the top 6 sides winning it in 28 of those 30yrs. trying to diminish it by saying Wigan won it is like saying Leicester winning the league has diminished the importance of that competition. utter bollocks.

  21. Moray

    The fact is when we get to the later stages of the FA Cup, when the bigger teams play the other bigger teams, those other teams are normally still in contention for bigger trophies and competitions. For Arsenal it’s typically shit or bust time.

    Our problem has never been that we can’t perform on our day, it’s just that we are not consistent enough particularly against the big sides where we frequently roll over and take a pasting.

  22. Wallace


    “fact is when we get to the later stages of the FA Cup, when the bigger teams play the other bigger teams, those other teams are normally still in contention for bigger trophies and competitions.”

    assuming you mean the league here. English clubs haven’t been bothering the later stages of the Champions League for quite a while.

  23. Guns of Hackney

    Bacary is god

    The FA Cup starts with 700 teams but you actually only play 5 or 6 to win it. You see the thing about multi partitioned events like the FA Cup or Open golf tournaments is that teams beat each other, thus lowering the number of participants by 50% each round. A golfer plays four rounds/pairs or fours. They don’t beat every player to win the tournament.

    You made it sound like Arsenal beat 699 teams to win the cup…they didn’t.

  24. Pierre

    Without doubt, Arsenal were lucky in the draw last season. We drew Sutton and Lincoln at a time when we really needed a couple of easy games to build the confidence up as we were in the middle of our worse run for years.
    However, the semi and final victories against quality opposition is enough confirmation that the trophy was a well earned piece of silverware.

    Man u won the Europa Cup and never had to play anyone near the standard of city or Chelsea. They also were outplayed in the league cup final by Southampton for a lucky win.