Joy on ice: 5 talking points post Bournemouth demolition

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Gonna bang through a post this morning because I think I am ill.

Things I loved about the Bournemouth game:

Playing your best players in their best positions:

Yah man, novel stratagem. Wenger played the right sided players on the right and the left sided players on the left. Imagine that? The result? A balanced looking team that looked like it was having fun on the pitch. Hector Bellerin had a solid day out on the right and Kolasinac impressed going forward on the left, forming a neat partnership with Ramey on the overlap.

Dropping the sulky one:

Who said Wenger doesn’t read Le Grove? Find them, and tell them they are a WRONG. The manager dropped Sanchez and rolled him on at 70minutes. He gave Welbeck another go in the starting 11 and the Englishman repaid the faith with hustling header early on, an assist for Lacazette, and a precision finish across goal at the end that looked like a pass. I LOVE DANNY. Really hope this is a proper season for him, the guy could be electric.

Sanchez is not our problem now. We know he wants out, let’s think about the player who want to stay.

Industrious forwards:

Big panic about where the hard work is going to come from when Sanchez is gone, but no worries yesterday. I thought the front three worked hard, boxing in Bournemouth and keeping up the metronome of pressure. Lacazette won the ball for one of the goals as well, which was brilliant to see. Even Mesut put in a shift, tracking back on top of delivering some customary lovely balls. Also worth noting that Lacazette buried a screamer as casually as most would place a 5 yard pass. Beast mode finishing.

Petr Cech:

It felt like at times he’d been instructed to stop fucking hoofing it, there were times he had a think before launching it to a Bournemouth player, which is progress in my eyes. With our three at the back operation, long hoofs aren’t really needed. Maybe as the team builds confidence, he’ll do that less.

Joy on ice:

Don’t get me wrong, it was a lovely performance, but the big test is at Chelsea next week. For all the fun of our game today, it has to be said, Bournemouth were appalling. They looked totally lost and bereft of ideas. Shocking considering how much prep time they had heading into that game. There’s a gulf in class, no doubt, but we were there for the taking and they didn’t let us break a sweat.

Right, have a good day, I’ll see you on the other side. We have Tim Payton of the AST on our podcast this week, so something to look forward to!

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  1. WestLondonGoon

    Bournemouth are in trouble this season, not a point so far, so getting 3 points yeaterday should have been obtainable and it was was. We looked more balanced, surprise surprise, with people playing in their correct positions (bar Monreal), BUT the same mistakes were still there, it’s just the poor Bournemouth were unable to capitalise.

    Bellerin was still the only player back when we had a corner, leaving him as the only line of defence if the opponents managed to break forward; Xhaka and Ramsay still not disciplined enough positionally and left the back 3 very exposed on several occasions; this will come back to bite us bigtime unless something is done about it. We got away with it yesterday purely because of the standard of the opposition.

  2. KC

    Ramsey should not be in the team, our worst player, poor passes, zero decision making, holds the ball too long, and most of all goes wandering not supporting the attacking players. He just thinking of being a hero and runs aimlessly into the box. Absolute disaster, thats why against big teams our midfield gets over run and Ozil left stranded. Can’t wait to have Cazorla back or Wilshire fit again. Even, youngsters like Iwobi better than him.

  3. Jeff

    In my experience of watching football over the years, it is really a game of percentages. The most telling percentage is how attack-minded you play as opposed to how defence-minded. In our case we probably never stray too much from something like 75 and 25 respectively. This would work if your attacking force was so good, so talented, so slick that you could live with the risk of letting in one or two.

    Here is the problem that’s been plaguing us for the last 14 years, and will continue to do so if the philosophy isn’t changed and it won’t be so long as Wenger is in charge; our percentage ratio is all wrong for the talent we have. Not only is it wrong but it hardly ever changes regardless of the opposition we have to play. Against the bigger teams it may work or it may not but on balance it won’t because they invariably have better attacking talent than we do. Against the lesser opponents, they tend to park the bus thus frustrating our attacking force and may even catch us on the break as we get more and more complacent in the final 30 minutes of the game.

    Does this mean the Arsenal teams of the past 14 years could never have won a big trophy under any circumstances? I don’t believe it does. We’ve had sufficient talent but the percentage I talked about above has hardly ever changed. That philosophy of bombing forward no matter what the situation and no matter who the opponent is has been our greatest and most glaring failure and has kept us miles away from winning major tournaments in all those years. That, I’m afraid, is down to the manager.

  4. gonsterous

    geez watching MotD felt like the crowd in the Emirates were really bad. I’ve been to the local stadium Here and 20000 fans make more noise than in the Emirates. the library indeed…

  5. Don

    **Reality check** This was Bournemouth.Shitty useless Bournemouth.The real Arsenal was at Anfield two weeks ago

    That was the same Danny Welbeck who was so shite at Stoke and Liverpool. No good turning it on at home against Championship level defenders

    Ramsey was awful even against Bournmouth.He has no football brain at all.
    Ozil strolled around in his own world playing a few passes when he could summon up the energy
    It was a typical bully boy Arsenal performance against a shockingly poor side.And then next week against better opposition we go back to Liverpool mode
    Cant agree with the comments about Sanchez he is still our best player by a million miles and as long as he is at the club he always starts

  6. gonsterous

    Eddie howe was tipped to be the next manager of arsenal. please don’t. he can’t out think oppositions in the top half of the table.
    but looking at the positives, lacazette is a great buy, so is sead…. we did need more signings and that just proves Wenger is in it to get the bare minimum… (again)

  7. AngeAusArsenal

    Rhys mate you need to have a good hard look at yourself UK employment law my arse, Pedro will be shaking in his boots no doubt

  8. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Mopping the floor with a pitiful Bournemouth and declaring it as problems solved, not even close. Next week will tell a more truthful tale about the state of affairs as Pedro rightly states.

  9. Jeff

    I notice pundits aren’t even tipping us for top four – it’s more like top 7. We’ve gradually, somehow, become Everton.

  10. Son of a Gunn(ers)

    It was a good result but nothing to be excited about. At any given opportunity the manager could bench Lacazette, play Kolasinac in goal and Bellerin up front….. Plus a good hiding is round the corner at any moment.

  11. Wallace

    we have had games over the last 5yrs where we’ve played close to our best against the top sides. it’s just that they’re outnumbered by the games where we’ve barely turned up at all. it’s a question of intensity not talent.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    We knew we were going to beat Bournemouth, the season is pretty much following the path it always does the only real question or thing to be assessed this year is the fan reaction, if the fans have finally seen through it or whether they still flip flop all over the place.

    If any fan after yesterday said anything like ‘feeling slightly better about things now’ they need to take a good long look at themselves.

    Good team performance, and everyone knows we actually have a decent attack on paper, but against Bournemouth who sit on zero points and look like they are in a contest with Palace and West Ham this year for who can be the shittest side in the league.

    We are just following the script.

    Just like we have Chelsea away next weekend, but then have a nice easy run in the EPL (possible exception of Everton away if they have bucked their ideas up) up until City on the 5th of November. So down we go, then run of results, then down we go again

  13. steve

    It would be interesting to see what would happen if we got a 6-7 string of really though games. Too bad the fixture list won’t allow that. Wenger always get these winnable games here and there to bounce back from previous embarrassments and survive another day.

  14. Elmo

    If it’s best that we focus on the players that do want to be at the club, then why wasn’t Sanchez sold? If it was a consideration that we might have to bench him during his final year, then why not take the £65m+ fee and wages to reinvest later.

    We’ll see next week what Big Weng’s intentions really are when he puts out his XI against Chelsea. If Sanchez isn’t starting, then it’s pretty fair to say that the club have thrown away the chance to buy 1 or 2 key starters for any new manager, for no reason at all.

  15. Cesc Appeal

    Looks as if Gazidis is trying to take the role Law had occupied before bringing in a DoF at some point.

    This will be very telling, do they appoint someone completely under qualified and essentially a yes man like an old legend who just brown noses Wenger in the press, or do they go for someone experienced and serious?

    Some of the papers are saying we will hold off on a DoF until Wenger leaves.

    I like how the papers, knowingly or unknowingly, now are basically straight up saying Wenger is blocking any form of progression.

  16. Elmo

    Re Welbeck, he HAS to target 15 goals this season, despite never getting into double figures in the PL before. If he can’t contribute 15 while starting every game, then the highest workrate in the world isn’t enough to compensate. Don’t care whether he bundles them in or scores worldies, as long as he starts producing.

    One thing in his favour is that he hasn’t learned yet how to quit, seeing as he was trained under Fergie. In thrashings of recent years it’s noticeable that Welbeck, Monreal, and generally Sanchez, are the only players who keep trying, even if they are playing terribly and the team is getting hammered. It’s a real indictment of the composition of the squad that the players you’d probably associate most with throwing in the towel under adversity are our central core in midfield (Xhaka, Ramsey, Ozil); most teams would hope to have their most combative and resilient players in those positions.

  17. TR7

    Alexis-Lacazzete-Welbeck is a very good front 3. Unfortunately we have a rank average midfield, so expect us to struggle against any half decent team.

  18. Wallace


    “If it was a consideration that we might have to bench him during his final year, then why not take the £65m+ fee and wages to reinvest later.”

    I think I’d have been fine with it, but the current mood around the club I think a portion of the fanbase would have been torching the stadium if it had happened.

  19. WestLondonGoon


    Agreed, he’s the only person I watch on it; 46 years so he’s able to bring a good deal of perspective to his arguments without sounding like he has the slightest agenda.

  20. Elmo


    Well that’s why the club displayed how craven they are by giving the manager a new contract.

    If there was any concern that they would have to pull transfer funding this window if there was further disorganised mismanagement, then they shouldn’t have handed a new contract to someone they were worried they might have to neuter a few months later.

    If the desired future strategy of the club was to re-structure around a DoF and first team coach, then why persevere with the flawed current model, just to satisfy the current manager? If they have a clear idea about how the club can be run more competitively, why allow Wenger to get away with a long goodbye tour that blocks any forward progress at a crucial time when the natural advantages the club enjoy are slowly eroding away?

    If there was a real risk that the goodwill held by the manager with the fans had completely expired, why give him a new contract when you’re at the end of a contract and a natural point to part ways? It just leads to a situation where the manager is a dead man walking, with both the fans and the media at his back from the first game of the season.

    It makes no sense to me, beyond the logical conclusion that the club simply didn’t have a succession plan ready to go themselves, even if they had ideas about conceptually what they wanted to change, and grasped for easy continuity.

  21. Cesc Appeal


    I think the current regime is thriving on this misinformation approach, we really do not know if the reason Wenger was completely undeservedly given a new deal was mainly down to Kroenke with Gazidis etc wanting change but not seriously going to bat for it, or whether they are all as bad each other and have zero ambition.


    That front line is not bad at all, plenty of work rate and physicality as well. Ozil can play when we are playing comfortable games at home.

    I would give Ramsey a CAM role with that set up, Xhaka and Elneny deeper.

    That has a far more solid look to it in central midfield given the options available.

  22. HighburyLegend

    At home.
    Against the mighty bournemouth.
    And Pedro called this a “demolition” ??

    No other comments required, excepted this one:

  23. HighburyLegend

    And all those comments about how we were far better than usual, hilarious really… see ya at the Bridge next week end lol

  24. Boomslang

    Only dumb asses like Pierre would view yesterday result as some kind of improvement, and use to vindicate Wenger’s transfer acti

  25. ArseneisaFraud

    I totally agree. It’s not beating the likes of Bournemouth that will show whether we have progressed or not.

    It’s whether we can prove our worth against Chelski on Sunday that will determine whether we have learnt from the Liverpool game (I am not holding my breath on that one).

    Furthermore we’ve got our first EL game vs FC Köln on Thursday. I am curious to see how we handle this game as well.

  26. Dissenter

    Poor Frank De Boer. Palace did everything but score.
    He’s a good manager but will probably get fired today.

    Big Sam comes back from retirement.

  27. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I think it’s right to boo him

    He don’t want to be there
    Club mussed a tick not getting the the dosh for him

    We should play him with the stiffs

    He will score less than 5 goals this season

  28. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Your right wenger been making mistakes for years
    Board have seen this but only saw the holding an folding
    Time for the club to be regained as a football club

  29. ArseneisaFraud


    I know that the team will not have learnt anything considering that AW never learns from his mistakes in the first place. It just so infuriating to have a manager so stuck in his ways and who just refuses to learn anything new.

    I am actually expecting another drubbing of epic proportions as Conte will have learnt something from us though. He will definitively be exploiting our weak midfield as much as he can.

  30. graham62

    It shows how low the club has sunk when some fans feel the need to gloat after beating one of the poorest teams in the league.

  31. graham62

    Wasn’t at the game. Would not have booed him. It’s Wenger’s fault he’s still there. Why criticise a player who, like most of us, has had enough.

  32. graham62


    Your blunt and honest opinions bring a smile to my face. Some may look at it as extreme negativity, but the majority see it as merely stating the truth.

    Keep those one liners coming.

  33. PieAFC

    Sanchez is our best player, but doesn’t and didn’t want to be at the club. Drop him.

    Welbeck and Lacazette in the games they have played are getting some understanding.

    I do like the fact when they play together with Ozil, it’s interchangeable from a 3-4-2-1 to a 3-4-1-2 that can be seen loads while watching that game. Intentional or not, but works.

    Either way, it was only Bournemouth, nothing to shout home about at all.

    Next game is telling, we beat Chelsea I will say, heads certainly did roll after the Liverpool game for all the club. But still progress needs to be made.

    But frightened we have just become a very glorified cup team/club. Happy with a cup every year, no matter what it is. It should be the leeague and CL no matter what.

    We’re The Arsenal.

  34. Follow the money

    @Jeff I would add 3 more things to the unbalanced attack/defend % 1. Not spending on a striker with a decent conversion rate and 2. Not replacing PV4/Gilberto and 3. Always having a weak spot. Now it’s the midfield, before that the defense, before that Almunia. I have to note once again that we never had these issues when Dein was at the club

  35. Pierre

    “Only dumb asses like Pierre would view yesterday result as some kind of improvement”

    It would be really dumb wouldn’t it, to think that a 3-0 win is some kind of improvement after losing in 4-0 in the previous game….

  36. Pierre

    “It shows how low the club has sunk when some fans feel the need to gloat after beating one of the poorest teams in the league.”

    I would prefer to say that it shows how low the club has sunk when some fans feel the need to gloat after arsenal lose a game..

  37. Boomslang

    Don’t be a moron Pierre. Dispatching the likes of Bournemouth should be par the course for a club of Arsenal’s stature. But no, AKBitches like you would gloat prematurely, and use a routine win such as that to vindicate and justify Wenger’s actions or lack thereof.

    Fuck the hell off.

    It is fans like you that lend credence to the downgrading and downsizing of the club’s ambitions, while continuously accepting the mediocrity served up over for over a decade.

  38. graham62


    Are you pulling our legs. Most, if not all, of your comments, show a great deal of ignorance to the subjects in hand.

    FYI I don’t “gloat”when Arsenal lose, I just accept it because of the predictability of it all.

    Beating Bournmouth 3-0 has no effect on me whatsoever and that’s coming from someone who has supported the club for nearly 50 years.

    Your ‘chip on your shoulder’ attitude is also becoming rather tedious. Try responding with a little bit more ‘savvy’ knowledge on subjects.

    Christ, if you’re an example of what Arsenal supporters have become, thank god I stopped going to the Emirates

  39. Carts

    Renatinho Sanches have the ball away 14 times in 28 minutes? What the actual fuck.

    That stat is enough to get dragged after half and hour!

  40. Negation

    Pedro is becoming a willing propagandist….Arsene, dropped Sanchez? Or maybe he came from international duty too close to matchday and Le dictator didn’t want to chance it. And you’ll be back after the chelsea game to tell us how you feel MAN LIKE WELBZ couldn’t shot to save his life.

  41. Nigel Tufnel

    A whole post without an anti Trump comment. Your New York and London muzzies and progressives/antifa friends will be disappointed.

  42. Pierre

    Who mentioned anything about you gloating when arsenal lose… not, I would suggest that you remove that massive chip off your shoulder!!

  43. loyika

    Well Graham62

    Question to ask yourself, do you see Aŕsene seeing out his 2 year contract regardless?

    If yes, then why bother eitherways whether we win, lose or draw?

    I don’t think Pierre is being silly for silly sake (as in gloating over us beating Howe’s team) i just think he is asking why folks keep getting worked up about things you can’t change?

    Thought there was meant to be some kind of protest before the game? Didn’t see the fans at the Em holding up any signs whatsoever? (Against Sk or Arsene)

    Fact is, we will have a roller coaster season of wins and losses and as usual the average fan will flip flop depending on whatever result happens per game and nothing will change.

    So whether folks ezpect us to lose to Chelsea or win or draw, doesn’t change what will happen. The dude will still see out his 2 years.

    If no then do tell how you see things honestly panning out? (not what you would like to see happen as that is beyond your control)

    @ Jeff

    As for Pundits predicting stuff!? When does one take what they say seriously? Most of them just guess and base their predictions on results as they see each game week pan out? Apart from some analysis i doubt anyone takes their league placing predictions seriously (only maybe as an ego trip to say; “Mikey Mouse Owen and Alan Shearer feel we will win the league this season”)

    I definately know Managers don’t pay attention to most of those pundits (esp the ex-players) They usually see them as Tossers who talk out of the a@# hole!

  44. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @ Pierre…You are right….Arsenal are the whole bestest team ever!!!! The whole wide world X2….they beat everyone that mattered!!! Yeahhhhhhhh!

  45. N5

    Gobshite Rhys has got his tin hat on again!! How anyone takes him serious since he said Wenger had his computer hacked is beyond me! He’s nuttier than squirrel testicles!

  46. loyika

    @ Pedro

    Like some i feel Arsene benched Sanchez due to him coming from South America after the Interlull and not as some form of message or intent.

    Would be surprised if he is not pushed back into the starting 11 against the Chavs?

    But knowing Arsene and his strange need to be clever this season, we could see Ospina as CF at the Bridge.

  47. Carts

    All that needs to be done is to look at what Wenger has done, historically, when Sanchez has returned from intl duty.

    Has he started him, or Introduced him from the bench?

  48. Nigel Tufnel

    Yesterday and Regularly. It’s just not necessary. We all have different political views I’m sure. Keep it to football and football related. Maybe a word about our Giroud and warrior koscielny being in a France match, hearing explosions outside. That’s more relevant than Pedros anti Trump snips.

  49. Pedro

    Adam, if you take offence to my intelligence, maybe you should go and post on someone else’s site?

    Nigel, front loading tomorrow with anti-Trump rhetoric.

  50. Adam A. Carbarundum

    You’ve never given yourself a tough thought over your pro-Gazidis support. Yet you often called many out for an anti-you thought. Come on, fine line?

  51. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Gots to be honest, Nigel….not seeing the anti-Trump postings from Pedro. Keeps it to Arsenal usually. Don’t always agree with him, but he generally keeps it AFC. Maybe I’m missing it?

  52. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @Rhys…An out of character post for you. Pedro is many things, but an alcoholic? That’s a bit of a stretch for certain…I’m sure he loves his booze, but an alcoholic???

  53. Pedro

    Adam, you sound like Rhys.

    1) I don’t speak to Gazidis
    2) Plenty of people in and around the club leaked that there were plans afoot (because there were)
    3) Ivan’s plans were curtailed by Stan.

    So basically, you’re calling me thick because you don’t understand.

  54. Nigel Tufnel

    This just in.
    French police just discovered a bomb making factory in Paris. But Trump is the danger to normal human beings and citizens.
    The one worthy of your sarcastic comments, right Pedro.

  55. Pedro

    Nigel, domestic terror from nutcase right wingers is a bigger problem than radical Islam over here. Let’s not pretend having a Prez who doesn’t denounce white supremacists isn’t a really big deal.

  56. Zfree

    Interested for Thursday. Want Holding to play well and start a good run of confidence building in EL/early cup matches, and be nice for iwobi to score. Also wonder if we’ll see good ‘ol Calum and how he ends up looking.

  57. CIFbannedMe

    A couple of week ago I was enjoying Wenger piling pain upon himself, ritual humiliations and self-inflicted pain which he is too selfish and conceited to put and end to.

    But with this current propaganda drive, he’s really disgusting me again. The last week’s efforts to deflect and spin trouble away from himself have me at the point of viewing him as really quite diabolical.

    Not idealist, not stubborn, not eccentric but actually a nasty piece of work: calculating, manipulative, bullying, threatening, abusive. Negative traits which have become apparent in the midst of genuine crisis. 

    This greedy, selfish, pseudo-gentleman’s erudite charm is wearing thin and I hope his ex-player critics are not successfully cowed by his lowdown references to their ‘weak behaviours’‎.

    How he is allowed to say that and then claim he doesn’t want to get into animosity is beyond me other than the fact that he seems to trade good copy for critical immunity. Exactly the same trick he pulls when saying he doesn’t want to talk about being offered the MUFC job as he is too confidential for that before spewing out the old ‘I could have left you for someone better, you should feel so lucky to have me’ line which he’s been trading on since the strengths of the George Graham era all but died out or were actively phased out by this shameless charlatan who has never even bothered to pay lip service to this massive debt of gratitude.

  58. CIFbannedMe

    I only follow Arsenal still in the hope of soon dancing upon Wenger’s grave.

    The corporatisation of this football club, which the morally corrupt Wenger facilitated (like Ferguson at MUFC), make them only really worthy of soap-opera status.

    AFC is basically a soap opera about football.

  59. Nigel Tufnel

    Pedro, re-read your response. You are out of your mind.. except for one scandinavian nutjob, 100% of terror is islamic.
    As i said yesterday, and you just proved, you are an apologist for islamic terrorists when you try to minimize, and draw a ridiculous equivalence with right wingers who threaten noone.
    The soldiers at Christmas markets with machine guns. And the concrete barriers…. nothing to do with islam, right.

  60. Emiratesstroller

    At the moment Wenger is fighting for “personal survival” and he is clutching at any straw, which will achieve this.

    The summer proved just how “ill prepared” as is usually the case in recent seasons we are both in our recruitment and development policies at the club.

    The start of the season also highlighted the inadequacies of our squad and perhaps more importantly the poor decision making and selections of the manager.

    Listening to the football pundits on Sky [Messrs Thompson, Nicholas and Merson] they repeated more or less what most followers of Arsenal including posters on Le Grove thought that the Manager had completely lost the plot in
    his team selections.

    The idea that you play Bellerin at left back and did not play Kolasinac or Lacazette in the starting lineup against Liverpool was completely daft. Moreover
    playing two players who wanted out of the club the week before the transfer
    window closed was equally ridiculous.

    Arsenal’s poor performance in that game highlighted Wenger’s poor judgment. The reality is that Liverpool are not an exceptional team as we have seen this weekend and nor Arsenal as bad as they played in that game.

    Pedro makes a case based on how we performed against Bournemouth that
    Sanchez should no longer be considered a starter in team and we should move
    on. Sorry I have to disagree.

    He is our best player when playing well by a “country mile” and you need his
    energy, talent and invention on the pitch. Welbeck is an honest and hard working player and yes scored a couple of goals on Saturday against a very
    poor Bournemouth, but he lacks the skill, football intelligence and goal scoring ability of Sanchez.

    Also Arsenal need more than one player in team who is a reliable goalscorer. I
    do think that both Lacazette and Sanchez can play well together in same team.
    For me both Welbeck and Giroud are the type of players who can come on when opposing teams tire and finish them off.

    This poses a different question, which is what exactly is the point of holding onto Walcott? Yes he can score periodically goals, but how often will he get
    the opportunity to do so? When you factor in that Iwobi is struggling to get
    a game or even to find a place on bench and we are talking about bringing in
    Nelson a very talented 17 year old you have to ask the question what are going
    to be their opportunities to play apart from perhaps in League and Europa

    Lemar if he is brought in will be a replacement for Sanchez. No-one should be
    under any misconception about that. The criticism is that that should have been done at start of transfer window and not left until last moment. Then we
    would have been in driving seat to sell Sanchez or not as the case might be.

    Moving on I look at our resources in midfield, which are at the moment very
    threadbare. We are playing Xhaka and Ramsey in central midfield. Both are
    individually decent players, but I am unconvinced about them as a collective.
    Neither demonstrates the requisite discipline in the defensive department when we are under the cosh against better opposition.

    In those games you need a player who is physically combative and disciplined.
    For me the only player in our squad who is remotely offering that option is
    Coquelin and frankly he is a bench/squad player and not good enough to play
    in starting lineup.

    Wilshire might have been considered an option in the past, because whatever
    the criticisms he was a very talented footballer, but sadly his potential has not been fulfilled and his injury record rather like Diaby renders him a risk.

    Then you look at our defence and you know that it is brittle. This is incidentally a universal problem in today’s game not just at Arsenal. There seems to be
    a dearth of really top class central defenders. At Arsenal the problem is compounded by a manager and coaching staff who appear to neglect the art of
    good defending. It requires finding the combination and then drilling them into a compact and disciplined unit.

    Finally the most glaring deficiency is the lack of balance in team something I
    highlighted at the beginning of last season. When you recruit the starting point should be what are your requirements both in short and medium term
    and not whether a player is a great footballer.

  61. TR7

    Roger and Rafa win 2 grand slams each. What an amazing comeback year for the two champions. Nadal is still hot on the trail of Federer, 3 slams behind Federer. Next year is going to be interesting with Nole and Stan back in the mix.

  62. Leedsgunner

    What kind of teams look fabulous against poor sides and look poor against fabulous sides?

    Midtable teams. Did we move to the Emirates to turn over teams like Bournemouth?

    Let me guess, Wenger praised his team for their mental strength? Let’s see where this mental resilience versus Chelsea.

  63. Pierre

    “Don’t be a moron Pierre. Dispatching the likes of Bournemouth should be par the course for a club of Arsenal’s stature”

    Maybe .. Not quite as simple as it seems though is it.. Here are some results involving Bournemouth in the last 12 months.

    Bournemouth 4-3 Liverpool
    Man u 1-1 Bournemouth
    Bournemouth 0-0 spurs
    Liverpool 2-2 Bournemouth
    Bournemouth 1-0 Everton
    Bournemouth 3-3 arsenal


  64. Pierre

    “What kind of teams look fabulous against poor sides and look poor against fabulous sides?”

    A team that’s inconsistent…I presume you’re talking about arsenal,and yes we have had some dreadful results against top sides but we have also had some very good results /performances against Chelsea, city and united in the last 12 months..

  65. Bamford10

    “What kind of teams look fabulous against poor sides and look poor against fabulous sides?”

    A relatively talented team with a poor manager, poor organization, poor tactical framework and poor discipline.

  66. Bamford10


    Donald Trump is a fucking moron. Whatever one’s politics, one cannot reasonably be offended by anti-Trump commentary. He’s a dipshit.

  67. graham62


    How I see things panning out.

    1. Wenger will not see out his contract.

    2. The next 2 months will be pivotal. He is hanging on by his finger nails. A couple more negative results/implosions (and we know they will come) will see a massive upturn in pressure.

    3. The contempt and arrogance he is now showing has reached new levels and this, ultimately, will be his downfall.

    4. The fan base will unite soon, whether you like it or not. I give it till Xmas(max).

    The thing is, irrespective of what you and a few other AKB’s may think, I care for my club, and it’s future progression,so if getting Wenger out the door requires a few more backward steps, I will take it all day long.