The BIG 10. Thanks to you all. x

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A very quick post, as it appears I’ve had a shocker and forgotten that Le Grove is 10 years old today!

3,645 posts, 2 million Grover comments, and millions of reads.

A project that started out with my dad because we wanted daily Arsenal news, some realistic talk about Wenger, and people to talk to on the internet has spiralled into something quite special on a personal level.

I owe a lot to this platform and the people who drift in and out. I started the site writing from a factory in Kent, and now because of it, I work advertising in New York. I’ve met some incredible people over the years. Made great friends all over the world. Had access to experiences far beyond the realms of expectation.

This is a massive thanks to everyone who has read, left a comment, or sent a tweet calling me a bed wetter. The Arsenal community is a mental place full of crazies that help pass the days. I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.

Thanks for your continued readership. Thanks for keeping me sane. Thanks for being a craziest bunch of weirdos I’ve ever had the pleasure of.

To a brighter ten years!


From all at Team Le Grove. x

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  1. Barney75

    A belated happy birthday!. Can’t say I’ve been reading for 10 years (think first came here about 2010) but rarely miss a day. Arsenal may have stagnating on the pitch but surely lead the world with respect to the volume and quality of blogging.

  2. Wallace

    Congratulations on 10yrs, Pedro!

    really appreciate this safe space you’ve provided where I can come and say nice things about Arsene.

  3. Yiannis

    Been reading you uninterruptedly for the last 6 years or so. Congratulations to all the team. Cheers to the the next 10 years!

  4. Countryboy

    Happy 10th Birthday, legrove. Great commitment and consistency. started reading about seven years ago and its a part of my daily arsenal fix.
    Going forward, perhaps a upvote/downvote button or a guardian style recommendation button could be added so that comments can be replied to. Helps the conversation and also engages the non commenting readers like me.
    Of course it will also help to show the akbs how unpopular their views are!

  5. TallestTiz

    Joke Thursday Doctors have finally figured out whats wrong with Wenger’s brain; “On the left side, there’s nothing right; and on the right side, there’s nothing left…”

  6. Moray

    “good interview. seems like a nice kid. Wenger told him he reminded him of Pele.”

    Was he pointing at Mbappe’s limp cock at the time?

  7. raptora

    You’re a big boy now Pedro. You can watch dirty magazines and fap. Glorious times for a kid the first fap is! Still remember it like it was yesterday.

    Cheers for the next 10 years. May they be even better!

  8. MorrowsBrokenArm

    Still the best site…I don’t comment anymore, but still check in everyday….geez, when I first started coming here I had no wife, or two under 6 year olds…… life changes…yet good old arsenal..some things remain constant…go back to the early posts of LeGrove and read how many comments apply to everything going on today….to say the painting was on the wall some years back would be an understatement. Happy birthday Le Grove, to Geoff, Pedro and everyone else who keep this ticking over…amazing work team, amazing.

  9. S Asoa


    Thank you Pedro for giving us this mature platform where AKBs of intoxication and dubious parentage are permitted to have their say
    So the rest of us can see what filial devotion means to a love child.
    Am rambling ,but made the point.

    Thanking the Le Grove Team for another decade of excellence.

  10. Pierre

    Oh dear, bad news. Sanchez is going to focus on doing well for The Arsenal.. All we need now is for ozil to come back from Germany echoing the same sentiments and Le Grove will go into meltdown.
    Imagine if we were to win at the weekend and the team showed unity behind Wenger. What a dreadful state of affairs that would be.

  11. Coach 15

    ‘Imagine if we were to win at the weekend and the team showed unity behind Wenger. What a dreadful state of affairs that would be’.

    And the beat goes on…….

  12. Duzie

    It would be good to have Geoff write once in a while. Pedro, you can also start delegating writers. I’m sure Cesc Appeal and Aldo can cover for you.

  13. Leftsidesanch

    Some extracts from Pierre and co’s Lord this morning:

    “I could never understand what a crisis is,” Wenger said.

    “It is important to focus on what is in front of you. Every single defeat is a crisis, yes?

    “Quality of performances can change from one weekend to the next.

    “I love and believe in my players and we need our fans behind the team. They can come to conclusions straight after the game or stay behind the team.”

  14. OleGunner

    Happy birthday Le-Grove and thank you Pedro for providing this platform espousing the hard truths about Arsenal for so long.

    Writing nearly every day takes some dedication and I whole heartedly appreciate your efforts for that and fostering this Arsenal fan community (no matter how wild it gets)


    Your persecution complex is immaculate.
    Have a word with yourself.

  15. Elmo


    We brought in a highly rated German international CB for £35m last summer, and a year later we were desperately trying to get West Brom to agree to a straight swap for near 30 year old Jonny Evans.

  16. Relieable Sauce

    No, thank you Pedro and Geoff/your dad.
    Here’s to the next ten.

    “We will win back the points we have dropped away from home. It is vital to take some perspective.”

    Factually incorrect from wenger – and not for the first time. Never gets pulled up on it though.

  17. Relieable Sauce

    “You [the media] work very hard to get our fans on our back and you do it very well. I believe they are on our side and we have a chance to show we are strong.

    “I love my players and believe in my players.”

    Ahhh… :’-(

  18. Guns of Hackney

    “Carzorla will be back. This is not a career ending injury”. From the man who once said that Rosicky would be out for three weeks…that one lasted 24 months.

    Also, the Ox leaving will now give two players a chance. Ox was “killing their careers”.

    This level of derangement is apocalyptic in its absolute purity. Is there anyone out there that can save Arsenal from this utter lunatic?

  19. Carts

    I bet if Cazorla “proves his fitness” he’ll get a 1 year extension on his deal. You can see it.

    This is the same man that flirted with the idea of giving Diaby a new deal. Only for him to leave and play all of 3 matches for Marseille

  20. Emiratesstroller

    Wishing Le Grove Happy 10th Birthday.

    It is a shame that we cannot be more positive about Arsenal who will be celebrating next year their 100th anniversary of being in top division of Football League
    assuming we survive this season.

  21. Leftsidesanch

    “You [the media] work very hard to get our fans on our back and you do it very well. I believe they are on our side and we have a chance to show we are strong”

    LOL so out of touch with reality it is unbelievable. It isn’t the actions of the media but rather the actions of you Mr Wenger and the likes at the club.

  22. ArseneisaFraud


    AW wants us to be docile sheep who accepts everything he says as gospel and to just shut up and support the team (sounds familiar?).

    Well on that one AW: go fuck yourself! I can think for myself thank you. I do not need the media to tell me what to think.

  23. NEEG

    Congratulations on achieving a remarkable milestone. Your dedication to the blog is to be applauded and many readers have already expressed this fine achievement.

    Who can tell what the next 10 years will bring – hopefully we will be cheering a new manager and his team to the rafters.

  24. Biggles

    Congrats on such a long running blog. The consistency of posting is very impressive.

    I’d like to see Wenger leave, either by choice or force, as soon as possible. We all know that won’t happen however. At the very least, it might be his last contract as really and truly he’s getting old and his health might actually start to deteriorate. I don’t wish it on him, I bear him no personal malice, but it’s really and truly a possibility at this stage.

    Anyway, assuming we have two years of Wenger left, that means we have to have a plan for replacing nearly the whole squad because half of them have contracts expire the summer of ’19.

    There’s been discussion of models and whether we go for a Dortmund style model or whatever. I’d be trying to tap up a few Bosmans well in advance. “Hey Thibaut, do you fancy staying in London? We’ll make it more worth your while than Chelsea will, just run your contract down…”

    It obviously happens, just we don’t do it. Must be our values, or decency or something like that, but either way there’s no trophies for that.

  25. Guns of Hackney


    Yep. I’ve said it here a million times. If Wenger WAS this great coach, how come he can’t replicate his early success? The very definition of flash in the pan or one hit wonder is exactly that, a freak, a one off unable to be replicated.

    In science an experiment HAS to be done at least twice and verified before it can be considered correct.

    Wenger has never even got close to his early years 1998-2004, ergo, his success is merely a very, very long 15 year snake oil act.

    Without doubt, Wenger will go down as the luckiest manager in the history of the game.

  26. Marko

    Pretty scathing to hear Chamberlain talking about how Klopp was a big factor in joining Liverpool he talks about his passion and enthusiasm. No mention of Wenger’s values or zipper though

  27. Danny

    Well done Pedro on 10 years of Le Grove – great achievement. I’ve been here for most of those 10 years even though since Wenger signed on for another 2 years I’ve stopped posting comments. I still bleed the red and white of Arsenal, it’s just that I’m taking a break until Wenger leaves or dies first. Only then will it revert back to Arsenal FC from Arsene FC.
    Congrats once again!

  28. Marko

    “Yes, we didn’t play well enough the way we want to play, I agree with you, but to come out to a conclusion that you have to kick the ball into the stand to win football games is the wrong conclusion.” (on the Liverpool game. Apparently we didn’t win cause we don’t hoof the ball into the stands enough)

    Unfortunately, his analysis is less astute when the magnifying glass falls closer to home. Like a post mortem of yet another disastrous transfer window for the club.

    “I believe that the transfer market is over so overall it’s very difficult for me to speak about that,” he said.

    Difficult for him on a personal level, maybe. Mainly because the outcome is that Arsenal have a “tired” Alexis Sanchez seeing out his time instead of Wenger seizing the opportunity to introduce fresh young blood capable of reinvigorating a waning institution.

    Meanwhile defeat on Saturday would consign Arsenal to their worst start to a season for 35 years. I wonder whose fault that would be?

  29. Jacko

    Belated Happy Birthday Le Grove/Pedro,

    You have helped to keep me sane for a decade, although my misses might disagree.

  30. Jacko


    I read the same article and couldn’t believe the vote figures either!

    Our fan base is beyond ridiculous.

    I’m sure there will be a warm welcome for all of our want-away players on Saturday as well.

  31. Bamford10

    God, I hate Arsene Wenger. His incompetence would be enough to drive me mad, but to this he adds arrogance, obliviousness, disingenuousness, pompousness and dishonesty. Cannot wait till he goes.


    Jellyfish have survived 650 million years without brains. Not looking good that the AKB’s will be disappearing soon.

  33. Cesc Appeal


    That poll dates back to the beginning of the summer just after the FA Cup. They have been running it for a long time.

    But it is true Arsenal fans are notoriously pathetic flip floppers.

    A poll right now would have Wenger’s approval very low, beat Bournemouth and Chelsea and it would rocket.

  34. graham62

    God, so close to the end. The scenarios for the Bournmouth game make this weekend so exciting.

    1. An Arsenal win by three goals or more and Wenger lives to fight another day.
    2. An Arsenal win by the odd goal and the knives will be out, ready to be sharpened.
    3. A draw and the atmosphere will be toxic.
    4. A loss of any sorts and Wenger’s time will be up, of that I am sure.

    For the benefit of the club, scenarios 3 and 4 are a must. The atmosphere will be interesting, as so many now realize the end is near.

  35. OleGunner

    I love how Wenger is blaming the media for turning Arsenal fans angry.
    What a deluded arrogant old man.

    It’s clear he thinks us fans are morons and shouldn’t be angry/saddened at the teams prospects, despite the crap he has continually served up for a long while.

    We are not sheep led by the media, we watch our team fuck up on the pitch nearly every weekend and know whats wrong. I don’t need Shearer, Wright or Skysports to tell me to be mad about results.

  36. Cesc Appeal

    Expecting a win and a performance from Ozil this weekend, you can just feel it, fits the pattern of the last few years.

    ‘We responded,’ ‘perspective’ and all that other rubbish.

  37. Dissenter

    Wenger has divided the fanbase more than ever. The pendulum has definitely swung with a narrow majority wanting him out but not too many want him disgraced out.
    There is a lot of pent-up anger at the club in general, a lot of vile hatred for the way the club is being run.
    If Bournemouth gets a result [which I believe they will] then all bets are off.
    There can’t be a better time to beat us because we are completely bereft of confidence.

  38. Dissenter

    I don’t understand anyone would draw meaningful conclusions from a Mirror internet poll.
    Internet polls are the most unscientific garbage you can come across. There’s nothing that stops a devotee of the Wenger faith from voting 100 times.

  39. Cesc Appeal

    Those polls on The Mirror website do highlight a problem in our fan base though, patheticness.

    After Palace and West Brom last year people wanting Wenger gone was at something like eighty per cent, just before the FA Cup final after a pointless end of season run it was almost fifty-fifty, after the FA Cup sixty per cent wanted Wenger to stay.

  40. Rappa

    Must admit i am a NEW comer to the site(last 6 months), but it was your ‘AKB Guide’ that did it for me can you believe that something that was written that long ago is even more relevant now, it could have been written yesterday. Keep up the good work, happy birthday and a shout out to my ‘Marge’ its her birthday as well.

  41. TheBayingMob

    Wenger “Life is movement and quality of performance can change from one week to another. The fans can come to a quick conclusion or they can say let’s see what happens and stand behind the team. That is what we want.”

    Ye of course you do Arsene; like anyone in football you want a non-stop open ended ticket of no criticism and free role to run your empire unchecked. Any question of your methods is met with disdain and petulance,

    Well, fuck off you cunt. You fucking CUNT! The only thing I’ll be happy with is seeing him emotionally and professionally demolished over this season, he deserves nothing less.

  42. 70's Gooner

    Happy Birthday Le Grove
    Have been an avid reader for most of those 10 years and never made a comment……time to join the party!

  43. Cesc Appeal

    I think the problem is the fans have ‘seen what happens’ over the past ten years.

    I have never a person who is cut so much slack yet acts with such incredulity when questioned as if he has faced intense questioning every day on the job.

    Wenger actually has an entitled type persona.

    He wants to comment on everything and everyone in the world of football, but believes he himself and his methods are off limits as if existing on a higher plane of thought.

  44. Rainman

    “The fans can come to a quick conclusion or they can say let’s see what happens and stand behind the team.”

    Statements like this really get my goat, it wasn’t a quick conclusion, this has been YEARS in the making. Fans didn’t turn on him just because of 2 bad results, they turned on him for years of under achieving . Yet he portrays the fans as some impatient, blood thirsty mob.

    He cant make it through even a single press conference without saying some stupid shit

  45. Gunner2301

    Sanchez may say he’s going to do his best for Arsenal but those are just words of good intent. Wait till he gets back and sees those who wanted him gone or we get a fixture where the team can’t be arsed and he thinks the burden is being put in him he will soon down tools.

    How will he as someone looking to leave be able to keep his mouth shut when others who profess to be loyal and staying on are not pulling their weight. I don’t think he’ll be able to help himself and there will be some part of him that will apportion the losses Chile suffered to the summer debacle rightly or wrongly.

    The next few months will be interesting to see if Arsene can hold it together. I doubt it.

  46. Guernsey gunner

    Baying mob.. with you all the way. Get fucked wenger you patronising cunt. .go shit in pierres mouth he’d fucking lap that up. Real fans say fuck off wenger….now you cunt.

  47. Chris

    Right at the top of the conference he said he was working everyday at the club busy during he transfer window, did I hear that right?

    Except on the last day he was working with the French media and not at the club! If I have that right, an outright lie right at the start of the press conference! And nobody ever challenges him on these things!

  48. Leftsidesanch

    He should just come out and be done with it. Wenger in his post match interview regardless of the result.

    “Look, I’ve been in zee job 21 jobs and you question my commitment? What is important to know is I am committed to my salary and our low risk high reward approach at the club I love. That is the values of Arsenal”.

  49. Leftsidesanch

    @Rainman agreed. His self awareness or lack of is astounding. At this point everything he says should be held to scrutiny. Literally just winging it at this point and is rarely challenged on the nonsense that come out of his mouth.

    His team however, never fall too far into a crisis so I would expect a set of results to placate the Pierre’s of this world after Chelsea beat us.

  50. jwl

    “The fans can come to a quick conclusion or they can say let’s see what happens and stand behind the team.”

    Amy Lawrence, The Guardian:

    In the thick of Arsenal’s chronic breakdown at Anfield on Sunday it did not take long for football’s splurging social commentary to begin establishing just how bad this was compared with other abhorrences.

    Hereby hangs Arsenal’s sharpest problem. Scanning through the past five years to pick out the performances that were especially awful is instructive. This is not an exercise in recalling the common or garden soft defeats at Stoke or West Brom, but a search for the goriest of horror shows.

    This was a subjective exercise but a rough count tots up 20 such occasions over five years. That tells of a damning sense of paralysis, a club constructed in such a way they cannot change the record no matter how screechingly discordant their most annoying songs sound.

  51. kelsey

    Congratulation to 10 years Pedro and regards to your dad
    I was marbellaron in those days and together with peaches,rasputin,London,Big Raddy, rico and avenell and jonjon enjoyed those early days and brought a social aspect to your site.
    Well done.No mean task to do this every day.A true labour of love.

  52. BillikenGooner

    The sad reality is is that this season will play out like the rest, just at a lower level.. a level that has been lowered by Wenger.

    We will win a few, and that will be followed by talk of ‘ze mental strength’ and ‘turning a corner’, there will be some bad and embarrassing losses which will be followed by “we must support the team”, “we have the talent, we just need ze mental strength”.

    So much will be determined during January.

    Does Sanchez force a way out?
    Does half our team sign contracts with other clubs, some other EPL teams?
    Does Wenger continue to say those players will play their best? (Yes)
    Will Wengerites continue to think those players will lead us to anything? (Yes)

    How depleted is out squad come January through sales of out of contract players or how will those players signed with other teams play the second half (care more about injuries so they can play for their new club and in the WC and will they give a rats behind about Arsenal).

  53. HillWood

    Wenger gets such an easy time at these prezzers
    Why don’t they remind him of all the other horror shows over the years ?
    Amy Lawrence should be let loose on Le Selective Memory One

  54. PieAFC

    I don’t care what happens at the weekend.

    Totally lost interest with Arsenal, fed up supporting a club who has no interest in winning and treats fans with utter contempt.

    If losing games forces Wenger out, then I have no shame wanting that. Sick and tired of this man going on like we owe him anything!

    The most flawed coach ever, to land in the right job at the right time. He was once innovative, not anymore.

  55. Marko

    Completely lost interest too. We’re now at the stage where as supporters we don’t want our club to lose but at the same time in order for this nightmare to end we need defeats to oust the fraud regime and incompetent manager. So you know let’s go Bournemouth? Feel so cuntish now but at least it’s better than boredom and frustration

  56. Cesc Appeal

    The early kick off on Saturday should be interesting, City v Liverpool.

    They play into each other with City wanting possession and Liverpool letting you have it and then countering on you.

    The last couple of games I have not been that impressed with City, this two up top thing does not seem to be working out for them. Would like to see what they can do if they play one of Gabriel or Aguero then two of De Bruyne, Silva, Sane or Sterling either side of them.

  57. luke

    Happy 10th anniversary Pedro. Thanks for all the good work. Thanks to Geoff too. Here’s to getting Wenger out of our club.

  58. WengerEagle

    Pedro congrats on reaching the 10 year milestone, remarkable longevity and the site is still the best place around to talk footy imo even after all these years.

    Love the posters on here too, best bunch of knuckleheads I’ve had the pleasure of conversing with on the big bad interweb.

  59. WestLondonGoon

    Happy Birthday Le Grove, and thanks for the memories to everyone who bothers to contribute on here.

    I was very ill a few years back, and coming in here daily was very theraputic. Whithout any of you knowing it, you became part of my recovery process. I rarely posted, but used to read and absorb all the arguments and counter-arguments on a daily basis and it made me feel a bit more in touch with people.

    Now I’m a bit more back to being me, I’ve also been posting more; some of you don’t agree with what I say, some do, but I try to be civil and hopefully put my point across without getting abusive.

    I’ve been vehemently Wenger out since I walked out of the Emirates when we went 2-0 down at home in the CL semi final. He was a gonner from that point. I got involved in the protests last year, despite still not going inside the stadium, and I’m involved again this year.

    We are coming back, and this time we won’t be going away.

    Anyway, yoooouu guuuyyyys……you’re the best.

  60. Sandy

    I yearn for the days when our club is discussed on Tv and Radio for our football , under the parasite Kronke we are nothing more than a ridiculed soap opera, and in truth dont deserve better. If kronke was interested in anything more than money Wenger would have been told to improve or go, unforunately Wenger fits Kronkes financial model perfectly and we who pay the money are seen as mugs by both of them.

  61. tonyd

    “Completely lost interest too. We’re now at the stage where as supporters we don’t want our club to lose but at the same time in order for this nightmare to end we need defeats to oust the fraud regime and incompetent manager. So you know let’s go Bournemouth? Feel so cuntish now but at least it’s better than boredom and frustration”

    You are not alone Marko.

  62. S Asoa


    There’s a poll under the article:
    “Will Wenger ever win the title with Arsenal again?”
    Just voted “No” and expected to see something in the region of 80+% backing me, but boy was I wrong. Only 35% were with me while 65% think that he will win the league again as an Arsenal manager. Some people never learn…

    What is the chance that Wenger has not deployed his paid trolls to vote ?
    There are Indian, Russian, Korean firms that handle such PR stunts for a price.
    You have seen such trolls deployed on Le Grove too who adroitly direct the discourse so Wenger does not get exposed, and just leaves nasty spats here. Wenger morals are abysmal.