The real reason Arsenal failed the transfer window (again)

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Arsenal will never succeed under Arsene Wenger because all his decisions are based on emotion.

The shambolic final weeks of the transfer window were predicated on a panicked reaction to a terrible points total in his opening games.

The decision to hold contract rebels against their will was based on Wenger’s pride, not the good of the squad or the club.

The last minute decision to conduct a fire sale on his bloated squad was based on his worry that he needed to be seen to do something about a problem pundits and pros alike had been speaking about all summer.

All of the issues you saw over the past couple of days are born from Arsene Wenger’s inability to effectively plan, to smoothly delegate responsibility, and to make informed decisions. All derived from his fear of losing control.

Arsenal had three clear objectives to deal with after we’d lifted the FA Cup.

  • Make quick decisions on the contract rebels who had one year left on their deals, and also address players who had two years left (Chelsea sold Matic on two years to avoid the summer we’re having)
  • Clear out the deadwood that’s bloating the squad and clogging up our ability to bring in new talent
  • Sign new players before preseason to ensure integration into a 3-4-3 system

We didn’t address any of them.

Not one of the contract rebels signed a new deal with the club. Alex Oxlade Chamberlain should have been offered a new deal last season, but we left it late, he showed a smidgen of form at the tale end of the season, and leveraged his feelings about Arsene Wenger’s treatment of him to make a move to Liverpool. I’m fine with that move, but this should have been dealt with in May, because now we have a hole at right wing back.

If Arsenal had a DoF, who had no emotion outside of a solid squad and wage structure, he’d have deadlined Alexis. Once it was clear the player was finished at the club, that person would have hawked the Chilean to PSG. If he’d had no luck, he would have forced City to show their hand and done a deal nice and early. We should have taken the same aggressive approach with all the rebels. If they all leave, they all leave. If we lose some money, we lose. However, this market proved that you mostly don’t lose out if you go early enough.

That would have freed up circa £300k a week, brought in £120m off the bat and given us a clear run at bringing in new players.

The club should have taken the same approach to the also-rans. The internationals should have gently threatened with zero game time if they didn’t make an effort to move, which would hamper their World Cup bids. The rich dross that we have no hope of moving on should be loaned or sold at a minimal fee. Sell Theo Walcott for £10m, sell Jenks for £500k, sell Wilshere for £2m, just move them off the books at any cost. They will never make it here.

You’re then freeing up an additional £625k off the wage bill.

In total, this is what a DOF could have offered back to Wenger.

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 5.17.28 AM


That is keeping you well within the PL wage cap, it reduces the squad size. It brings in £150m of additional transfer kitty to go on top of the £100m we already had. It gives you the chance to reinvent the squad to fight for the league.

So what happened?

Wenger arrogantly convinced himself that the tale end of last season was real. He based his summer planning on the absolute car crash view that the players stopped playing for him because he hadn’t signed a new deal, he convinced himself that beating a bunch of teams that had nothing to play for with a new formation was real, and he truly believed that the once in a decade performance against Chelsea was the future of Arsenal.

The season predictably fell apart starting at Leicester when our defence was rocked for three goals at home. Things declined at Stoke, and we were well and truly destroyed at Liverpool.

Majority of our planning took place in the last week of the window. But it couldn’t move quick enough. All decisions go through the bottle neck of Arsene Wenger. He has to negotiate the price, he has to negotiate the wages, he has to be the sole decision maker on everything. That means Arsenal are incredibly immobile. It means nothing gets done. It means ultimately, you’re going to be outmaneuvered by the market.

Yesterday wasn’t a suprise. But be real, that whole Lemar debacle wouldn’t have been on the table had Arsenal won their opening three games.

Let’s also be real here about Thomas Lemar. He’s undoubtedly a huge, huge talent that would have made a difference at Arsenal at some point. However, I have two concerns about a move of this magnitude. Firstly, he is 21 years old in his breakout season. Essentially a very talented child. He is not going to be equipped to deal with a toxic environment where he’s not coached or focused. He would have been a wholly unsuitable considering the mess he’d be walking into and his talent would have been greatly damaged in joining a manager who can’t offer structure to his game.

Arsenal should have sold Alexis Sanchez. We’ve left £60m on the table. He’s next to useless for us over the next year. He’s thick, he’s confrontational and all he cares about now is staying fit enough to land a big move, and win the World Cup with Chile. We should have taken cash, because our season is a write off already, he’s not going to save it, just like he couldn’t save our top 4 status last season.

Arsene Wenger is finished. This season is the perfect storm of shite. It will have to go extremely sour though, and sadly, it likely will. But the short term pain will be worth it, because Wenger is now damaging Arsenal’s ability to function in the era after he goes.

Here’s why it’s different this year. He has no credit with the squad. Aaron Ramsey, the most straight laced guy in football, publically showing his frustration The Ox has gone. Not a single contract rebel signed on for the club. Mutiny in the dressing room and on the pitch. It’s over for him. He’s not a good manager and the players have known that for a while.

The board is split on Wenger, but we all know Ivan Gazidis wanted Wenger gone. After Stan publicly humiliated him this summer, there’s no doubt he’s sitting back, cigar in hand, watching this mess all unfold. The messiah is no longer banking cash for the club, he’s losing it. Ozil and Sanchez is £100m in the bonfire. We still have all the dross. It’s unreal how ineffiecient our setup is.

The fans are finished with the manager. Wenger is one result away from planes flying over the stadium. We’ve already shown our propensity to protest, and latterly, our ability to boycott games. This season will not be fun for anyone, the ground is going to be horrible, and it’ll get very messy. But it needs to. The board need to be able to tell Wenger that he’s being moved on in December, so he can have a final hurrah, and Arsenal can plan for a golden future without him.

… and I promise you, the future will be golden. There’s just one man getting in the way.

As a good friend said to me the other day, the problem with kings is they’re used to calling all the shots, when it comes to ceding power, they still want to call the shots, and that’s why they have to die.

Wenger needs to be told he’s leaving, the board needs to have the balls to tell Stan what’s going on, it needs to happen when we hit rock bottom, which might not be too far away.

The futures bright, but we have to fight through a bit of darkness to find it.

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  1. Carts


    Ah, gotcha.

    Wenger is a crafty fuck and I wouldn’t put that hypothesis past him.

    Wenger thinks it’s him against the world; and he probably believes that Gazidis is still trying to undermine him.

    Since the “Rooney comments” a few years back, there’s been this weird tension brewing with he and Gazidis.

  2. HillWood

    Do you believe Wenger even made a serious offer for him?
    Wenger is under pressure like never before.
    He will spew out lie after lie now to defend his position

  3. Elmo


    Lol. You think I am absolving Wenger from blame? Of course he’s a clueless fool who waits until 4PM on deadline day, because he has no long-term plan and merely reacts as he feels pressure to his continuing sinecure. It goes without saying that Wenger and the club’s approach was misdirected, disorganised, and amateurish all summer.

    My point re Lemar is that the narrative pushed by John Cross that Arsenal were in control of the transfer and chose to pull the plug due to time constraints is false. The player rejected the move because he doesn’t want to play for us because we’re sh*t and have poor prospects for the future. Had he been willing to join, the question of time may have become relevant. Seeing as he turned down the club, it never became a hurdle that needed to be jumped.

  4. Elmo


    Yes. And another relevant angle to consider is whether Arsenal ever even bid EUR 100m for Lemar, or whether it was just a ruse to facilitate them breaking their word to Sanchez once Big Weng got cold feet.

    I believe we did bid for him because how the entire disorganised charade played out is exactly what you would expect from the club under its current management.

  5. Dissenter

    Do you think Arsenal could have done a £92 million deal in 12 hours?
    No club can do a deal that massive in such a short time. This was a deal that was wouldn’t have happened even if the player had accepted.
    How long did the Lacazette deal take? several days I bet. Talkless of negotiating a massive exit deal; on one side and an incoming deal that twice our transfer record.
    The whole last minute Lemar transfer is just a cowardly gambit. It was intended to fail.

  6. Elmo


    I don’t know how long it would take, but some deals do go through quickly if the buying club is willing to take shortcuts. Remember when we went on the trolley dash and signed Arteta on deadline day? Arteta was signed and his player registration transferred from Everton to Arsenal without a medical being carried out.

    I agree that with a big signing there would be more complex considerations like image rights to negotiate with the player’s agent, so if a deal were to go through quickly the club would need to have a pre-existing arrangement with the agent in place.

    Either narrative fits what we expect from the club:
    1) Disorganised deadline day panic, with record bid going in at 4PM, only to be rejected by the player. The follow-on damage being offending our star player in the final year of his contract, who we need to perform in order to justify just a small fraction of the £60m+ we are investing in his output this season.
    2) Disingenuous bid for a player, intended to placate the fans, which the club expected to fail. When it was accepted, the club desperately had to weasel its way out of it.

  7. Dissenter

    £92 million incoming deal running simultaneously with a £60 million outgoing deal.
    Both are record transfer deals for us; the incoming deal is twice out transfer record, the outgoing deal is bigger than anything we’ve ever done
    …in 12 hours!!!!!!!!!!!
    C’mon man. That was the biggest ruse of all time.
    There were poison pills at all levels- it was never meant to be.
    They bid so they can state it for the record.

  8. HillWood

    There is a big difference between what deluded fantasist cunt Wenger consideres a serious offer and what the other club considers a serious offer.
    If Wenger and Arsenal continue their shambolic business like this they will either be laughed out the room or pay three times the price for another shit player

  9. reality check

    Remember this!

    “I don’t know if I’d have gone, honestly,” Arsene Wenger said at his press conference ahead of Saturday’s FA Cup tie.

    Arsene Wenger won his first trophy in nine years with victory over Hull

    “If we had lost it I don’t know what would have happened. Usually I respect my contracts and I fight for everything and to say after 17 years can depend just on one cup final means it is better you don’t go to the final then.

    “It would have been a problem if we had not won. But we won.

    “It was up in the air and we had to give everything to win that final and after to reflect,” Wenger said.

    We had him on the ropes lads. We had him on the f**king ropes..smh

  10. Otto Von B.

    Last day of the window and AW is on the French Telly commentating rather than trying to improve our lot. He should be fired for that alone: what a hypocrite. Maybe get in Rafa as DoF and Tuchel as manager.
    AW only cares about AW, not AFC.
    Relegation on the cards and out of the running in EPL and Europa league by end October.

  11. HillWood

    Wenger is a despot like Saddam Hussein.
    He will lie,cry,spit,scratch, bite and kick when under threat.
    He ain’t your normal football coach

  12. Dissenter

    Ozil is such a freaking crybaby
    What’s with all the sill Instagram post?
    You do you talking on the field.
    Finish your last year and scram along with the manager who bought the “best number 10 in the world” and used him as a left winger.

  13. Leaving in a wooden box

    It’s an irony that the players desperate to leave Wenger are those with the most pride and wholesome career intentions. These players usually get booed on their return to the Emirates.
    Players like Theo that’s been here for 10 years, have not really pushed on with their careers, but will get cheered in an arsenal shirt.
    And why would any player with any ambition come to Wenger’s rotting club.
    But he wont be here much longer, the vultures in the media are circling…..the fans are almost unanimous against him and the players clearly have no respect for him.
    He is a dead man walking.

  14. CHALO!

    I wonder o.
    In times like these I console myself with the knowledge that Wenger wont live forever. One day we’ll be free of his tyrannical grip over this club

  15. reality check

    CM sorted.
    Jack, ramsey, xhaka, coq, El Neny

    CB sorted.
    Mert, Chambers, Mustaphi, koz, holding

    RBs sorted.
    Debuchy, Bellerin

    LBs sorted.
    Kolasinac, Monreal

    Now, I know we all think we need players in these positions. Thats largely because we don’t think these players are good enough. But in terms of actual bodies we have them. Whether they are good enough is a matter of opinion. Unfortunately in Wenger/Kroenkes opinion, these players are good enough.

    I had a negative feeling towards Lacazette before. I couldn’t understand why the hell would a player with his profile want to join Wenger’s Arsenal. Now it makes sence. Playing and scoring in the Premier League (even in a losing team) will propel him into the French squad for the world cup. He may not make the starting 11. But he’ll definitely make the sqaud.

    So, well played Lacazette. Do you sir!

  16. raptora

    While I respect who Mesut Ozil is off the pitch, I cannot say that I enjoy his final product or influence in our games. Now, the legends are critisizing what is happening at the club because in their time the club was fighting for every trophy including the UCL. With Mesut and the rest of the boyz, we haven’t even gone through the 1/8 finals. I agree that it’s not always healthy to keep this toxic atmosphere if you feel like things are going to get better in time without interfering, on their own. But when they can clearly see how our favorite team is reaching lower and lower lows, they have to try every possible way to help. If it means raising the pressure on the manager and the team, it’s all worth it in the big scale of things. So Mesut is just talking shite out of his ass, trying to defend his warlord. They are both exactly the same.

  17. useroz

    Ozil reportedly says…

    “We have achieved a lot in our four years together,” Ozil said. “Three of the 13 FA Cup victories have been accomplished in the past four years, with the other 10 taking 75 years for the club to win. This is in addition to our three Community Shield wins.

    “After all, six [trophies] in four years is quite something. However, this only makes myself and the team even more disappointed for not playing a role in the title race at the end of last season – this is something we hope to change this year.”

    So he (and Wenger (and AKBs)) really thought they did well for the club. Fuck off.

  18. Moray

    Most of this pussy Arsenal squad could do with being hung from a hook or punched in the face like Clough used to do if they underperformed.

    Not many of them would have survived under that regime.

  19. Pierre

    Not sure what point you are trying to prove with your link.
    Is it that things never change with regard to the media being on arsenal’s back continually.. If so, then good for you for pointing that out.. Well done.

    I reckon George Graham must have been talking to the players on a Wednesday morning after adams, merson and Co. had been out on a bender with the Tuesday club…they were definitely looking worse for wear… The good old days eh!!

  20. Son of a Gunn(ers)


    Wengers lost the dressing room so the players being pussy are a product of that. The FA cup semi and final wins were one offs to show what they can do but theyve downed tools. Im not willing to write off any as pussies under this manager………apart from Walcott coz he is a legit pussyole LOL.

  21. Pierre

    ‘“After all, six [trophies] in four years is quite something. However, this only makes myself and the team even more disappointed for not playing a role in the title race at the end of last season – this is something we hope to change this year.”So he (and Wenger (and AKBs)) really thought they did well for the club. Fuck off.”

    Has any other club won more trophies than arsenal in the last 4 years… The answer is no.
    And that’s taking the community shield out of the equation.

  22. Pierre

    “So Mesut is just talking shite out of his ass, trying to defend his warlord. They are both exactly the same.”

    Good for ozil, that’s what I say…. The only one within the club to have the balls to come out and defend the club knowing he will get castigated for doing so.. At no time did he mention” the war lord “..
    It’s OK for teams like spurs and Liverpool to win nothing for years and city to win one league cup in 3 years despite spending hundreds of millions.. Where is the media backlash to their failures.. Spurs and Liverpool fans would die for an FA cup trophy.
    Well done to Mesut ozil..

  23. SUGA3


    The difference is that these teams are trying to get places, whereas we are stagnant and Wenger has made the team as his reflection: gutless, dithering and predictable.

  24. raptora

    It’s been 13 years since we last win the title. It’s been 9 years since our last solid challenge for the title.
    We’ve never ever won the CL and we look farther and farther of winning it every following year. We didn’t even qualify for it this year.
    Amateur mistakes have been repeated again and again.
    It’s been good 5 years since we last played attractive football.
    How can you talk so highly of our club? Are you happy with the way that things are going?
    A lot of fans apparently are not. How do you explain that?

  25. Ughelligunner

    That is why i am ashamed of our legends and so is ozil from his comments. Who gives trophys for trying so hard to finish second? Arsenal Fc management is bad we know it, but liverpool, totenham always had a good team right from the invisible days but they have nothing to show for it and i dont see their legends or fans abusing their team, they as usual remain hopeful they would win a trophy. Sometimes, I think they do this because they are used to seeing wenger all through the years. The legends were so good, they made only one champions league final and never won it. this would be in ozils mind while sending the instagram message. Non of Arsenal legend won the ballon dor, non won the european or world best. ozil may have seen our only champions league final and seen how Henry of all players bottled it and here he is accusing ozil who is playing with a lesser quality team and more competitive league. ozil saying like he feels it. though i dislike ozil, i feel where he is coming from.

  26. useroz

    “…only one within the club to have the balls to come out and defend the club …”

    Yep we would all agree Ozil saves his balls for the social media rather than his time on the pitch.

  27. Ughelligunner

    Suga, we were trying to get to places with fabregas, nasri and van persey, what did that winn us? the same media and legend abused us of lacking leaders even though we punched above our weigh. Harry Rednaps totenham had better players than us, bredan rogers liverpool had the best attack. how many trophys did they win? What did the media say? They Always give them credit because their legends are supporting compared to us. Wenger hasnt made it easy on himself but even when his hands were tied that he has to use youth, he was also critised. I think until teams like Liverpool and totenham who spend as mush as Arsenal Starts winning major trophys, wenger would see his side justified because these are teams without external resources like Arsenal. They dont remember the semifinalist or runners up in football. Lets Stop the hipocrisy, if we always come up short with 2 points off the winners of the premierleague or we finnish runners up in the champions league, the narative wont change, we would be called BOTTLERS

  28. Bamford10


    It’s “trophies”. When you pluralize a singular noun ending in “y”, you replace the “y” with “ies”. Other examples:


    See how that works?

  29. SUGA3


    All these better players had left because of Wenger. Make no mistake about this. Any place of work, if you see that your boss is favouritising the lazy ones who blow the smoke up his arse or at least stay quiet and you happen to be a star player in the industry with better offers, what do you do?

    You hand in your resignation to prove a fucking point. That’s what. I did this a couple of times and guess what, it cost the respective bosses their jobs in the long run.

  30. Ughelligunner

    Paul Merson critisises the club day in day out, i am still searching for his accomplishment with Arsenal. Maybe they should all try managing a club rather than taking the easy way out hiding behind tv or commentary. Since Patrick Viera got fully into management, his Arsenal critism has reduced because he now sees it the way it is. I hate wenger’s lack of radical style management, but every successful club is a winner because of money spent on worldclass players. See Pep Guadiola has abandon his youth players (he registered just 18 players) because he wants to win at all cause. That is a coach we all had high regards for thinking any player he touches will become great. Money Talks and since our owner isnt willing to step in, i expect the legends to try and sit wenger and kronke down and demand the club’s direction and work, support the team towards achieving it.

  31. raptora

    “totenham who spend as mush as Arsenal”

    Net transfer balance in the last 5 years –
    Arsenal – minus £210m
    Liverpool – minus £134m
    Tottenham – minus £15m

    Team salaries 2016/17
    Arsenal – £200.5m
    Liverpool – £165.6m
    Tottenham – £121.2m

  32. raptora

    Talking about Stan holding Arsenal back by not giving them enough money.
    The three years before this one we’ve spent £190m net. That’s a lot of money. Most of them went on flops. Kroenke’s biggest fault was that he listened to the singing “There’s only one Arsene Wenger”. He let Wenger do WHATEVER he wants, secured and at free to realize his ideas. As soon as things got unbearable he just had to sack him and he’d have been a very decent owner. Wenger had a very decent amount of money to shape a team the way he wants to. We’re still waiting for a proper title challenge to be made. 9 years.

  33. Chris


    I must have imagined the 2 league titles, FA cup, league cup and European trophy Paul Merson won with the club then. How hard did you research?

    Yes he can be an utter buffoon and his opinion can often be barely credible or articulate, but he like many others can clearly see the deficiencies within the team and manager. It’s not hard to see how disjointed and uninterested the team is on the pitch. The first goal we conceded against Liverpool where two players had their backs to the play was unforgivable.

  34. Gooner63


    I dont think you are really understanding the club here

    The whole point of building the Emirates was so that we could compete for the Premier League and the Champions League

    It makes no difference what teams like Spurs, Pool, City do, or what they win or dont, Arsenal are not justifying their promises of where the club was headed.

    Wht the true fans get fed up with, is that we are not even trying to win the PL or CL, we are not buying players who have the ability to do so, whereas, teams like Spurs, Pool and City are at least trying.

    If Arsenal were to show intent then the fans would at least be satisfied with the fact we were giving it a go.

    Why should we pay ultra high ticket prices in a stadium build to compete with the best, when the club has no intention of competing with the best.

    You say about Wenger having his hands tied while the stadium build was going on, well its 11 years later, whats the excuse now for not being able to compete.

    1 thing
    Mismanagement at both financial and footballing levels

  35. Marc

    Really can’t be bothered to go over the same old shit again and again.

    What has amused me this morning is apparently Coleen Rooney is shocked her husband was caught driving pissed with another women in the car – how could he cheat with me when I’m pregnant?

    Er it’s not the first time he’s done it and at least this time it’s not a £50 quid a go granny.

    Slag’s only there for the money.

  36. raptora

    Liverpool’s first goal should not have been allowed. Ball crossed directly towards Salah who is a meter offside. How is that not an active position if he had to duck to not hit the ball with his head is beyond me. Defenders position is also influenced by him. Shouldn’t have stood. Xhaka’s giveway leading to a goal for the opposition in third league game in a row?! But he makes nice flicks… Nice £40m transfer. I’m glad Wenger has not been given money this transfer window. Save it for the next manager.

  37. Ughelligunner

    When the owners of Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Psg, Liverpool saw that the managers of their clubs were not winning trophies they wanted, they sacked the managers. What did Kronke Do?

  38. Dissenter

    “When the owners of Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Psg, Liverpool saw that the managers of their clubs were not winning trophies they wanted, they sacked the managers. What did Kronke Do?”

    We are all in agreement that Kroenke should have sacked Wenger because Wenger is a washed out manager who’s afraid of retiring.
    At least we a

  39. Ughelligunner

    Raptora, guess what? we won 3 fa cups and community shield trophies after spending the amount you quoted. We need to spend much more than that to win the league which we all agree on.

  40. David Smith

    I am no fan of Stan, but I wouldn’t provide Wenger with the money to buy a pack of Jaffa cakes, never mind a player.
    I really hope this is evidence of the board calling time on him, and the Lemar thing being a PR stunt, if so, that may suggest the Stan is actually listening to the board. But it is a very distant hope.
    Wenger should be forced to coach and improve expensive players he has bought, rather than just dispose of them at a huge loss and buy more when they falter. If he cannot coach them, he should delegate to those who can, but we all know he will do neither.

  41. Ughelligunner

    Chris, was Merson part of the fulcrum of the team that won all those trophies you mentioned? I seem to remember Lukaku has won the Epl and Champions League with chelsea and i dont remember him been part of the main team. At Least Ozil has been a main part in all the minor trophies we have won these past four years. Thats what ozil is complaining about. Ozil must have sat down to watch dvds of all of Arsenals trophies to see who among the legends critising him deserve to. Maybe the legends of Liverpool and Tottenham dont see why they should critisize their club as much as Arsenal Legends do because they didnt accomplish anything much with thier former sides.

  42. Danish Gooner

    Wenger just keep lying and lying.Mbappe wasnt signed because of a 180 mil bid bur because he refused a sweetner to his family of 7 mil pounds and saying he Will cone back in for Lemar is just futile but a good Way of saving his ass because Lemar knows very Well Arsenal is a clusterfuck under Wenger and has set his sight On pool.

  43. Ughelligunner

    David, as much as wenger has made it difficult to support him, it is a fact that worldclass players can make a difference in a trophy winning sides with minimum input by the manager. Ask Pep Guardiola and Mourhino.

  44. Ughelligunner

    As much as Arsenal remains under Kronke, he isnt going to bring in a manager who would not save some penny. Notice the year after we signed sanchez we signed no outfield player. last year we spent about 100m, this year we made profits in signings. This is how Arsenal will operate. I dont think kronke will go for the likes of Mourhino, Pep or Conte because these managers will always demand spending money something wenger and kronke are against. Kronke loves Wenger and Wenger loves Kronke.

  45. Ughelligunner

    Please, lets get this straight. We built the emirates to make more money so that we would be closer to the big clubs not compete with them. It is like saying Tottenham are building a new stadium to compete with man utd and top european sides. lol. By now, every gunner should know that that statement of competing with the top by Gazidis was just Pr talk. The fans are so easily swayed by the media. How can they belive that the board and Gazidis are against wenger when nobody has resigned, no backroom staff has resigned, no medical staff has resigned, yet the club is under one french man who put a spell on them? It is the club policy they all agreed to. When you are employed by a company, you abide by their policy and if you are tired you either change job or quit. But here we are with the same story every year by both the media and club.

  46. Gunner2301


    You honestly believe Steve Bould 100% believes in Wenger? Does he fuck he accepted the position expecting the kind of shit shower he’s seeing but knowing Wenger could not go on forever and he is in a better position to inherit the kingdom. They’re in it for the money and what they can get out of their respective positions and biding their time. Even some of the ex players who have not criticised Wenger as openly as they should are hoping there will be an opening at the club in the future and I include Viera in that Adams was the same but couldn’t contain himself so fucked his chances. Those who have spoken out have no interest.

  47. raptora

    Chelsea net spend last 5 seasons £137m.
    Arsenal net spend last 5 seasons £210m.

    Nice joke that money only buy you titles. Especially if you put Leicester in there as well. We have put zero challenge in the league in the last 9 seasons. Keep talking about Pep and Mouninho. Say something about Wenger. No title for 13 years, no 1/4 final in CL for 8 years? Lack of money is not an excuse anymore. Last 3 champions are a winning proof of it. We got Xhaka instead of Kante. Giroud instead of Costa. Mustafi instead of David Luiz. Ozil instead of Willian. I can keep going. For same amount of money. The difference in class is immense. Money is not the reason we can’t compete.Reason is that they have/had a manager who got a clue.

    Lack of money is not a valid excuse anymore. Now the excuse is Kroenke…

  48. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Still this time next week we will all be cheering a 4-0 thumping of bmouth

    Crisis what crisis eh arsene

    I think Sanchez may do a costa and stay away from the country instead of coming home

  49. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    In 5 years spurs will be a bigger club than us
    Wouldn’t surprise if they won champs league in the next 5 years

    With this regime we wouldn’t win it in the next 55 years

  50. raptora

    Chelsea spending more money is a joke. You think that they spend more money because almost all of their recent signings have been top notch. On the opposite most of Arsenal signings have been flops. The players might have been quality when bought, turn into a walking disaster in the making under Wenger. Try another excuse Ughelli. Check Chelsea’s spending. They have been on profit 2 of the last 5 seasons and spent less money net than us. Try another excuse.

  51. Dissenter

    Don’t waste your time with Ughelli
    He moaned after the Liverpool trashing but is now back to his Wenger-in ways again
    Chelsea haven’t been operating within FFP for the better part of 5-7 seasons. Our wage bill matches them at the moment even though they have better players. They just found a way to get more commercial income that us…by winning really stuff. They have a training ground kit sponsor- we don’t. They have a sleeve sponsor- we don’t. We aren’t good at making money or spending money at the moment.
    Abrahimovich isn’t going to pay for the new stadium they are building. they are taking a loan like everyone else.
    Don’t tell gullible fans like Ughelli because they think we are losing because we don’t have enough money.

  52. Thank You And Goodnight


    How dare you mate. Colleen loves Rooney as much as Wenger likes not spending. In fact if Rooney was stacking shelves in costcutters she’d still love him……honest!

  53. Champagne charlie

    Banfords football input at an all time low so he’s now the resident grammar nazi? To posters from all over the world no less… hilarious

  54. Ughelligunner

    Sir Chips saying he is not a football fan lol, Wenger saying he bid 92m on a deadline day, haha. It is all in the plan. Bid so much late so that it will seem to many he tried, when 70m would have done it earlier if he had agreed to sell sanchez. i bet you, Wenger was so glad Lemar rejected the deal or they would have claimed the time was too short to complete the deal.

  55. Leedsgunner


    Lemar is firmly into Wenger’s all time best “I tried to sign XI”. Wenger has deluded himself into thinking that making loud noises after the fact that he tried to sign Lemar (and failing) is the same as signing the actual player.

    In his eyes and the eyes of his apologists, trying to sign someone should be credited to him as ambition.

    Sad really that a grown man cannot distinguish between intention and completion.

  56. Ughelligunner

    Raptora, Disseter, Chelsea bought bishuayu, filipe luiz, babaraman and sold them at a loss, something we cant do. chelsea owner invested almost a billion pounds in the club and after so many years are now seeing the results. Funny how you guys are backing your net spends just 5 years ago when we started spending and chelsea started making gains. how convenient for arsenal fans such as yourselves.