Transfer stories a frenzy of bad news | How to replace Wenger effectively

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Well, well,  well, hello darkness my old friend?

We have another monster pile of sun warmed week old milk for you this morning.

Chamberlain Update:

The OX has slapped Chelsea in the face with a stale kipper drawn from the earlier stated bowl of sun warmed milk. The smell is putrid but mildly satisfying, like a dose of Sunday morning own brew. The reasoning goes, the Ox does NOT want to play right wing back for the Champions. Instead, he wants to play central midfield for Liverpool, who also don’t look like they have a space for him. Unreal insider sabotage. He ruins Chelsea’s plans late on, and could possibly ruin Liverpool’s season by propping up their midfield badly for the 10 or so games he’ll be fit for.

Amazing that this is another player the stats websites talk favorably about. You’d think their shoddy analysis of Xhaka, Ramsey, and Ozil would have them give up?

I think Chamberlain wants to have a word with his handlers, who can’t possibly believe their luck in landing two bids from bigger clubs. Staggering a player who has less goals than Koscielny can be picky about where he’s going. Anyway, one thing is for sure here… he should be given no way back to Arsenal after his performance against a team he wanted to move to on Sunday. Literally, let him rot in the reserves all season if he wants to come back. Threaten to destroy his World Cup hopes. Arsenal fans should relentlessly boo him. He’s hit Ashley Cole levels of disgrace.

Aaron Ramsey:

The boy who was more interested in looking at the bench this weekend than the game, is apparently injured. Makes sense, no way Wenger ever makes a half-time change. However, my prediction we couldn’t rely on him for form or fitness appears to have come to fruition 3 weeks earlier than anticipated. Arsenal should sell him if he won’t commit and avoid another contract rundown. The guy is weak and unreliable. Move him on.

Alexis Sanchez:

The Chilean story doesn’t appear to have moved.  Well, it seems there’s no offer of a player from City. The story that we’re turning this nightmare on its head and offering them cash plus Sanchez for Sterling is quite unbelievable. I understand the switch up, but come on, Sterling is a very raw talent at the moment, and I’m not quite sure we’d be signing up a player who seems relatively integral to Pep’s plans? Don’t get me wrong, it’s better than having no cover, but we are literally a dumpster fire of a club right now, I can’t see why a young Brit with a questionable attitude would think he could grow under Arsene Wenger. He needs to be taught, he won’t get that at Arsenal.

John Cross:

He’s pulled together a rambling piece that’s likely come directly from Mark Gonnella. The jist of it is Wenger finally put his foot down. In front of the players? No. He told off his backroom team while the boys were away on international duty.

The backroom team he didn’t change this summer. The team of completely over the hill staff he insists on keeping at the club because they entrench his power, and fortify his dated ideas.

Anyway, the jist is he’s had enough of the players attitude and he’s going to sell names that don’t want to be there. He’s angry people.

‘What quickly became very clear was that Wenger was not prepared to stomach any player who was not fully committed to the cause.’

Yeah, he’s finally put his foot down against the players who are giving him bad vibes three games into the season. The man who said it was a good thing to have uncommitted players finally realises what everyone told him 2 months ago. Oh, and Alexis Sanchez is a massive problem. MASSIVE.

‘Sanchez was nowhere near match-fit for his first start of the season, but there was doubt over whether his mind was elsewhere as the dismal defeat unfolded or if he was just ring-rusty.’

The PR is so badly thought out that it’s actually blaming Alexis for not being match fit? Who analysed his preparedness? Shouldn’t that be the coach? What happened to our superstar fitness guru from Austrailia?

This story is most certainly not supposed to be leading you to hate the Chilean who we’re definitely selling. Not at all.


Wenger working the media to play the victim again. His usual strategy of deflecting the blame. The usual banter of zero accountability. It’s not like the club weren’t warned here. It’s not like the worst decision in our recent history was that new deal afforded to Wenger.

The club is actually siding with a busted talent that’s ruined the dressing room. Can you imagine any other sporting entity shipping the players we are for man who delivered 5th and 12 years worth of decline? You have Bilic facing the sack 3 games in, and we’re worried about Arsene seeing out two years?

Here’s another point. If we’d hired Allegri, all of those players would have signed deals. Wenger has zero pull in the game these days. You’re watching that issue unfold as we speak.

Carrying on from some of my chat yesterday about false internet influencers. Turns out one of the guys peddling stories about Arsenal’s cashflow problems (that I debunked here) has been deleting false stories that proclaimed Alexis and Ozil had signed deals. I also heard that some civilian ‘influencers’ are taking information from Arsenal’s PR team and not declaring. If you’re a fan and you’re peddling positive stories from the club and not declaring, that’s dirty. Very dirty.

Theo Walcott:

Another player with as much character as a broken Nespresso machine (Theo), is rumoured to be part of a deal that would see Virgil VD coming the other way. I love the premise of this, it seems to work for everyone, but I just can’t see something that simple panning out. Could Southampton pony up £110k a week? Very much doubt it. Shane Long is a better striker anyway.

The Plan:

If the club had any backbone, here’s what should happen.

The board should form a united front against Arsene Wenger. They need to pull together a dossier of things that have gone atrociously wrong this summer, and present it to Stan Kroenke with a plan of action how to rectify it. Wenger staying on is no longer a matter of opinion or debate, it’s a fact he’s finished. If you’re supporting him now, you don’t have the interests of the club in your heart.

Ideally, the short term plan should be to bank as much money as we can. Force out every single player we don’t want right now. Give Chamberlain no airtime. Take the maximum for Sanchez. Flog Ozil for anything you can get. Ship Jack Wilshere off. Move Ospina. Ruthless culling.

The manager should then be told he’s being moved on at the end of the season. The club should launch a search programme to identify the best Director of Football available in the world. The project at Lille is super interesting at the moment, identify the architects and interview them. Dortmund, Juventus, Monaco, Atleti the Redbull enterprise. Speak to them all and make an informed decision. Offer the best candidate a deal they can’t refuse.

Hire that person before Christmas, allow them time to assess the squad, the scouting network, the medical setup, the backroom staff.

Then draw up a plan of attack. Set the vision for who Arsenal want to be for the next 5 years (read what a vision looks like), and dictate how that’ll play out. Then build out the new team over the final months of Wenger’s contract, and hire the best possible management team possible. We don’t want a Pep G who’d come with 50 staff. We want a hungry coach we can make king. We should look at Sarri, Tuchel, Sampaoili, Nagelsmann, Hassenhutl, and Allegri. We should make them an offer they can’t refuse and work with them on recruitment like City did with Pep.

By next season, we ship out 10 players, bring in 10 players. Spend the preaseason restaffing. Remotivating the staff we want to keep. Retraining the players. Reworking the wage bill. Signing down the players we want to keep. Remaking Arsenal for the 21st century.

We start the new year afresh. New vision. New setup. New hope.

That’s how this should roll. No more fucking about, the gig is up. Time for a new band.

Won’t happen though, will it?

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  1. Leedsgunner

    One by one, Wenger is showing he offers to value to the team whatsoever.

    Wenger, once attracted players to Arsenal. He now repels them.

    He doesn’t do tactics.
    His backroom is even more backward that he is.
    He doesn’t operate cleverly in the transfer market.
    His teams regularly lose to their rivals and capitulate to minnows.
    His training methods continually seems to hamper players with injury and slow down their rehabilitation.
    He doesn’t develop young players that other teams want or who decide to see out their best years with the team.
    Our established stars want to leave.
    He can’t get rid off our underachievers… because they are on huge contracts that he himself awarded to them to buy their loyalty.
    His press conferences regularly bring the club into ridicule.
    His teams are no longer serious title contenders.
    We are no longer in the Champion’s League.

    Why the hell did the Board give him a new contract?!!?

    Completely mystifying… Wenger could have walked away last season without the club incurring further costs.

    To add insult to injury — Wenger will probably to given a huge pay out if he gets fired… and given a seat on the inept Board.


    Arsenal is the worst run football club in world football today. Reminds me of Leeds United at the turn of the century…

  2. champagne charlie


    Chelsea had a 40 mil deal agreed, Liverpool have a 40 mil deal agreed. You make no sense.

    I also said they had Ox by the bollocks, not Arsenal. Try and read whats actually written.

  3. Bay Area Gooner

    A takeover is the only way out of this mess. Someone needs to buy the club and make the changes needed

    As long as wigman kronke the donkey owns the team its more of the same and a new coach just looking to keep his job- another yes man

  4. Cesc Appeal

    Takeover is literally the only way this gets sorted.

    The only way we get Wenger and Kroenke out unfortunately.

    They don’t give a f**k about the club or the fans completely self interested.

  5. Leedsgunner

    Bay Area Gooner

    Who will buy this s*** show? Kronke will not sell up unless he gets a massively generous offer but in its present state who is going to overpay for such a damaged club?

    Can’t help but think the stadium, as beautiful as it is, has been more trouble than its worth.

    Sadly we should have done so much more with such an asset but our heopeless Board and manager sat on their hands and dithered so much that we will be in exactly same place we were once Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool and Everton get their new stadiums on line… making our move to the Emirates utterly pointless.

  6. Rambo Ramsey

    40 million for a donkey player with 12 months left on his contract? Thanks, Pool, the Suarez debacle is all forgotten.

  7. Bay Area Gooner

    Kronke will lose money on his asset. There is no way we will be pulling in what we have now, compared to last few years. The temptation might be there. He knows AW is under fire and getting a new manaager is a risk for his biz.

    His risk is going up and up.

    A good bid and I am sure he would consider it. He cannot sustain this. Its lose lose for him long term. It is HE that controls the purse strings, etc.

  8. PieAFC

    Just think where we could be in 2 years time……

    Our best players leaving, no one coming in. Fringe and squad players being managed by Arsenal?

    Won’t finish top 10.

  9. Leedsgunner

    No doubt if Chamberlain goes on to flourish and become a world beater — Wenger will try to claim the credit. He always does — after the fact.

    For my part, Ox is a one season wonder — although it will be interesting to see if he will progress under a proper football coach, not a man who stopped being one long long time ago.

  10. PieAFC

    Just think where we could be in 2 years time……

    Our best players leaving, no one coming in. Fringe and squad players being managed by Wenger!!

    Won’t finish top 10.

  11. BillikenGooner

    It’s official?

    1 down, what, 4 – 5 to go? and those are just the ones who are going to be out of contract.

  12. Guns of Hackney

    Is Arsenal a football club anymore?

    Is the transfer window just for players or can a club be sold/bought?

    If I’m being honest, I am taking real pleasure from this debacle. I’ve wanted Wenger gone for a very long time and called for Arsenal defeats (to great abuse I might add) since c. 2009. Not because I hate the club, but because for real change, eggs need to be broken.

    I love my club. Started in 1982. I’ve fallen away for a while but if change happens, I’ll be back. Not because of success, but because the malaise will be over. Arsenal in the championship fighting is better than doing what they are doing in the PL, right now.

  13. Coach 15

    One theory is that the BoD don’t trust Wenger with money anymore and are doing everything to stifle him to get him out.
    Could this be a cold-war boardroom politics we are witnessing?
    Your joking,the yank has total power,just renewed wengers deal,happy with him pulling in millions on transfers,how exactly will there be a boardroom war looming.

  14. Marko

    “Name me a player thats turned Barca down in Messi era” Erm.. Neymar

    He did sign for Barcelona you know. Worth noting Pierre there doesn’t seem to be a host of names breaking their bollox to join us. Salah, Keita and possibly Van Dijk shows you Klopp has Liverpool on the up

  15. Arsene's Nurse

    The Board must be going mental. All the main sponsorship deals are up for negotiation in 2019. If we have a seriously disastrous season it’s not going to help increase the already poor commercial performance of the club.

  16. Dissenter

    Bay Area Gooner
    Kroenke can’t be as stupid as the current state of the club may suggest.
    I agree that he might be planning an exit.
    Liquify all the footballing assets, transfer it and then sell the club.

    Ho can he sit back and watch the club diminish so quickly?
    That said the London fans are the nicest fans around- that’s why Highbury was referred to as a library.
    I believe Kroenke did his homework well and knew that the fan base of this club are some of the most passive, sycophantic and romantic doofuses around. Where else would people that pay the highest gate fees in the world be so docile?
    People kept waxing about Arsenal values. Every time Kroenke shows up they sing “one Arsene Wenger”.

  17. Coach 15

    Heard a comment the other day that summed up my mood on Sunday evening.
    When a 92 minute burnley equaliser was scored,I couldn’t even enjoy it,that’s how far wenger has dragged me down.

  18. Dissenter

    One theory is that the BoD don’t trust Wenger with money anymore and are doing everything to stifle him to get him out.
    Could this be a cold-war boardroom politics we are witnessing?
    Your joking,the yank has total power,just renewed wengers deal,happy with him pulling in millions on transfers,how exactly will there be a boardroom war looming.

    Not joking
    Just brain-storming and head scratching what’s left of my hair.
    I can’t believe that things would ever get this bad at Arsenal.

  19. Phallasaurus

    Phew…Was worried Oxlade would get injured on England duty and we’d be stuck with him stinking out the medical room all season.

    3 games down already so continued fitness odds were shortening big time.

    £40m for him is fine by me, thought pool might try to low ball us after he rejected the Chavs.

  20. Up 4 grabs now

    35-40 million for that no trick pony, thank God.
    Reiss nelson will be his replacement and save about 40k a week on wages as well.
    Theo will be brought in from the cold to replace Sanchez or lacazette will be quoted as being Sanchez replacement.
    And chambers will be mustafi replacement if he goes.

    No money to spend at arsenal, my arse!
    So it was either bollocks we were going to pay 130 million for mbop, or we were going to pay Monaco with bottle tops and sanogo in part exchange.

  21. Barney75


    “Arsenal have no plans to replace AOC & no money for major signings, but only way Sanchez leaves is if #AFC get massive money & replacement”

    Wenger/Gazidis might starting needing a security detail after tomorrow night.

  22. keef petrovic

    Delighted to get rid of Ox for that money, was mostly useless for us. Makes me sick Walcott is still here. Would give him away at this point. But then who would **** Wenger’s **** once he’s gone..? Very important player obviously.

  23. Rainman

    I think it’s best he doesn’t even attempt to sign anyone, leave the cash intact for the next manager.

    All this based on the premise that Wenger actually leaves, lol, but one can dream right?

  24. Tomtom

    Of all the good players that we have sold over the years the Ox is the biggest transfer fee of them all.
    Terrible player compared to the likes of RVP, Cesc, Henry.

  25. Leedsgunner

    “Arsenal have no plans to replace AOC & no money for major signings, but only way Sanchez leaves is if #AFC get massive money & replacement”

    Like I said, Arsenal PLC is alive and well. If Reiss Nelson is AoC’s replacement in the middle of the park fair enough — but does that mean Wenger is going to burn out another talented youngster by throwing too much pressure and money at him far too soon?

    Haven’t we done this already too often with Wilshere, Walcott and recently Iwobi and Bellerin?

    Our youngsters always start off brightly… then they fade away when their position at the club is secure and the money gets too good.

    For the life of me I don’t get it when people hail Wenger as a great developer of youth.

    It looks like he slowly destroys them mentally and physically from what I can see.

  26. Dissenter

    Check out Tim Stillman’s post. They’ve finally gotten to the place most of us have been for the past 5-8 years

  27. Bay Area Gooner

    Come on fellas
    Kronke knows whats up. His cash chow is wilting before his eyes.
    His son, who I assume is more up to date on things might have told him the real deal

    EIther way, this club will start to lose more money every year for the next few year due to the damage done over the past decade. The mismanagement is all over the place.

    I know my theory is to go nuclear but that seems to be the only to really hit the restart button. Heck even some Board mem might be lobbying for another entity to buy this sinking ship.

    Im guessing he sells when Wenger is done with his contract. his little play thing called Arsenal from the BPL will be like yesterdays new toy. He will find something else to fuck up

  28. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Ornstein: Arsenal have no plans to replace AOC & no money for major signings’

    But but but Kroenke places no restrictions, its all down to Wenger. The experts on this blog say so ad nauseam

  29. keef petrovic

    In 2011 after the 8-2 I assumed he would resign that evening out of honour, especially at the most classy club (we thought). Got that one a bit wrong.

  30. Bay Area Gooner

    Hey and not just that. Corporate sponsors… you think Puma is happy right now?
    All it does is it reinforces their brand as second rate compared to Nike and Adidas.

    Who to blame? A succesful team makes money. You spend to win and make more money. So simple but we get fed the BS over and over. Value, etc.

    This is going to be a windfall for revenue the club make.

    Can you imagine if we lose to Bournemouth or even draw???? That I really look forward too. AW got no legs

  31. Tomtom

    It’s like Christmas every day for Pedro at the moment.
    Nice to see le grove justified in its criticism of Wenger after all the years of taking crap from the akb’s.

  32. Bamford10

    Journalist Graham Hunter reckons “Kondogbia was man of the match at the Bernabeu, from start to finish.” Guess there was a player there, just as I said.

    Am getting tired of being right all of the time, gents. 😉

  33. TR7

    Two clubs in CL agree to pay 40M for a player in the last year of his contract within a span of 3 days but Arsenal fans think the player is a donkey. okay !!!

  34. WengerEagle

    So our already subpar team is about to lose three more players in Sanchez, Mustafi and Ox.

    Gibbs and Gabriel were only squad players but we are still losing a good bit of depth with serious quality in Sanchez.

    Find it bizarre Pool want Oxlade so badly, they must plan on using him in CM because you have already got better players in Mane, Salah, Firmino and Lallana for out wide so would make no sense.

    His only use if running the flanks with hos pace and power and ability to win 1 v 1s so strange transfer, he is gash playing with his back to goal and retaining possession.

  35. Bamford10

    I continue to believe that protest can drive Wenger out, but said protest must start up again soon, it must be highly visible and also financial, and it must be continuous throughout the season.

    Drive the plague out. Wenger out.

  36. loyika

    I agree with the anger that is being displayed by all Arsenal fans. Shyte this has been the worst summer i have actually witnessed (well worst in the sense that i actually thought we would make a statement with transfers this season especially with all that went on last)

    However the notion that suddenly Pool and co will automatically win stuff because of whom they have bought doesn’t hold water (Its as if this is the first season teams have splashed the cash!?) doesn’t and never works that way.

    By the time the UCL and other comps kick in we will have a fair idea on how each team will cope.

    What grates with most is the lack of excitement as a fan going into the season. Nothing to give us hope. All in all i doubt we will be out of the top half and once we get over the fixture that is Chelsea at SB (I would be surprised if we don’t beat Eddie Howe’s team at home with all that’s gone on) there are just enough cushy fixtures available for Arsene to go on his mini run (as is their wont)

    The big test will come on how the fans react before and during the game against Bournemouth. My think is the Int break might cool a few tempers and we might only see a few howls here and there which will only spill over if we aren’t playing well or lose that game (i am sure 90% expect us to not get a result at SB, so won’t see it as a surprise if we get tonked)

    All in all, the next few weeks should be interesting to say the least.

    P.S. Would actually be shocked if we sold Alexis now (on Transfer DD after selling Ox) 80% still says he stays and sees out his contract. Same with Mustafi. Tomorrow should be fun notheless with enough “clickbaits!” and false dawns to make some websites, blogs and Journos quite rich. Like i mentioned earlier, the folks at Sky Sports must be licking their lips already.

  37. Barney75

    Paddy Power offering odds of 750-1 for us to get relegated. Stranger things have happened….a black swan event. Worth a tenner.

  38. WengerEagle

    Yeah Bamford, let’s just dismiss an entire season’s worth of evidence where Kondogbia struggled big time at Inter because he played well in an isolated game vs Real Madrid.

    Could name you a host of average players who have done the same.

  39. TR7

    “Rams owner Stan Kroenke is planning to borrow about $1 billion from JP Morgan Chase & Co. to help fund the proposed Inglewood stadium, which could cost nearly $3 billion.

    Marc Ganis, president and founder of a Chicago-based sports business consulting firm, said the pending loan could be one of the largest ever taken out by a team to help finance a stadium project.

    Even though Forbes estimates Kroenke’s net worth at $7.4 billion — his holdings include several professional sports teams and enough real estate to make him one of the country’s largest landowners — the loan isn’t unusual in these circumstances.”

    This is the exact reason Kroenke doesn’t want to sell his shares in AFC. One of the biggest football club in the world in terms of financial valuation is exactly what he needs to secure mega loans. I have also explained a few times why he prefers to keep cash balance rather than spend on players as it makes AFC more solvent and liquid. This man is a leech.

  40. WengerEagle


    Chelsea’s dealings this summer have been very strange, would not read too much into their interest.

    They were interested in Danny Drinkwater and are looking at 30 year old Llorente now all the while icing out two of their key players in Costa and Matic.

    They only wanted Ox as a wingback too remember which was the sticking point.

  41. Arsene's Nurse

    Kroenke isn’t imposing a cap on spending the FA are. You are only allowed to increase your wage bill by £7m per year.

    “Premier League clubs have voted to continue their Short Term Cost Control (STCC) rules; updated rules will come into effect from next season (2016/17) and will apply for three-year duration of the next TV deal. The STCC rules first came in three years ago and are designed to help ensure sustainability of the top-flight clubs by ensuring that clubs don’t spend the TV deal on hugely increased wages.

    Clubs will be able to increase their wage spend by £7m each season from 2016/17 to 2018/19 (an increase from the £4m a season during the current TV deal). Clubs can exceed this £7m cap if they generate increased revenue from commercial income, player trading and Match Day income.”

    Read the link, it has a diagram that explains the rules more clearly.

    If Arsenal want to pay enhanced wages to say Ozil or new signings then they can only increase the total wage bill by £7m over the previous year. The problem is income. Arsenal’s commercial performance is shite and hasn’t increased very much at all.

    However, Wenger loves to pay his babies huge contracts. How can anyone justify Walcott on £140k a week?

    The cost of that is it pushes the wage bill up. That means if you want to increase it then you become constrained by the FFP rules.

    Therefore, in order to increase wages and without any other income, Arsenal must sell players to raise their own revenue from player profits.

    When you look at the finances then player profit probably isn’t any more than £15-20m in this window so far. That figure is easily swallowed when players are being paid £200k a week.

    We can have a trillion pounds in the bank but it makes no difference because the rules are not based on how large the cash reserves are.

  42. keef petrovic

    Arsene’s Nurse – aren’t the superclubs breaking those rules all the time? Or are we stuffed because we have a huge squad of vastly overpaid tat?

  43. BillikenGooner

    We might have 3 or 4 players that will be negotiating with other teams come January and spending the second half protecting themselves from injury and a couple more that don’t want to be here and never get minutes anyways (Perez and Debuchy)


    We unload 3 or 4 (or more, hopefully) and we get a couple new players (I have a difficult time thinking they won’t be on the same par as our pick ups of… Mustafi and Perez) to join a demoralized team.

    So yeah, relegation could be a possibility. Likely? No. Impossible? No.

  44. TR7


    But Chelsea were not the only club interested mate. Liverpool have stumped up money for him as well. I have read rumors of City and Mourinho being interested in him as well in the past. Didn’t attach too much weight to those rumors then but in hindsight those rumors look more credible now. I agree the guy has not been productive enough for our liking but Conte,Klopp,Arsene and perhaps even Mourinho see something in him. Let’s see how it goes for him. He’s been one of the players I have admired despite his obvious flaws, will be interesting to see how he performs at Liverpool.

    Meanwhile what a horrid TW even by our low standards !!

  45. Rambo Ramsey

    Wenger might be a miserly old buffoon but Stan is only too happy to encourage him. Imagine if another manager comes in and burns through the cash reserves and the silent cunt will then be forced to dip into his pockets.

    I can almost imagine this kind of convo between the pair

    Wenger: “Za ozzer clubs can spend 100 millions but I only spend 50”

    Stanley: *with quivering mustache* “Arsene ma man, just take this 5 year contract I say”

    Wenger: “No, I mean Yezzzzzz but we do two years at a time”

    Few days later

    Stanley: “I know you asked for 50 million but can you make do with 40? Might be a challenge….”

    Wenger *with glistening eyes* “Have I told you how much I lov youuu?”

  46. WestLondonGoon

    Arsene’s Nurse

    That’s exactly why Chelsea have all those players out on loan, their wages from the loanee clubs appear as player trade income, and thus allows them to increase the fund to pay the first team squad. A neat way to play the rules.

  47. Leedsgunner

    “I continue to believe that protest can drive Wenger out, but said protest must start up again soon, it must be highly visible and also financial, and it must be continuous throughout the season.”

    I have to disagree, last season was the most divided I’ve ever seen the club with the fans openly fighting each other… and the Board still gave him a new contract despite limping into 5th place.

    The Board chooses to hear what they want to hear… rather than what is being said.

    pretty much in the second half of the season the dissent was loud and vocal… but as far as the Board is concerned — the only time they chose to listen to the fans is when they sang “There’s only One Arsene Wenger” at the FA Cup final when we won.

    THis is for the long term and Wenger is going to crash and burn and take the club down with him. The very sad thing is this Board will let him.

    Or what about this for a twist…

    If he does get “fired” — I can see him being appointed as our new Director of Football to guide and assist our new manager in implementing the club’s new values. Sort of as a reward for his long loyal service to the Club.

    No doubt he will frustrate the new manager’s efforts so that he comes out of it looking like a genius.

    If Wenger is fired he needs to be completely severed from the club but I don’t believe this Board has it in them.

  48. Arsene's Nurse

    keef petrovic
    August 30, 2017 21:34:01

    Arsene’s Nurse – aren’t the superclubs breaking those rules all the time? Or are we stuffed because we have a huge squad of vastly overpaid tat?
    Super clubs can increase their wage budget by more than £7m because they continue to increase their revenue.

    Arsenal have increased their wage bull by more than the previous £4m per year under the old rules by doing just that and taking advantage of the rules.

    However, you are right about the overpaid dross, that doesn’t help. Arsenal will lose out on revenue as well due to falling out of the CL.

    It’s the perfect storm that is a culmination of Wenger’s policies over the last 10 years.

  49. keef petrovic


    Thanks for link, which every Arsenal fan should read.

    And begs the question, is Wenger working predominantly for the owner’s interests for his £10M+ salary rather than the club’s now. A serious question.

    Would certainly explain some of the bizarre transfer market behaviour ie looking like making a net profit this window…

  50. loyika

    I do actually believe there is something wrong at Arsenal that goes way beyond Arsene.

    He is 100 percent to blame for the playing side of things in terms of tactics and squad selection, but beyond that something just seems to be not right with the club. Something that is being hidden. I also follow the notion as TR7 that Stan is using the club as leverage for other stuff and if that is the case, then expect him to be in for the long haul till he is through with whatever he has up his sleeves (hence Usmanov not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel and wanting to pack it in. Would be a laugh if Stan bought some part of his shares or secretly finds a friendly buyer for them. And you can forget about Dangote, that won’t happen in a long shot). Would explain why he keeps Arsene, a manager who must be in the know and won’t rock the boat and is ready to take the abuse and protest while being handsomely rewarded. Same with others on the board. Like someone said earlier, the AGM this season will be quite unique.

  51. Arsene's Nurse

    August 30, 2017 21:39:02

    Arsene’s Nurse

    That’s exactly why Chelsea have all those players out on loan, their wages from the loanee clubs appear as player trade income, and thus allows them to increase the fund to pay the first team squad. A neat way to play the rules.
    Exactly. It’s a smart way to operate. Because we pay fringe players so much we often subsidise their wages which will then appear as wage outlay on the books.

  52. Leedsgunner

    “No money for signings… the cash reserves are empty.”

    So the fabled warchest is empty without a shot being fired.

    Where’s has the money gone?

    What do we have to show for it?

    Sad, sad sad days for once a great club.

  53. Johnsgiles

    Arsenal will never get out of this joke of a hole until we have a similar model to that of bayern Madrid barca etc IE owned by the fans for the fans …..long dark days

  54. WengerEagle


    The lad has obvious ability and uses but for me he is far too flawed as a footballer mainly his lack of a footy brain and his painfully poor decision making, things which as a 24 year old I just don’t see you drastically improving.

    Anyway we will see, he is racking up interest tbf.

    Yeah man been hilariously bad, how bad will it get is at this point the only bit of interest I am still holding in this season.

    Not even a youngster to get excited about.

  55. Bamford10


    Except that no one here or elsewhere ever really “hyped” him. Just said he was a solid, athletic CM who could help improve our midfield. Which was true. This was obvious from his performances against us for Monaco. Now he is in a good situation and showing well against the likes of Real Madrid. Meanwhile we have Elneny, Xhaka and Ramsey in central midfield.

  56. Cesc Appeal


    I think that is bullshit to a degree, there might be something to us totally botching the wage increase rules but we supposedly bid massive money for Mbappe but more concrete was our £40 Million bid for Lemar which with Lacazette would have taken our spend up to £85 Million without any sales and the AST estimates our annual budget is about £80 Million to £100 Million so that would have been about right.

    I think this is total PR bullshit to try and turn Arsenal fans attention to some shadowy figure that is not present which means the day to day structures at the club go untouched.

    It does not add up at all, from people reporting Arsenal had £150 Million to spend pretty widely, to bids for Lemar after Lacazette, to suddenly now out of nowhere journalists are briefed from somewhere that there is no money.

    I smell a dirty, dirty rat.

  57. James wood

    Looks like some real porkies are being put out.
    Probably to deflect away from the internal wrangling’s
    that are going on and the total mismanagement of the club.

  58. Leedsgunner

    If the cash reserves are gone, you know what that means.

    Lacazette was Wenger’s last throw of the die… Sanchez will not be sold because Wenger needs him to prop up his crumbling kingdom.

    Arsenal is looking more more like Leeds United circa 2003 by the day. Risdale and Co, completely bankrupted the club not just financially but emotionally and mentally. My friends who are Whites still haven’t recovered from it all.

    Horrible to think Arsenal is going down the same path… if Stan Kronke’s financial plans are accurate.

  59. salparadisenyc

    Kongdobia was hyped all over this space during his Sevilla days before making the move to Monaco. Many saying he was exactly type of holding mid we needed. Including myself.

    Dodged bullet.

  60. Bamford10

    Shit, if we could somehow get rid of Wenger, this might actually be a decent situation — if we sell Alexis for a decent sum as well.

    The new DOF and manager would have a fair amount of money to spend.

    Better a smart DOF spending that than Wenger.

  61. Stuart

    Tell Wanker to fuck off at the end of the season. Tell him now and he can invent some bollocks made-up nonsense about retiring and get Joachim Löw in after the world cup. The man who re-defined German football and re-invigorated the international equivalent of Arsenal would do the same for us. He would change the ethos and instill the right mentality.

  62. Leedsgunner

    No doubt Wenger will now try to play the victim again — and try yo talk about how he kept fighting despite having no money…

    The old excuses are the best ones aren’t they Arsene.

  63. Cesc Appeal

    I am glad to see most Arsenal fans just are not buying it, they know there is some sort of mismanagement of the finances from Wenger and Kroenke and a lack of ambition, but no one is buying this shit really.

  64. keef petrovic


    At this point we don’t need a name, any competent coach would be a vast improvement just to stop the ship sinking.

  65. Cesc Appeal

    The club must be thankful there is an international break, if they had to face the fans this weekend it would be carnage.

  66. TR7


    Yes, there is nothing really to look forward to this season from footballing perspective. We are regressing year by year. I am expecting some off the pitch upheavals though. I have a feeling we might have a similar season that Chelsea had two seasons ago when they finished 10th.

  67. PieAFC


    I was talking to a pal of mine today and we both mentioned Leeds United.

    Paddy power offering odds for us to get relegated.

    Stranger things have happened in football.

    The squad to be decimated by transfer deadline day, Wenger managing the side, demoralized and fucked.

    We could be in for one hell of a season…..

  68. salparadisenyc


    Some players just melt to shit once Wenger touches them, Xhaka being a fine example. Having made the all Bundesliga starting XI before joining, he definitely had something about him.

    Another one many were calling for on here.

    Sure that will be culled once another manager gets hold of him, understanding how to play to his strengths. As its stands he has looks of a very nervy intern… think I read that description on Stillman. Very accurate.

    As for Elneny, hardly been shit in limited amount of appearances he’s made.

  69. Gooner63

    Would love to know if there is no money for transfers or if the issue is just the wage cap

    If no money – where has it gone

    If wage cap – who have we spent 7m on – surely laca and kolly can only be 2.5mill
    a few fringe players and increases at maybe 1.5mill

    so where did the other 3mill on wages go – plus we should now have wages freed up from ox and gibbs

  70. Bamford10

    That’s great, but what was Stullman writing last year during the protests? That Wenger is clueless has been obvious for years now. Where has this guy stood on the question?

  71. loyika

    @ TR7

    I really doubt it will be as bad as Chelsea’s implosion with Maureen. That was a unique situation.

    Like i said, the run of fixtures after our visit to SB will tell us more how the season will pan out

  72. WengerEagle

    If we lose Sanchez that puts a huge output onus on Lacazette which is extremely unfair for his first season abroad.

    Sanchez heavily contributed to plus 40 odd goals last season taking assists into account, that is a huge void he will be leaving.

    Our offense last season was mediocre even with Sanchez so fuck me.

  73. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    First things first laca will need a good old fashion arm round his shoulder cos he will have the hump about being dropped
    Ego after he gave media interviews saying he wad going to score


    Ox only getting 120,000 a week at pool

    That’s a massive dick,in the face of wenger

  74. Arsene's Nurse

    David Smith
    August 30, 2017 22:14:00

    Arsenes Nurse, how come,other clubs are ignoring wage increases, Everton surely for starters?,
    It depends on which of the criteria under the rules they are using. I doubt they have a player like Kolasinac coming in on a free and being paid £140k a week – £7.2m a year.

    I also expect their revenue has grown quicker than ours this year as they have new investors.

  75. Samesong


    If we lose Sanchez that puts a huge output onus on Lacazette which is extremely unfair for his first season abroad.

    Wenger probably sell him next season ; )

  76. TR7


    Something really looks amiss about Arsenal this season. We have had less talented teams in the past but never have we looked more clueless and lifeless. I don’t think we have ever played as badly as we did against Liverpool last week.

  77. salparadisenyc


    I was just of speaking of the “very nervy intern bit” being on Stillmans piece.

    One things for certain, we may of all arrived at this Wenger out point on different timelines but for the most part everyone has arrived at just that. Wenger out.

    Personally don’t see Kroenke doing much until it has real financial impact, quite possibly on for this season. Bottom half of the table on this wage bill is not a very strong look for a manager with fans protesting and the season ticket wait list shrinking. Not mention the bath Wenger will take when Sanchez goes on a bossman, other players wanting out.

    The PR machine is in full damage control at the moment blaming no funds for Wengers tepid window, that translate to doesn’t want to give him funds being the likeliest considering we started the window with a £150m budget to spend and will finish on a £20m profit as it stands. I’m 100% for keeping that powder dry for next manager to spend.

  78. Leedsgunner

    The tragedy is I don’t know who to be believe. I thought our stadium gave us the highest gate receipts in the land? Suddenly we have no money? What about our new commercial deals that were announced with such fanfare?

    I don’t know what makes more angry and disappointed — the sheer mismanagement of the club at every level if true… or if this is all PR BS designed to deflect the ire away from the powers that be at the club… it is then the club willingly deceiving the fans is it not? Very very duplicitous of the club to engage in this spin to protect the regime. The trust is broken isn’t?

    Pretty soon, the club will have to realise that without your fans you have nothing. Sad to see the club mistreat its fans so callously.

  79. Dissenter

    Why does Arsenal merge player salaries into the supposed transfer budget. That’s fraudulent accounting.

    If Kroenke is so corrupt then Why is Wenger so complicit in the corruption?
    He accepted a pay raise of 2 million for doing jack.

  80. Du vi

    Like Coutinho……. Kondogbia after bis loan spell at Sevilla would be another ex Inter player that would be worth upwards of 60 -80 million

  81. Cesc Appeal

    Kolasinac and Lacazette’s wages in terms of additional operating costs are a nullity because the loss of Oxlade, Gibbs and Gabriel’s wages basically means the wage bill has not shifted with their arrivals for the year.

  82. grooveydaddy

    David Smith

    Everton (and all other clubs) can use increased, non-broadcasting, commercial revenue to bolster their wage bill.

    For a start, they had one of Usmanov’s companies sponsor their training ground apparently.

  83. Marko

    I am glad to see most Arsenal fans just are not buying it, they know there is some sort of mismanagement of the finances from Wenger and Kroenke and a lack of ambition, but no one is buying this shit really.

    Yeah like are we to believe we’re broke now? One season out of the champions league and we’re going bust. Yeah fuck that absolute bullshit.

  84. Dissenter

    I’m love the Kroenke trashing but it’s appropriate to make frame the criticism as Kroenke-Wenger because Wenger is the lying sh*t that comes out Kroenke’s you-know what.
    Are we still a big club?

  85. WengerEagle

    Monaco snapping up Balde Keita at just 27.5 million is astute business.

    Very high ceiling, just needs to have attitude slapped out of him which I am sure Jardim will oblige.

  86. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Good luck to the ox

    He won the fa cup 3 times ?

    Not a total waste of 6 years

    An we get 25m profit

    What happens if pool sell for for 100m next season

  87. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Truth be told wenger didn’t trust the kid till this season

    You can’t blame him for wanting out when the boss don’t show faith in your ability

  88. Du vi

    Pound for pound best scouting setup in world football at the moment in no particular order……. Inter Milan .Tottenham…Sevilla…Liverpooĺ..Torino

  89. Coach 15

    Petrovic,that’s a name from the Arsenal past. Who remembers Vladimir,I think he was Arsenal first foreign signing.

  90. Cesc Appeal


    I have been calling for Keita Balde Diao all summer long, £27 Million is great business.

    Had we been proactive in June we could have shipped out Sanchez, brought in Matuidi and Keita Balde Diao solving two issues and still have about £15 Million left over to put toward N’Zonzi’s £37 Million release clause. Add in Oxlade’s sale and we would have a net spend of £32 Million or something bringing in Kolasinac, Lacazette, N’Zonzi, Matuidi and Keita Balde Diao losing only Sanchez and Oxlade.

    Take off the sales of Szczeney, Gibbs and Gabriel as well and you are down to about £1 Million spend and have space to bring in a CB as well, and that is without even selling Perez.

    Just an example, but proactivity, intelligence and a bit of ambition can get you somewhere.

  91. salparadisenyc

    At the moment Jardim has the look of a man whom could turn water to wine.
    Lets quit fucking about and sign that man up.

    Cross saying Wenger going down the list one last time Lemar, Draxler to Mahrez for Sanchez replacement.

    Imagine our attack with Mahrez and Ozil in it, cotton candy comes to mind.

  92. Marko

    Pound for pound best scouting setup in world football at the moment in no particular order……. Inter Milan .Tottenham…Sevilla…Liverpooĺ..Torino

    Inter Milan my balls. They suck ass and have wasted money on Banega, Kondogbia and big money on Gabriel Barbosa. They’re nothing special

  93. WengerEagle

    Oxlade’s problem like Walcott is that he fundamentally wants to play in a position that he is not suited to (CM) just like Theo (CF).

    Way too flawed and I am personally glad that he at least has the nous to realise that it won’t happen here after 6 seasons so is moving elsewhere and we are getting a tidy sum.

    At least he is ambitious unlike Feo who has just piped down after being exposed as a mediocre forward and is quietly picking up his mountain of cash every week for contributing fook all to the cause.

  94. WestLondonGoon

    Coach 15

    I seem to remember him getting kicked all over the park most games. I think English 80s football was a step too far for him.

  95. Leftsidesanch

    John cross the pillock reckons we will only sell Sanchez to Man City if we can secure Draxler by tomorrow.

  96. Jamie

    How does Stan Kroenke ‘leverage’ Arsenal FC cash reserves against borrowings for other sports franchises? Serious question, because I don’t have a degree in Finance.

    The cash in the coffers doesn’t belong to him, the assets in their entirety do not belong to him.

    Any dividend he decides to pay himself will have to be matched proportionately with the dividends paid out to all other shareholders.

    If he decides to start paying himself massive management fees to avoid the dividend route, he’ll devalue the club by more than the cash sum he pays himself in exorbitant ‘consultancy’ fees. Without those cash reserves inflating our value, we won’t be worth much more than West Ham. Any subsequent sale of the club would certainly squeeze his profit margin.

    It doesn’t make any sense for Kroenke to take money out of the club, or leverage it against another loan. He’s worth more than his wife these days, and would hardly struggle to get the best line of credit available to billionaires should he need one for another venture.

  97. Follow the money

    So the Ox takes less money just to get away from Wenger and Arsenal’s stagnation. Fair play to him. Indictment of Arsenal

    Tim Stillman tweet

  98. Cesc Appeal

    John Cross is literally the mouthpiece for the club, from the PR department straight to him.

    Would not believe a word that he writes, full of shit and like Wenger is all about the self-preservation. Closet journalist to Arsenal and Wenger and no way is he f*****g that up for himself.

    I expect a lame attempt at getting Mahrez tomorrow, might end up with him but solves absolutely nothing.

    Mahrez and Ozil in attack.


  99. Leftsidesanch

    Actually want Alexis to be sold as it could potentially be the final nail in this frauds coffin. Last seasons 5th place according to Mr Wenger was only because of the uncertainty regarding his contract and that of key players. He was also quick to point out only missing top 4 by a point.

    Wasn’t there reports earlier in the summer stating that if Wenger didn’t mount a credible title challenge time would be up. How I would love that to be true.

  100. WengerEagle


    It is the same shit every summer mate, we are told that there is nobody out there at affordable prices and every summer without fail I see players moving to other clubs that don’t cost an arm and leg and would have improved us.

    We end up panicking and overpaying late in the window like the shy dude at the last dance picking up the fat bird.

  101. PieAFC

    John Cross is a fucking muppet.

    Flip flopped over the years regarding Arsene, until he wrote his book.

    Infruriating man beyond belief .

  102. Charlie Nick

    Coach 15. Saw Petrovic play back in the day. Scored the first curled free kick i ever saw at Highbury. Looked classy but didnt seem to settle. Ended up going somewhere odd like Antwerp i think.

  103. salparadisenyc

    Wenger overseeing an attack with Mahrez and Ozil in is like your lady saying lets have a baby without you telling her you had quiet little vasectomy a few months back.

    The next level is the next level is …..

  104. Cesc Appeal


    Then you get the pro-Wenger fans using the most ridiculous examples like Neymar at £200 Million, or Lemar’s cost as of the 30th August as being examples of how we cannot compete.

    You just know we will submit a ridiculous offer for Mahrez as well having lost Sanchez.

  105. Coach 15

    He was pony,just looked it up,there’s a you tube vid,against villa. He scores in it,but the memories of the old place,packed for a FA cup game,segregated fans at the clock end with its corrugated fencing at the back,lines of police,north bank packed,they were the days.

  106. Follow the money

    Looks like everyone has finally seen the light about the delusional coward Wenger. Except for Untold of course loooolololol

  107. Arsene's Nurse

    Headline in The Mirror from a John Cross ‘article’ dated 27 April 2017:

    Crumbling Arsenal plan massive £200m summer transfer spree and will trust under-fire Arsene Wenger to spend it

    Ozil, Wilshere, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Giroud and a raft of squad men could go, topping up the £100m already in the kitty…

    “Armed with his transfer war-chest, Wenger will be able to make ambitious moves in the market with Arsenal wanting a keeper, two full-backs, a deep-lying midfielder, two wide-men and a striker.

    Lyon’s Alexandre Lacazette is top of the striker hit-list.”

    John Cross‏Verified account @johncrossmirror 3h3 hours ago

    It’s nonsense to say Arsenal haven’t got money. That’s not right. But squad too big, wage bill too high. That’s inhibiting their dealings.

    So why is Ornstein coming out with there’s no money? Is just a loss of context or has he been fed something?

    I don’t believe for one minute that Arsenal don’t have the funds to make player purchases. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if our dealings are hampered by the wage rules.

    The fans are being taken for a ride.

  108. Du vi

    Inter scout and sign some pretty descent talent problems more to do with application or the lack therof from a retinue of previous manager…case in point Kondogbia who is seen as a flop but after the year his going to have at Sevilla would see his transfer fee almost tripple what was paid to bring him in from Monaco…

  109. WrightIsGod

    “shut up Pierre… Klopp is a manager players are lining up to play for.”

    “Is that why their best player (Coutinho) is so desperate to leave.”

    Pierre is honestly one of the biggest douches on here.

    Bottom line if Barca/Real Madrid want you, you simply do not turn it down.

  110. WestLondonGoon

    From Bergkamp and Henry, to Ozil and Walcott….could be Arsene’s obituary.

    What the hell must all our youngsters (and their agents) be thinking right now?

    If we hadn’t offered Cazorla and Per 1 year extensions, that would be another £8m we could add to the wage fund……but Arsene, you sentimental old dog, you couldn’t resist giving more money away could you?

  111. Follow the money

    Hohohooo hehehe haha heehee hohohooo just for laughs I took a peek at Untold. That guy Atwood is a real clown. Still going on about how money has ruined football. Apparently blind to the mountains of evidence that indicate if WENGER hadn’t had tons of money to waste we’d probably be in the championship if we were lucky given Wenger’s horrific management

  112. WrightIsGod

    Spurs doing it properly.

    Have a young Walker-Peters decent enough to step into Walker’s RB position. But rather than feed him to the lions too early they buy Serge Aurier (a player we were once linked with).

    Over the last 10 years we were getting left behind, but football and money has sped up so fast, the sped in which we are being left behind over the last 3 months has increased exponentially.

    And all because some people who clearly have no real football acumen have backed an ageing fossil out of sentiment. I mean that for our owner/board and a lot of this paperweight fanbase we acquired due to the Invincibles which coincided with the true emergence of the internet, keyboard warrior and football hipster.

  113. Marko

    Think it’s worth noting that we put a final contract offer to Chamberlain last Thursday and he refused it. So in the last week well aware he wasn’t signing a new deal we did fuck all. Known Sanchez was leaving all summer long and did absolutely nothing. The gross negligence of the club knows no bounds

  114. Coach 15

    I think I saw him play,was only young at the time.but remember him not getting regular game time. Like you say never really settled. Another foreign signing that never worked out. We were making the same mistakes 30 years ago as we are today.

  115. Southernpeople

    Wenger should’ve secured Mahrez before OX exit, Mahrez would have been cheaper before OX sell. Now that OX is left for£40m, Leicester would price him differently – he’d cost much more than OX.

  116. Cesc Appeal


    I think that depends on the fans, and how pathetic they have been in the past does not make me think it will happen.

    Mass boycotts, mass mutiny and maybe something will change, could even dislodge Kroenke if financially we keep going downhill.

    So annoying hearing fans shouting down protests from last year now saying ‘maybe we should have been calling for change and protesting’. Dicks.

  117. Relieable Sauce

    You know Arsenal are preparing to sell Sanchez when…
    ‘Arsenal’s fed-up players want the club to sell Alexis Sanchez before the transfer window shuts on Thursday night,’ read the Daily Telegraph headline late on Tuesday night.

    ‘While the prospect of losing Sanchez to Manchester City so late in the transfer window has angered the club’s supporters, an overwhelming number of Arsenal’s players would support the move.’

    It is time to raise a glass to Arsenal’s PR department for their most audacious move yet. Having spent the summer insisting that Sanchez will not be sold, now it’s actually a good thing if their best player leaves because he has been causing rifts within the squad.

    ‘Telegraph Sport understands that the majority of the first-team squad have now had enough of Sanchez and the saga regarding his future. They believe he has no desire to be at Arsenal and has been allowed to get away with putting himself ahead of the team for far too long.’

    See, it was all Sanchez’s fault after all. He scored and assisted all those goals last season just to make other players look bad. Get rid!

    Unfortunately, judging by the replies to the Telegraph Football and Matt Law’s tweets on the story, not many Arsenal fans are buying this one. Must try harder next time.

    And when…
    ‘Arsene Wenger showed the sort of passion that was missing from Arsenal’s lame surrender at Anfield when he met his coaching staff this week. Boss Wenger was fuming at the training-ground inquest into what had gone wrong 24 hours earlier.

    ‘According to insiders, the meeting got “very heated”. The manager was furious about the abject nature of Sunday’s defeat — it was 4-0 but Liverpool could have scored twice as many — and it left him questioning the attitude of every player.

    ‘What quickly became very clear was that Wenger was not prepared to stomach any player who was not fully committed to the cause. And the biggest question mark of all was about Alexis Sanchez after his performance in the defeat at Liverpool.

    ‘From the position of defiance the club has held all summer, Arsenal are at the very least now thinking about the possibility of cashing in on Sanchez now rather than potentially losing him for nothing when his contract expires at the end of the season’ – Daily Mirror with the same story, August 30.

    From promising that Sanchez wouldn’t be sold to leaking doubts about his commitment after a performance in which the whole team was awful. Who could have predicted such a thing?

    Still, not long now…
    ‘Arsenal are ready to spend £200million in the next window to fix their squad — and Arsene Wenger will be the man splashing the cash… as the Gunners prepare for the biggest revolution of his 21-year reign’ – Daily Mirror, April 12, 2017.

    It’s going to be a busy 36 hours of Arsenal signings. It sure doesn’t *feel* like revolution.

  118. PieAFC

    Too others on this board. Conjecture of course.

    Is it possible right now at is happening at Arsenal is a divide in the board room.

    It’s the BoD’s v Wenger/SK?

    Wenger went to Stan behind the clubs back being sanctioned a new contract, when its been said (apparently, some, most wanted change) Hence the board saying no money being released to Wenger, no trust etc?

    Could it be now even at business level there is a now a divide let alone in the fan base?

  119. Marko

    Sanchez wasn’t even the worst on Sunday but yeah by all means make him the scapegoat instead of addressing the lack of ambition and accountability at the club