Transfer stories a frenzy of bad news | How to replace Wenger effectively

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Well, well,  well, hello darkness my old friend?

We have another monster pile of sun warmed week old milk for you this morning.

Chamberlain Update:

The OX has slapped Chelsea in the face with a stale kipper drawn from the earlier stated bowl of sun warmed milk. The smell is putrid but mildly satisfying, like a dose of Sunday morning own brew. The reasoning goes, the Ox does NOT want to play right wing back for the Champions. Instead, he wants to play central midfield for Liverpool, who also don’t look like they have a space for him. Unreal insider sabotage. He ruins Chelsea’s plans late on, and could possibly ruin Liverpool’s season by propping up their midfield badly for the 10 or so games he’ll be fit for.

Amazing that this is another player the stats websites talk favorably about. You’d think their shoddy analysis of Xhaka, Ramsey, and Ozil would have them give up?

I think Chamberlain wants to have a word with his handlers, who can’t possibly believe their luck in landing two bids from bigger clubs. Staggering a player who has less goals than Koscielny can be picky about where he’s going. Anyway, one thing is for sure here… he should be given no way back to Arsenal after his performance against a team he wanted to move to on Sunday. Literally, let him rot in the reserves all season if he wants to come back. Threaten to destroy his World Cup hopes. Arsenal fans should relentlessly boo him. He’s hit Ashley Cole levels of disgrace.

Aaron Ramsey:

The boy who was more interested in looking at the bench this weekend than the game, is apparently injured. Makes sense, no way Wenger ever makes a half-time change. However, my prediction we couldn’t rely on him for form or fitness appears to have come to fruition 3 weeks earlier than anticipated. Arsenal should sell him if he won’t commit and avoid another contract rundown. The guy is weak and unreliable. Move him on.

Alexis Sanchez:

The Chilean story doesn’t appear to have moved.  Well, it seems there’s no offer of a player from City. The story that we’re turning this nightmare on its head and offering them cash plus Sanchez for Sterling is quite unbelievable. I understand the switch up, but come on, Sterling is a very raw talent at the moment, and I’m not quite sure we’d be signing up a player who seems relatively integral to Pep’s plans? Don’t get me wrong, it’s better than having no cover, but we are literally a dumpster fire of a club right now, I can’t see why a young Brit with a questionable attitude would think he could grow under Arsene Wenger. He needs to be taught, he won’t get that at Arsenal.

John Cross:

He’s pulled together a rambling piece that’s likely come directly from Mark Gonnella. The jist of it is Wenger finally put his foot down. In front of the players? No. He told off his backroom team while the boys were away on international duty.

The backroom team he didn’t change this summer. The team of completely over the hill staff he insists on keeping at the club because they entrench his power, and fortify his dated ideas.

Anyway, the jist is he’s had enough of the players attitude and he’s going to sell names that don’t want to be there. He’s angry people.

‘What quickly became very clear was that Wenger was not prepared to stomach any player who was not fully committed to the cause.’

Yeah, he’s finally put his foot down against the players who are giving him bad vibes three games into the season. The man who said it was a good thing to have uncommitted players finally realises what everyone told him 2 months ago. Oh, and Alexis Sanchez is a massive problem. MASSIVE.

‘Sanchez was nowhere near match-fit for his first start of the season, but there was doubt over whether his mind was elsewhere as the dismal defeat unfolded or if he was just ring-rusty.’

The PR is so badly thought out that it’s actually blaming Alexis for not being match fit? Who analysed his preparedness? Shouldn’t that be the coach? What happened to our superstar fitness guru from Austrailia?

This story is most certainly not supposed to be leading you to hate the Chilean who we’re definitely selling. Not at all.


Wenger working the media to play the victim again. His usual strategy of deflecting the blame. The usual banter of zero accountability. It’s not like the club weren’t warned here. It’s not like the worst decision in our recent history was that new deal afforded to Wenger.

The club is actually siding with a busted talent that’s ruined the dressing room. Can you imagine any other sporting entity shipping the players we are for man who delivered 5th and 12 years worth of decline? You have Bilic facing the sack 3 games in, and we’re worried about Arsene seeing out two years?

Here’s another point. If we’d hired Allegri, all of those players would have signed deals. Wenger has zero pull in the game these days. You’re watching that issue unfold as we speak.

Carrying on from some of my chat yesterday about false internet influencers. Turns out one of the guys peddling stories about Arsenal’s cashflow problems (that I debunked here) has been deleting false stories that proclaimed Alexis and Ozil had signed deals. I also heard that some civilian ‘influencers’ are taking information from Arsenal’s PR team and not declaring. If you’re a fan and you’re peddling positive stories from the club and not declaring, that’s dirty. Very dirty.

Theo Walcott:

Another player with as much character as a broken Nespresso machine (Theo), is rumoured to be part of a deal that would see Virgil VD coming the other way. I love the premise of this, it seems to work for everyone, but I just can’t see something that simple panning out. Could Southampton pony up £110k a week? Very much doubt it. Shane Long is a better striker anyway.

The Plan:

If the club had any backbone, here’s what should happen.

The board should form a united front against Arsene Wenger. They need to pull together a dossier of things that have gone atrociously wrong this summer, and present it to Stan Kroenke with a plan of action how to rectify it. Wenger staying on is no longer a matter of opinion or debate, it’s a fact he’s finished. If you’re supporting him now, you don’t have the interests of the club in your heart.

Ideally, the short term plan should be to bank as much money as we can. Force out every single player we don’t want right now. Give Chamberlain no airtime. Take the maximum for Sanchez. Flog Ozil for anything you can get. Ship Jack Wilshere off. Move Ospina. Ruthless culling.

The manager should then be told he’s being moved on at the end of the season. The club should launch a search programme to identify the best Director of Football available in the world. The project at Lille is super interesting at the moment, identify the architects and interview them. Dortmund, Juventus, Monaco, Atleti the Redbull enterprise. Speak to them all and make an informed decision. Offer the best candidate a deal they can’t refuse.

Hire that person before Christmas, allow them time to assess the squad, the scouting network, the medical setup, the backroom staff.

Then draw up a plan of attack. Set the vision for who Arsenal want to be for the next 5 years (read what a vision looks like), and dictate how that’ll play out. Then build out the new team over the final months of Wenger’s contract, and hire the best possible management team possible. We don’t want a Pep G who’d come with 50 staff. We want a hungry coach we can make king. We should look at Sarri, Tuchel, Sampaoili, Nagelsmann, Hassenhutl, and Allegri. We should make them an offer they can’t refuse and work with them on recruitment like City did with Pep.

By next season, we ship out 10 players, bring in 10 players. Spend the preaseason restaffing. Remotivating the staff we want to keep. Retraining the players. Reworking the wage bill. Signing down the players we want to keep. Remaking Arsenal for the 21st century.

We start the new year afresh. New vision. New setup. New hope.

That’s how this should roll. No more fucking about, the gig is up. Time for a new band.

Won’t happen though, will it?

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  1. Wouldyoubelieveit

    Minimal spend 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 – but somehow we are in financial problems? Time for this bollocks to end. There must be some way to get this prick of an owner and manager out of Arsenal before there is no Arsenal. Every year we hear of this amazing slush fund of money for players and every year it either doesn’t get spent – or more likely was never there. What a joke of a club we’ve become.

  2. jwl

    John Cross – Feb 2017:

    Arsenal top brass BAFFLED by anger of fans who ‘have never had it so good’ at the Emirates ….. Club chiefs are privately mystified by the abuse aimed at Arsene Wenger ……

  3. champagne charlie

    What is the “reasoning” for Usmanov being denied a seat on the Arsenal board again?

    Is it because he’s a bad influence and would fuck things up? Because….well….

  4. Cesc Appeal

    We knew about this whole salary issue way, way back in March or something, that we would need to chop out to add at some point.

    So we chose the lazy easy option of doing nothing thinking the players who wanted out would still play and give it their all.

    On the field, off the field total fucking mess.

    Incompetency at every level.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    Watch Ozil get a new deal tomorrow or just after the window closes and the club PR machine try to forward that as us starting anew with the players who want to be here.

    Just wait for it.

  6. Dissenter

    The club with no ambition is using regulations as an excuse
    IO thought FFP was supposed to hinder the big spending teams only.
    You can’t make this shit up.
    Big spending clubs spending freely while “frugal” arsenal using FFP as a crutch.

  7. Dissenter

    lets see how the pliable gullible Wenger-forever people run with this. There are lots of calculators -wielding Wengerites practicing their lines right now.

  8. salparadisenyc

    £40m for Oxlade to a rival.
    £70m for Sanchez to a rival looking likely.

    Going to end up with a £100m profit this summer, but yes I see it funds are the reason were not getting it done.

  9. Samir

    40M for Ox from Liverpool and 60M for Sanchez from City.
    Hope Wenger doesn’t spend any of it and is sacked before January!

  10. Marko

    What’s the excuse for the lack of funds? Trying to put it on Kroenke I suppose. We’re self sufficient have about 200 million in the bank and he takes what 2/3 million out annually and we’re broke? With what we pay for match day tickets and the tv money we’re broke? Wenger should walk then. Tell the world the truth Arsene it was Stan all along. To be fair it is possible that they no longer trust him with actually signing players which is fair enough given the evidence. Be interesting to see the state of the club come Friday. Could honestly be riots

  11. Pierre

    I am would have thought that sanchez and ox would have preferred to go to clubs that win trophies, city and Liverpool have won one league cup between them in the last 3 years…. Neither will be first choice for those clubs.. It has been proven that sanchez is not peps type of player as he gives the ball away too often…

  12. Dissenter

    C’mon Bournemouth. Help us get the party started right.

    Hopefully Usmanov announces his exit as well pretty soon.

  13. WrightIsGod

    West Brom initially put in a bid for Gibbs earlier in the season for £10m plus add ons. Which we turned down as Wenger valued him at £15m… God knows why he’s done f all.

    Later, out of desperation we accept watfords £7m bid. Talks broke down with player.

    Now West Brom jumped in happy with their cut price deal.

    This is car crash entertainment it really is. The desperation, the amateur actions, the lack of control.

    This is Wenger’s legacy. The twat.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal fans have a moment now, once this window shuts I think the fury in our fan base will be at levels no one has seen before and we as a fan base should unite to just fuck the lot of them out, no pointing at individual people just say ‘you, all of you are a shower of fucking shit, get the fuck out our club deserves much better’.

    Really is up to us all, what narrative we create an cultivate online, on social media, what the match going fans do, protests etc.

    Wenger and Kroenke in particular but the whole rotten establishment are poison to this club, they are turning a one-hundred and thirty-one year old football institution into a laughing stock and if that does not make you fucking furious or you are busy deflecting you are not an Arsenal fan, it is as simple as that and I could care less who gets pissed at that.

  15. Dissenter

    One theory is that the BoD don’t trust Wenger with money anymore and are doing everything to stifle him to get him out.
    Could this be a cold-war boardroom politics we are witnessing?

  16. Danish Gooner

    Cant stop loving you Pedro you have all the right ideas but unfortunately you are not part of the Arsenal inner circle and we all know that nothing will change,we will be here in 2022 and the crypt keeper will still be here because his job is like heroine to him and he will destroy everything that comes in the way of that.

  17. Dissenter

    I agree.
    I think the Kroenke issue unifies every fan; he is bad for Arsenal.
    Going after Kroenke is an implicit attack on Wenger because it would make Wenger defend him.
    Lets have a concerted go at Kroenke, Wenger is joined to him at the hip.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    As people tried before ‘Time for Change’ should be what everyone can rally around.

    There are two possible reasons for what is happening one is that it is intentional with Wenger or Kroenke being the source, the second is total incompetency, either way it is time for change.

    Change is long overdue and fans actually acting like fans of any other club in the world judging any other manager in the world, any other owner in the world is long, long overdue.

    Stand up for your club.

  19. Boomslang

    ‘All this money coming in can only mean one thing – a massive pay rise for Walcott ”

    Naturally. Two up and coming potential superstars.

  20. mgb

    So from what iv seen on twitter , kroenke would seem to have the cash pile leveraged against other investments in the u.s. and weve been cooking the books with regard to ffp and premier league rules and weve trumped ourselves

    So saying all these players are staying is just a hope on wengers part that they stay til nxt year when their deals run out

    So next year for premier league and ffp rules well have wages from

    Mertesacker and anyone we sell to use as wages

    The self sustainable model isnt working this club needs a major cash injection from one of our billionaires

  21. salparadisenyc

    Just reading Oxlade has become Arsenal’s all time record departure fee.

    Something tells me that record won’t last very long.

  22. champagne charlie


    Got to hand it to the club, we finish 5th and we break some club records with transfers in the summer.

  23. Marko

    Charlie like I said earlier right after the Liverpool game I’d have sacked him causeclearly he’s lost the players. Get right on to Tuchel who’s available ask him what midfielder and defender he wants to target to straighten out the ship get them in no matter what and give him until the end of the season and depending on how well he does either give him a long term deal or move for Jardim. The only positive that can happen out of this whole mess is a new manager. It’s too late to properly address the squad. Shock horror we had 2 and a half months and did fuck all. Just my opinion

  24. Dissenter

    Liverpool have agreed a £40m deal to sign Arsenal and England midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – BBC

    They left out the extra 1 quid

  25. champagne charlie

    “If we fail to sign anyone and still get rid of sanchez we will have 300 mil available next summer.”

    This would be notable if it wasn’t the current fucking summer. By next summer we could be competing for players with Swansea and co.

  26. Marko

    If you’re asking me Charlie if there’s anything Arsene can do to fix this situation I think absolutely not. It’s too far gone now. I’ve honestly never seen a summer or the end of a window like the one we’re witnessing now. It’s truly unfathomable

  27. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp)

    AW perdorms important functions away from football for the club. That’s why they keep him. Arsenal is the only club to profit after transfers LOL

    If we ditch all the lazy players and no hopers,and AW plays players in right positions Sanchez would stay

  28. MGooner

    The only guy who would have changed things up was Usmanov.

    I said many years ago, AFC would die a slow death, its a process, not an event.

    But the supporters deserve what they are getting as it seemed at the time when the old guard was selling to SS that Wenger had an important role in that. The supporters were against the Uzbek at the time.

    So enjoy yourself folks.

  29. TBone

    For the first time I want Arsenal to lose. If Bournemouth beat us, then Chelsea humiliate us I think that might just be enough pressure for Wenger to be forced out. It has got beyond a joke now.

    Some people say that it’s the board and Kroenke but to be fair, Wenger was allowed to spend a lot last summer and bought three donkeys. I think it is Wenger’s decision not to spend: he’s just too loyal to his underperforming players and too stubborn to admit he was wrong.

  30. qna

    Cesc: Watch Ozil get a new deal tomorrow or just after the window closes and the club PR machine try to forward that as us starting anew with the players who want to be here.Just wait for it.

    Mate this is an absolute guarantee. If betting is not closed already. Put your money on a combo that sees Sanchez to City, Ox to leave akd Ozil to extend his contract. It money for old rope.

    There is nothing more certain than Ozil getting a bumper contract far exceeding what anyone else in the world will give him. The worst part is that the club truly thinks they are pulling the wool over peoples eyes with this. They did the same thing with Walcott and any fan that is not a half wit has beem critical of the deal we gave him. They will 100% repeat history with Ozil. Its too sad to laugh at. Its just pathetic.

  31. Rappa

    Well it looks like the ‘black James Milner’ has gone to play with his namesake at Liverpool 40 mil thats good money even if he had 3 years left on his contract just a shame that the money won’t be spent or be wasted on crap.

  32. Dissenter

    The stories about Kroenke using Arsenal cash balances to leverage US business loans are STUPIDLY FALSE.
    The dude owns a NFL franchise in the 2nd largest US city and a NBA franchise in Denver. Both professional leagues are drowning in money/profit. He doesn’t need Arsenal cash balance for loans.

    We are living in an era of cheap credit at a time when the US economy is doing quite well. There are too many Chinese, Russian, Gulf state money men who will give anything to be able to invest in a Kroenke sporting project in the states because they are profitable on their own.
    The NFL is a very profitable organization with fixed operating costs and so is the NBA.

    He doesn’t need this Arsenal cash people keep talking about. The cash balance came about due to a lack of ambition and why should he stop it – it’s not a bad error because it’s not costing him money.

  33. Marko

    I’m asking what would happen if you could wave a magic wand

    If I could do that I wouldn’t be worrying about Arsenal football club 🙂

    3 words Scarlett Johansson and my dick

  34. champagne charlie

    Sorry, missed this:

    “The only positive that can happen out of this whole mess is a new manager. It’s too late to properly address the squad”

    Can you drop the ‘deflecting from kroenke’ stuff now then, given our only positive move that’s left is something that can literally only be decided by him? Your words.

    I agree btw. Just noting that you, and others, that call rages towards Kroenke as deflection from Wenger etc, it’s nonsense. Wenger has a list of fuckups we can bash him for, but the guy with the power to react to this mess, to make the necessary changes, to save some fucking face, REFUSES to get involved!

    We should have seen the headline WENGER LEAVES ARSENAL BY MUTUAL CONSENT. But we’re seeing the club dragged further through the mud because our slimy yank owner is totally uninterested in us beyond his portfolio of assets.

  35. Wenker-wanger

    These really are the last days of the disgraced dictator Kim Wenger.
    There is no way back for the greasy Houdini.
    Its clear he has lost the dressing room, I can only assume the players that don’t want to leave are waiting for the new manager.
    Wenger will be certainly gone before 2018….probably in 2 weeks.

  36. champagne charlie

    “3 words Scarlett Johansson and my dick”

    That’s 5 words for fuck sake. Plus I can’t hack her every since she got a breast reduction, HOW DARE YOU.

  37. MGooner


    According to John Cross, Xhaka was imposed on Wenger. Remember he was an early buy supporters liked. Wenger had apparently threatened to bench him as he did not fit into the team. Give the devil his due, something this blog does not do enough.

  38. Marko

    The stories about Kroenke using Arsenal cash balances to leverage US business loans are STUPIDLY FALSE.
    The dude owns a NFL franchise in the 2nd largest US city and a NBA franchise in Denver. Both professional leagues are drowning in money/profit. He doesn’t need Arsenal cash balance for loans.

    Yeah it’s fucking stupid alright. So he could only borrow against Arsenal but not an NFL franchise. Or you know fucking Wal-Mart

  39. Ray in LA

    Occassionally, and with increasingly frequently, I share my ‘analysis’ of the team’s situation with my wife

    She is long-suffering…

    She is also a clinical psychologist and after my latest rant her conclusion was that Wenger is mentally unwell, not just out-dated and making poor decisions but is actually seriously clinically ill

    Her analysis hasn’t made the situation any more palatable, nor me less frustrated, but it has explained for me the increasingly frequent WTF decisions/indecisions

    It has also stopped me from trying to use logic to understand situations where logic clearly isn’t used in their build up

    It will be sad to watch Wenger further unravel this season…especially when leaving on a ‘high’ after the Cup Final was so obviously in everyone’s best interests

    The small print: She admits that her conclusion is based on minimal and one-sided information…but not having the other-side, data-wise is a major part of the problem?

  40. Pierre

    I can’t see Liverpool offering ox 180 grand a week.. I think he is being very badly advised, not because he is leaving arsenal, but because he turned down Chelsea.
    They are saying he is joining Liverpool as he wants to play centre midfield.
    Baffling really if you analyse it.
    1)he is joining a club that have not won a trophy for years.
    2)he is joining a club that will probably pay him less than Chelsea and Arsenal.
    3)he is joining a club because he expects to play in centre midfield… Will he be a regular starter, I doubt it.
    4)he is joining a club who’s fans will be disappointed to have him there as they were expecting lemar to join.

    Obviously his prime concern is which position he will be playing and not how many winners medals he will have as he has won 3 winners medals in the last 4 years at arsenal and Liverpool have won zero.
    Badly advised I think

  41. TBone

    Another baffling thing about Wenger’s approach to this transfer window is that he was willing to splurge £100million+ on a 18 yr old with one decent season under his belt yet seems unwilling to spend anything approaching that amount to address glaring deficiences in our squad.

  42. salparadisenyc

    Fact AOC started for this past weekend, puts in that shift, then turns around and gets sold three days later to same club?


  43. Dissenter

    Liverpool are going to sell Coutinho and are just lining up promising players than can play like Klopp dictates.
    This is the Barca money they are spending.

  44. MGooner


    Please check the debt and contingent liabilities of SS’s Holding company. What served as guarantee for the massive ranch acquisition?

    All the same.

  45. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    If tru

    100m for two players who can sign a pre contract in Jan

    Am I reading it wrong or is that good business ?

    Not by wenger I accept he is the reason they are leaving

  46. Gooner63

    One thing to think about

    This year we bought in Lacazette and Kolly – wages must be something like 200w between them

    Apparently – according to sources close to arsenal

    This act means that we can not bring in more players as it breaks some wages cap – even tho we have offloaded wages from chezney, gibbs etc

    Lets assume those wages allow us to increase n keep ozil etc

    So summer 2018 – we according to these sources can only bring in what we get rid of – which will prolly be alexis (if he hasnt gone) and maybe a couple of smegs

    We will have players on last year again ie ramsey so those wages have to go there to keep them

    So incoming players 2018 due to wages cap will probably be 0

  47. Marko

    That’s 5 words for fuck sake. Plus I can’t hack her every since she got a breast reduction, HOW DARE YOU.

    ….I know.

    On the kroenke stuff though let’s be honest certain people to try to deflect the conversation from the manager to the owner. Fair enough sometimes it’s warranted but after something like last Sunday how the conversation can stray from the manager is beyond me. Even Alexander Kroenke’s mortal enemy can’t even bring himself to deflect away from the manager. Last Sunday was a true point of no return

  48. TitsMcGee

    city and Liverpool have won one league cup between them in the last 3 years…. ”

    Funny how you said 3 years and not 4 or 5 because well.

    Both have won/come closer to winning the league than us in the last 5 years.

  49. Bay Area Gooner


    Lots of Gooners in SF. Most of the pubs are Arsenal friendly. We are so diverse here that is why with our diverse fan base we have supporters all over the world.

    We got pretty torn up on Coffee and Irish Whiskey that day. Was pouring rain that morning and also at Highbury that day. Felt like we were in London.

    Fishermans Wharf…. so touristy now. I still like the clam chowder! Second to none!

  50. Dissenter

    You certainly don’t know what you’re talking about.
    The Ranch that Kroenke bought is a solid investment that will only appreciate in value. It is also a means to diminish his taxes. IN the states he will get tax rebates for having goats on his ranch, having a bee hive on his ranch, having a fish pond with a rare species etc,. These billionaires aren’t dumb. It was a strategic decision to help his write off his taxes.
    Kroenke is a member of a closed club of owners of major league franchises in the states. Kroenke owns two successful franchises that make very good money in an environment where operating costs are fixed. The Arsenal cash balance-leverage is bogus.

    Do you know what the borrowing rate has been for the past 8 years? -extremely low.
    Even mortgage lending rates here are historically low yet people keep spreading sill rumors about some leverage BS.

  51. TitsMcGee

    This act means that we can not bring in more players as it breaks some wages cap –”

    But Wenger gladly took a £2 million pay rise 😉

  52. Marko

    Tits Pierre tends to focus on the 3 FA Cups in 4 years as opposed to the 3 FA Cups in 14 years or zero title challenges in 13 years stuff.

  53. Dissenter

    If Kroenke wanted to use Arsenal cash as a leverage. Why can’t his ranches and other sporting organizations serve the same purpose?
    Why would he be keeping cash in a market with high volatility [Brexit] and diminishing currency strength?. How much as the sterling been devalued since Brexit?
    I hate Kroenke as much as anyone else but please stop these silly rumors.

  54. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Sanchez 60m
    Ox 35m
    Chseney 13m
    Gibbs 7
    Gaberial 10

    Wow that’s 125m
    Plus the savings on wages

    With mustaf ?
    Perez ?

    Possibly another 30m

    Now get a decent manger with this season to see what he’s got
    Then full charge next season

    Wenger sacked by xmas

  55. salparadisenyc

    With Dissenter.

    Kroenke is worth upwards of 8 billion, thats not touching on his lady’s Billions.
    Fact some saying he’s using Arsenal FC cash in bank for lesser interest loans to build stadium as reasoning Wenger not spending in this window is laughable.

    Wenger not spending because he thought holding contract rebel Sanchez for extra year would set tone and trigger some kind of mass sign onto his glorius
    2x year project.

    Where as it has done the exact opposite, Sanchez wanting to flee has made others want precisely the same.

  56. Dissenter

    West London
    “Krychowiak has now signed for West Brom.”

    He’s better than anyone we have in the middle, definitely better than Xhaka.

  57. Marko

    Would have given my left nut for Krychowiak back when he was playing for Sevilla. And now he’s joining West Brom…while we have Granit Xhaka stinking up the place

  58. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Even his countrymen don’t want him to come back .

    We are going to be lumbered.

    Ozil will be the one who. Benefits from all the sales

  59. DaleDaGooner

    “Fishermans Wharf…. so touristy now. I still like the clam chowder! Second to none!” Bay Area….totally agree!!

    So agent Ox helped his intending team destroy us last weekend then? No?

  60. DaleDaGooner

    IF Liverpool signs Lemar ontop of Ox, that would mean Liverpool has shafted us in all kind of ways….total banter! And they didn’t even try.

  61. Phallasaurus


    Please check the debt and contingent liabilities of SS’s Holding company. What served as guarantee for the massive ranch acquisition?

    So what was it then….us?

  62. Pierre

    “Tits Pierre tends to focus on the 3 FA Cups in 4 years as opposed to the 3 FA Cups in 14 years or zero title challenges in 13 years stuff.”

    I suppose I could have focused on the 3 titles and the 7 FA cups but I chose not to.
    Decided to focus on the recent history as that is probably more relevant than going back 13 – 20 years.

  63. Berg

    whats embarrassing is that West Brom and Swansea have signed midfielders who would walk in to our team. Renato Shanchez to Swansea looks on

  64. Dissenter

    I can’t for the life of me understand why City are so desperate to get Sanchez.
    I would fathom a guess if they had not bought Jesus last year, a player Guardiola places above Aguero.
    I don’t get it. I don’t understand why they will pay so much for a player than can join them for free next summer.

  65. Pierre

    So marko, do you think ox has got it Sussed or not.. Is the decision to join a club purely on what position he plays the right decision or not.
    Most players use the reason to join another club because they want to be in a position to win trophies or money not because they want to play in a certain position.. Don’t make sense to me..

  66. Guns of Hackney


    Probably because pep thinks Sanchez will win city the league this year, perhaps the latter stages of the CL. That would justify the outlay.

    Also, if he waits a year…who knows who else Sanchez would be courted by?

    Also, also…a free agent would be able to demand far higher wages that one who was bought.

  67. Cesc Appeal

    Guardiola does not seem to rate Aguero that highly, it does not seem that way at least.

    If they keep going with this current set up it will likely be De Bruyne, Sanchez, Gabriel up top, or Sanchez and Gabriel with De Bruyne in behind.

  68. WrightIsGod

    Shut up Pierre

    Liverpool far more attractive than Arsenal right now.

    Chelsea can’t guarantee football in a position Ox craves and Conte prob won’t be there by next season.

    Klopp is a manager players are lining up to play for. Van Dyk has been tapped by City, Chelsea and Arsenal and yet his preferred destination is Liverpool.

    Klopp is creating something at Liverpool and there’s a clear progression. For a young player looking for superior coaching, commorarderie and opportunity…. A field is the place to be right now.

  69. Dissenter

    A free transfer wont cost 60-70 million transfer fee so the high wages argument is’t that strong.
    A club that has Keven Du Bruyne, Leroy Sane and Sergio Aguero on the bench last weekend?
    Like I said I don’t get it. I don’t think Sanchez makes them better. Sanchez needs minutes to do his thing. He won’t thrive in a part-time role like he had at Barca.

  70. BacaryisGod

    I think Ox leaving is a combination of reasons. He’s looked unhappy for a couple of seasons. Compare the last couple of years to his first two years. He was full of energy, smiles and optimism. Now he’s joyless on the field. It certainly has something to do with positional needs but also the desire to recover his enthusiasm. Klopp will bring that out of him and it will suit his playing style.

    I can actually see him playing in the hole behind Firmino and Mane. He bursts past a player from that position and he’ll be though.

    He will shine as a Liverpool player but it’s still the right move to sell him. He was not going to get any better staying here.

  71. Dissenter

    Aguero is a city legend already and is definitely one of the best players to play in the premier league era. That iconic goal and the celebrations that followed it will be on every top-10 premier league moments reel.

    They have to let players leave if Sanchez comes on board. I suspect it will be Aguero but is Sanchez better than Sergio Aguero?
    I would say No.

  72. Guns of Hackney

    I’d like to raise a point about the costs of players. We say that the money has gone mad etc but the reality of how much a player is worth, isn’t actually that bad when one looks at other valuations of various things.

    1. Ford Focus £10,000 v Rolls Royce Wraith £300,000. Is the RR 30 times the car the focus is? It can only seat four, go twice as fast and is more comfortable. But it’s not worth 30 cars, is it?

    2. 2 bed flat in Chelsea £5m. 5 bed house in Derbyshire £500,000. Is it 10 times the house?

    Footballers are actually lagging behind the percentages and values of other things in this world.

    Other teams get this…we do not. That’s why we will fall very, very quickly from the top table.

  73. Ishola70

    “According to John Cross, Xhaka was imposed on Wenger. Remember he was an early buy supporters liked. Wenger had apparently threatened to bench him as he did not fit into the team. Give the devil his due, something this blog does not do enough.”

    I wish this mug John Cross would just disappear down a hole. Complete Wenger lover/sympathiser.

    Who on earth would impose a football player signing on Arsene Wenger who is currently at the club?

    Sounds absolute bullshit to me and is just John Cwoss giving out lollipops to his fellow Arsene lovers/sympathisers.

  74. Pierre

    “I think Ox leaving is a combination of reasons. He’s looked unhappy for a couple of seasons. Compare the last couple of years to his first two years. He was full of energy, smiles and optimism. Now he’s joyless on the field”

    The joyless look could be down to the constant abuse arsenal fans would show towards him if he made a mistake.
    The confidence visably ebbed from him and the ignorant arsenal fans are doing exactly the same to iwobi and Bellerin.

  75. Guns of Hackney


    Perhaps it’s nothing supernatural. Maybe Sanchez likes the UK? Maybe he really likes Pep? Maybe he’s just utterly desperate to get the hell away from Arsene.

    Having too many great players really doesn’t hurt a team. Ask Real Madrid. It’s better to have them and not need them, than need them and not have them… etc etc.

  76. PieAFC


    The club is rotten and completely divided to the core.

    Cannot for the life of me rationalize what is going on without t sounding full of conjecture.

    To all the fools who said “be careful what you wish for”

    we are a pathetic club!

  77. Dissenter

    You’re probably right. He just wants to work with Pep most likely. We don’t look like we know what we are doing so it makes it easier for him.

  78. WestLondonGoon

    Even if we have no money for actual transfers, Sanchez and Krychowiak are both loan deals that would walk into our team.

    There are literally no words for this now. The club is dying before our eyes, no ambition. Wenger can’t be so deluded that he thinks he will possibly survive?

    Despite my thoughts on Wenger’s management, I can’t believe that he would needlessly sell the club down the river like this…not for, what, a few million pounds? That would mean him valuing his own relationship with Stan (whom he has known for 7ish years) above all the work he has done at the club.

    Or has he taken the protests last season so badly, that this is his revenge? Perhaps he’s trying to force a reaction from the fans so the truth about what’s really going on at the club to come out? Perhaps he is actually losing his mind and is totally drunk on the power he has?

    So many questions….what state are we going to be in 28 hours time when the window closes?

  79. Guns of Hackney


    Holy moly. Now it’s the fans fault? Jeez Louise…

    He’s meant to be a professional and you’re telling me a couple of boos from the fans has made him sad????

    I’m no fan of the man but David Beckham received some of the most vile abuse I’ve ever witnessed on a pitch…he was a pro and did his job.

    Ox was and is a poor player, managed by a moron. It’s that simple.

  80. Gooner63

    Its not all about money for some players

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will be paid about £125,000 a week by Liverpool.
    Turned down new Arsenal contract worth up to £180,000 a week

  81. Pierre

    Yes, I love the way Liverpool play but ox won’t get a regular start there, the bottom line is, will he improve the team, will he sore 10/15 goals a season, will he make 10/15 assists, will he stay fit for more than half a season, will Liverpool win a trophy (any trophy) because apparently it’s easy to win a FA cup….. Tell u what, come back to me when Liverpool win something..

  82. Dissenter

    Krychowiak’s salary is £470,000-a-month on loan from PSG.
    Surely this was one loan we ought to have easily done.
    It could be that his back is not broken.

  83. Pierre

    Some players can hack criticism on the pitch, others can’t.
    Young players need to be encouraged and believe or not they may become better players and play with confidence with their own fans with them rather than against them.
    A strange concept I know but true

  84. Gooner63

    What about trophies?

    So who is more likely to win something that isnt the FA cup in the next few years

    Arsenal or Liverpool

    i know where i would put my money

    plus hes a liverpool fan – so joinin the club hes always wanted to play for

  85. Dissenter

    Oxlade plays for England and has probably had more disappointment and grief from fans while playing for England.
    Wasn’t he part of the last two failed international competitions?

    You make it seem as if you are blaming gooners. Is that your intent?

  86. Pierre

    “shut up Pierre… Klopp is a manager players are lining up to play for.”

    Is that why their best player (Coutinho) is so desperate to leave.

  87. Samesong

    I’m very worried about Bellerin he is not cutting it at all. His confidence must be shot and now he has no one to challenge his position. The guy has no guile about his and is very predictable someone alluded to him as robotic / stiff the other day.

  88. Pierre

    I think you will find that half the England team were full of y….spurs players..another bunch of bottle jobs who have won nothing for years despite having a “brilliant” manager

  89. salparadisenyc

    Name me a player thats turned Barca down in Messi era?
    Everyone wants to play for the best and with the best.

  90. champagne charlie

    Where’s the numpty on here that said Arsenal could spend 75 mil tomorrow on a player?

    Deflect that one bin man.

  91. Dissenter

    “I think you will find that half the England team were full of y….spurs players..another bunch of bottle jobs who have won nothing for years despite having a “brilliant” manager”

    Did you mean to write youthful spurs players? 🙂
    They have just signed Aurier, a very good youthful Argentine defender and the Colombian CB from AJax. They’ve spent 90 million on defenders at a time when they are building a stadium. They are defying the Wenger BS doctrine.

  92. champagne charlie

    Chamberlain isn’t doing anything about Liverpools defence, just like to point that out. They are pony at the back and will be exposed for it. But they are the example of what can be achieved when your attack is cohesive and balanced.

  93. Pierre

    I agree, it’s like he’s treading on egg shells, scared to make a mistake.. Iwobi is going the same way.
    I think if Wenger left then the arsenal crowd would lay off some of the young players as they are associated with Wenger.. It’s as if they want them to fail to justify the hate they have for Wenger. It wouldn’t look good in a WOBS eyes if a young player came through and was a success. That’s why wilshire is targeted.

  94. salparadisenyc


    All seems very strange regarding the finances.

    Don’t you find it a bit odd that we started this window with £150m warchest. Are seemingly leaving window having made a profit, yet are too skint to sign anyone. Having been in touch with Mbappe and failed with bids for Lemar, last being a reported £50m?

    Something just not adding up.

  95. Dissenter

    You will see how Oxlade plays for Klopp and covers every blade of grass on the field.
    He better do well before Lallana gets back from injury.

  96. #WAHT

    The “long term replacement for James Milner” bit would have me a little concerned though if I wanted to play in CM.

  97. champagne charlie


    Nah, we’ve got a frugal fuck at the helm and he’s employed a guy who thinks values and self sufficiency are all thats needed to get to the very top of the game.

    We have no hope with that leadership. There isn’t money (allocated) to spend, this window tells you everything you needed to know about Arsenal.

  98. Leedsgunner

    “Chamberlain isn’t doing anything about Liverpools defence, just like to point that out. They are pony at the back and will be exposed for it. But they are the example of what can be achieved when your attack is cohesive and balanced.”

    True, although it’s probably not the best time to bring that up when we have suffered a 4-0 drubbing by the same team.

    Thiese types of last minute transfer must bring tears to the eyes of Kronke. Too late for Wenger to do anything about it — so he’ll just have to add it to the warchest that never gets spent.

    Not that I want to be a hypocrite. I don’t want Wenger to spend any money anyway… he’s had his chance. We need to stop giving him life lines to save his reputation… he made this mess he needs to be judged by it.

    Wenger is finished.
    No more money.

  99. WestLondonGoon


    Perhaps the plan is for Kroenke to get as much cash for players in so he can sell the club on for maximum profit? He probably realises that as soon as Brexit hits, the value is likely to decrease markedly. Anyone got £2bn handy?

  100. champagne charlie

    Seeing a lot of “respect” being shown to Ox on twitter because supposedly he rejected 220k at Chelsea and 180k at Arsenal for 120k at Liverpool.

    Uhm hello…is nobody going to report that Liverpool had him by the bollocks when ‘negotiating’? Chelsea wasn’t an option, it was Arsenals option for him because we didn’t want to sanction a bin dipper deal.

    So it was 120k a week at Liverpool or a year long dressing down from the arsenal fans. I’m sure he would’ve taken 60k after the last 36 hours. Cunt made his bed and has ran into it, give me peace about him being ambitious! Liverpool ffs.

  101. salparadisenyc


    The Arsenal PR machine is in full fucking spin, bids of £120m for Mpabbe, £50m for Lemar now somehow short of funds having just sold Ox for £40m? Players wanting out, Usmanov wanting out its all rotten.

    Something dire is on the way, perhaps Wenger is getting lifetime extension.

  102. Gooner63

    lol CC

    Suppose liverpool had arsenal by the bollocks when they “only” paid 40mill for a guy who would go on a free in jan

    You do talk some bollocks

  103. champagne charlie


    No I’ll still bring it up. Arsenal might be a national shit show currently but I that doesn’t mean all is rosy everywhere else. Liverpool have a thin squad, and a shit defence. Chelsea have a thin squad and a Costa issue. Spurs have a Wembley wobble bi-weekly.

    Manchester are laughing this season. Arsenal still in the top 4 hunt with no CL football btw, don’t care how awful the feeling is right now.

  104. salparadisenyc


    Neymar and Ox are two wholly different sets of circumstance.

    Being that talented playing alongside Messi wasn’t going to last, he outgrew it and wanted a side built around him. His brand demanded it.

    Ox has done us a favor duping his way to that kind of transfer fee throw in the legendary banter of getting Chelsea to bite then burning them for his childhood club. If he had the kind of presence on the pitch he’d be a worldie.

  105. Gooner63

    Makes perfect sense

    you said pool were in a strong negotiating position regarding ox

    but pool paid 5mill more than an accepted bid by chavs

    doesnt sound like a powerful bit of negotiating from pool to me

  106. Bay Area Gooner

    Trump and Wenger.

    Both love dissaray and yes men.
    Both love to be indulged
    Both make excuses and act the victim
    Both have careers that killed marriages
    Both are either hated or loved- no middle ground
    Both should not be in charge
    Both cause the problem and present the solution- very mafioso
    Both are narcissistic

    Both will fail