Transfer stories a frenzy of bad news | How to replace Wenger effectively

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Well, well,  well, hello darkness my old friend?

We have another monster pile of sun warmed week old milk for you this morning.

Chamberlain Update:

The OX has slapped Chelsea in the face with a stale kipper drawn from the earlier stated bowl of sun warmed milk. The smell is putrid but mildly satisfying, like a dose of Sunday morning own brew. The reasoning goes, the Ox does NOT want to play right wing back for the Champions. Instead, he wants to play central midfield for Liverpool, who also don’t look like they have a space for him. Unreal insider sabotage. He ruins Chelsea’s plans late on, and could possibly ruin Liverpool’s season by propping up their midfield badly for the 10 or so games he’ll be fit for.

Amazing that this is another player the stats websites talk favorably about. You’d think their shoddy analysis of Xhaka, Ramsey, and Ozil would have them give up?

I think Chamberlain wants to have a word with his handlers, who can’t possibly believe their luck in landing two bids from bigger clubs. Staggering a player who has less goals than Koscielny can be picky about where he’s going. Anyway, one thing is for sure here… he should be given no way back to Arsenal after his performance against a team he wanted to move to on Sunday. Literally, let him rot in the reserves all season if he wants to come back. Threaten to destroy his World Cup hopes. Arsenal fans should relentlessly boo him. He’s hit Ashley Cole levels of disgrace.

Aaron Ramsey:

The boy who was more interested in looking at the bench this weekend than the game, is apparently injured. Makes sense, no way Wenger ever makes a half-time change. However, my prediction we couldn’t rely on him for form or fitness appears to have come to fruition 3 weeks earlier than anticipated. Arsenal should sell him if he won’t commit and avoid another contract rundown. The guy is weak and unreliable. Move him on.

Alexis Sanchez:

The Chilean story doesn’t appear to have moved.  Well, it seems there’s no offer of a player from City. The story that we’re turning this nightmare on its head and offering them cash plus Sanchez for Sterling is quite unbelievable. I understand the switch up, but come on, Sterling is a very raw talent at the moment, and I’m not quite sure we’d be signing up a player who seems relatively integral to Pep’s plans? Don’t get me wrong, it’s better than having no cover, but we are literally a dumpster fire of a club right now, I can’t see why a young Brit with a questionable attitude would think he could grow under Arsene Wenger. He needs to be taught, he won’t get that at Arsenal.

John Cross:

He’s pulled together a rambling piece that’s likely come directly from Mark Gonnella. The jist of it is Wenger finally put his foot down. In front of the players? No. He told off his backroom team while the boys were away on international duty.

The backroom team he didn’t change this summer. The team of completely over the hill staff he insists on keeping at the club because they entrench his power, and fortify his dated ideas.

Anyway, the jist is he’s had enough of the players attitude and he’s going to sell names that don’t want to be there. He’s angry people.

‘What quickly became very clear was that Wenger was not prepared to stomach any player who was not fully committed to the cause.’

Yeah, he’s finally put his foot down against the players who are giving him bad vibes three games into the season. The man who said it was a good thing to have uncommitted players finally realises what everyone told him 2 months ago. Oh, and Alexis Sanchez is a massive problem. MASSIVE.

‘Sanchez was nowhere near match-fit for his first start of the season, but there was doubt over whether his mind was elsewhere as the dismal defeat unfolded or if he was just ring-rusty.’

The PR is so badly thought out that it’s actually blaming Alexis for not being match fit? Who analysed his preparedness? Shouldn’t that be the coach? What happened to our superstar fitness guru from Austrailia?

This story is most certainly not supposed to be leading you to hate the Chilean who we’re definitely selling. Not at all.


Wenger working the media to play the victim again. His usual strategy of deflecting the blame. The usual banter of zero accountability. It’s not like the club weren’t warned here. It’s not like the worst decision in our recent history was that new deal afforded to Wenger.

The club is actually siding with a busted talent that’s ruined the dressing room. Can you imagine any other sporting entity shipping the players we are for man who delivered 5th and 12 years worth of decline? You have Bilic facing the sack 3 games in, and we’re worried about Arsene seeing out two years?

Here’s another point. If we’d hired Allegri, all of those players would have signed deals. Wenger has zero pull in the game these days. You’re watching that issue unfold as we speak.

Carrying on from some of my chat yesterday about false internet influencers. Turns out one of the guys peddling stories about Arsenal’s cashflow problems (that I debunked here) has been deleting false stories that proclaimed Alexis and Ozil had signed deals. I also heard that some civilian ‘influencers’ are taking information from Arsenal’s PR team and not declaring. If you’re a fan and you’re peddling positive stories from the club and not declaring, that’s dirty. Very dirty.

Theo Walcott:

Another player with as much character as a broken Nespresso machine (Theo), is rumoured to be part of a deal that would see Virgil VD coming the other way. I love the premise of this, it seems to work for everyone, but I just can’t see something that simple panning out. Could Southampton pony up £110k a week? Very much doubt it. Shane Long is a better striker anyway.

The Plan:

If the club had any backbone, here’s what should happen.

The board should form a united front against Arsene Wenger. They need to pull together a dossier of things that have gone atrociously wrong this summer, and present it to Stan Kroenke with a plan of action how to rectify it. Wenger staying on is no longer a matter of opinion or debate, it’s a fact he’s finished. If you’re supporting him now, you don’t have the interests of the club in your heart.

Ideally, the short term plan should be to bank as much money as we can. Force out every single player we don’t want right now. Give Chamberlain no airtime. Take the maximum for Sanchez. Flog Ozil for anything you can get. Ship Jack Wilshere off. Move Ospina. Ruthless culling.

The manager should then be told he’s being moved on at the end of the season. The club should launch a search programme to identify the best Director of Football available in the world. The project at Lille is super interesting at the moment, identify the architects and interview them. Dortmund, Juventus, Monaco, Atleti the Redbull enterprise. Speak to them all and make an informed decision. Offer the best candidate a deal they can’t refuse.

Hire that person before Christmas, allow them time to assess the squad, the scouting network, the medical setup, the backroom staff.

Then draw up a plan of attack. Set the vision for who Arsenal want to be for the next 5 years (read what a vision looks like), and dictate how that’ll play out. Then build out the new team over the final months of Wenger’s contract, and hire the best possible management team possible. We don’t want a Pep G who’d come with 50 staff. We want a hungry coach we can make king. We should look at Sarri, Tuchel, Sampaoili, Nagelsmann, Hassenhutl, and Allegri. We should make them an offer they can’t refuse and work with them on recruitment like City did with Pep.

By next season, we ship out 10 players, bring in 10 players. Spend the preaseason restaffing. Remotivating the staff we want to keep. Retraining the players. Reworking the wage bill. Signing down the players we want to keep. Remaking Arsenal for the 21st century.

We start the new year afresh. New vision. New setup. New hope.

That’s how this should roll. No more fucking about, the gig is up. Time for a new band.

Won’t happen though, will it?

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  1. Rambo Ramsey

    Pedro, your anti-Xhaka rhetoric is amusing. As I recall, you spent most of last season using your blog space to push ‘Free Xhaka from the bench’ narrative.

  2. Wallace

    “Manchester City do not regard the Alexis Sanchez situation as over because their £50m bid has been turned down.

    Now dialogue is established between City and Arsenal, City can try to establish what Arsenal want in terms of fee and, potentially, player exchange, with every option being treated on its merits.”

    – bbc football

  3. Bankz


    I thought I had this. The competition just keep increasing.


    Give it up, Wenger isn’t finished destroying his legacy. He will see out this season and maybe next, unless the fans come together with a unanimous voice & call for his sack or make his time here hell.

    He knows we have a weak and deluded fan base and that we could be 18th by December and some fans would still sing “one Arsene Wenger”.
    He isn’t accountable to anyone and like gambon said on here for years, he just might have a medical condition which no one knows about.

    I’ve given up talking about him or Arsenal, I’ve given up being emotionally invested in Arsenal and I’ve given up my dreams of ever seeing Arsenal become the giant she was meant to be when they moved stadiums. Irrespective of whether kroenke sells,Wenger gets sacked, we get the best backroom staff or DOF in the next one year, the damage Wenger has done to the Arsenal franchise will take at least 5 years(if not a decade) to rectify.

    No matter how we choose to see things right now, we’re fucked for the foreseeable future.
    I just can’t see Arsenal winning the league in the next 3 or 5yrs.
    From the look of things, we may end up having as good a record as Liverpool’s period of never coming close to winning the PL title again.
    Only difference will be that Liverpool won the Champions league more than once in that period. We wouldn’t even come close to winning that either.

  4. Leftsidesanch

    lol sky sports news is literally dominated by Arsenal’s stupidity, meanwhile Wenger is somewhere wondering why everyone’s looking at him.

  5. Gooner63

    ONE big problem with your post Pedro regarding whats happening at Lille

    We already know what this club wants to be for the next 5 years and longer

    A cash machine for Kroenke

    Our only goals are financial – footballing success has no interest to Kroenke

  6. Wolfgang

    Arsenal are a leading soccer brand but has deteriorated under the FM’s watch.
    Although its among the world’s top ten richest clubs, its success on the field is poor compared to the other teams.
    His time will surely be up soon unless the owner is blind .Tactically his one dimension attack at all costs is the root cause of this decline. To add to the problem he has recruited not outright defenders but those with an attacking
    streak.Hence these guys cant defend properly.
    If Arsenal want to compete with the big boys,the fm has to go. No ifs and buts.

  7. Ishola70


    “Amazing that this is another player the stats websites talk favorably about. You’d think their shoddy analysis of Xhaka, Ramsey, and Ozil would have them give up?”

    Unfortunate that this trend which originated from the States where everything is stats based is fully immersed now in football analysis.

    You just wish some would just watch games and make their own opinions of what they are seeing for themselves rather than keep falling back on stats.

    Whoscored is one of the worst. It looks nice, is well presented and a plethora of numbers but really it is worthless and many times misleading.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Great post Pedro.

    No one at the club has the balls or the will to do that.

    How many years have we all (or most everyone) be saying the structures needed changing, power needed taking off of Wenger, the club needed to take down the Wengerisation of Arsenal and start an Arsenalisation.

    What we have done over the summer is completely pathetic, given an old, busted, egotistical, stubborn, lazy, cowardly manager a new deal make some surface change that only appeased the most gullible of fans and carried out in the same way we have for the past decade.

    Said it before, you cannot give Wenger a new deal and then expect any form of change, that is what Wenger’s tantrum was about last year, that is why is slithered to Kroenke the day before the board meeting. He is completely self-interested.

    It is up to the fans though, no one at the club has any interest in change. The fans are in large part responsible for this mess, they need to clear it up.

  9. Charles

    One of the only players who can walk with any dignity at the moment is Gibbs and he’s off. No great loss talent wise but it says something that Arsenal are only getting rid of the likes of Gibbs, Mustafi and Perez.

  10. Realitybites


    Absolutely agree on Xhaka comment and glad that Pedro has seen the light at last. Otherwise post is spot on – we need to write off this season performance wise and build for the future. Get the cash – get a hungry new manager and start again. We are fully entering a downward spiral that’s been covered up the band aid approach of the occasional big signing, Sanchez and the lack of serious competition for the top 4. Reality is now there are 8 teams ahead of us in preparation and squad and about 92 ahead of us in terms of the manager.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    More and more people are running with the idea of a complete breakdown between Wenger and Gazidis.

    But I am not sure on that at all, didn’t they go to France together at the start of the summer?

    Arsenal seem to thrive on misinformation and creating a climate of chaos.

  12. Paulinho

    Realitybites – Must have confused Wallace with someone else. He’s the one that predicted Xhaka would be a better signing than Sanchez 🙂

  13. Cesc Appeal

    If you did sell Sanchez, Perez, Ozil, Oxlade and Mustafi before the end of the window you could probably bank about £144 Million.

    Bank it, then poach the very best DoF in Europe, or one of them basically ignore the on field situation this season and do nine months worth of foundation laying. Pick your manager, poach some top rate coaches, identify players with the manager and DoF and have a plan in place to get your transfer business done by the end of June next summer.

    Based on what Wenger has left unspent this year, another years transfer budget, and then that £144 Million, the new manager and DoF would have a truly whopping budget.

    More likely though we will be hearing next June about how the market is not easy and it is difficult to find better quality than the player we already have.

  14. Unathanthium

    Untold trying to be all robust about Wenger again. There’s a mad poster, well madder than many, called OMG Arsenal who claimed that the PL and CL isn’t the be all and end all. What is then? Fighting for 7th? Where do we get these loser supporters from? They’d sacrifice anything to accommodate the whims of Wenger.

  15. Gooner63

    party timeeeee

    you put ya right back in, your left back out
    in out, in out ya fuck it all about
    you do the arsene wenger and u turn around
    thats what its all about

    oooooooooo one arsene wenger
    ooooooooo one arsene wenger
    ooooooooo one arsene wenger

    he’s bent, defence stretched ra ra ra

  16. Realitybites

    Fair point Paulinho! was jus glad to see someone calling out Xhaha! Swiss player of the year apparently?! I got slagged on twitter for complaining about his constant loss of possession in our box (aka backheeling to give a corner away)
    The justification was “did you see the assist”? yes but I reckon his current balance of assists vs loss leading to goal is in the red.

  17. PhilF

    Kronke is in it for the long term…so a drop in income won’t trouble him… Arsenal are still a good investment. The board would never lose face and sack Wenger so soon after offering him a new contract, even though it would appear he had lost the dressing room. Arsenal are fast becoming a laughing stock…

  18. Dissenter

    We have had five consecutive poor summers with the exception of Sanchez.
    Its been a cummulation of repetitive errors that’s gotten us to where we now.
    Is this summer worse than 2015 when we bought ZERO outfield players?
    Is it worse than 2013 when we bought an attacking media when the real need was for a defensive midfielder?
    Is this summer worse than 2012 when we didn’t replace RVP?
    The summer of 2016 was a major bust. We wasted £100 million on three players that aren’t fit for purpose.

    To think we laughed at spuds for wasting the Garett Bale transfer money.

  19. Oh Theo Theo!

    Dissenter – oh, I think we’ve surpassed the benchmark for the most laughed at club in the whole of European football….

    By a country mile. Maybe Wenger can claim that as a trophy??

  20. Carts


    Posts have been solid of late. Really out of ideas now. I mean, it was hard enough tuning into Arsenal at the best of times but, my gosh, Arsene has reduced us to diabolical levels now.

    Operationally, this club is in disarray. It’s literally on autopilot, while Wenger just throws out adhoc directions.

  21. Carts


    Arsenal remind me of Local Authorities. Workforce full of comfortable lifers who have it very comfortable and are nicely paid.

    Sanchez is that contractor who comes in, asks everyone for a full breakdown of their job description then everyone runs to their union reps.

  22. Gunner2301


    Another great piece. You should apply for the role if DoF your analysis on the way forward is spot on. Not that it will happen like you say. I can guarantee after the next defeat the board will announce their backing for Wenger right on cue like a swiss timepiece.

    The article on vision is revealing. It really brings home to you what is missing at Arsenal. I couldnt remotely recognise anything in there that we are doing. Someone should email this to Gazidis as they obviously have no clue.


  23. TR7

    I am bit surprised Ox is looking for a central midfield role. I thought RWB was his preferred position and that he was unhappy at Arsenal for not getting a regular run even at RWB position. He has no chance of getting a regular spot in Chelsea midfield given Conte’s inclination towards playing two strong holding midfielders and Willian is easily Chelsea’s 2nd best player behind Hazard, so he’s a regular fixture in their line up.

    At Liverpool, Can is a regular fixture in their starting line up. Henderson is Klopp’s favorite, I don’t see Ox dislodge him either from starting line up. Wijnaldum position is up for grabs and I guess that’s the position Ox is eyeing up.

  24. Cesc Appeal



    Will be interesting to see if he develops in that role at all under a manager who will play to his strengths in terms of physicality etc.

    To work you would think Henderson will have to sit and Can will have to be slightly more reserved along with Klopp getting more work out of Oxlade.

    Ridiculous team on the break though Oxlade, Salah, Firmino and Mane.

    Oxlade should think about Keita coming in next summer though, has a season to make himself a competent central midfield player.

  25. Dissenter

    Wijnaldum is a much better footballer than Oxlade.
    Liverpool have Seri (2018) and Lalana coming back. He needs good coaching but he should be going to a club where he can play 45 games a year not Liverpool or Chelsea.

  26. Cesc Appeal

    City players are talking about the Sanchez transfer now.

    Think it is close to happening at this stage. Seems like it will be cash only as City are in the power position.

  27. Carts

    Can someone with a deeper understand than me, help a brother out…

    What’s to stop 200,000 willing fans from paying £8k per head and buying out Stan for £1.6bn?

    Structurally, it’ll mirror that of Barcelona/Real. Hold elections every 3/4 years. But in the immediate instance there’ll be a new board consisting of ex-pros and someone LIKE Peter Kenyon. David Dein installed as interim “President”. There’ll be a DoF (maybe a general manager) followed by a new appointment who’ll manage/ coach the team along with their backroom staff.

    The finer details such as how much power the DoF yields would have to be agreed, but I’m sure you’ll get the jist.

  28. Dissenter

    This was posted on an Arsenal news story
    “Only at Arsenal can one be both a panic buyer and panic seller simultaneously! Wenger ever the innovator!”

    It made me chuckle so much I almost choked on my coffee.

  29. Carts


    Liverpool have Keita, not Seri.


    Ox is on record wanting to play in the middle. I posted a link to that article last week. I think it may have actually been Wenger that sewed that seed into his loaf, though.

  30. Gooner63

    Kieran Gibbs ✔ @KieranGibbs
    FFS im shattered, what the hell is all this running and getting fit stuff, we never did this at #Arsenal ⚽️ #WBA
    11:47 AM – Sept 01, 2017

  31. Dissenter

    Pulls will teach Gibbs how to defend properly.
    Best of luck to him.

    After all the CL games, one decade of Wenger management and endless Arsenal selfies the lad is worth only 7 million.

  32. Charlie Nick

    Gibbs has gone to WBA- Confirmed.
    Sterling is another sub par winger/forward a la welbeck, walcott, sturridge. I’d tell City Aguero or £75m.
    I’d take VVD and get shot of walcott to boot.
    Less than 48hrs to salvage something.

  33. qna

    Usually watch the close of window hoping for players to come in.

    This year hoping for players to be sold. Dont want any of the following players on our books by tomorrow night: Oxlaide, Sanchez, Ozil, Wilshere, Gibbs, Mustafi, Campbell.

    I would also love a swap of Walcott with VVD coming in.

    Next two years are write offs anyway.

  34. Cesc Appeal

    Gibbs at West Brom.

    ‘So you are going to be marking this player here, now watch out for him because he likes to take it to the touchline and then cut inside at the last minute and look to slide one into the box’.

    ‘Hold on, hold on, slow down. What is ‘marking’?’

  35. Wouldyoubelieveit

    So – with what we have recouped in sales, only £14m spent! AW insisting that for Sanches, Ox, Ozil etc he would rather get nothing in a year. Add to this, his insistence that we don’t need players, yet we are shipping out wholesale! I think he is deliberately sabotaging for whoever the new manager will be because he knows he’ll never see out the ridiculous two year deal. Time for the board to exercise their power and force him out before he totally destroys our club.

  36. Cesc Appeal

    Charlie Nick

    We are not in the position to tell City anything.

    Could have been creative with PSG or City back in June or something, but it was all ‘ideal’ back then wasn’t it?

  37. Rambo Ramsey

    Wow, looks like we’ll end this window with profits of over 50 million. Arsenal eh? them beautiful values, what a wondrous sporting entity!

  38. Carts

    Gibbs: Boss, can I just say something, please. Basically, if we don’t concede more goals then how do you expect to spark us into life and attack when there’s 10mins left?

    Dressing room: *crickets & tumbleweed*

  39. Jim Lahey

    Okay, only a couple days of window left, what can we realistically do/expect?

    Players Out:

    Ox – £35m to Liverpool
    Gibbs – 5m to WBA
    Perez – £14m .. Somewhere in Spain
    Debuchy – Free
    Campbell – 5m
    Sanchez – Swap for Draxler

    So that is 59m and Draxler in.

    Bring in van Dijk and Seri

    All of this can be easily done in the next few days.

  40. Wallace


    “Realitybites – Must have confused Wallace with someone else. He’s the one that predicted Xhaka would be a better signing than Sanchez :)”

    yes, true. but two can play at that game. remember you telling anyone who’d listen how Sanchez was a waste of space away from home?

    “15 – Alexis Sanchez has scored 15 away league goals this season; only Kevin Phillips (16 in 99/00) has more in a single PL campaign. Star.”

    – May, 13th, 2017

  41. Dissenter

    Gibbs: Where do I stand for zonal marking
    Pulis; your f*cking job is to jump into the rib cage of the attacker. You’re not paid to defend space. Let the striker know you’re there.

  42. TR7


    Yes, completely forgot Keita will be joining next summer and Lallana is there as well. I am assuming Coutinho is off to Barca. Still plenty of competition for places in Liverpool midfield as well. He will have to prove his worth at Liverpool real quick otherwise it will be the same old story from next season.


    Yes, that fateful night in Milan 🙂

  43. Marko

    What quickly became very clear was that Wenger was not prepared to stomach any player who was not fully committed to the cause.’

    The cause is him.

    We’re royally and unequivocally fucked no matter what way you look at it and it’s only three games in. The only thing for me that might have a saving grace to the season would be if we right now got on the blower to Tuchel who’s available ask him what two players (presumably a midfielder and defender) would he have us buy to keep us afloat until January and spend the final day of the window getting said players. Then Friday morning sack Wenger and hire Tuchel until the end of the season in which if he does a good job we sign him to a long term deal otherwise move for someone like Jardim. This season though is looking like a complete write off. Title challenge… come on… top 4 challenge… not in our wildest dreams. We’ll be lucky to finish top 10 at this rate

  44. Ishola70

    Looks like Ox has had his head turned while at Arsenal with Wenger telling him he is going to be a superstar in central midfield.

    Not sure why Liverpool are interested in him if he only wants central midfield. He doesn’t fit the current profile of the central midfielders there that being disciplined and workmanlike. Still he has the physicality and Klopp may feel he can unwengerise him.

  45. Jim Lahey

    @Gooner63 –

    I think they would be up to a trip to London once they see the contracts we put under their noses.

    Draxler’s playing time will be limited at PSG now, and if Sanchez we to also head that way I am sure he wouldn’t stick around for the bench.

    Seri: Well everyone wants Barca, but it seems Barca don’t want him. I think he could be persuaded to come to London.

    van Dijk: The day Liverpool is a bigger draw than Arsenal is a sad fucking day.. (and I think that day is here.)

  46. Gooner63

    Gibbs – boss can i have a word
    Pulis – sure, whats up
    Gibbs – im not feeling well
    Pulis – ohh whats wrong
    Gibbs – well, theres 2 players right in front of me and im not used to that, theres normally a big space in front and im feeling a bit claustrophobic
    Pulis – you think your ill, i thought i was buying Ox

  47. Cesc Appeal


    Quite possibly because I think Draxler is about a £35 Million player, Sanchez even in his current situation could bring in up to £70 Million, bargain for them.

    But Sanchez wants City, has long been rumoured that is the way he wanted to go.

    Wenger has handled this situation has badly as anyone possibly could.

  48. Bamford10

    What a complete disaster Arsenal is at the moment. All on Wenger. He wanted to do everything, he knew best, and this is the result.

  49. Ishola70

    Hilarious isn’t it that the spin now is Wenger putting his foot down with unruly players.

    As CA says he is the cause of it all.

    Please, please just toddle off Arsene.

  50. Jim Lahey

    Can you imagine the first training session with Pulis and Gibbs?! When Pulis screams at him to stop fucking about… Gibbs will have a break down! No one has raised their voice to him in over a decade!

  51. Marko

    Anti Xhaka rhetoric? Assuming a person has eyes and can use them how can anyone not see that fucker is a walking liability a calamity waiting to happen

  52. Jasongms

    Pulis; ” OK lads I want to see you all on the training pitch taking up your positions”

    Moments later …….

    Pulis: “What are you doing sitting on the bench!?!”

    Gibbs “I always sit on the bench”

  53. Diabyearnshowmuch

    said it three years ago, Let’s go for Dave Brailsford at Team Sky cycling, ruthless fucker that would blow the AFC set up into pieces. He would rebuild a brand new footballing model that would revolutionise the way we do things.
    He’s created a Team Sky, the biggest most successful cycling team ever, from scratch

  54. Gooner63


    The worst thing about the last 10 years is that Wenger and his cronies have got everyone thinking that players are just about money.

    That if we offer enough they will come to us

    Majority of good players want to win trophies – they dont want to come to a club that has no CL, that doesnt look like its even bothered by that, that has no desire to compete in the league.

    Loads of our better ex players went off to win trophies

    If you were Draxler, Seri, VVD, would you seriously want to waste 4 years at a club with no ambition at all.

    Ox and Sanchez realise its looking like nothings gonna change at Arsenal, other players will follow

  55. Bamford10

    Wijnaldum is not a better footballer than Oxlade, but he has had better instruction over the past few years and thus has a better head on him. Ox has far more talent and ability than Wijnaldum,, but he has received little to no proper instruction and is a very immature, unintelligent player as a result. Under the right manager and system, Ox could become quite a good player, though. Whether that happens is a matter for the future.

  56. Cesc Appeal

    The spin that this is a player issue is frankly ridiculous.

    Low energy, low effort, no plan, no spine, no physicality, humiliation away at top six sides, glaring holes in the team. This is not an issue confined to this current set of players, unless you had you head up your (or Wenger’s) arse for the last ten years you know that.

    The fact Wenger seems to be coated in Teflon is ridiculous, nothing ever sticks to him, it does not matter how badly and obviously he f**ks up blame is always deflected.

  57. Jim Lahey

    @Cesc –

    “But Sanchez wants City, has long been rumoured that is the way he wanted to go.”

    Yeah not a good position for us to be in, I suggested the idea of sitting down with Sanchez and giving him two options, move abroad or play for the u23s for a year. His choice.

    The guy will be 29 in a few months, he can not afford to lose a year of his career at this stage especially in a world cup year. What do we have to lose? Sanchez as a player? Better in our u23 set up than at City. The money? Like we fucking need the money at this point.

  58. Gooner63

    Monaco have still yet to reject the third bid Liverpool tabled for Thomas Lemar, according to L’Equipe. The Reds had two earlier bids rejected before returning with an offer made up of €80m and Divock Origi on loan for the season.

    lol if this happens it will really show Wenger for the liar he is

  59. Champagne charlie

    Because I think it’s more than reasonable to say a different manager would get a different output for 90% of the players at the club currently.

    Xhaka was superb for Gladbach, Lucas was superb for Depor, Mustafi was solid for Valencia and Germany, Cech was safe at Chelsea.

    It’s almost like they’ve come to Arsenal and the abandonment of any discipline or defensive impetus has hung them out to dry. Funny that

  60. qna

    Nope. Wijnaldum definitely a netter footballer than the ox. What can oxlaide actually do. Just think about that for a second. Sometimes….. sometimes he can go for a slalom run of 30 to 40m before making a pathetic cross. Doesnt score goals, doesnt give assists, cant hold the ball in midfield, cant tackle. Useless F#cker. Like all our players.

  61. Bamford10


    In a recent comment, you said that it was clear that Arsene Wenger is finished and that he is not capable of leading us to a Champions League title. I just want to point out that he may not be capable of leading us to a top four finish much less a CL title. I mean, he hasn’t even contended for the PL title in more than a decade, so I’m not sure why anyone would be talking about CL titles. Maybe you were being ironic?

  62. Cesc Appeal


    It just will not happen.

    Wenger needs Sanchez to save himself, either as a player because otherwise this squad is average, or in a sale so that he can point to the money he made to Kroenke.

    Arsenal has literally become about Wenger and Kroenke, one-hundred and thirty-one years old, and it is all about the selfish desires of two shit heads now. If someone like Chapman could see it now.

  63. TitsMcGee

    The spin that this is a player issue is frankly ridiculous.”

    Especially considering that the “problem ” guy (s) weren’t even here that long. We’ve been a shambles for a decade.

    Our current squad wasn’t around for the 8-2 and 6-0 for the most part. You know who was here though 🙂

  64. Jim Lahey

    @Bamford –

    “so I’m not sure why anyone would be talking about CL titles. Maybe you were being ironic?”

    When did I suggest that he could win us a CL title…?

  65. Gooner63

    What was that Pierre about spurs selling top players because of the stadium move – not a bad replacement

    Aurier to Spurs looking done

    It is understood the 24-year-old defender has completed a medical ahead of a transfer worth £23m, but the move is still being held up by issues surrounding his right to enter the United Kingdom and obtain a work permit.

    Judging by his positive post on social media, the permit could have been granted….

  66. Wallace


    “Anti Xhaka rhetoric? Assuming a person has eyes and can use them how can anyone not see that fucker is a walking liability a calamity waiting to happen.”

    Bundesliga team of the season 2015/16 –

    Lahm – Matip – Hummels – Rodriguez
    Vidal – Xhaka
    Mkhitaryan – Muller – D Costa

  67. Carts

    Lads, don’t treat me like Wenger treats Debuchy, I fucking mean it…

    So no suggestion on how buying out Stan can work. That cunt is the worst enabler going. This club is destined for the shitter if we don’t act now.

    Hard enough getting a cohesive protest going with out WOBs and AKBs bashing each other up…

  68. TR7

    No, Ox has undeniable natural ability. There’s no doubt about it. I am not so sure about Klopp but if he played under Conte, he would have evolved as a player. Conte made Moses look a decent player ffs and Ox is a notch above him in terms of raw ability.

  69. Bamford10


    No, you said he could NOT win us a CL title. But my question is why you would be mentioning “Arsene Wenger” and “CL title” in the same sentence. I mean, he can’t even challenge for a PL title, so he’s obviously not going to have us challenging for a CL title much less winning one.

    Perhaps you meant to type “PL title”?

  70. Champagne charlie

    In the ear of Draxler if things are to be believed. Player reluctant to leave after joining in Jan, but not that impressed with PSGs mental summer that’s seeing him relegated to the bench. Decision to make

  71. Relieable Sauce

    I think Klopp could see Chamberlain as good competition for the attacking CM position, or any of his rotating front 4 attackers.

    Keita seems to be able to play any CM role to a high level and has even played CB, Klopp might have him down to play in one of the more defensive CM positions.
    Can has still not signed a new contract and Juve have been courting him for a while, looks like they’ll pick up another bargain, classic Juve style.

    So gutted about Nabby…Klopp rumoured with Brandt in previous windows…and we could easily of hired Klopp – though not a big fan myself.

    No doubt we won’t be in the running for Goretka either.


  72. Champagne charlie

    Premier league is harder to win than the CL.

    Any football fan is aware of this. One’s a cup competition, luck ALWAYS a factor.

  73. Biggles

    Pulis: “Oi, where are you going?”
    Gibbs: “um, for a shower, why?”
    Pulis: “Because it’s the 62nd minute of the game.”
    Gibbs: “But I thought that’s when we finish?”
    Pulis: “Guys, listen up, I’d like to introduce you to Alex”
    Gibbs: “It’s Kieran”

    Jokes aside, I think Gibbs – like Ox if he goes – will be an interesting one to watch. It will give us an idea of how bad (or good, to be fair) a coach Wenger really is. When someone like RVP played well at United, or Fabregas at Barcelona, it’s no surprise because they were truly elite players. However, I can’t think of anybody else who has played as many games for Arsenal with as much unfulfilled potential AND who has gone elsewhere. Denilson was always clearly awful, Bendtner was always clearly an egotist… but I actually think Gibbs had potential to be half decent.

  74. Dissenter

    Bamford thinks Wijnaldum is not a better footballer than Oxlade
    The biggification of Oxlade continues even after he’s exited Arsenal. Thankfully no one will remind us of that fateful game against Milan in 2012.

    It seems you haven’t seen Wijnaldum play much. Did you watch any of his games at Ajax or his performances for Newcastle? He’s better than Oxlade in every aspect.
    This blooper is another feather in your cap, much like the Kane/Dele Ali valuation.

  75. Jim Lahey

    @Cesc –

    “Wenger needs Sanchez to save himself, either as a player because otherwise this squad is average, or in a sale so that he can point to the money he made to Kroenke.”

    Yeah that is a very valid point… ugh dark days 🙁

  76. TR7


    Stan is under no obligation to sell to anyone and that includes Arsenal fans (crowd funding). Usmanov and that guy Dangote can put up more money than millions of Arsenal fans worldwide together but if Stan wants to keep Arsenal football club in his portfolio for many years to come, nobody can do anything about it.

  77. Champagne charlie

    Fully expect all outgoings to be finalised today so the club knows where the fuck it stands with 15 hours of the window left.

    That being said, it’s Arsenal. So watch Alexis flash up as a City player 10.30pm tomorrow.

  78. GoonerDNA

    Sell all the players who want out and hopefully we don’t sign anyone, let Wenger hang himself and sack him end of the season.

    I think the board would’ve intervened if they wanted Wenger to stay but clearly it was just Stan who wanted him to stay.

    Dirty war playing out and because of that it’s going be a long season but hopefully Wenger leaves end of the season.

  79. Jim Lahey

    @Bamford –

    Look I said Champions League as it is a competition we will never win under Wenger, I see what you are getting at that we may never again make top 4 with Wenger at the club. It was only an example as the two largest competitions that we could possibly win. I wasn’t making any statement about believing that Wenger can bring us back into the top 4.

  80. Jim Lahey

    @CC –

    “Fully expect all outgoings to be finalised today so the club knows where the fuck it stands with 15 hours of the window left.”

    How is Perez still at the club?? The guy wanted out long before the window opened and is still here.. I have to believe that there are clubs looking at him, he is a decent player, especially for the £12-14m range being asked.

    Debuchy and Campbell also.. still at the club!

  81. Marko

    And on Xhaka since he’s joined us he’s been a liability no? Not hard to grasp he has literally been calamitous for us. The whole under a different set up stuff is only relevant if we’re actually going to change our fucking set up and why would/should we change our set to accommodate him? He’s not a superstar he doesn’t deserve to have a club built around him. But that’s what we’d need to do to get the best out of him I’d rather cut my losses tbh. It’s funnythough even changing set up’s having 3 in the midfield using a diamond whatever still doesn’t deal with the fact that he cannot tackle has got terrible defensive positioning and reading of the game and the lad shits himself under any sort of pressure. Change of system or no those things aren’t changing

  82. GoonerDNA

    Jim, Wenger didn’t want to sell because it would mean he didn’t have the excuse of “bloated squad” he was clearly happy after the Laca deal hence why we pussy footed around signing anyone including Lemar who “wasn’t for sale” Now LFC are in Monaco, medical team on hand.

  83. TR7

    Campbell and Jenkinson are injured, I think both will stay on for another year at least. Nice was the only club interested in Debuchy but the move didn’t go through. He is expected to warm our bench for yet another season.

  84. Jim Lahey

    @Wallace –

    Yeah he was in the Bundesliga team of the season, maybe the Bundesliga is more suited to his style of play. He has been nothing short of disastrous for Arsenal so far. Now all of that isn’t his fault, it can’t help playing along side Aaron Ramsey who has no interest in being a CM or helping out defensively.

  85. Champagne charlie


    We took him from HIS club, then didn’t play him. He wants to go back to Depor and we’ve let it drag. Lord knows why (money is obviously the reason but what’s the point really)

    This summer was ripe for a purge of the half hearts. Amazingly (or not at all) we’ve undertook it in the last 72 hours.

    Meanwhile Spurs, Liverpool, Chelsea, City will all add one or two and their club will get a little boost of excitement over the break. Arsenal fans will be left trying to figure out who the fuck still plays for us and whether the ones we have actually want to. Awesome.

    My prediction:

    Ox to Liverpool begrudgingly.
    Alexis to City cash only.
    Mustafi to stay because we can’t (won’t) replace.

    Arsenal to bring in Draxler, and promote Reiss Nelson. Wenger gone in Jan after a horrific 6 months.

  86. Bamford10

    Wow, someone continues to say silly things, just because he would like to contradict something I have said.

    Kind of funny.

  87. Ishola70

    Not a particularly good year then was it for Bundesliga 2015-16.

    Dodgy players in that best of team naturally Xhaka and Rodriguez is another dodgy one.

    What it tells us is that Bundesliga is a very average league away from the usual culprits Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.

    Think it is quite telling that a team like RB Leipzig can move up into that league and in their first season finish as runners-up.

    It wouldn’t look good to have a best of team made up entirely of Bayern Munich players and a smattering of Dortmund players would it. Got to throw a few other players from other clubs in there.

  88. Champagne charlie


    Everything you’re saying about Xhaka with those comments is footballing ignorance. Nobody said he needs a formation around him, he (and plenty fucking others) need a defined role were others are disciplined and accountable.

    He was in a proper setup in Gladbach and made the bundesliga team of the season. You’re here calling him poop because in a Wenger side he’s getting flogged. Get a grip, can’t have it both ways.

  89. HighburyLegend

    “The board should form a united front against Arsene Wenger.”

    “Won’t happen though, will it?”
    Not a chance, indeed.


  90. Jim Lahey

    GoonerDNA –

    To be honest, I just don’t know what is going on anymore with Arsenal. None of it makes sense.

    The club feels like it is about to implode.

  91. Marko

    The disastrous signings from last year should be enough to get rid of him. Right now two of the four players we brought in last summer for 90 million we’re looking to sell but for a loss but even then we’re struggling to sell them and look like loaning out Perez and Mustafi. That’s 52 million just pissed away

  92. TitsMcGee

    Sell all the players who want out and hopefully we don’t sign anyone, let Wenger hang himself and sack him end of the season.”

    I’m down with this even though I am of the firm belief that it doesn’t matter who we sign. The environment is toxic and has been festering for years.

  93. Bamford10


    No, I’ve seen Wijnaldum play plenty, and I think he’s a useful player. And I am not “bigging up” Oxlade; I’m well aware of his limitations and I probably wouldn’t even have him in our XI. None of this changes the fact that Oxlade has more ability than Wijnaldum and that with proper instruction he could be (or could have been) a much better player than Wijnaldum. That is all.

  94. Ishola70

    “And on Xhaka since he’s joined us he’s been a liability no? Not hard to grasp he has literally been calamitous for us. The whole under a different set up stuff is only relevant if we’re actually going to change our fucking set up and why would/should we change our set to accommodate him? He’s not a superstar he doesn’t deserve to have a club built around him. But that’s what we’d need to do to get the best out of him I’d rather cut my losses tbh. It’s funnythough even changing set up’s having 3 in the midfield using a diamond whatever still doesn’t deal with the fact that he cannot tackle has got terrible defensive positioning and reading of the game and the lad shits himself under any sort of pressure. Change of system or no those things aren’t changing”

    Hilarious to think that anybody would want a team built around a player with so many glaring weaknesses.

  95. Jim Lahey

    @CC –

    Yeah I think you are spot on with your predictions there. Once Wenger is finally gone, who do you see coming in as a replacement? One thing we haven’t spoken much about on the blog is do we trust those in charge to make the right appointment? I sure as fuck don’t. The owner and board have shown nothing but incompetency and I don’t think they will make the correct decision.

  96. TR7

    Anyone else feels we should have signed Kryochowiak ? Given the sorry state of our midfield , he would have been a welcome addition.

    Meanwhile, great business by Spurs to sell Walker for 50M and replace him with Aurier for half his price.

  97. Mark S

    There are two things I think about every morning when I wake up:

    1. Today is one day closer to my sons being fully potty trained. I mean they’ve got it down for the most part, but it’s still a struggle from time to time. They are 3 by the way.
    2. We are one day closer to Wenger being gone.

    Both of these thoughts make me smile.

  98. Champagne charlie


    No trust in that process mate, hence why I want the rot at the top removed instead of carving out the middle.

    Get a proper owner in and the rest gets seen to. I like Allegri, wanted him this summer and was gutted he stayed put. He’s a whole nine type of guy that leaves no stone unturned.

    I do feel Ancellotti is destined to take over though oddly.

  99. Leedsgunner

    No doubt if we get in a big player tomorrow… the lemmings will be back. Conveniently forgetting that this is what Wenger always does. To cover up his complete lack of foresight and prep he brings in a big signing to hide his shortcomings.

    No more money. Wenger is not too big to fail. If Arsenal is to go forward he must be allowed to bear the consequences of his decisions.

  100. Marko

    Everything you’re saying about Xhaka with those comments is footballing ignorance. Nobody said he needs a formation around him, he (and plenty fucking others) need a defined role were others are disciplined and accountable.

    Define his role? It seems to me your argument re Xhaka is its not his fault he’s so bad he’s made to look bad cause he’s not paired with the right partner who I guess would do all the defensive work for two. I mean it’s incredible really. You could use the same logic with Ramsey though it’s not his fault he looks so bad he’s paired with someone who doesn’t do the defensive side of the game. And I mean even if we had the best DM in the world playing alongside Xhaka that shouldn’t absolve him of his defensive duties he still needs to do them whatever the set up and yet that side of the game he’s clearly so bad at

  101. Leedsgunner

    We are a mid table team now punching above our weight. Wenger is a mid table manager being paid a salary he doesn’t deserve.

  102. Barney75

    Just heard the Arsenal store was burgled last night….just another thing happening at Arsenal for everyone to laugh at,

  103. Charlie Nick

    I think the other question is; If it gets too bad and the board allow the fossil to resign as manager (no way will they sack him), will he go completely? Will he be moved upstairs to continue interfering or become the DOF he professes to know norhing about.

  104. Ishola70

    “I don’t see any English clubs contesting the Champions league because it’s a tougher competition than the Premier league.”

    Did you mean to say Bundesliga in that last part?

    To say a league is average is not to imply that another league is better.

    We can say that the Bundesliga and EPL are average and if the EPL is not seen as such by others it is very much over-rated nonetheless.

    There are good teams now not good leagues.

    You will always get a good player springing up in a team that is not one of the best of that certain league . Xhaka is not one of those players.