Transfer stories a frenzy of bad news | How to replace Wenger effectively

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Well, well,  well, hello darkness my old friend?

We have another monster pile of sun warmed week old milk for you this morning.

Chamberlain Update:

The OX has slapped Chelsea in the face with a stale kipper drawn from the earlier stated bowl of sun warmed milk. The smell is putrid but mildly satisfying, like a dose of Sunday morning own brew. The reasoning goes, the Ox does NOT want to play right wing back for the Champions. Instead, he wants to play central midfield for Liverpool, who also don’t look like they have a space for him. Unreal insider sabotage. He ruins Chelsea’s plans late on, and could possibly ruin Liverpool’s season by propping up their midfield badly for the 10 or so games he’ll be fit for.

Amazing that this is another player the stats websites talk favorably about. You’d think their shoddy analysis of Xhaka, Ramsey, and Ozil would have them give up?

I think Chamberlain wants to have a word with his handlers, who can’t possibly believe their luck in landing two bids from bigger clubs. Staggering a player who has less goals than Koscielny can be picky about where he’s going. Anyway, one thing is for sure here… he should be given no way back to Arsenal after his performance against a team he wanted to move to on Sunday. Literally, let him rot in the reserves all season if he wants to come back. Threaten to destroy his World Cup hopes. Arsenal fans should relentlessly boo him. He’s hit Ashley Cole levels of disgrace.

Aaron Ramsey:

The boy who was more interested in looking at the bench this weekend than the game, is apparently injured. Makes sense, no way Wenger ever makes a half-time change. However, my prediction we couldn’t rely on him for form or fitness appears to have come to fruition 3 weeks earlier than anticipated. Arsenal should sell him if he won’t commit and avoid another contract rundown. The guy is weak and unreliable. Move him on.

Alexis Sanchez:

The Chilean story doesn’t appear to have moved.  Well, it seems there’s no offer of a player from City. The story that we’re turning this nightmare on its head and offering them cash plus Sanchez for Sterling is quite unbelievable. I understand the switch up, but come on, Sterling is a very raw talent at the moment, and I’m not quite sure we’d be signing up a player who seems relatively integral to Pep’s plans? Don’t get me wrong, it’s better than having no cover, but we are literally a dumpster fire of a club right now, I can’t see why a young Brit with a questionable attitude would think he could grow under Arsene Wenger. He needs to be taught, he won’t get that at Arsenal.

John Cross:

He’s pulled together a rambling piece that’s likely come directly from Mark Gonnella. The jist of it is Wenger finally put his foot down. In front of the players? No. He told off his backroom team while the boys were away on international duty.

The backroom team he didn’t change this summer. The team of completely over the hill staff he insists on keeping at the club because they entrench his power, and fortify his dated ideas.

Anyway, the jist is he’s had enough of the players attitude and he’s going to sell names that don’t want to be there. He’s angry people.

‘What quickly became very clear was that Wenger was not prepared to stomach any player who was not fully committed to the cause.’

Yeah, he’s finally put his foot down against the players who are giving him bad vibes three games into the season. The man who said it was a good thing to have uncommitted players finally realises what everyone told him 2 months ago. Oh, and Alexis Sanchez is a massive problem. MASSIVE.

‘Sanchez was nowhere near match-fit for his first start of the season, but there was doubt over whether his mind was elsewhere as the dismal defeat unfolded or if he was just ring-rusty.’

The PR is so badly thought out that it’s actually blaming Alexis for not being match fit? Who analysed his preparedness? Shouldn’t that be the coach? What happened to our superstar fitness guru from Austrailia?

This story is most certainly not supposed to be leading you to hate the Chilean who we’re definitely selling. Not at all.


Wenger working the media to play the victim again. His usual strategy of deflecting the blame. The usual banter of zero accountability. It’s not like the club weren’t warned here. It’s not like the worst decision in our recent history was that new deal afforded to Wenger.

The club is actually siding with a busted talent that’s ruined the dressing room. Can you imagine any other sporting entity shipping the players we are for man who delivered 5th and 12 years worth of decline? You have Bilic facing the sack 3 games in, and we’re worried about Arsene seeing out two years?

Here’s another point. If we’d hired Allegri, all of those players would have signed deals. Wenger has zero pull in the game these days. You’re watching that issue unfold as we speak.

Carrying on from some of my chat yesterday about false internet influencers. Turns out one of the guys peddling stories about Arsenal’s cashflow problems (that I debunked here) has been deleting false stories that proclaimed Alexis and Ozil had signed deals. I also heard that some civilian ‘influencers’ are taking information from Arsenal’s PR team and not declaring. If you’re a fan and you’re peddling positive stories from the club and not declaring, that’s dirty. Very dirty.

Theo Walcott:

Another player with as much character as a broken Nespresso machine (Theo), is rumoured to be part of a deal that would see Virgil VD coming the other way. I love the premise of this, it seems to work for everyone, but I just can’t see something that simple panning out. Could Southampton pony up £110k a week? Very much doubt it. Shane Long is a better striker anyway.

The Plan:

If the club had any backbone, here’s what should happen.

The board should form a united front against Arsene Wenger. They need to pull together a dossier of things that have gone atrociously wrong this summer, and present it to Stan Kroenke with a plan of action how to rectify it. Wenger staying on is no longer a matter of opinion or debate, it’s a fact he’s finished. If you’re supporting him now, you don’t have the interests of the club in your heart.

Ideally, the short term plan should be to bank as much money as we can. Force out every single player we don’t want right now. Give Chamberlain no airtime. Take the maximum for Sanchez. Flog Ozil for anything you can get. Ship Jack Wilshere off. Move Ospina. Ruthless culling.

The manager should then be told he’s being moved on at the end of the season. The club should launch a search programme to identify the best Director of Football available in the world. The project at Lille is super interesting at the moment, identify the architects and interview them. Dortmund, Juventus, Monaco, Atleti the Redbull enterprise. Speak to them all and make an informed decision. Offer the best candidate a deal they can’t refuse.

Hire that person before Christmas, allow them time to assess the squad, the scouting network, the medical setup, the backroom staff.

Then draw up a plan of attack. Set the vision for who Arsenal want to be for the next 5 years (read what a vision looks like), and dictate how that’ll play out. Then build out the new team over the final months of Wenger’s contract, and hire the best possible management team possible. We don’t want a Pep G who’d come with 50 staff. We want a hungry coach we can make king. We should look at Sarri, Tuchel, Sampaoili, Nagelsmann, Hassenhutl, and Allegri. We should make them an offer they can’t refuse and work with them on recruitment like City did with Pep.

By next season, we ship out 10 players, bring in 10 players. Spend the preaseason restaffing. Remotivating the staff we want to keep. Retraining the players. Reworking the wage bill. Signing down the players we want to keep. Remaking Arsenal for the 21st century.

We start the new year afresh. New vision. New setup. New hope.

That’s how this should roll. No more fucking about, the gig is up. Time for a new band.

Won’t happen though, will it?

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    Oxlade has completed his medical with Liverpool apparently and City have sent people to Chile to complete the Sanchez transfer

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Someone has just posted a comment from Ornstein on Twitter from the 1st of June where he said his sources in Arsenal expected a summer of heavy investment with up to £150 Million to spend.

    Do not buy into the PR bullshit, yet another shield for Wenger. Utter, utter bullshit.

  3. Cesc Appeal

    The gravy train is being swarmed on all sides now as it slows down, those on board are throwing clothes, shoes, fittings the works into the furnace having run out of coal. That’s what this is, a desperate, pitiful last gasp attempt to stoke the fires and keep that gravy train rolling just a little longer.

  4. Thank you and goodnight

    Hahahahaha what makes me laugh is every transfer window akbs make excuses for him….” Christ we’ve still got 4 weeks of transfer window left why panic? No way would Wenger not sort out our deficincies”…….then when window closes and we’ve signed no one and they still continue to make excuses….sad Bastards

  5. Johnsgiles

    Well only 20 hours left of the disaster summer (since arsene re signed and window of 2017 (same as 2016, 2015 etc etc) to go ….

    Fully expext to see ox and sanchez gone … No one in ….total meltdown at the club……

    Some chat about values / we tried /difficult times/ no qualiteee/over inflated prices etc bull crap from wenger & club PR machine

  6. Follow the money

    It’s never Wenger’s fault. Oil money, refs, pgmol, etc etc etc. Such crap. I hope for whatever is necessary to get this poisonous fraud out of the club. If that means losing every game so be it. He should have left when he thought almunia was the answer in goal. Boy there was a major talent spotted by Wenger, who went on to win trophies with… never mind

  7. Bay Area Gooner

    Well at the end of the day Arsenal need to release its financials. Doesnt the AST have this type of info? Is this available to the public?
    Sounds like a smokescreen for a schambolic window.

    Its bereft of lies, and confusion to the fans. Utterly disgusting to be treated this way.

    The club is rotting so badly from within, that we are all sold lies.
    Gosh this sounds like the Trump regime more and more

  8. Jasongms

    Apparently, Arsenal/ Wenger wants to bring in Draxler before they sanction the move for Alexis to Citi…. Don’t do it boy stay in Paris for the love of God!

  9. Jasongms

    Funny that all the sycophantic Wenger boy’s that were given it large only a few months ago, have all surprisingly vanished, hmm wonder why!

  10. Johnsgiles

    How is it even possible that by close of play tommorow EVERY SINGLE club in the premier league will have spent (net) more than arsenal …..

    Just think about that for a moment …..every single club from Huddersfield to Man U will have spent more than arsenal who are going to be in flipping profit

  11. Elmo

    One angle that might explain the cash crunch:

    Kroenke took out a huge $ loan to pay for the LA stadium development, requiring a certain amount of collateral, with the loan being secured against AFC (an asset valued in GBP). Since sterling has slid dramatically against the US dollar, net book value of AFC in dollar terms has decreased substantially, leading to Kroenke instructing the CEO to build up assets and shed liabilities in order to stabilise the net book value of AFC in USD terms, so that he doesn’t breach the loan covenants.

    He has plenty of other assets, so I’d be sceptical of this being the case, but it’s an outside possibility.

  12. Johnsgiles

    Season ticket holders should be asking for this season for free, complimentary ham sandwiches and refunds on travel just to turn up …..

  13. Cesc Appeal

    Kroenke is the second largest land owner in the US as well isn’t he? He is married into one of the richest families on the planet as well as having his own wealth, I really doubt he has used Arsenal in any way against loans, if he had someone would have found out about it with all the intense focus on Arsenal’s finances.

    Usmanov would likely have found out and would have kicked up serious stink.

  14. Relieable Sauce

    Looks like the Arsenal website’s down. Shame, I was looking forward to see what kind of shit they were churning out.

    No comment coming out of the club from anyone other than a spokesperson I suppose?
    Wenger missed some managers night out as well. Keeping their heads well down.

    Will we even hear anything from them before the next PL game ??

  15. Jasongms

    “Kroenke took out a huge $ loan to pay for the LA stadium development, requiring a certain amount of collateral, with the loan being secured against AFC (an asset valued in GBP). Since sterling has slid dramatically against the US dollar, net book value of AFC in dollar terms has decreased substantially, leading to Kroenke instructing the CEO to build up assets and shed liabilities in order to stabilise the net book value of AFC in USD terms, so that he doesn’t breach the loan covenants.”

    Kroenke apart from being a billionaire himself is married to one of the wealthiest families in the world, so lets just put “he needs to leverage Arsenal accounts to fund XXX” to bed, yeah?

    Because it just sounds like another attempt to excuse Wenger and the shit show he’s overseen

  16. salparadisenyc

    The cash crunch is all about a supposed wage cap with profit and the %.

    Something Man City, United, PSG and other clubs have ignored but somehow has enabled us now impotent in the market.

    Total bollocks if you factor in the wages of our outs.

    Think real problem lies with Wenger not being able to attract the level of talent wanted so the excuse/pr machine is spinning away.

    The empire is crumbling.

  17. WengerEagle

    Wenger has proven before he is unwilling to spend even when there is money available the fanboys seem to forget awfully quickly.

    2015 summer window blatantly exposed him as a clueless penny pincher when he opted against signing a single outfielder.

    Only professional club in Europe not to add one.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I think so.

    If he did use Arsenal against a £1 Billion loan that just smacks of the type of thing that would have to come out, have to be declared and would appear as a charge or something on Arsenal’s accounts or annual reports, Usmanov owning a third of the club would surely have to know and taking into account that Kroenke does not own the full value of Arsenal at £1.2 Billion he owns about £800 Million of that or something.

    Even if it was hidden, somehow, I just do not think it would stay hidden. In a time where the media get hold of everything, where player desires are widely reported because of whispers on the training ground etc Arsenal being used against a £1 Billion loan would be leaked, likely from old heads in the club who would be disgusted and scared.

  19. Johnsgiles

    Hooray ox confirmed to Liverpool £40m , sanchez tomorrow for £70m so arsenal make a net profit of what £130m (ish) for the summer

    Great times for for arsenal … Happy back slaps all round for the board, wenger and kroenke…. Been our best summer ever!

    We don’t need a 4th place trophy if we have great summers like this

  20. Elmo

    Whether it’s an attempt to excuse Wenger or not is irrelevant. As we all know, he’s wasted vast sums on poor players, his method of exerting power has required running a huge squad of ridiculously overpaid, complicit cowards, and his team selection and tactics have been bizarre for years. It goes without saying that there’s absolutely no justification for him being employed. However, it would also be interesting to find out whether Kroenke has been up to anything so the ammunition is ready to move on him as soon as Wenger has been decapitated.

  21. Johnsgiles

    Seriously if we make a net summer profit of £130m (ish) when we needed to be spending £130m + to be vaguely competative that’s a £260m diffence …..there is something going on

  22. tonyd

    Congrats Pedro on your Mail piece. I always thought you had the nous to write for a national paper, and is why I joined this blog because of your posts and the many interesting and intelligent posters. Even some of the Wenger In’s add colour and objective views, such as CC of late.

    “Arsene Wenger has dug Arsenal into a hole they cannot get themselves out of… from the egocentric manager to gutless owners, this is the club’s worst transfer window in recent history”

    Read more:

  23. rollen

    So funny…
    So lucky to watch this crap from Western Canada …
    As I said early last season no top 4.
    Now we will be fighting relegation soon.
    Arsene build Emirates! LOL. Cost of cleaning up after his last 10 years will be double that.

  24. tonyd

    Happy to see Ox go, but can’t for the life of me see why Liverpool wanted him.

    Maybe time with Klopp will show why, but I’m still not convinced.

    It’s reported that City have advisors in Santiago ready to sign Sanches.

    Looks like we’ll have plenty of cash for the next manager.

    I still maintain, as I have being saying since the end of the season, that Wenger will be gone by January.

    So, still living in hope and that Wenger’s luck is going to finally run out from pulling back from the abyss he has found himself in so many times in the past 12 years.

    Then it will be 3 to 5 years to becoming a club who can seriously challenge for the EPL and CL. There will be many highs and lows in that time, but at least we can support the club knowing we are moving back in the right direction with a united fan base.

  25. Goobergooner.

    Champagne charlieAugust 30, 2017 12:27:34
    Because I think it’s more than reasonable to say a different manager would get a different output for 90% of the players at the club currently. Xhaka was superb for Gladbach, Lucas was superb for Depor, Mustafi was solid for Valencia and Germany, Cech was safe at Chelsea. It’s almost like they’ve come to Arsenal and the abandonment of any discipline or defensive impetus has hung them out to dry. Funny that.”

    “He was in a proper setup in Gladbach and made the bundesliga team of the season. You’re here calling him poop because in a Wenger side he’s getting flogged. Get a grip, can’t have it both ways.”

    Charles my man. I do understand where you come from with your opinions on Arsenal. And I have a respect for most posters on here, even though I am staunchly Wenger and Kroenke out.

    Even though you are a little contradictive of your old views with those two comments above, it just makes me happy to see you coming around haha.
    And yeah I know it is sad to be happy at someone else coming to terms with this shit show, but you are an intelligent fella and I just feel that this whole arsene vs Kroenke thing with the fans is bullshit. It should be both leave. However fucking way we can get them out.

    I may be misrepresenting your previous views, mistaking them for either Pierre’s or Alex henry or someone else who is good for the alternative views on here.

    It is just so many people have said for so long that under a new ‘manager’ (not just a new owner) we could do better with our resources. Now you’re trying to tell Marko off.

    You also can’t have it both ways.

  26. tonyd

    At least the Daily Mail has had the temerity to publish a piece directly exposing Wenger other papers or journalists have been too weak and afraid to write.

    However, the DM has also been smart in not using their own writers in case there is a blow back by Wenger et al.

    Hopefully, future press conferences will seek accountability from Wenger with purposeful questions meriting truthful answers, and where the interviewers are not content to accept Wenger’s lip service.

    Would love to see Tom Boyer write an unauthorised biography on Wenger as he’s done with Branson and many others. all great and enlightening reads.

    The Bower CV

    The Life: Born 28 September 1946. Lives in London. Married to the editor of London Evening Standard, Veronica Wadley. Four children.

    For those interested:

    Tom Boyer

    The Work: Panorama reporter early in his career. Investigative journalist.

    Books: Outrageous Fortune: The Rise and Ruin of Conrad and Lady Black (published in 2006) is the latest in his series of investigative biographies. Other subjects include Richard Branson, Robert Maxwell, Gordon Brown and Mohamed al-Fayed. Also, Broken Dreams (2003), a study of professional football.

  27. Champagne charlie

    Official statement from Algerian National side stating Mahrez has been given permission to leave the team to finalise a transfer to his new club today.

    Be absolute banter if we end up selling Alexis and can’t even manage to sign Mahrez who has essentially been sat waiting for us all summer.

    Fuck working this late. I hope the chaos is done with when I wake up.

  28. Jacko

    What are the odds that Wenger will be officiating a charity event somewhere in Europe tomorrow, instead of attending to the needs of the club?

    It wouldn’t be the first time, such is his contempt for the fans.

    That’s said, maybe the further away he is, the less damage he can cause.

  29. Bay Area Gooner

    Mahrez – I agree the poor chap has been waiting for us for like 2 seasons already!
    Surely we should be able to land him. But oh wait…. Barca is calling.
    Damn here we go again

  30. Bay Area Gooner

    IF what im hearing is true about our lack of signings due to heavy wages then there is something terribly wrong the economist could not figure out.

    This just fucking sucks.

    I mean even my local McDonalds is run better than this.

  31. GuNZ

    Well now Oxlade is gone
    But Özil’s still here
    And Mahrez has been waiting
    Over two years
    And I’ve got to get used to two more years of Wenger
    Wenger! Wenger! Who the fuck is Wenger?!

    A solipsistic, psychotic, flabby-lipped self-loving fan boy, that’s who.

  32. GuNZ

    And where is my Giroud in all this? Where is my Golden Boy? My Jamie Lannister? My slab of luscious nougat? Who cares about him now, and who he has to play up front with? well, I do! I care about you, Olivier, even if everyone else on Le Grove and around the world has forgotten you and is focusing their gold-fish-span attention on self-serving primadonnas like that nasty Ox boy with the funny hair do, and that moody little Latino type, Sanchez, who didn’t like to give you the ball and hogged it all for himself. I still love you, Olivier, even if no one else does.

  33. peanuts&monkeys

    “How to replace the cunt effectively?” is in itself sucking up to the devil, the motherf*&^$## satan?

    losers, any replacement is effective, given the stage WengerMF has reached now. He is simply a stinking fosssil. THE TEAM NEEDS FRESH ENVIRONS TO PLAY. GET ANYONE, LOSERS,…ANYFUCKINGONE.

  34. Barney75

    ‘What quickly became very clear was that Wenger was not prepared to stomach any player who was not fully committed to the cause. And the biggest question mark of all was about Alexis Sanchez after his performance in the defeat at Liverpool.’

    what is the cause at Arsenal….strolling round the pitch like a zombi for 90 minutes? playing people of out position every match? developing an inadequate squad? freedom of expression like doing backheels in your own six-yard box….Yeah I can see why our one world-class player might not be committed to ‘the cause’.

  35. Wallace

    if we get 110m for the Ox and Alexis then fair enough. crazy money. but it’s got to be two players incoming. an Alexis replacement and a CM. if it’s only an Alexis replacement then we’re really struggling.

  36. TitsMcGee

    I don’t think it matters who we sign at this point but would be crazy of Wenger not to sign anyone of note.

    Hard to see it though. Seems like he’s just trying to please Kroenke at this point.

  37. Leedsgunner

    Wenger never replaces same quality with same quality in the same window. He always seeks a cheaper option to make and do and plugs the gap in the following transfer window usually a year or two too late. That’s why any sales proceeds will be banked never to be seen again.

    Think RvP replaced with Giroud
    Think Nasri replaced with Gervinho
    Think Henry replaced with Eduardo

    This dithering of course creates a problem of its own in a market where market evaluations of players are rising.

    The quality of what you can get with the same money that you were willing to spend a year ago is lower…

    Unless of course if you bidding for Arsenal stars… strangely our players offer great value to other clubs.

  38. Frank Mc

    Wallace, you’d struggle to replace Sanchez at the start of the window let alone now. Yeah it’s great getting all this money in but we need solid replacements pronto.

    Groundhog transfer window.

  39. tonyd

    Even if somehow elite players wanted to play for Wenger, nothing is going to change. Wenger will get over this hurdle and fall back into his normal service resumption.

    I would dearly love to share your optimism, Wallace, but I just can’t until Wenger has left the club entirely.

    Mahrez is not an elite player but better than Ox by a country mile. He has a suspect temperament when things are going wrong, so playing for Wenger is going to test like he’s never experienced before.

    I ask myself why would a player wait for 2 years for Wenger to sign him after witnessing continual failure bar an FA cup? The only thing I can think of is money.

    3 or 4 years on a huge salary and no accountability.

    The other thing that bothers me is why hasn’t another elite Spanish, German French or Italian club tried to sign Mahrez?

    Smacks of the Ozil problems: consistency, laziness, and going missing in tough games perhaps?

    Liverpool went for Salah.

  40. Frank Mc

    Actually scrap that you could replace our entire team with Real Madrid’s team and Wenger would fuck it up…

  41. Wallace

    if we sell Alexis then that’s near enough 100m in profit on this summer’s window. the wage cap can’t be an issue when we’re offloading Szcz, Jenks, Gibbs, Gabriel, the Ox & Alexis. just no way we can end this summer in profit after the disappointment of last season.

  42. Frank Mc

    “just no way we can end this summer in profit after the disappointment of last season.”

    This is Arsenal we’re talking about!

  43. tonyd

    Wenger gets to keep Stan happy again at the expense of the fans and club.

    I wonder what actually was agreed with Stan when Wenger creeped in his back door to seal his 2 year contract?

    £100+ million in the bank plus top 4 finish, I would imagine. Certainly wouldn’t have been trophies or a serious challenge for the EPL.

    Ah, how remiss of me: Top 4 finish is a trophy!

  44. Frank Mc

    Chile take Paraguay in the World Cup qualifiers on 31 August and the Gunners forward is currently on international duty with the national team. Pizzi has denied speculation suggesting Sanchez has requested to leave the training camp to sort out his future.

    “No. It’s absolutely false. That permission never existed. Sometimes players request authorisation for some things and sometimes we grant them and other times we don’t,” Pizzi explained, as quoted by emol.

    “I’m against rigid decisions, each case is different. We consider the individual situation of each player regarding many variables. But we always take into account that we are in a national team camp. He is very, very good. He is happy.

    “Until the deadline for transfers is closed, it’s difficult to elucidate Alexis’ future. In any of the possible options that are being handled, his future is very good. Then there is no reason for him to be dissatisfied or annoyed.”

  45. TitsMcGee

    I wonder what actually was agreed with Stan when Wenger creeped in his back door to seal his 2 year contract?”

    Did this meeting really happen?

  46. TitsMcGee

    100+ million in the bank plus top 4 finish, I would imagine. Certainly wouldn’t have been trophies or a serious challenge for the EPL”

    He sells Sanchez and doesn’t replace him and he won’t finish top 4. Not this season

  47. tonyd

    That’s a bit harsh on Wallace. He’s going to have to come to terms of losing Wenger soon.

    Poor chap. His world is going to come crashing down around him with the realisation that us horrible WOBs were right all along.

  48. TR7

    What are the options available – Mahrez, Draxler, Seri, Evans, Carvalho, VVD.

    Irrespective of what happens today, we have made a complete mess of this TW. One would have thought there would be a positive reaction (albeit reluctantly) from Wenger & Co. in the aftermath of last season debacle and protests but they have instead reached a new level of ineptitude.

  49. tonyd

    Not any future season if Wenger and his regime is still in charge.

    When I watched Gazidis’s video giving the love to Wenger I wondered if he ran to the toilet after to laugh hysterically.

    I thought Gizidis’ performance was a worthy Stanly Tucci rendition; oscar performance.

    Wonder what he’s thinking now?

  50. Dream10

    One of the club’s biggest problems is that we have become poor sellers in the market. AW has done a complete 180 over the last five years. Instead of selling frequently, he hoardes players now. He sells when he needs to rather than selling opportunistically. City offered 35m for the Wilsh in 2015. Should have taken it. Arsenal’s form only improved when he got injured that season. Squad players like Welbeck, Walcott, Ospina, could have all been shipped out before they want to go.
    Spurs got 18m for Kevin Wimmer who hardly plays. They might get something similar for Janssen if they sell him. Crystal Palace will sell Andros Townsend to Leicester for 25m to replace Mahrez.
    Fcuking hell !!! Our negotiating to sell and buy (AW influenced no doubt) is garbage.
    A few “itk” ppl on twitter have mentioned multiple times that certain agents avoid dealing with Arsenal because of derisory initial offers.

  51. tonyd

    Yes, but this is Wenger’s reinvention of himself & Gazidis’ Catalyst for change!

    Could we really expect anything different to what we’re facing now from two of the biggest con men in football & a geriatric board who had sold all their shares, and Kroenle telling Wenger: “Show me the money”?

  52. Wallace


    “Poor chap. His world is going to come crashing down around him with the realisation that us horrible WOBs were right all along.”

    I’ve been around a while. seen a lot worse Arsenal sides than the current one.

  53. tonyd

    Dream 10
    It’s money and nothing else that has kept Wenger in the job.

    I’m actually happy that Wenger is poor with football economics in the TW window, it’s what is likely to get him sacked.

    He was finished tactically 10 years ago.

  54. tonyd

    Was just kidding. I got the impression from your posts, you like me, have been supporting The Arsenal for a very long time.

  55. Dream10


    If carpet wig hasn’t sacked AW for previous big losses and poor transfer windows, doubt it’ll happen.

  56. TitsMcGee

    David Ornstein @bbcsport_david
    Aside from unchanged Alexis Sanchez situation, only significant Arsenal exit today would be Lucas Perez leaving a year after joining #AFC


  57. Rambo Ramsey

    Think its obvious what deal Wenger cut with the board.

    The losses through failure to qualify for CL coupled with the losses that occurs through holding Sanchez & Ozil to their contracts need to be mitigated. Hence why we have spent money on one player only and are in the process to desperately sell off players and end the window with a profit.

    Just reiterates what we’ve known all along- Money and financial health are what matter most to the management. While likes of Chelsea, City, United are prepared to take a loss every now and then.

  58. raptora

    Right after seeing the team’s starting lineup vs Liverpool I wrote that it just doesn’t make any sense. I also said something along the lines of “It looks like we could get humiliated. Is Wenger trying to force Alexis to hand in a transfer request?!”. What if his idea all along was to denounce Alexis and Chamberlain for not wanting to play for the club anymore. It would put logic in Arsenal selling them both. The narrative clearly is “sell anyone who doesn’t want to wear the shirt” condemning the players and making Wenger the scapegoat. Mahrez and Evans. Those are players that would be okay for Everton or West Ham. Not for the effin Arsenal.

  59. TR7

    Ornstein – The club Riyad Mahrez has left the Algeria squad to sign for is… not Arsenal. #AFC are not in contention for the #LCFC winger #bbcfootball

  60. Wenker-wanger

    Arsenal will sell Sanchez to city provided they get draxler from PSG.
    So there is some hope of some positive outcome in this Wenger mismanaged mess.

  61. Ughelligunner

    Red, who said Arsenal has any ambition to win the league? Any loss accumulated over recent years have been expected and accepted so far the bank balance is intact. Arsenal fans still havent come to a realisation that nothing will change, wenger or no wenger as far as kronke remains incharge, our target is top 6.

  62. TitsMcGee

    David Ornstein
    David Ornstein @bbcsport_david
    So Mustafi stays (suiting neither him nor Arsenal) & that means #AFC ending own interest in signing #WBA Evans – also a target for #LCFC !

    Arsenal have no plans to replace AOC & no money for major signings, but only way Sanchez leaves is if #AFC get massive money & replacement.

    Lol whut?

  63. raptora

    Lol at the possible outcome of us selling both Chamberlain and Alexis while not signing anyone. It would put us above Monaco in profit in this TW – we at a plus of ~£90m, Monaco at ~£70m. Talking about Monaco team getting teared up apart. #banter

  64. Ughelligunner

    It is all about realisation. I have always said it from the begining, we either accept our mediocrity or go hard to impeach kronke. (500 pitch invaders on every home matches wearing protest shirts, with the fans base ready to protest if the invaders are ban from entering the stadium). Can anybody imagine a new manager coming in to start speding money every season, the money wenger refused to spend and kronke still gave him a new contract? Any manager that comes to arsenal will tow the kronke/wenger line, the “VALUES LINE”. I am guessing Steve Bould/jens Lehman Combo for next arsenal manager. i have noticed Wenger Keeps hiring Arsenal explayers to manage the first team who are immuned to outside critism.

  65. Phallasaurus

    The Ox for £35 -40M is in my mind pretty good money for an overrated player with less than a year on his contract. If Citeh put down £65 -70M then Sanchez is gone, no question. If it’s that or a player that doesn’t want to play for us then so be it. Youngish keeper with some attitude issues but plenty potential sold cheaply to Juventus because our manager couldn’t handle him.

    Perez, although a better finisher than Welbeck will ever be, will be let go and good luck to him.

    Debuchy may be loaned out to do some charity work for Medecins sans Frontieres.

    No money for anymore major signings? My hairy hole!!

    Pitchforks to the ready.

  66. Steveyg87

    I sincerely hope that we partake in no further business this window unless we rid ourselves of deadwood, a late swoop for Ramsey maybe? one can dream… If Wenger thinks he’s so smart and knows better than us. lets see how this season unfolds with what we have. The board,owner and the parasite himself, I think, have seriously underestimated the disgruntlement among the fans. He will always be one loss away from having the fans turn on him from here on out. Things have been bad before, but in my time I have supported the club, this is the worst it’s been

  67. TitsMcGee

    This season is about to go tits up (pun intended) if we sell Alexis and don’t replace him. Especially with £110 million in the bank(assuming we do sell Sanchez).

    What a joke.

  68. Relieable Sauce

    People STILL want them to spend money !?!?!?

    Gluttons for punishment.

    Guy on TS this morning:

    – I was excited at the start of the season.

    – Wenger’s going to look silly if we don’t sign anyone.

    …Yeah, we wouldn’t want him looking silly now.

    : /

  69. TitsMcGee

    People STILL want them to spend money !?!?!?”

    I for one don’t want him to but it’s the obvious weakness of the club and lack of planning that gets me. They tried to ship out Mustafi a year after buying him because he’s supposedly one of the dissenters.

    I hope we keep all of the dissenters and Wenger has turmoil in the dressing room all season.

  70. Ishola70

    ” Any manager that comes to arsenal will tow the kronke/wenger line”

    Let’s just hope Wenger toddles of real soon and that in turn gets rid of Kroenke as well.

    Remember Kroenke is at Arsenal because of Arsene Wenger and Wenger was spouting values before Kroenke came in through the door,

    Get the old fossil out first who now works for the money men and has done for a long time and then this may result in the end of interest from Kroenke.

    As others have said plenty of times before Wenger is a shield for Kroenke.

  71. tonyd

    If we don’t sell Sanches, he’ll be a dead weight for the season always throwing his toys out of the pram. The rumour is that the players don’t like him and the dressing room is toxic between the players & Sanches.

    It will also be gross financial negligence on the part of Wenger for letting him go on a free at the end of the season, especially as Wenger is only keeping him to save his job from finishing below 10th.

    We didn’t qualify for the CL last season with Sanches, and we won’t this season. We probably won’t get half his goals and assists.

    It’s going to be a cold, lonely winter of discontent for Wenger.

  72. TR7

    £90M last summer on useless acquisitions + £50M CL money loss + About £80M opportunity loss from not selling Sanchez and Ozil= Approximately £200M down the drain from Kroenke point of view. No wonder he has further tightened his purse strings. Put all this in the backdrop of his huge £1 billion loan from JPMC and everything starts to make sense. No excuses for Wenger from footballing point of view but Stan is as big a stumbling block as Wenger.

  73. Relieable Sauce


    So tempting to want to act like normal footy fans I suppose but…

    Good that we are clearing out some deadwood, or at least some. Just hope they don’t start giving out pay rises and contracts to some of the of the other wasters.

    You think Mustafi staying?
    Relations look pretty bad and it’s world cup year, would think he’d be pushing hard to get away. Guess we’re not getting £30m + offers for him.

  74. Ishola70

    It really is a sorry state of affairs when the club/Wenger have no idea at all how they can cope with losing one player albeit a world class player and drag this on for so long destabilising.

    Maybe there is a chance of Draxler though.

    This is a player that joined Wolfsburg previously lol

  75. James wood

    If the accounts have been manipulated to sort kronky’s
    problems out in LA ?
    Would that not disqualify him from being an owner of Arsenal.

    All our problems solved.

  76. Ishola70

    Maybe they can get a package ready to interest Draxler.

    If he can join a car plant factory team just two years ago then a possibility that he will not be adverse to joining.

  77. gonsterous

    great read pedders and you r right, nothings going to be done.. same ol arsenal…. sorry I’m on vacation and haven’t had the time to read up on the posts or comments..

  78. TitsMcGee

    You think Mustafi staying?
    Relations look pretty bad and it’s world cup year, would think he’d be pushing hard to get away. Guess we’re not getting £30m + offers for him.”

    According to Ornstein he is.

    “Good that we are clearing out some deadwood,”

    We cleared out Gibbs and Ox so far with Perez to come supposedly. Sanchez possible(big loss if you ask me).

    Clearing out deadwood is fine but surely the goal should be to replace said deadweight with proper players. However like i have said before, we’ll continue to rot as long as Wenger is here.

  79. Samir

    Personally right now I would rather Sanchez just leaves and no replacements are brought in. The season is already gone even if we brought in Draxler. Wenger should not be allowed to spend a penny and leave at Christmas time.

  80. Pierre

    Just watching sky’s “let’s slag off the arsenal at every opportunity” show…. Formerly known as the transfer window..

    It’s hilarious, Jamie redknapp, craig Bellamy, and townshend to name but a few all queuing up to give their opinions.

    At present, the reality is, we have bought lacazette and Kolasinac and sold ox and Gibbs so whichever way you look at it, we are slightly better off… Not brilliant, I agree but not quite as bad as is being reported is it.

  81. Confidentgoner

    Anyone putting any modicum if hope or faith in AW to do right for Arsenal Football Club must be in dreamland. Until Mr Wenger leaves, no progress for AFC. Dowhill from now on.

    Does this remind anyone of his stint in Monaco?

  82. Samesong

    At present, the reality is, we have bought lacazette and Kolasinac and sold ox and Gibbs so whichever way you look at it, we are slightly better off… Not brilliant, I agree but not quite as bad as is being reported is it.

    We are not better off because we still have a bad apple that doesn’t want to be
    at the club. Kolasinac is being played out of position and the manager favours Welshit over Lacazette.

    Those pundits are entitled to their opinion maybe the truth actually hurts

  83. Pierre

    “If we don’t sell Sanches, he’ll be a dead weight for the season always throwing his toys out of the pram.”

    Agree, sell him.. He will drag the club down even further.. Sanchez is only interested in one person.. Alexis sanchez

  84. James wood

    These pundits have played at the highest level.?
    They are not slagging Arsenal off.
    They are slagging of the manager and all the components around him.

    You wound’ want them supporting Wenger would you.?

  85. TitsMcGee

    At present, the reality is, we have bought lacazette and Kolasinac and sold ox and Gibbs so whichever way you look at it, we are slightly better off… Not brilliant, I agree but not quite as bad as is being reported is it.”

    It’s a shambles of a window the way it’s been handled. If you lose someone like Sanchez you should do your business early enough that an adequate replacement is found.

    We also came it 5th last season. Two signings is woeful for any club that actually gives a shiite about winning.

  86. TitsMcGee

    Agree, sell him.. He will drag the club down even further.. Sanchez is only interested in one person.. Alexis sanchez”

    Perhaps he’s interested in winning? Just a thought because you know…

  87. Elmo

    If Sanchez is going, why on earth are we loaning out Perez?

    We’re about to lose over 1/3 of our goalscoring output from last season in Sanchez, and while Perez wasn’t given a chance by Wenger, when he played he always looked like scoring and provided a genuine 6 yard box presence drifting in from wide. Why let him go when he could contribute 10+ goals (something Welbz can’t achieve)?

    Is Wenger expecting Lacazette to score 40 this season? Remember that our midfield generated no more than 1 or 2 goals each last year.

  88. shaun

    it is quite simple now, if wenger finishs the window in profit by millions and we have no additions to the squad after selling two key players .The man is a total and utter and deserves no respect at all from any fan’s it’s way past blatant now .taking the absolute piss with his selections , taking the piss with the transfer window and now we here he is having a go at his back room staff lol……………………… It actually seems like he hates arsenal fans and really just wants Arsene fans , balloons and piss an interesting pairing me thinks

  89. TBone

    This “there’s no money for transfers” crap we’re hearing is total bullshit. This transfer window only makes sense when you view it through the prism of Wenger’s transfer philosophy. He has stated many times that he only brings in “super quality” players that he believes will improve the quality of the squad, hence the Lemar and Mbappe interest. When those players became out of reach, he refused to settle for what he considers lesser players. He probably thinks the likes of Virgil Van Dyke and William Carvalho aren’t good enough for Arsenal.

    This is a fundamental flaw of Wenger. He thinks he needs highly skilled fancy Dans in every position to create a good team. Sometimes all you need is an experienced grafter to keep things ticking over and allow the fancy Dans to play. Players like Bould, Keown etc.

    My belief is that the failure of this transfer window is mostly the fault of Wenger.