INSANE transfer round-up from Arsenal Tuesday Night Massacre

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I’ve been told by a number of friends that comparing Arsene Wenger to an authoritarian leader is not fair, but damn, this is like the end of days of a regime, when all the generals are fleeing to countries that’ll cut them a deal, and they’re making Arsene Wenger’s dog Secretary of Defence.

As many have pointed out, at most clubs, when the manager loses the dressing room, the manager loses their job. Arsenal is so caught up in chasing the value dragon, they’re actually firing the entire dressing room.

This is the Tuesday Night Massacre.

So to recap. The story being leaked to various accounts is that Arsene has decided to sell the players who don’t represent the clubs values.


Arsene Wenger is succumbing to the realities of corporate football. We always KNEW he’d not get away with allowing £100m worth of talent to leave for free next summer. The club has told him he has to sell.

To reiterate, this is history repeating itself. 8 years ago, Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri were still on our books after a 0-0 draw at Newcastle. The manager is on record at the press conference saying he expected both to stay. Guess what? Both left because you don’t keep players who don’t want to be there.

Wenger lied to the fans, and he lied to himself. He knew he was always going to sell his big names this summer. The absolute sadness in this whole situation is the club leaked that the futures of Sanchez and Ozil depended on the manager signing a new deal… and I think Wenger bought into that notion. His staunch resistance has been one massive ego trip that has derailed our summer. Reality is, if we’d hired Max Allegri, all players would have signed new deals and we’d be in much better shape.

So where are we?

Alexis Sanchez: City are going hard for the Chilean. Mega mouthpiece John Cross tried to soften the sale by indicating Arsenal had been offered Raheem Sterling, but City journos have refuted that and said City will go hard with cash. If Arsenal had a f*cking clue about their players, they would have driven Alexis to Paris and presented him to their Sheikh’s smelling fresh with a bow on his head. I cannot believe we’re now boxed into a ‘sell him to a rival’ corner. Savage.

Update: Arsenal are actually offering City cash PLUS Sanchez for Raheem Sterling… oh my days, pass the sick bucket or END THIS MADNESS

Chamberlain: Somehow, he’s managed to attract the attention of Liverpool and Chelsea. A player who has had 3-4 good performances in 5 years, has only scored one more goal than Koscielny and has a patchy assist record… is about to leave for £35m. But here’s the killer, he’s now important in our possibly defunct formation and we’ve sold him to a rival with no plan to replace. And please, don’t come to me with Reiss Nelson. Let the child grow.

Mustafi: Various people are saying Wenger doesn’t fancy a defender many were hailing as the new Baresi. He’s gone from being hugely important to a cast off both Inter and Juventus fancy. This signing was an appalling one from a super average team. Wenger basically saw him in the German national team and bought without any sort of understanding of quite how average he was. Now he’s going to be sent packing and our response to replacing him is Jonny Evans. A solid, but bland decision, considering he’s 29 years old.

Kieran Gibbs: Couldn’t agree terms with Watford, which means he was too expensive. The biggest bottle job in an Arsenal shirt is now attracting interest from 7th place rivals West Brom for £5m. He should be told to leave, or face sitting in a bucket of pig shite for the season. His contract is a disgrace to the term meritocracy.

Players in:

Like the last days of Pablo, things started getting tough when everyone knew the cartel was sinking. We’re now at the point where we’d struggle to land Charles N’Zogbia with the lure of a 6 year deal. The list of ins is pretty sad.

So far:

Julian Draxler’s agentshas aggressively stated his client will not be leaving PSG (PSG selling Krychowiak to Leicester)

Thomas Lemar deal looks like it could be on as Liverpool offer Origi and a bunch of cash. So much for ‘not for sale’

MAYBE, Southampton will sell us VVD in exchange for Theo Walcott. I’ll have me some of that…

Anyway, that’s me done, I have to get a post out, this is f*cking insane. Read this from earlier.


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  1. Pierre

    “If Spurs had another £80 Million on top of their annual wage bill, £250 Million in cash in the bank, a £100 Million transfer budget.”

    Interesting to here you defending Pochettino as I can’t remember fans like you defending Wenger when he was in exactly the same situation as Pochettino is now..

  2. Dissenter

    Untold Arsenal has turned to anti-Arsene
    They can’t ban every comment can they. The tide has turned…6 months too late.
    The vast majority of people now know that Wenger’s time has passed.

  3. Cesc Appeal

    The PR machine is now trying to peddle that Wenger is somehow cutting out the rot (haha rot on rot action) and is questioning the attitude of the players.

    Really is amazing, like clanging a typewriter back for another line, Wenger gets to reset again and start on another project and somehow it is the players who are at fault, again.

    It is getting to the point of bewilderment now, this protect Wenger machine.

    Has there ever been a manager in football history who has had more passes, more excuses, more let offs and who is more irrationally defended at every single turn throwing literally everything else under the bus than Wenger?

    Serious question. Really is so unfair on Arsenal fans, any other manager, any other manager would either have walked or would have been hounded out. The gall of this man is quite something, but then he does not have to exist in reality, does he? He plays at being a football manager.

  4. jwl

    Peter Principle:

    The Peter Principle is an observation that the tendency in most organizational hierarchies, such as that of a corporation, is for every employee to rise in the hierarchy through promotion until they reach the levels of their respective incompetence.

    The Peter Principle is based on the logical idea that competent employees will continue to be promoted, but at some point will be promoted into positions for which they are incompetent, and they will then remain in those positions because of the fact that they do not demonstrate any further competence that would get them recognized for additional promotion.

    According to the Peter Principle, every position in a given hierarchy will eventually be filled by employees who are incompetent to fulfill the job duties of their respective positions.

  5. Pierre

    “Which unfamiliar ground did we play our games while the Emirates was being built?”

    No making a lot of sense really are you

    The emirates was an unfamiliar ground when we first moved there.
    In fact it was more unfamiliar than spurs playing at Wembley this season as they have already played numerous times at Wembley.

  6. Dissenter

    This is Alexanderhenry;s comment on Untold Arsenal today
    29/08/2017 at 2:19 pm

    You are certainly an original. Some of your logic is extraordinary and it certainly goes against the grain. Summing points made on this article and the one you posted yesterday, you seem to think:

    1) Fans shouldn’t protest or complain when arsenal do badly.
    2) You never get angry at arsenal whatever happens
    3) When a team plays badly it’s not the manager’s fault
    4) Changing managers is bad
    5) There is a ‘secret society’ of referees who are all against arsenal
    6) The football press are biased against arsenal and write articles to deliberately disrupt the club
    7) Despite arsenal’s terrible form, baffling tactical set up and car crash of a transfer window the important thing is for us all to expose corruption in the press and amongst referees.

    Well, I disagree I’m afraid:

    1) Fans have every right to complain and protest especially if they pay arsenal’s very high ticket prices.
    2) I envy you, but 99% of football fans get angry rather a lot.
    3) It’s not always completely his fault, but most of the time, it is.
    4) That depends on whether he’s doing a good job.
    5) On referees, there was a period when I thought they allowed too many teams to kick us off the pitch. These days, there is a problem with their overall standard. They make too many mistakes and should be trained better. However, there is no anti arsenal conspiracy.
    6) The press do what they do. They publish a lot of gossip and opinion. It doesn’t bother me. I like transfer speculation. Also, journos are human beings, so they’re bound to have favourite teams. Again, there is no anti arsenal conspiracy.
    7) In case you haven’t noticed there’s something of a crisis going on at arsenal. Two things have been revealed.
    Firstly, wenger is past it- and i’m a wenger fan. He’s 68 and seems to have lost his judgement on players and tactics. He was a great manager, arsenal’s greatest post war, but his time is up.
    Secondly, we have an owner who is not suitable for arsenal football club. He is a negligent, greedy incompetent, disinterested leech and has allowed the club to diminish ever since he got involved. He must go ”

    Good job. AlexH
    Measured, balanced and well reasoned.

  7. Pierre

    “The vast majority of people now know that Wenger’s time has passed.”

    Absolutely correct… The sooner he leaves the better..

  8. Cesc Appeal


    I turned on Wenger in 2011.

    So yeah, I was an idiot like you for a long long time illogically and irrationally defending him, thinking he was the greatest talent producer in the world, if only he had money etc.

    Grew up though.

  9. Bay Area Gooner

    What the heck is Firing worthy to Arsenal?
    Wenger stabbing ppl on the streets? Gutting his first team?
    can someone tell me?? what the heck will get this man fired?
    Some say loss of $ to Kronke but that will take a long time. Not like we are dirt poor right now.
    There has to be something else.!
    May be get some dirt on this asshole and use that against him? DNA tests for Walcott? Ramsey? Wenger your daddy???? eh????

  10. Barney75

    Even Tony at Untold was questioning Wenger’s tactics the other day, plus he’s dropped all the ‘Lord Wenger: coach of the decade’ nonsense

  11. Pierre

    “So yeah, I was an idiot like you for a long long time illogically and irrationally defending him, thinking he was the greatest talent producer in the world, if only he had money etc…. Grew up though.”

    you wasn’t an idiot for supporting a man that produced teams of quality with top players..

    But you are an idiot for making your last comment

  12. Cesc Appeal


    As you say it is all too late, the respect Wenger crowd have a big hand in the current state of things. Look at the PR now, throwing the entire team under the bus as if this is something new that we have not seen before. Really is quite incredible.

    I cannot remember who it was at the weekend who said when people talk about Wenger’s positives after he is gone it will always be followed by a ‘but’ now. That is so true, and I honestly think it will take years for many Arsenal fans to even want to talk about him positively once he finally f**ks off.

    I literally could not give less of shit about what he did in the past, his conduct, particularly over the last twelve or so months, has been utterly disrespectful to the club and the fans. He has been conniving, cowardly, stubborn, egotistical and is causing severe damage to the club now. As a fan you respect your club first, respecting Wenger only comes if he is respecting the club, he is not.

  13. Marko

    Does anyone else think it is going downhill a bit?

    Yes the writing has suffered a bit since going beyond the books. Still a great show but yeah certainly lost a bit of the magic from earlier seasons. Buutt in saying all that the penultimate episode and the Dragon/Dotraki attack on the lannister supply carriage stuff was great. Character development though is non-existent though

  14. Johnsgiles


    Please how can u still be trying to defend the ongoing ineptitude at arsenal?????

    You’re no deflecting to talk about Spurs ffs man

  15. Johnsgiles

    * you’re now….

    We all had to listen to your bizarre ramblings all summer

    Just for once go ‘I was wrong and the club is in the biggest shite hole’

  16. Cesc Appeal


    Just feels like the takeaways from this entire season we all came in the last ten minutes of the last episode. Was a throwaway season really and for the first time it felt really Hollywood, everyone is safe, nothing really happens and we are just trying to build to big CGI moments.

    So much of it does not make sense either anymore, why did they not roast the Night King? Why would you ever think about trusting Cersei? Little moments as well that show the writers have lost it like Jon getting out into the wilderness and then offering Jorah his weapon, the Night King letting them sit on an island for what presumably was two days, Jon somehow surviving submersion in an icy lake and then hours and hours on horseback soaking wet in arctic conditions.

  17. Johnsgiles

    Or is every decent player wanting out, even untold turning, every arsenal legend going don’t recognise the club anymore, every commentator/anyone who knows the game going no idea what arsene is up to, everyone (well most) of us for years going this was coming, the fact we are going to end up with a profit on players come thursday/ friday, the fact we finished 5th last season , we’ve been humiliated at Liverpool… I could go on

    What are you waiting for before you’ll finally go it’s all a frigging mess ?????

  18. Champagne charlie


    Not for me, the growth of characters and storyline development has happened. Now all that’s left is the battle and wreckage it leaves.

    I’d fee aggrieved if they covered it in a 2 hot special. The final half dozen will be a drawn out battle and tying up of character stories.

    It’s been a fantastic series and I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds. In fact I think of GoT and genuinely feel excited to dig further into the world.

    I think of Arsenal and feel compelled to dig my hand into a wall. Good times

  19. Redtruth

    I have not seen any demonstrations outside the Emirates stadium demanding resignations which tells me the fans are the biggest joke in this whole debacle…

  20. Phallasaurus

    I recall being here a couple of years ago, the year when we only bought Cech. I remember the final few days of the window ticking by and thinking there was no way wed not get a couple of last minute bodies in. No way he’d actually go into a new season without buying anyone. No way could he fail to address our obvious gaps in the squad.
    Even on the last day I somehow clung onto the hope that we’d be able to land a last minute Ozil like signing, even double checked the next morning ffs.

    But no, nothing, not a fucking bean, not even a loan player patch till January. What a horrible deflated feeling that was. How the hell could he do that, how could he be allowed to do it? Shame on the cunts!

    This was probably the last season you could still suggest we only needed 2 or 3 players to compete. Shit, remember that line?

    Onto this year, and what a complete farce it’s become, tragic even. The club is the laughing stock of Europe on and off the field.

    It’s going to have to get a lot worse before there’s any chance of change. They’ve pretty much chucked a decade of opportunity down the toilet, well unless you happen to own 69% of the clubs shares that is. Or you were one of the fuckers that sold them to him.

    Can’t see us ever getting back to where we were let alone be one of Europe’s elites as was sold.

  21. Bay Area Gooner

    I know this has crossed many minds but if we win and we probably will win against Bournemouth, what happens next? The malaise kicks in again.

    How do we sustain the movement? I know it had traction last year but faded with the FA cup win. Wenger changing to 3 in the back etc.

    That is my worry. YOu can already see WEnger in the post match conference.

    Its disgusting.
    and annoying

  22. alexanderhenry

    Thanks Dissenter

    I actually quite like Tony Attwood. He can be a little smug but he’s a decent person.

    However, he represents a certain type of arsenal fan that is damaging the club.

    Football isn’t like a primary school egg and spoon race.
    You get no prizes just for taking part.

    A club has to be ruthless to succeed and arsenal are not as I’m sure you know.

    Henry’s comments about arsenal being too ‘nice’, summed it up perfectly.

    Attwood’s got it wrong. If you want justice and fair play don’t follow football.

  23. Cesc Appeal


    Strange that I just completely disagree.

    I did not think last season was that great either aside from the last two episodes which saved the season, I actually said to my brother half way through the season that they were relying on the last two episodes to save the season. It was just that the Battle of the Bastards was some of the best television people had ever seen.

    This season I just felt, ‘meh’. It was illogical I felt a lot, it has lost that intrigue and real sharp cleverness and layering it use to have. I did enjoy seeing characters together we’ve seen far away from one another for years, but at the same time I just think the plots are not that great anymore.

    They need George RR Martin to get those books done so they have richer source material.

  24. Cesc Appeal

    Protests are back on then, seems one is being organised for the game against Bournemouth inside and outside the ground.

  25. PieAFC

    If that is true regarding Untold, finally means so many fools that have been blinded by their cult leader and his many many twisted lies are now pulling the wool away from their eyes.

    Next few days will be the days of reckoning for Wenger.

    This is going to end mighty bad.

    I cannot see us coming out of this mess with any credibility at all.

  26. Champagne charlie


    I see what you’re saying, and it certainly wasn’t as rich as previous seasons. But as I say, the reason for that in my eyes comes because the stories have all reached a climax and this season was all about nuance vs complexities.

    Maybe it’s the sheer excitement and intrigue the show has garnered from me, but I was content enough watching all the various stories intertwine and have the characters all meet one another.

    I actually saw this season as something of a reintroduction for characters that have had less screen time. Something of a catchup with everyone whereby you’re left with all these plates being spun at once and it was as if it was the final count before the inevitable chaos that’s about to ensue.

    It’s nicely poised for a series of spectacular episodes you have to feel. There’s so much to settle and I don’t think they’ll fall into sentimental ways.

  27. Samir

    Ox has REJECTED move to Chelsea… From the Ornstein! Does not want to play RWB. Wants to move to LFC. What a disaster for us! Was looking forward to that 40M

  28. Cesc Appeal


    I guess a lot will ride on next season, when you look back if this season was the staging area for a great final season then all will be forgiven I suppose.

  29. salparadisenyc

    The fucking cheek on AOC.

    Nobody can figure his best position out let alone him, total legend for turning Chavs £200k per week down to battle for RWB.

  30. Cesc Appeal

    Oxlade is a Liverpool fan isn’t he?

    If Liverpool is the move he wanted then playing him when he wanted out to Liverpool against Liverpool was all the more baffling.

    Would likely mean Liverpool end up buying Oxlade and Van Dijk to see out the window and Oxlade will battle with Wijnaldum.

  31. PieAFC

    Under proper tutelage you watch Ox become the player we hoped he’d be.

    Just like players who have left and gone on to win many things, but the defenders of this lunatic who calls himself a coach, will always mention the few who didn’t.

  32. Carts


    “Mustafi only criticised Wenger for playing a LB as a RB and a RB as a LB (when we all know it makes sense) and hes now being loaned out”

    How true is this?

  33. Champagne charlie

    That’s Arsenal panicking because Liverpool might just say not this year and get the cunt for free.

    What a joke we are. Imagine we don’t sell Alexis, Ox, and Mustafi. Fucking quality dressing room we’ll have with half the twats wanting gone.

  34. salparadisenyc

    Liverpool get Van Dijk, Lemar and Ox this window has been steller w/ Keita coming next year.

    That Coutinho money isn’t going to sit long.

    Would hope Gazidis would tell them to match Chelsea’s £40m bid. WAIT to match the Oxlade cheek how about a £40,001.00 bid for AOC.

  35. Carts


    Laurentiis is a fucking pain to haggle with. He’s in the same league as Levy.

    They told Chelsea to eat dicks after they offered £60m last summer.

    Mertens just signed a new extension and is the reason Milik can’t catch a break.

    Unsigned like Koulibally will cost a fortune too.

    Laurentiis isn’t a mug.

    Saying that, id love Diawara but that won’t happen.

  36. Samir

    You’re right Charlie, just like Liverpool not getting Keita in now. I can see them offering a low fee or signing him on a free. Not looking very good for us. Wenger better stick him in the U23 squad for the rest of the season.

  37. Carts

    Strangely, I don’t blame Ox for reject Chelsea offer of RWB.

    He’s spent 6 years being pimped out, while wanting to play centrally. Like fuck he signs on down the road at RWB, irrespective of what’s on the table.

    I’ve said this in the past but although Ox’s best position is wide, I think he’d make a decent striker. False 9 maybe.

  38. Cesc Appeal

    I really want someone to put Wenger’s own words a few weeks back to him about the contract situations of Sanchez, Oxlade etc being an ‘ideal situation’ and the situation now.

    We simply cannot now carry on with Sanchez and Oxlade in the dressing room, you can add to that Mustafi now as well.

    Not only will none of them want to play, but fans will know we’re watching almost £100 Million just walk very slowly down the U-bend.

    He cannot get away with this summer, Kroenke shares the blame because of his lack of ambition and deference to Wenger, but f**k Wenger cannot wash his hands of this and duck it though I think he will, yet again.

  39. Champagne charlie

    Still bad blood from the Suarez “deal”, no wonder we tried to flog him to Chelsea who seem the more needy.

    Liverpool will lowball it or know he’ll stroll up there free of charge next year. Over to you Arsenal, manage that absolute storm of piss.

    Thing is we are left having to make crazy calls on incomings (if they’re even happening). You know we aren’t the club for buying his replacement before a deal is finalised. If Liverpool offer us 30 mil with 6 hours to go, then what the fuck do we do?

  40. Pierre

    The sanchez move baffles me in a couple of ways..
    Firstly, when sanchez was playing under pep at barca, I am sure that he wasn’t automatic starter so why will it be any different at City. The competition for his position is fierce at city… Can see him getting very frustrated there.

    Second… If he thinks that by going to city then he is certain to win trophies then he is wrong.. Again, the competition is fierce. One league cup in 3 years is a poor return considering the fortune they have spent on their squad.. One league cup, I do believe that during that period arsenal have had more success than city.

  41. salparadisenyc

    Agree Cesc regarding selling Sancehez, Ox and Mustafi.

    Looking quite possible Wenger pulls the full 180 on Mustafi realizing he can’t replace him unless spending insane amount.

    Oh to be a Gooner.

    For first time I’m confident Wenger won’t last season, a perfect storm with united fan base is looking quite possible.

  42. salparadisenyc

    ” If Liverpool offer us 30 mil with 6 hours to go, then what the fuck do we do?”

    Gazidas mans up and says what they smoking at Anfield?
    Leaves it to Wenger to manage from there.

  43. Berg

    No way pool will pay £40 million and £200k a week for ox. They will sign him on a free next season. The shit show at the Emirates continues

  44. Champagne charlie

    But with Chelsea after Drinkwater you have to wonder why Chelsea couldn’t reassure him he would compete for a central role? Seems dumb if they waned him.

    Maybe Ox just always wanted a Liverpool move? He did ‘like’ comments months back about joining them.

    Now we’re bent over a barrel, by Liverpool of all teams. I fucking hate them.

  45. Carts

    Could be a master stroke from Liverpool as their outlets are Mane and Salah – who need to be managed carefully.

    I mean, after Sturbridge scored, Liverpool left Salah on having withdrawn Mane around the 75min mark. Why? Bare in mind both Salah and Mane had already scored.

    Point I’m making is this – those speedsters start of like a house on fire. Sadly, when the fast twitch fibre go ping during the winter, they’ll go missing for 4 weeks. Then you’re in trouble.

    Avoid that by rotating them where need be; who else to fit that role than Ox?

  46. Cesc Appeal


    I want to share that confidence that he will go, but I have no confidence in Wenger to pull his head out of his own arse, no confidence in Kroenke and I have no confidence in the fans to force those two into action.

  47. Pierre

    “I’ve said this in the past but although Ox’s best position is wide, I think he’d make a decent striker. False 9 maybe.”

    A false number 9 who doesn’t score or assist.. Yeah that will work…. And you think Wenger ain’t got a clue..

  48. Cesc Appeal

    If what people have said is true and Gazidis wanted more power and revolution, this is his moment to contact Kroenke and basically say ‘are you sure you don’t want me to take over right now?’

    But just not sure, I do not think Gazidis is anywhere near the power players that Wenger and Kroenke are at the club but I think he is happy as a puppet, though he may well try to push for some change, but only politely.

  49. Carts


    Look at the wider context of what I wrote.

    Yes I know full well that Ox’s dozen goals, if that, in over 170 games is dire.

    But as I said, Wenger’s pimped him out in every position except up top.

    Remind me what harm might be caused if we did…

  50. WengerEagle

    Lol fucking Ox bailing on the Chavs move, could have made 35 mill ridding ourselves of some deadwood but now we’ll prob be stuck with him sulking for a year before he fucks off on a free next summer.


  51. Champagne charlie


    Behave mate, I know swaps are flavour of this month but Danny Sturridge!? He’d sit next to Jack and that’d be it. No way.

    Mahrez is moving I fancy

  52. salparadisenyc


    I mean we’ve been here before but this is beginning to feel irrecoverable even for the Houdini that AW’s become. Can’t see how he turns this, everyone of value wants out.

  53. Pierre

    People just take snippets out of a comment and use them for their own means.

    But yes, I do understand what you mean about ox and I am sure with his pace and strength he would cause problems to the defence.

  54. Cesc Appeal


    The thing is though he has that contract and he has Kroenke, Arsenal is basically a self-preservation society at this stage and is so maddening to hear fans on certain sites now saying we need to bring about change as fans who were having a go at protesters last year.

    It was almost as if they got suckered into thinking change would arrive and now suddenly they realise it is just as bad as it was last season and we have two more years of this so now they are shitting the bed but it is too late now. It is almost as if they can be ‘hard’ and ‘mutinous’ now because there is no danger of Wenger going, he is not in a perilous position anymore.

  55. PieAFC

    Good, I hope it gets even worse.

    After 31st AUGUST, I hope we don’t have anyone in and for the rest of the time this prick is in charge we are fielding kids and fringe players.

    Wenger can lay in his own mess the stupid fool…..

  56. Cesc Appeal

    Really is something though that there is no fighting among fans anymore, either apathy or agreement.

    Or apathetic agreement 😉

    Where was this months back though? What has changed, because to my eyes a disastrous summer with no plan, poor squad management, poor start tot he season and getting torn apart away at a big six side is standard operating for Wenger.

  57. salparadisenyc


    I agree with all that expect part of Wenger has Kroenke.
    Something we’ve not seen is Kroenke owning an Arsenal toiling in the bottom half of the table with a unified fanbase against the manager. Paying the wage bill he is.

    That seems quite possible this season.

  58. Cesc Appeal


    You may well have a point, especially when you think Wenger could be about to hit us hard financially as well.

    Say what you want about TV money but no UCL money again and potentially losing masses of money in letting players walk for free next summer or rot and devalue and then leave may make Kroenke think.

    Getting past Wenger is the biggest barrier, I think you will see a more active fan base in calling for change once he is gone if Kroenke is as bad as we think.

  59. PieAFC


    Now the media and ex players are calling for change I think it’s made even the hardened supporters of him sick of the repetitive transfer window we have, the faltering tactics he doesn’t employ; the failed formations he shows.

    The likes of Klopp and Conte, even Poch getting worked up on the bench, shouting instructions, who couldn’t follow Arsenal and wonder what does Wenger do.

    Wright summed it up, fans of other clubs just feel sorry for us now. An FA Cup win here and there doesn’t wash away being smashed year in year out against your rivals.

  60. Champagne charlie

    Not one CM linked with the club, that’s a worry.

    Get Alexis and Ox out, get Sterling and Mahrez in, back to 4-3-3




    How the fuck is Theo still stealing a living off us? Lol

  61. Dissenter

    Sorry but Oxlade is one that I would definitely let him rot in the reserves of the U-23s. He needs to play to make the World Cup squad.
    Arsenal gave him a decent way out and he’s still fu*king with us.

    F*ck him twice over. If he comes back, he never play again until he leaves in the summer. The fans should boo him at every turn.
    We have to get nasty with these average player.

  62. PieAFC

    Some of the teams the posters on this board wouldn’t bother me under a more astute manager.

    One who can draw to the players strengths, play a way to suit each game.

    Under Wenger no mater who plays it will be predictable. 1 or 2 games a season we beat one of the top sides and we all think “yes, were making progress”

    Rinse, repeat.

  63. Marko

    Sorry but Oxlade is one that I would definitely let him rot in the reserves of the U-23s. He needs to play to make the World Cup squad.
    Arsenal gave him a decent way out and he’s still fu*king with us.

    Kind of agree. Fuck em he’s been shite for the best part of 6 years but that Liverpool game showed him for what he is. Zero fight just looking for a way out

  64. Gommit

    The only way we the fans can get rid of Wenger is by not showing up on games.. Stop spending money on the club.. Until we unite in that way we must wait for Wenger to die of old age to get a new manager…

  65. peanuts&monkeys

    “Reality is, if we’d hired Max Allegri, all players would have signed new deals and we’d be in much better shape.”

    The above implies: Reality is WENGER SHD HAVE BEEN SACKED after PL season was over. But guys, no AKB will tell you that in as many words.


  66. peanuts&monkeys

    Reality is Sanchez doesn’t want to be in a club with a manager who doesn’t want to win titles.

    Reality is Sanchez hates the AKB mindset.

    Reality is Sanchez gave up trying to build a winning mentality in Arsenal players.

  67. Leedsgunner

    Sterling, if he is brought in is more about saving face for Arsene, rather than bringing in someone that we need.

    If Wenger had any nous in the transfer window he would have done a deal with PSG and brought in Verratti plus cash rather than selling to a rival in the same league.

    No to Sterling from me. The last thing we need is another over hyped English footballer that he thinks he is all that when he has nothing to show for it. We have enough of them in Wilshere and Walcott don’t we?

    Wenger would be an awful manager for him anyway, because he wouldn’t challenge the boy but pander to the boy’s ego. Another player he would want to buy his loyalty from… Nothing makes Arsene grin more than when he hears the words…

    “Arsene is like a father to me.”

    Oh dear. That’s just what we need.

    Arsenal is a brood full of ill disciplined spoilt kids.

  68. Barney75

    The Mirror reporting Wenger questioned the attitude of every player at a training session yesterday. If that is true then the man just proves himself again to be a total hypocrite. How about building a proper squad, studying the oppo and preparing the team each week, motivating the team during a game (rather than sitting there like a stuffed lemon). Doubtful but I really hope players raised this at said meeting.

  69. TitsMcGee

    Really is amazing, like clanging a typewriter back for another line, Wenger gets to reset again and start on another project and somehow it is the players who are at fault, again.”

    It’s mind blowing how people try to rationalize his failures.

    It’s the players.
    It’s the owner.
    It’s the stadium.
    It’s the light in his eye.
    It’s the refs.
    It’s bad luck.
    It’s a Natural cycle.

  70. TitsMcGee

    Zero fight just looking for a way out”

    Any player right now would be smart to get out.

    This club is the Titanic right now .

  71. TitsMcGee

    . 1 or 2 games a season we beat one of the top sides and we all think “yes, were making progress””


    Few years ago people swore that when we beat Barca at home during the UCL we were about to turn some corner. Same for beating Bayern at Bayern. Both clubs went on to win the UCL those respective seasons. We beat LCFC twice a couple of years ago. They are all just randomized broken clock is always right twice a day stuff.

  72. Rambo Ramsey


    ‘Apologies for the delayed reply. There is a lot of foreshadowing of her death throughout the books’

    Hmmm? Not sure about this.

    Dany’s marriage to a Targaryan is actually what has been foreshadowed over and over. We get to see this through her various monologues spread out through all the books.

    First when she thinks she would eventually marry Viserys

    Another monologue where she recalls Viserys blaming her for not being born earlier, which would have allowed her to marry Rhaegar and thus prevent his other marriages that led to downfall of Targaryens

    There is also a bride of fire vision where hints of all her marriages are shown. First with a horse (Khal Drogo of the Dothraki), second of a man in a dark green robe ( Hizhdar of the Slavers bay), third a blue flower growing on a wall of ice (The blue flower is often associated with Lyanna giving birth, growing on a wall of ice= Lyanna’s son who is at the time of Dany’s vision living in Castle black)

    Then the most obvious hint in book V where Dany thinks of Rhaegar’s first son Aegon Targaryen, how he would be of similar age to her and if he had lived they’d be able to marry. Ofcourse what she doesn’t know is Rhaegar’s second secret son, another Aegon Targaryen is alive under the identity of Jon Snow.

    Regards to Martin’s bittersweet ending comments, many people miss the context. He was referencing to Lord of the Rings ending as an example of bittersweet. None of the main characters died in LOTR ending, heck Aragorn becomes King and gets married to the love of his life Arwyn.

  73. TitsMcGee

    Protests are back on then, seems one is being organised for the game against Bournemouth inside and outside the ground”

    I’ll believe the inside part when I see it.

    Good news if true though.

  74. Wallace

    “Liverpool believe Oxlade-Chamberlain could be their most likely option in the market now, as French champions Monaco do not want to sell Thomas Lemar.”

    – Mirror

    as long as they match Chelsea’s 40m offer I’ll get over the humiliation of selling to them.

  75. Elmo

    Looks like it could be heading for the worst case scenario where Sanchez (club turned down £50m from City), Ozil (no interest) and Ox (player turned down £40m move to Chelsea) all stay and leave for nothing.

  76. TitsMcGee

    Does anyone else think it is going downhill a bit?”

    Show has become completely predictable I’m afraid. They jumped the shark a couple of seasons ago when they Jesus -Christ’d Jon Snow. After that you knew how it’d eventually end.

  77. Adams Halfvolley

    I despair with this club , I really do.

    After all the hand wringing this summer, the protests, the in fighting….the new contract and promises that things would change….

    We have done next to nothing positive in the market, the playing staff are being ravaged like scavengers in the wild, picking over a carcass.
    We are likely to see a patchwork team held together by cast offs thrown into deals for our players and bagin basement players (like last year) others clubs are only too keen to get rid of, at a premium of course as everyone knows we are desperate.
    Is this is the ‘change’ the club was promising?
    We have the most incapable management in elite level football.
    What Pool are doing puts our entire club to shame.

  78. Gooner63

    wooohoo the Penultimate TW day

    Looking forward to all the big name signings coming into Arsenal today they fill me with inspiration for a title challenge

  79. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Show has become completely predictable I’m afraid. ‘

    You can’t expect a story to be ‘unpredictable’ from start to finish. It’d lead to another mess like the God awful ‘Lost’. To this day, I struggle to understand what the eff actually happened in that tv show.

  80. TitsMcGee

    We will not get any new players this window.
    I just have the sinking feeling.
    Another panic buy?”

    He’ll bring in a dross signing or two. Prop them up as good players and then bench them after a few games.

    At this point it doesn’t really matter who we sign. This is the Titanic as long as Wenger is at the helm.

  81. Barney75

    Why not offer Sanchez as part of any deal for Lemar…they might take that. Liverpool could then take Chamberlain. Keep Mustafi who can play right back too and push for a decent hard-tackling CM. Can’t be that difficult.

  82. Wallace

    Adams Halfvolley

    “What Pool are doing puts our entire club to shame.”

    need to see where we are on Thursday evening, but yeah, right now we’re not looking good at all.

  83. TitsMcGee

    You can’t expect a story to be ‘unpredictable’ from start to finish. It’d lead to another mess like the God awful ‘Lost’. ”

    By showing their hand 2-3 seasons early they essentially reduce the remaining seasons with filler episodes.

    The show used to be completely unpredictable. You never knew who would eat it next. Now it’s quite obvious whenever there is “trouble” that nobody will be harmed.

  84. Guernsey gunner

    What a shambles were fucked if they stay or go, no good optons. Bollox to sterling as well a face saver for clueless to add to the other home grown shite we have. Only one arsene wenger tho…..better than pochetino apparantly….ffs.

  85. Barney75


    I get that but anything is worth a try at this stage. I agree Sanchez will want to win trophies (which Monaco have) but he also might appreciate a club that appears to be currently well managed as oppose to the chaos at Arsenal. That of course probably rules out Lemar wanting to come to Arsenal.

  86. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘The show used to be completely unpredictable. You never knew who would eat it next. Now it’s quite obvious whenever there is “trouble” that nobody will be harmed.’

    I don’t understand why people continue to come up with this dumb criticism.

    There were lots of people dying early and midway through the series because they were basically ‘set-up’ characters and the ensemble was huge. Now we’re left with about 10-15 characters all of whom are alive because they still have a part to play in the story. If they kill one or two every episode, who’d be left to run the story in season 8?

    Even then, most of the schemers of ‘the Game’ have died. Olenna and her entire family are gone, the Freys are wiped out, the Sand snakes are gone, Littlefinger is finally dead.

  87. qna

    Wallace: need to see where we are on Thursday evening, but yeah, right now we’re not looking good at all.

    Problem is that you will be happy no matter who we bring in. Same shit different day. Last season people were over the moon when we signed Mustafi and Perez. I told you then, they were shit and we would 100% not make top 4 last season. You only need to look back through the windows to see absolute spuds that we have bought that fans like you have said were good enough – Welbeck, Elneny, Gabriel. I could literally name 20 players that were terrible, terrible purchases only for the Arsenal fan brains trust to decide that since we bought him he must be good. Even half decent players like Arteta and Podolski were terrible, terrible buys and were always going to result in us going backward as a team.

    Arsenal are now at the point where we don’t have a single player that we can be excited to build a future around. Forget about our older players, they will be well past expiry the next time we pop our head up to compete. Lacazette is a more than decent finisher. But thats all he is, and all he ever will be. He is not a great player. No EPL team will compete for a title if he is your main striker. He is a squad level CF for a top team. But as we know, our goals are not that high, and he is just what Kroenke wants a guy that could potentially push us into the top 4 with good players around him. Potentially!!!

  88. TitsMcGee

    I don’t understand why people continue to come up with this dumb criticism.”

    Whoa whoa whoa there horsey. You like the show. Good on Ya.

    I think the show is predictable and obvious (really for the past 2 seasons ) that’s my opinion.

    Different strokes.

    Was there any doubt that when surrounded by the army of the dead something would swoop in and save Jon boy and his crew of merry men? Did that not literally happen shortly after?


  89. WrightIsGod

    Following up on GoT discussion.

    Thought last year was incredibly boring up until the battle.

    This year is more actioned packed but also feels like either Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit – an assortment of your favourite characters meet up to battle the evil and all its ugliness.

  90. Rambo Ramsey

    Past two seasons, hah!

    Was there any doubt when Stannis threatened to sack King’s Landing and mount the Lannister heads on spikes, someone would swoop in last minute, turn the tide of the war and save them?

    Was that ‘predictable’ as well?

  91. TitsMcGee

    Was that ‘predictable’ as well?”

    Are you a producer of the show? You seem to be takin this quite personally.

  92. Pierre

    “Wallace: need to see where we are on Thursday evening, but yeah, right now we’re not looking good at all.”

    Right now, we have not sold anyone decent but of course that could change…
    Our main problem, on the playing side, is getting the players back on side and playing as a team. The outcome could be that ox and sanchez stay if the deal is not acceptable to Arsenal. I think that if sterling is in the deal then sanchez will go and if Liverpool offer the same money as Chelsea then ox will leave.
    Who knows, maybe there are a few surprises to come.. The club needs to do something within the next few days to lift the morale of the fans.

  93. Up 4 grabs now

    Well it’s ground hog day………. again.
    And that can mean only one thing, it’s the 2011 transfer window.
    Will Arsene sell his two midfield stars, Nasri & fabregas?
    Sorry I mean ozil & Sanchez?
    Will Arsene turn a profit?
    Will Arsene have a late trolley dash to plug the gaps in our team/squad with even more dead wood?
    Will the ox decide to get out of dodge or spend the next ten months in the reserves? (Like Arsene would do that to one of his children)

    Join us on sky with Jim and some hot women dressed in yellow, on transfer deadline day.

    Where you can watch our reporter camped outside the Emirates as the tumbleweed goes by.
    And he breaks the huge story that arsene has signed a 13 year old Zambian child prodigy who will be the next George weah/Didier drogba.
    Arsene says “he is ze top qualiteeeeee and has ze mental strength to be in the first team in ten years”

    Can’t wait till tomorrow!!!!!

  94. Josip Skoblar

    “It’s claimed several first-team stars at the Emirates are fed-up with his moody attitude, and want him out of the picture..” (Daily Star)
    It doesn’t surprise me.

  95. Josip Skoblar

    Sorry, the quote was about Sanchez: squad players want him out of the club as they find him disruptive and fear negativity will spread if he stays.

  96. TitsMcGee

    “It’s claimed several first-team stars at the Emirates are fed-up with his moody attitude, and want him out of the picture..” (Daily Star)
    It doesn’t surprise me.

    Referring to Sanchez?

  97. Josip Skoblar

    Thsi is the main problem about Wenger: he doesn’t seem to motivate players and some underachievers get away with it.

  98. Leftsidesanch

    Those quotes are the PR in overtime preparing an excuse for letting Sanchez go so late after Wenger’s claimed all summer that he wouldn’t be sold.

  99. TitsMcGee

    Sorry, the quote was about Sanchez: squad players want him out of the club as they find him disruptive and fear negativity will spread if he stays.”

    Pathetic losers.

    The one guy who gives a shiite is moaning about losing and they want him out so they can continue the mediocre LA la land.

  100. Emiratesstroller


    You highlight correctly just how ill planned Arsenal’s transfer business has been over many years and the dross we are continually buying.

    Perhaps the worst Summer was 2013 when we sold Van Persie and Song and left it until just one hour before the transfer window closed to buy Ozil.

    Ozil may have been a record signing from RM but was certainly unplanned and certainly not a replacement for the Striker and Defensive Midfielder we needed at the time. The only other acquisition we made that summer was a
    loan for Viviano [GK]. Who can forget him!!

    Arsenal’s forward planning both in sales and acquisitions over last decade has
    been absolutely dreadful and totally inadequate.

    Ozil was followed two years later by Arsenal buying just Cech in the summer
    transfer window 2015. Buying a 33 year old goalkeeper was hardly the most
    exciting transfer window either.

    It becomes increasingly clear to me that Arsenal are struggling to compete in
    the market and our scouting remains poor and probably overdependent on the computer programme.

  101. Leftsidesanch

    It’s quite interesting that the Ox has turned down Chelsea in favour of Liverpool. It’s common knowledge that Liverpool and Arsenal don’t enjoy the best relations since the Suarez saga. Also, correct me if I’m incorrect but didn’t Liverpool insert an anti-Arsenal clause in Firmino’s contract?

    It was also reported last week that Liverpool were quoted when enquiring for Ox a fee of £40m + £1 which is pretty much a stick your offer you know where from the Gunners. If they somehow managed to come to an agreement I’d be surprised.

    The most likely outcome in my opinion is Ox may stay and to offset this, Sanchez sold to Man City.

  102. Gooner63

    “It’s claimed several first-team stars at the Emirates are fed-up with his moody attitude, and want him out of the picture..”

    Arsenal PR spin kicking into action

    Lets blame the guy who gives a shit about winning, who wants to win trophies

    Wengers excuse lined up already

  103. qna

    Pierre: Right now, we have not sold anyone decent but of course that could change…
    Our main problem, on the playing side, is getting the players back on side and playing as a team. The outcome could be that ox and sanchez stay if the deal is not acceptable to Arsenal. I think that if sterling is in the deal then sanchez will go and if Liverpool offer the same money as Chelsea then ox will leave.
    Who knows, maybe there are a few surprises to come.. The club needs to do something within the next few days to lift the morale of the fans.

    Pierre even if we kept Sanchez and Ox we would still have an ordinary squad. We will not make top 4 either way. That is a guarantee. I made the same guarantee last season right here on LG after the close of the summer window.

    It would be beyond irresponsible to go into this season with these players who have said they will not re-sign. We are throwing away 100m in a market where that only buys you 1 single quality player.

    How can anybody take such a short sighted look at our future. Even taking aside how dire we have looked in the first three games (yes, all three). We have Koscielny, Cech, Monreal, Cazorla and Giroud who are all going to be replaced very soon. We will have Sanchez and Oxlaide walk out the door. We will most likely re-sign Ozil, who nobody in world football apparently wants, on a massively inflated contract. Even he is soon to be 29 and will need to be replaced in a few years. Walcott is pretty useless anyway, but even he only has 2 or 3 years of that level of uselessness in him left. Mustafi doesnt want to be here and will most likely leave in the next 12 months for much less than we paid for him.

    Of the rest of our squad, it is filled with players that are simply not good enough. There is no possible way that you can look at the remaining players in our squad and have any hope or optimism that they will turn years and years of underwhelming performances into anything more than they have already shown.

    I would say that we have Xhaka and Lacazette as the only players in our entire squad that are likely be of use to us at the end of Wenger’s current contract. Even Kolasinac is a massive question mark as to whether he will turn out to be a good signing, The rest of the team essentially needs to be discarded or used to fill the last 7 or 8 spots on our squad list.

    The cost of rebuilding the team in today’s market to a level that can compete for the title will be hundreds and hundreds of millions of pounds. It will cost more than it cost us to build Emirates Stadium to do this.

  104. Carts

    Every single player in that dressing room are part of the Unsullied. They share identical characteristic, sadly, it isn’t the bravery part…

  105. Up 4 grabs now

    Chamberlain goes, reiss Nelson is his replacement.
    Laca is Sanchez replacement.
    If ozil goes, Jack is his replacement.

    Arsene has it covered, “look stan I turned a profit again, we don’t need champions league football, 12th is the new 4th”

  106. qna

    Emirates. Exactly right. I think its clear now that Wenger lost touch with how to compete at the highest level of football a long time ago. Essentially when he decided to move away from the Petit-Viera model. Its really hard to pull apart what he is directly to blame for and what was genuinely due to the stadium move. But it has become clear in recent years that perhaps even during those years there was more money available to him than we are led to believe.

    I trace back the first real damage done to the club in the transfer market was when we sold Adebayor to City and failed to replace him. It was during that time that we did actually have a squad of very good players. Even if we assume that he had already lost the touch/ability to make astute replacemnt signings for less money by that time, we should have invested that Adebayor money on a top quality CF to keep building what we were at the time. Things just got worse and worse after that and by the time we had sold RVP the quality of the squad had already been damaged beyond repair of just 2 or 3 good players. Since RVP, things have got orders of magnitude worse and we literally need a new first 11 team to just be at the same relative level that we were on in Adebayor’s last season.

    The British core in particular was a disaster, which I was vocally against from day 1. To think we have persisted with Walcott as one of our highest players for all of these years. It was a complete mockery when we took Welbeck of United’s hands. Our status as a laughing stock was final with that move.

  107. Gooner63

    imagine if we line up vs bournemouth

    bellerin holding koz monreal kolasinac
    xhaka ramsey
    sterling welbeck lacazette

    would just need a defoe hat trick for the riots to start

  108. Paulinho

    I knew Chamberlain finally fucking off was too good to be true.

    No doubt Wenger will welcome back with open arms and he will sign a new contract once he realises Liverpool don’t want him, and there is not a chance of him ever playing centrally for them.

  109. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Are you a producer of the show? You seem to be takin this quite personally.’

    Lol. Is this the GoT version of the infamous AKB card?

    I was just contesting your view that this show took a turn from unpredictable brilliance to predictable bore fest in the last season.

    Its always had a whiff of predictability especially when it comes to life/death questions of its main characters. Obviously you need them alive to carry the story forward.

    Shock values are great but too much of it can tie the story in knots and fuck up chances of achieving a satisfactory ending.

  110. WestLondonGoon

    “It’s claimed several first-team stars at the Emirates are fed-up with his moody attitude, and want him out of the picture..”

    – that will be the French ‘stars’ Koscielny and his mate Giroud. I’d suggest that the fact that Koscielny clearly has the ear of his manager is far more devisive than any of Sanchez’ antics. There’s obviously several rival factions within the squad, and this is all comes back to the manager.

  111. qna

    I dont rate Raheem Sterling at all. He is a poor finisher. That is not to say that he wont improve our team. But its just more of the same. He will not make one bit of difference to our team. We all know what we need. We need a brutal, skillful midfielder that can lead this team. I believe that with such a player in our central midfeild that we would see a completely different player in Xhaka. We also need a world class powerful centre back that can actually defend. Kos is not a very good defender, but if you put him next to a great defender then Kos can excel. Unless we start with these two areas, you can add all the little diminutive wingers in the world to our squad and nothing will change one iota.

    The fact is that right now VVD is there for the taking. I said this last year that we should have gone for him rather than Mustafi. But, now is the time. We need to get that deal done. As for the central midfielder, I am out of good ideas. They are not easy to come by. Is Seri a combative mid? Looks more like another quarter back and we have one of those already. Carvalho? Maybe, but my concern is why has he been on the market so long. All the big clubs must have steered clear from him for a reason. Its going to be really tough to find the right player for this position because with our soft, heartless team we are going to be asking more of this player than any player should ever be asked to do.

  112. Up 4 grabs now

    Three games in and I’m calling it, the season is a right off.

    Sell the contract rebels for whatever you can get. You’ll save about ten million in salaries over the next ten months.
    And bring in some cash, not that we need it.

    Tell Wenger he can be paid a year’s salary to bugger off, or go on gardening leave.

    Bring in tuchel.

    Blood some kids and drop the likes of xhaka and the contract rebels into the reserves, If they don’t want to leave. (See how many want to stay in the reserves in a world cup year)

    As long as we don’t get relegated (very unlikely)
    Write the season off and start fresh next year.
    It’s the nuclear option, but what else is there?

  113. TitsMcGee

    I was just contesting your view that this show took a turn from unpredictable brilliance to predictable bore fest in the last season.”

    You seem to take great offence to another person’s opinion about a show that stars dragons and witchcraft.

  114. Elmo


    Hahaha! Perhaps Arsenal has a similar policy to Bilbao, who only sign Basques; except in our case it is an unwritten rule that we only sign eunuchs.

  115. TitsMcGee

    Shock values are great but too much of it can tie the story in knots and fuck up chances of achieving a satisfactory ending.”

    I agree I just feel the last few seasons have become very cliché with cliché outcomes. The dialogue has gone the way of the dodo as well but the best actors/characters are all dead I suppose.

  116. Gooner63

    Sky sources understand Raheem Sterling is staying at Man City and will not be going to Arsenal as part of any deal involving Alexis Sanchez moving in the opposite direction.

  117. Carts

    City have just let Roberts go to Celtic. One brit gone.

    They want Evans purely to fulfil their quota obligation. One brit in.

    Now you’re telling me they want to get rid of Sterling?

  118. Gooner63

    West Brom are in advanced talks with Paris Saint-Germain about a possible loan deal for Poland international Grzegorz Krychowiak, Sky sources understand.

  119. Dissenter

    The unsullied are not brave though.
    They are fearless because they have nothing to lose. They strip them of their past and take away their future by breaking them down. They were snatched away when they were babies and raised to be fearless drones that answered to their master. They even take away the capacity to feel pain.
    That’s what greyworm was afraid of; falling in love with missandei made it harder for him to be effective as an unsullied because there was something to lose.

  120. Leftsidesanch

    I’m not hot on Sterling but reports state that Arsenal would only consider a deal where Sanchez goes to city if he was included. If City don’t want to include him tell them to pay £100m or get stuffed in my opinion. Time for Arsenal to grow a pair.

  121. Biggles

    I stupidly tried to post at Untold. Bet I’ll never make it through moderation. FWIW, here’s what I said on the “What is wrong with Arsenal” article:
    The single biggest problem with Arsenal right now IS Arsene Wenger.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Silent Stan is a good owner for us. I think the players are culpable for their performances on the pitch. Financial doping from nation states is anti-competitive. Maybe hair loss tablets are the secret pandemic hitting the squad.

    But… for all those other factors, Arsene Wenger remains the main problem. Why you ask?
    – He’s the one that played Bellerin as a left back against Liverpool
    – He’s the one that went years without signing a top notch striker (and I’m not convinced that Lacazette is that top notch striker either)
    – He’s the one that repeatedly played players until the broke
    – He’s the one that is predictable with his substitutions
    – He’s the one that cannot for love nor money get Ramsey to stay in position
    – He’s the one that played Bendtner as a winger
    – He’s the one that actually has a say in player contracts (why?!) and is responsible for the horrible situation where we have lots of first team regulars out of contract at the same time
    – He’s the one that actually has a say in player contracts and is responsible for the horrible situation where we have lots of squad players who never play who are on silly money forever and won’t leave
    – He’s the one that passed on Ronaldo and Ibrahimovich
    – He’s the one that signed Kim Kallstrom on loan with A BROKEN BACK
    – He’s the one that…

    I could go on for hours. Bottom line is that Wenger picks the team, with little-to-no thought, preparation or tactics going into it. We know this, because players have said as much. Being emailed a video to watch voluntarily?! Wenger also oversees player recruitment, which would be outside his remit at any modern club. He also oversees contracts, ditto. Wenger gets less out of his players than other coaches do, as evidenced by Ramsey’s performances for Wales; Campbell’s for Costa Rica; the upturn in the careers of players like Gnabry, Vela and Bentley after leaving; the downturn in the careers of players like Arshavin, Podolski, Ozil (moments of brilliance aren’t enough, we need a season of it), Chambers, Gabriel, Mustafi (noticing a trend with defenders here…). What will be really interesting to see is what happens to Oxlade-Chamberlain when he goes elsewhere – key part of Project Youth, but never really lived up to potential at Arsenal, and with nearly 200 games under his belt, he’s definitely had chances.

    All these things are on Wenger. Allowing a director of football to oversee recruitment and contracts would be a sensible move that would enable Wenger to focus on his core job of coaching the first team. Allowing fitness coaches to rest Cazorla BEFORE we break him would help the team over the course of a season. A new manager with different ideas and a different philosophy very often gets more out of players – it removes the sense of complacency that can develop. Just look what happened to Chelsea after Mourinho left, or Leicester after Ranieri left, or Manchester United after Van Gaal left or… you get my point. There’s a time when things stop working and need to be done differently. Arsenal have been at that time for a while. Change is your friend, not your enemy.

  122. WestLondonGoon

    It’s more likely Fabian Delph would come as part of the Sanchez deal than Sterling, he’s about as far down the Man City pecking order as I am, so he would probably welcome a move to the Emirates, which you can’t say about many players out there. He would, however, bring something different to our midfield.

  123. Johnsgiles

    Unless the day comes when we have a barca, Madrid, bayern model of supporter ownership the club is gone….