Wenger death row walk is destroying his legacy and clubs future.

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The arrogant way Arsenal has run the ship over the last 10 years appears to be heading for a nadir. The club are entering the perfect storm of hell and they’ve hardly said hello to the new season. The shameful drubbing they took at Liverpool was a swift announcement to the Premier League that Arsenal are no longer a top 4 powerhouse, they’re a top 7 side, and have backed that reality with a 2-year extension to the man overseeing the decay.

Wenger’s 10 year death row walk has been a slow one, but to date, not so damaging. However, we’re entering a new era of competition, and the foundational rot is starting to reach a tipping point of immense reputational and financial damage that might set the club back 10 years if it’s not addressed quickly.

The output of yesterday’s result started months ago when we switched up our formation to three at the back and went on a run of results against teams that had nothing to play for. The misguided sense of achievement peaked when we dropped a spectacular performance against Chelsea in the Cup Final and hoped the corner had been turned in terms of belief and big game performance.

It wasn’t to be. Yesterday was the luke warm hit of reality. The sort that comes when a whole club takes their eye off the ball and starts to believe their own rhetoric.

From start to finish the game was an abomination. We started a right back at left wing back. We started a full back as a centre back. We started a central midfielder as a right wing back. Alex Oxlade Chamberlain was given the nod to play, despite three days prior telling the manager face-to-face he wanted to leave the club for a rival. Alexis Sanchez started his first game of the season despite it being abundantly clear he’s been faking illness. We opted to play Mesut Ozil against a team that aggressively presses, despite him showing no desire against Stoke. We left Lacazette on the bench with Kolasinac, our two marquee signings dropped already.

That’s before a ball was even kicked. The performance was quite something else. It had all the tropes of a typical Arsenal capitulation. The manager had no plan. There was no pragmatism. We went to Anfield to play Liverpool at their own game. No assessment of their high-intensity approach. No alteration of the formation to nullify that threat with stability in the middle of the park. Just a pound-for-pound punch up we were always going to lose in poor form.

The defence was a total shambles, but the real horror show was in the midfield. Watching Mesut Ozil saunter around like he was playing with the under 11s as a favour was horrendous to watch. Watching Aaron Ramsey elect to play as a number 10 was him all over, not even looking at the ball for Liverpool’s first goal was gross negligence, but hey, he’s a massive fraud of a player and I have no idea why we’re always so excited to see him return. He plays for the misguided hope he’ll get to join Bale in the elite echelons of world football. No chance.

Then we have Xhaka, another of the hipster favourites, who really struggles to deliver past a good post game spreadsheet. For the third game in a row he aided the opposition with a preassist. A stupid chipped pass started a move that’d end with an unchallenged Firmino header. It was so typical of the errors that have littered his career. He also picked up a booking early on, and he consistently demonstrated why he’s not suited to the league with his weak physicality. He was brushed off the ball with ease all game, and at one point, he had a 5 yard lead on Henderson chasing back to our box, and was still beaten to a parried Cech shot. When is time to call this guy a failure? 3 pre-assists in 3 games. All those sendings off and errors last year. Any other manager would have him on the bench for a month.

The Ox played with all the vigor of a man desperately trying to convince a troubled manager to just make it easy for him to leave. His game lacked intensity to almost criminal levels. He simply didn’t care. I can’t for the life of me work out how that wasn’t obvious from his last game.

The game was so easy. No one from our side wanted to take the match to Liverpool outside maybe Danny Welbeck. Bless him, but he’s another that can’t cut it at the highest level. His early miss through the middle has been absolutely typical of his career at Arsenal and United.

There’s no real point in going through the rest of the goals that took us apart yesterday, it’s too painful. Our midfield doesn’t look good on paper and it looks even worse on the field. The manager even gave up on his new formation and opted for a 4-something-something.

Wenger is the worst of the top 7 managers and based on our performances so far this season, it’s pretty clear that that’s where we are. A top 7 side. The gulf between us and the rest has widened dramatically over the past 2 years. We’re not there technically, physically, or mentally. Those aren’t my words, they came from Wenger. Horrendous to know we have to go through the season knowing that he’s overseen this and there’s no accountability for it.

Arsenal should take drastic action. Wenger should have his contract terminated right now whilst the club can do something. We should fire sale the contract rebels and try and make some last ditch attempts at fresh blood based on the recommendations of the young scouts we have at the club. This season should be a write-off, we should use it to rebuild the club anew, and the board should sanction a part refund to the fans in exchange for their faith for this season.

Thomas Tuchel needs a job to redeem his reputation. Whatever you want to say about him last year, he still won a trophy, took Dortmund’s game to a new level, and only missed out on the CL after a bomb hit his team bus.

Point is, we need a philosophy at Arsenal. There’s no vision for the club. There’s no masterplan of how to reach previously unscaled heights. You can see that because there’s no logic to how we hire players, staff up behind the scenes, or seek to play the game. If players don’t know how you’re planning to hit the next level, they switch off.

Nothing good can come of this year. The board should understand that and make aggressive moves to restore our status as a sporting entity. That means total accountability from top to bottom, and I include Ivan in that mix. We need to bank the money for the wantaways. You’ve just seen first hand what happens when 6 first teamers are out of contract. Sanchez, Ozil, and Chamberlain were an absolute disgrace. However, if you had a manager who knew what was going on, it would have been clear this was going to happen.

Their lack of interest was cancerous yesterday. Watching Alexis snigger from the sidelines made me feel sick. Not because he wants to leave, but because this problem has been one that’s been brewing since February. The manager didn’t take decisive action, despite highlighting the issues of uncommitted talent last year in the shape of himself. Factor in he has that x6 in his squad, and it begins to look like the club is caught up in some sort of cruel satire.

Stan K needs to end this nightmare. The players showed that there’s simply no respect for the manager. They don’t believe in him. They have no desire to play for the red & white of The Arsenal. He needs to realise that he’s damaging the relevance of his prized asset through blind loyalty.

This cannot be solved with last minute panic buys. If Ivan Gazidis was a real CEO, he’d see the writing is on the wall for Wenger this season and he’d pull the plug on any sort of record breaking bids for players, because let me be absolutely clear here… this is not a personnel issue. It’s a manager issue.

If we’re heading into next year, bank account empty because Wenger was allowed to spend freely under duress and let our stars leave for nothing, we’ll be facing a disaster for the next man in charge. £150m worth of talent will leave the door, and the new man will have spent money selling off expensively assembled dead wood worth nothing to anyone.

This year is the one the club deserve. It won’t get better. It’ll be spectacular if we finish inside the top 7. Wenger is done. A proof point that sporting values need to be met in the modern game, and if you disrespect them, you might dodge the bullet for a while, but in the end, the game will catch up to what you’re doing and destroy you and your legacy.

This isn’t an exaggeration here, this is the culmination of 10 years telling the world that Wenger is finished.

There is so much work to be done at Arsenal, let’s hope at the very worst, we only have to suffer one more year of this.

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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Not sure what yer jist is

    Xhaka is pony

    Is he any better than
    Issac Hayden
    Mainland niles



  2. Bay Area Gooner

    Wenger has no integrity. He has no conscience
    Values and Morals HE lacks
    His “love” for the club is a smoke screen for his selfish greed
    Captain Kurtz

    He will never step down. He has to be fired.
    Who has the balls to do it?

    IS AFC having a secret panicky board meeting right now? Nah

    Someone please buy this club!!!!! End this misery

  3. champagne charlie


    Dumb comment, he was top draw for Gladbach and is a established international. This ‘system’ completely fucks him and us, turning his every pass into a chance created at one end or the other.

    Wengerball. Total absence of defensive responsibility and appreciation of opponents counter. The graphic above is scandalous, but bang on the money EVERY time he’s fed a ball. Has Xhaka had a good start to the season? not even fucking close, but he’s playing with his pants down in this shitfest.

  4. Ishola70

    I don’t like such luxury players such as Xhaka CC and especially not in midfield whether it be deeper, higher or more central.

    He has a couple of good attributes to his game and that is passing and vision but due to his weak mentality even those positive attributes let him down at times.

    He has many faults as a player as you know.

    He actually does play like an American football quarterback in that he can bring one certain aspect to the team but this can go belly up when the rush is put on him. I don’t like that idea at all.

    I have been very critical of Xhaka and it is because to me he epitomizes what is wrong with Arsene Wenger himself and his judgement on players. But I will ease off him and not slate him so much in the future because more and more people are cottoning on to him now and realizing that he is a bit of a liability.

  5. champagne charlie


    Disagree entirely but so be it. He’s a player that represents the desire to play a certain way, Real Madrid have Kroos who dictates play with his passing.

    Kroos is undeniably top drawer, but swap the players over and he would look laughable in our team. Says little about his ability and everything about the execution of shit around about him.

    Xhaka isnt blameless or faultless whatsoever, but he isn’t deserving of half the abuse he’s getting at present. The thought our deepest CM receives the ball, and looks up to see all his options BEYOND the oppositions midfield is scary. I’m actually surprised he’s not had more errors lead to goals so far with that ‘occupy the opposition defenders’ bollocks that Wenger does to create space in midfield.

    Whole setup is bananas and ill keep saying it.

  6. Carts

    didn’t Wenger say that not competing in the CL isn’t as important as it used to be?

    At a stage where tv money is at it’s peak, we’re damn near posting profits while simultaneously lowering what small quality is left of the team. Madness.

    What’s even more worrying is that no matter who Wenger tries to bring in, the damage is already done. Wenger’s influence has all but emptied. He can sign VVD, Aubameyang and Lemar and I can guarantee that we’ll still put in gutless performance like we did yesterday.

  7. Childish Gambino

    I hate that this is happening to my beloved Arsenal. They should grow balls and sack Wenger now.

    Prob is we are fucked. 3 days to the end of the transfer window. Bringing in players now is panic buying and will blow up in our faces.

  8. gmv8

    Things are directly related to Kroenke joining, maybe there was a slight decline after leaving Highbury, for a myriad of reasons, the main one funding the Emirates, but Kroenke was brought in to help on that front, and instead he increased the problems and lead us into an even steeper decline. He does NOTHING at Arsenal, apart from sign new contracts for Wenger, because that is the EASIEST and CHEAPEST way of maintaining his share price and collateral. We need someone who comes to the stadium and shows an interest in our club, we are better off with no owner than Kroenke. We look like we are looking over the edge now, maybe now would be a better time for Usmanov to submit a bid, before the share price and collateral plummet.

  9. Ishola70

    Kroos isn’t flat-footed CC.

    Kroos doesn’t have mental breakdowns either on the pitch.

    Xhaka has natural ability in certain aspects but not a good footballing brain overall.

    Kroos has both natural ability and footballing brain.

  10. Ishola70

    gmv8 Kroenke wasn’t brought in to help.

    He was brought in to maintain the status quo.

    But you are right he is a worthless owner. A money leech.

  11. champagne charlie


    Kroos isnt mobile, and the football brain stuff is garb frankly. What mental breakdowns are you talking about?

  12. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Dumb comment ?

    A 5 year deal costing the club 65 m

    For a player we gav away to Newcastle

    Hayden is mote Arsenal than that cunt is , yet another who changes his country


  13. gmv8

    @Ishola – you mean staying in Islington? But the board had already voted by majority to do that, I don’t understand the point of getting Kroenke in?

  14. Dissenter

    What do you think about Xhaka’s stupid back-heel back pass to Cech in the 6 yard box. The pass resulted in a corner kick for Liverpool.

  15. Bamford10

    Wenger was a frugal French economist long before Stan Kroenke arrived, and Kroenke has never limited what Wenger could spend in the market.

    Wenger has had ample money to spend for a long time now, and he has spent a great deal of money.

    He simply isn’t a very good manager, isn’t a good tactician, and he isn’t a good buyer and seller of players. He hasn’t been any of thee things for more than a decade.

    Those trying to deflect criticism onto Kroenke today are really quite pathetic. Kroenke is responsible for one mistake and one mistake alone: re-hiring Arsene Wenger.

    Beyond that, everything wrong at Arsenal is Arsene Wenger’s doing.

    The debacle against Liverpool had little or nothing to do with Stan Kroenke and everything to do with Arsene Wenger.

    Yes, Kroenke knows nothing about football and has little footballing ambition, but 99% of the decisions at Arsenal are made by Arsene Wenger and a better manager could do anything he wanted, including win the PL title, with the resources given to Wenger.

    It really is all on Wenger, though we might ultimately have to get rid of Kroenke as well.

  16. Ishola70

    champagne charlie:
    “Kroos isnt mobile, and the football brain stuff is garb frankly. What mental breakdowns are you talking about?”

    You haven’t noticed them. Like diving unnecessarily into challenges and misplacing passes. Xhaka prefers his long spraying passes to more simple short passing. American Football quarterback.

    And footballing brain isn’t garb. Kroos is a more intelligent footballer than Xhaka is.

  17. champagne charlie

    Kroos is arguably the premier player of that position and style, to be inferior to him isn’t saying anything noteworthy about another player. What you’ve commented about Xhaka in tackles or passes I’ve said are poor form from him. The team doesn’t make it easy in the way it plays too if you’ll acknowledge that.

    It was idiotic and made him look a twat. And? Didn’t see anyone tear him a new arsehole for it which is probably the more worrying aspect. Remember Keown and his psychotic bollocks when a player fucked about? Who do we have leading that charge… Bellerin? lol

  18. champagne charlie

    Bamford with another piece of noise, saying so much but really very little as usual.

    Only thing Kroenke did wrong was to re-hire Wenger. Yea apart from that little doozy Stan you’re a fucking G my dude.

  19. Ishola70

    ” you mean staying in Islington? But the board had already voted by majority to do that, I don’t understand the point of getting Kroenke in?”

    Kroenke got himself in and those that aided were happy with the pay off they got in the process.

    Kroenke wanted some of those money beans that Wenger was notorious for providing.

    Kroenke must have been laughing his head off in private when he realised he was the Arsenal fans preference over Usmanov at the time.

  20. Bamford10

    Sounds like players are leaking their discontent with Wenger to pundits and journalists. They should’ve done this last season, ffs.

  21. gmv8

    @Ishola – Yes I can see that, what I don’t understand is that the board previously had been strongly opposed to giving anyone overall control, they knew exactly who Kroenke was and what he would do, as noted by that famous Hill-Wood comment, somewhere along the lines of ‘We don’t want his type around here’, and yet they all still sold to him, when if they had wanted to just make money, there were many other parties, they could’ve separately distributed the shares between, thus maintaining their key aim of no one having overall control?

  22. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Kroenke came into self-sufficiency at Arsenal. He didn’t devise it.’

    I think you’ll find he’s run all his clubs like that. He doesn’t interfere but neither does he invest.
    Do you really think Arsenal’s transfer policy and financial model will change post wenger?

  23. Bamford10


    Stan Kroenke hasn’t changed anything about how Arsenal are run and he was made to agree to the self-sustaining model before he took over. It was the Usmanov type the board were concerned about. You are misrepresenting the situation.

  24. Bamford10


    We don’t need him to invest. We need a manager and DOF who know how to use the ample resources available to him. Wenger is a fucking moron, and he has no idea how to use the resources available to him to compete.

  25. salparadisenyc

    Wenger has created situation, nobody’s playing for him and thats his to own. Not Kroenke, whose paying these players better than most.

    If were dealing with Chelsea on Ox, Cesc in return, lets go full mercenary.
    He’d certainly chill Xhaka out, something Ramsay is incapable of.

  26. Bamford10

    * By “him” (in the first sentence above) I mean Kroenke obviously. And it should be “to them” in the second sentence.

  27. Ishola70

    gmv8 I don’t know why at first they were hostile and then eased off him.

    But was probably to do with filthy lucre no doubt.

  28. Ishola70

    “I think you’ll find he’s run all his clubs like that. He doesn’t interfere but neither does he invest.
    Do you really think Arsenal’s transfer policy and financial model will change post wenger?”

    No. Arsenal are a club that is run on self-sufficiency. Why should this change because of a new manager? The club decided to run as self-sufficient and they decided to do this before the arrival of Kroenke.

    Would you like to turn back the clock? If so that hand needs to be reset pre-Kroenke.

  29. Champagne charlie

    Alan Smith says the word was Stan called Wenger last night to offer his full support to him. (Revealed when speaking on Sky sports)

    But big Stan is going to sack Wenger suddenly. Right oh

  30. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Kroenke is responsible for one mistake and one mistake alone: re-hiring Arsene Wenger.’

    That makes the kroenke the equivalent of a lifeguard who can’t swim, an opera singer who’s tone deaf or a one legged ballet dancer.

    ‘Kroenke knows nothing about football and has little footballing ambition.’

    Yes, that’s right.
    Therefore, what the hell is he doing running one of the biggest clubs in European football.
    For christ’s sake , he knows a lot more about basketball, ice hockey and american football and look at what a shit job he’s doing in those sports.

    ..’though we might ultimately have to get rid of Kroenke as well.’

    Well thank god for that. Progress.

  31. Alexanderhenry


    That’s not the point.

    Kroenke is in charge. He is the majority shareholder with a controlling stake. He can sanction more spending as easily as he can fire wenger.

    It’s up to him.

  32. Thank you and goodnight

    Don’t know if this is true but one journalist reckons we’ve been humiliated more than 20 times in 5 years, that true? If so that’s bad. For all his success in the past, no other Arsenal manager has had spankings as often a season as le cock.

  33. Ishola70

    “That’s not the point.Kroenke is in charge. He is the majority shareholder with a controlling stake. He can sanction more spending as easily as he can fire wenger.”

    Bit naive though AH isn’t it.

    Kroenke didn’t get involved in Arsenal to invest in the team. He joined Arsenal to make a little side profit for himself. A safe hands off profit.

    And he didn’t kid anyone that his intentions were anything else.

    The board and the majority of fans were actually preferring this hands off owner who wouldn’t interfere with the ever so high values of self-sufficiency instead of that dirty Russian who could be an Abramovich MKII. Fuck that they said we don’t want to be like Chelsea buying titles. That’s not high moral values they said.

  34. Bamford10


    Jesus Christ. We are not going through this again. Kroenke has “sanctioned” plenty of spending. Wenger could spend another 75m right now without anyone blinking an eye. Wenger simply doesn’t know how to use the ample resources available to him, and he has very dumb ideas re how the club should be run, how the squad should be managed, etc. Kroenke is simply a believer in Wenger and is along for the Wenger ride. Just as you were — for ages.

  35. Alexanderhenry

    To reiterate:

    Stan Kroenke , although not the outright owner of arsenal is nevertheless the majority shareholder with a controlling stake.
    Therefore, he can do what he likes . He can fire wenger, he can spend more, he can spend less, he can invest more of his own money, he can erect a statue of himself in the emirates car park and he can put one of his stuffed animals on the board of directors.

    The BOD as it is, has no say whatsoever. They own no shares and are a bunch of old men who spend most of their time going to charity events and giving after dinner speeches, apart from josh and gazidis.
    Josh actually runs the nuggets and avalanche so I can’t see how he can have the time to put to much effort into arsenal and Gazidis is the PR man. He’s stan’s mouth piece basically.

  36. Champagne charlie

    If Wenger can easily spend 75 mil then why, once Monaco upped their price for Lemar, did we suddenly have an intense desire to sell players?

  37. Hush

    this article says it all. Wenger needs to go along with those who don’t wanna wear the shirt… a rebuild is needed this season considering it a write off for achievements… only thing I wd add is bring on Henry and Bergkamp to take charge and manage the team. osmanov please buy out Stan Kroenke. let this be a rebuild season to save our arsenal

  38. Alexanderhenry


    ‘The club decided to run as self-sufficient and they decided to do this before the arrival of Kroenke’

    You seem a bit confused here. Kroenke owns the club now. He doesn’t have to abide by any ‘decision’ made before he bought it out.

    ‘Kroenke didn’t get involved in Arsenal to invest in the team. He joined Arsenal to make a little side profit for himself. A safe hands off profit.’

    And that’s the problem. Football is a speculative sport. Unless arsenal fc have an owner who is willing to invest, the club will continue to stagnate.

  39. Cesc Appeal

    If the owner has to call you to offer his support and the board have to reassert their backing of you as manager three games into a new two year deal, f**k, must be buried so far up your own arse not to see the writing on the wall.

    I like that the narrative has started to shift in the fan base now though from ‘fingers crossed he changes’ to what can we do to force both those fucks out of the club, Wenger and Kroenke.

    Fans can do it, but can Arsenal fans, that is the question.

  40. David Smith

    It seems fans are increasingly united on Wenger, finally ,looking out there
    Just Kroenke we are disagreeing on, but as with Wenger, most will soon see the light on this leech, especially when Wenger has gone.
    As for Gazidis, he is certainly tainted, but if he is around when Wenger does go, Ivan might be the one person who can stop a starstruck Kroenke Jr appointing Thierry Henry as manager.

  41. gmv8

    August 28, 2017 23:14:33


    Stan Kroenke hasn’t changed anything about how Arsenal are run and he was made to agree to the self-sustaining model before he took over. It was the Usmanov type the board were concerned about. You are misrepresenting the situation.

    i am not misrepresenting the situation, google Hill-Wood and what he said about Kroenke, it is well documented. I think the self-sustaining model was put forward to stop Kroenke meddling, but there is more than enough evidence to show that he has interfered in the buying and selling of players, and that he has taken out dividends of 3.5 million per year, and do you really think that Arsenal holding such large reserves, has nothing to do with Kroenke?

  42. Ishola70

    “And that’s the problem. Football is a speculative sport. Unless arsenal fc have an owner who is willing to invest, the club will continue to stagnate.”

    Well it’s a pity that you couldn’t relate this to your fellow Arsenal chums at the time when it was seen as a choice between Kroenke and Usmanov isn’t it.

    But unfortunately fans at that time couldn’t see the shit for the trees because of very big anti-Chelsea – anti-Abramovich feeling ably abetted by Wenger may I add preaching from his pulpit about financial responsibility and the vulgarity of buying titles.

  43. Jamie

    Even though Coq and Wilshere are both guff, I’d slot them straight into our midfield, along with Elneny. Elneny for his general tidiness on the ball, and the other two because they seem to give a shit about playing for the shirt.

    I’d probably stick with Hector — Chambers/Holding/Mert — Kos — Sead/Nacho at the back.

    Front three of any kid (Iwobi/Nelson) — Laca/Giroud — Alexis (pipe dream)

    Sell everyone else. We’ll finish above the relegation zone, sack Wenger, and have 300m+ in the bank for the next manager’s rebuilding effort. 5 year plan, just wipe the slate clean now and start the process.

    Not even my scouse pals give me shit about Arsenal any longer. No gloating, just pity in their eyes when they see me.

    Wenger the fuck out.

  44. Arsene's Nurse

    Arsenal were recording ever increasing cash balances before Kroenke became a majority shareholder in 2011. Wenger was selling players for huge profit and not reinvesting before Kroenke had control.

    Don’t get me wrong I think Kroenke is awful for the club, but it’s Wenger that chooses who to buy, who to play etc.

    Kroenke has no input whatsoever in the day to day running of the club. He doesn’t sanction who is bought or sold. The board and manager agree to the amount that can be spent in advance and the board will sanction additional funds if it’s deemed necessary.

    Arsenal have all the financial muscle and Wenger has the freedom to spend but chooses not to. Kroenke isn’t interested in football yet many seem to think he obsesses over the minutiae like a demented Football Manager obsessive.

  45. Alexanderhenry


    Wenger’s finished

    The situation arsenal are in right now is a fuck up of epic proportions. Whichever way you look, on and off the pitch, there are profound problems.

    It’s the culmination of over ten years of negligence. A decade of waste. It’s a wonder we didn’t reach this point five or six years ago and ironically it was wenger himself who managed to postpone all this.
    Now it’s all caught up with him. He’s too old and the dam has burst.
    I don’t see a way out of it for him. I don’t think he’ll last this season.

    Kroenke is a tougher proposition. The only way he’ll sell up is if arsenal start losing money. That’s in the fans hands.

  46. gmv8

    And to anyone saying that Wenger can spend any amout of Arsenal money he likes, how is that possible, while simultaneously holding large reserves to back large loans over in the states?

  47. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Well it’s a pity that you couldn’t relate this to your fellow Arsenal chums at the time when it was seen as a choice between Kroenke and Usmanov isn’t it.’

    At the time, it all went under the radar. Also, I’m not sure how fans could have been aware of what a bad owner kroenke would prove to be, and exactly what they could have done to stop it.

  48. Alexanderhenry


    Good point.
    To what extent if any is kroenke’s ‘soccer franchise’ leveraging his investments in the US.

  49. salparadisenyc

    Really has the feel of Mourinho in 2015 when they opened season loosing 9 of 16, players in on pitch revolt against him. He was gone in December.

    Barring fact they bagged a title year before.

    But something is clearly seriously wrong within this Arsenal. For me it all points to Wenger and players yearning for something more relelvant. The league has moved on.

  50. gmv8

    Kroenke DOES sanction who’s bought and sold … players have said it. A lot of people think that’s why we have all these weird situations with players on the bench and never played.

  51. Ishola70

    “At the time, it all went under the radar. Also, I’m not sure how fans could have been aware of what a bad owner kroenke would prove to be, and exactly what they could have done to stop it.”


    But there was anti-Usmanov feeling among the fanbase which is relevant. And as said before this was stoked by Wenger and his holier than thou financial rants. Basically the line was we are not Chelsea and we have no interest to be run like them. We will be the opposite to them.

  52. Arsene's Nurse

    August 29, 2017 00:11:20

    And to anyone saying that Wenger can spend any amout of Arsenal money he likes, how is that possible, while simultaneously holding large reserves to back large loans over in the states?
    That’s a complete myth and not the way that KSE is structured. Kroenke does not need to keep huge reserves at Arsenal to fund other projects. Go and look at who Kroenke is, who he is married to and how he’s managed to grow a sports franchise.

    He spent £500m on a ranch FFS. Do you really think he needs a pitiful £200m in order to get business loans when he and his wife are both multi-billionaires?

  53. Sandy

    Your Comment Here

    David Smiths comments are probably as near the truth as anything thats been posted here. the root of the problem at our great club is the owner who has no interest nor ambition for sporting success. Of course Wenger is way past his best as a manager but Kronke will not remove him, or even better sell up, because of lack of onfield success , it will only happen when kronke thinks Wenger is diminishing his finanacial assets or he personally becomes embarrassed by the adverse publicity, and hes so thick skinned that will take a lot, The board are just puppets, Gazidis a smooth talking fraud- Kronke is the real enemy of Arsenal Football Club and we, together, must work out how to get rid of him and then subsequently Wenger , Gazidis and the puppets. Our great club is better, more decent, and has much more integrity than the present bunch of parasites that run it, We will regain our pride and become great again.

  54. Arsene's Nurse

    August 29, 2017 00:16:51

    Kroenke DOES sanction who’s bought and sold … players have said it. A lot of people think that’s why we have all these weird situations with players on the bench and never played.
    Where is your evidence?

  55. David Smith

    I am happy to visit various sites, and forums, such as this , and see the word Kroenke being mentioned more and more, just look at the last few posts on here.
    The penny is finally dropping, and what I have seen, in a big way.
    Wenger is finished , I have zero sympathy with him as he is complicit, despite some positive things he has done for the club a while back, but the problem will remain.
    Wenger will eventually go first, then we have to go after the real problem, as many have said, the only way to do that is through some sort of deprivation of what SK holds dearest., to the point more viable options exist elsewhere. How you do that, I have no realistic idea.
    This club has been saddled with a parasite

  56. Arsene's Nurse

    “Arsène Wenger insists Stan Kroenke will not interfere in team affairs, despite his multimillion-pound takeover of Arsenal this week. The American businessman effectively took control of the club by raising his stake to 62.89% although Wenger, who met Kroenke for talks on Thursday, is adamant it will not affect the way he manages the team.

    Supporters nurturing hopes that Kroenke’s increased influence will lead to Arsenal altering their recruitment policy to compete for transfers with the likes of Chelsea and the Manchester clubs may be less happy, as Wenger suggested this is unlikely to be the case. “We will continue to run the club like it has been done until now,” said Wenger. “That means live with our resources, produce our own resources and develop our football team.”

    Asked whether he could envisage Kroenke spending big on a player without consulting the manager and then demanding that the player be picked, Wenger chuckled and replied: “I don’t think he would do that. We will run the club with the technical department having the decision on what is technical. For all the rest I have of course to answer to Stan Kroenke and I am ready to do that for any questions, but I run the technical department.”


    Why some people think that Kroenke runs the club or doesn’t let Wenger spend I don’t know. I just presume they are ignorant and don’t read or listen to what people like Arsene Wenger say.

  57. salparadisenyc

    Really struggling with Kroenke being the clubs parasite when our players are the 7th highest earners in Europe.

  58. David Smith

    Thank you Sandy.
    Kroenke sees this club only as a tool for preferential borrowing rates for his true interests, nothing more.
    The UK board are only in existence as the club are a UK company, purely cosmetic, have no say in anything.
    Wenger and Kroenke clearly have a little agreement going, all I will say for Wenger, he is naive and optimistic enough to believe he can still live with kroenkes lack of spending , and win major trophies. Silly man. Looking at him this weekend, events may have hit home a little.
    We love Arsenal, Wenger undoubtedly does as well, in his own misguided, value led way, But to the owner, we are nothing more than a financial tool. Sad.

  59. Sandy

    Arsnes Nurse,
    Nobody is saying Kronke tells Wemger who to play etc, f course he doesnt,in fact I dont think he has a clue about football and thats the problem Arsenal are nothing more than a piece of businees to him. BTW totally agree about our wage bill.

  60. David Smith

    Sal, taking your figures at face value,none of that has any influence on Stans wealth.
    Ask yourself why Stan renewed Wengers contract. It was against the boards wishes, it certainly was not for footballing reasons, wengers dithering cost us a 40 million place in the ECL, his words, not mine. Players clearly not happy. So why did Stan unilaterally renew wengers contract, I would suggest he in some way financially gains more than the Wenger shit show loses…..ie preferential borrowing rates based on a major asset with 250 million in the bank propped up by a naive but supine manager

  61. Sandy

    Let me put this on record, I am deeply sad that Arsene Wengers time as manager will end in such a sad way, He is a legend and deserves that status in our history and I hope after this present melt down is over we will all credit him with the respect he deserves.

  62. David Smith

    Red truth, Wenger would not be an issue if Stan had stuck to what I hope would have been Danny Fiszmans stipulation, and had been a competent owner, in that case , by now, Wenger at this stage would be nowhere near the club.

  63. salparadisenyc


    Its clear Stan has little love of Arsenal, his son may even be the more interested.
    No question another owner and Wenger is in another situation but he has certainly been given the tools for success. Really do think this is the season there love affair ends with Wenger toying with finishing in the bottom half having fully lost dressing room.

    When Wenger is no longer in the money, Kroenke’s toleration will quickly wane.

  64. Relieable Sauce

    Not deeply sad that the club is being regularly embarrassed every season for a decade or more. No.
    Sad for the fraud that has shown utter contempt to the fans and the history of AFC.


  65. alexanderhenry

    All is not lost.

    Arsenal can come back from this.
    Looking at it positively, this great club is going through a rite of passage. It can reemerge with a new owner, manager and BOD capable of restoring it to greatness.


    Because it’s The Arsenal.

    We have the history, the prestige, the fanbase, the stadium and are London based.
    Get rid of Stan and as well as Usmanov, there will be any number of other investors who would love to own arsenal and actually try and win things.

  66. David Smith

    Agree Sal, and that is probably one of a myriad of reasons Stan wants to keep Wenger in place.
    People turning against Wenger in unexpected sites, if that is in anyway representitive, but that could change with the smallest false turnaround .
    But Kroenke is the bigger picture, he unilaterally kept Wenger in post, I think we know why
    My only hope, is that the intelligent, winner inside that once helped Wenger to greatness has the self awareness to extricate himself from this tawdry situation, that sadly, he has helped create and perpetuate.

  67. Dissenter

    If you’re seeking an owner who is miserly and is win it for only money then look no further that Make Ashley
    If Kroenke was so miserly why are the players so overpaid it’s hard to move them on?

  68. Sandy

    Last comment for tonight, I am uncomfortable with Usamov but Im sure he would be a much more demanding and proactive owner than the parasite Kronkes.

  69. salparadisenyc

    If were talking parasites my moneys on the man helming this debacle whom when all is said and done will have earned around £100m for his service since 96.

  70. Marko

    Well it’s a pity that you couldn’t relate this to your fellow Arsenal chums at the time when it was seen as a choice between Kroenke and Usmanov isn’t it.But unfortunately fans at that time couldn’t see the shit for the trees because of very big anti-Chelsea – anti-Abramovich feeling ably abetted by Wenger may I add preaching from his pulpit about financial responsibility and the vulgarity of buying titles.

    Excellent point

  71. tonyd

    No words needed. this DM piece says it all:

    “But all staff appointments go through Wenger. And despite the change in faces, the club’s training sessions — on the pitch and off it — are largely the same, much to the players’ disapproval. They have been going through the same old routine for years. No wonder they are producing the same old results. ”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4831194/Inside-Arsenal-s-broken-dressing-room.html#ixzz4r6GYEO8G

  72. Leedsgunner

    It’s pointless trying to pin the blame on this or that person as if that in itself will solve the problem. It is frankly missing the issue entirely.

    The issue is this culture of chaos has been allowed to fester and grow at the club without the Board of directors unwilling to do anything about it.

    This lack of courage and conviction is the problem we need to address if we are going to go forward.

    Wenger is a convenient lightning rod but changing him without changing the owner and Board is like changing into your fresh trousers whilst still having diarrhoea still pouring out of you.

    Looks like you’re responsible and respectable for a while but it won’t take long for the stench to return.

    Having said that the club should not give Wenger the pleasure of changing his trousers. Let him stew in the stench of his own filth. Why should he be allowed to spend another penny and panic buy?

    No more money.

  73. Leedsgunner

    Never mind Wenger losing the dressing room. Wenger is just lost, end of.

    Gazidas says Wenger being given a new contract WASN’T AN EMOTIONAL DECISION based on nostalgia– at least we can all agree that it was only just that.

    If there is a silver lining in this, for me it is this. At least the Board and the Owner is being exposed for who they are. Parasites the lot of them.

  74. Emiratesstroller

    David Smith/Leeds Gunner

    I don’t think that the rationale for renewing Wenger’s contract is relevant any

    The fact is it was a serious error of judgment just like the complete mess with
    contract negotiations and the consequential financial loss in our outgoing transfers.

    Wenger has made a complete pigs ear of this summer and the start of season.
    It has been coming for a very long time.

    The club is at the moment in a downward spiral and the only saving grace is
    that I do think that Kroenke will sell the club if the right offer comes in. Whatever I think of Wenger the man at the helm is the person who has to take ultimate responsibility for the shambles.

    Arsenal will hopefully recover but sadly not under the current regime.

  75. Pierre

    Bournemouth, Brighton, West brom, Watford, Doncaster, 3 crappy Europa league teams and Chelsea.. These are the next 9 games with 6 at home…
    Too early to write Wengers obituaries, he’s done it before and he could do it again. With this run of games we could possibly win 8 of those games, that will be enough to buy him time and try and build the confidence in the team.
    However, if performances do not improve and we struggle in these games then the shit will really hit the fan.. There will be no way back as following this run of fixtures it’s spurs, man u and city and that could be the final nail in the coffin.
    Will be interesting to see how the soap opera ends….it could go either way..he’s been written off so many times but has his luck finally run out..

  76. TitsMcGee

    Like clockwork the AKBs are out rationalizing the defeat on Sunday.

    So now the focus shifts to Kroenke to deflect blame from Wenger.

    Wenger could show up with a peacock on his head for the next game and these lot would defend it by saying he’s French so he has different tastes in fashion.

  77. Leedsgunner


    I come in peace.

    You talk about the fact that we shouldn’t be too quick to write off Wenger. True he might be able to salvage his reputation somewhat with an easy run of games.

    But don’t you see? Wenger can’t cope with a hard string of games anymore. By your own words you said we have Man U, Man City and Spurs coming up… I can’t see us winning those games can you?

    When we moved to the new stadium we were told we would compete with the very best of World Football never mind English football, and we can’t even set the pace with three games in!

    Is this why we gave him a new contract? To rescue another season because of his same mistakes? Here’s idea. Why not do what the players say they do and ACTUALLY learn from them abd here’s an even more astounding idea AND NOT make them in the first place? (I apologise for my sarcasm, it’s not directed at you personally but at the club)

    Like I said, I come in peace.

    I remember when we used to be feared and we were the title contenders. Now it seems all we’re happy to do is to fight for our pride because we know the real trophies are beyond us but we have a manager who is either too stubborn or too afraid to admit it.

    Wenger is a punch drunk journeyman fighter trying to tell anyone who will listen how he can be great again.

  78. TitsMcGee

    You talk about the fact that we shouldn’t be too quick to write off Wenger. ”

    Nothing like 13 years to give a guy to get the squad right eh? Lol

    Jesus these guys.

  79. Minyahil

    You know what? I am really sorry for arsenal as arsenal fan. What is going on guys? are we born to be upset-ed day and night? upset-ed in the field, upset-ed by referees, upset-ed by the coach, upset-ed by players, upset-ed by the owners, upset-ed in the market, upset-ed ……upset-ed …upset-ed ! What a hell is arsenal!!

  80. TitsMcGee

    NY TIMES tore poor Arsene to shreds yesterday. It’s so amazing everyone sees this joke for what he is (obviously his own players now too) but yet he remains.

  81. Emiratesstroller


    I suggest that you listen to the recent interview of Martin Keown who has been until recent times perhaps amongst the most supportive ex Arsenal players towards Wenger.

    He has expressed the view that Wenger’s recent decision making has been shocking citing the departure of Gabriel as a huge mistake, questioning how
    the team neglects completely working on its defence in training and the
    decision to bench Lacazette on Saturday as ridiculous.

    He has also implied that Wenger’s recent decisions will have impacted on the
    dressing room, because of all the uncertainty at club.

    Let’s be clear it does not matter anymore how many games Wenger wins or
    loses the club is in a mess.

    The balance of our midfield and defence is poor and unlikely to be resolved this week. Bluntly the only supposed transfer interest, which has been discussed this summer has been left wing with focus on Lemar and to lesser
    extent Draxler.

    There has been no suggestion about replacing Gabriel or Mustafi if he leaves.
    Chambers also appears to be on back burner as well.

    Our midfield has been shocking in first three games. Messrs Xhaka, Ramsey and Ozil as a collective are completely unbalanced and are failing to provide
    a defensive shield.

  82. TitsMcGee

    But in the summer his contract was up. A decision not to renew was entirely possible and utterly desirable. That decision was made solely by Kroenke.”

    That’s fine Rhys but Kroenke hasn’t got anything to do with our performance on Sunday. The squad decisions, tactics (lol) etc.

    Is Kroenke Abramovic? No

    Is Wenger doing the best he can do with what he’s given? Absolutely not.

    Arsene spent 92 million last summer and dropped 50 million so far this summer and is still getting roasted 4-0 in the third game of the season (in year 13 of the “time to build the squad” I might add).

    Give Wenger 200 million in one summer and we’d still suffer. Our problems go much deeper than who is on the pitch.

  83. Rob

    Pedro – another amazing post. So sharp and to the point, I really appreciate your effort to pin these things down.
    The decay of the club has been long in the making but, as you point out, it’s entering a new, grimmer phase now. The problems are clear enough, but I think it’s time for the fans to start devising strategies that might bring about change. I’m talking beyond mere protests. We need to discuss this. What can we do to oust Wenger? And preferably Kroenke. What would be needed? Boycotting games, probably. Just stop turning up. Bombarding the board and Kroenke with letters. Signing petitions and forwarding these to sponsors? Spread the negative vibe around the club..? I don’t know. But I do think it’s time to move from words to joint action. Because, really, the future of the club is at stake.

    David Smith – thanks for your solid input, too. I agree with you that the signals were, in fact, quite clear this spring: the Board knew it was time to let Wenger go. But sensing which way the winds were blowing, political animal that he is, Wenger went directly to Kroenke to make his case for renewing the contract, sidestepping the Board. You bet he knew how to make his sales pitch: “I’ll guarantee stability and steady revenue flow, I won’t compromise the financial bottom line for on-field achievement.”

    What WILL happen though is that the decay will continue under Wenger. Which in turn will lead to worse financial performance, in time. Which in turn will have a negative impact on transfer possibilities and current players not wanting to sign new contract. A vicious circle which will become more and more fatal.
    What do we do to oppose this?