£200K a week to save Wenger’s summer

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‘Don’t worry loved ones, it’ll all be over soon,’ Arsene whispered as he rushed the children to the tornado shelter. The underprepared caretaker swiftly made his way out into the yard, sharply avoiding dangerous questions, dodging harsh realities, all whilst praying values would save the day.

Yes, this summer has been a disaster story for the records. The banter era of Arsene Wenger continues at a pace, but there maybe a sweet delicious apple pie waiting on the kitchen counter when he breaks out of the shelter to assess the damage. Will there be a house? No. But Liverpool could be the sweet taste of happiness our great leader needs to push him over the transfer deadline without needing to call the insurance company.

Tomorrow, we’re lucky enough to be seeing the return of the cavalry. Wantaway Alexis Sanchez is dusting off his size 9s as it now appears his dream of setting up with Neymar or Kyle Walker is as likely as Wenger unveiling Naby Keita and VVD as our summer surprise. Not just him, Laurent K is back in the game, hoping to add a touch of steel, class, and summer pie warmth to proceedings.

Both those timely boosts are going to be needed. Liverpool looked nothing short of sublime against Hoffenheim. They trounced the Germans, who to be honest, had performed miracles making it to that stage of the Champions League under exciting coach Julian Nagelsmann. The Scousers love to turn it on against us, so I’ve no doubt this is going to be an exciting game.

My prediction is this will either be the turning point in our season before the real turning point 3 weeks into October… or it’ll be the moment the Liverpool loving press declare Jurgen Klopp a title contender before they have their turning point 3 weeks into October.

I expect goals, I expect beautiful movement, I will be upset if there’s no terrible defending and at least one poor keeping mistake. It’s going to be fun and one of those adverts for the Premier League that has the purists complaining, and the rest of us enjoying the moment for the madness it’ll likely be.

Outside this moment of potential solace, it really is a mess.

Reports are mixed, but some are suggesting we’ve offered Ox £180k a week. Some are suggeting he’s pushing for £200k a week. A few things here.

1) I don’t dislike him for what he’s doing. Sure it feels greedy. But look, football careers are short, clubs are mental, you have to push for what you can get.

2) If he signs on for that money and his performances are anything short of world class he’ll have the fanbase on his back. There’s a reason we all have such disdain for Theo. His return would have him as more of a favourite if he was on less money, I think the bitter taste is the grapefruit rind barrell he’s had us over on money.

3) Chambo is simply not worth that money in the open market. He’s given us a few solid games as a wing back. But overall, he has questionable fitness, questionable application, and a lack of match winning games under his belt.

4) This offer, if real, is all about Wenger’s PR. It has nothing to do with Chambo’s talent. Wenger is desperate for a win, even if it’s at the expense of the long term health of the squad. If we’d have been smart, we’d have had 3 French players of equal talent lined up so we could move him on, and switch in a replacement for £60k a week. Or, just give the job to Reiss Nelson, who looks twice the player already.

We’re now entering a phase where anyone negotiating with Arsenal knows the manager is weak and on his knees. We are possibly heading into the season with 6 contract rebels. That will have a hugely damaging impact on team morale, and it’ll make next summer a disaster. My guess is those players could ask for whatever they want right now and land it.

The absolute disaster of this all is I worry the cash isn’t enough. The players that are good enough, could do better elsewhere. Wenger is such an unattractive proposition now, most would rather try their luck elsewhere.

Another player that might be off is Mustafi. The German, who I called out as a dud way early last year, might be moved on. Again, the banter of it all is our backline that needs three centre backs would consist of.

  • Holding
  • Chambers
  • Kos
  • Per

Then what? Are we saying Nacho and Elneney take it up to 6? Beyond carnage.

Our defence is weak. Our midfield is weak. Our attack is hardly gold star.

How did it come to this?

10 years of a declining great. That’s how.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Emiratesstroller

    Reliable Sauce

    The problems I raised in 2015 are more or less the same as today if not worse.

    If you want to be successful in EPL you need to build from the back and Wenger has failed to do so since he arrived at the club and inherited Graham’s defence.

    Our play is too loose and disorganised and we never design a team to deal with
    the opposition. We play the same game time and time again with absolutely
    no discipline.

    Individually despite some of the posters on Le Grove we do have players in our
    squad who in any other team and under better coaches would be better players, but sadly at Arsenal under current regime are pretty awful.

    We have seen it time and time again that players leave our club and move elsewhere where they play in better teams and under better management and coaches. Players like Cole, Fabregas and Van Persie managed to achieve success when they left and so did the likes of more modest players like Toure and

    Wenger and his staff are awful, but the real blame rests with those who own and run the club. They are the people who can and should be making the
    strategic decisions and allocating proper investment. At any other club Wenger would have been sacked at least 8-10 years ago.

    I don’t watch the academy teams, but when I read some of the Bird articles you see that there is often similarity in the weaknesses and lack of tactical game
    plan. The cancer exists in all parts of the club.

    When I speak to a sports journalist who follows Arsenal regularly he analyses the problem to a tee. If you have a cancer you cut out the root. Simply papering over the cracks is not a solution.

  2. peanuts&monkeys

    “ArsenaLosers, your team will finish around 12th this year because, Sanchez is leaving.”

    Not Wenger and Stan and Gazidis.. they are imbeciles anyways who are parasitically eating off the AKBs hands…..People who never protested last two years are to blame for this entirely.

  3. Emiratesstroller


    Mindless protests achieves what?

    I don’t see much evidence that protesting has made a major impact at any other football club.

    What the club needs is a change of owner and then you can start discussing upgrading management,coaching and playing personnel.

    Protests like you and RT suggest improves nothing. It is just sheer Corbynism
    with no end product.

  4. mano'gunner

    Emirates the one time it worked was for Liverpool a few years back when they got rid of the previous American owners.
    They are improving now as a result.

  5. Wallace

    well, where to go from here? so early for everything to be looking so bleak. I’d say a CM and a CB minimum before Thursday. and goodbye to Mustafi & the Ox. although personally I think I’d rather watch Koscielny, Kolasinac, Alexis, Lacazette and a bunch of the kids.

  6. TitsMcGee

    PierreYou seem to laud the trophies which Wenger covets, like ‘4th place trophy’ and ‘winning most games in a calendar year’ trophy.”

    He very clearly one of the ones that will celebrate and be hand-jobbing Wenger after a 3-0 victory vs Bournemoth

  7. TitsMcGee

    Everything. I think from the first to the last minute, we were not at the level requested for such a game. Not physically, not technically, not mentally… we were not at the level and we were punished. And that is basically it.”

    You can take this quote and apply it 3-4 times a season. The man is utterly shameless as he must know that HE is the problem but he still signed on for 2 more years.

  8. Dev.gooner

    Came here to comment on all things Arsenal.. ended up watching mcgreggor v mayweather fight.. thanks to reliable sauce for posting the link 😉 What a bout!

    I know nothing on boxing but that brace after the fight between mcgreggor and mayweather! Respect to both! I can see mcgreggor doing really well in future boxing bouts but 50-0! That’s a true champ!

    Suck it Wenger!

  9. TR7


    I think it’s not about incomings/outgoings anymore. Seems like there is some crisis brewing behind the scene. I expected us to lose at Anfield and I predicted the same here but even then I was taken aback by total apathy and lack of commitment from players. Wenger looks lost and most players seem to have stopped playing for him. I was in favor of keeping Alexis but I think he is itching for a move and so is Ox. Things will get worse I reckon.

  10. Wallace


    “Seems like there is some crisis brewing behind the scene. I expected us to lose at Anfield and I predicted the same here but even then I was taken aback by total apathy and lack of commitment from players. ”

    yeah, just a bunch of baffling selection decisions and a handful of what you’d think were pretty important squad members seemingly available at the right price, as well as the ongoing contractual stuff with our best players…from the outside seems like a hell of a mess.

  11. TR7

    I really feel for Holding. He is a promising CB and it’s natural for him to make odd mistakes. But to put him against the best player in the league in an away game at Anfield is terrible man management.

  12. Barney75

    Cut/edit a few passages and Kroenke’s got a ready-made statement when Wenger is finally sacked

    “He (Jeff Fisher) has worked tirelessly despite some challenging circumstances,” Rams owner Stan Kroenke said in a statement released by the team. “He played an integral role in helping this team make history in returning the NFL to Los Angeles, and we always will be grateful for his commitment and dedication to our organization. However, this is the right time to make a change as our performance has not lived up to my or our fans’ expectations. We all are focused on improving as an organization and building a team that makes Los Angeles proud. Our mission is to celebrate a Super Bowl title with our fans in Los Angeles.

  13. Dream10

    TR7 & Wallace

    I feel for Holding being thrown into the deep end. But, the truth is, he’s a player who is not PL standard. He’s had a couple of okayish performances & more bad than good since he’s been here. Chambers is a little soft, but he’s a better player.

  14. Samesong

    The first goal is an absolute piss take the player has time to roll the ball and then cross no pressure whatsoever.

    And Where was Kosc? jumping into space. Total shite.

    I don’t even want to even start on some other players.

  15. TitsMcGee

    Wenger has done nothing to suggest that he has developed a new tactical skill set to enable him to thrive in this edition of the Premier League. He salvaged some credit last season by switching to a three-man defense, something he said he had been considering for months before finally doing in April.

    It was taken as proof, by those who wanted to find it, of his ability to adapt, a brilliant new trick learned by the division’s oldest dog. Liverpool tore it to shreds here, cutting Arsenal open time and again in that devastating fashion that was once the preserve of Wenger’s teams. After halftime, Wenger’s response was to revert to type. It proved just as bad.”


  16. TitsMcGee

    The truth of the matter is: That particular horse has bolted. Wenger will, of course, be remembered as the mastermind behind the Invincibles of 2004, as the guru who delivered Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry and all the rest. But he will also go down as the man who stayed too long; the sad coda to his time at Arsenal will cast the deliriously happy days into shadow. That die is cast.

    “From the first minute to the last, we were not physically, mentally or technically at the level requested,” he said after the defeat on Sunday. The follow-up question was obvious. Why? “It is very difficult to answer that straight after the game,” he said. “There are some reasons, but I do not have too much to say right now.”

    The answer, in truth, is obvious. Deep down, Wenger knows exactly what it is.”

    Hammer meet nail.

  17. Emiratesstroller


    “So where do we go from here”

    Buying a couple of players at this late stage of season resolves I am afraid nothing.

    For a start we are unlikely to be able to buy the right players unless you are
    throwing silly money at problem, because everyone on the planet knows we
    are a mess.

    What Arsenal needs at moment is a top class coach who can rebuild confidence in squad and use best our current resources even if they are not good enough to finish in top 4.

    That is the priority and frankly it is a lot cheaper to bring in someone in
    that role than start messing around with our squad resources.

  18. Leaving in a wooden box

    Good to see a real unity amongst legrovers today and yesterday.
    AKBs do petulantly protest Wenger’s innocence on here…but right now they have nothing to defend. Arsene-al are a pathetic joke of a team, absolutely reflecting the sorry demise of the manager.
    It’s kind of sweet to know that we were right all along about Wenger……although it’s a bitter sweet thing when your club is being taken down in the process.
    We are close to the madman throwing in the towel……ideally losing to Bournemouth and inevitably Chelsea may well be the final nails.
    I personally don’t see any value in beating Bournemouth and giving Wenger an extended stay of execution.

  19. TitsMcGee

    I personally don’t see any value in beating Bournemouth and giving Wenger an extended stay of execution.”

    The same AKBs you mentioned will be the first ones jumping back onto the S.S Wenger as soon as Giroud scores a hat trick against Bournemouth.

    Henry summed it up perfectly last night.

    At Arsenal :

    “You start? Ok.
    You’re on the bench? Ok
    You lose? Ok.
    You win? Ok
    You play? Ok
    You don’t play? Ok
    You don’t win the EPL? Ok


  20. Pierre

    U. tit magee
    “He very clearly one of the ones that will celebrate and be hand-jobbing Wenger after a 3-0 victory vs Bournemoth”

    Say it as it is, that’s my motto.. If it’s shite then say it’s shite and yesterday was embarrassingly shite.

    If we play well v Bournemouth and win then I won’t be coming out with the usual clichés like Le grovellers..”flat track bullies”.. “papering over the cracks” and all the other boring shite.

    The reality is, we have 9 games, 6 at home, could win all of them (except Chelsea away).. Could do what United did last year, play against average teams and go on an unbeaten run.. And that is the reality..

    Wenger should be made accountable for his decisions and team selections, but he is not. has he completely lost the plot, will he learn from these mistakes, its probably too late now as I think the players are baffled by his decisions along with everyone else.

  21. WrightIsGod

    I get no joy in being proven right, I mean none of us WOB are Nostradamus, it was and is just so blindingly obvious Wenger was in decline and dragging the club with him.

    AKB’s consist of weak spirited individuals who are afraid of change, afraid to offend or stick their necks out. AKB’s most likely do not understand sport psychology, or many lack any real experience playing the game. They are the football hipster, the connoisseur, they watch as many videos as they can and read as many books to educate themselves on football, because deep down it was never born in them. They were picked last on the playground.

    The WOB naturally have football in their blood. They’ve perhaps tasted it firsthand. They know the psychological effects of being tutored by a weak old man who is passed it. A man that when you ask for reinforcements in the last instalment of a war brings in a man with a Brocken back to lay in the barracks for weeks before he is even able to reach for his bainet. A man who has been showing signs of deterioration for a decade. This man will inspire no man and yet the AKB’s still cling on to him to validate their existence and belief in loyalty, a premise so lost in a modern world of instant gratification.

    The WOB vs AKB is in fact a great social experiment. The AKB’s are of placid nature, the WOB are rabid animals with ambition, hunger and fight in their bellies.

  22. Emiratesstroller

    Actually my best option now would be for Wenger to dig his own grave for
    next few months and for the club to put in place a new management structure
    by recruiting a Football Director and First Team Coach in January.

    They would then have 6 months before transfer window reopens to assess our
    player resources.

    Kroenke has then to make a decision whether he will provide the funding required to rebuild squad and team. If not he should sell the club.

  23. Leaving in a wooden box

    Wenger lost the plot years ago…..I recall the captain leaving the field during one match and shrugging his shoulders as he didn’t know whom to give the armband to.
    Such simple pre-match arrangements that were not obviously in place seemed symptomatic of a manager lacking any serious focus.
    If we do happen to go on an unbeaten run, however unlikely, it will be down to the pride and career saving drive of the players.
    Wenger is finished……like it or not, that’s how it is.

  24. Wallace


    “the WOB are rabid animals with ambition, hunger and fight in their bellies.”

    do they sleep in the buff?

  25. WrightIsGod

    “I recall the captain leaving the field during one match and shrugging his shoulders as he didn’t know whom to give the armband to.”

    Yep sports psychology.

    “If we do happen to go on an unbeaten run, however unlikely, it will be down to the pride and career saving drive of the players.”

    Yep that’s what the FA Cup final was all about and the fact that Chelsea were emotionally drained after wining the league and celebrating a good two weeks before having to reinvigorate themselves for the final (even then we scored a dodgy goal to take the upper hand and give us advantage to win the game. No matter how “amazing” we were that game we still could have lost it if not for that dodgy head start.)

    I think it’s different now and the remaining core of the group see a hopeless situation. With team mates looking to leave, fights over money, contracts, the way Perez was treated for instance over the way a Walcott treated. These things are registered. It has such a detrimental effect. No one believes in Wenger or the club anymore.

  26. Leaving in a wooden box

    BBC sport ….Wenger asks the fans to keep faith
    Haha …
    More absurd comments from me madman

  27. Pierre

    I have get the feeling that you are looking too deep into this AKB, WOB thing.

    I personally know only one fanatical Wenger obsessive WOB and he’s a complete dick.

    Your Comment of
    “, the WOB are rabid animals with ambition, hunger and fight in their bellies. Is a comment of the highest stupidity and ignorance.. So, do you think redtruth is like a rabid animal with ambition, hunger and fight in his belly.. Do me a favour

  28. Alexanderhenry


    Fascinating theory on WOB/AKB differences.

    So, left in the wilderness with only a pen knife and a pot noodle, I assume the WOB would survive a lot longer than the AKB.

  29. raptora

    Wenger had to move on the players that don’t want to play for him anymore. It is obvious who they are and they are not helping him neither on or off the pitch. Players who are not bothered to sulk and give two fks about putting a performance or not have terrible influence on the whole group. Wenger is flawed as it is but keeping players that don’t respect you anymore, don’t respect your figure, that are like 15 yo school shits laughing at their teacher he is with his back towards them. It ruins the whole group. It can turn quality and responsible players in to trash.

    Ofc it is Wenger who is responsible for what is happening yet again. His tactics, lineup, strategy, ideas… Everything was parodic yesterday. Still we did win vs Chelsea in the Charity Shield playing some pretty nice football. We looked very decent that game with no Alexis, no Mustafi, no Ramsey. I’m not singling out players to be like – OH it’s their fault. They probably just don’t want to play for Arsene anymore. Thing is that when the bad boys get in play for players who try their best the whole squad’s moral is dead. Kolasinac, Lacazette, Elneny, Iwobi (partly) all had a great game vs Chelsea but were now ditched for the rebels in an attempt to persuade them to stay or something. It backfired spectacularly!

    I’d rather we fk off anyone who doesn’t really want to be here and stay maybe with less quality team but at least team who is playing for the shirt and manager. Keeping players that don’t want to be here or play under you is a life sentence and it can go one of two ways – either them or the manager. No middle ground. 4 days to make a decision.

  30. Emiratesstroller


    Wenger is a busted flush and the club should have recognised this years ago. It won’t be easy to replace him because many of the best people have been recruited elsewhere over last two years whilst Arsenal sat on their hands.

    However, the club needs now to act as inertia sets in and before there is financial and long term damage to club.

    If you start now looking for the right formula and people to run the football teams it should be possible over six months time frame. After all Manchester
    City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool have managed it.

    Arsenal do have some major advantages. First the club has a history of stability. They prefer longterm solutions. Also they pay their football staff including
    manager very well.

    I doubt that there are many Football Directors, Managers and Coaches who would not be attracted by the challenge of this job.

  31. WrightIsGod


    Gary Neville is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

    He also said he could never ask for Wenger to be sacked but said this was more down to a professional player code.

    Yet a few years ago he was questioning if van gaal was the right man for the job.

    Give over

  32. tonyd

    What have Liverpool won?

    First Division: 18

    FA Cup: 7

    League Cup: 8

    European & Champions League: 5

    UEFA Cup: 3

    UEFA Super Cup: 3

    Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?

    Just the European trophies alone gives the scousers bragging rights over us.

    I concur with other posters here that’s it’s Wenger apologists like you that keep him in a job.

    Your other argument you & CC like to spout is that it’s Kronke’s fault for giving Wenger the contract. But with the Wenger Ins flip flopping all the time, and 4th is a trophy, Kroenke sees his investment being blindly supported.

    If you are the true supporter you claim to be, you’d want Wenger gone and would have wanted him gone for a number of years.

    I can’t speak for every Wenger Out, but the evidence on this blog shows that the vast majority want to win matches and seriously mount challenges for the EPL & CL.

    It’s what a sports club is supposed to do. Clearly you and your lot didn’t get the memo.

    Personally I’m sick of the fans’ division; we never had it before Wenger and I’m sure many of the WOBs are too.

    The only way to get Wenger out is to unite and then unite against Kroenke.

    I truly worry about the future of our sponsors and the lack of their investment for the future, so spare a thought about the fiscal future of the club when you and your fellow AKBs keep blindly supporting Wenger who is clearly finished and incapable of managing our club.

    Unless, of course, you all are going to be happy with relegations fights in the not too distant future.

    Me personally, I long for the time when we can debate tactics and team selections of a visionary manager, and enjoy banter with other teams’ supporters, not having to listen to their sympathies.

  33. Thank you and goodnight

    Pierre’ s right, to early in season to right us off. We’ll come good because Wenger is the messiah, the all seeing prophet, sent to earth to show us how the game must be played. Sent from the planet tippy tappy land

  34. OleGunner

    Getting absolute pelters from the co-workers today.
    Usually they just leave me to my own devices after Arsenal lose (they know I’m numb to it all and very anti-Wenger) but today they are really sticking the knife in.

    Thank you Wenger.

  35. Biggles

    Well that went well.

    The only silver lining about yesterday’s defeat being so comprehensive was that my Liverpool supporting brother-in-law felt pity and declined to send the usual post-victory “and now I’m about to shag your sister” text. If it had been a one or two goal margin I’m sure there would have been a text.

    @Reliable Sauce:
    Last week I joked about resigning Flamini. Then I saw you talking about having resigned Flamini and never noticed you were quoting a post from two years ago. Nearly died.

    I don’t know how much longer I can do this fan thing. It’s just not enjoyable any more. I’ve developed a tic in my right eye from watching Arsenal lately. I feel like a hostage, being held at gun point by some delusional old French guy and an American with a scary ‘tache.

  36. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    What’s this quote by wenger mean ?

    ” if I’m the problem then I’m sorry’

    Well sack him then

    Or if he knows he is the problem resign

    It’s clear the players are lost on him
    They don’t want him as much as we don’t want him.

  37. Pierre

    Where would I be without your tremendous knowledge of the history of Liverpool.. And there was I thinking they had won nothing..

  38. Gooner63


    Wenger was passed on the right footballing values from Grahams reign, determination, pride in being an arsenal player, teamwork, discipline, toughness

    Wenger over his reign, has lost all of those values

    Values 2017 – so what are they? Does anyone actually know?
    All it seems now is,

    1 how money is better than major trophies
    2 its not about the winning its about the taking part.

  39. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Wenger wacos

    It’s the big new thing

    Will overtake Scientology by end of year

    But really who cares ?

    Arsenal are dead till he goes !

  40. Thorough

    2012 Wenger gave me a terrible birthday gift, an 8-2 mauling by Man united. I’m trying to convince myself this latest gift isn’t as bad as 2012, but deep down I know it’s worse, only that the scoreboard says otherwise. Shame on you Wenger.

  41. Pierre

    Thank you and Goodnight
    “Pierre’ s right, to early in season to right us off. We’ll come good because Wenger is the messiah, the all seeing prophet, sent to earth to show us how the game must be played.”

    You don’t have to be the messiah to beat Doncaster, Bournemouth, Brighton, West brom, and Watford and 3 crappy Europa league sides.
    Then avai

  42. Alexanderhenry


    If things continue the way they are, kroenke will sack wenger. I don’t see wenger turning it around this time so I think he could be gone before Xmas.

    Also it looks like we’re going to lose alexis, the ox and mustafi next week.

    Fans will go out of their minds.

  43. Biggles

    Also, I’d rather take a machete to the squad having seen yesterday.

    From an accounting perspective, Ozil cost something like £42.5m, but over 5 years. Players get depreciated like cars or computers or bricks or any other tangible assets. With one year left, Ozil’s book value is £8.5m – we sell him for anything over than and it’s an accounting profit.

    So let’s punt him for £20-25m. I’m sure we could shift him for that. He’s not worth anything to this team right now. Sure, the killer passes to Ronaldo back at Real Madrid were wonderful, but we don’t have Ronaldo. We need a presence in midfield who can tackle and press and stop people, not some kind of passing artisan.

    I love Sanchez, but screw him. He’s not worth £400k per week or whatever it is he wants now. I wouldn’t sell him to City, but anywhere overseas that puts in a half decent bid.

    Oxlade Chamberlain…. he’s had years to come good. Sure, you can blame a lot of it on Wenger, but equally players like Henry and Fabregas were young under Wenger and still came good, so if you’re good enough, Wenger won’t be enough to hold you back. If Chelsea will give us £35m for Ox, shift him.

    In fact… SHIFT THEM ALL.

    I’d rather just build a huge warchest and play kids and the few non-contract rebels to see out the season. Sure, we might finish 12th or something, but I don’t think we’d be that far off anyway. Then next summer, give a new manager a very big and expensive broom. This season is already a bust – we’re six points behind AND IT’S NOT EVEN SEPTEMBER.

    It’s going to get worse as well. I suspect we’ll beat Bournemouth at home, but we then have a Europa League game on the Thursday followed by Chelsea away on the Sunday, then Doncaster in the EFL Cup on the Tuesday. How ironic that the sane move is to prioritise the Europa League and the EFL Cup over the PL here…

  44. Emiratesstroller

    This is a summary of Wenger’s summer/start of season.

    1. Manager signs new 2 year contract
    2. No Football Director
    3. No Academy Director
    4 No Changes to Coaching staff apart from Lehmann
    5. Large number of players who we are difficult to shift out of club, because
    of transfer fees demanded or ott wages being paid. We are receiving
    below market fees or making loans.
    6.The three players the club would like to keep refuse to sign new contracts
    and will either be sold next week or leave next summer on bosmans. Even
    the silly wages offered to them are not enough to get them sign new
    7.We bring in two new players and neither is selected to play against
    8. Last summer we spend £90 million on Xhaka, Mustafi and Peres. None
    is a top player and two are likely to be on way out of club.
    9. We are playing too many players out of position.
    10.The defence and midfield is a complete mess.
    11.Morale and discipline in club appears to be at a low ebb.
    12 We are out of Champions League and unlikely to return anytime soon.
    13. Our net spend this summer is below what many of the bottom sides in
    EPL can or will spend this summer.
    14.Any last minute transfers are likely to be what we don’t need.

  45. Leaving in a wooden box

    £135million on the bench!
    Is that the most expensive bench ever?
    Could be yet another Wenger record.
    Along with many of his unwanted records.
    The mad professor is now at odds with his own assistants(players)….
    They must go home scratching their heads and thinking…”he’s off his head”

  46. RJM

    ST holders on here who supported Wenger last season, pissing on the demos, telling us ” to get behind the team” aka “get behind their messiah”.
    Its your fault Wenger is still with us. Fucking ST sheep.
    Pedro should ban you.
    Stroll off to fucking Untold.

  47. Leaving in a wooden box

    @ giggles…. Very good logic..agree with all your points.
    Remove the destroyer(Wenger) clear out.anyone that wants to go.
    Virtually start afresh.

  48. steve

    Pierre, Wallace, Don, Sanmi, Puma, Alexanderhenry, Champagne Charlie and all you other akb cunts. Shame on you.

  49. Elmo

    Many of the players clearly don’t care. Why did they not finish Wenger off at the back end of last season following the WB and Palace games? Think how much better our outlook would be right now if they had continued to down tools then and forced the club to sack the manager and begin the long rebuild.

    A new DoF would have sold the final year boys and as much of the dross as possible early on. Even if we were a work in progress this season, we would have begun up the hard path to becoming a serious club again. Instead we’re here, with Wenger on the verge of destroying everything that was salvageable and leaving his successor with a totally poisoned chalice.

  50. Wallace


    “was that my Liverpool supporting brother-in-law felt pity and declined to send the usual post-victory “and now I’m about to shag your sister” text.”

    that’s a pretty harsh text to send.

  51. Elmo


    Would be interested to know how this is reported in France. Is there by now a consciousness among the average French football fan (i.e someone who perhaps doesn’t watch too much EPL) that Wenger is completely washed up and a man who time long ago left behind?

  52. OleGunner


    I have no sympathy for the Arsenal fans only seeing the Wenger light this season, when many of them mauled those of us going for protests, donating to Wenger out campaign etc and trying our best to get the old dinosaur out.

    Now some want to begin protesting to bring change. Gimme a break. Every single Arsenal fan who has not done their bit to get Wenger gone deserves all the misery headed our way.

    I hope Wenger stays beyond 2019 so they can fully understand the depths of their ineptitude. This spineless manager and a large portion of its spineless fans deserve each other. I’m Wenger in forever, until every fan is TOTALLY sick of him and wants him gone.

  53. Cesc Appeal



    If it takes things getting truly bad this season for things to change by the time next season rolls around I would take it.

    The fans basically need to all get on side and make it hostile for Wenger and Kroenke, embarrassingly so, visual, vocal and economic pressure none stop.

    Which of course is never going to happen because ‘respect Wenger’.

    If only the fans respected Wenger the way he ‘respects’ them, he might have been driven out last year.

  54. Cesc Appeal

    Liverpool make a £66 Million bid for Lemar which is interesting. Likely to see Coutinho go after that perhaps and Liverpool will be able to get Van Dijk as well.

    Coutinho out, Lemar and Van Dijk in is decent business.

  55. Bamford10

    Good posts, all, and a special shout out to DT for that post-game rant. That was fantastic.

    As for what can be done now, Emirates, first thing that must be done IMO is to drop the 3-4-3 and revert to 4-3-3. The former was never implemented properly anyways and is harder to pull off both in terms of personnel and instruction. We’re better off in a 4-3-3.

    Next, only players with heart and desire and character should be in the XI. To stop the bleeding, we need players who will play for one another and who want to win.

    Three, sell the players who don’t want to be at Arsenal. They are a drag on the squad at moment.

    Four, replace Arsene Wenger asap.

  56. Bamford10

    While I agree with those saying that further disastrousness might be the best thing — if it brings an end to Wenger — I think the following XI would at least stop the bleeding a little:


    We need a couple of quality CMs, though, a CB, and a versatile, dribbling attacking player.

    And a new manager, of course.

  57. Bamford10

    By the way, anyone see Kondogbia’s goal for Valencia in their 2-2 draw with Madrid. Guess there might be a decent player there, no? Yeah, of course there’s a decent player there.

  58. Emiratesstroller


    There is no longer a point to discuss respect for Wenger. I think that most fans who matter i.e. those who go to Emirates or support Arsenal at away games realise that Wenger needs to be replaced.

    So I am going to move forward and suggest how the football club [as opposed to business] would progress if I was making the decisions.


    Option 1 Vieira [Ex Arsenal, World Cup Winner, Experience in Football Management, Intelligent]Early 40s.]

    Option 2 Flamini [ Ex Arsenal, Highly intelligent and successful business man] Late 30s. This might surprise some, but it is well known in football that Flamini is a very bright and independent thinking guy and ambitious.
    First player under Wenger who took advantage of Bosman rule under Wenger.


    Option 1 Ancelotti [one of most successful managers in History]

    Option 2 Simeone [younger but has proved a success in Spain]

    COACHES [all in 40s]

    Option 1 Bergkamp [ex Arsenal, World Class Player, Intelligent Footballer,
    Experienced Coach, Intelligent.

    Option 2 Henry [ex Arsenal, World Cup Winner, World Class Player, Articulate and Intelligent]

    Option 3 Lehmann [ex Arsenal, German International, Intelligent]

    Option 4 Defence Coach most probably not ex Arsenal.


    No concern about Per Mertsacker, but should be appointed this season and not next. Highly decorated International Footballer and World Cup Winner. Clearly wants to stay at club.

  59. WrightIsGod


    Even as a kid 8 years ago I began documenting the rot.

    I couldn’t write to save my arse but I knew football. If you have the time read some of the articles just to see the level of AKB comments I got. I would even get trolled in my everyday life just because I was documenting the truth. I wasn’t always right but look at the state of things now.

    One thing I can say is AKBs were a lot more aggressive then. Now they are a poor lifeless shadow of their messiah.

  60. Vince

    Wenger’s self righteousness will destroy Arsenal.
    “If he thinks he’ll get a move to Arsenal by being unruly he’s joking. ” Paraphrasing Arsene on Payet openly flirting with Arsenal. I believe getting Payet in January would have gotten us top 4.

    Then the mother of all revelations, Guilem Ballague a few minutes ago on Skysports “Arsene 18 months ago met with Mbappe’s parents. They asked for a 7 million bonus to rave their son transfered to Arsenal. He said No.”

    The idiat didn’t even negotiate. It’s his way or nothing. A shocking excuse of a man he really is.

  61. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    He won’t survive this

    It will turn toxic on Stan

    The vid the other day Jim posted told you all you need to know about scum Stan

    The knives will be out soon press are sharpening their tools right now.

    What did he mean, I’m sorry if I’m the problem ?

    Is that a premtive I’m quitting ?