‘Values’ tourettes is usually code for bad news

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Come on, you know the drill by now, when Arsene is backed into a corner, or he’s caught dropping a whoopsie on a season, he plays the values card. He’s Eddie Murphy…

‘Baby, I f*cked her, yeah, I f*cked her… but I make love to you’

Being told about values is a code word for…

‘We’re fucking awful, but look, we do it with integrity’

Take a read of his latest on the contract rebels.

“I want to keep my best players – my only target is to keep everyone on board. We’ve invested time and money and confidence on players like Ox and they have a responsibility. I hope he commits.

“One of the values of this club is to give a chance to young players, and if you have too many players of confirmed status you are in a difficult position. We have three or four [young players] who deserve a chance.”

I’m not sure giving young players a chance is a club value? It’s a loose strategy plenty of clubs engage in. The average age of our squad is 27.1 years old, it’s the 9th oldest squad in the Premier League. Average age of all the squads in the league is 26.8. United, Spurs, Chelsea, City, and Liverpool all boast younger squads. So it really is a stretch to say we’re a club that values the youth these days.

It’s very difficult to pinpoint what exactly the values of Arsenal are. Sure, we give a lot of time to charity organizations. We’re a club built on class. The people who work there are all lovely and care deeply about what happens in and around the organisation. We try to do things the right way. But at it’s core, we’re not really built on the values of being the best sporting entity. We’re not operating on sporting values. We’re not even operating on meritocratic values.

Wenger is empty words.

Words have to mean something. I’d truly appreciate it if someone made Arsene sit down and establish what his vision was. What is the clubs mission statement? Push him on a strategic roadmap for how he plans to enact that north star. Map out the values he truly cherishes, and make sure it’s communicated to everyone who works at the club.

‘Remember who you are, what you are, and who you represent’

I think those are George Graham words passed off as a David Rocastle quote. I love them regardless because I think we used to stand for something. I’m not sure most players could truly answer what Arsenal represent these days. That’s sad, because if there’s no vision, to guiding principles, or even a basic plan in place… it really is hard to get anyone to believe in the cause.

Arsenal don’t need a manager with a mega reputation. They need a manager with a philosophy and a vision. Someone who can craft a three-year plan of where we’re going as a club. Someone who strictly enforces values. Someone who can take the club to the next level, is the next level is the next level.

Reading Arsene’s comments about values and how pleased he is with the work he’s done is just a sad indictment of a man who is in survival mode. Terrible to watch.

Right, that’s me done.

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  1. Sky

    Oxalade demanding to play as a central midfielder is similar to Walcott’s view of himself as a central forward. If Wenger had brought in competition for their positions, when they were repeatedly churning out below average performances (not like their performances have significantly improved), they will be grateful to just stay at the club regardless of the position they take on field.

    Such occurrences only happen at Arsenal. We forfeit competitiveness in the name of developing average players. I can vividly remember Wenger refusing to sign players that could improve the squad because he did not want to “kill” the careers of Denilson, Senderos, Djourou, Bendtner, Gibbs and Alumina.

    The ones that turn out above average, such as Adebayor, Song, Walcot, Oxalade are already over indulged and they end up holding the club to ransom either by demanding to play at their imaginary preferred position or requesting for massive pay packages.

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Sky Sports journalists claiming Oxlade has indeed turned down a £180 000 a week offer from Arsenal and so they club is going to decide in the next day or so whether to sell him almost certainly to an EPL ‘rival’.

  3. qna

    Raptora. Sanchez will be sold. You can be sure of that. Oxlaide probably as well. Ozil will stay but only because nobody will put in an attractive offer.

    On the positive side I wouldnt rule out Mustafi being sold and VVD being brought in. They are in a similar position to us with our three. Posturing is one thing but having a cancer in your team that doesnt want to be there is bad for the club. VVD situation is worse than ours for this reason.

    Personally I would love to see us sell Sanchez, Ozil, Oxlaide, Mustafi, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Wilshere, Perez and Campbell. Even if only a single CB came in. We wont do anything this season anyway.

  4. jwl

    Joke Friday, Rodney Dangerfield:

    I tell you, with my doctor, I don’t get no respect. I told him, “I’ve swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills.” He told me to have a few drinks and get some rest.
    I tell ya when I was a kid, all I knew was rejection. My yo-yo, it never came back!
    My wife and I were happy for twenty years. Then we met.
    My mother never breast fed me. She told me that she only liked me as a friend.

  5. jwl

    Arsenal award our manager a new two year deal for finishing fifth, with a raise in salary, and now three of our starting eleven are voting with their feet and leaving club.

    Apparently Wenger is desperate to keep players because he doesn’t like change and is now offering silly money to players who don’t respect his coaching abilities.

  6. qna

    With Oxlaide wanting to go to Chelsea you would think the club would ask for a swap deal for Costa. If we had any other manager I think they would do that. But Wenger could never handle him.

  7. Sky


    No one really knows, however, has Oxalade really shown anything better than Wilfred Zaha? Has Ramsey ever been better than Sigurdson? The talent ceiling of players like Oxalade, Ramsey had been quite obvious from the beginning. They have never proven to be anything more than 5 game in a season wonder at club or international level.

  8. Sky

    Personally, I will let Oxalade leave. Time to forget this 3-4-3 experiment and return to our usual 4 defenders at the back. Bring in Van dijk to partner Kolscieny and Draxler to play on the right wing.

  9. tippitappi

    I found the cast pretty funny not sure it was supposed to be anyway I really do wished he’d just fucked off in the summer, does anyone think if we’re languishing around 11th /12tth by Christmas he may be ushered out by the club I can’t imagine there weren’t some strings attached this time round

  10. karim


    Dortmund won’t get all the money, they need to pay Rennes about € 25 m
    ( bonuses negotiated last season ).
    I was fuming at Rennes selling the kid for only € 15 m last year but the deal is looking better now ( about € 40 m now )

  11. graham62

    I don’t want Ox to go, but understand totally if he did decide to leave.

    Six years under Wenger is more than enough. Remember last season he played central midfield against South/ton in the FA Cup, he was excellent. Never played there again.

    Ask yourself this, would you want to stay and play for someone who continually messed with your head. Wenger is not a great coach, never has been. OC needs positive structure and a winning mentality and he will never get that under Wenger.

    God this is all so depressing.

    Never mind, Liverpool on sunday!

  12. Bamford10

    “So glad I haven’t spent a penny on Arsenal for years. Fucking comedy Board and manager ruining a once serious club. Cunts.” – @pier147

  13. Redtruth

    “Remember last season he played central midfield against South/ton in the FA Cup, he was excellent. Never played there again.”

    It was against a third string Southampton side..

  14. Jamie

    Not sure if there’s much truth to the story of Ox rejecting a 180k a week deal, but if it’s legit, I wouldn’t hesitate to sell him.

    Outrageous money for a player who hasn’t ever strung 5 good performances together without either losing form or sustaining an injury (which few seem to acknowledge when talking about his ‘ceiling’).

    Another Walcott fiasco if he signs on for anywhere near the figures being quoted. He’s an 100k a week player on his best day. Any offers around 40m should be considered if he’s looking for huge wages from us.

    We’re toilet, and Ox doesn’t improve our squad any more than Welbeck does. They’re both ‘pacy and strong’ with no vision or end product.

  15. raptora

    Ye, I read that Rennes are getting like €26.2m of the transfer money and smashed their transfer record without really directly selling anyone lol, but I read that there are bonuses that could rise up to €40m+. If most of them activate Dortmund are going to see their profit reach over 100m. After a year of playing for them. It’s crazy.

  16. raptora

    The only game that Ox was great as a CAM was vs West Ham away. We completely dominated them and Alexis scored a hat-trick if I remember right. Ox had a big influence that particular game. West Ham were toilet though so not much of an accomplishment. I still are Ox and I think he could be a big player for us. He was excellent in both of our best games last campaign – the FAC semi final and final vs Man City and Chelsea. Pretty sure he got MotM vs City. Wenger proceded in moving him to the LWB role for the game vs Chelsea. Still did alright but not nearly as productive as he is from the right. Wenger doing what Wenger does best.

  17. Champagne charlie


    “Seri couldn’t even get into Napoli’s MF. Very ordinary and his passing is wayward”

    I’ve read it. You’re talking absolute bollocks, now want to enlighten everyone as to the fuck you’re talking about?

  18. Thank you and goodnight

    They’re all jumping ship Captain Wenger….hahahahahahaha oh Wenger we love you. Sad thing is the cunt will be given another 2 years and the akbs Muppets will be saying the same BOLLOCKS. Congratulations you have the club you deserve

  19. Redtruth

    I’d like us to win this. I don’t really see big “chances of winning the EPL, so I’d like to repeat what Man Utd did – fk the league in the latter stages and win the Europa.”

    Teams like Sutton and Lincoln City don’t participate in Europa League..

  20. Samesong

    I got a feeling this season going to be between United and Spurs can see Liverpool City doing an us and being average. With Chelsea sniffing 3rd. But I reckon United will win it.

  21. Cesc Appeal

    Good signing for Spurs, Pochettino will have his hands full with Aurier if rumours are to be believed though. Great talent though and replaces Walkers physicality and menace at RWB.

    They are still in the hunt for Keita Balde Diao apparently as well, that would be exactly what they need.

    Took a while but seems Spurs are coming to life now.

    Lost Walker, but signing Aurier, Keita Balde Diao and Sanchez is a decent summer if they can pull it off to build on what they already have.

  22. Frank Mc

    Aurier has just confirmed live on Canal+ that “he’s joining spurs in the next few days”

    Meanwhile over at the transfer epicentre of Arsenal F.C… tumbleweed aimlessly blowing around! How many more goals did we concede than the spuds last season? Oh to have a proactive manager…..

  23. shaun

    if wenger had any balls he would hijack the Aurier move and bring him to arsenal then the ox would not be a loss at all and bellarin can actually work for his place as he is not that good and no where near Aurier but that french fool probably can’t even persuade his own frenchies anymore , that’s a real bad move for us as Aurier is faster, stronger and a bucket load more attitude than walker

  24. Ughelligunner

    why is it that the fans that hate wenger so much that they prefer the team to lose just to spite wenger cant think with their head? I saw the news that we offered that antelope that runs into trees 180k and i thought nah, wenger will never do that. But they keep repeating it. wtf? Sky said Lemar is almost done, and Sanchez is joining Psg a month ago, They Just repeat what their colleagues from the other media are circulating. Hence media houses like the bbc only give news when its confirmed or very closed to confirmation by the club.

  25. Ughelligunner

    Spuds loving again, and they will never learn. lets see how they fare this year in Europe since they have made fantastic purchases. Every year i hear of spuds potentials. I only see physical and tireless runners in their squad with no technicality, nowonder they do so badly in europe and also flop when playing for England. Before somebody says anything else, I know they have been beating us of late because lazy players like ozil who cant track players have been making us appear to be playing as if we are a man down.

  26. Marko

    Ugh seems you’re being as disingenuous as old Charlie there. Much like sky sources never reported that Onyekuru was an Arsenal player (they just reported that we were interested) and they also never said we were close to Lemar but rather we had bids of 30 and 40 million rejected and they also never said Sanchez was moving to PSG. You two are like the trump supporters shouting fake news when there’s nothing of the kind.

  27. Ughelligunner

    most times our so called values and class becomes our enemy. we cant negotiate deals through the back channel, cant force out dead wood. And We are almost the only club that refuse to deny or confirm media bullshit and fake news. This fake news causes more damage to our fan base than the result on the pitch.

  28. Ughelligunner

    Red, name clubs like Arsenal in the Epl without external funds that have made a million changes in management and have won trophys like those that have wealthy owners that invest their own.

  29. Marko

    Also no spurs loving but you have to admire a club who finished 2nd and tries to improve by bringing in quality players like Aurier, Sanchez and possibly Keita Balde to an already excellent starting 11. I mean let’s be honest comparing starting 11’s spurs I think most would agree edges it and those three lads that they could end up signing would start at our club

  30. Ughelligunner

    Marco, we both know you dont read the news, that is why you still argue that sanchez wage demands wasnt a stumbling block to bayern even though bayern Ceo said so. so i am not so sure you followed sky up to the point i made

  31. Cesc Appeal

    Going to be an interesting end to the window. I still think United will make one more signing, a wideman. Chelsea will make two or three I think, Spurs seem to be coming to life the last week or so and Liverpool might go for a CB or CDM.

    Going to be such a strong league, really not sure who is favourite. I think Chelsea’s early wobble as thrown people off on them a bit, Spurs are great but Wembley is a huge factor, then there is City and United, I think Liverpool and us are beneath that lot.

  32. Dissenter

    You know there’s desperation in the air when Arsenal are offering Oxlade 180k weekly and he still says NO F*CKING WAY.
    He prefers to be a squad player at Chelsea or Liverpool that take 6 more years of Wenger ball.
    Wenger is done and dusted.
    This is the point where the CEO invites him into the room, shuts the door and writes the severance check.

  33. Dissenter

    Looks like we are comfortable in the Europa league places because that’s out natural habitat for the forseeable future.
    Next summer we will have to play qualifying games for the Europa league because Everton have done enough to push us down to 6th/7th.

  34. Johnsgiles

    I really don’t get a couple on here thinking we’ve had/having a good summer.

    Finish 5th, wenger signs on for 2 more years, next to nothing changes behind the scenes, 1 player in who cost anything

    Going to lose ox and sanchez next week, those we’ve sold have been for next to nothing, loads of players all in last year or two of contracts. Can’t shift deadwood

    Almost lose first game, lose second

    And they wonder why the rest of us get fed up….you couldn’t make up just how badly things have gone

    Oh actually you could its Afc wenger (‘what’s a DoF)….most could see this all coming

  35. Dissenter

    The England internationals obviously compare notes when they report for national duty.
    Oxalde would have noticed how much improvement Lalana has made under Klopp and knows he needs to flee before it’s too late.
    We always abuse players for making it all about money. There’s no way Chelsea match the 180k weekly we offered Oxlade. He’s not inching to leave for money. It’s to rescue his career which has languished under Wenger.

  36. Nigel Tufnel

    You use words like apparently, and phrases like “widely reported” to make silly rumors sound like gospel.

    One newspaper reports a number like 180k.

    You should use the brains god and your mother gave you to figure out that its absurd. I shouldn’t have to tell you.

    Put it together, concentrate. One newspaper splashes a big number which they know is spurious, probably from the players agent, so they can sell papers and get online clicks.

    The ” WIDELY REPORTED” nonsense you refer to is when it’s picked upnon garbage blogs, twitter and talk radio. That’s not corroboration of facts at all.

    The same zbout Walcott on 140 you mention again. That came from one source, and is mentioned by Wenger AND Theo haters on legrove for every day for years.

    Use some common sense to filter through some good rumors out of junk that makes no sense.

    Walcott is not on nearly the same money as Ozil and Alexis. Can’t you see how stupid that is?

  37. Johnsgiles

    Redtruth…. yup if wengers not breaking players/running them into the ground he’s doing it to their careers now Perez, Campbell, ox etc etc ….no wonder they want out if they’re half decent

  38. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Walcott is not on nearly the same money as Ozil and Alexis. Can’t you see how stupid that is?’

    I can, but I am not the one you should direct that question to, I am not the one that gave him that deal.

    We cannot all have the great common sense your kind are clearly born with, else I would doubt Wenger as I do. Thank goodness though us idiots have your kind to come on and give us the truth, you are all so regularly right.

  39. Cesc Appeal


    I do not see the point in even engaging with them properly, if they still back Wenger at this point and try to argue over little details to make it seem like a solid shit at Arsenal and not a runny one just poke fun at them and try to have a laugh.

    I do not get the people who get into big protracted arguments with them. It is like arguing with a zealot, you cannot trump their belief and fanaticism so don’t even try.

  40. YoungestBillionaire

    Take any of the top 5 leagues and you will find 10 wingers better than ox .
    £180,000 \ week , you are having a laugh . He is at most a £60,000 \ week player.
    Can Wenger sell him already?
    Another one of the overpaid and deficient players who remains a “potential” at 25 years old .
    A foward with

    9 goals in 130 games
    Can’t cross
    Can’t pass
    A productive player is already a good player 17
    25 year old potential just like wilshere with his shambolic goals and assist

    A good player is already banging goals and assisting
    Get rid quick and do the same with Wilshere while at it

    Dele Alli is infinitely better already than these Wenger’s potentials will ever be

  41. Thank you and goodnight

    Akbs the Isis of the footballing world haha haha

    Our hero Johnsgiles supersonic hearing picks up something….
    “Hark is that criticism of Wenger I hear, never fear Arsene…johnsgiles to ‘re rescue”…..

    Cut in to theme tune…..

    John is here to save the day,
    Wobs better watch what they say……

    Bless our little hero

  42. Cesc Appeal

    I more sort of equate it to the guy on the box in the middle of London yelling the end is nigh, even though he predicted it last month, and the month before, and the month before, and the month before, still does not shake his belief.

    You rock on buddy, keep waiting for those horsemen I am not trying to talk you out of it.

    Might even chuck him a quid for the effort.

  43. YoungestBillionaire

    @cesc appeal

    Walcott has 100+ goals and numerous assist for arsenal from the wings .
    List 10 winger in the last 10 years with a better record
    Why is he the only getting attacked all the time .

    Oxlade Chamberlain is 25 year old and he has scored a massive

    9 goals in 130 games !!!!!!
    Wilshere – 7 goals in 120 games !!!!!!

    Mediocre players

  44. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The ox rejecting nigh on 200,000 bags a week as a partially used squad player is probably why he wants out .
    Can anyone blame him? Feed on lies an false promise throughout his Arsenal career
    Always the first to be subbed prior to this season

    The wenger house of cards is falling down

    An he ain’t a happy jack

  45. Nigel Tufnel

    Like too many ignorant people on legrove,
    you try to shut down the debate by branding someone as wenger lover or AKB..
    It has nothing to do with that.

    I think Wenger has overstayed . Period. But lets use real facts. I think he has been a fool in transfer and contract dealings since we signed Alexis. This past 2 years and this summer are a disaster. He is making things worse.

    Because you know the numbers you’re using are inflated, you scramble to change the focus.

    Use your brain, please… Alexis and Ozil are not on the same salary as Walcott.
    The 180k offer came from one report, and now is being spread.. As a mayter of fact, i doubt hed make that much at Chelsea, tthough im not completely sure about it.

    I’m sorry you live in denial. But if it makes you feel better to inflate, exaggerate in order to push your personal Wenger hate.


  46. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I would really like to know what Perez had done not to get a Vance after shining when he has played ?

    Not one of the favourites I guess

  47. Cesc Appeal

    ‘you try to shut down the debate by branding someone as wenger lover or AKB..
    It has nothing to do with that.’

    Of course not pumpkin, you are not bias at all. The objective fountain of fact you and your kind, kind of selfish the way you lot hoard all the objectivity, rationality and fact. Share it around.

  48. Nigel Tufnel

    By the way, would Oxlade be a starter at Chelsea? Ahead of Moses ? maybe. Not Alonso…. Midfield?

    They might pay the English player premium on a transfer, because they see potential, because they need homegrown for sure. But how much would they give him in salary? They have been much more responsible with money than Bamfords Man City for a few years now.

  49. WestLondonGoon

    Petr Cech35 £100,000 2 Years (2019)
    David Ospina 29 £40,000 2 Years (2019)
    Matt Macey 22 £5,000 Last Year (2018)
    Shkodran Mustafi 25 £90,000 4 Years (2021)
    Laurent Koscielny 32 £75,000 3 Years (2020)
    Gabriel Paulista 26 £50,000 2 Years (2019)
    Calum Chambers 22 £25,000 3 Years (2020)
    Per Mertesacker 32 £70,000
    Rob Holding 21 £25,000 3 Years (2020)
    Sead Kolasinac (new signing) 24 £119,500 5 Years (2022)
    Nacho Monreal 31 £65,000 2 Years (2019)
    Kieran Gibbs 27 £60,000 Last Year (2018)
    Héctor Bellerín (new deal) 22 £100,000 6 Years (2023)
    Carl Jenkinson 25 £45,000 Last Year (2018)
    Mathieu Debuchy 32 £70,000 2 Years (2019)
    Francis Coquelin 26 £55,000 4 Years (2021)
    Mohamed Elneny 25 £55,000 3 Years (2020)
    Aaron Ramsey 26 £110,000 2 Years (2019)
    Granit Xhaka 24 £90,000 4 Years (2021)
    Jack Wilshere 25 £90,000 Last Year (2018)
    Santi Cazorla 32 £90,000 Last Year (2018)
    Mesut Özil 28 £140,000 Last Year (2018)
    Alex Iwobi 21 £30,000 3 Years (2020)
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 24 £65,000 Last Year (2018)
    Alexis Sánchez 28 £140,000 Last Year (2018)
    Theo Walcott 28 £110,000 2 Years (2019)
    Olivier Giroud 30 £100,000 2 Years (2019)
    Danny Welbeck 26 £70,000 2 Years (2019)
    Alexandre Lacazette (new Signing) 26 £100,000 5 Years (2022)

  50. Cesc Appeal


    Wenger just does not like people sometimes, Campbell was batted around all over the place.

    At least though it seems Perez is going for £14 Million, or so it is said, and not on endless loans.

    That would take out net spend down to about £10 Million though. After finishing fifth and failing in the same fashion for like the twelfth or thirteenth season in a row along with no changes behind the scenes of any substance that is frigging shocking.

  51. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    For any new viewers
    That may be unsure where I stand on mr wenger being the manger of this fine club.

    After great dilliberation
    I want the cunt gone , rid , no more at our club

  52. Champagne charlie


    I brought up your post once and you palmed me off.

    How about you explain where you get Seri playing for Napoli, and how he’s shit at passing when it’s literally considered his best attribute.

    In your own time though

  53. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Ten million ,

    It’s like ten years ain’t vhanged anything

    Kim’s Stan animation was very interesting

    Truth n fact

  54. Cesc Appeal


    With Kroenke we are pretty much stuffed for the foreseeable, for sure.

    Send happy thoughts toward Usmanov.

  55. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    The vid shows that he don’t give a shit bout the fans, only the pound note is all the governs him.

    Takes a team away from its fans !

    I know it’s different over here regarding franchise la la la

    But it shows the man as a true an proper greedy cunt

  56. Nigel Tufnel


    Keep flailing because you know when you’re wrong. You’re stupidly painting me as an AKB. Ive said I want him to go.

    Now you talk about bias.

    Where’s my bias? I only ask you to use better facts.

    And stop attacking other people who might disagree.

    You’re the type who will brand someone a racist because they point out almost all of violent attacks come from one religious group, nothing about race..

    So instead of debating the facts, you scream racist to try and distract people from hearing the truth they might be saying.

    I actually enjoy some of your comments. There’s alot worse on here.

  57. Cesc Appeal


    Unfortunately this is his business, sports franchises, he is what he is at least and does not really try to pretend otherwise. Even if what he is is a total tosspot.

    At least we still have a glimmer of something in Usmanov, can live in a fantasy still.

  58. Cesc Appeal

    ‘You’re stupidly painting me as an AKB. Ive said I want him to go.’

    Your lot should get this printed on shirts.

  59. Cesc Appeal

    Sigurdsson is a good signing for Everton, a lot of money, but a good signing. Solid player.

    They have a decent squad there, interested to see how they hold out over the course of a season.

  60. Cesc Appeal

    That would be both our late signings from last summer gone almost exactly twelve months on from when we bought them.

  61. Bryan

    wenger’s favourite name- Alex
    Alex manniger
    Alexis Sanchez
    Alex hleb
    Alex song
    Alex oxlade chamberlain
    Alexander Lacazette
    Alex Iwobi

  62. Carts


    Don’t recall palming you off…

    As for Seri, the same Seri Nice wouldn’t entertain selling for anything less than €40m – I watched closely against Napoli across 180 mins in the CL qualifier…not that he actually played for Napoli.

    He was nowhere near the required level. Not a patch on Hamsik, Allan or Diawara.

    Again in the second leg – up against Jorginho, Allan and Hamsik he underwhelmed. A late bloomer? Maybe.

    Do I think he’ll improve our MF? Maybe slightly. Based on his attributes, is this an area Wenger will help him develop further? Doubt it. Is he worth £50m? Never!

  63. Thank you and goodnight

    Hahaha it’s taking Mustafi less than a season to realise Wengaball is finished as a manager…..he wants out already……oh sorry know I forgot, it’s Wenger s call to sell him

  64. steve

    “That would be both our late signings from last summer gone almost exactly twelve months on from when we bought them”

    Mustafi and…?

  65. steve


    Right completely forgot about him. Tells you all really. What a joke this club has become thanks to Wenger.

  66. Nigel Tufnel


    ” your lot” you’re a pussie intellectually. Name caller. The last defense of idiots.

    Never responded once on how 180k for ox, or walcott on same money as our biggest stars ,makes sense.. saying Wenger is stupid is not an answer.

    So tell me in this internet, media world of full made up rumors and numbers, how you defend spreading nonsense that any sensible person can see through.

    Nevermind, you’ll just ignore the question again and call me a name again. Ignore means ignorant.

  67. Nigel Tufnel

    Mustafi, if he really is quietly looking to move, was probably humiliated in front of everyone he knows by 10-2 in the champions league.
    Most likely the last straw for Sanchez.

  68. Pierre

    There appears to be a lot of childish gloating on here since last weekend from the KNOBS (sorry typo, l mean WOBS)..

    Arsenal.. last 9 games… 8 wins with one defeat.
    Can anyone tell me if any other club in the league can better that record..
    Not bad for a team with a tactically inept manager, a crap defence, a midfield that should all be replaced, a side that apparently plays “crab football” and ozil who apparently was, in Pedro’s words, “completely awful again” despite creating more chances this season than any other player in the league…
    I will wait in anticipation for someone to provide the information as to who hasa better record than 8 wins out of 9..

  69. David Smith

    Mustafi now, is Wenger going about some scorched earth policy ?
    Cannot see any of these players being replaced this summer, could end up very short of injuries hit, as they tend to with Kos and Per

  70. Carts


    Diawara (and Koulibally) were my two options for central reinforcement.

    Laurentiis is no mug so it’s fair to say Diawara will go for £50m>. They’ve told Chelsea to jog on when they offered £60m for Koulibally last summer.

    I rate him highly. He looks a bit light, admittedly. He’s probably 4th choice behind Hamsik, Allan and Jorginho, but he can play!

  71. YoungestBillionaire

    Wenger is only offloading players to make Kroenke a net profit in the transfer market. Anyone who thinks they are going to sign any useful player is in for a surprise
    They always aim for a profit .
    They float trial balloon to see how fans will react
    This is not about efficiency or optimising the team . This is about plain greed by men in suit . Plain profit and loss motive
    They will sell players and put kids in their place .

    A good manager would have extended Sanchez’s contract 4 times already . Wenger is the only one I know who allows his top players’ contracts to run down .
    He and the club sometimes allows those contracts to run down so that they can sell them without much resistance from fans

    Wenger had to go and Kroenke too

  72. Thank you and goodnight

    Hahahahaha in 2 years time when le cunt signs again ,after scraping in to the top 10 2 seasons running, pierre will be on here again pleading patience and how us wobs are childish because we’ve predicted 2 seasons running how our season will Pan out. Fuck there are some stupid people out their.

  73. Cesc Appeal



    Jorginho is one we always seem to get linked to year after year.

    Our central midfield really is poor, but not that shocked we have done nothing to remedy it.

    Do you watch a lot of Serie A? What do you think of Kessie, lots of buzz around him?

  74. Marko

    Looks like a last minute trolley dash for Le grovellers beloved spurs

    Careful now Pierre we look like doing fuck all business and the guys Spurs are actually targeting would walk backwards into our starting 11.

  75. Marko

    Also wonderful 8 wins in the last 9 games I suppose we’ll just forget the month and a half prior to that where we couldn’t win a game and got dumped out of Europe 10-2

  76. Nigel Tufnel

    After hearing glowing reviews of Seri from Xavi, inwatched some vids. Impressive, as far as youtubes go. I know thats not enough..

    Watching vs napoli both legs.. focused on him..

    He was AWFUL. No way he can be thatbad. I think the Barca interest really messed with his head. He looked so bad to the point of distraction.

    I know he’s not that bad, but how good can he be? Napoli were one full level higher than Nice. That didnt help him.

    But if he anywhere near as good as Xavi thinks, his release clause is one of last bargains to found around.

  77. Adam A. Carbarundum

    “Arsenal were drawn to play Belarus’ BATE Borisov, Cologne of Germany and Serbia’s Red Star Belgrade in Group H.”

    And we should be worried how?

    What a letdown! Only AKBs would have anything positive to draw from this one..who gives a cows poop!

  78. Nigel Tufnel

    Cesc, you really are pretty sad ..
    Like i said, i used to like your posts, but now i see you cant have a back and forth discussion because you are so insecure.

    You could’ve been constructive. Im happy to admit when I’m wrong. It happens to everybody. … but never you..Instead you cry akb, akb !

  79. steve


    You really are a fucking dope. Counting games from LAST season which counts to nothing this season. Also against teams who were already on vacaton. Christ almighty…

  80. Bamford10

    I still do not get these Mustafi stories. Wenger is unhappy enough with his play to sell him? This makes no sense to me. Even if he hasn’t always been excellent, he’s hardly alone in that regard, and he hasn’t been terrible. And we badly need defenders.

    If there is anything to these stories, it has to be that Mustafi is trying to leave.

  81. Sid

    This charlie dude is a bit of s cnut isint he?
    Also people calling Wenger apologist are bang on, its definitely his strong suit. Referee, money, we won it if you only consider one half, mental strength…… I’m mean the nickname just works

  82. Moray

    If Mustafa is being sold it is simply because he needs to lighten the squad and the others are either not if interest to other clubs, being paid too much to leave or too valuable to the team to be allowed to leave (eg English quota)

  83. Nigel Tufnel

    If any truth to Mustafi at all, its a horrible sign. No reason to sell him at a loss. Italian clubs wont pay 35 mil like we did, the loan thing is an insult.
    This means the player wants out. Friends with Ozil, wants out before world cup, all bad signs. Means Ozil told him privately its a sinking ship and he’s leaving.

    If we’re considering it at all. Things are really crumbling in this club. Arsene losing control badly.

    Losing 10-2 in Europe and Germany in particular couldnt have helped with Mustafi or Ozil. Humiliating. People in Chile are screaming for Sanchez to go elsewhere too.
    I used to think that if I go tho Chile I’d wear my Arsenal shirt proudly. Now, i think it might be dangerous.

  84. Emiratesstroller

    I think that it is fairly clear that Arsenal are not in great shape this season when you see our current situation in contract and transfer market.

    It should have been been sending a message to the major shareholder that if he wants to maintain the status of the club and value of his investment the time has come to review the Board and Management.

    The fact that there is so much turmoil and uncertainty at Arsenal is indicative that it is time for change.That is what happens at every other club and business when you stagnate.

    Arsenal may struggle this season to finish in top 8 and that would be a disaster in itself, but the situation is likely to get even worse in 2018.

    Yet despite this true supporters do not throw a tantrum and behave like spoiled brats.

    Sooner or later the penny will drop and something will happen albeit I doubt
    that Kroenke will still be at helm.

    Personally I think that Ox will be gone by close of transfer window he is replaceable. Sanchez is different because he makes a material difference to club’s performance and status.

    My view is that there is still a slim chance that Sanchez and Ozil will stay at
    club beyond next summer but only if the club brings in a new Management and coaching staff who can reenergise the team.

    Wenger may have a 2 year contract, but somehow with the current turmoil and uncertainty I would be surprised if he survives the full term.

  85. Samesong

    This blog is getting more touchy day by day. I haven’t got time to keep calling Wenger a c***t. So and so is an AKB its pretty childish behaviour.

    Anyway going to switch it up a little anyone remotely interested in the McGregor v Mayweather fight?

    What round and who will win?

    @Tufnell As far as I can remember Cesc has never been abusive to anyone on this blog and I have been coming here for probably about 8 years now.

    I know you have also been around for awhile.

  86. Wallace


    “It is difficult for me to know about the individual cases [at other clubs] but, sometimes, players have been promised things that have not been kept to,” Wenger said. “I can only tell you what happens here, and Alexis works hard and is focused to play. In a professional job, I always think you have to make sure with your commitment that the guy who pays you gets what he is paying you for. Alexis is in that mode and I think he will be until the last day he is here. He will give his best.”

    Inevitably, Wenger veered on to the subject of financial imperatives. The sporting decision to retain Sánchez, he said, had been “easy” but it also involved a “financial sacrifice” for the club – in terms of the potential for lost transfer fees. With Mesut Özil and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain also out of contract next summer and standing to leave as free agents, it was put to Wenger the club could pass up north of £100m in fees.

    “It’s still not a Mbappé, no?” Wenger replied, with a nod towards Monaco’s Kylian Mbappé who, he said, had been mentioned in the €180m bracket. “But I agree that it’s a financial sacrifice for the club. You have to calculate what you can afford and what you can’t afford.” So, could Arsenal afford to take such hits? “Er, I’ll let you know later,” Wenger said.”

  87. Emiratesstroller


    There will come a point this season when even Wenger will recognise that he is no longer in control of Arsenal’s destiny.

    That comes when you cannot get players to sign new contracts or stay at club
    and you cannot recruit new players to join the club because it is no longer attractive to do so.

  88. S.Asoa

    Poetic justice
    Kroenke has no sporting pretensions. He is in into buying sports teams for their valuation.
    He should never have re-signed Wenger . With Le Imbecile heamoraging the funds this year and the next will be payback time.

  89. Leftsidesanch

    The buys of Perez and Mustafi were criticised by some but whats telling is after spending a year with Wenger they’ve come to a good conclusion that theyre not likely to improve and the team isn’t.

    Its quite refreshing in comparison to players who don’t need to be named who are happy just to get paid.

  90. Leftsidesanch

    I don’t buy a word of what Wenger says and I have a choice of whether I have to listen. You have AFC with their blindingly obvious shortcomings finishing fifth and then your manager states that “this group can win the championship”.

    The counter argument is that he’s trying to build his team up, but his summer activity following that and his recent comments show that he genuinely believes it.

    We aren’t forward thinking, stuck in our ways with a refusal to change. Wenger’s way was never going to bring success and now we’re fully past the maturity stage in his career and well into the decline. I don’t believe it ends well for him here.

  91. useroz

    A look at what Wenger sees after training and here’ what he says…

    The debriefs after training are absolutely massive and I’m flooded with information: how many steps a player took, how many sprints they did, how many metres per second, how was a player’s heart rate, how many times did it go over 90 per cent of his maximum heart rate, how many times over 95 per cent – absolutely everything is analysed today. So I moved from a very intuitive moment of my career to a super-analytical way to manage today. (source: http://www.arsenal.com)

    Is it a case of the analysts not being able to turn empirical data into useful info Wenger can digest, Wenger wanted to know in detail the data, or a case of Wenger can’t work in the new digital world?

  92. TitsMcGee

    Arsenal.. last 9 games… 8 wins with one defeat.
    Can anyone tell me if any other club ”


    Did you just total the end of last season and the first two games of this season to give Wenger credit for something (anything )?

    Christ man.

  93. Sane Choice

    Why do you allow twats like Pierre on here who contribute nothing but come on here to abuse you and call others as LeGrovellers?This twat is probably a Spud in the disguise of an Arsenal fan.

  94. Emiratesstroller

    It is clear that the problems at Arsenal are not just down to money. I think that
    several of our better players now realise that the club itself lacks ambition and/or the willingness to compete in the market.

    Chelsea is not a wealthier club than Arsenal, but the difference is the mentality of the ownership of the club. Abramovich is willing to offload unsuccessful management and invest in team to achieve success.

    Kroenke is not willing to do so.

  95. TitsMcGee

    What round and who will win?”

    Mayweather will win easily. McGregor is not a boxer. This isn’t an MMA fight.

  96. Sane Choice


    Some logic by Pierre,aint it?

    Using his own logic, there is no other club in Europe which has suffered a 10-2 aggregate loss in any European tie, and it is likely to remain so for a while

    Not surprising coming from Pierre. His sight must be really foggy being so far up Wengers back side.

  97. TitsMcGee

    It is clear that the problems at Arsenal are not just down to money. I think that
    several of our better players now realise that the club itself lacks ambition and/or the willingness to compete in the market.”

    It’s a handfull of our players at best. Sanchez, Ozil, Ox and maybe Mustafi now.

    I think Wenger is probably desperate enough to keep them though. He knows it’s too late to replace them and he’d probably end up not replacing them like for like. Think Wenger is aware that he’s on thin Ice.

  98. Pierre

    Speculation and more speculation..no one really knows how much ox was offered ..I will speculate that he will be gone as , even though he has improved, he flatters to deceive and probably always will..we have a much better footballer coming through ,Reis Nelson so ox will be no loss.
    There is speculation regarding mustafi. Again, no one knows if he wants to stay or leave or if Arsenal have revived an offer they are considering as they feel mustafi is not up to the job ..all speculation ..
    All we do know is Arsenal have made a complete balls up of the contract situation..there is absolutely no benefit letting your top players run their contract down , none…despite what Wenger said..the mans an idiot if he truly believes that or expects us to believe it .Its a cock up of the highest order and someone should be made accountable for it .
    Of course, it is still possible that Arsenal could have a decent season as Wenger seems to have the ability to full in a barrel of shit and come out smelling of roses.

  99. karim


    Seri was awful both legs, agree ( just like Sneijder and Balo who weren’t ready for the second leg ).
    To be fair to him, his head was elsewhere.

    Barça wanted him, then psg pretended they’d give more money, so that they could upset the Spaniards.
    As soon as Barça gave in, no more news from Psg…

    He’s far better than what this Napoli tie suggests.

  100. TitsMcGee

    Some logic by Pierre,aint it?”

    Comments like those expose them (Pierre, Charlene, UglyGunner) for what their motives are by venturing to a board they are “disgusted by” every day. :)

    All the evidence is staring them right in the face:

    1. 12 seasons of futility in EPL.
    2. Never winning the UCL.
    3. Avg finish of 11pts behind EPL winners.
    4. Nonsensical ramblings in the media.
    5. Protests.
    6. Gradual decay.

    Yet they sit and ignore it like über religious people when you bring up science.

    “The Dinosaurs were around before mankind” – Scientist

    “…..but the Bible doesn’t. ……” – Religious nut.

  101. Bamford10

    Articles about Mustafi continue to give odd reasons for his potential exit, including that he doesn’t get on well with some of his teammates at Arsenal. No idea what to make of that.

  102. champagne charlie

    Think it’s pretty embarrassing to try and sum up a player based on a two legged European tie. The lad was arguably best in France last season and he’s been the subject of interest from clubs that dwarf Nice. Armchair stuff to declare him shite after tuning in for a qualifier against a much better side.

    Mustafi supposedly off as his family aren’t settled here. His partner wants to bring their baby up away from a place like London. If Arsenal sanction that then don’t replace him and there’ll be anarchy. Johnny Evans anyone?

  103. champagne charlie

    “Articles about Mustafi continue to give odd reasons for his potential exit, including that he doesn’t get on well with some of his teammates at Arsenal. No idea what to make of that.”

    You’ve no idea about an awful lot. Just leave it at that