‘Values’ tourettes is usually code for bad news

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Come on, you know the drill by now, when Arsene is backed into a corner, or he’s caught dropping a whoopsie on a season, he plays the values card. He’s Eddie Murphy…

‘Baby, I f*cked her, yeah, I f*cked her… but I make love to you’

Being told about values is a code word for…

‘We’re fucking awful, but look, we do it with integrity’

Take a read of his latest on the contract rebels.

“I want to keep my best players – my only target is to keep everyone on board. We’ve invested time and money and confidence on players like Ox and they have a responsibility. I hope he commits.

“One of the values of this club is to give a chance to young players, and if you have too many players of confirmed status you are in a difficult position. We have three or four [young players] who deserve a chance.”

I’m not sure giving young players a chance is a club value? It’s a loose strategy plenty of clubs engage in. The average age of our squad is 27.1 years old, it’s the 9th oldest squad in the Premier League. Average age of all the squads in the league is 26.8. United, Spurs, Chelsea, City, and Liverpool all boast younger squads. So it really is a stretch to say we’re a club that values the youth these days.

It’s very difficult to pinpoint what exactly the values of Arsenal are. Sure, we give a lot of time to charity organizations. We’re a club built on class. The people who work there are all lovely and care deeply about what happens in and around the organisation. We try to do things the right way. But at it’s core, we’re not really built on the values of being the best sporting entity. We’re not operating on sporting values. We’re not even operating on meritocratic values.

Wenger is empty words.

Words have to mean something. I’d truly appreciate it if someone made Arsene sit down and establish what his vision was. What is the clubs mission statement? Push him on a strategic roadmap for how he plans to enact that north star. Map out the values he truly cherishes, and make sure it’s communicated to everyone who works at the club.

‘Remember who you are, what you are, and who you represent’

I think those are George Graham words passed off as a David Rocastle quote. I love them regardless because I think we used to stand for something. I’m not sure most players could truly answer what Arsenal represent these days. That’s sad, because if there’s no vision, to guiding principles, or even a basic plan in place… it really is hard to get anyone to believe in the cause.

Arsenal don’t need a manager with a mega reputation. They need a manager with a philosophy and a vision. Someone who can craft a three-year plan of where we’re going as a club. Someone who strictly enforces values. Someone who can take the club to the next level, is the next level is the next level.

Reading Arsene’s comments about values and how pleased he is with the work he’s done is just a sad indictment of a man who is in survival mode. Terrible to watch.

Right, that’s me done.

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  1. Wallace


    “Two, he never mentions Wenger by name and offers no criticism of him, despite Wenger being the “architect” of our approach to transfers.”

    maybe he just assumes most people will know who the manager is?

  2. Bamford10

    By the way, I see McGregor struggling to make contact with Mayweather for the first four rounds, tiring by the fifth, and being overwhelmed by Mayweather in the 6th, 7th or 8th.

  3. David Smith

    Emirates 05.08
    Doubt Kroenke will be at the helm, Wenger may not survive, no idea if you are right, but just love reading your words
    There are issues oligarchs, state owned, freedom of contract of players, and all sorts of other mitigating factors, but I look around and cannot see any so called elite club run as badly as this, in a sporting sense, it is tragic what Wenger/Kroenke have done to this club.
    Being ruined by one man overly dependant on what he calls values, and another with no sporting values whatsoever.
    The only chink of light, I believe the British board really did want change this summer, possible to a man, initially surprised they did not walk, after Wenger/Kroenke excluded them from everything, but maybe they are just giving Wenger enough rope. A very common tactic for those who stay in a job, knowing a terrible mistake has been made and disaster is around the corner, have used it myself.
    At any other club, Wenger would not be here at this point

  4. Bamford10

    No, Wallace. He has been running interference for Wenger for years. And he always tries to avoid directly criticizing Wenger. He is ultimately a “respect Wenger” type, which undermines and spoils everything he does. And he doesn’t like the WOB at all. Smart enough guy, but he has gotten the situation at Arsenal wrong for years now because of his unwillingness to criticize Wenger.

  5. Relieable Sauce

    Georgie Bingham doing a good job this morning helping to dispel the myth of wengers ability to improve players with coaching.

    Some numpty put forward Iwobi when asked for a player that has improved under Le Fraud. Just Iwobi. lol lol lol

    Maybe it was Wallace, I know he’s an Iwobi fanboy.


  6. Wallace


    “He is ultimately a “respect Wenger” type, which undermines and spoils everything he does. And he doesn’t like the WOB at all.”

    outside of le grove he’s hardly alone with the above.

  7. Alexanderhenry

    If true, the ox contract rejection is a humiliating blow for arsenal. I very much doubt he’d be payed anywhere near that at Chelsea or Liverpool. Once again arsenal are in a position where they can’t keep their best players.

    The situation the club has got itself into regarding player contracts beggars belief. How can a club like arsenal allow this to happen?

    As a result Kroenke’s sound investment is about to lose a lot of its value. Well over £100 million quids worth of players set to leave after this season, the hit taken with no CL qualification and the inevitable impact on commercial revenue that a less successful and less high profile arsenal means.

    This will be a test for Stan.
    We all know he doesn’t invest his own money in clubs, so does he persevere with a now diminishing asset or does he sell up?

  8. champagne charlie

    “outside of le grove he’s hardly alone with the above.”

    Nail and head mate. Some of the folk on here ought to venture outside the bubble and take in fan views from across the board.

    They don’t though, sooner cherry pick tweets and talk absolute bollocks time and again. No prizes for guessing who takes the cake on that one..

  9. champagne charlie

    Gibbs fee agreed with Watford, Lucas deal with Depor almost complete, Mustafi told Arsenal he wants to move, Ox wants a move…

    Firesale at Colney. Little noise on possible IN’s

    VVD, Evans, Draxler, Seri, Mahrez all open to moves.

  10. TitsMcGee

    By the way, I see McGregor struggling to make contact with Mayweather for the first four rounds, tiring by the fifth, and being overwhelmed by Mayweather in the 6th, 7th or 8th.”

    I don’t think he’ll last that long tbh.

    Mayweather will destroy him in 3-4.

  11. TitsMcGee

    Being ruined by one man overly dependant on what he calls values”

    As has been mentioned Wenger only uses values when all else is futile.

    When the season is lost he’ll shift the goalposts and blame money doping etc (funnily enough when LCFC won their title he was all “see I told you money isn’t everything “) and bring out “values”.

  12. Mark

    Fans wishing for Arsenal to lose just to get Wenger sacked must be new to the club.

    We No, Chika . They are fans that realise that Arsenal are not run like any other club. Where Wenger would have long ago been sacked for his lack of success over the last 14 years.
    So this calls for and provokes what may seem like a strange thought for a true fan.

    We could easily say you’ve only recently supported AFC in the Wenger era. Cos if you had longer you would be Wenger out too .
    People need to allow people to deal with this shit show however they damn well please. Why should we have to get behind a regime that couldn’t give a shit about it’s fans.

    Fuck that! I’d rather go down fighting,( figuratively speaking) than just accept we’re held to random by a washed up Mr Bean. No way. If seeing that smug prick squirm, by the team losing because of his shit.
    Then yes , I will take pleasure in that knowing that until the cancer that is Wenger is gone. His comeuppance is one of the small pleasure bI will get from Arsenal, while he’s still there.

  13. Vince

    Winger the madman does it again
    Team to play Liverpool: Cech, Holding, Monreal, Koscielny, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Xhaka, Bellerin, Ramsey, Sanchez, Ozil, Welbeck.

  14. Vince


    Team to play Arsenal: Karius, Gomez, Matip, Lovren, Moreno, Henderson, Can, Wijnaldum, Mane, Salah, Firmino.

    Subs: Ward, Klavan, Alexander-Arnold, Grujic, Milner, Solanke, Sturridge.