Wenger had 3 jobs this summer, he’s failed them all

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Make no mistake, this is one of the most tragic Arsenal summers of the last ten years. The manager took his contract right up to the wire and undertook even less preparation than usual.

He had three jobs this window.

One was to sell the deadwood that’s clogging up the squad numbers wise, but also from a salary perspective. My calculations yesterday left that figure at £32.5m in wasted wages this season. You can’t drop net £30.5m in CL money and not address an over indulged squad size (31 players). It is absolutely beyond the pale someone at the club wasn’t working on moving those players on or cutting a deal for them to go for free. So far, we’ve shifted 3 players.

Second job was to make changes to the backroom team. Whether you call it a general manager, a sporting director, or a Director of Football. We needed to hire someone who could be in charge of overseeing the machinations of the playing side. You need someone identifying weaknesses, working on deals to move on players, and taking care of contracts and wage distribution. What did we do? Brought in a contracts lawyer who was briefed to the media as ‘taking the second part of contract negotiations’… a completely pointless hire who has achieved nothing so far. Chambo wants out, Ozil isn’t signing on, and Sanchez is leaving. We’re so f*cked, Wenger is keeping Jack Wilshere on the books. A player who couldn’t make it into the Bournemouth starting 11 come the end of the season.

We also finished 5th last year. We were humiliated on the big stage by a club with similar finances to us. It’s clear our backroom team needed a massive upgrade. So what did we do? We signed a fitness coach to an already strong team (who is working part time, and we paid over the odds for). We gave all the deadwood coaches that protect Wenger’s power structure new deals. We added Jens Lehmann as a token signing for the fans. Also questionable how broad the recruiting process was considering Wenger was undecided on his deal until the last minute. We basically didn’t add anyone with experience to the playing side of the backroom team.

3rd job was to recruit like a demon. Address our failings from last season by plugging clear gaps. We also needed to up the quality of the squad. There’s a reason we finished 5th, and it’s disgraceful that Wenger thinks it’s because of his indecisive and selfish behavior on his contract, because it shows you he’s not looking at his consistent average performances of the last 6 years. Anyway, Wenger has added a grand total of two players. A left back and a striker. He had this to say on his summer.

“I am very pleased with our market because we bought good players who can integrate with our style of play,”

“That’s what we want. On the other hand, it is very difficult. Today, the prices are out of proportion. The transfer market has become very demanding today.

“There is no transfer market anymore because the price depends only on the identity of the buyer and when you are English, you have straight away 50 per cent [extra] on the price of a player and that makes it difficult to act.”

Luis Suarez was out of proportion when we stupidly bid £40m and £1 on a buyout clause that wasn’t a buyout clause. But guess what? Next summer he went for £75m.

The same summer, when we refused to meet Florentino’s £32m price tag for Higuain. He ended up at Napoli, a team with far less resource than us, then moved to Juventus for £90m a year later.

The horrors of Paul Pogba moving for a world record fee…  a year later, it’s doubled.

For an economist, Wenger really doesn’t seem to have much understanding of value or market trends.

According to Wenger, it’s been a tough market for 12 years. Same excuses every summer, while other teams simply crack on and get things done. We’re fishing around shooting for perfection both in terms of talent, and the optimum price… and consistently losing out. Thomas Lemar was never going for £40m. Why didn’t we sell Alexis for £60m at the start of the summer, and throw the same cash at the Frenchman?

Aurier for €25m. Matuidi for €20m. Coman €20m. Tielemans €25m. Is this a market we can’t play in?

Instead of playing it smart, we’re trying to pass off keeping players as a strategic win.

We are in such terrible shape, and it’s all because we afford too much power to a man who isn’t winning on any fronts these days. This season will be a car crash, and we absolutely deserve it.

Two things: Read yesterday’s post if you didn’t.

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  1. Ishola70

    Manyoo were clearly in transition period with turnover of players as well as managerial changes for a while. Whereas good old Arsene goes by continuity and tells us signings like Mustafi and Xhaka are added to what already is a good core.

    Who finishes higher in the EPL this season? Manyoo or Arsenal? Bookies will be taking plenty on Manyoo rather than Arsenal and for good reason.

  2. Leedsgunner

    In present form and preparedness Huddersfield is more likely to win the title more than a Wenger led Arsenal.

  3. graham62

    The only silver lining for Arsenal this season will be Lacazette and the Ox(if he stays).

    As long as Wenger utilizes them effectively (yeh, right!) and understands that Lacazette needs quick/quality service, we should be OK.

    I like what I see with Lacazette and only hope that Wenger doesn’t drain the life force out of him, as he has done with so many others.

  4. WestLondonGoon

    Physioroom.com now lists Cazola’s injury as ‘plantir’ injury; very different to an ankle or ligament injury.

    I’ll call it now and say that he’s played his last game for us

  5. Kent

    Gazidis: “We’re going to be very proactive to improve on and off the field in all areas. You’ll see that commitment in the months ahead.”


  6. Champagne charlie

    With respect mate, as a striker you simply don’t learn to calm down in front of goal. He won’t be what people hope, doesn’t mean he can’t be very useful. But top class is not where he’ll get to.

    “With interest in Mustafi and our pursuit of Lemar allegedly over, it’s fair to say that I’ve absolutely no idea what is going on at Arsenal.”

    Basically my headspace right now, taken from twitter. Want to wake up a week from now and see the devastation following the close of the window, so much could or should happen, but no clue what will at this point. Yay

  7. Biggles

    I don’t think that PSG spending £200m on Neymar has helped Wenger’s state of mind. He’d probably just about figured out that £30m is pretty much bare minimum for any player in any team in the premier league now. I mean c’mon, Jonny Evans is now a £30m player…

    Lacazette at £46m was spending almost 50% of the world transfer record and Wenger could probably just about stomach that. Outrageous money, but still so far off the actual record that he could look himself in the mirror without vomiting.

    But now PSG annihilated the transfer record and now to have spent half that means spending £100m and Wenger just won’t be able to wrap his head around the concept of spending that much on a player. Let’s face it, if we sell Sanchez, we need to go out and buy a replacement. And somebody as good is going to cost £50m+ easily (and I’m not really sure who could replace him).

    Which is why on the last day of the window, we’re going to end up selling Sanchez for £25m and extending Jenkinson’s contract because Wenger will have had a meltdown.

  8. Kent

    Everton, Bournemouth, Leicester, Brighton, Huddersfield, Liverpool, City, Man Utd have spent more than us. Newcastle and Soton have spent similar to us.

    Read again: Everton, Bournemouth, Leicester, Brighton and Huddersfield have spent more than Arsenal FC.

  9. HighburyLegend

    “You’ll see that commitment in the months ahead.”

    lol no need to wait for months, as we travel to Anfield this sunday (bloody sunday lol)…

  10. raptora

    mirror and a bunch of other news outlets –

    “Wenger: I want Sanchez to stay
    Man City are still keen on Arsenal’s star man but Wenger is not intereted in selling
    “I want him to stay at the club and be one of the big players of the future at this club,” Wenger said in his press conference today.
    “He is one of the players the team has to be built around in the future.
    “Personally I want him to commit to the club and be one of the carriers of the values of our team.”

    Basically a proof of how misleading a media can be even when they’re quoting something said at a press conference. This was a thing Wenger said for Ox not for Alexis…

  11. raptora

    Alexis has took over Ozil’s functions anyways so I see no problem in us dropping Ozil for Welbeck. Not that it’s going to happen. But Welbeck’s energy vs the Liverpool press, and Ozil’s lack of energy vs the Liverpool press… Also Welbeck could terrorize their dodgy defence.

  12. HighburyLegend

    “Also Welbeck could terrorize their dodgy defence.”
    While their attack will terrorize our defence lol

    Make no mistake, Ozil will play, as le mighty professor in economy has decided.

  13. Coach 15

    So back to the perfect storm scenario where, if any 2 of the above happens, the mood will be right back how it was six months ago;
    Why have the protests stopped?
    Nothing has really changed,so therefore the sentiment amongst the disgruntled fanbase should not have changed. The protests should have started again when the season started,surely. We all knew what the summer transfer strategy would be.

  14. Carts


    I could’ve sworn Cazorla has had 7 operations on his Achilles?

    That’s an insane amount for something like an achilles. I don’t even think he ruptured it, initially.

    I think you mentioned something about too much scar tissue renders the healing process as very slow

  15. raptora

    Reports saying that Borussia D and Farca have reached an agreement in the region of €150m. He joined the German side just last summer for €15m meaning that they are set to register 10x profit in a year. €135m profit for a year from 1 player. Fuck me!

  16. HighburyLegend

    “I could’ve sworn Cazorla has had 7 operations on his Achilles?”

    And still he’s in better shape and health than wenger.

  17. Don


    Let’s see. He may not be what we call a natural finisher but it doesn’t. Mean he can’t improve his goal tally
    And yes, you can learn to relax more in front of goal. To some it comes naturally but it can be learned

  18. Cesc Appeal

    Spurs with a problem in the UCL, Madrid and BvB with one more team to come in their group.

    United have a nice group, Basel and Benfica so far.

    Liverpool have Spartak Moscow and Sevilla.

    Chelsea’s is tricky, Atletico and Roma.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Man Utd, Benfica, Basel, CSKA

    Spurs, Madrid, BvB, Apoel

    Chelsea, Atletico, Roma, Qarabag

    Liverpool, Spartak Moscow, Sevilla, Maribor

    City, Shakhtar, Napoli, Feyenoord

    Spurs and Chelsea with problematic groups there.

  20. Champagne charlie


    You seem to be someone that clings onto the potential of a player mate, what do you see Welbz developing into?

    Personally I don’t see him ever being more than a 15 goal striker, but he will offer great flexibility and cause difficulty for defences. He’s simply not ‘dat guy’ for a team like Arsenal imo. Wiltord type, not Thierry, Adebayor, RVP, Bergkamp etc…

  21. Dissenter

    We’ll be playing Spuds on Thursday night come February when we both get drawn in the last 32 of the Europa league.
    North London will be rocking.

  22. Elmo


    If Welbeck could be a 15 goal man then he’d be making a solid contribution when combined with the rest of his work. Unfortunately, thus far in his career he’s shown no evidence of being capable of scoring 15.

    He’s another player entering a make or break season. Is he a donkey who works hard but can’t score (like many mid table PL players), or is he a guy who is vital to stretching the opposition while also scoring his share of goals?

  23. Dissenter

    This Oxlade transfer stand-still is really revealing of how much faith these players have in Wenger.
    “I want to keep my best players – my only target is to keep everyone on board. We’ve invested time and money and confidence on players like Ox and they have a responsibility. I hope he commits”

    He’s seen 5 years of Wenger management and he wants out.
    He’s earned my respect because we are offering him a good wage to re-sign. He just wants to fulfill his potential. He’s given us notice so that we don’t lose him for nothing next season. SELL HIM.
    Whinging Wenger just making a fool of himself [and the club] as usual.

  24. peanuts&monkeys

    “Pogba & Mkhitaryan also donkeys then, or do you judge other clubs differently?”

    oh really? has ManU dropped out of CL. or, is it that because of Pogba and Mk ManU are back in CL? what were you smokin, AKB?