Wenger hemorrhaging AFC cash, the number is quite unbelievable

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Everyone loves a big number to keep focus on what’s going on at Arsenal. I don’t mean to pile pressure onto our faltering manager, but I think a few myths need to be busted about what he’s offering to the club these days, because his ability to turn a profit has diminished at quite a alarming pace. This post aims to showcase just what a state we’re in.


Firstly, let’s look at the Champions League. A competition which Wenger has often claimed the mere qualification is a trophy. Well, that trophy isn’t on offer this year. Instead, we’re suffering the indignity of Spursday Night Europa League. The difference in prize money is quite large. If we make it to the last 16 on 4 wins and 2 draws, we’ll earn £5.6m.

Prize Money for achieving last 16 of UCL: £36m

Prize Money for hitting same height in Europa: £5.6m

Net Loss: -£30.4m


Next up, let’s look at the players we have that are currently leaving on free transfers, based on the big man’s say so. I’ll be straight up, we’re not getting anything for Per or Santi. We should be getting something for Jack (£20m), Chambo (£30m), Sanchez (£60m) and Ozil (£40m).

Total Loss: -£150m (as of Wenger’s stance that they’re all staying)

Deadwood Wages:

Now let’s take a look at the problem Alfred called out in the podcast, surplus wages. We have, what, 33 players in our squad? Many of them overpaid to the point they can’t be moved on. We saw Jenkinson move to play with Harry Redknapp because his deal is simply too rich to handle for Premier League clubs. Worth remembering we were in EXACTLY the same position in 2011 after project youth. I have 9 players that class as deadwood. The two richest would be

Worth remembering we were in EXACTLY the same position in 2011 after project youth. I have 9 players that I class as deadwood. The two richest would be Santi, because he’s broken, and Theo because when one of your highest paid players is a bench merchant, you’d clearly rather not have him around. Others that made the cut were Joel Campbell who is back again, Kieran Gibbs who I was told earns more than the £65k a week I have him on (£80k), along with Ospina, Debuchy, Perez, and Wilshere. Total wage expenditure there is £625k a week, I’ve left Jenks in there because I have my doubts Birmingham are paying full whack.

Total cost: £32.5m

All of that money, added together in my clever little spreadsheet takes Arsenal’s potential losses for the year to a whopping £212,885,227.

Now, you can split hairs on my numbers, but what you can’t do is tell me that there is anyway you can look at those figures and not be absolutely shocked at how badly run we are under Arsene Wenger, Director Of Football.

I didn’t even get into the figures of what we’re losing on players who’d have become better players under better managers. Let’s be real here, a contracted Alexis is a £100m player in this market. Jack Wilshere is a £50m player if he progresses. Kieran Gibbs, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott… would all be worth a lot more under better management.

We are not only a shambles on the pitch, we’re the same off it. Arsenal are in the process of overseeing one of the least effective summers of all time, and what makes it worse, is next year, we’re going to lose 6 players on free transfers.

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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Shocking realisation is that this mess will be amplified if it stays for the next two years …

    As I have said before spurs will be leaps in front of us financially within two years of their new ground being complete .

    Wenger will still be haunting us for a very long time

  2. ThePuma9


    ‘I don’t mean to pile pressure onto our faltering manager’

    Pedro you do it everyday. Le grove is like a negative propaganda machine destabilising the fan base and the club. If you can’t see you’re doing this then you’ve got a problem.

    We’re two games into the season. How about hanging fire before you try deliver the managers head on a platter? And at least wait for xmas?

  3. Raggerty

    Be careful what you wish for they said, now they got what they wish for and.these akb fools got nowhere left to hide. Damn you for making.me.care Arsenal.
    I can’t wait for the old fool to go, but make no mistake the rebuilding job for the playing staff and the management team will be massive. Whoever they manage to convince to come in will have to put a whole structure in place, as it is apparent we don’t have one and everything goes through the old man. Dark days ahead for my club, but with every loss and every player going on a free the end comes nearer. I just wish I didn’t care, but I’m Arsenal through and through and this rudderless car crash will eventually lead to us becoming a football club once again.

  4. Wallace


    “We are not only a shambles on the pitch, we’re the same off it. Arsenal are in the process of overseeing one of the least effective summers of all time, and what makes it worse, is next year, we’re going to lose 6 players on free transfers.”

    we buy a good CM and shift most of the fringe players and it’s actually a pretty good summer. guess it just depends how you want to go about looking at it, eh?

  5. Danny S

    We won’t lose Sanchez on a free. I’m pretty sure a deal is already tied up, and ready to drop on 31st Aug.
    Ox I expect will be sold if he doesn’t sign and ozil will be offered an enormous contract. I do t think he has a lot of ambition in him.
    Wilshire is probably the only one not being offered a deal until he proves he can stay fit. Maybe wenger did learn from Diaby.

  6. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    You can spin it like Warne if you like but the club is in a shocking ….

    The master of economics has gone over budget , burnt the books

    He should be held in contempt an sacked .

  7. dev.gooner

    Your Comment Here

    Hello Grovers..

    Nice to see nothing has changed over the summer. I’m watching football as a neutral this year. Sent my membership back in disgust and gave up my season ticket waiting number at the end of last season when Dear Old Prof announced he is staying for another 2 years. Watching Arsenal squander around like headless chickens is more funny than i thought. I can make memes all day!

    We have bought an overpriced Giroud from Ligue 1 when we could’ve gotten a proven striker such as Lukaku into our squad. Just an example, many more players out there well within reasonable spend, dont need to spend £200m on Neymar to win the league. We have gotten a left back on a free, and I can’t seem to remember who else we bought. Must be someone world famous as I honestly do not know him. Yes we WILL win the league this year, because we have made over £50million profit this transfer window, (yes may as well include sanchez and the rest on one year contracts in this figure)

    5th is the new tro5y, Sanchez will do a runner before the deadline. Europa League group stage KO as all the travelling is a very good excuse for the manager not to rotate his fragile sons. Successful season i would say. Gary Neville will lick Wenger’s balls by saying Arsenal Fans should be grateful we have a European season to treat ourselves. (it’s perfectly acceptable for united fans to moan and complain about an unsuccessful manager, yet its a criminal offence if Gooners say a word against the Messiah.) Be careful what I wish for eh, Lucky for my Gary, my wishes don’t come true!

    Oh I am definitely seeing a catalyst for change Mr Gazidis. We’ve turned into a mid table team from being a champion team once upon a time! Kudos on the very good and successful business plan.

    I’m bored of repeating myself time and time again.

    Message to All Wenger lovers:

    Please continue supporting Wenger… This shit is so hilarious. May long he reign over our club!

    #SameShitAnotherSeason #NoChange #WengerOUT

    Have a good read on this article, if you think we will still get someone before the deadline


  8. Pierre

    It’s like bloody dad’s army on here “WE’RE ALL DOOMED”….
    Pedro… You and your disciples need to get a grip. Puma is right about the wanky propaganda your spreading about The Arsenal. We’ve lost one game which agreed was part Wengers fault for dodgy team selections and part officials fault for dodgy decisions and that’s a fact..

  9. dev.gooner

    That article is actually quite funny. He seem’s to think he has sellable players. Apart from Sanchez and Ox.. I don’t see many marketable players. All on Fat contract which means we value them too highly to attract any interest from clubs. Lets face it who in their right mind would pay £25million for Theo Walcott.

    We can’t sell anyone.. ergo we won’t buy anyone.

  10. David Smith

    surely if he doesnt bother about anything else, these sort of numbers will wake Stan up to reality?
    To get over this, we will need to find a proper developmental manager, and it will still take years

  11. Wallace

    the only player we’ll lose is Alexis, i think. we’ll re-sign the others.

    AM-N, McGuane, Willock, Nelson, Iwobi, Nketiah…

    interesting that at the moment the best players coming through at our academy are English (I’m counting Iwobi)…

  12. Guns of Hackney

    The Puma

    You Sir, are a doink. We may only be two games into THIS season, but we’re probably on a run of 500 odd games since Wenger turned into a maniac. Get a grip.


    Good numbers. Numbers work. However, no matter what evidence there is that proves Wenger is brain damaged, the club still gave him that two year, £20m deal. Surely the club knew the figures Wenger is pissing up the wall…but they STILL gave him that goddam deal!

    I think we can all agree that Arsenal FC is well and truly done as a threat in world football…sorry, domestic football – we were never on the world stage.

    I can’t see an end to this unless we’re relegated. Maybe then, Stan leaves?

  13. Wallace


    “Lets face it who in their right mind would pay £25million for Theo Walcott.”

    he scored 19 goals last season. he’ll sit in the stands the first few months of this season then be sold in January to a PL side struggling for goals for 30m or so. you heard it hear first 🙂

  14. dev.gooner


    Haha I’ll hold you on that 😉

    If that happened, the club who spends £30m is definitely smoking something they shouldn’t be smoking lool

  15. WestLondonGoon


    Watford were interested in him then realised that he wasn’t going to take a wage drop; when a player prefers to sit on the bench getting 15-20 minutes every other Saturday, whiilst collecting £110k a week, instead of wanting to leave to get regular football, it tells you a lot about both the player and the club.

  16. graham62

    See what I mean……PIERRE/PUMA9 crying because the truth is being told. For christs sake, you ignorant buffoons, grow up!

    Has nothing to do with being only two games into the season. This has been going on for ten years.

    Positivity is all about sucking out the evil within, no matter what day of the week.

    Go back and suck on your lollipops.

  17. Pierre

    The thing is Pedro, if Arsenal win a few games, your attitude will change to positive for a few weeks until the next draw or defeat.
    Posters like Don, Charlie, puma etc tell it as it is… If the manager or club deserve criticism they will give it but carry on supporting the team. We all know that basically Wengers past his sell by date and its time for a change but that won’t stop us celebrating winning trophies though we would all love to win the league again.

    Your disciples are all on cloud 9 when we lose, it’s pathetic really, if that’s how they feel then they should just go and support whoever is the league champions at the time and change their allegiance every season to whoever wins the league..

  18. Davey

    2 games my arse, this is 9 years of misery only a AKB can make a comment like
    ‘its only 2 games in get a grip ‘ blah blah blah

  19. Wallace


    he’s 28 now and as low down the pecking order as he’s ever been. I think he’ll go in January if not before.

  20. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    This is all fruitless
    No akb agrees with Wenger out

    So only way is defeats an sacking him

    Ohherewise we are going round in circles
    New blokes like tom an don will come n spout there Wenger magic dust that goes nowhere

    Old faithful da hAve seen it all before

  21. Thank you and goodnight

    Yeah it’s been only 2 games guys. 10 years is not enough patience ffs give him time. Wenger knows what he’s doing. …..im now smoking what the akbs are smoking and damn is it good shit.

  22. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    You are a bit like Jeremy corbyn is to Diane abbot

    Protecting but knowing doing a poor job making gaffes all the time

  23. onyeka

    I was thinking that you’ll mention the manager that would’ve managed the players you called better than Wenger but you didn’t that shows that no manager is perfect not even you when allowed to do same.Because people will still criticise your ideas even while others think them to be ok.

  24. shaun

    There are 3 Points I want to raise, Formations, Tactics and finally Transfers to achieve the first 2.

    Formations, we have not won the League since ditching the 4-4-2 formation, at the time Wenger stated that we had to alter to 4-3-3 to compete in the champions league
    Against better teams our 2 man central midfield would get outnumbered. I except this may be the case against better teams but why not revert to 4-4-2 against all but the top 7 for League games, you could also argue with our results against top teams in Europe and the league the change of system hasn’t worked either against them.
    4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 did not work as we conceded to many goals, this is not down to the system but the players and the tactics, it’s not surprising that we concede goals if both full backs bomb forward and we have no top quality centre backs
    we also have no defensive aware midfield players such as Petit, Edu, Gilberto or Vieira
    We reverted to 3-4-3 only because we are not defensively drilled as a back 4 and we have players who are too afraid to put their body in the way whether the ball is on the floor or in the air
    If we alter formations against different teams it must make it harder for opposing manager to plan against us.

    I will raise the others issues throughout the day

  25. Charles

    That 150m figure ain’t right. You haven’t taken into account that money from selling those players would be spent straight away on replacements.

  26. onyeka

    Wenger in today’s football manages players better than most managers in the world today but because we are tired of Wenger we will overlook that.Wenger sold important players he was criticised now he refused to sell he’s been criticise again.What a shame to us and our inconsistency.

  27. OleGunner

    Bizarrely, AKB’s like Don and Puma ignorantly think this loss to Stoke is a one off.
    This is 13 years of constant decline within the EPL with the same manager, there is context as to why people are mad/apathetic/saddened after the Stoke loss because it feels exactly like Ground hogs day.

    There will be more humiliating defeats this season, it is also guaranteed we will not win the EPL either. You seem happy with status quo so fair play to you. Some of us want more but can’t see it.

  28. Pierre

    “crying because the truth is being told”

    It’s easy to bend the truth..

    The truth is, we finished outside the top 4 for the first time in 20 years and we won the fa cup again..
    The truth is, we can’t compete financially until we get in a new owner
    The truth is, Wenger is not the manager he was and should have left the club at the end of last season.
    The truth is, it’s 2 games into the season and 5 of the top 6 clubs have dropped points already.
    The truth is, there is still. 9 days of the window left and most of those players on the fringe will leave the club and maybe will will sign someone..
    With regard to the supposedly financial mess as stated in the article, I would say that the truth has been bent to support the agenda… Lets wait until the end of the window before doing the “we’re all doomed” dads army impression.

  29. HighburyLegend

    lol at Gerrard’s criticism of Ozil, another dude who don’t understand that the main problem is wenger.
    Ozil is another ex-world class player managed by the zip master, it’s logical that he has become an average player, isn’t that simple enough for you, Stevie ??

  30. WestLondonGoon


    We’ve also got 2 players in our ‘first XI’, Xhaka and Ozil, who both need the team to be built around them in order to get the best of them; it just doesn’t work. It’s a team game yet we have players having to compromise their own game to accommodate in order to get the best out of these two.

    That’s a lot of thinking for players to be doing in the pitch and football should be instinctive. It’s also Wenger saying that ‘I value the contribution of these players above yours’. Whose contribution is better? Ramsey or Xhaka? Ramsey has been shunted about in the past, but his best form, particularly for Wales, has been as an attacking midfielder, yet suddenly for Xhaka to play effectively in this system (as the Swiss can only play the one position). Ramsey has to curb his attacking instincts, which he is obviously struggling to do. Is he even being told to do this? I’m not sure he as judging by the number of time he was beyond even Lacazette on Saturday night.

    I can’t see how this team works when we are trying to force 2 ‘playmakers’ into the XI; it has to be one or the other.

  31. WestLondonGoon


    ”With regard to the supposedly financial mess as stated in the article, I would say that the truth has been bent to support the agenda”

    so offer us the opposing argument so we can debate it.

  32. kristoman

    We’re two games into the
    season. How about hanging
    fire before you try deliver the
    managers head on a platter?
    And at least wait for xmas?

    Come on puma, you’ve been saying this for the past 10yrs, aren’t you bored of this statement already. Wait till xtmas and yet they were proven right over and over and over again.
    don’t you think it is high time you re-evaluate this situation again man, it will do you some good I promise

  33. Wenker-wanger

    @ dev… Youve voted with your feet as the saying goes.. My family has as well by not renewing… Good on you mate.

  34. Wenker-wanger

    Its interesting to hear the comments of the akbs.. Give wenger more time,,, we are only 2 games in!…
    A new season doesnt neccesarily mean a clean slate… In my view and many tv punters this is exactly the same arsenal as last season…
    Also the dads army jibe at wenger-outs is ironic given the resemblance of mr wankger to the doddering ineffectual mr mannering!

  35. WestLondonGoon

    Wenger also clearly doesn’t rate Mertesaker any longer; if he did why didn’t he play against Stoke? It would have been easy to play Per in the middle of Mustafi and Monreal, Kolasinac at LWB and Ox or Bellerin at RWB; already we would have looked a different, more balanced, proposition. Square pegs, square holes.

    The defensive set up at the start of the match was awful, the fact that the system and personnel was swapped about several times during the 90 minutes, displays just how muddled Wenger’s thinking is.

    If he doesn’t rate Per, why not move him to the youth team set up now, free up a squad place and leave him to work with the kids.

  36. HighburyLegend

    My 3 bets for this season : manure to win the PL – ze good ol’ days are back!!
    Pep sacked at the end of the season or even before.
    And of course a new contract extension for le senile one next summer lol

  37. shaun

    Tactics, Scrap Zonal marking at corners and free kicks, it just doesn’t work especially when you have a small team like ours. Only send one full back forward at a time and get the defensive midfield player to cover him , I seem to remember it worked fine with Dixon/Winterburn, playing a 4-4-2 should mean the wingers provide the width with ONE full back on that side being able to provide the overlap. If players aren’t performing substitute them, how the hell did Ozil play 90 mins against Stoke especially when we were losing, why remove lacazette when 1 nil down.
    Why are we playing 2 left backs as centre backs when BFG and Holding are available. I can see why the Ox and Bellerin played as RWB and LWB in the chosen system as Bellerin’s delivery and goal scoring potential are limited so might as well play Ox on his favoured side, however why not take off Bellerin when reverting to a back 4 and move Kolsainac to LWB
    4 goals conceded so far this season, all 4 our fault, 2 from balls given away by xhaka in midfield, Ramsey was the most forward player against Stoke when the ball was lost leaving 4 breaking on 4. The other 2 goals from corners that were conceded because players didn’t clear the ball properly from open play a minute or 2 earlier.

  38. Bamford10


    “The truth is, we can’t compete financially until we get in a new owner.”

    Nonsense. We have plenty of money to spend and if we spend it intelligently we can compete with City, Chelsea and United. The problem is that Wenger often doesn’t spend the money he has available to him, and what he does spend, he doesn’t spend intelligently.

  39. Bamford10

    “Pedro, you do it everyday. Le Grove is like a negative propaganda machine destabilising the fan base and the club.”

    If you were wondering why a Puma, Pierre, Don or Champagne Charlie were here, you have your answer. They are here to counter what they see as a “negative propaganda machine destabilising the fan base and the club.”


  40. Bamford10

    And by the way, that’s why they’re so bitter and why they turn to personal insults so frequently. They don’t have any good arguments to defend their POV, but they desperately feel something must be done to counter the “Le Grove narrative”. So they hurl around personal insults.

    In the words of the current US president: sad!

  41. Bamford10


    I think I’m going to wait a couple more matches for predictions (that I can be held to), but United do look good. I think City could be quite good too, though, if Pep changes his approach a little. And I think if teams sit deeper against United, they’ll have more success and United could struggle a little. Although they have so much size and athleticism, they’ll have no trouble scoring on set pieces, so a deep sit is not going to keep them out in the end.

    Will be interesting to see.

  42. Leedsgunner

    Thank you Pedro for putting solid numbers on the truth that we knew already.

    Namely, we have the money… but under Arsene we spend it very very badly.

    One of the main reasons for this is Arsene is very bad in his timings. Unlike in the first time part of his tenure he is no longer ruthless enough in selling deadwood.

    Jenkinson, after a good loan stint in West Ham in 2014, was valued at £12m. We should have sold him then. We bought him for £1m — we could have used the profit to strengthen the squad. We didn’t, Wenger dithered. THe boy got injured — and regressed… and we can’t give him away.

    Same with Campbell, after a good World Cup in 2014, AC Milan was looking at him for £15m. Why didn’t we sell him then?

    Lastly, this is the most damning in my opinion.

    Is there a record signing at the club that Wenger has managed well and nurtured on to greater heights?

    Reyes — after a good start, becomes disillusioned and goes home.

    Arshavin –after a good stint, becomes disillusioned and we let go on a free…

    Özil– before he came to Arsenal he was recognised as one of the world’s premier playmakers. Where is he now? He looks disinterested and disillusioned.

    That’s a £42.5m player that Wenger is mismanaging. The tragedy is that even with
    this sad track record, this Board gave him a new contract and even more money to spend…

    Wenger is just a very poor man manager and a poor poor nurturer of talent.

    The evidence speaks for itself, if Wenger was half decent, why wouldn’t our top players sign knew deals? Why are they refusing and hesitating? Why is our most ambitious youngsters choosing to play elsewhere?

    Wenger is finished.

  43. Leaving in a wooden box

    Keep it up Bamford, your arguing tenacity that opposes akb religious fanaticism does not go un-noticed.
    Wenger so far out he is beyond pluto

  44. Cesc Appeal

    Great post Pedro.

    There literally is not footballing sense in keeping Wenger, but we have known for a few years off the field in terms of structures within the club (or lack of) and the way we are run financially there is no sense in keeping Wenger either.

    Held back on and off the pitch, both Wenger and Kroenke’s fault.

    The only thing we have to hold out for is the buffoon is got rid of before he can do much lasting damage.

  45. Bamford10

    Another point about the money complaint. While I do not rate this Spurs side as highly as some, they are regarded by many (here and elsewhere) as genuine contenders for the title this season. Yet they have not spent nearly the sums that City or United have. Indeed, they haven’t spent the sums that WE have. And yet many believe they can contend. Whether they can actually contend is another thing — I think they have at least a chance — but you can’t say Spurs are contenders on one hand and we don’t have the money to compete on the other.

    Bottom line is that while we cannot spend the same amounts as a City or United, we still have ample money to spend, and if we spend it intelligently, we can compete.

  46. Wallace


    Pedro’s truth bending…

    “Arsenal are in the process of overseeing one of the least effective summers of all time, and what makes it worse, is next year, we’re going to lose 6 players on free transfers.”

    now, we might indeed lose 6 players next summer as their contracts expire. more likely, we’ll lose Alexis and sign the others up. he’s presenting a possible outcome, a very unlikely outcome, as something that will happen. this is an example of Pedro bending the truth.

  47. Leaving in a wooden box

    You have to just keep on admiring mourinho….he collects quality players with a definite role for them to succeed in his Masterplan. He is almost like a battle tactician.
    Haha I can’t even begin to offer a Wenger comparison.
    Tank drivers on foot, pilots driving tanks and cadets leading the assaults whilst his elite troops clean out the toilets in the base camp.
    Just a fckin nightmare manager!

  48. Samir

    Reiss Nelson was outstanding once again yesterday for the U23s.

    Why the hell is he not on the bench instead of Walcott? He’s a much better player already.

  49. Diabyearnshowmuch

    Stopped reading this blog because it was too negative. not saying you’re wrong, but following AFC these days is a chore in itself, having to read the constant negative narrative on hear just made it worse.
    Thought i’d pop back to see how things were going………….yep, nothing new.
    I agree we’re a shitfest, and the old cunt is running us into the ground, but apart from a couple of exceptions (sadly that lot down the road) most clubs have exactly the same problems outlined in todays post. Jeez look at CFC, 9000 players out on loan!
    I’ve given up my season ticket, I’ve given up reading blogs, I can hardly bring myself to watch us on Sunday………..wkae me up when he’s fucked off.

  50. Don

    Here he is
    Le groves very own traffic warden
    Most of us have already said that we think Wenger is over the hill but that’s not enough for the most over zealous of you is it?
    We come here like everyone else, to discuss Arsenal

  51. Don

    It’s only because we stick by our club and try to maintain a positive attitude that you and your cronies constantly try to nitpick or dig us out. It’s a small number. 6-7 of you that start this shit

  52. Bamford10


    Did you watch Wilshere with the u-23s last night? Genuinely curious. I only saw the red card, but I’m curious if you watched and were impressed with his play. I know you’re still a believer.

  53. Chris K

    Well I was going to write a response to the article but I’ll sum that up quickly:

    “Speculative. It may well be an informed and logical conclusion to come to but lets save judgement for actual facts rather than speculation”

    More’s the point, AKB, Wenger out or Other (Yes Other does actually exist), we’re all here because of our support for Arsenal right?

    Some of us have been supporters longer than others. Some of us have seen the same things but experienced them differently. There are good arguements for both the AKB (More morally based) and the Wenger Out’ist (More performance based) and I’m sure if pressed, more than 90% of our fanbase will agree to this. Can we maybe stop all the argueing amongst ourselves. We are making a joke of ourselves. Stop labelling people. I’m known among my friends for my honest insights. I have no issues with Wenger being sacked due to performance. I also have no issues with him staying as I can recognise he has maintained the club around the top level. I’ve been labelled both an AKB and a Wenger out’ist. I consider myself neither. I consider myself a fan of Arsenal Football Club. Players and staff will come and go, and guess what, I’ll still be an Arsenal fan.

    Lols to Spurs 1st (of many) home loss, and Walker’s debut red card 🙂 Plenty of good stuff still to talk about.

    Sanchez and Koscielny back in contention for the weekend 🙂

  54. Bamford10

    If Barcelona offered us £45m for Ozil right now, would you accept their offer? If yes, what would you then do? (Put aside the q of whether Barcelona would ever offer us anything for Ozil.)

  55. Wallace


    didn’t watch it, but George Bird said he was very good. we have some exciting players in the U23 side.

  56. Don

    You especially clearly try to illicit some response, just as you’re doing now.
    But the reaction you get surely can’t come as a shock to someone like you.
    You must get it wherever you go. Someone as pompous and aloof as you just go through life constantly touching the wrong nerve bam.
    You lie or change your story every time you and our lack of footballing knowledge (especially before 08) is exposed and you make the it’s outrageous claims
    You use colourful language whenever you fell its warretned yet cry like a girl whenever you or your phoney claims get picked up and ruined by the more level headed posters on here.
    You’re like a big playground sissy bam.
    Also I cited about 10 examples of people cheering or laughing when we lost saturday and as usual you show no response when you’re owned. Which is on weekly basis.

  57. WestLondonGoon

    Out of the players with contracts expiring in 2019 we currently have Ramsay, Walcot, Akpom, Giroud, Monreal, Debuchy, Cech, Ospina, so that’s probably just one on that list that we would have any interest in re-signing.

    Wilshere can also walk away at the end of this season for nothing, yet the fact that he isn’t mentioned in the same possible departure term as Sanchez, Ozil and Ox , goes to show how irrelevant he has become.

  58. Wallace

    “If Barcelona offered us £45m for Ozil right now, would you accept their offer? If yes, what would you then do?”

    take the money. buy Mahrez.

  59. raptora

    “Manchester City have let Samir Nasri join Antalyaspor on a free to get him off their wage bill.
    Nasri, 30, has agreed a two-year deal with Antalyaspor and City will receive just over £3million from the Turkish side if clauses in his transfer are activated during that time.
    City are satisfied with this deal for Nasri, even though they paid £24million for the French midfielder six years ago.
    Nasri had two years left on his deal at the Etihad and City will save around £10million in wages by offloading him to Antalyaspor.”

    Same thing we could do with several of our players. By letting a frindge player leave on a free transfer you can still save money in the long run, you can save space in the squad and by letting a deadwood player go you can be with a group full of desire, skills and competitiveness. It also instills decisiveness in your players that if they do not play as good as they possibly can they will go. Seeing how someone is not playing but collecting their fat salary, bigger than your own by all means, could be very discouraging. Some bad apples need to be removed. It’s as simple as that.

  60. shaun

    Pierre you say we can’t compete financially, I beg to differ.

    Transfers, firstly we can’t throw away 130 mill if Sanchez 70 Mill, Ox 40 Mill and Ozil 20 Mil don’t sign new contracts can you imagine the crap we will end up with next year if this happens, I may not want Sanchez and Wilshere to go but we have to be realistic.
    Secondly why are so many players in their last year of contract’s this will cost the club a fortune and Wenger should be accountable for this.
    Thirdly, Wenger never wants to buy more and 2-3 players each year, this will not be the case next year should all players in their last year of contract not sign new ones, in which case you may as well buy in as many as possible now

    With the current squad we will finish outside the top 4 as the catalyst of change seems to have disappeared. Buying them all now will also work out cheaper as fees will again rise next year it also gives them a year to gel

    Dein should have been bought in to deal with all transfers. Fringe players will have to be sold for reduced prices as teams are unwilling to pay their inflated wage packets but I believe th below prices are achievable

    Players already recruited or required

    Kolsainac Free
    Lacazette 50 mil
    Van Djik 60 mil
    Koulibaly 60 mil
    Carvalho 40 mil
    Draxler 35 mil
    Lemar 50 Mil ( can play wide or be a replacement for Santi)

    Spend 295 Mil

    Players Sold already or to be sold

    Szczenzy 10 mil
    Gabriel 10 mil
    Debuchy 5 mil
    Gibbs 5 mil
    Mustafi 30 mil
    Campbell 10 mil
    Chambers 20 mil
    Ox 40 mil
    Ozil 20 mil
    Sanchez 70 mil
    Perez 10 mil
    Wilshere 20 Mil

    Incoming Fees 250 Mil meaning Net spend is 45 Mil you may also add if Seri for 35 Mil if Barcelona don’t buy him

    23 Man squad will be:-

    GK Cech, Ospina
    FB Bellerin, Kolsainac, Monreal
    CH BFG, Holding Koscielny, Van Djik, Koulibaly
    MID Ramsey,Xhaka,Santi,Carvalho, Elneny,Coquelin, Iwobi, Draxler, Lemar
    FOR Giroud, Walcott, Lacazette, Welbeck

    Also the likes of Nelson and others from the U23’s

    This enables us to play any formation.

    4-4-2 Cech Bellerin Van Djik Koulibaly Kolsainac Carvalho Ramsey Lemar Draxler Lacazette Giroud

    4-4-3 Cech Bellerin Van Djik Koulibaly Kolsainac Carvalho Ramsey Lemar Draxler Lacazette Walcott

    4-2-3-1 Cech Bellerin Van Djik Koulibaly Kolsainac Carvalho Ramsey Draxler Lemar Lacazette Giroud

    3-4-3 Cech Koscielny Van Djik Koulibaly Kolsainac Carvalho Ramsey Bellerin Draxler Lacazette Lemar

    Next year new Goalkeeper, Right Back and another Central Midfielder

  61. Bamford10


    Reasonable point re Pedro’s presentation of the situation. I’d say that he’s more giving a worst-case-scenario than “bending the truth,” but I take your point. Bottom line, though, is Pedro’s criticism is spot on, regardless: Wenger is mismanaging Arsenal, not just on the pitch but also financially.

  62. Paulinho

    “take the money. buy Mahrez.”

    Really have changed your tune on Ozil haven’t you.

    A couple of years back you would’ve been giving the old ‘voted German player of the year’ spiel.

  63. WestLondonGoon


    I’d take the money leaving Iwobi, Welbeck and Ox to share the responsibility of Ozil’s position, and also give Nelson some game time as well. That’s on the assumption that Sanchez stays and we keep the same formation.

    Personally I think it won’t be long until we revert to 4 at the back.

    Either way, I would buy Carvalho purely for his defensive discipline in the middle of the park. He would bring things to the team that nobody in the current squad possesses (other than Maitland-Niles has displayed for the u23s).

  64. HighburyLegend

    “Wenger so far out he is beyond pluto”
    Ah ah ah!!

    Don is in da house, so where is his pal Cc ?? Probably not far ??

  65. Leedsgunner

    We can’t compete financially?

    What the heck was the new stadium for?

    The truth is since 2006, we had an advantage in London as the only EPL club with a modern stadium — and we squandered it.

    Poetic justice, I guess. Wenger is worshipped by some for bring us the stadium but it looks like the stadium has become a symbol of how under Wenger the stadium is nothing but a £600m cash point for an American owner that could care less about Arsenal. With a manager that cares only for himself.

    If we can’t compete now, we really won’t be able to compete when Tottenham and Chelsea get their new stadiums — never mind Everton and Liverpool.

  66. raptora

    I don’t agree with Pedro that Ospina is deadwood. He might not be the best keeper but he’s been used enough for a deputy GK. He’s as good of a backup GK as anyone in the league.

    Perez ain’t no deadwood either. Wenger is.

  67. Gunner2301


    Another great post. You’re right to call out the wastage under project youth to add to the debacle now. The myth has been shattered that we are well run this is probably the tip of the ice berg in terms of wastage over the years and the covering up thats gone on while espousing economic platitudes. Someone commented yesterday on the fact that we are not selling our top players for big money like other clubs. Even when we do get the chance we act like a charity see the Fabregas transfer. Its time to shatter the other myth that Wenger is a nurturer of youth talent. This is utter bollocks also but constantly perpetuated. Wilshere regressed, Walcott regressed, Gibbs regressed, Ramsey regressed, Ox regressed I could go on and that’s only the ones still here. I’m amazed people cannot open up their eyes and see what is In front of them. Wenger is systematically ruining this club. In ehat basis does he merit being one of the highest paid managers? Its time to get the money grabbjng charlatan out.


  68. Carts


    “I agree we’re a shitfest, and the old cunt is running us into the ground, but apart from a couple of exceptions (sadly that lot down the road) most clubs have exactly the same problems outlined in todays post. Jeez look at CFC, 9000 players out on loan!”

    Utd, City Chelsea and Leicester have all won the league since we last won it. We’ve slipped out of the top 4, and sadly we don’t look like reclaiming that the spot anytime soon.

    No other team are in a position where they’re about to see £150m worth of talent walk out the doors and a massive drop in revenue.

    So, I’m not sure why you seem to think “most clubs are in the same exactly the same problems”

  69. Leftsidesanch

    Come Christmas, posters of such ilk will then say wait until the end of the season. The team selection was horrific and imbalanced. We purchased a striker for over £50m who despite some somewhat harsh early criticism has looked clinical and capable and needing a goal v Stoke took him off to bring on a bench warmer who has taken 10 years to score 100 goals at Arsenal.

    Then the best was Wenger stating his dissatisfaction at the defence after hanging them out to dry yet again. Balance? What balance.

    “Balance? Look I have coached 30 years in football and (don’t) know what balance is.”

  70. Bamford10

    I’d take the money and play a three-man central midfield, with Ramsey as the most advanced CM. Behind him I’d have Xhaka paired with an athletic, space-gobbling, ball-winning, ball-playing type. While I am not a big fan of Xhaka’s, he is decent enough and he wouldn’t be a huge problem if we had a player with a ton of athleticism playing alongside him.

    Problem is our front three would still not be all that great. For example, imagine you keep Alexis and sign Mahrez, then our front three is Alexis + Lacazette + Mahrez. Not terrible, but I don’t know that I would be a huge believer.

    Sadly, we need a lot of work. Thanks, Arsene!

  71. Elmo

    Funny to see Hull turning down £12m for Sam Clucas because they expect far more money. He’s an average to below average PL player who isn’t even young.

    Meanwhile we’re selling the 27 yo top keeper in Serie A last season, an experienced CL and international player, for £10m to a club that is loaded with money from repeated trips to the CL final. And while Gabriel wasn’t outstanding, we’re selling him for less than average players on relegated teams go for.

    We all agree that the slack in the squad needs to be pushed out, but it just shows how badly the club has been run that we’re getting pennies for international and CL players when almost any chump at any team in the league is valued at £12m+.

    All involving PL teams:
    Michael Keane £26m
    Nathan Ake £20.5mi
    Andre Gray £19m
    Nabil Bentaleb £17m
    Chris Wood £15m
    Jay Rodriguez £13m
    Jacob Murphy £10m
    Jack Cork £9m
    Will Hughes £9m

  72. Don

    I agree, if he goes I’d play 3 in the middle with two strikers and 5 at the back. Except with everyone playing in their favoured positions

    No I didn’t watch it. Hard enough trying to watch the first team with kids and mrs all vying for tv time or attention in some form or another. I did read that he did well though along with nelson and the sending off was harsh in my view, especially for a friendly

  73. Leaving in a wooden box

    Wengers fall from glory can be seen as a slow painfull death.
    From the invincibles and clever management of football finance, to the money generating Emirates funding excuse for generating profit on transfers to the current average football team and squandering of money by really dumb transfers or lack of transfer strategy by failing to shift expensive deadwood.
    Once he always had his “good housekeeping ” money- wise attribute to fall back on,; now he is useless in every department.

  74. Bamford10

    To continue with what I’d do, I’d then field this XI:


    Far from perfect, but better, I think, than our current XI.

  75. Dissenter

    “Pedro you do it everyday. Le grove is like a negative propaganda machine destabilising the fan base and the club. If you can’t see you’re doing this then you’ve got a problem.”
    The writer of this comment has to be that one adult survivor of anencephaly.
    These Wenger worshippers think criticizing Wenger is “negative propaganda”.

  76. bennydevito

    “ThePuma9 August 22, 2017 09:11:56


    ‘I don’t mean to pile pressure onto our faltering manager’

    Pedro you do it everyday. Le grove is like a negative propaganda machine destabilising the fan base and the club. If you can’t see you’re doing this then you’ve got a problem.

    We’re two games into the season. How about hanging fire before you try deliver the managers head on a platter? And at least wait for xmas?”

    The Puma, seriously where have you been since 07/08? This shite shower of a car crash has been going on now for nearly 10 bloody years and it’s the same EVERY season. Pedro’s giving it the doom because we all know how this season plays out already. You bloody AKB’s are the problem and have stopped Wenger from marching a few years ago. Get over to Untold as they love delusion over there.

  77. Leftsidesanch

    It seems fairly obvious that City are waiting until the 11th hour to submit a bid that Arsenal won’t refuse. So why are we not focusing on some incomings to offset the loss of Sanchez this season? I’m sure you don’t get fined for forward thinking. The likely outcome is that he gets old and then we are told it was too late to have any replacement.

    If it seals the frauds fate faster then bring it on.

  78. Leaving in a wooden box

    Lacazette looks to have great touch, speed and finishing, a bit like a young Defoe.
    My concern would be that he could go the same way as Perez, who was a similar type of striker , but who never really got a break.
    Lacazette looks a better player, if managed and motivated well, could be capable of 25 goals a season.
    My concern would be that he may get demotivated, if Wenger decides to shove him out to the graveyard left-wing and put giroud back permanently.
    It’s happened many times before.

  79. Micheal

    Our club is the laughing stock of football. Get rid of that slimy America Kroenke, his pathetic lapdog Gazidis and Wenger, the man who stayed too long.
    And I don’t mind the order they leave.
    Rebuilding AFC is a mighty task. It extends far beyond the 11 players who take the field against ‘Pool, the transfer window or how many over-priced shirts we sell in China.
    Arsenal is a broken model.

  80. Carts


    I see your angle and it’s genuine.

    Sadly, the case for our players is that quite a few are on a downward slide or at best, have barely budged. Must also consider their contract situations, too. Worst of all, we’re dog awful at negotiating.


    “on if that’s frustrating…Look, I find when you start a contract, you agree to commit for the length of the contract for the money you have signed for – but that is basically not the case because of the fact that you only retain the value of the player [as] you extend the contract two years before the end of a contract, or sometimes one year before. Then you are always in a delicate situation because now do you sell with one year to go knowing you will get less money than when he has two years? Basically you have not much choice.”

    Take time to read the above. I mean, why the fuck isn’t Pochettino or Mourinho saying this shit, too? Does Wenger live in a parallel university where he’s constantly under attack from the norm?

  81. Marko

    The Puma, seriously where have you been since 07/08? This shite shower of a car crash has been going on now for nearly 10 bloody years and it’s the same EVERY season. Pedro’s giving it the doom because we all know how this season plays out already.

    Exactly. Two games in and I can already predict how it’ll end. Fighting for 4-6th finishing 10-15+ points minimum off the leaders without ever being close to challenging with the occasional heavy/embarrassing defeat. Same old same old

  82. Marko


    Lad doesn’t like the prices he sees.

    No doubt we missed a trick not bringing in a DOF this summer. Struggling to bring in or sell players as per usual and the contract situations is unbelievable. But what is incredible to me is the market this summer and all the inflated fees that exist and we’re still getting 13 million and 10 million for players like we’re stuck in the 90’s. We’ve always been late to the party. All well and good complaining about the prices we’ve been doing it for decades. When players were going for 20 or 30 million we weren’t budging from 13 million or 17 million. When people were going for 40 50 60 million we wouldn’t budge past 35 or 42.

  83. Leaving in a wooden box

    Regarding players high wages and the issues of them not moving on to other clubs that won’t pay those wages.
    It’s interesting to note that George Graham had the totally opposite problem.
    Ian Wright stated in his biography that players were regularly offered better wages by going to utd Liverpool etc, but George kept them as a band of brothers constantly telling them they would become legends for arsenal.
    That philosophy of putting football success before money worked a miracle. Culminating in the 2-0 anfield victory.
    Graham, for all his shameful bung embarrassment, was something Wenger could never be… A genuine man-manager and brilliant defensive tactician.

  84. Elmo

    FWIW Pedro, the CL money is a lot more than £36m.


    For 16/17, Arsenal’s revenue from CL (excluding matchday income):
    Participation EUR 12.7m
    Prize money EUR 14.4m
    TV pool EUR 35.3m

    Total CL revenue = EUR 62.4m, which at current FX rates is GBP 57m.

    Add on the extra Cat A CL matchdays in the typical season (usually one in group, then the home R16 leg before we get knocked out) and Cat B for the other group games, with EL pricing surely being Cat C for every game. Perhaps another £6m in total lost with that change if we were to exit at the same stage, but maybe £3-4m less in total if we got to the EL SFs.

    To see how much a big team from the English TV market can make by getting to the EL final, Liverpool received EUR 37.8m two seasons back.


    Other considerations would be potential contractual reductions in sponsorship payments having failed to make the CL, but also lower costs if the club doesn’t have to pay out CL qualification bonuses to players.

  85. Elmo


    Yes, at other clubs you never hear that from managers because there are DoFs ensuring that the number of players ever entering the final two years of a contract is kept to an absolute minimum.

  86. Leaving in a wooden box

    I reckon Martin keown has got his work cut out this season trying to defend ars Wenger on TV when his fellow pundits are slaughtering the senile goon.
    It’s always interesting to hear Martin( still a football legend for me), indicate every possible fault with the team, but failing to really attribute these failings to the specialist in failure.

  87. Phallasaurus


    What the heck was the new stadium for? “The truth is since 2006, we had an advantage in London as the only EPL club with a modern stadium — and we squandered it.”

    Spot on, spot fuckin on!!

    We’ve wasted our advantage over most of the league and lost touch with those we challenged. Forget catching the oil money it’s the rest that are either passing us or about to. A squandered decade….blimey.

  88. Leaving in a wooden box

    Maggots? Third Reich????
    Haha…don’t you just love legrove!
    Again a third Reich maggot probably describes the arrogant rotting pencil-neck that was born on the German border.

  89. HighburyLegend

    ” Apart from them there isn’t much between The Arsenal, city, Spuds and Liverpool.”
    f*cking priceless.

  90. steve

    “why not talk about potential new signings, formations and tactics rather than the same boring Wenger narrative.”

    What the point as long as the specialist in failure is still manager?

  91. steve

    The problem with akb cunts like puma is they take ever loss in isolation like it is the only loss and not part of a bigger pattern.

  92. Don

    Wooden box

    The senile goon?? What a dick head you are. Do you know the personality type it takes to run a club like Arsenal? To take the presses that he can take? To handle the matters he has handled at that age for 20 fucking years?Senile? Far from it. He may have lost his winning touch but he’s far from senile and it’s that sort of disrespectful comment that paints you and your ilk as the spiteful hateful anitifa types that you’re perceived to be.
    You don’t know your born. You probably go into your office and sit at your little box typing out meaningless shite all day, convincing yourself that you’re a goal getter yet call an elite sports manager senile??
    Yes I said elite. He took Arsenal to the top. It may have been a decade ago but we were there under his guidance.
    Haven’t got a feckin clue you lot

  93. TitsMcGee

    Pedro you do it everyday. Le grove is like a negative propaganda machine destabilising the fan base and the club.”

    Jesus @ this .

    Christ almighty.

  94. Leaving in a wooden box

    Believe it or not, many of us hold the same views on the cancer that is wenger, with OR without pedros marvellous legrove.
    We choose to write here in support of the notion that our beloved arsenal would be infinitely better without the incompetent selfish charlatan that is wenger and we are passionate about our club to state our views and hopes here and elsewhere.
    We hope that other fans will stumble onto this site and read and digest our logical and in some cases incredibly informative comments and continue that protest “voice” that may start to gather further momentum and force the ruiner of arsenal out.
    All other issues with AKBs are really secondary and can best be argued as differences of opinion. If they think Wenger is doing a fair job, then that is their “belief”.
    Calling us maggots really isn’t cricket old chap, however amusing I find it.

  95. Marko

    why not talk about potential new signings, formations and tactics rather than the same boring Wenger narrative.

    Yeah but as an Arsenal supporter one can’t really talk about potential new signings, formations or tactics without exposing how truly awful Wenger is at all 3. I mean those three things are literally what he’s the worst at. You can’t talk about them without showing how inept he is

  96. Don

    Half you little drips will never understand the responsibility of being a real man. Running a company and handling pressure. I bet half of you can’t even hang a couple of shelves yet sit there calling people senile.
    Any fool can get an ology and ride a desk until they’re fucked, wishing all the while that they’d made meaningful choices in their life rather than fritter it away. It probably why you’re all so bitter.

  97. HighburyLegend

    “Half you little drips will never understand the responsibility of being a real man.”

  98. Leaving in a wooden box

    Look mate
    He is senile.
    He is a goon
    He is at best a washed up manager.
    You said it yourself….
    10 years ago…. Blah blah blah
    10 years ago is a fckin long time to give the goon credit for.
    We love our football club,we don’t like this selfish cnut ruining it.
    Make sense?
    Or not?

  99. TitsMcGee

    we buy a good CM and shift most of the fringe players and it’s actually a pretty good summer. guess it just depends how you want to go about looking at it, eh?”

    Your counter to his statement is “ifs and maybes”. Says it all really.

    If I win the lottery I’d be rich.

    If the refs didn’t conspire to keep us from winning the league….

    If LCFC didn’t accumulate 10 more points than us we’d be champions.

    If Welbeck could finish.

    If Wenger wasn’t such a high-principled man.

    If Walcott was given 15 years to prove himself.

    If it wasn’t for the agents conspiring to scupper our deals in transfer market.

    Bla, blah, blah.

    Jesus at you and your ilk.

  100. Marko

    Sure Don one defeat out of two games isn’t bad but it’s the fact that once again so many glaring obvious issues are laid bare and its groundhog day all over again. I tell you what you think people are going nuts for no reason after two games I’ll counter with same old same old and another season where we won’t come close to challenging and that’ll be 14 years on the trot

  101. Leaving in a wooden box

    I love dons assumptions….
    We can’t hang shelves…
    How about building extensions, patios….
    Next it will be we could never earn 8 million( eight million) a year for what we poor plebs do.

  102. Don

    Wooden box

    He could do your job, senile or not.
    I agree his time is up but senile? Goon? Absurd. The man is 70 and is capable of more today than any of us will ever be able to achieve.

  103. Leftsidesanch

    Your literally getting angry and trying to make it personal which is laughable as you don’t know anybody here and two its only football. Relax mate, not everybody sees Arsenal in a glass half full as you do and with understandable reason too.

  104. Leaving in a wooden box

    Remember you’re just a fan…
    Wenger treats fans with contempt…
    “What do you know, I built this club”
    Just donate to the cause, that’s all he wants from you

  105. Guns of Hackney

    The Puma 9 (probably your IQ)

    There is a multitude of bullshit posted on here daily…some of which is mine, but to compare this site to the Third Reich is abysmal.

    Also to suggest that Peter has created a group of sychophants is laughable. What do you think your master has done over the past 21 years, jerk? Wenger has created a cult at Arsenal…and not a good one.

    Peter is a bit of a flip flopper and it’s one of my bug bears of his posts. However, I am also very aware that he has to have some room for manoeuvre within his blog.

    Puma…you are simply the maddest bastard on here…and that’s some going as there are some REALLY deluded basket cases allowed on here.

  106. Don

    laugh all you know want
    He’s still the manager. He’s still in the position you all seem to wish you were in. Everyone thinks they have the answers after the fact

    Even while I’ll agree some of his decision making has been bizarre to treat the greatest manager the club had ever had with such disrespect shows more about some of you than it does anything else.

    The arrow of time obscures memory of both past and future circumstance with innumerable fallacies, the least trivial of which is perception.

  107. Don

    Wooden box

    Yes. I’m just a fan. But I’m a fan with perspective and an immense respect for people that elevate themselves above the mundane and the many.
    I’m also a fan with respect for history and heritage. This contempt for the past and our history seems to me a 21st century virus. One bourne of my own generation which will eventually consume it.

  108. Don


    He wasn’t
    Only on le grove do we hear this so frequently. Graham was indeed a great manager. But in most celebrated era he achieved less than Wenger did in his.
    It’s of course a matter of opinion but most football fans in fact most arsenal fans will say Wenger.
    Once he’s gone I’ll cheer for whoever takes over every bit as passionately as I do now. However I will always cherish the mermories and teams he gave those of us that were around in those days. We never had it so good

  109. WestLondonGoon


    Why do you continually make personal attacks to other posters on here? You are only doing to them what you accuse them doing to Wenger.

    Sometimes its like you are two different people posting under the same name; one post says that you think Wenger’s finished, then your next post slates others for pointing out his failings.

    It is interesting that all the remarks you make in support of Wenger are in the past tense….but you need to let go. As I said yesterday, we left Highbury because we had outgrown her and needed to progress, the same is now true of Wenger. There is now room for sentimentality in elite sport.

    On the senility thing though, lack of clear thought process leading to confused decision making is a big marker for onset senility. I’d say our defensive set up was pretty confused at best last Saturday.

    But seriously, the continued personal attacks make you a hard read sometimes.


    I’m guessing you haven’t read the posts previous to yours because there is a fair bit of debate around formations therein.

  110. steve

    “Pedro you do it everyday. Le grove is like a negative propaganda machine destabilising the fan base and the club.”


    You really couldn’t make this shit up.

  111. Guns of Hackney


    GG didn’t have half the time Wenger has had.
    He won a European cup.
    He had a fraction of the money Wenger has pissed away.
    He didn’t have the luxury of finishing fourth to get to the then, European Cup.
    He ended Liverpool FC.
    He created the base from which Wenger built.

    Need I go on?

    Wenger did well. But not for a very long time.