Average squad, average manager, average season coming.

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With all the familiarity of a curry stained pair of tracksuit bottoms, Arsenal coasted into second gear with lackadaisical ease. Our manager is so predictable these days, you can actually plot how the season is going to roll on a monthly basis. We don’t prep for the season properly, and we always pay the price in August. Most accountable managers, after the 6th poor season of starts, would make a plan to attack the season differently, not Arsene. Same training, same core coaching staff, no Director of Football, no major impact on the squad, same dismal start.

Even the problems are predictable, I literally wrote yesterday that it’d be nice to go through a game without Xhaka contributing to the loss of a goal. Right on cue, the great hope in our midfield spilled the ball to a Stoke player, instead of holding his ground (because he’s so slow) he lunged into getting the ball back, made a hash of it, and who in our midfield was behind him making sure we weren’t exposed? No one. Aaron Ramsey up front trying to be action man as usual. Stoke breezed our midfield because it wasn’t there, then made a mockery of our backline. It was simply too easy.

Weird thing is, I commented after the game that the performance wasn’t that bad. Any other club fighting for elite status, you’d have been horrified with what was on show yesterday, but somehow, that was a good loss in comparison to shockers like Crystal Palace away.

… and that’s the thing here, we’re not a top team these days. We’re a team who will finish 5th to 7th this season. Sometimes we’ll win games like yesterday 3-1, sometimes we’ll lose 0-1. We’re exactly what Spurs and Liverpool have been for 10 years. How could we not be? Arsene Wenger has 6 players who have one year left on their deal, from a team spirit perspective, nothing tells you the players aren’t united quite like that number. Watching The Ox play Holywood passes and take potshots from ridiculous positions tells you all you need to know about his headspace. Ozil was completely awful again, he couldn’t look any less interested, and that’s going some for him.

Arsene Wenger has 6 players who have one year left on their deal, from a team spirit perspective, nothing tells you the players aren’t united quite like the number of names unwilling to commit. Watching The Ox play Holywood passes and take potshots from ridiculous positions tells you all you need to know about his headspace. Ozil was completely awful again, he couldn’t look any less interested, and that’s going some for him. Sanchez isn’t even around becasue he’s faking an injury to land a move to PSG or City.

Then you have the quality of our players. I love Danny Welbeck, he literally has it all, athleticism by the bucket load, a good read of the game, tremendous workrate, but put that ball in front of him when he’s near the goal and he collapses like it’s basted in striker kryptonite. We’ve been watching this for years, he’s just not good enough in when it comes down to the business of being clinical and he appears to be getting worse.

Aaron Ramsey is everywhere and nowhere. He looks like he’s doing an incredible job, but most of the time, he’s playing for himself or MOTD goal of the week. Where was he for the Stoke goal? Upfront, where he wants to live. He’s not good enough to play with such disregard for discipline. His strike rate doesn’t match up to how often he’s out of position exposing the defence. But who is telling him? This isn’t a new issue here.

What the hell is Wenger thinking with a back three of centre backs that contains two left backs, with one playing in the centre? If Mustafi can’t be trusted in his natural position, why is he still here? Why didn’t Per Mertesacker start? Why did we spend preseason playing Elneney in central defence if we had no intention of using him there during the season?

Wenger has himself in a quite terrible mess at the moment. He has a squad of players he doesn’t trust or want. He doesn’t add value to players now, so we have team of expensive duffers. The last player we sold for over £15m was Robin Van Persie in 2012. Can you believe that? In a market that just saw Bentaleb go for £19m, we haven’t sold anyone for over £15m in 5 years.

Be real here. If you had a proper manager at Arsenal over the last 5 years, Gibbs would be a £35m player, no doubt. Fast, English, silky on the ball, with a good cross. Jack Wilshere would be a £50m player, he’d be fit, and he’d be motivated. Both players have not been managed properly behind the scenes from a playing perspective, and from a psychological perspective. How are we in a situation where so many players lose all their value? How have the club landed themselves in a situation where we’re only just thinking about who to sell? How have we arrived in the 17/18 season with a squad so bloated and average?

… because there’s no plan. The plan is what Wenger has now. Our manager doesn’t know what he’s doing, and it’s been on show for years now. He has no clue how to find the next level. He has no vision for what a modern team should look like. He knows he’s a dead man walking.

Our season is over before it started because the club allowed a failing manager to go unchallenged. We deserve what we’re going to be served this season. I just hope we don’t have to wait two years to see the manager leave. He needs to be pushed, and the board need to put a plan in place right now for who they want to replace him.


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  1. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    For me the issue is whether we play three at back or a conventional back 4.

    Mustafi is good enough to play in a back three but I think that if we play a back
    four we need someone stronger to play with Koscielny.

    I watched Mustafi play for Germany in Confederations Cup and he was excellent, but at the moment he seems to be struggling with us.

    Personally I would not sell him

  2. Don


    Spoken like a petulant child
    Would you want your mrs to lose her job because you don’t like her boss?

    You don’t like arsene Wenger so you want the club you claim to love to fail.
    You hate arsene Wenger so much that you’d rather see him fail than arsenal win with him as manager

    Mate Sigmund Freud would have a field day with you

  3. Don

    London gunner

    He didn’t go to Harvard
    You believe that shit?? What Harvard graduate would sit on le grove for half his life?
    He lies all the time and then tries to cover himself when he’s caught out
    This is another one. He played soccer ball for Harvard!!

  4. karim


    If I had been at the 4th best Uni and I happened to be happy about it, would that make me an AKB ?

    Genuine question lol

  5. Don

    I don’t like the bra your wearing so I’m not having sex with you

    My kid got shit grades at school this year so I’m not paying the bills until he does

    This is you!!!

  6. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Bizarrely that’s exactly what i want to happen

    Wife n job is real life I can’t change what’s around corner

    Football the same to an extent but I know defeats equals exit of manager

    It’s come to that we have tried all other options
    Let’s have a 49 run of defeats an swe if he will still be manager

    Shot let’s have a run of. 10 straight defeats …

    He will be gone

  7. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Let’s hope we get the yearly Liverpool spanking

    It will lead to his demise
    Defeat mean press turn knife

    He will break down aka keegan

    Crack are already there

    He won’t last till may

  8. Don

    What’s up wth your wife’s boss RSPCA?
    Can’t be that bad?
    If he was cracking onto her then just give him a couple of slaps
    That’s the only way to deal with that situation. Tell him if he fires her then there’s plenty more where that came from plus a law suit

  9. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Your going well of track to defend your point

    In fact you can’t defend your point

    If posters cheers goals against or loses then that’s up to them

    They know it’s another nail in Wengers coffin

    Rein it in a bit lad.

  10. steve


    Why do you get so worked up about those comments? Who cares really? It’s more about laughing at Wenger because this was all so predictable and was always gonna happen as soon as he signed the contract.

  11. OleGunner

    Agreed with others.
    When we are getting smashed with a goal or our comical defending is on full display I too just laugh at it all. (don’t post on le-grove during matches but do browse comments sometimes)

    I’ve been through the motions getting angry or depressed for however many ground hog seasons. I’ve moved onto numb laughter now.

    I’ll cheer goals we score if the context provided is good.
    I’ll laugh at every stupid-hilarious goal we concede because I expect it.

  12. Marko

    2. I said Wenger can win the premier league if he was held accountable by Kroenke and the necessary provisions were applied ( in the form of player recruitment, staffing changes, and bottom line).

    You don’t still believe it’s a question of Kroenke holding us back in the player recruitment dross build up area. I mean come on. If Lemar ends up at United what’ll be the excuse there? Kroenke? Wenger?

  13. London gunner


    Last time I checked Cambridge.

    But I guess these things are so relative depending on what you study.

    If Bamford got a scholarship to Harvard that’s mad impressive.

  14. London gunner


    lol well played.

    Do you think PSG can win the CL now?

    They got to be contenders? No real weaknesses?

  15. Don

    I’m competitive. I hate losing. When I played sports before the mrs got pregnant with our first I would take it personally if seomone got the better of me. I wouldn’t start a fight but I’d have that aggression in me for sure in a competitive sense.
    Now that I haven’t been in shape for a few years I find that I can’t play the odd game or even go down the boxing gym on the bags as I’m so out of shape it would kill me.
    It’s a similar concept if arsenal lose
    Ti a lesser extent but it puts me in a bad mood
    It’s bad enough having rivals laugh

  16. Leedsgunner

    Remember what Wenger said after we slumped to fifth at the end of last season?

    He said that he was convinced that this team would win the Premiership with one or two additions.

    Now, he is in the press saying that this same team is too big.

    So in 3 months he’s gone from saying the sam squad is “Championship” winning material to too big and unwieldy.

    He feels the freedom to say anything and everything even though the comments are contradictory because no one at the club keeps him accountable and the press hardly ever challenge him on his inconsistencies.

  17. Redtruth

    Champagne charlie bought into Wenger’s buys and still believes Wenger is capable of winning a title…..this deluded twat needs sectioning and fast….

  18. qna

    Leeds I doubt he even remembers saying that.

    Wenger could get Dementia and nobody at that club wiuld even notice. They are conditioned to ignore reason and just accept shear madness as the norm. Worst run club in the world.

  19. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    You come across as far to competitive chill dude..

    It’s only a game wether we watch or play , its sports it’s a past time …

    You should have taken up rugby or crochet

  20. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    You must be wetting your lips at the quatar World Cup ?

    All those possible deaths there ?

    You will have the racing jump when they have water breaks

  21. Arse&Nose©

    Ramsey wouldn’t survive at another top 10 team because he doesn’t have any positional discipline, Arsenal cover up his failings, at another club he’d be exposed and binned.

  22. karim


    I think they are already a better team, but they still have issues.
    None of their keepers are really reliable, to start with.

    Their right-backs are great going forward but they leave massive holes when they lose the ball.

    Their midfield needs more dynamism but Emery seems to be insisting with Motta, who slows the game too much, especially with Verratti.

    Their attack is top notch imo.
    So I’d say they are serious contenders for the coming seasons even though Madrid look miles ahead for now.

    What about you ?

  23. London gunner


    Why have Barcelona flopped so badly in terms of trying to tap up PSG players.

    Thiago fail
    Verrati fail
    And now they have lost Neymar

  24. London gunner


    I have to sort of disagree about the dynamism but they do need a replacement for matudi as they lack his athleticism and power and I am surprised they haven’t looked for a player to replace him.

    But Adrian rabot and verrati are incredibly dynamic players.

    They have some of the best defenders in the world in thiago and marqinhous.

    Also Alvez and kurzawa Jesus Christ all mighty that’s epic.

    Not even going to talk about their attack it’s looking insane.

    But not impressed with the keepers seem a key weakness.

  25. karim


    Silva and Verratti are arguably their most valuable and best players ( bar Neymar ), and PSG have enough money not to sell.
    Silva never made too much of a fuss while Verratti complained about the lack of ambition, I guess he’s happier now.

    As for Barça, Rosell and Bertomeu have been awful presidents, it started with the arrival of a sponsor on the ever immaculate shirt, then the acquisition of average players ( Turan, Digne, Mathieu, … ).

    They didn’t anticipate the power shift with Madrid and as a result, they have started panicking and using below the belt tactics to sign the players they want.

    They were also naive to think Neymar wouldn’t want to be the number one before he turns 30.
    Can’t blame him, Messi made all the headlines when it was him who single-handedly beat psg last season.

  26. steve


    I was the same way at one part in time but at this stage you can only laugh about it really. It’s become ridiculous. Same mistakes, different season.

  27. karim


    Well, Rabiot looks like Matuidi’s replacement apparently, he had a superb game last night and was the one Neymar was trying to combine with the most during the whole game.

    They’ve looked very slow in the past with the trio I mentioned and the supporters didn’t like it at all actually ( fed up with Motta ) but you can already feel Neymar will change that.
    He’s asking the ball all the time and wants it quick, which explains his good relationship with Rabiot.

    Actually, the whole team looks better, have you seen Kurzawa’s volley ?

  28. Dave Mc

    This article is fantastic and 100% spot on in all respects

    We’ve just let Carl Jenkinson out on loan for the 59th time as well… farce of a club we’ve become

  29. Galaxygooner

    Wenger do what wenger does.
    The man did almost nothing during the transfer window and off season.
    There are players we needed to get rid of or should have gotten rid of a long time ago.
    Starting from the overrated and always injured Wilshere and ” Not good for value” Ramsey,Ox to the outright mediocre like Debuchy,Chambers,El Nieny.
    We are at the “Waste money” stage of Wenger’s career. The man simply has no clue about what he is doing.
    Wenger is simply throwing money at a wenger problem and hoping something sticks ( that is when he decides to spend money). At the end, he ends buying more mediocre.
    The problem in the team was not a left full back. The problem has always being the same for the past 7 years . Platers of world class level in attack, defense and attack.

    1 Wenger
    2 Striker (partially rectified but not world class)
    3 World class centre back
    4 A ball playing midfielder like Cazorla .

    More than any position, we are missing a visionary like Cazorla.

  30. HighburyLegend

    And we are cruelly missing a visionary manager.
    Even if wenga think that he’s still this visionary manager lol

  31. Cesc Appeal

    Actually think Xhaka would do well at PSG in Motta’s place, Verratti and Rabiot alongside him (ducks for cover).

  32. Phallasaurus

    Previous seasons we at least had hope to fall back on, even if unlikely. We are the Arsenal after all, a top club.

    This year only a fool would still believe we could mount a challenge on the title, we are mlies behind in the EPL and fallen down a level in Europe .

    Enough of this patronising bullshit from Wenger & club, we are 2nd tier at home and in Europe and they have put us there.

    Are we really to believe Wenger seriously thinks otherwise, that we could actually do something meaningful? No of course not, which is why the blame lays solely at their door, the asset stripping bastards.

    I realise we can’t compete financially with Oil money but fuck me Spurs, Liverpool & soon Everton and Southampton? Do me a favour please.

    How far must we fall before this wilfull mismanagement comes to an end? The lies, deceit & profiteering from the top to bottom, by owners, manager & players alike.

    Fucking shambles!

  33. Alexanderhenry

    Let’s put things in perspective.

    Arsenal’s owner, or to be precise, majority shareholder is Stan Kroenke.
    The other members of the BOD own no shares and are there in a ceremonial or administrative capacity only.
    The only other person with a substantial share holding in the club is Usmanov who is not on the board and has no say whatsoever.
    Stan is in control. He can hire and fire who he likes and he decides how much the club spends. It was him and him alone who decided to extend wenger’s contract, and the decision was made without even consulting the other board members.

    Here are some rather sobering Stan facts for you:

    The L.A Rams (previously St Louis Rams)

    The Rams are currently in a club record playoff drought. They haven’t made the playoffs since 2004, the longest period in the club’s history.
    Also, their controversial move has angered fans. Kroenke had promised never to move and it has meant the city of St Louis has to pay for the debt on their stadium that he incurred.

    The Colorado Avalanche

    His Hockey franchise won the Stanley cup back in 2001.
    However, Kroenke had only just acquired the club and it wasn’t too long before he worked his magic. Since then they have gone from mediocre, to bad, to abysmal. Last season they finished bottom of their conference and managed to acquire the lowest points total since the 1999/2000 season – in the entire NHL.
    Breaking records there Stan.

    The Denver Nuggets

    The Nuggets haven’t been as spectacularly bad, but have failed to make the playoffs since 2013.
    They do have a record though; the lowest attendance figures in the NBA.
    Well done there Stan.

    The Colorado Rapids

    The Rapids finished 10th out of 11 teams in the western conference last season,
    narrowly avoiding the wooden spoon courtesy of goal difference. There’s was -10 and Minnesota United’s was -21.

    Is there any arsenal fan out who seriously thinks this man is anything but a total disaster for Arsenal football club?

    How can any arsenal fan have any confidence at all in him making the right decisions for the club in the future?

    Don’t season ticket holders who have been paying the highest ticket prices in football feel cheated?

    Having revealed only some of the mountain of evidence that shows what a miserable leech this man is, can any of you on here provide evidence that suggests

  34. Pierre

    I wonder if wanyama is receiving any xhaka type criticism from media and fans for losing the ball in midfield in the last minute to allow Chelsea to score the winner…. I doubt it somehow

  35. Marko

    I wonder if wanyama is receiving any xhaka type criticism from media and fans for losing the ball in midfield in the last minute to allow Chelsea to score the winner…. I doubt it somehow

    Well in 123 appearances Wanyama has made as many errors leading to goals as Xhaka has in his first season alone which is 3 not including this season which would have Wanyama at 4 and Xhaka at 5/6 now? Anyway there you go

  36. peanuts&monkeys

    “You don’t like arsene Wenger so you want the club you claim to love to fail.
    You hate arsene Wenger so much that you’d rather see him fail than arsenal win with him as manager?”

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

    Whats so fucking strange and unbelievable in that? Your reaction to this wish is stranger than why Lucas Perez is still an ArseneFC player without a shirt num. Or, why he was bought for 17 million but did not play even 10 games in the season even after scoring a dozen goals in those 7 games. Which is more stranger, AKB?

  37. peanuts&monkeys

    Ramsey, walcott, welbeck, Oxlade they are unsellables. No top 10 EPL team needs any of these typical stupid british muck.

    XHAKA? even a championship team doesn’t need a typical ArseneDonkey like that.

  38. Thank you and goodnight

    Yeah because Wenger won title in the 1800’s apparently he can do it again. By that token George Graham won the title shall we reinstate him. Fucking numpty’s. When Wenger joined we were the biggest club in London. By time he leaves we’ll be the worst. So three cheers to le imbecilic cunt

  39. peanuts&monkeys

    Before Xhaka, i used to believe GIROUD was Wenger’s worst product who is getting EPL starts.

    Xhaka is far worse than even that bugger Arteta. At least Arteta had a supervdead-ball free kick capability

  40. Danny S

    I have to agree with peanuts.

    I’m at the stage now where I love seeing wenger fail, just because of his arrogance.

    I disconnected from the spirit of football long ago, and will remain so until there is a new manager at the helm.

  41. peanuts&monkeys

    Let the fund-raisings for protests begin. Why wait till Jan?

    I’m ready to stay awY from my whisky for another month this year. Somebody start a justgiving page please. Lets get these AKB’s mf hero out pf London before 2018.

  42. Marko

    MarkoWhy can’t you tolerate a view outside of Wenger?

    This about Kroenke? Hate the man completely useless but that doesn’t absolve Wenger of any blame. Can Alex tolerate a view outside of Kroenke?

  43. Cesc Appeal


    I think United might end up with one of Lemar or Draxler before the window closes. Mourinho has been very vocal that he is missing one target and he chasing of Perisic seems to suggest he wants a wide player.

    Lemar fits that bill more in terms of being like Perisic in the industry department.

  44. Champagne charlie


    How would I feel if Lemar went to United?

    I’d feel like Kroenke could loosen the purse strings and enable Arsenal to accumulate players and then sell, vs have us need to sell to buy. Or are you going to tell me that order is coming from Wenger?

  45. Marko

    I’d feel like Kroenke could loosen the purse strings and enable Arsenal to accumulate players and then sell, vs have us need to sell to buy. Or are you going to tell me that order is coming from Wenger?

    So it’s a case of purse strings not loosened as opposed to dithering and also being unable to get rid of overpaid dross. We differ on that front. I believe if we missed out on Lemar it’s more to do with not being able to meet the price earlier in the window and then as the summer went on he’s gotten too expensive and we’ve dithered. I don’t think it’s a case of Kroenke holding back funds. There’s more examples of dithering than there is of money being unavailable

  46. Marko

    CA it’d be classic Mourinho buying an expensive player he doesn’t need while at the same time barely playing a good one he has. Buying Lemar while you have Martial starting on the bench seems a bit silly

  47. Champagne charlie


    Well how can Lemar be “too expensive” but it not be a case of Kroenke holding back funds? Do Arsenal have the 65 mil it would likely take? Yes, so why hasn’t he been added?

    Who is mandating that players need sold before we buy? If you believe it to be Wenger you’ve got some serious convincing to do. Financial matters are the only think Kroenke involves himself with, he vetoes all transfers in terms of money. We all know these players are here because Wenger bought them, but stop blurring the question and answer why we can’t buy X or Y until we sell.

  48. Confidentgoner

    Why would we need to sell all the dross before buying Lemar( if he is still available)? When we bid for him, didn’t we have the dross with us? What changed?

    I think this is just Wenger bullshitting the press, and trying to make out he has enough whereas every football persons knows his team is at least four bodies short. Who accumulated these players? Wenger!

    Still wonder why a normal fan will still support Wenger. Can Don or CC or any one bullet five reasons to still support Wenger?

  49. Emiratesstroller

    So we have shifted out of club 3 more players today.

    I doubt we received much if any dosh for Jenkinson or Benacer or the left back
    acquired in January. No doubt we are still paying some of the wages.

    The million dollar question is will Wenger sell Gibbs, Wilshire and Peres in next two weeks or will these be more loan deals.

    The way the club is performing in the disposal business I doubt that the club
    will generate more than £30 million this summer unless Sanchez or Ox are sold and for that amount I doubt that we will be able to buy any “exceptional
    players” which according to Wenger and Gazidis are the only ones we are supposed to be interested in.

    This is a bleak summer.

  50. Marko

    Well how can Lemar be “too expensive” but it not be a case of Kroenke holding back funds? Do Arsenal have the 65 mil it would likely take? Yes, so why hasn’t he been added?

    Why indeed. Like I said there’s examples of dithering. Also I think Arsene is using the too many players as an excuse not to buy more to do with an adverse to spending than any restrictions. That’s just me the same way it doesn’t make sense to you to have a manager afraid to spend and compete it doesn’t make sense why an owner would implement spending restrictions on a self sufficient club. It’s not his money

  51. Do one gambon

    The more I think about it the more I think Wenger threw that game.

    There’s no logical reason to select 2 left backs in a back 3, one of which as the central lynchpin when you have 3 actual centre backs allegedly fit (meet, holding, chambers) rlthen stick a rb at lwb to accommodate ox on the right.

    I think he hates the formation and was pushed into it by the players and is looking for an excuse to revert to type.

    If true that is gross misconduct

  52. Cesc Appeal


    Mourinho seems not to like Martial all that much, but he is having an impact off the bench right now.

    Matic deep with Herrera and Pogba in midfield, Mkhitaryan, Lukaku and Lemar int he forward line is a pretty solid team in all honesty.

    Mourinho needs to challenge for the league all the way and win something else like the FA Cup or League Cup this season at least. Very solid side he has.

  53. Champagne charlie


    Your last sentence hurts my head. It’s not kroenkes money? He owns the fucking club, every penny associated is his by proxy.

    I can’t ansŵer why a manager would identify and bid for a player then supposedly use too many players as an excuse. That’s for you to rationalise, because it’s nonsense to me.

    I can easily answer why an owner wouldn’t want to fork out more money when sporting “success” is not on his agenda.

  54. Arsene's Nurse

    If Kroenke controlled the money (he doesn’t) then he would have mandated the selling of the contract rebels who are in their last year of contract. He would also have reigned in the ridiculous wage spending.

    Neither has happened, in fact the wages keep going up (one reason we can’t sell the dross) and the spending increases.

    Only dies hard AKBs blame Kroenke in order to take the heat off Wenger.

  55. Thank you and goodnight

    All kroenkes fault the Bastard. Demanded Wenger keeps ox, wally, jenkinson, Gibbs etc etc etc. Utter BOLLOCKS.

  56. Marko

    You could also argue Charlie that we dithered earlier in the summer and kept dithering until the price kept going up and up. I mean if we seriously wanted the lad we would have gone in much earlier yes? Or maybe we’re waiting to sell Sanchez first

  57. Champagne charlie

    Arsenes nurse
    Your idea Kroenke doesn’t control spending is based on the idea he would mandate Arsenal selling Alexis, Ozil, and Ox against the managers wishes?

    Haha ok…

  58. Champagne charlie


    You can only argue that if you’re privy to monacos dealings and are aware that Lemar was available earlier for a certain figure. Are you? Or are you speculating to reinforce another speculation?

    Who has ordered we sell before we buy? Gimme the person responsible.

  59. Arsene's Nurse

    CC – Kroenke controls the lot according to AH including who is sold. Go and have a look at his past posting re Nasri etc.

  60. Marko

    Your last sentence hurts my head. It’s not kroenkes money? He owns the fucking club, every penny associated is his by proxy.

    Yeah I meant he doesn’t have to dip into his pockets for us.

    And Alexander everyone knows how much missing out on champions league costs but as Arsene said it’s not a big deal anymore because of the tv money that’s invol

  61. Marko

    If Kroenke controlled the money (he doesn’t) then he would have mandated the selling of the contract rebels who are in their last year of contract. He would also have reigned in the ridiculous wage spending.

    Ala Nasri? Good point

  62. Marko

    Your idea Kroenke doesn’t control spending is based on the idea he would mandate Arsenal selling Alexis, Ozil, and Ox against the managers wishes?

    But you’re arguing against him refusing to spend 50-60 million on Lemar while at the same time he’s letting over a hundred million leave for free next summer? He’s refusing to spend money but at the same time letting a lot more money just walk for nothing? Makes no sense to me honestly if he was as bad as you imagine wouldn’t he sanction the sales of Sanchez and others?

  63. Marko

    MarkoYou can only argue that if you’re privy to monacos dealings and are aware that Lemar was available earlier for a certain figure. Are you? Or are you speculating to reinforce another speculation?Who has ordered we sell before we buy? Gimme the person responsible.

    Privy to nothing but it’s kind of stupid to wait and watch other teams have their fill of Monaco’s starting 11 and then to try to sign Lemar yes. I mean which is smarter trying to sign Lamar before they sold Bernardo Silva, Mendy, Bakayoko, Dirar and Germain or trying to sign Lemar after all those players are sold and they’ve got money for days. Also you say ordered like you know for certain that it’s not Wenger’s decision to sell before buying. You’re just speculating. What isn’t speculation is we offered 30 and 40 million for him and then it all went quiet. Even you yourself were convinced that we would get him inside two weeks weeks ago. Why didn’t we? That in itself proves there’s no restrictions on Wenger’s spending. One minute we’re bidding 30-40 million for Lemar and the next he’s ordered to sell before buying? Come on Charlie

  64. David Smith

    Whatever Kroenke does or doesn’t permit financially, he has single handedly extended wengers stay this summer, reportedly against the wishes of other board members. Any Wenger fuck ups, and there will be many, are down to the least ambitious owner in sport keeping a past it manager in place.
    Stan wrecks clubs and doesn’t give a shit about the success of this one.
    The previous board have thrown the club under a bus, hill wood was right first time about Stan.
    Wenger will eventually go but even with another manager, this club will never reach its potential as long as there is an owner called Kroenke.
    Danny, David dein, lady Nina et al, you got that one very very wrong, we will pay for your lack of due diligence for years and maybe decades.
    As much as Wenger lowers himself in the most disgusting manner to appease the owner, this mediocrity is, and will be in the future down to Stan.

  65. Dissenter

    If Kroenke was the penny-pinching and profit motivated billionaire then surely he would have ordered the sale of every player on the last year of their contracts.
    That’s good financial management and what’s expected of the sterotype that has been cast for him.
    People cannot be whinging about Kroenke “not investing” when he’s not taking the Mike Ashley way.
    Kroenke’s weakness is Wenger.
    Kroenke is convinced he has stumbled upon a genius mind of world football. He is deferring to Wenger, even if it means going against the board and CEO.
    I don’t understand why people gloss over Wenger and just go straight at Kroenke.
    Kroenke ought to sell Alexis, Ozil and all the other contract rebels. He’s not doing that. Cut him some slack for feck sake.

  66. Champagne charlie


    You’re being extremely selective in your ‘analysis’. Alexis leaving for a free is weighed against his contribution this year and the full years earnings. It’s not a case of throwing 70 mil away like you’re making out. Not hard to imagine Wenger has made this very point, and we know he has the say on the technical front.

    You’ll have to tell me how Wenger bidding 45 mil and then saying he needs to sell makes any sense whatsoever. You haven’t said who is dictating those terms.

    The idea anyone can try and state kroenke isn’t dictating financial terms here is ludicrous. What the fuck does kroenke do if Wenger makes every single call in the business? It’s total nonsense with one intention, blame Wenger. Kroenke has the keys to the treasury. He was ok with a 45 mil outlay, but now he’s dictated terms (selling first) before going higher. Reasonable surely? Or is it more reasonable for Wenger to bid 45mil then decide himself he needs to sell….

  67. David Smith

    Don’t believe Kroenke is a necessecarily a penny pincher, not at least now the club is self sustaining. He just lacks ambition for his clubs, is a lazy , disinterested, absent owner and really does not get the fan sentiment, certainly here, and I am sure in the states as well.
    He gives the club no direction, and doesn’t allow his board to either. If it means going against Wenger
    Correct, his weakness in Wenger, and what a weakness. And if he thinks Wenger is a genius, I will add stupidity to his other unlikeable traits.
    With or without Wenger, get the impression Stan “I am not here to win titles” would accept Arsenal finishing 7th or 8th for the next ten years as long as it didn’t cost him personally.

  68. WestLondonGoon

    Only it isn’t just Sanchez, it’s Ozil and Ox as well. Roughly £140m of talent walking away for nothing at the end of the season, which is way more than the £53m that we banked last year from the Champions League last year.

  69. Alexanderhenry

    David Smith

    ‘Stan wrecks clubs and doesn’t give a shit about the success of this one.’

    Well said.

    How any arsenal can look at his record and reputation in the US and not be very worried, is in itself worrying.

  70. Dissenter

    Kroenke needs to live up to the silly stereotype and start selling off players who refuse to renew with one year left.
    That’s what good owners do.
    The Dortmund fiasco is there for all to see.
    They lost three players to Bayern and got zilch back in return. That’s not pride, it’s stupidity of the highest magnitude.

  71. Marko

    I can see where this is going Charlie. I agree that the toupee wearing fuck is an awfully unambitious owner none of which excuses for what Wenger is though

  72. Champagne charlie

    People really think Alexis, Ox, and Ozil will all walk free if they’re not sold this window?

    How much money would people put up for that?

  73. Champagne charlie


    As I’ve stated countless times, comments about Kroenke aren’t said with the purpose of absolving Wenger. You’re making up points of view that aren’t here.

    I’m of the opinion Stan dictates spend. Wenger is liable for how that spend is utilised, but he is being curtailed in as much as we’re having to sell before buying where most prominent owners buy and then sell as necessary.

  74. Dissenter

    Next season, Alexis will f*ck off to city, Oxlade to Chelsea and Ozil to who-ever-wants him. That’s 100-120 million down the drain.
    Kroenke didn’t become a billionaire by being so sloppy. His Walmart heiress wife will fire the Walmart CEO that allows 100 million to go down the drain.
    Why is Kroenke deferring to Wenger?
    That’s what he should be blamed for . Bash him from now till the world ends-I’m okay with it but stop using him as a deflection tool for Wenger.

    It’s Wenger who’s been talking crap about letting players go to the end of their contracts. It’s Wenger who recommends salaries that has made the squad bloated because they never want to leave for market wages, even if it means they will get to play.

  75. Jeff

    What I find strange is that we are led to believe Kroenke doesn’t buckle under public opinion. And yet he did do a sharp U turn on that “hunting” thing. So why is it he won’t listen to sense with regard to Wenger? What is that about? Is it just blind loyalty or was there some secret contract drawn up when Kroenke turned up as recompense for Wenger’s support in taking buying Arsenal. The longer this charade goes on the more suspicious I am that something deeply fishy is going on. No owner can be that stupid, that imbecilic, that dense – surely!

  76. David Smith

    Wenger is as wenger does, he doesn’t really hide much.
    Even if Stan felt he had to keep Wenger on, he could have backed his CEO and put in a few checks and balances to keep Wenger from straying away from his job, ie managing the first team, to success he could have insisted on a DOF, insisted on losing poorly performing backroom staff, insisting on specialist coaches for key aspects of the game, like, erm, defending. he should have given Wenger a rocket up his arse, but Stan kept Wenger on unconditionally, a massive dereliction of duty, and a humiliation to his CEO. I only hope the emasculated Ivan Gazidis knows something we don’t, he really should have walked.

  77. Tomtom

    Take Sanchez from our squad and we are no better than Everton.
    We really do have a shockingly average squad of players and managed by a hateful egomaniac that takes no responsibility for his failings.
    I wonder do the players really respect Wenger anymore, I highly doubt it

  78. WestLondonGoon

    As for those you who are bleating on about having another 2 years of this relic managing the club, well you had the chance to make your voices heard last season, but you preferred to not disrespect Wenger cos he brought us the invincibles over a decade ago.

    You could have had one less pint before the game and joined us to protest, you could have just turned up even if you don’t go to games any more, you could have even participated the social media protests if you couldn’t make it.

    But no, YOU CHOSE to sit there and do nothing; possibly even mocked us for the protests and now this is what you’ve been left with. This chaos. This was YOUR choice by doing nothing.

    I hated leaving Highbury, the old girl had been the one constant in my life; my uncle worked there for 3 decades, and gave me an incredible insight as to what a wonderful, magical place it was; when my parents got divorced, I still went to Highbury; when I got ill in my 30s, I still went to Highbury and felt ‘normal’; I saw embarassing losses and unbelievable victories, they were the best of times and also the worst, but it all happened at Highbury. I loved the place.

    But I also saw why we were leaving, to allow us to grow.

    The first game, Bergkamp’s testimonial, was also my youngest daughter’s first Arsenal game; it was indeed a new era, both personally and for the club.

    If you told me on that day that we would be in the state we are in today, and the sheer disdain that a large majority of the fan base would feel for Wenger, I would have thought you were mental.

    But so it has come to be.

    Look at it today; this isn’t Arsenal anymore, in fact more than ever this is Arsene FC. One man literally controlling everything about the cub, and failing at every step. He’s a football relic; incapable of looking ahead, incapable of putting out a team where each player knows his position and what he is required to do, incapable even of simply speaking the truth to the fans. A despicable man, and truly without any kind of plan.

    Moving stadium was necessary for the club to progress off the pitch and changing manager is now necessary for the club to progress on the pitch. We had outgrown Highbury, now we have outgrown Wenger. He, like the old ground, is no longer fit for purpose.

    It is not a hard concept to grasp.

    So, no, you might not have protested last season, but let’s see if you are prepared to this one or are you going to sit this one out as well? When the protests are back, will you be there? Will you just wait for him to walk away, when in the back of your mind you know he’s probably just looking towards his next contract renewal. Or will you stand up for the club you profess to love?

    Will you grow some balls and make your voice heard. Or will you just sit there and do nothing? Again.

    Ask yourself.

  79. David Smith

    Can only conclude that Wenger has something as near as possible to a job for life, or at least as long as he wants, under Stan.
    As to why, we can only speculate.
    Perhaps losing the three contract rebels for nothing, should it happen in conjunction with failing to make the ECL and visible vocal fan unrest at the Emirates may change Stans opinion on Wenger, but that appears a very long shot.

  80. andy1886

    The only comment I’ve seen about the availability of cash for transfers has been Wenger stating that Kroenke has never prevented him from spending. That and when AW said if you gave him £100m to spend he’d give it back. Don’t let that get in the way of any agenda of course, I’m sure Arsene never lies except when it suits your argument to say he does.

  81. Elmo

    Calvert-Lewin, Holgate and Davies could become great players for Everton in the future.

    I bet not one of them earns more than £40k pw.

  82. Marko

    I’m of the opinion Stan dictates spend. Wenger is liable for how that spend is utilised, but he is being curtailed in as much as we’re having to sell before buying where most prominent owners buy and then sell as necessary.

    I don’t think I can agree with that. Especially when you consider that the players we’ve now to sell before we can buy are players that we kept last summer when we spent 90 million. And we let fuck all go last summer to compensate the 90 million. Just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s like the summer we spent just 10 million before the 90 million but after we bought Sanchez and Ozil.

  83. Champagne charlie


    We’ve spent 50 mil and didn’t make CL this season, so why on earth would you compare it to last summer as if it’s like for like?

    Explain the logic behind Wenger bidding 45 mil and THEN deciding he needs to sell players before going back in? There’s not a sensible explanation for any of that.

    Compare it to Stan giving the green light to a 45 mil bid, but then being told the seller wants 60 mil. You don’t think Stan got twitchy and said raise some funds first?

  84. Cesc Appeal

    Guardiola is getting his line up wrong I think, do not like this two up top thing with Sane at LWB. Better off deciding between Gabriel or Aguero and then playing Danilo at LWB or Mendy when fit and having three players up front in De Bruyne, Gabriel and then Sane, Silva or Sterling.

    More dynamic, more options, faster play up top.

  85. Elmo


    I don’t think Kroenke cares about what Wenger is doing with contracts as long as the club is breaking even and he has the upside of potential capital appreciation through exposure to the PL’s rapid global expansion.

    Remember how Hicks and Gillette talked about Liverpool focusing on building the squad through the draft rather than free agency when they were owners there? I doubt Kroenke has a much more nuanced understanding than that. Total revenue, costs, profit / loss.

    He’ll only take action when losses have been declared 2 or 3 financial years in a row, by which point of course Wenger will have left us needing 5+ years to tear down the remains of his crumbling citadel and rebuild the club.

  86. graham62

    Don (and the gang)

    Oh dear and I thought it was impossible to become even more deluded.

    Your earlier response to R.S.P. C just goes to show that we are polar opposites in respect to Wenger and the club and, more significantly, what being a real supporter is all about.

    FACT: NO ARSENAL SUPPORTER WANTS ARSENAL TO FAIL! That is frustration and passion talking.



    Give me one good reson why I should invest in a product that is no longer fit for purpose? and please don’t say “it’s all about the team”. HELLO!……..Wenger is the team!!

    His players, his coaching, his tactics, his methods, his purchases, his boring and predictable rhetoric. You support them, your support Wenger. Simple………………RIGHT?!?!

    Now you, Puma9, Pierre, CC, ES etc etc etc can all sit and pass judgement on those of us who are anti -Wenger. But tell me this, if supporting your team is about accepting failure and ignoring basic fundamental flaws which have existed for ten years, that even a FA level 1 coach with 2 GCSE’s in Maths and Economics could comprehend, why should we plod along merrily and raise a glass in celebration at our wonderful team(manager)?

    If you are willing and able to sit by and let things continue to manifest under Wengers leadership, that’s your prerogative. In my eyes though, and the eyes of many others, that’s tantamount to turning your back on the club.

    Supporting a club that is being ripped apart at the seams has been torture for most fans over these past few years. So, yes, if it means Arsenal have to go backwards (even further), to rid us of this toxic and delusional clown…………..SO BE IT!!

  87. Bamford10

    Because this Don character is such a clown, not because I care where anyone went to college, you can see this link for proof that I attended Harvard and played soccer there.


    Don – If you’d like, I’ll have the registrar send you my transcripts. Why you think it incredible that someone here attended Harvard, I have no idea.

    London – Harvard doesn’t have athletic scholarships. None of the Ivies do. You can get financial aid, though, and it never hurts to be good at a sport when you’re trying to get accepted into a competitive US university. But my dad and my older brother (along with a host of my cousins) went to Harvard as well, so that didn’t hurt either.

    Too bad, Don!

  88. Bamford10


    “All of you that are gushing over Harry Kane should be ashamed. This is an Arsenal blog, but more importantly,…. First of all… hes good .. not great.”

    Thank you, Nigel. Good sense.

  89. Vince

    Can we hand over Reiss Nelson to a reasonable coach already? A brace again tonight, 4 goals in 2 games. Don’t let this boy get Wengerized.

  90. ArseneisaFraud

    Amazing posts by WLG and graham62!!!

    All I would like to add is:

    BoD OUT!

    Get the FUCK OUT of our club!

  91. Champagne charlie

    Hearing rumours Wenger is set to leave the club after Kroenke decided to sell.

    Apparently some fella arseneisafraud had a whinge on a blog and that’s pretty much the end for the Arsenal hierarchy.

    Waiting to hear Ornsteins take on it..