Average squad, average manager, average season coming.

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With all the familiarity of a curry stained pair of tracksuit bottoms, Arsenal coasted into second gear with lackadaisical ease. Our manager is so predictable these days, you can actually plot how the season is going to roll on a monthly basis. We don’t prep for the season properly, and we always pay the price in August. Most accountable managers, after the 6th poor season of starts, would make a plan to attack the season differently, not Arsene. Same training, same core coaching staff, no Director of Football, no major impact on the squad, same dismal start.

Even the problems are predictable, I literally wrote yesterday that it’d be nice to go through a game without Xhaka contributing to the loss of a goal. Right on cue, the great hope in our midfield spilled the ball to a Stoke player, instead of holding his ground (because he’s so slow) he lunged into getting the ball back, made a hash of it, and who in our midfield was behind him making sure we weren’t exposed? No one. Aaron Ramsey up front trying to be action man as usual. Stoke breezed our midfield because it wasn’t there, then made a mockery of our backline. It was simply too easy.

Weird thing is, I commented after the game that the performance wasn’t that bad. Any other club fighting for elite status, you’d have been horrified with what was on show yesterday, but somehow, that was a good loss in comparison to shockers like Crystal Palace away.

… and that’s the thing here, we’re not a top team these days. We’re a team who will finish 5th to 7th this season. Sometimes we’ll win games like yesterday 3-1, sometimes we’ll lose 0-1. We’re exactly what Spurs and Liverpool have been for 10 years. How could we not be? Arsene Wenger has 6 players who have one year left on their deal, from a team spirit perspective, nothing tells you the players aren’t united quite like that number. Watching The Ox play Holywood passes and take potshots from ridiculous positions tells you all you need to know about his headspace. Ozil was completely awful again, he couldn’t look any less interested, and that’s going some for him.

Arsene Wenger has 6 players who have one year left on their deal, from a team spirit perspective, nothing tells you the players aren’t united quite like the number of names unwilling to commit. Watching The Ox play Holywood passes and take potshots from ridiculous positions tells you all you need to know about his headspace. Ozil was completely awful again, he couldn’t look any less interested, and that’s going some for him. Sanchez isn’t even around becasue he’s faking an injury to land a move to PSG or City.

Then you have the quality of our players. I love Danny Welbeck, he literally has it all, athleticism by the bucket load, a good read of the game, tremendous workrate, but put that ball in front of him when he’s near the goal and he collapses like it’s basted in striker kryptonite. We’ve been watching this for years, he’s just not good enough in when it comes down to the business of being clinical and he appears to be getting worse.

Aaron Ramsey is everywhere and nowhere. He looks like he’s doing an incredible job, but most of the time, he’s playing for himself or MOTD goal of the week. Where was he for the Stoke goal? Upfront, where he wants to live. He’s not good enough to play with such disregard for discipline. His strike rate doesn’t match up to how often he’s out of position exposing the defence. But who is telling him? This isn’t a new issue here.

What the hell is Wenger thinking with a back three of centre backs that contains two left backs, with one playing in the centre? If Mustafi can’t be trusted in his natural position, why is he still here? Why didn’t Per Mertesacker start? Why did we spend preseason playing Elneney in central defence if we had no intention of using him there during the season?

Wenger has himself in a quite terrible mess at the moment. He has a squad of players he doesn’t trust or want. He doesn’t add value to players now, so we have team of expensive duffers. The last player we sold for over £15m was Robin Van Persie in 2012. Can you believe that? In a market that just saw Bentaleb go for £19m, we haven’t sold anyone for over £15m in 5 years.

Be real here. If you had a proper manager at Arsenal over the last 5 years, Gibbs would be a £35m player, no doubt. Fast, English, silky on the ball, with a good cross. Jack Wilshere would be a £50m player, he’d be fit, and he’d be motivated. Both players have not been managed properly behind the scenes from a playing perspective, and from a psychological perspective. How are we in a situation where so many players lose all their value? How have the club landed themselves in a situation where we’re only just thinking about who to sell? How have we arrived in the 17/18 season with a squad so bloated and average?

… because there’s no plan. The plan is what Wenger has now. Our manager doesn’t know what he’s doing, and it’s been on show for years now. He has no clue how to find the next level. He has no vision for what a modern team should look like. He knows he’s a dead man walking.

Our season is over before it started because the club allowed a failing manager to go unchallenged. We deserve what we’re going to be served this season. I just hope we don’t have to wait two years to see the manager leave. He needs to be pushed, and the board need to put a plan in place right now for who they want to replace him.


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  1. peanuts&monkeys

    “… playing for a club that sneaks into the champions league occasionally, as an anomaly.. slightly higher on the food chain than Everton.”

    what are you on, mate? ArseneLSD?

  2. peanuts&monkeys

    against Stoke, if Arsene FC had played Perez in place of Bellerin, the results could have been so different.

    But what a pity! The poor fellow doesn’t even have a short number now. He He He. Such are ArseneMF’s ways to ruin a club he so painstakingly brought to limelight.

    whether you have done any benefit to Arsenal or not, WengerMF…that was your fucking job. And, you did just that. Nothing more. Nothing pack your shitasses off the club and go jump off some fucking cliff off the Alps.

  3. Don

    I’m going to say something that I’ve noticed and I don’t know if anyone will Caine me for this but

    The retirement of pat rice seems to me to have had a real disintegration of our playing style
    At least whe he was around we played good football
    The team made more sense. We may have signed a lesser calibre of player but at least those players played within a framework and s style.
    Arsenal post rice lookalike we ha e lost our playing identity

  4. David Smith

    Interesting Don.
    Perhaps Pat Rice was a rare human being , having enough experience and status for Wenger to look up to, and actually listen to.
    It’s clear Bould has not say whatsoever

  5. Wallace

    yeah, I think both Bould & now Lehman will have more input than Rice ever did. I think his main role was as a link between the players and Wenger.

  6. Pierre

    What this weekend has taught us is if a player tries to be honest (or stupid) and tries to stay on there feet(Bellerin twice) despite being fouled in the area, they will get nothing from referees…

    Somehow I can’t see the Arsenal players learning from this, can you!!

  7. champagne charlie


    Expectations for the last 11 or so days in the transfer window gents? Offset with realities of course lol

  8. raptora

    Even myself in amateur football it’s kind of in your mind to emphasize on the contact of the foul. So if anyone touches me especially inside the box I’ll surely try to help the ref with the decision. Also goes for handballs – I would most certainly not admit that the ball touched my hand Henry style. For me it’s part of the game just like RvP once said. You want to win and you are not cheating. You are in a way saving the truth for handballs and for fouls you are doing what anyone would do. Anyone! It excludes diving, as we are talking about falling after a contact has been made.

    For me not falling after a clear contact is just as unprofessional as diving, I’d even go as far as saying that, yes – everyone hates cheaters, but they do it in order for their team to win. When you stand your ground after a clear balance interrupting contact shows some lack of desire to win, it shows fake chivalry and makes you look like an idiot. We are not playing street football in here where everyone is supposed to raise his hand after they make a foul. It’s not serious for a professional player to do something they don’t even do in street football best friends games.

  9. Wallace

    champagne charlie

    if we don’t buy a quality CM I’ll be amazed/distraught. can’t really see any more incoming beyond that. far more confident we’ll be able to shift the fringe players. hopefully sales though rather than f*ckin’ loans.


  10. Wallace


    I think the second Zouma challenge on Bellerin while a foul and a penalty Bellerin would really have had to milk it to get the decision. so I can understand his reluctance to do that. but the first one was just a shocker by the ref.

  11. Carts


    re: 11 days till deadline.

    Gibbs – Will be sold for £12m
    Wilshere – AW will keep him
    Debuchy – Will be sold for £2m
    Mustafi – AW will sell if a £30m> offers comes in
    Chambers – AW will keep though there’s a small chance of a loan
    Coquelin – Likely to keep
    Jenkinson – Will be loaned out with option to buy
    Sanchez – Not doubt that he’ll be sold FOR £50M-£70M
    Chamberlain – Will be sold for £35M if he doesn’t sign

    Lemar – a record bid for Lemar once Sanchez is sold..
    And a midfield loan signing

  12. raptora

    I agree with most.

    I don’t think that Chambers is staying though. Why on earth did Wenger not use him in any game so far?! He is perfectly healthy, right?! We played 3 competitive games with full backs as CBs when we had a standout performer in a defensively oriented Borough team. It leads me to believe that Wenger isn’t using Callum because he is not going to be part of the team on 1-st of September. It would be another shocking decision by the manager if Chambers stays but was not used exactly when needed the most.

    I also believe that Alexis and Ox will stay but we shall see.

    No incoming transfers.

  13. Don

    It may well be simplistic but it is a conicnidence all the same.

    At least before rice left we maintained that Arsenal verve. We had a style of play. We played players in their positions.
    Wenger seems to have totally lost the plot without rice
    Maybe he was more than just a year man. Maybe he tempered Wenger’s judgment.

    Maybe he curbed odd ball ideas like playing bellerin on left wing and two left backs in the middle with 3 available centre halves not playing.

    I know you all think that Wenger had been in decline since 06 and maybe you’re right but it seems to me that the decline of his style, panache, team framework has accelerated since the reiterment of Pat Rice. Just as the decline of our transfer strategy coincided with the departure of David Dein.

    The two departures seem to have had a strikingly similar effect on the club and Wenger in particular looks ever more alone without his trusted council.

  14. Don


    No chance
    Gibbs maybe
    Debuchy maybe
    Jenkisnon maybe

    Mustafi- no chance at all.
    Sanchez no chance at all
    Lemar no chance at all

  15. Don


    Nobody coming in unless injury strikes
    Maybe Gibbs jenkision and debuchy leaving.
    Chambers, hmmm maybe. I’d be shocked if he went into the season with just mert, mustafi, kis and holding for3 centre back slots
    Maybe that’s the excuse he needs to go back to a flat back 4

  16. Don

    Since rice left it’s like Wenger can’t make a decision.
    He doesn’t know what type of team he wants us to be
    He’s much more indecisive

  17. Don

    And if it is the case that bould and lehmann are having more input than rice then we are worse for it
    In the last 3 years we have looked more disjointed on the field than ever.
    Like I say, could be just conincidence

  18. raptora


    You’ve probably watched this as I posted it yesterday as well. Fair play to Danny Welbeck I’m pretty sure he was trying to chip the GK which would have more than likely end up as a goal but the contact was so big the opponent made Danny to drag his leg on the grass. It was the hardest penalty claim to see of the three. The other two are obvious in my book but Bellerin both times just doesn’t do enough to put the pressure on the ref. Get a pen, score it and the game is so much different. Still it would have been paper over cracks. Without Alexis we will fight for top 4 and probably lose. With Alexis playing as good as he can I’m confident on top 4 finish and who knows maybe sneak inside the top 3.

  19. Carts


    The Chambers things is very strange, but more importantly, highlights Wenger’s complete lack of idea with a lot of our players.

    We paid £16m> for Chamber, making him, at the time, our second most expensive signing. TO put that into context, this is a team that peddled austerity.

    The kid looked more assure at Soton in his break-out season than he ever has under Wenger.

    When Montero tore him a brand spanking ring piece, that wet Sunday afternoon, Wenger literally sat there and witnessed one man onslaught.

    I’m all for ze mental zstregths, but even Steven Seagal would struggle to recover from such humiliation and he’s never lost a duel.

  20. champagne charlie

    Yea I’m with you there, will be amazed if we don’t bring in a CM. Think Lemar has long been that man but its been difficult, well now we pay up or shut up on that one. Think we’ll see a defender come in if Chambers and Gibbs get shifted.

    Can’t see us selling all those mate, think you’re on one a bit there. Also no chance we sell Ox and Alexis. Alexis maybe to PSG, but I genuinely see us taking the hit on him to rid ourselves of the ‘easy bait’ tag we’ve had in previous years. Pulling a Dortmund if you will. Also don’t see anyone offering a sum for OX thats worthwhile.

    Cant see NO signings mate. Good one/s? Debatable. None? nah.

  21. Carts


    Mustafi- no chance at all.
    Sanchez no chance at all
    Lemar no chance at all

    Wenger is a lot of things, but holding onto a wantaway player only to see said asset walk for £0 is beyond stupid, especially when his value is £50-£70m.

    I think Wenger will make one last push for Lemar.

  22. Carts


    I think that’s a fair point about shaking of the moniker we have when selling players.

    I think there’s a bit of toing and throwing going on at board level. Nothing to substantiate my claims but I think opinions on Sanchez are split down the middle.

    Who gets to make the finals call, I don’t know…

  23. shaun

    you can really see Bould’s input , I mean what type of C**** would let wenger play two left backs in the middle of his defense and put the smallest one in the middle against stoke lol…………………………….lol but oh no le c**** is not finished there …..let’s put our right back who is clearly lacking confidence on the left of this completely unbalanced defense …..CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE AKB C**** DEFEND THAT SHIT , maybe it’s me or is Wenger just absolutely taking the piss out of the fans the man has no intention of winning anything.Know other PREM team would put out such an unbalanced defense

  24. Emiratesstroller

    Having watched the first two games I believe regrettably that this will be a “write off season”.

    You can compensate for talent deficiencies in your squad if there is a “work ethic” + “discipline” + a “tactical plan” to deal with the opposition in front of you.

    Under Wenger the only plan which is applied is his plan, which never factors in what the opposition are likely to do.

    One of my main concerns this season highlighted by the team selections is
    that we have selected a defence which is frankly a mess.

    I anticipated that Wenger would dispose of Jenkinson, Debuchy and Gibbs who are still on our books. I thought also that either Gabriel and/or Chambers might be sold, but only if a new specialist centre back was recruited.

    What I did not expect was that Wenger would be playing two left backs in the
    Centre Back position. I can understand that periodically you may be forced to
    play one there but certainly not two.

    Ironically this is actually a REPEAT of what happened several years ago when
    the club was short of Centre Back resources and Wenger did exactly the same
    with disastrous consequences.

    On that occasion Wenger acknowledged eventually his mistake and brought
    in specialist Centre Backs.

    You would assume that the Manager would have learned from his mistakes.
    Sadly that is not the case. We are seeing once again shortcomings in that department without any short term replacement plan.

    My personal view is that Arsenal should be playing in defence Ox [RB] and
    Kolasinac [LB] with Koscielny + a New CB.

    The squad players should be Bellerin [RB], Monreal [LB], Mustafi [CB] and
    Holding [CB]. Mertesacker [CB] should be kept on the books in case of an

  25. Pierre

    Is Wenger taking the piss out of the fans with his team selections.. I was thinking the same….no excuses for selecting that defence and while I’m at it. What the fuck was Ramsey doing so far upfield for most of the game.. No football brain and surely Wenger should install some discipline into his play..

  26. Thank you and goodnight

    Doesn’t matter who we bring in. While le cunt remains in charge we are fucked…..but hey let’s respect a man who shits on the fans on a daily business. Fucking akbs, well done you have the team you want. If the death of Wenger is the only way we are getting rid of him, let’s pray for his demise. Fucking twat

  27. Thank you and goodnight

    And if people claim that’s harsh have a look at his interview with Humphries last year, the disdain in his voice at the questions asked of him. The man honestly thinks he is beyond reproach and his arrogance is astounding. Let’s hope cunts croaks

  28. James wood

    Every single Arsenal fan divided or not could see
    that defence was wrong,no height ,no balance ,no confidence.
    Yet Merts and project Eleny sat it out.
    I think Shaun is right the manager is out to destroy the club.?
    If Sanchez and Chamberlain go then it’s 6-7-8th.
    WHY WHY have we not paid these players the right money
    and got rid of the DROSS that is Walcott-Ozil-The injured Wiltshire and
    The economics of the Club are wrong.

  29. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I’m sensing that even you are worried about our progress with the French farce in charge…

    It’s going to get worse you know …

    Still wenger gets paid to sort this mess out ,

    Still wenger got paid to make this mess ….

    Still wenger still here , there lies the problem ….

    A manager who reports to no one …it’s a car crash in slow motion

  30. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The irony is that wenger has a degree in economics ,

    How does he explain a squad of 33 with ten up for sale 8 in last year of contract ?

    He’s a con artist ….

  31. Thank you and goodnight

    I’ve said this a million times and I’ll say it again……we won in spite of Wenger not because of him. We had a team of mostly WC players who made Wenger look good. Right place right time for Wenger………fake of a manager

  32. OleGunner

    Wenger’s increasing signs of dementia are there for all to see through absurd team selection and insane comments in the media recently e.g.

    “I am sorry I am still here!
    I can understand that you want to kill me but at the moment, I survive.”

    ‘It is not an issue, I think it’s an ideal situation,’ said Wenger. ‘Why? Because everyone has to perform. You perform until the last day of your contract. [On player contracts running down]

    We essentially have our own increasingly obvious mad king.

  33. HighburyLegend

    “A manager who reports to no one …it’s a car crash in slow motion”
    Beautifully said!!
    And when the manager don’t even have his driving license, it’s worse.

  34. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    U say season a write off already
    I agree but the season could be salvaged

    If the board sacked Wenger
    Put in an interim manager an anything is a bonus

    That gives the club whole season to hire the right man

  35. Don


    Been saying a while now that he’s got to go


    Nah mate, can’t see for love nor money Wenger breaking the cheque book out of the vault


    I haven’t heard that mustafi wants away
    It’s a bit late in the day considering he’s sold Gabriel and chambers may go too
    He won’t sell mustafi

  36. jasongms

    “Assuming that voting for Hillary Clinton and nuking 100m+ people in Russia to death is merely professional behaviour in the USA…”

    Not at all in favour of the Clintons and I understand full well that there wasn’t much of a choice either way, but you sir are a tool… Let me guess a Trumpist?

  37. champagne charlie


    You seriously think we’re not adding anyone before the window closes?

    That’s a stretch mate, I think you’ll see 3 sold and another 3 loaned. One more is a guarantee Imo, but I have a feeling 2 more will be brought in. Of what calibre I’m not sure.

  38. Ishola70

    Interesting ES that you want another CB brought in tonplsy ahead of Mustafi in a back four. You gone off him now?

    He was rash as usual in the first half when Jese skipped past him and forced Cech into a save. Went to ground on the floor diving in. Jese simply bypassed him.

  39. champagne charlie

    Look I get the usual voices saying the same things, but are some of you so out of touch you can’t see how totally unfathomable it is to see Wenger gone anytime in the next 12 months?

    I genuinely don’t see the point in uttering noise to that effect. He’s just signed on for two more years, process that and focus on other aspects of the Arsenal show. He ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  40. OleGunner

    I think people should be allowed to vent about Wenger as much as they want on this blog.

    Unless Pedro has a problem with it, I don’t see the issue personally but I don’t run this blog so my opinion means sweet fa.

  41. Emiratesstroller

    As I have suggested in last two weeks I think that Kronke has absolutely no interest in investing in football. His interest is purely in investing in real estate and sports franchises

    He will not spend a dime of his own money on the team and what is crystal clear is that the club is struggling to offload players and raise finance to buy new players, which is why Wenger makes the excuse that he does not need to buy additional players.

    I see a crisis manifesting itself this season and some parties coming in with an
    offer to buy the club. Let’s see how Kronke reacts if that happens.

  42. OleGunner

    Also with Don, don’t see any more incomings.
    We’ll struggle to shift more than 3 players at this point, and I think Wenger is perfectly happy with his team of the first 20 or so players he has in his mind as core.

  43. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Highbury l

    The club can’t afford him to mess this season up

    Spurs will hit their new ground running next season

    New man need to be lined up for next year
    Sack him now

  44. Don


    Agree regarding Wenger. He’s never broken a contract in his life
    He won’t start now. So why waste energy on the idea of him leaving before then? I don’t think he will leave at that point either

    And nah mate. I can’t see him adding anyone. He seems to think we are complete. The only signing he will make will be an AMF and that’s if he sells enough.
    I can’t see too many leaving and I can’t see him bringing anyone in if he can’t acquire the target he wants. I.e. Lemar, Seri.
    Who knows though he brought in Lucas last year and nobody saw that coming at all did they?

  45. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Agree don

    He won’t sign anymore unless we get beaten massively by pool on Sunday

    Another 6-1 could knee jerk him into signing if he still has a job

  46. OleGunner

    Jenkinson is rooted to the books like some sort of amoeba on a sea bed.
    Loan move to Birmingham is happening with Cohen Brammal.

  47. champagne charlie

    “He may well not have broken a co tract
    Don’t mean he can’t be sacked”

    Herein lies the ‘out of touch’ idea I was referring to.

    Yes, after his worst ever season last year AND fan pressure… he got a 2 year extension. But somehow you think the same owner is going to sack him?

    More chance of Messi turning up at the training ground for talks you plum.

  48. EN1AFC

    So we should just shut up and accept everything because Wenger has signed and he always sees out his contracts.

    Why should we? The new contract was totally unjustified. The catalyst for change by our CEO was nothing but a lie. Wenger signing a new contract means we will see the same old problems for the next 2 years and hear the same old excuses, it’s only taken 2 games into a new season!

    It wasn’t the right call to extend his contract in the summer and just because its happened it doesn’t make it right.

  49. champagne charlie

    “It wasn’t the right call to extend his contract in the summer and just because its happened it doesn’t make it right.”

    Point out where anyone said anything along these lines.

    I commented, as did others, that its fantasy and wasted breath to talk about a scenario whereby Wenger isn’t our manager before next summer at least. Basically saying whats the point in talking about him leaving when theres absolutely no chance of it happening?

    Makes about as much sense as talking about how Arsenal will do this year once we’ve signed Bale and Vidal.

  50. Carts

    Wenger talking shit about having 33 players in the squad, and needing to move bodies on.

    It’s mind boggling that we’re 11 days shy of the deadline and in this situation. Complete lack of forward planning, year in, year out.

  51. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    You are a bit of a passive aggressive ain’t ya fella Charlie

    Posh boy talking tough

    Charles Charlie Charles ,, twat

  52. Don


    But what exactly can you do?
    What exactly are you doing?
    Moaning on an arsenal forum and cheering for the opposition isn’t helping anyone is it?

  53. EN1AFC


    That wasn’t a dig at you or anyone else for that matter. It’s just incredibly frustrating that because he’s signed we just have to get on with it and accept the inevitable. It’s demoralising and frustrating feeling so helpless.

    Serious questions need to be asked of the board and predominately the owner. Why hasn’t there been more much needed investment in the squad this summer for starters when there is clearly money available to spend. Is it Stan withholding the funds or is it Wenger being too trusting in the average players that infest the squad? I personally think it’s the latter.

  54. champagne charlie


    The word plum have you triggered mate? sorry, prefer peach? lemon? numpty?

    You’re the one on here talking about Wenger getting sacked, so a spade is a spade after all.

    What do you think of our chances in signing Bale before the window closes out of curiosity?

  55. Paddy got bored

    I’ve heard it all now
    Frauds failings are due to Pat Rice leaving!!!!!

    I despair at our so called fan base
    E IE
    The lot out

  56. champagne charlie


    Oh I hear you mate believe me, I was just answering to your suggestion anyone stated his extension was right. It wasn’t, there was no merit or basis for it and here we all are scratching lumps out our heads.

    Only thing ill continue to say is whats the point of fantasising about something that isn’t going to happen? I’d love Arsenal to go buy Asensio, but that’s not happening because we know the manager doesn’t operate like that.

    I’d also love for the management to be replaced and a fresh chapter begin, but again…sadly the owner this time doesn’t work like that.

    Think it works out best for everyones sake to merely acknowledge both and talk about other matters that do have a snowballs chance in happening. Talking players who will/may come in, players that can/might step up, tweaks in formation/approach, tactics, realistic goals, etc. Lots to discuss about arsenal and football. All a bit masochistic to talk about things we know aint gonna happen I always feel.

  57. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    There is more chance of a board overthrow an Wenger getting sacked
    Than signing bale

    One of the two above could happen


    You just get the jest

  58. Don


    Haha. But like a little piranha there bud.
    That wasn’t aimed at you specifically but if we visited the comments section over the weekend you’ll have noticed a lot of smug arse holes delighting in our loss.
    They all sing from the same hymn sheet. That anyone who actually supports the club is part of the problem. As if by them bitching about it on the web changes anything one iota.

    And I don’t need to make a cunt if myself
    I already am one
    A sexy cunt

  59. Lamia

    Quite frankly I don’t want Wenger to be given the money to buy players. We should accept the next 2 years as a write off and and the transfer kitty should be kept for the new manager whoever that may be. It is quite apparent that Wenger is incapable of mounting a title challenge. Titles are won by having good players but organisation, team spirit etc is even more important. We may hate Mourinho on here, but he, like Conti, Pochettino, will drill their teams relentlessly on the training ground. They will be drilled on positional play. Where to be with the ball, and even more importantly when they haven’t got the ball. They will practice defending set pieces. Arnt you guys sick of holding your breath and covering your eyes when a corner is taken or a midfielder is running unopposed at our back four ?. What is the point of Steve Bould. Does anyone knows what he does apart from looking miserable seated next to Wenger on match days. Does he play a part in our defensive set up. If he does then he should resign because he’s not good at his job. If he doesn’t then he should be sacked because he just another of Wenger yes men.

    Its not all about having star players, of course it helps but how many of the Leicester title winning side would have got into our side, three at most. If Wenger was in charge of Chelsea last year would they have won the title. Who on here apart from the deluded akb’s would say yes. If he was in charge of the current Real Madrid side would they be as successful or would they deteriorate.

    Finally, did anyone listen to the Footbalistiscally Arsenal last week (ridiculous title) One guest on there is not a Sanchez fan. He said Sanchez is the most selfish player he has seen at Arsenal, we are a much better team without him, he hates the way he is always demanding the ball and insisting that everything goes through him. Essentially, he wants him out the club. With idiots like these, along with the akb’s is it any wonder we are rapidly heading towards the second tier of the EPL.

  60. Bamford10

    “Harry Kane will reach greater heights than Karim Benzema.”

    “Harry Kane is worth £120m.”

    Pure comedy gold. Le Grove classics.

  61. EN1AFC


    Couldn’t resist a bite there!

    I occasionally visit here during the games but try and refrain from posting! I have seen the odd comment your referring to and I don’t understand it myself. I get as frustrated as anyone but I want us to win every game we play in.

    Well your not alone there, I get called a cunt all the time not sure about a sexy one though!

  62. Relieable Sauce

    No, we’re not going to stop calling wenger out for being useless, greedy, mentally ill, etc, just because he managed to worm a 2yr deal out of rughead.

    lol, akbs really are living in a fantasy world.

  63. Don


    I get that people want rid of the manager but cheering when we lose boils my blood. Bad enough from chavs, spuds, palace and the rest but when it’s our own….
    Nobody calls me a sexy cunt. Except me

  64. champagne charlie


    Yea totally, my personal faves were :

    “He’s not going anywhere big, he’s not achieving anything big, and he is not getting any massive valuation.”

    “I say he moves nowhere bigger than United. I say none of PSG, Madrid or Bayern are ever really interested in him”

    Some people are hilarious ehh

  65. Bamford10


    “It wasn’t, there was no merit or basis for [Wenger’s contract extension] and here we all are scratching lumps out our heads.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, Charlie, but I believe you told us that you believed Wenger was still capable of leading Arsenal to a PL title. Right?

    Has your opinion changed after two matches?

  66. Bamford10


    Please cite specific examples of people here “cheering” an Arsenal loss. That would constitute pure trolling, and Pedro would likely bin such a person.

    In truth, there are very few such people here.

  67. Relieable Sauce


    Would you prefer apologist ?…Flip-flopper ?…Reality denier ??

    You’re now going to explain you wanted wenger to leave right ?

  68. Bamford10


    Sorry, do you think I’m wrong about any of those claims? Please specify the claims you disagree with for the record. Thanks.

  69. Bamford10


    Saying you think Benteke could do good things for Arsenal is not really all that big of a deal. And again, I was saying so alongside the likes of Romford and others. I was far from alone.

    Plus, I still think Benteke could do good things for us. But that is a whole other discussion.

  70. champagne charlie


    Wenger is still capable of winning the premier league. My opinion hasn’t changed after two matches, you’re simply misrepresenting what I said and removing the context in which it was stated.

    1. Wenger can win the premier league, he’s proven he can and however much you think management has evolved, he has the ability to do so.

    2. I said Wenger can win the premier league if he was held accountable by Kroenke and the necessary provisions were applied ( in the form of player recruitment, staffing changes, and bottom line).

    To pretend Wenger isn’t capable of winning the league is only that, pretending. The likelihood of him doing so is patently much lower when he’s not held to task on matters as is seemingly the case. So without those provisions, winning the league becomes a much longer shot. Not changing the fact that Wenger, unquestionably can still win the league. The chances of doing so are all thats in question here, and they stand at slim.

  71. champagne charlie


    Don’t need to say anymore about Wenger personally, I’ve said plenty and you’ve acknowledged as much just then. Funny how still with that knowledge you churn out bollocks like ‘AKB’s’ etc. As you were.

  72. Don


    Very petulant response. Much like a 3 year old. Put your toys away.
    No!!! I don’t want to

    Don’t then reliable. You carry on moaning on the interweb mate:
    Your pissing and moaning won’t change a thing.
    He was rewarded with a two year deal after fucking banners and fighting at games
    Planes flying messages over stadia.
    What good did that do? And they were proactive. They actually tried to affect change. You’re just coming to le grove and hissing through your teeth at anyone that you deem an AKB

  73. HighburyLegend

    “Not changing the fact that Wenger, unquestionably can still win the league.”

    Absolutely priceless.

  74. Alexanderhenry



    The problems at arsenal are far reaching. Fans who think rather naively, that everything will be just fine as soon as wenger leaves, need to get their heads out of the sand.

    Ten minutes or so on google will reveal just how incompetent, unsuccessful and unmotivated KSE is as a sports chain, and we are after all part of that organisation.

    Also, things have got a lot more competitive with all the money in the PL and will continue to get even more competitive once spurs, Liverpool , everton and others have moved into their new grounds or expanded their stadia.

    Over the past ten years the club have wasted the opportunity to get to the next level by pursuing unnecessary austerity and instead have drifted into doldrums.

    The recent spends have been too little too late and I have to admit that wenger’s judgement seems to have left him.

    What fans have to realise is that Kroenke and co. really don’t get care as long as they still show up and pay up.

  75. EN1AFC

    “Think it works out best for everyones sake to merely acknowledge both and talk about other matters that do have a snowballs chance in happening. Talking players who will/may come in, players that can/might step up, tweaks in formation/approach, tactics, realistic goals, etc. Lots to discuss about arsenal and football. All a bit masochistic to talk about things we know aint gonna happen I always feel.”


    I see where your coming from and you have a point. But at the same time, discussing tactics, incomings/outgoings etc could also be seen as a bit pointless as we pretty much know what we are going to get with Wenger as we’ve seen over the past 6/7 years.

    It’s demorasling really, I pathetically try and have some hope and optimism at the start of each season but feel so deflated by the lack of activity in the transfer market that it puts a downer on the season before it’s even properly begun. As we know we won’t have what we need to either improve or compete at the business end of the table. I know there’s 10 days left till the window closes but do you or anyone else have any confidence we will bring in the players we need? Which for me are a centre back, ball winning nasty bastard in midfield and a Cazorla type creative midfielder.

  76. champagne charlie


    Your entire approach to that discussion was full of hot air and nonsense to be honest. You claimed no big side (citing Barca, Real, PSG, Bayern) would be interested in Kane, yet held up Diego Costa as being a better player – despite never having any interest from the clubs you mention. So good start.

    Then you casually say Man United are the biggest Kane can hope for. Not sure what your understanding of biggest is, but Manchester United are a fucking mile bigger than PSG, and easily are among the conversation to biggest club outside Real Madrid. Playing your newbie hand with those comments.

    Finally, to suggest Kane won’t achieve anything big or have a massive valuation come the time he moves is both clairvoyant and ignorant. Spurs sold a RB for 52mil this summer, if you think their star player is going for less than 100 mil you’re stringing vowels and consonants together using your ring.

  77. champagne charlie

    “50% deluded, 50% akb in disguise = 100% Cc lol”

    Meanwhile you’re 50% ankle bites at me, and 50% ‘Lols’. So not exactly fretting over your evaluation..

  78. Bamford10

    Except that Arsenal haven’t pursued “austerity”. Wenger has had ample money to spend for a long time now, has spent that ample money at times and in various (unproductive) ways.

    The problem is Arsene Wenger. He simply isn’t good enough: not a good enough tactician, not a good enough motivator, not a good enough manager of personnel, contracts, etc., not good enough in the transfer market.

    It is all on Arsene Wenger.

    The only thing that is on Kroenke is re-hiring the senile old twat.

  79. champagne charlie


    You’re not wrong mate, just more chance of those topics actually bearing some kind of fruit. The ownership and Management are all but set in stone embarrassingly. Almost better to talk about the other parts to distract from that sad reality.

  80. champagne charlie

    “The only thing that is on Kroenke is re-hiring the senile old twat”

    Is that all? he’s almost the perfect owner then, what a ledge.

  81. Don

    Then you casually say Man United are the biggest Kane can hope for. Not sure what your understanding of biggest is, but Manchester United are a fucking mile bigger than PSG, and easily are among the conversation to biggest club outside Real Madrid. Playing your newbie hand with those comments.


    Pull your pants up Bamford
    You’ve just had your first spanking of the day.

  82. Bamford10


    Costa is the better player/striker. No question. Whether Costa could’ve played for one of those clubs is down to two things: one, he may fall into that zone between a Kane and a Madrid or Bayern level striker; and/or two, his attitude and style of play (not his quality) may have made him a bad fit for those clubs.

    United are not “bigger” than PSG — not in the sense of their current and recent team quality or position in world football. United have as much money and worth and a far greater history, but PSG are the better team and have been for a few years now. Call me when United reach the CL semi again. Then you can say they are as big a club as PSG, in the sense in which I am speaking.

    And no, Kane will not achieve anything big, nor will he receive some massive valuation on account of his “massive” talent. Yes the market is screwy, and yes that may prompt him to go for more money than he is worth, but I stand by both of those claims: he won’t be the starter on a PL-winning team, he won’t be playing in CL semis or finals. Guarantee it.

  83. Pierre

    Bamford.. Do you realise how stupid you make yourself look with Your Comment of we will do nothing whilst Wenger is manager …. 3 FA cups in 4years is obviously not nothing… Don’t let your Wenger obsession warp your brain with senseless comments

  84. Bamford10


    No, you just have a misconception of what I mean by “big” and a misconception of who is truly “big” in Europe today. United have been irrelevant in footballing terms in Europe for a few years now. Sure they have a massive valuation and sure they have plenty of money and sure they have a great history, but PSG are the bigger European club at moment. More quality, more recent success.

  85. London gunner


    “Not changing the fact that Wenger, unquestionably can win the league”

    You realise just because he was won the league before (over 10 years ago) doesn’t mean he can win the league today?

    Football has changed but it’s more the fact Wenger fails in to many key areas to win a league. Such as:

    Recruitment/squad assembling
    Case point Wenger can’t assemble a team without glaring weaknesses and is too weak in getting rid of favourite players.
    For every Sanchez there is a welbeck, Ramsey, xhaka ect

    Tactics. He doesn’t have much tactical nous and in fact takes a whole season to change the tactics like the three at the back. He takes ages to change anything and doesn’t prepare for the oppononent. This has seen some rather humiliating results against top 6 oppononents.

    Man management/ fighting spirit/ mentality

    He doesn’t instil the fight in his players, he doesn’t instil the belief we can win. We bottle important matches nearly every single opportunity aside from a few rare examples. The players are weak and spineless in the image of their manager. He even admits this after every time we lose. Talking about mental spirit.

    Running an efficient team/staff.
    He rarely brings in the top experts and as Pedro says his techniques and ideas about the game are antiquated. This is reflected in the back room staff. Instead of striving for the best he sorrounds himself by cronies.

    Wengers own desire to win.
    He doesn’t have the same fight or desire he won’t do anything to win. He doesn’t have that hunger or desire. He is content with 4th place.

    To cap it all off he just isn’t a good enough manager. To weak, to flawed and outdated.

  86. Bamford10


    No one gives a fuck about secondary and tertiary trophies. We care about the PL and CL. I don’t know how many times this has to be said.

    If you think the FAC redeems everything else or constitutes some great achievement, you are more or less alone here on Le Grove.

  87. champagne charlie

    “Costa is the better player/striker. No question”
    Uhm show me the scripture where this is written. If not then I think you’ll find there is a question, as what you’re actually providing is an opinion.

    “he won’t be the starter on a PL-winning team, he won’t be playing in CL semis or finals. Guarantee it.”
    How do you guarantee that exactly? You sure you know the meaning of half the words you’re using in reference to Kane…

    “Call me when United reach the CL semi again.”
    Still available at 0845-ILOVEMYOWNVOICE-88 ?

  88. Don

    Please cite specific examples of people here “cheering” an Arsenal loss. That would constitute pure trolling, and Pedro would likely bin such a person.In truth, there are very few such people here.

    Are you insinuating that there are no such comments?
    Why would I need to cite examples? Do I need to prove this to you? You, of all people.
    What makes you think I have the spare time in my day to go trawling though Saturdays course comments just to show you something that we both know you’re already aware of. You’re not as smart as you make out Bamford but you’re not a dumby either. So stop playing the fool.
    We both know that there were comments to that effect on Saturday and also on the run up to the Leicester game
    En1 has seen similar posts. Why aren’t you asking him to cite examples? I’ll tell you why. One whiff of my arse hole and you crawl right up there Bamford.
    You constantly initiate your smarmy exchanges with me. Piss me off. Then when I call you out for your total fucking lies (fantasist that you are) you play all innocent.
    I’ve seen you do it with countless posters. You’re a trouble making creep and a liar to boot.
    Harvard. Hahaha.

    Now fuck off

  89. Bamford10


    Exactly. That Wenger won the title some 13 years ago — in a previous era — says nothing of his ability to win it today, in a different era.

    A better guide to whether he is capable of such a feat is his record over the past ten years, a period in which he has not even once CONTENDED for the title.

  90. graham62


    Yep, category ‘A’ AKB Blog. Who gives a #### about Kane? Too much irrelevant crap. Basically controlled by 3/4 serial(akb) bloggers with their high and mighty attitudes and conveniently placed A-Z football manuals.

    Look at Pierre with his take on Ozil. What a joke. So much in denial , they would rather slag others off instead of admit their own blind ignorance.

    Enjoy the shit that will unfold.

  91. Don

    DonNo, you just have a misconception of what I mean by “big” and a misconception of who is truly “big” in Europe today. United have been irrelevant in footballing terms in Europe for a few years now. Sure they have a massive valuation and sure they have plenty of money and sure they have a great history, but PSG are the bigger European club at moment. More quality, more recent success.

    Yeah er they just won one of two European trophies and signed pogba when Madrid and Barca were gagging for him

    Total irrelevance
    Stop now. You’re digging yourself into another massacre again. Glutton for punishment you.
    Again you’re showing you’re johnny come lately credentials AGAIN!!

  92. raptora

    Bamford laughing at me saying that if spuds would sell Kane it would be for a minimum of £120m. Conte spent £70m on Morata and 5 days later said that his dream transfer would be Kane:

    “If I had to buy one striker I would go to Kane. He is a complete striker. He is strong physically, with the ball, without the ball, he fights and he’s strong in the air and acrobatic on the right and the left. He’s a complete player. He’s one of the top strikers in the world. If you go to buy Kane now it would be at least £100m. At least. For me, if I see this price for a striker I know for sure he’s a big striker.”

    You know better Bamford…

  93. champagne charlie


    Yes mate, understand all those things perfectly. I said as such when saying Wenger can with the premier league again, the claim came with provisions. Bamford just decided to leave those out to try and make out I have some delusional view of Wenger.

    With X, Y, and Z altered, Wenger can win the league. The talk of his ability dwindling and such is ott and simplistic for me. There are mismanagements that cause us to ‘fail’, but that failure in terms of winning the league isn’t as large as many like to make out. Large enough of course, but with the provisions you’ve mentioned being altered and restructured, then he has the capability to win it still. Whether he does is a totally different ball game, not looking anything close at present.

  94. Bamford10


    That’s just Conte being nice. Time will tell, mate. I am very confident that I am correct about Harry Kane. Will go nowhere big, will achieve nothing big, will not go for any massive valuation.

    We will see.

  95. Don

    DissenterAugust 19, 2017 18:37:40
    HAHAHAHAHAThat’s what I feel right now.
    Wenger sings out of the same hymn book every single game.

    Just after we conceded

  96. raptora

    Bamford: “but I stand by both of those claims: he won’t be the starter on a PL-winning team, he won’t be playing in CL semis or finals. Guarantee it.”

    He is better than Morata and Lukaku. LoL. We shall see how things will shape up in future but this is a super brave statement.

  97. Don

    peanuts&monkeysAugust 19, 2017 19:10:27
    hello fucking AKBs, how do you like this? Hello Wallace, Hello N5, Hello Pedro!!! How do you like this??? He He he….Fan unity huh?>??

  98. Bamford10


    As I say, call me when United are relevant in the CL again, when they reach a CL semi or are in the discussion of who could win it. PSG are; United are not.

    When they are that (again), I will gladly concede that they are as “big” as PSG in current status.

  99. Bamford10



    But of course, Harry Kane still plays for Spurs. So not only will United need to climb those heights, but Harry Kane will have to find his way into the United starting XI (at those heights). Or into City’s starting XI (if they reach those heights).

    He won’t find his way in to such an XI, however.

  100. Don


    Yeah, course. You went Harvard……
    On other news hell has frozen over, the first winged pig has taken flight and lettuce is now a carnivorous plant and has bitten several shoppers around the world

  101. HighburyLegend

    “Laughing and cheering when we concede”

    @Don, the same circus happen every season since more than a decade, what do you want us to do ?? Kills ourselves ?? Jokehead…

  102. champagne charlie

    Just answer him on the stuff he says re:football, when you do he struggles to say anything in response as the well of info is ankle deep – simply goes quiet as you’ll notice above.

  103. Pierre

    Stephens N’zonzi is who I would like to see in our midfield.. Has everything we need, well over 6ft, technically good, plays the holding midfield role perfectly, knows the English game, would defend the near post at corners like Vieira used to and is probably affordable…. Plus I would still like mahrez…

    Regarding our defence, I can’t see anyone coming in as Wenger is obviously using Kolasinac and monreal as possible back up central defenders, which is fair enough I suppose…

  104. Don


    You assign yourself too much importance. Your self sense of grandiosity is profoundly misplaced. You’re suffering from a serious messiah complex.
    I don’t care wether you think PSG are the bigger club
    They aren’t. Manchester United are up there with Barca, Bayern and Juve
    How many times have PSG even reached the champions league final? They haven’t. Not fuckin once.
    Please Bamford. Keep going.

    You’re humiliating yourself again and I’m enjoying it

  105. champagne charlie


    Always had a niggling doubt over N’nonzi myself mate, but idealistically he is a very good shout for the reasons you’ve stated. Would also love to see Mahrez sneak into the squad before the window closes. So much better than anything we have wide bar Alexis. Fucking wish we had someone who can commit players like him.

  106. Don


    How about want the team to win?? That would suffice.

    You seeing this Bamford??

    Do you require any more proof? Cuck

  107. Don


    I don’t need to
    I’ve just battered his pathetic argument for him and served it up with chips.
    Pompous deluded rat that he is.

  108. raptora

    Nasri going to Turkey at 30 yo. What a complete waste of talent. Holy moly. Had everything to become a top 5 AM in the world. But brain. Not that I feel sorry for him, but another mercenary that no one will ever remember in 10 years from now.

    Re Jenkinson and Bramall loans – both are miles away of the needed quality and hopefully their loans turn out good for them so that we can sell them next summer. Had to do the same with Chambers if he isn’t in Wenger’s plans. We could have made £25m for a player that will devalued if he doesn’t play regularly or goes through a bad loan with injuries. Still time to cash on him this transfer window or put him a regular see what he can give us.

    Re Barcelona’s failures of buying players. LoL. Sorry but I’m having big fun with their unsuccessful attempts to drop the prices of players by making them put in transfer requests, go on a riot etc. All the ugly things they’ve been doing for decades just so that they can give less money than the player is worth. Hopefully they don’t get any of their top targets so they come and knock on our door. Knock, knock – is Ozil available? Yes, it is – 70m of british value and we will wrap him up for you along with the manager. Please! Thank you.

  109. HighburyLegend

    @Don and Cc, here’s the big difference :
    You both twats want WENGER to win, not the club.

    You are nothing but f*cking akbs.

  110. Don

    Your Comment Here
    LeftsidesanchAugust 19, 2017 19:24:53
    Just saw the goal on the sky sports app. LOL at Xhaka is all i can say.

  111. champagne charlie

    “You both twats want WENGER to win, not the club.”

    1. “You both twats want..” – LOL

    2. I want Wenger to win because oddly enough Arsenal also win by virtue of that.

  112. raptora

    Hull selling Sam Clucas to Swansea for £16.5m. Holy tuck! They bought him 2 years ago for £1.60m. Talking about profit.

    Yet we almost accepted £9m for the superstar Jacky Boy! Sad part is we probably should have agreed on it…

  113. Don

    2. I want Wenger to win because oddly enough Arsenal also win by virtue of that.

    They don’t get it do they? The moment Wenger stops being arsenal manager is the moment I don’t care wether he wins any more
    Unless he’s England manager
    Or Ireland or Scotland
    Would love him to lose then

  114. karim

    Chill out Sylviane, you’re going to have a heart attack lol.


    This is a blog I’ve been posting on for 6/7 years and it’s never been that bad, believe me !
    Romford, Midwest gun, Keyser, nasri’s mouth, Gambon ( pains me to admit it though ), Raheem, N5 ( he’s back ! ), kjafc, Dan Ahern, Sal, dream 10 and many many more used to make this place the best Arsenal blog around. And that’s just my generation of posters…

    Nowadays, it’s mostly 13 year-old keyboard warriors or people that have been suffering for so long that they sound bitter and redundant, most of them at least.

    Sad ( Trump style )

  115. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I loved the club once

    Not anymore whilst this fraud cheating scumbag is manager

    Therefore I see constant defeat as a way of the club releasing him .

    So I will gladly cheer an shout and bet against arsenal an not give a fuck what people say

    I’ll do me
    You do you

  116. Don


    Nobody is coming in for any position unless we suffer an injury
    We have 6 midfielders
    5 centre halves
    4 wing backs
    3 gks
    4/5 strikers
    5/6 attacking midfielders

    Nobody coming in now