Average squad, average manager, average season coming.

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With all the familiarity of a curry stained pair of tracksuit bottoms, Arsenal coasted into second gear with lackadaisical ease. Our manager is so predictable these days, you can actually plot how the season is going to roll on a monthly basis. We don’t prep for the season properly, and we always pay the price in August. Most accountable managers, after the 6th poor season of starts, would make a plan to attack the season differently, not Arsene. Same training, same core coaching staff, no Director of Football, no major impact on the squad, same dismal start.

Even the problems are predictable, I literally wrote yesterday that it’d be nice to go through a game without Xhaka contributing to the loss of a goal. Right on cue, the great hope in our midfield spilled the ball to a Stoke player, instead of holding his ground (because he’s so slow) he lunged into getting the ball back, made a hash of it, and who in our midfield was behind him making sure we weren’t exposed? No one. Aaron Ramsey up front trying to be action man as usual. Stoke breezed our midfield because it wasn’t there, then made a mockery of our backline. It was simply too easy.

Weird thing is, I commented after the game that the performance wasn’t that bad. Any other club fighting for elite status, you’d have been horrified with what was on show yesterday, but somehow, that was a good loss in comparison to shockers like Crystal Palace away.

… and that’s the thing here, we’re not a top team these days. We’re a team who will finish 5th to 7th this season. Sometimes we’ll win games like yesterday 3-1, sometimes we’ll lose 0-1. We’re exactly what Spurs and Liverpool have been for 10 years. How could we not be? Arsene Wenger has 6 players who have one year left on their deal, from a team spirit perspective, nothing tells you the players aren’t united quite like that number. Watching The Ox play Holywood passes and take potshots from ridiculous positions tells you all you need to know about his headspace. Ozil was completely awful again, he couldn’t look any less interested, and that’s going some for him.

Arsene Wenger has 6 players who have one year left on their deal, from a team spirit perspective, nothing tells you the players aren’t united quite like the number of names unwilling to commit. Watching The Ox play Holywood passes and take potshots from ridiculous positions tells you all you need to know about his headspace. Ozil was completely awful again, he couldn’t look any less interested, and that’s going some for him. Sanchez isn’t even around becasue he’s faking an injury to land a move to PSG or City.

Then you have the quality of our players. I love Danny Welbeck, he literally has it all, athleticism by the bucket load, a good read of the game, tremendous workrate, but put that ball in front of him when he’s near the goal and he collapses like it’s basted in striker kryptonite. We’ve been watching this for years, he’s just not good enough in when it comes down to the business of being clinical and he appears to be getting worse.

Aaron Ramsey is everywhere and nowhere. He looks like he’s doing an incredible job, but most of the time, he’s playing for himself or MOTD goal of the week. Where was he for the Stoke goal? Upfront, where he wants to live. He’s not good enough to play with such disregard for discipline. His strike rate doesn’t match up to how often he’s out of position exposing the defence. But who is telling him? This isn’t a new issue here.

What the hell is Wenger thinking with a back three of centre backs that contains two left backs, with one playing in the centre? If Mustafi can’t be trusted in his natural position, why is he still here? Why didn’t Per Mertesacker start? Why did we spend preseason playing Elneney in central defence if we had no intention of using him there during the season?

Wenger has himself in a quite terrible mess at the moment. He has a squad of players he doesn’t trust or want. He doesn’t add value to players now, so we have team of expensive duffers. The last player we sold for over £15m was Robin Van Persie in 2012. Can you believe that? In a market that just saw Bentaleb go for £19m, we haven’t sold anyone for over £15m in 5 years.

Be real here. If you had a proper manager at Arsenal over the last 5 years, Gibbs would be a £35m player, no doubt. Fast, English, silky on the ball, with a good cross. Jack Wilshere would be a £50m player, he’d be fit, and he’d be motivated. Both players have not been managed properly behind the scenes from a playing perspective, and from a psychological perspective. How are we in a situation where so many players lose all their value? How have the club landed themselves in a situation where we’re only just thinking about who to sell? How have we arrived in the 17/18 season with a squad so bloated and average?

… because there’s no plan. The plan is what Wenger has now. Our manager doesn’t know what he’s doing, and it’s been on show for years now. He has no clue how to find the next level. He has no vision for what a modern team should look like. He knows he’s a dead man walking.

Our season is over before it started because the club allowed a failing manager to go unchallenged. We deserve what we’re going to be served this season. I just hope we don’t have to wait two years to see the manager leave. He needs to be pushed, and the board need to put a plan in place right now for who they want to replace him.


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  1. raptora

    Dembele is 10 times the player Ozil is. If the information that we are ready to offer 280k pounds a week to Ozil he’ll be stealing 4 times the salary that Dembele gets. Shocking!

  2. Dissenter

    Don has seen the light…for now
    I expect that he will be back to his Wenger-loving ways once we eke out another 4-3 victory at home against a mid-table team.

  3. Dissenter

    One of the biggest bloopers you’ve made here was asserting that Harry Kane and Dele Ali aren’t worth more than 35-40 million.

    I just think of that statement everything I see them play.

  4. shad

    Bang on Pedro. I don’t even bother watching Arsenal games anymore. The set up is for failure and we wil be spanked both domesticslly and in Europe. One can only pray that one of those spankings will make the grounds so toxic, he’d have to leave.

  5. Bamford10


    Sorry, but I stand by that. Dembele has been the best of the three Spurs players today — see all of the praise for him hereon — and I don’t think either of those two are worth more than 40m. Kane has no pace, and Alli hasn’t shown that he is worth that.

    So, ummm, no.

    And please do not cite this summer’s insane valuations simply to eke out a point.

    Neither is more than a 40m player.

  6. Bamford10


    Let’s recall too that part of my point was that neither of those players is Madrid first XI quality. I remember some arguing with this, which frankly is a joke, as neither is even close to that.

    Tell me what you think the following players are worth and I’ll tell you what Kane is worth:


  7. Guns of Hackney

    Nice post, Peter but you’re wrong on two things:

    The next level has been reached…and it’s the level next to the level that’s next to the original level.

    Secondly, what are you on about “17/18 season”…it’s 2008, dude. Oh…no it isn’t. Shit.

    Wenger has quite simply defined what ‘absolute power’ is. I doubt if he or any of his employees batted an eyelid about yesterdays performance or the £192,000 Wenger trousered for that shambles.

  8. WengerEagle

    Kane isn’t a slouch, doesn’t exactly spit out rocket fuel but he isn’t slow.

    His clever movement compensates for this anyway, first 3 yards are in your head as they say.

    He is the most consistent striker in the league as he has proven over these last few years, a healthy Aguero is the only CF I’d take over him.

  9. Alexanderhenry


    That’s a fair assessment of the game and arsenal’s predicament in general.

    Not sure about gibbs and wilshire being world class under a different manager though.

    Anyway, as I keep saying the club is not set up to succeed. When you talk about the board needing to do something, you’re talking about a group of people who have no real say at all, own no shares and apart from gazidis, know very little about football. They, along with the owner are primarily concerned with profit.

    Only one man can get rid of wenger and make other changes at arsenal that would allow the club to realise it’s potential.

    Have you any confidence that Stan will step in and make those changes?

    I do not.

    There is only one thing that will save arsenal: Stan selling up.
    That will only happen if the club starts losing money.

  10. Bamford10


    Right, but I’ve never said he’s a slouch. He’s a good striker. But he could never start for Madrid and he isn’t worth 50m+. Not in my book.

  11. Bamford10


    Better than Lukaku as a whole? Hmmm, I’m not sure about that. Better with the ball at his feet, yes. But better as a whole? I don’t know.

    If Kane had started for United these first two games, does he have all of Lukaku’s goals? I don’t know that he does.

    Would United prefer having Kane to Lukaku? I don’t think they would. And if they said they did, I might disagree with them. And note, I don’t actually rate Lukaku all that highly. But he is a physical beast.

  12. TR7

    Lol Lukaku is not even in the same league as Kane. Kane is the best striker in the league at the moment with Aguero out injured.

  13. WengerEagle


    If Lukaku is worth 75 mill then Kane is worth 90mill plus, look at the silly fee Coutinho is going for.

    Kane guarantees you 30plus goals a season, he has averaged it for the last 3 years which is incredible given he is only 24.

    Would he start for Real Madrid? Prob not given his style of play but how many would?

    Benzema is a totally unique CF for their system hence his longevity there even despite losses of form and behavioural discrepancies.

  14. Nickw

    2 more years of failure from a board and and a manager who seem content with Europa league football. Nothing will improve until wenger goes and he won’t leave and no one’s willing to push him out. The same flaws are highlighted every year and nothing is done about them it’s become quite depressing to watch. At least last year we had the hope he might leave at the end of the season what are we meant to hope for now because I really can’t watch it anymore.

  15. Bamford10


    Who is better, Asensio or Dele Alli? What, IYO, is Asensio worth? What is Dele All worth? All ears.

  16. Dissenter

    No I have no argument. Not when your valuation of two of the best talents in world football is so off the mark.
    Where do I start from?
    A striker who’s scored 20+ league goals in the last 3 consecutive seasons isn’t worth more than 40 million
    A midfielder who scored 29 goals from open play since 2015 isn’t worth more than 40 million

    Like I said that statement reverberates every time I watch spuds play.

  17. WengerEagle


    Kane smashed in 95 goals in 3 years, that number dwarfs Lukaku’s and they are the same age.

    Bizarre that you do not seem to rate Kane, he scores in big games, gets his share of assists, leads the line amazingly well and scores all types of goals.

  18. Bamford10


    Right, but the discussion Dissenter is referring to was prior to many of the summer’s insane valuations and I have already said that these valuations make assigning a player a value a bit tricky.

    Kane is not Madrid first XI quality, indeed is not good enough to start for any top four team in Europe. Assign him whatever valuation you like — these figures are very slippery now — but he would have no place in a PSG, Madrid, Bayern or Barca XI. None.

    And neither would Dele Alli.

  19. WengerEagle

    Asensio is an amazing talent, already putting forward a strong case to displace Bale.

    But that does not diminish how special Alli looks too, kid is a very rare breed in that he can put up Frank Lampard goalscoring numbers from midfield.

  20. Bamford10


    Except that I do “rate” him. I just don’t rate him as highly as some here. All assessments are relative.

  21. Dissenter

    Kane is better than Morata
    Kane is better than Lukaku

    Alli is as good as Asensio. Asensio just burst out on the scene so I don’t understand why he’s the standard. It was Jesse before him and the lad is at Stoke now.
    There’s a record to prove Dele Alli’s value. He has 29 league goals in open play for a 21 year old. The lad has the swagger of a bite player, knows no fear and doesn’t shirk from anything. I’m impressed by him.

  22. HillWood

    George Graham worked the defence into an organised unit
    When you see a Wenger training session they are playing ringa-ringa- roses or piggy in the fuckin middle.
    He’s not a football coach he’s a playgroup assistant

  23. Do one gambon

    I’ve resigned myself to the fact that by the time wenger finally goes well be 10 years from realistically challenging for the league. Such is the mess he’s putting us in. Just wait until we haemorrhage 12 players in 2 years for free.

    Anything less than that’ll be a bonus at this point.

    Wenger’s legacy is dead.
    Kroenke is a cunt and can die a horrible death for what he’s done to this club in the name of him making money.

  24. raptora

    Chelsea paid 70m pounds for Morata and 3 days later Conte said that Kane is his dream striker. Would think that if he was available for 100m Chelsea would have gladly pay it. I guess Conte’s judgement is not to be respected.

  25. Rambo Ramsey

    The only ones worse than AKBs are those who can’t stop creaming their pants over everything Spud for 5 minutes.

  26. Champagne charlie

    Kane is the best striker in the premier league….

    Genuinely a complete striker. Absolute top class.

  27. Bamford10


    You’re making really terrible arguments at moment. Who said anything about Asensio diminishing Alli? My point is that some here seem to imagine that All is that kind of talent, but he is not. Indeed, he’s not really even close. He’s a talented, young player, no doubt, but he’s not top four European quality, and I wouldn’t spend more than 40m on him.

  28. WengerEagle


    You are talking about Kane as if he is in the rest of the pack though, guy is a legit top 5-10 CF in Europe and he is by far the youngest of that group.

    The only obvious picks above him are Suarez and Lewandowski, maybe add a fit Aguero into that mix.

    He is absolutely in the conversation with the rest and I’d argue he is better than Cavani who while great is simply a poacher.

  29. Dissenter

    Harry Kane is actually a complete striker; He has good acceleration [nopt pace, heads the ball very well, has excellent dead ball skills, shoots excellently.
    He is complete
    If upstarts like Mbape are getting quotes for 150 million transfer then Harry Kane will go for 175 million!
    The English nationality, bullish spuds CEO and his age will make the transfer easily attainable.

  30. TR7

    Kane is better than Benzema for me. He’s better than Cavani as well.

    Lewandowski, Suarez, Aguero – the only 3 CFs better than him.

  31. Rambo Ramsey

    Says it all that effing Kane and Lukaku are the candle-bearers (is this a right usage?) of the EPL. Especially when you think of some of the strikers who graced the stages previously.

  32. redhighbury

    I hope all the muppets that abused those of us that made the effort to get change at the club before home games last season are happy with what they are now seeing and will continue to see whilst that deluded clown remains in charge of this shambles.

  33. Bamford10


    No, I never said he is simply “rest of the pack,” but he’s not top 4 CL quality, and I wouldn’t spend more than 50m on him. At the start of the summer I said no more than 40m, but valuations have gone a little wacky since then.

    Someone should dredge up the original discussion for context, because I was responding to people who, IMO, were hugely over-rating both Kane and Alli.

  34. WengerEagle

    Benzema does work incredibly well for Real though he’s an anomaly because he is playing with a wide forward in Ronaldo that takes twice as many shots per game as he does.

    Firmly believe he is a 30plus goal a season player if he was the focal point of any other team.

  35. Guns of Hackney


    Cool your jets…

    A players value isn’t measured just on the pitch these days. The commercials etc make up the bigger percentages.

    Kane is a good player, maybe very good. But he isn’t marketable. Not at all. Nothing memorable about him.

  36. Bamford10

    Anyone remember when gambon argued that for 1/4 the price, Eriksen was a better signing than Ozil? That caused a good deal of ire, but was it really all that outrageous of a claim?

  37. Dissenter

    No one is overrating Kane and Dele All.
    It’s hard for me [and all the other people] arguing that they are top-class players cos were gooners.
    40 million!!!!!!!
    You’re just winding us up. I know it.

  38. Champagne charlie

    Benzema is embarrassingly underrated on here.

    If he had moved to Arsenal a few ears back we’d have the best CF in the league. He’s everything Kane offers but better. Unreal footballer.

    You don’t last at Real Madrid without supreme ability. It’s him, Suarez, and Lewandowski as top 3.

  39. Bamford10


    “Kane is better than Benzema for me.”

    Sorry, but that is crazy talk. And it is absolutely bonkers-talk if we are talking about the 25-year-old Benzema.

  40. Dissenter

    “Kane is a good player, maybe very good. But he isn’t marketable. Not at all. Nothing memorable about him.”
    What’s marketable about Mbape, Lukaku or Coutinho for that matter.
    Neymar… absolutely yes.

  41. Champagne charlie

    Awful by Spurs.

    That is mentality and nothing else. Chelsea have men in their team, it’s that simple.

  42. WengerEagle


    Even before this summer he is easily a 60 million pound plus player, no argument.

    Higuain is 6 years older and went for 75 million last year.

    He is every bit as good as Hig is, consistency is an all too underrated trait in players.

    How many other players in Europe are good for 30 goals a season? Maybe what, 5?

  43. TheBayingMob

    Great article Peter. I hadn’t considered the selling price of players. Personally I think Wenger got addicted to selling off players for massive profits in the early years. That’s why he despises paying big for stars. He wants to buy cheap and sell large just to serve his inflated cuntish ego, he’s like a desperate gambler at the craps table 20 grand down still giving it large thinking he can make it all … what a desperate situation for the club … the house neve loses …

  44. Dissenter

    Lloris had a howler there
    You guard your near post…should never get beaten there.

    It reminds me of Almunia in the CL final of 2016

  45. WengerEagle

    Agree Charlie, remember in 2008 when he was very close to signing for Fergie and United.

    Was so glad he opted for Real, I thought he was on his way to becoming Henry level.

    His contribution to Real’s attack has been sensational.

  46. Bamford10


    Kane is closer to Higuain than he is to any other “top” European forward. I will give you that. I probably rate Higuain a little higher than Kane, but I have no problem saying that Kane might be nearly as good as Higuain. Still not worth more than 50m in my book, and still would never start for a CL semi-finalist. Maybe Juventus. Maybe. But if so, he’d disappoint in the big matches.

    He’s good. Don’t get me wrong. But he’s not GREAT.

  47. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘No one is overrating Kane and Dele All. It’s hard for me [and all the other people] arguing that they are top-class players cos were gooners.’

    Bruh, how did you write that with a straight face?

    Oh look, Spuds and their horde of world class players still can’t buy a win at Wembley.

  48. Champagne charlie


    You’re making some really bizarre statements to try and justify your opinion.

    Would never start for a CL semi finalist? Wtf is that? Lol

  49. Alexanderhenry

    Playing at Wembley could be a nightmare for spurs this season. Let’s hope so.

    That was actually a great performance by Chelsea.

  50. WengerEagle


    Well he could hardly be much worse than Hig in big matches and the UCL where he has been a perennial disappointment.

    As has Cavani.

    You are writing Kane off before even giving him a crack of the whip.

  51. Marc

    Personally I think there’s been a mini perfect storm at the spud’s. A combination of a manager hitting a group of players and it clicking. The major point in all of that is they still haven’t won anything and with the “Wembley” effect this year and then a getting to know a new home next season I’d be surprised to see them win anything this season or next.

    At what point does potential have to be realised?

  52. Dissenter

    I’ve told you before. You’re the quintessential sooner who is incapable of seeing NOTHING good in spuds.

  53. WestLondonGoon


    Mbappe is very marketable in the current political state of the world; the child of 2 imigrant parents, grew up on the estates of inner-city Paris, and, dare I say it on here, a muslim; he’s just what (French) football needs to market right now. A positive role model for young mixed-race/religion kids to aspire to.

  54. Marko

    When Kane first broke onto the scene I waited until a couple seasons before passing judgment on him just to see if he was a one season wonder but I must say he’s definitely one of the best in the league and Europe. His goals say it all the different types of goals too. Definitely better than Lukaku if he’d have been available United would have signed him no doubt about that. And honestly he could start for the likes of PSG and Madrid and not be out of place. Better than Cavani now and if there’s anything between him and Benzema it’s not a great deal.

  55. Bamford10

    You’d think Spurs — with all of their “world class” players — could mange a win against a very out-of-sorts Chelsea. But no, they couldn’t.

  56. Champagne charlie


    Name the best four teams in Europe. Your CL semi final comment is shite, Monaco were there and Kane would moonwalk into their lineup.

    So what are you trying to say about Kane? Be clear instead of using ambiguous criteria that literally changes year upon year.

  57. Dissenter

    You still there ?

    Whoever knew that Gareth Bale was so marketable yet Madrid came for him.
    They insisted on a cosmetic surgery for his elephant ears though

  58. Adams Halfvolley

    Those are the ‘fire and fury’ words I’ve been searching for all day Pedro but have been rendered too despondent to get to the end of the post without throwing my toys out of the pram.

    We are 2-3 injuries away from a relegation scrap. That’s how bad it is.
    Not so much due to the poor quality of players organisation or management prowess , which are all very, very poor.
    But the lack of spirit confidence and pride on display. I have never seen a football as disinterested as Ozil. Contractual disputes for two seasons running displays the fans know the manager is not good enough and the ‘best’ players know the team is not good enough.
    If you think Sanchez was an unsettling figure last year you’ve seen nothing yet if he is forced to play another game which this shower.

    He must be sold. And replaced. We must use the funds to rebuild/patch up this team.
    Marhez, Calvarho, Lemar, Barkley are all available.
    A combination of these four (if not all) need to come in. Ozil should be dropped. If he cannot be sold he should rot on the bench until he’s ready to put in a shift.
    Giroud has to stop being taken for granted. We’ll need both him and Lacazzette on the field together to replace Sanchez’ goals. And the less tally tappy number 10s on the field the better.
    If we cannot make some decisive changes these last few weeks of the window i will fear for the future of this club, long beyond this season.

  59. Paulinho

    I think Kane is up there with anyone you want to mention.

    Suppose only question mark is whether he would initially look a bit one paced at a top european club, but if given a chance to settle in, he would kill it everywhere.

    He’s just unrelenting. That metronomic quality of continually looking to get into dangerous positions compensate for his lack of express pace. He’s more intelligent and has more a killer instinct than the speedier Benzema.

  60. Alexanderhenry


    Also, it depends on whether spurs impose austerity..
    If they do they will almost definitely lose kane., Ali and others. They’ve already lost Walker and haven’t made any significant signings yet.

  61. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    This is a wonderful description of where we are with wenger

    Wenger has himself in a quite terrible mess at the moment. He has a squad of players he doesn’t trust or want. He doesn’t add value to players now, so we have team of expensive duffers. The last player we sold for over £15m was Robin Van Persie in 2012. Can you believe that? In a market that just saw Bentaleb go for £19m, we haven’t sold anyone for over £15m in 5 years.

    Pure gold Pedro

    Pure gold

  62. Dissenter

    Westv London goon
    Harry Kane is a 100% marketable in the hands of experts like Pedro. Everyone is marketable, even the Brazilian genius with the bad teeth was marketable.

    I know you Brits are modest but there nothing that cross over more than a British star.

    Did you miss the make-over for Gareth bale?

  63. Bamford10


    Are you really trying to argue that the reason a Madrid are in for an Mbappe (rather than a Kane) is because the former makes for a nicer story? I hope not. They’re in for an Mbappe for a crazy amount because he has pace, scoring, dribbling and youth. Same/similar reasons for a Neymar.

    Kane doesn’t have their pace or athleticism, so he simply is never going to attract the same interest or valuation.

    Again, he is good, and people praise him for good reason, but he is nowhere near those levels good. Nowhere near.

  64. Dissenter

    “Kane has pace! Now I’ve heard it all. Some of you honestly need assistance when you watch football”

    Nope he doesn’t have pace. Pace is so over-rated here. He’s not auditioning for the 100m olympic relay team, is he?
    He has ACCELERATION when it matters most.; to get to the ball to shield from defenders, to get to goal scoring situations first and make the leap to head the ball.

    You’re trying to change the conversation which started from me reminding you that you stated a low-ball value.

  65. WengerEagle

    Nowhere near, Lol.

    He is on the cusp and he is 24, don’t remember Raul ever having much in the legs.

    Benzema has slowed right down too, Kane is as fast as Benz is now.

  66. TR7

    I stand by my comment that Kane is better than Benzema at this stage. Benz is silky but not lethal enough for me. Kane will reach greater heights than Benz by the time he finishes his career.

  67. Budhaa

    Spurs just lost at wembley…cue le senile excuses in the next presser..what an idiot
    to have managing our club..i wont even get started on owlie eyes..
    .you heard it here first.

  68. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    History will show arsenals move to the holy ground was totally mismanaged

    All those few remaining wenger lovers his past of Arsenal will be torn down an burned .

    He fucked up the club
    We should be an elite club

    We are a mid table mediocre premiership team

    Thank wenger


  69. Ishola70

    You see that is the difference between Conte and Wenger.

    Conte said after the opening home defeat against Burnley that they would work hard and improve. Following game on from those words they get a big result against Spurs. He said the same after defeat to Arsenal last season.

    Wenger meanwhile has been alluding to weaknesses in his teams for over a decade but still does nothing of real note to see the team overcome those weaknesses.

  70. Dissenter

    Have you heard the GoT rumors
    It seems season -8- the final season will be postponed till 2019.
    That got me so angry that now I hope they keep leaking all the episodes before they are due.

  71. Budhaa

    what a fecking joy to see idiots arguing greatness between kane and benzema…care to consider welbeck? the sacrecrow wgo shouldered an open header??!!!. get some life boozers.shows you the level le senile has reduced us lot

  72. Marko

    Kane will reach greater heights than Benz by the time he finishes his career

    Not if he stays at Spurs. At the same age Benzema was winning titles

  73. Paulinho

    Remember Benzema is another one that Giroud has kept out of the french team.

    Kane is made of tougher stuff than Benzema. Gives you strength and presence as well movement and enough pace to do what he wants to do.

  74. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Positive thinking

    Let’s be bottom 6 by Christmas

    There is no chance the deluded farce of a manger could keep his job

    Genius a stain that won’t wash away

  75. Wallace

    kind of with Bamford here. Kane’s very suited to the PL, where he’s definitely top 3 strikers, but don’t think he has the raw talent to make it at Madrid/Barca. same with Alli. but in the PL no doubt they’re top players.

  76. Marko

    You see that is the difference between Conte and Wenger.Conte said after the opening home defeat against Burnley that they would work hard and improve. Following game on from those words they get a big result against Spurs.

    Definitely did their homework during the week. Also he never sits down on the sideline. The man is on all the time

  77. WengerEagle

    Pace only becomes an issue if you are Giroud levels of slow and cannot run period.

    If you’re fast enough to break clear after beating the offside trap or get onto the end of a through-ball , you are all good.

  78. Bamford10


    Agree that Benzema isn’t lethal enough, but he is pure class. And as I say, apples to apples would be to a 25-year-old Benzema, who was far better than Harry fucking Kane.

    As for levels, Kane will never start for Madrid or anyone of that caliber, and he will never play in a CL final much less win two.

    He’ll score a fair number of goals in the PL, sure, but that’s it. And I bet his goal production dips around age 28 or so as he’ll get even slower and more plodding.

  79. Redtruth

    Kane scored 7 goals in the last 2 meaningles games of last season and he only scored against one top 6 side which was unsurprisingly against Arsenal…lol

  80. Bamford10

    You show good sense there, Wallace.

    You, however, Paulinho, have now been wrong twice in one day. Once on Busquets, once on Kane. And I used to hold your opinions in such high regard. 😉

    I jest; everyone is bound to disagree on this or that from time to time. But I believe I am correct on both points.

  81. WengerEagle


    Have you seem the state of this Barcelona team?

    Kane would just be unfortunate that one of their only 2 world class players happens to be a prime Suarez.

    Their midfield and defence is pure shit.

  82. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I think it’s clear that wenger has spilt the club threw the middle

    Hate wenger hate Arsenal

    Wenger leaves love Arsenal again ….

  83. Paulinho

    Kane is a number nine and number ten. Can’t really put the fella in a box.

    Drops off and creates, runs in behind, a threat from crosses. The complete striker. Ice cold as well.

  84. Ishola70

    Marko the difference is one looks to be humble in his outlook and genuinely looks to improve upon weaknesses in his team.

    While the other is obstinate and arrogant and wants to win his way even though it has been proved for so long now that his way does not cut it.

  85. Rambo Ramsey

    Kane better than Benzema? what’s next? Alli better than Iniesta?

    First he has to get a big move, then he has to make a starting spot his own in that big team, consistently perform at the highest standard for years contributing to championships and cups on the way.

    Easy being a big fish in a small pond.

  86. Rambo Ramsey

    Dissenter, the wait will be agonizing but I don’t care as long as my faves Dany-Jon are left standing at the end.

  87. TR7


    You always use your standard ‘pace and athleticism’ argument. Kane is more athletic than Lewandowski and Benzema, has more pace than both of them. Lewandowski has more class than him perhaps but he is not behind Benz in any department.

  88. WengerEagle

    Yeah Paulinho thoight the same, he put up top numbers still last season but he lacked that wow factor he had in 2013-2016.

    Perhaps age catching up with him, more likely to do with their appalling midfield though.

    Selling Neymar for Coutinho and Paulinho is embarrassing business.

  89. Bamford10


    No, it’s just that those are variables that matter, along with technique, intelligence, desire, etc. I mention them here a fair amount because (i) they are often the difference between one player and another and (ii) they seem to be a bit of a blind-spot for many here. I’m not sure why the latter is the case, but it’s the case with Arsene Wenger as well, so perhaps there is a connection.

    And no, Harry Kane is not a better athlete than either Lewandowski or Karim Benzema. No, no, no.

    He will never start for a Madrid or a Bayern. Never.

  90. Wallace


    “Honestly can’t agree with whatever this means.”

    it’s like when Wenger said he knew Pires was special because as soon as he started training at Arsenal Dennis would give him the ball. you have to win the respect of your teammates, and you do that on the training ground. Kane& Alli don’t have the technical level to win over a Kroos/Messi/Ronaldo/Suarez.