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It’s all about the players heading out the door at the moment. The latest two stories are geared around Chamberlain, who is attracting a £35m from Chelsea, and Alexis, who has City gearing up a £60m bid.

It’s distressing our summer is being bothered by two players who only have a year left on their deals, but if we’re strong, then I guess it won’t be such an issue in the short term.

Chambo is a tough one. He’s 23 years old, he’s shown some promise in a new position that would normally be occupied by Bellerin, and he’s dropping numbers stats wise. However, it has to be noted that he’s been pretty average for years now. If he’s not in terrible form, he’s out injured. It’s no coincidence he’s putting in the good form now there’s a contract on the line.

Do we keep him, and deal with the full on Theo effect – where we overpay because we’re weak on the leverage front – then suffer 4 years of average as he mails it in. Or do we sell him to Conte who beasts him into the player we know he could become?

A tough decision. I’d probably be inclined to sell him if there’s a player we could buy in his place. Namely, because there are just some players Wenger can’t improve. Chamberlain appears to be one of them. Maybe a new coach and a fresh outlook is what he needs for his career? £35m is better than nothing at the end of the season. As far as I can see, we’re losing both ways. He signs and has a good year, he’ll leave. If he stays and plays shite, he’ll leave in a year. Might as well take the mullah.

The Alexis story is a non-starter for me. They have no one that’s attainable that I’d be interested in swap wise. They are a rival with a hole in their front line Sanchez could fill. We simply can’t allow the Chilean to there. PSG or no-one in my opinion.

If anyone needed further evidence that Juve have lost their damn minds this summer, they’re eyeing up Jack Wilshere along with AC Milan, Roma and Sampdoria. I hope someone lands him. A lost talent who needs a new club to shake some passion into him. The thought of Jack picking up some culture in Italy fills me with joy. Sun, great food, and the arts. What more could a young lad want?

Talking of young lads. Reiss Nelson scored a wonder goal in the reserves. Take that in. SPECIAL.

Finally, let’s end on some banter. Some papers are linking us to Asensio. He has a £72m release clause and we’re going to test their resolve. PUUUUURLEASE.

“He wanted me to stay, I wanted to stay too, always said that, my plan was to use pre-season to win a place in the squad, and that is how it has turned out.

“I am here to fight for a place, I am available for him whenever he needs me. I am comfortable in any position in attack, either side or in the centre.”

Looks like that one is dead in the water.

RIGHT, see you tomorrow. Pray for more positivity on the transfer front.

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    Ozil is staying, I have no doubt about it.

    He is a total pussy as a player and has it absolutely made at Arsenal, he will end up on about £280 000 a week, four year deal.

    The hold up is likely us having to wrangle with some outgoings and likely wanting to buy but also keeping an eye on FFP and wage increases.

    If Sanchez and Oxlade left, I would put money on a player coming in (or a deal being agreed) and Ozil signing a new deal within a week. Ozil has no spine, not at all about ambition for him, he just wants a cushy, easy life on big money. Arsenal is literally the only place outside of China he gets that.

  2. Don

    West London

    Couldn’t agree more
    All the old school that I’ve encountered are normal blokes.
    Merson, Steve coppell, ian wright
    Just normal blokes.
    Parlour was another one
    All friendly as well

  3. N5

    @Carts, that’s what I was thinking too. Potentially we have 3 players that can agree other clubs in January and 2 of the 3 have been quite vocal about their expectations where as Milhouse has played his cards very much closer to his chest. One of the big 2 in Turkey could suit him nicely.

    @WLG, what a lovely story mate. That’s what football is all about for me those types of interactions. I’ve had similar nights with Ray Palour and Perry Groves when they came to our supporters club end of year. Both drank heavily and both had great stories. I had none sadly because I didn’t really cut it past pub team level.

    @CC, interesting stuff RE Lemar, I had no idea just how versitile he was, I’m so ignorant to other leagues. I watch some French and a little German but mainly just English and what I see of other clubs players when they visit in the ECL, so its great to get some information from people that obviously watch it more intently than I. Karim is my usual goto for anything France related and he seems quite jacked up with a Lemar signing too.

  4. champagne charlie


    Def think the stress and strain is worth it for Lemar, just hope it comes off ultimately. He’d be superb in our team Imo, and he’s close with Lacazette to boot so that’s another added bonus when you go back to the talk earlier about the importance of pairs across the pitch.

    Also why I’d be so open to Draxler/Alexis getting swapped as him and Kolasinac are mates from Schalke. Much easier to integrate these types than total obscurities who would walk into a new team, new league, new faces, the works.

  5. N5

    CA, the thing is so many of them have an easy ride at Arsenal that big money plus little pressure and endless loyalty from your manager would make it to easy for players with little ambition to win everything the can before they retire. The likes of Ozil would be dropped anywhere else for how lazy they are.

    Also players like Debuchy would be moved on even if it meant paying a % of their wage to another club, like Citeh did with Adebayor to the Spuds. Get them off the books and taking as little money out of the club as possible. We never learn, players like Diaby (not really his fault, but still!) Djourou, Squid and many many more have used the club as their personal savings accounts and a much tougher stronger approach needs to be applied.

    I don’t want a Conte attitude, but I don’t want a Wenger attitude, what’s something in the middle of that spectrum? a Carlos Ancelotti type maybe?,

  6. N5

    Didn’t Draxler move to PSG though CC? how is he getting on there? is he getting much game time?
    Do you know much about Kramer (the footballer not actor)? I’ve seen his name thrown about here quite a bit.

  7. N5

    *sorry I missed the bit about a Draxler swap! yeah why not, I know Wenger has always liked him he just wouldn’t pay the value wanted at the time.

  8. WestLondonGoon


    Best one was when we used to drink in Terry Fenwick’s pub in Bethnal Green, Frank McAvennie came in one night absolutely lagging with Ludek Miklosko in tow. Miklosko was a teetotaler and McAvennie had befriended him to basically use him as his personal taxi driver while he trawled the clubs and pubs of the east end. Classic Frank, and christ, could he drink.

  9. N5

    Ha ha, that’s brilliant WLG. The Romford Pele told us quite a few similar stories about post prison Tony Adams. Apparently though for every funny story he become very boring though and they all tried to get the others to bed with him when they travelled.

  10. Don

    I’d love draxler
    Or di Maria

    Is the coutinho deal to Barca fine yet or are Liverpool keeping him? I read that Ozil was next option
    What a dream that would be

  11. steve

    “I really can’t see Ozil going to Barca, he’d get a pigs head thrown at him a la Figo.”


    Nah don’t see that happen. He wasn’t iconic enough for Real. Plus he would not be directly moving from one club to the other like Figo did.

  12. N5

    “Ha at the thought of ozil in the barca pressing game.”

    Ha ha, where’s Ozil gone, I’m sure he was up here somewhere when the counter started!! OZIL OZIL WHERE ARE YOU, YOU BUG EYED BUGGER!! Nope he’s gone!!

  13. Champagne charlie


    He’s been left out the side of late mate. With PSG getting Neymar that’s them got a front line of…

    Neymar – Cavani – di Maria

    …and they’re still trying for Mbappe or Alexis maybe as backup to that. So Draxler and Lucas are essentially subs at this point. You’d imagine we’d be all over Drax if PSG do seriously try for Alexis. Makes sense all round imo. Drax plus some dough and that’s about the best scenario coming out of Alexis leaving.

  14. N5

    CC, Wenger would be on a win win then. He’d get the player he once wanted to the fans will be happier, he gets some cash so he can say the deal was to good to turn away to Stan and the supporters and PSG get the player they wanted + Alexis gets a good payday. It’s an ideal scenario really.

  15. Don


    Spend that dough on a tactically aware/athletic defensive midfielder and get draxler and now we are taking.
    At this point I’d let Ozil go for £20m just to have him off the books
    Total ghost
    And not in the martin peters/early scholes way either

  16. Don


    Apparently he is next on the hit list if they don’t land coutinho.
    Also is their new manager going to co tongue to implement the high press? Does he have the players for it any more?
    Suarez and Messi over 30
    Midfield not what it was and full backs have decreased in quality and intensity.

  17. Champagne charlie


    Agree, it would genuinely suit all parties. Arsenal aren’t replacing Alexis like for like so you’re going to have to do it with a quality wide player PLUS improving another spot in the side.

    Could always hold onto him though, will soon know I guess.

  18. Bamford10


    “You’re punctuation, (frankly) – is overtly try-hard and mostly overused; incorrect, and… its’ defence: not defense.”

    I can’t tell if you’re being ironic here and deliberately making mistakes — hopefully you are — but it should be “your punctuation” and “it’s defense”.

    And “defence” vs. “defense” is simply British vs. American spelling. Like “favour” vs. “favor”.

    Great contribution, though.

  19. Bamford10


    You’re kidding, right? “Embarrassing” is one of the nicer things said around here. I’ll play nice, but by normal Le Grove standards, that IS playing nice.

  20. Don

    Not sure anymore. I was all for making him stay and play but I’m starting to think that could be the wrong course of action. No doubt we simply cannot replace him this season. Don’t care if we sign lemar, draxler or even mbappe (I know), none of them would give the team the goals and assist plus fear factor and unpredictability that Sanchez can provide. Not yet anyway.
    That said Wenger can adjust the system to get the very maximum out of his team and larger extended squad. Doubt he will but I’m very much liking the idea of two up front if Sanchez goes and 3 more traditional midfielders in front of a back 3 with wing backs.
    Let’s see. Most likely if Sanchez goes he will keep this system, not replace Sanchez. Play welbeck/iwobi next to Ozil and our season will go down the drain.
    I was very positive up until this last lit of tricks from Sanchez. I don’t like it. If the club aren’t party to it then honour your contract and fucking play and if they are in on it then they’d better have an ace uo their sleeve as not only is their stock woth the fan base at an all time low but Sanchez is next to irreplaceable for us this year.

  21. Don


    I’m deeply hurt and offended by your previous comments regarding my grammar and punctuation. If I were so inclined I could call for you to be binned but luckily for you I’m not. I’ll just weep into the night and pray to the grammar god’s to alleviate me

  22. N5

    No please don’t start arguing guys, it’s been a great day on here without any attacks. Let’s break a record and go the entire day without the C word 😀

  23. BillikenGooner

    Just sell whoever is about to be out of contract.

    It’s absolutely crazy to think that Sanchez, Ozil and Ox (and the rest) will bust their hump this season just to try to get a bigger contract next season somewhere. Sure, they might like to pad their stats, but that has little to do with how the team performs or where we end up in the table.

    By the winter, they will be more worried about staying healthy and not getting injured and having their agents work out where they want to go and not giving a hoot about the club that won’t pay them what they want or won’t make moves to win big trophies.

  24. Don

    Moved Rooney to the wing

    You remember the 08 champions league semi final?
    Ronaldo was up front and Rooney was on the wing.
    You don’t remember do you?

  25. N5

    @BillikenGooner they don’t even need to do that, they can legally discuss and agree terms with a team in January. That would suck having 3 players in our team that we as supporters from January know will be joining Chelsea, Citeh or the like when the season ends.

    How do you even bring yourself to cheer these guys on still.

  26. Bamford10


    Hmmm, I don’t remember it that way. Ferguson shifted Rooney wide to play Ronaldo through the center? I’m going to have to look into that. But I could be wrong,

    Regardless, your point would still be bunk. Rooney had a great career at United, very much progressed as a player.

    Not in any way comparable to how poorly certain players have been developed by/under Wenger. Not even close.

  27. N5

    “Which of you c**ts is going to watch the Liverpool game?”

    Ha ha, you f’ing shitworm 😀 I’m looking forward to it, Liverpool would do well to not under estimate Hoffenheim.

  28. Don


    Thanks bud but my phone sometimes auto corrects
    The worst is when I type out the word fucking and I get ducking or sometimes decking.
    Especially when I’m already annoyed or I’m trying to send mrs Don a naughty message
    I want to duck you kinda takes the sting out of proceedings when you’re trying to be all flirty. On those rare occasions that mrs Don may be receptive to my advances

  29. Cesc Appeal


    Trying to keep my eye on Nagelsmann this season, see how his side do having lost Sule.

    Obviously I am existing in the dream world where Arsenal actually move on from our dinosaur manager.

  30. N5

    CA, have you seen the Liverpool squad going

    ‘Alexander-Arnold, Moreno, Lovren, Milner, Wijnaldum, Henderson, Can, Mane, Salah, Firmino, Kent, Solanke, Origi, Gomez, Klavan, Flanagan, Robertson, Matip, Grujic, Mignolet, Karius, Ward’

    It’s going to be a bloody tough one. No Coutino, Clyne, Ings, Lallana and Sturridge according to the BBC.

  31. Don


    No not one game man, he did it for nearly two seasons before he upped sticks for Madrid.

    Look into it
    Ronaldo started like a false 9 then became an all out no9.
    He packed on the muscle and became their main man. At the expense of Rooney

    You look into it mate. Take your time. Obviously weren’t a student of the beautiful game back then.

    That’s probably why you cannot remember Rooney before that year. Totally different animal. Like I said, he never was the same again after that year.

  32. N5

    CA, I don’t know much about Nagelsmann, as I was saying my european footy knowledge is so ignorant. He’s only a child isn’t he?

  33. Cesc Appeal


    Klopp is literally going full on Wenger with his approach, you score three I will score four.

    To be fair it works every single time.

    Liverpool badly need defenders, but more than that, it is just like their defence is not coached well.

  34. N5

    CA it’s a risky approach though isn’t it for Klopp. I was going to say they have a much better chance at Anfield with the home fans etc, but Hoffenheim must be used to big games/atmosphere playing vs Bayern and Dortmund etc.

  35. ThePuma9


    ‘You remember the 08 champions league semi final?
    Ronaldo was up front and Rooney was on the wing.
    You don’t remember do you?’

    Go easy on him. We both know the answer to this.
    Soccer ball is still relatively new to him and unfortunately the broader game is a bit alien.

    Nobody would mind if he wasn’t such a dick.

  36. Don


    I know. I know. I’m just messing with him.
    You obviously missed his condescending attack
    My grammar
    And punctuation

    He took some flack for that. Not from me though.

    Yeah I was barred in the evenings but could use the site on the day!!!
    Seems ok

  37. Champagne charlie

    Rooney is one of the most overrated players of the last decade. Very good player, nowhere near great or world class.

    He was fortunate to be at the club the same time as Ronaldo. But between Ronaldo running the show and RvP being drafted to carry them, Rooney was very much a beneficiary at United.

  38. Don

    Don’t you remember when he first burst into the scene??
    Two explanations
    1) he burnt out early
    2) fergie fucked him

    I’ll never truly know but if he joined a club that put him front and centre I’m inclined to think that he could have maintained the player he was for longer if he wasn’t put onto the right wing

  39. Champagne charlie


    Nah not for me, Rooney excelled so early because he was physically huge and had a 25 year olds frame at 16. He never got better or worked at his game significantly.

    Just a young English talent made to think he was up there with the elite in world football by English fans/press. Fergie was amazing, but he knew Rooney wasnt up to it and shunted him for a proper elite talent in Ronaldo.

    There’s a reason Fergie looks like a proud daddy when he sees and talks about Ronaldo vs when he talks about “Wayne”.

  40. DaleDaGooner

    “If I sign a contract I respect it. Of course if a club releases me I can somewhere else, but I know when I sign for two years at Arsenal that Arsenal has that contract and I have to respect it”

    And you c*#ts are upset Debuchy, Jenkinson are still at the club

  41. Don


    Man we are going to have to disagree again
    Fergie was a total knob. He did what was best for united, sure, but he fucked Rooney. You don’t ruin the amount of defences he ruined just because you have s frame beyond your years.
    That’s tosh
    He fucking terrorised defences until he was dropped to the wings
    He wasn’t even no 10
    He was water carrier

  42. champagne charlie


    Rooney was very good mate, I’m not saying otherwise. He simply wasn’t world great/world class.

    As such Fergie binned him wide for someone who genuinely was, then replaced fatty again with someone who genuinely was. Rooney was quality, but simply not as good as is stated.

  43. champagne charlie


    Don’t see the link whatsoever in the two mate, help me out.

    One was on 300k a week and held up as a world class player, whilst the other barely got credit beyond that of his manager.

  44. Marc

    Rooney is the most overrates player there’s been in my time watching football. He peaked in his early twenties and only survived beyond that by getting away with diving and fouling players with no come back.

    His trophy haul can be laid firmly at Fergie’s door, if anyone really rates him look at how many of his England goals came in World Cup finals?

  45. champagne charlie

    Genuine question…

    How is Klopp’s reputation on here after a couple of seasons under his belt in England?

  46. Sanmi

    The answer to that is pretty simple. On legrove anyone but Wenger is a genius. This is the same legrove that is claiming this pool team will finish ahead of arsenal because or gevinholike salah

  47. David Smith

    cannot think why Draxler, or any player of that calibre would want to play under a failing manager and back room staff as exists at Arsenal

  48. Sanmi

    David SmithAugust 15, 2017 21:50:13
    cannot think why Draxler, or any player of that calibre would want to play under a failing manager and back room staff as exists at Arsenal

    So why is lacazette here?

  49. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    News at don

    Don….. xhara better than inisita
    Don …. wenger will defy the odds an win the league
    Don ….. jack will fulfil the promise of 2008
    Don …..spurs won’t be biggef than us in 5 years

    Over to you news at don

  50. Marko

    How is Klopp’s reputation on here after a couple of seasons under his belt in England?

    Alright imo. Got them into the champions league. I never genuinely thought that he’d work miracles and have them win a title or anything. Always thought they’d be a stepping stone to a better job in a couple years

  51. champagne charlie


    So CL is good enough for Liverpool?

    Has Klopp been better or worse than Wenger in his time here? Why…

  52. Marko

    Has Klopp been better or worse than Wenger in his time here? Why…

    In the last two years? He probably has depends on how you look at things. I’m not sure that the FA Cup holds much sway over being in the champions league. For big clubs that’s the be all and the end all that and competing for the league. Question should be if we consider ourselves a big club anymore. Certainly don’t act like it.

  53. Marko

    So CL is good enough for Liverpool?

    It was good enough for us. For clubs like Liverpool and Spurs getting in consistently is success. We took it for granted for the last number of years and it finally caught up with us

  54. Relieable Sauce

    Klopp wasn’t expected to get top 4 I’d imagine last season, certainly surprised me.
    Was wenger expected to get top 4 ? Or was he just targeting the domestic cup ?

    Klopp has overachieved, wenger has underachieved consistently (IRONY!!!) for years.

    Klopp propably beats him on net spend, wage bill and player development as well.

  55. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have at the moment far too many players on their books and need to
    offload some before transfer window closes.

    My view is that there is now very little likelihood that we are going to make any further additions to squad apart from those already brought in

    So here is my forecast:

    Perez will be sold.
    Gibbs likely to be sold
    Wilshire ? I don’t know.
    Jenkinson sold for peanuts or loaned out so long as wages paid.
    Debuchy probably released with compensation package.
    Campbell injured and probably loaned in January for duration of contract.
    Oxlade-Chamberlain could well be sold if he refuses to sign new contract.
    Ozil will stay at Arsenal and probably sign pre contract in January with Turkish
    Sanchez retained and leave next summer most probably to Man City or PSG on Bosman.

  56. Carts

    I know Pedro and a couple others had a raging hard-on for Klopp.

    I think he good. But what irks me is the lack of attention to Liverpool conceding tacky goals. Watford game being a prime example.

  57. Carts

    “25 million for Ryan Sessongon of Fulham. He’s 17 and has one season under his belt. Market is crazy”

    Cue the merry-go-round. Ready?

    Rose to Utd
    Darmian to Serie A
    Sessengnon to skids.

    What I don’t understand is why no one took a chance on Sessengnon before he signed pro terms. I’m sure half that figure would’ve been enough, otherwise it would’ve been a bag of rice + 12 mitre football via the tribunal

  58. raptora

    Klopp finished outside of Europe and then they barely finished on 4-th place with ZERO european football with 1 point more than us. Bar that we had one second place and one fifth. They had one was it 7-th or 8-th? and one 4-th. We won FAC, they won fk all.

  59. Carts

    This programme on Skysport PL 25 Seasons – Henry confirmed that the pizza Cesc threw actually landed square on Sir Alex’s grid. LOL

    And how Wenger, literally jinxed us by saying that after going unbeaten in the memorable season, Wenger went out and said we could do it again. Henry said his reaction was “ahhh ffs”. Arrogance or confidence??

  60. Champagne charlie


    Hahaha that’s the most contrived nonsense I’ve read mate. You’re stating Cl qualification is good for them but equally not for us, then you diminish the FA cup because it’s an inconvenient truth that we’ve won it of late.

    Your efforts are boring. I knew some would try and argue some skewed idea that Koop has been better. He hasn’t and it’s pretty obvious. Some of you need to go for a walk, your judgement is totally corrupted.

  61. Marko

    Charlie we were being so civil. You asked me if I thought Klopp did well the last two years and I answered honestly. The last two years compared to Wenger and again I was honest I thought so because for Liverpool like Spurs consistently getting into the champions league is huge and frankly missing out can be a blow. I’m not or try not to diminish the FA Cups because I remember the 10/11 years prior where we won and competed for absolutely zero. So yeah on the one hand 3 FA Cups in 4 years can be considered successful but at the same time no legitimate title challenge in 12/13 years and no decent showing in Europe since ’06 can be equally telling. I think this started about Klopp anyway but certainly two years in and he’s brought them back to the champions league should be considered successful. Comparing both I wouldn’t want to go down that road to be honest. Fair enough Wenger has won 3 FA Cups in 4 years (13 years also) but in the last decade Klopp has won more league titles and had a better showing in the champions league

  62. Bamford10

    I am shocked that Klopp has been so negligent with his defense, and I have no idea why he hasn’t spent more to improve it — sadly, probably b/c of some misguided respect for Wenger, actually — but there is no question he’s a better manager than Wenger.

    One, he beat Bayern twice for the title with Dortmund — in the current era.

    Two, his teams play better football.

    Three, he finished higher than Wenger having spent less money.

    If he doesn’t spend some money on some quality defenders soon, though, he is not going to do anything in the PL.

  63. Marko

    You’re stating Cl qualification is good for them but equally not for us,

    I didn’t I said it was huge for them to qualify consistently and we took it for granted for years and it finally caught up with us. I also think given the choice this manager would give up the FA Cup for champions league qualification

  64. grooveydaddy

    From the horse’s mouth:


    Wenger – “For me, there are five ‘trophies’ – the first is to win the Premier League, the second is to win the Champions League, the third is to qualify for the Champions League, the fourth is to win the FA Cup and the fifth is to win the League Cup.”

    By Wenger’s own metric, it would appear that Klopp had a better season.

  65. Black Hei

    Klopp is different to Wenger in so many aspects. He is younger, drinks beer, listens to rock, wears spectacles, carries a beard, screams with his spit flying everywhere on the touchline……

    However when it comes to coaching football, they are eerily similar.

  66. Black Hei


    I think CC is responding to other posters and not to you in particular when he made that remark.

    I guess he has been punched so often he starts forgetting who hits him for what in the first place. In other words, not all WOs are of similar deposition.

    It was a big thing on Le Grove a few years back about FA Cup being more important than CL qualification. We were so starved of hardware that we just wanted something solid over something tenuous.

    The AKBs, me, Wallace etc; we thought Wenger was right to prioritize the league position and CL qualification over FA Cup (though it still suck). Most of the others felt that there is no point to it since we will never win the CL anyway.

    So there you go. I think last season’s FA Cup win was special because of who we beat along the way. Man City followed by Chelsea in the final.

  67. Don

    Yes klopp had a better season
    Of course he did
    Arsenal are used to being in the champions league. We are there every year so to drop out of that now is a blow. But that’s more of a blow to the club really. To Wenger and his players and the money men.
    I wouldn’t swap that fa cup won for the champions league spot.
    No chance. It’s up there with the best. Maybe the best.
    That said, not playing in the champions league this year when literally every single one of our competition for the title is, well it offers us a huge advantage. It offers our first team a full weeks rest and I’m going to say it, I’m glad we have kept some of the dead wood
    It means Wenger can field a totally different 11 in the cup comps than he can in the league, thus keeping our first 11 fresh.

  68. TitsMcGee

    Keeping Ozil and Sanchez with our two summer additions and top 4 should be attainable. Unfortunately that is the ceiling of our ambition.

  69. TitsMcGee

    Wenger – “For me, there are five ‘trophies’ – the first is to win the Premier League, the second is to win the Champions League, the third is to qualify for the Champions League, the fourth is to win the FA Cup and the fifth is to win the League Cup.”

    So 12 x5 = 60

    3 trophies out of 60. Of course nobody will win all or even half or a quarter but 3 trophies in 12 years. Wenger himself listed it 2nd to last ahead of the League Cup.

    Do they count? Yes. Are they prestigious? Hard to say anything but no when Wigan has won it in recent years with Hull City and Aston Villa getting to finals in recent times as well.

  70. peanuts&monkeys

    “Oxlade-Chamberlain could well be sold if he refuses to sign new contract.”

    even an underskilled player like Oxlade doesn’t want to stay at Arsenal under MFWenger. Sometimes, i have felt, Oxlade is an utter demotivated player. so is Ozil. Only Sanchez has proven us wrong time after time after time.

    what shit these english Arsenal fans are….they cannot distinguish shit from gold…meekly surrendered to an american billionaire and allowing him to ruin their club for 10 years now. they dont deserve a wise man’s pity.

  71. Wallace


    “Do they count? Yes. Are they prestigious? Hard to say anything but no when Wigan has won it in recent years with Hull City and Aston Villa getting to finals in recent times as well.”

    does Leicester winning the league the other year mean that’s also now a minor trophy, and it’s only really the champions league that’s worth winning these days?

  72. peanuts&monkeys

    “the third is to qualify for the Champions League,” ….that is coming 4th in the league. That is 4th is a trophy. and WengerMF has brought that trophy for 20 fucking years. so, 20 + 3 = 23 out of 60.


  73. peanuts&monkeys

    ““Do they count? Yes. Are they prestigious? Hard to say anything but no when Wigan has won it in recent years with Hull City and Aston Villa getting to finals in recent times as well.”does Leicester winning the league the other year mean that’s also now a minor trophy, and it’s only really the champions league that’s worth winning these days?”

    whoever hasn’t ever made out what ‘shifting the goalposts’ mean, can get a lesson on that expression here on this AKBlog.

    fucking losers!!

  74. N5

    I see Gundogan is back from injury. I had forgotten about him as he’d been out for so long. Hard to see where he will fit in to be honest.

  75. grooveydaddy


    I’d say our repeated failures in the league and CL is why people are down on the FA Cup.

    Can’t blame people for seeing it as a consolation prize after disastrous campaigns in the ‘major’ competitions.

  76. Sanmi


    So by your analogy, Leicester winning the epl of recent means epl is also a shitty trophy and Porto winning in Champs league in 04 makes a shitty trophy too?

    You can’t make this up

  77. TitsMcGee

    does Leicester winning the league the other year mean that’s also now a minor trophy, and it’s only really the champions league that’s worth winning these days?”

    How often does an upstart win the League? You can’t accidentally win the League over 38 games. (Ask Wenger right? )

    Don’t be disingenuous. Your savior himself listed it 2nd to last , even below top 4 finish.

    How’s that “Arsene /Arsenal are improving season by season” statement looking now by the way? 😉

  78. Sanmi

    grooveydaddyAugust 16, 2017 07:26:12
    WallaceI’d say our repeated failures in the league and CL is why people are down on the FA Cup.Can’t blame people for seeing it as a consolation prize after disastrous campaigns in the ‘major’ competitions

    Actually I can blame people. They have lost all sense of judgement. Goal posts are continually being moved.
    Prior to 4 seasons ago, wenger was referred to as specialist in failure because he hasn’t won a trophy for 8yrs or so. Then he wins an Fa, it was referred to as a fluke. Then he repeated it, they said it was because the opposition was shit. Then he repeated it beating arguably the 2 best teams in the land. Then fa cup don’t count again.
    It is now the Champs lge qualifications he’s had for 19yrs non stop, that’s what is now better?

    Like I’ve said, it doesn’t matter what we win… their mind is set. At that point people lose all sense of reasoning objectivity is thrown out the window.
    I mean if people are bigging up pochetinno and klopp , whom if you combine their trophy haul isn’t up to Wenger. And have only finished above Wenger in one season.

    If klopp is in exact Wenger shoes and Wenger is in klopp shoes. The shitty fans will reverse the argument and say klopp has consistently qualified, and won 3 fa cups to booth. But Wenger only qualifies for one season with no trophy . Therefore klopp is better. Now that’s a reasonable argument but because Wenger is in that shoe it’s no longer reasonable. Pathetic

  79. TitsMcGee

    So by your analogy, Leicester winning the epl of recent means epl is also a shitty trophy and Porto winning in Champs league in 04 makes a shitty trophy too?”

    You often wonder how so many people can sing one Arsene Wenger in the stands after all his failures and then you come on here and see how thick people are and it all makes sense. Jesus Christ.

    I love how you AKB lot keep pointing to LCFC winning the league as some sort of imperical evidence that the FA CUP victory is of value when it literally is the only time in 20 years that it happened going back as far as Blackburn Rovers.

    Your own savior listed the FA CUP behind 4th place in terms of priority? But wait let me guess. You’re going to tell me not to take everything he says literally just because it suits your argument? You lot are like an effing cult .

  80. Dream10

    Alexis must be gutted he’s not moving this summer. He knows this might be his last chance at earning £400k per week. Just produced the best individual season of his career at 28, which he probably won’t replicate. 29 in December, he’s among the second tier of class attackers, so an offer like the ones Man City, PSG are offering may not be there next summer. Similar to Barça with Phil Coutinho. those three clubs will go for the top tier attacks next summer or a young player with a higher ceiling. Alexis’s agent asked Bayern for salary which was over £100k per week higher than Lewandowski. They basically told him fcuk off lol. Milan or Inter making the CL and continuing to invest is probably his best hope of £400k per week in Europe.
    He’s looking for Chinese money and CL football

  81. Sanmi

    I have never used Leicester as a reason for importance of fa cup. Rather it’s been used to counter your argument.

    For me epl, fa cup, Champs league, europa, carling cup are all trophies.
    Winning anyone is better than coming 2nd in another. For a fan. That’s the pride and that’s what history remembers
    For the board it could be different because the financial reward isn’t the same.
    Looking at it from a board and fans perspective, arsenal have done ok in last 4 years. Winning 3 trophies and qualifying 3 times. Which is on par with any epl team or even better

  82. grooveydaddy

    Let’s be honest. Nobody really gives a toss about the League Cup, and pretty much every team prioritizes league position over the FA Cup.

    Top teams should be competing for the league and CL, and we just haven’t, in a long time.

  83. Don


    If you’re counting the champions league qualification as a trophy then your maths is off mate.
    We qualified for the champions league 11 times in the last 12 years. Your total number should be 14/60 trophies.
    If johnny has 60 apples….

    I don’t consider qualifying for the champions league a trophy. It’s an achievement alright and we should be aiming to be in there every single year and to compete as well as we possibly can but it’s not a trophy to me.

  84. WestLondonGoon

    If we think that this summer is bad, just wait until next summer. Assuming the 3 contract rebels stay this season and live up to Wenger’s assestion that they will become super hungry to prove themselves, next summer we will have (perhaps) 3 first teamers who we need to replace with no money.

    You could say Iwobi would step into Ozil’s position, but who replaces Sanchez? Who replaces Arsene’s favourite band-aid, Ox? He played was it 5 different positions last year, with varying success. We can be sure if the board want him sold and Wenger is refusing. they certainly aren’t going to release many funds for replacements.

    We have even more entering their final year next July, so we could be significantly weaker at the start of 18/19.

  85. Wallace


    “How often does an upstart win the League? ”

    how often does an upstart win the FA Cup?

    last 30 yrs –

    Arsenal – 9
    Man Utd – 7
    Chelsea – 6
    Liverpool – 4
    Man City – 1
    Spurs – 1
    Everton – 1
    Portsmouth – 1
    Wigan – 1

  86. Don

    Dream 10
    Honestly, how many players have a higher ceiling than Sanchez in his position? Neymar and Messi. Literally nobody else. Any other name you throw into the mix is just guess work and speculation.

  87. Dream10


    Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Benzema (elite collective play), Bale (injury prone), Lewandowski, Suárez, Hazard, Cavani

    Elite in next 12 months
    Dembélé, Mbappé, Asensio

  88. WestLondonGoon

    Wilshere can’t last a season without breaking down and probably won’t even be at the club next year; Nelson will only be 18, but hey, why not ruin another young player; and Iwobi is still learning the game. himself and can’t, as yet, be relied on.

  89. raptora

    Liverpool would be stupid not to sell for 120m pounds if the offer is as good as they say. They could get van Dijk, Sigurdsson (or Rakitic + money) and Aurier for the exact same money and upgrade massively. Money is a problem for them I reckon and the player obviously wants out. Seems like a smart choice for me. Because atm they don’t look as title contenders. They look same as last year pretty much.

  90. Don

    Dream 10

    I’m not talking about strikers. We all know Alexis isn’t a striker
    He’s an attacking wide player.
    Ronaldo, lewendowski, Suarez,benzema are all strikers

    Hazard comes close but Sanchez is better
    Hazard is playing for the supposed best team in the league and cannot replicate sanchez’ numbers and Sanchez In a season when arsenal finished 5th

    That’s very disingenuous
    Also mbappe, dembele, asensio, yes are all very talented and promising players but until they step up then they are not yet elite.
    Real thought anelka was going to be elite when they spent £23m on him in 2000, he flopped
    Barca thought Ricardo Queresma was going to be elite because as youth player he was better than Ronaldo
    He flopped
    The game is littred with youngsters that promised much and for one reason or another never quite made it. My point is until they are doing what Sanchez can do, in his position then they cannot be considered elite.

  91. Sanmi

    Can people stop naming Benzema as world class. He is NOT.
    Most world class strikers will be smashing it in Madrid. He is not. Even Berbatov had better numbers when playing with an inferior Ronaldo

  92. raptora

    Jese Rodriguez’s arrival at the bet365 Stadium means Stoke have more Champions League winners in their squad than any other English club.

    L O L !

  93. Pierre

    The team that could benefit from the rise in transfer fees is Tottenham….
    They could sell maybe 3 of their top players which could fetch in a possible 300mil or more going by today’s market … They could use that money to pay off a chunk of the loan on their new stadium…

    Tottenham are not under the same sort of pressure as say arsenal and Liverpool to win trophies so there would not be a backlash from fans or media for not using the money from transfers to buy new players..

    If Liverpool sell Coutinho they would be expected to go out and buy replacements, the fans would demand it… The problem they will have is, let’s say they want to buy Dick Van Dyke from Southampton.. Originally his price would be about 30 mil, now they will probably ask for 60/70 mil as they know Liverpool have the money so Liverpool selling Coutinho for 100mil may look a good deal but, in reality it’s not..

    Levy at spurs must be thinking all his birthdays have come at once with this transfer fee explosion..

  94. TR7

    Everton signings – Rooney, Siggurdson, Keane, Pickford, Sandro, Klassan.

    I don’t know much about Klassan but all the other signings will improve their team. Yet I don’t see them break in to top 4, may just make it in to top 6 if one of the big teams stutter.

  95. grooveydaddy


    There you go. Wenger says he wants to keep Jack this year. (to walk on a free next summer?)

    Looks like no CM coming in…

  96. raptora

    “It’s good Wilshere is back and available,” the Arsenal boss said. “He needs games now, he may play on Monday night (for U23s).
    “Overall his natural progression is important for him to get back fit. He is not far away now.
    “At the moment his future is at the club. I plan for him to be here for the whole season, after that we will see at the end of the season.”

    “I have opened the door for Perez,” he said. “There is a possibility (of Perez’s departure) because we have many strikers. If he finds a good opportunity I will help him.”

  97. HighburyLegend

    Please guys keep quiet.
    Don’t bother gran’pa wenger during his favourite nap – ze transfer window.

  98. Wallace

    Mertesacker, Mustafi & Coquelin back for Stoke. would definitely lob the first two straight in…

    Mustafi – Mert – Monreal
    Ox – Ramsey – Xhaka – Kolasinac
    Ozil – Lacazette – Welbz