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It’s all about the players heading out the door at the moment. The latest two stories are geared around Chamberlain, who is attracting a £35m from Chelsea, and Alexis, who has City gearing up a £60m bid.

It’s distressing our summer is being bothered by two players who only have a year left on their deals, but if we’re strong, then I guess it won’t be such an issue in the short term.

Chambo is a tough one. He’s 23 years old, he’s shown some promise in a new position that would normally be occupied by Bellerin, and he’s dropping numbers stats wise. However, it has to be noted that he’s been pretty average for years now. If he’s not in terrible form, he’s out injured. It’s no coincidence he’s putting in the good form now there’s a contract on the line.

Do we keep him, and deal with the full on Theo effect – where we overpay because we’re weak on the leverage front – then suffer 4 years of average as he mails it in. Or do we sell him to Conte who beasts him into the player we know he could become?

A tough decision. I’d probably be inclined to sell him if there’s a player we could buy in his place. Namely, because there are just some players Wenger can’t improve. Chamberlain appears to be one of them. Maybe a new coach and a fresh outlook is what he needs for his career? £35m is better than nothing at the end of the season. As far as I can see, we’re losing both ways. He signs and has a good year, he’ll leave. If he stays and plays shite, he’ll leave in a year. Might as well take the mullah.

The Alexis story is a non-starter for me. They have no one that’s attainable that I’d be interested in swap wise. They are a rival with a hole in their front line Sanchez could fill. We simply can’t allow the Chilean to there. PSG or no-one in my opinion.

If anyone needed further evidence that Juve have lost their damn minds this summer, they’re eyeing up Jack Wilshere along with AC Milan, Roma and Sampdoria. I hope someone lands him. A lost talent who needs a new club to shake some passion into him. The thought of Jack picking up some culture in Italy fills me with joy. Sun, great food, and the arts. What more could a young lad want?

Talking of young lads. Reiss Nelson scored a wonder goal in the reserves. Take that in. SPECIAL.

Finally, let’s end on some banter. Some papers are linking us to Asensio. He has a £72m release clause and we’re going to test their resolve. PUUUUURLEASE.

“He wanted me to stay, I wanted to stay too, always said that, my plan was to use pre-season to win a place in the squad, and that is how it has turned out.

“I am here to fight for a place, I am available for him whenever he needs me. I am comfortable in any position in attack, either side or in the centre.”

Looks like that one is dead in the water.

RIGHT, see you tomorrow. Pray for more positivity on the transfer front.

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  1. Bankz

    Like I said the other day,the hunt for the legrove Tr4phy is now more competitive than the English premier league.

  2. Bankz

    I’m not one to hype kids at Arsenal but this Nelson lad sure looks a talent, hope he is managed properly in a way that won’t hinder his growth.

  3. WestLondonGoon

    I watched Asensio a few times last season and immediately thought that he would be to heir to the Ronaldo throne at Madrid; If CR7 was a coulpe of years younger, I could see Madrid lettig us have him for a 2 years to get him battle hardened in the Prem, before using the Madrid DNA line to call him back to them.

    But with Ronaldo the age he is, Asensio could be looking at a lot more playing time this season, especially if Ronaldo keeps picking up stupid bans.

    Basically, we have no hope of landing him…..just more club PR bull. We need to address the midfield not attack anyway, i just wish that buffoon in charge could see what is so obvious to everyone else in football.

  4. WestLondonGoon

    Spot on Bankz,

    Nelson looks to have the potential to be a big talent, I just hope the club don’t ruin this one.

  5. Don

    Djemba djemba
    Michael Owen
    The two Brazilian twins
    Carrick I would consider a flop
    Liam miller-new Roy Keane my arse
    Frazier Campbell
    Guiseppe Rossi
    Johnny Evans
    Wes Brown
    Kieran Richardson
    Ravel Morrison
    John O shea

  6. Don

    West LondonNo top manager really compares to selling players at a profit Nearly everyone that’s left has gone for profitThat’s is not an argument you can level at Wenger
    Yes he has let the squad fritter down in quality
    Yes he’s let too many run their contracts down
    Yes certain players have not progressed as we all hoped they would under him but that is true at money clubsPerhaps it’s more down to the modern footballer or the modern young man than just the manager
    I think young lads today don’t have the same character and drive of previous generations
    You look at the England squad of old and it was littred with leaders and characters
    Now they’re just skinny little wingers that show a season of from before disappearing
    You think of who couldn’t get into the old England team
    Le tissierThey would all walk into this team
    Same as Italy, holland, Brazil
    All those sides used to be dominated by top players with top personality traits
    Not any more
    Look at the squads past. The players they had on their bench would now walk into their national first teams

  7. Emiratesstroller


    There is no argument that we should sell Ox if we get a decent offer. However,
    on evidence of recent games he is playing better in right wing back position than Bellerin.

    Also we know that Bellerin wants to return to Barcelona, which may also be a
    reason for his decline in form at end of last season and the game against Leicester.

    Potentially we could land up losing both right wing backs.

    On the subject of alleged interest from Juventus in Wilshire I will bet that if
    they make an offer it will be a loan until end of season. I doubt that they will
    pay a transfer fee for him.

  8. Don

    The standard has dropped and the bar lowered all across the board
    Not just at arsenal but at every league except the super clubs
    Maybe the champions league was the worst thing that could have happened to football
    Allowing so many clubs the monopoly on top players
    Ronaldo played the his best football in the euefa cup
    For inter and psv and Barca
    Back then those sides had access to the worlds best, until the champions league started allowing 3-4-5 teams into the competition from the top nations meaning that the best had their pick as they had alll the tv money and the other teams were left with a lower standard of player

  9. Emiratesstroller

    Wonderful interview of Thierry Henry on Sky.

    Analyses Arsenal’s problems to a tee.

    Indicates that Arsenal has no problem scoring goals but the team’s defensive
    discipline against Leicester was awful and repeats once again what has been
    happening for years at club.

    He makes the point that if you play three at back particular when you have new players in team you need your central midfield to be defensively disciplined and not bomb forward as our midfielders always do.

    If you play against counterattacking teams you need midfield to be organised.

    As he highlighted and I also pointed out on the weekend teams who win titles
    do not concede goals. They are defensively mean.

  10. raptora

    I’d say I cannot agree with like half of them Don. Like Macheda who was a free transfer and went to Manchester United as a 14 yo. How can this be a flop? LOL
    Or Berbatov who scored 48 goals in 108 games in the league for MU, which is more than good statistic, he couldn’t really shine because in that team were also Ronaldo, Tevez, Rooney, Giggs. SAF wouldn’t base his team on Berbatov which is what happened in his time with the spuds.
    Or saying that Carrick is a flop. Anyone would tell you different.
    Or John O’Shea who is another MU youth academy product, acquired for 0 pouds and was like the Solskjaer equivalent in defense. One of the reasons that Fergie was ruling over the EPL was because he had players like O’Shea who if a first team player got injured, he could always call O’Shea, Erwin, Fletcher, Phil Neville,Park Ji-sung, Welbeck, Silvestre. Our reserves have always been pony.
    Thing is that Fergie was mostly aware of the player quality so if he saw that a player is not good enough he would just freeze him. He’d stop playing them until he could get rid of them. Wenger needed much more time to realize his mistakes. Always have been the case. Lack of flexibility.

  11. raptora

    Also Macheda won United the title 2008/09 with his injury time goal. United lost their previous two games and if it wasn’t for one of the most genius Fergie decisions to throw in the deep a 17 yo complete rando, who I’ve never heard before that in my life. His career never kept going but he’s never a flop in my eyes.

  12. raptora

    I’m not sure that Fowler and Wright or Owen are better/more accomplished players than Kane. Certainly lacking in a lot of aspects put next to him.
    Also the level of defense, strategic competence and physical endurance has moved universes ahead in the last 20 years ago. Anyways not really the topic.

  13. Leftsidesanch

    cant understand why pep would want Sanchez, id have thought it was to weaken a rival but I can’t even say that out loud with a straight face. We have faded into irrelevance akin to X-Factor and keep coming back every year with a cosmetic changes that don’t do anything to really help.

  14. raptora

    Henry has just repeated what all of us had already said. Nothing new or revolutional. Also showing Man United as an example that they didn’t concede – West Ham as pony as they were, had more than several good chances and only luck saved United. Spuds didn’t concede because Rafa gave the best Conte expression and wanted to show Ashley he needs more money, also 2 of their backs got injured in the first half and then effin Jonjo got red-carded for being a dum fk.

  15. Carts

    LOL I’m sure we could compile a list of Wenger flops quite easily, using the same criterias as Sanmi…


    and so on…

    As Raptora alluded to, I wouldn’t include youth players like Hoyte or Bentley, and their situation is much different to Wilshere’s

  16. Carts

    Asensio isn’t going anywhere, chaps. So put your willy’s and moisturiser away.

    He’s fishing for improved terms, and rightfully so. He’s basically doing a Ramos.

  17. Don

    United spent £30m on carrick and £30m on berbatov
    Which other top side would have spent that on them
    Also for that money I don’t think they managed to go on and become what they were bought for
    Neither continued their spurs form at united

    Also if we are citing youth players that turned out to be squad players then Gibbs, wilshire and co could have the same said for them

    I was asked for players united had that flopped and I have listed the ones i thought either did not represent value for money or did not go on to achieve the heights that they initially may have promised or were found out and flogged after 3/4 years

  18. Don

    Come on
    Fowler was fucking dynamite
    Easily as good as Kane if not better but that’s not the point
    Kane is in the minority
    He’s pretty much the only player in the England team that as stepped up for club to that level.
    My point stands
    Where is the competition? The current England team wouldn’t even be up for consideration in comparison with the 96,98,00,02,04, sides

  19. raptora

    What about Lassana Diarra. The dude got sold to Pompey who sold him to Real Madrid after just one season with more than 10m pounds profit. He played 117 games for Madrid yet he was a sub to Denilson, Song and mainly Flamini. Flamini, who Wenger preferred to Diarra, made his best campaign that year just so he could give us the middle finger by going to Milan. In the end we ended up without both Flamini and Diarra in the same summer. That following season Denilson registered 51 (most used player) appearances and I remember Djorou, Silvestre and Eboue used as a DM in that or the following seasons. Things only Wenger does.

  20. Leftsidesanch

    Come the close of the window we will be a Perez lighter in the squad and that’s where it will end in terms of ‘trimming off the fat’.

  21. Marko

    Michael Carrick was a flop? An ever present in midfield for about 10 years and has won league and champions league titles and he’s a flop? Wouldn’t want to know what you thought of some of the midfielders we’ve had over the years.

  22. Cesc Appeal

    I really do enjoy the way Wenger says things like the window should close before the season starts, when at least three times in the last in the last five or six years Wenger has shat his pants after the season started and went out and panic bought. Arteta, Mert, Park etc, Ozil, then Mustafi and Perez.

    Arriving into the season under cooked is a Wenger specialty, if I was him I certainly would not be supporting closing the window earlier as foresight and proaction do not appear his specialty.

  23. Don


    Yeah that was pretty annoying
    I remember him getting diarra go and couldn’t for the life of me understand why??
    More than capable of doing a job for us at a time when Makalele was bossing the dm position for Charles’s
    We had our own there sat on the bench.
    That pissed me off

  24. Leftsidesanch

    Yes, I understand why other managers who do their business in good time are in favour of the window being closed prior to opening game of the season. It takes Arsenal up to the first day of the season to decide what they want to do with their squad – if I was him I’d sit out of this battle.

  25. steve


    Let me add to your list of dross Wenger signed:


  26. raptora

    In no universe is Carrick a flop. You better fix that view of yours LOL. He’s had 459 games for United. The base for 5-th time EPL titles, a Champions League cup. Voted for the best player of United in a title winning year. In which universe is he a flop?! He’s up there next to Giggs, Scholes and the rest.
    Berbatov was the top league scorer in Manchester United. How was he a flop? Could he achieved more – yes! But was he a flop?! A goal every 2 games and he was also known for his assists and smart play, probably the closest striker to DB10 of late.
    Also who gives a fk how much they have cost them. Were they successful for United? Yes! Were they benchwarmers? No! Did they help them win trophies?! Yes! That’s all you need to know.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    He should certainly think on that, the thrashing at United, losing at home to Villa first day, losing at home to Liverpool first day and not having the ability to buy players to boost the squad and placate the fan base.

  28. Carts

    re: Transfer window

    So If we close our window the eve before the first game of the season, we’re effectively saying that there’s zero chance any player considered vital to a team will be sold?

    Hmm, so let’s say the window has already closed. Sanchez and Ox hand in a transfer request, Arsenal would refuse to sell, till January?

  29. Cesc Appeal


    Wenger has long been vocally in support of the window officially closing before the first game of the season, so it would be as if it were September halfway through August in effect.

    Apparently the league are looking at it as an option.

    I’m just stating this is one of those times where people have let Wenger get away with spouting complete nonsense because Wenger has shit himself deep, deep into the window after the season has started numerous times.

    Can you imagine the 2011/12 season without Arteta, Mert and Benayoun coming in, can you imagine the fan feeling after a summer of having only got Sanogo and Flamini on frees and losing opening day to Villa if no Ozil has been bought etc.

    Journalists just let him get away with this stuff.

  30. Leftsidesanch

    Kallstrom was a mind boggling decision, the more i ponder these decisions I’m sure we are dealing with an insane individual – just hasn’t been rendered so clinically yet.

    Didn’t we also go into a season in need of a striker KNOWING that Welbeck was crocked and then revealing this after the window had closed whilst ignoring the disappointment of the fan base?

  31. raptora

    My guess is that it they will just move the end date of the window from 1-st of September to somewhere before the opening game in August. Same rules apply as if the window is closing in September so whoever would want to put a transfer requests in they’d have to do it earlier.

    I’m up for that for sure.

  32. raptora

    Danny Welbeck undergoes knee surgery
    03 Sep 2015

    Danny Welbeck has undergone surgery on his left knee after being unable to sufficiently step up his rehabilitation work.
    The striker has been working throughout the summer to recover from the injury sustained at the end of April.
    It had been hoped he would avoid surgery but after increasing his training workload, the injury to his cartilage did not respond as well as hoped and the decision was taken last week for him to undergo surgery by a leading specialist in the field.
    Danny is now expected to be out for a period of months and everyone at Arsenal wishes him well.


  33. Samir

    One interesting thing, seems Sane has lost his starting place in the Man City team.

    If I was Wenger I would be asking for Sane + 20M for Sanchez.
    Then go and get a decent CB/DM. (Van Dijk & Matuidi)
    Also let Ox go to Chelsea for 35M and buy someone in January.

    ………..Mustafi–Van Dijk–Koss

  34. Don

    There are some dubious inclusions in that list but Christopher wreh cannot be included
    He was never signed with the intention of being anything but 4th choice
    He also scored 3 title winning goals for us and the winner in the FA cup semi final vs wolves
    Without him there would ha e been no double
    I’m not having that
    If you include Chris wreh then you either weren’t a supporter back then or you were on the piss so much your brain just couldn’t cope with the details

    What did we get him for? £2m or something
    He won us the double for gods sake

  35. Don


    Neither of them continued the form they showed for spurs
    Neither of them represented value for money
    Neither of them got close to being the player they were bought to be except in glimpses
    So they won titles? Loads of mid level players win titles
    Ray parlour won titles
    He wasn’t a £30m midfielder but I’d take him over carrick all day long

  36. Champagne charlie

    How much money was spent buying both sets of players? At a glance, the list of Arsenal players seems to be cheap punts.

  37. Champagne charlie

    Michael Carrick has been superb for United, massively underrated and it’s actually embarrassing to suggest he’s a flop of any kind.

  38. raptora

    Rosicky – 247 apps – 155 games missed.
    Wilshere – 159 apps – 154 games missed.
    Welbeck – 71 apps – 79 games missed.
    Abou Diaby – 180 apps – 250 games missed.

    This is including sub introductions, including games for pony cup and games where they were eased so they could get their fitness back. Stunning.

  39. Marc

    Now that it’s looking increasingly lightly that both the Ox and Sanchez are on their way will one of those who were arguing that we should give Wenger the benefit of the doubt and wait and see what happens in the TW please explain how we are stronger this season than last?

  40. Don

    And most of the Arsenal players on that list were said games when we had no money and had to buy from the bargain basement
    We had a stadium to pay for while I tied were throwing millions around
    We were taking silvestre

  41. Carts


    Can you imagine Jacky Oakley feeding him that. “So Wenger, if you’re so in favour of closing the window sooner, why do you love an 11th hour shopping dash so much…”

    I remember that Summer so vividly. Wenger blew £70m like no man’s business.


    I think that’s wise. It’ll at least stop players from trying to force moves late in the day which create issue for the selling club

  42. Carts


    Defend Wreh like that; but to quote Carrick at £12m higher than what Utd paid + the fact, in your opinion, he’s a flop, is bizarre.

  43. Don

    Maybe a flop for carrick is slightly harsh but he underwhelmed for me
    Sorry but if he was so good then why did they have to bring scholes back. He could play the odd pass but for that money in that team. Nah
    Never rated him
    He couldn’t get into the England side
    Hargreaves was ahead of him whenever he was fit in a time when he was at his peak

  44. Frank Mc

    Manchester United[227]
    Premier League: 2006–07, 2007–08, 2008–09, 2010–11, 2012–13
    FA Cup: 2015–16
    Football League Cup: 2008–09, 2009–10, 2016–17
    FA Community Shield: 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2016
    UEFA Champions League: 2007–08
    UEFA Europa League: 2016–17[228]
    FIFA Club World Cup: 2008
    He’s no giggsy but hardly a flop FFS!!!

  45. raptora

    One could claim that Carrick has been one of the three best United players in the last 10 years, alongside Rooney and Ferdinand. Ronaldo excluded since he only played for a year or two in the side in this period of time and left for RM in 2009. A period with 4 EPL titles and a CL.

  46. Don

    Look I didn’t rate the guy
    He didn’t go on to become a dominant midfielder
    Even in his era he would struggle to make the best list
    Scholes was better
    So was Hargreaves
    So was Gerrard
    So was lampard so was essien
    So was makalele
    So was fabregas
    So was xabi alonso
    So was mascherano
    I rated gareth Barry as a better midfielder
    I just thought carrick was overrated and over hyped
    Sorry. That’s my opinion

    And uniteds too 3 over last ten years

    Jesus van Persie should be in there
    He played at a time when united had such a weak midfield
    They were storing in every single department except centre mid.
    Put carrick in any other side and he’s not winning a thing
    Take carrick out of that midfield and they’d still have won their titles
    Sorry but he wasn’t a hit for me

  47. WestLondonGoon

    Great work Don and Carts

    Now go back and look at those lists and compare winners medals. United’s list contains a fair few (multi) Premier League winners, and CL winners; the Arsenal ‘flops’ don’t compare in terms of flopiness.

  48. Carts


    “And most of the Arsenal players on that list were said games when we had no money and had to buy from the bargain basement
    We had a stadium to pay for while I tied were throwing millions around
    We were taking silvestre”

    There’s no denying how difficult times were, but Wenger’s approach was pure exaggeration, imo! He had no right to go for players like Silvestre, while telling us he believed we had what it took to challenge.

  49. Rhys Jaggar

    Managerial insanity vs blackmailable individual – which is more likely to cause odd transfer market activity?

  50. raptora

    “He had no right to go for players like Silvestre, while telling us he believed we had what it took to challenge.”

    Literally Klopp when he bought Karius as a starter GK, Klavan as starter CB and a £25m Wijnaldum last summer.

  51. Bamford10

    Ferguson would have played Ox in a single position — as a wide player — and would have taught him how to play that position. Wenger has played him in 3-4 positions, taught him nothing and Ox has progressed and developed very little.

  52. Marko

    Can you imagine the 2011/12 season without Arteta, Mert and Benayoun coming in, can you imagine the fan feeling after a summer of having only got Sanogo and Flamini on frees and losing opening day to Villa if no Ozil has been bought etc.

    Can’t tell if it’d be horrific or pure comedy

  53. raptora

    Bamford has a point there. All of Theo, Wilshere, Chamberlain (bar his last 10 games) and Gibbs have regressed from their teenager years. Ramsey let’s say is in the same spot. How is that even possible?!

  54. Don


    I agree
    It was shit
    It’s actually amazing we managed to make top four with the shit we had in our squad at the time and of course the trophy cabinets don’t compare but I just think carrick underwhelmed
    Thought he was fucking awesome at spurs and he went to untied and never was the same
    I think the same of Rooney too
    Fergie curtailed his creativity to accommodate Ronaldo and others

  55. Bamford10

    As much shit as people give Benayoun, he worked tirelessly that season and ended up being one of the reasons we managed to finish fourth.

    Provided I am remembering the right season. 😉

  56. Bamford10


    Why do you continue to post in un-punctuated, unfinished lines? What are you typing on? It’s really annoying to read.

  57. Don


    Would he??
    He ruined Rooney by shunting him around to accomadate yet players
    Left wing, right wing, midfield, no10 striker

  58. S Asoa


    ” In the end we ended up without both Flamini and Diarra in the same summer. That following season Denilson registered 51 (most used player) appearances and I remember Djorou, Silvestre and Eboue used as a DM in that or the following seasons. Things only Wenger does.”

    When I saw the list of turds at the end.
    …what Wenger does….poo

  59. Bamford10

    Carrick is obviously not a flop, and there is no comparing Wenger to SAF when it comes to player development, signings or winning.

    Don is just REACHING — desperately — as this is what one must do to defend Arsene Wenger.

  60. Bamford10


    OK, but why do you begin each new thought on a new line? Just insert a punctuation mark and continue. For example:

    “I’m working mate. Trying to get work done and respond to the odd comment on my phone.”

  61. Marko

    Don are you now suggesting Rooney was never has good at United as he was at Everton? Like Carrick was never has good as he was at Spurs?

  62. Pierre

    Our main problem at the weekend we were sloppy in possession in midfield and at the back which put pressure on the defence , especially in the first half … The main culprits were ozil (in the first 5mins),xhaka(first 25 mins) and then holding (25-45 mins).. This kept giving Leicester the chance to attack us… The 2 dead ball goals were mainly due to lack of height at the back and not organising ourselves quick enough at corners…

    I will come back to the fact that we only had 6 attempts on our goal despite “defending like a pub team” ) which according to emiratestroller was the concensus of opinion in the ground (probably one bloke said it at half time, if you ask me….(.west ham had 9 attempts against man u but I hear no complaints about uniteds defence)
    I will say that holding defensively was very good, he covered very well and it was his defending that kept the attempts down to a minimum.. He had a very dodgy 20 minute period where his passing went to pieces but his defending was good.

  63. Bamford10

    No, Don, that was towards the end of Rooney’s career, after he had already won many things and long played in a single role. Wayne Rooney had an excellent career and developed well as a player. The same cannot be said of the players under Wenger I am referring to (Ox, Ramsey, Theo, etc.).

  64. raptora

    Very interesting to hear from you that you don’t rate Carrick but you were in awe of Xhaka’s debut season for us and you kept insisting he had a better season than Pogba etc. Carrick’s been playing in the role that Xhaka plays for us and has been consistently delivering for over 450 games in Man United shirt, is as slow as Xhaka, has a similar passing game, but has way better positional sense and way better discipline. Would expect that you would like him.

  65. Pedro

    Bamford, you need to respect Don’s opinion. He’s not calling you embarrassing. Play by the rules of the site.

  66. raptora

    The zonal marking on corners has been a nightmare for us for years. We looked satirical vs Vardy just like we were vs Williams in the Everton game. What Ozil did and what Xhaka did should never happen. You cannot afford to have people close to the situation shying from jumping or being involved. Put your highest player next to their biggest threat, then put your second highest player next to their second biggest threat etc. and you’ll be alright. Has been simple yet effective for ages.

  67. Southernpeople

    Depressing stuff – we waited patiently for new top players to come to emirates, instead we say our best player on the brink of exit while others are also rumoured to be looking for a way out.!!! Depressing, depressing , depressing.

  68. Don

    I wasn’t in awe of xakha, I just think there is a player in there. He showed promise towards the end of the season for me. If he continues like he did last season then yes I’ll consider him another flop. Especially for £35m.
    Carrick is like marmite. In many quarters he’s considered on if the most overrated midfielders to ever grace the league. Any google search will yield such findings.


    I run my own business
    Time is money. I don’t have the time to properly punctuate my posts throughout the day HENCE THE TYPOS. And you read to quickly to even comprehend what’s in front of you anyway!!!

    On Rooney
    Wrong, wrong, wrong.
    In 2007 Rooney was moved to the wing to put Ronaldo front and centre.! He was 22. Up until then he was unplayable l. Again, he never recovered. His stats and trophy cabinets tell a different story but when you watched early Rooney compared with post 07/08 Rooney there was a massive difference

  69. Dissenter

    …ever the grating language teacher. C’mon le-grove is not your classroom. Most people here type up stuff whilst working.

  70. WestLondonGoon

    Wenger was like the kid who went to the pound store to get the big bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, but saw that they had 3-for-a-quid choco bars and went for them instead.

    Then after eating all the cheaper bars, he realised they didn’t actually taste anywhere near as good as the Daily Milk he originally want to buy, and was sick all over his shoes.

  71. Don

    MarkoAugust 15, 2017 13:08:59
    Don are you now suggesting Rooney was never has good at United as he was at Everton? Like Carrick was never has good as he was at Spurs?

    Not for a second
    Shit when he first went to united he was like dynamite
    He had everything, explosive, powerful, could dribble, shoot and pass.
    Was a terrifying player. Then when he was shunted into the wing to accomadte Ronaldo he seemed to lose his mojo. He became much more functional than the dynamic player he was before then
    Yes his goals still came and yes he still was unplayable at times but that was a watershed season and Rooney being the dutiful team player he was never fully recovered.
    Ferdinand said as much recently actually and I fully agreed
    Again from an England point of view I was gutted

  72. karim


    When was the last time Carrick did something with the ball and you said
    ” wow “, ( let alone dominate a game ) ?
    Compare that with Giggs and Scholes now, whom Zidane rated very highly for example.

  73. Adams Halfvolley

    Anyone else see the solution to losing Sanchez being to play two up top?
    Lacazzatte and Giroud already have an understanding…
    if you’re going to be successful with one up top they need to be top top class strikers. The only way to compete with that is to play two then go for muscle in the midfield . Maybe the solution to relaxing Sanchez is to play two up top then use the funds to strengthen the middle of the park. With a Calvarho type? I’d add Lemar to the equation too as Ozil will be like a dead weight this season and cannot be relied upon.

  74. N5

    @Adams, I’ve been wanting to see L’Oreal up top in a pairing for a while now. Well before the whole Sanchez situation. I think it would really benefit his lack of pace.
    4-4-2 would work well for this team, or 3-4-1-2.

  75. WestLondonGoon


    When did Gilberto, as an example, do anything that made you go ‘wow?’ Like Carrick for United, he just did his job without any fuss. It doesn’t all have to be scorpion kicks and fancy flicks…..just be a good professional.

  76. Logie Bear

    Call me old-fashioned, but whatever happened to sticking a man on each post when defending a corner?
    That would easily have stopped Steptoe’s second goal last Friday.
    Just a thought…

  77. N5

    @Adams, sorry missed your last bit. Do you mean swap out Ozil for Lemar? Ozil wouldn’t really work in a two up top formation so I agree having Lemar on the right with Xhaka and a good CDM in the middle would be a good start! Not sure who would be good to replace Sanchez though. Wally, Welbeck? if both are staying?

  78. N5

    WLG, agree with Gilberto. No tricks, no fuss, but my god did you miss him when he was out. He often didn’t seem that important because he went about his job with zero fuss, but when he wasn’t on the pitch our middle got over run.

  79. raptora

    I said that Carrick is up there next to club legends like Scholes and Giggs, but I never said he’s better. He could surely stand his ground next to Rooney, Ferdinand, Neville, van der Sar and the rest.

    WestLondonGoon, Gilberto is a nice example.

  80. westy


    You’re punctuation, (frankly) – is overtly try-hard and mostly overused; incorrect, and… its’ defence: not defense

  81. Don


    I don’t think so
    I think they won in spite of him
    He was functional to me but wasn’t an improvement
    Thought they were stronger with fletcher and scholes instead of him

  82. WestLondonGoon

    Agreed Logie,

    I posted similar the other day, but even that has to be done correctly; left footer on the right post, right footer on the left post – otherwise players are trying to swing their ‘wrong’ foot at the ball if its heading between them and the goalie. A simple thing, but makes sense when you think about it.

  83. N5

    We used to do that both ends of the pitch.

    I loved it when Bould or someone similar used to go on the near post to head it on to a crowded 6yd box where it would get bundled over the line. Back then the keeper didn’t get any protection from the referee.

  84. N5

    “You’re punctuation, (frankly) – is overtly try-hard and mostly overused; incorrect, and… its’ defence: not defense”

    *insert gif of a bomb being dropped or loads of people in a gang going whhhhaaaaaahahahahhahahahahahaa (not sure if that translates) 😀

  85. Logie Bear

    N5 – absolutely agree. The excitement we get when winning a corner these days beggars belief, when we hardly ever do anything useful with them.

    On Friday there were at least two occasions when we took a short corner and
    then proceeded to play crab-ball and got nowhere

    Of course OG did score the winner when we played an accurate ball in directly from the corner rather than faffing about

  86. N5

    Logie, I’ve felt like that about freekicks and corners for quite a while now. It’s got to be 1 in a 100 that amount to anything with us. I always wondered if Wenger has any set piece training.

  87. peanuts&monkeys

    Every player in Arsenal they gave only one target this season: top 4. Every player except Sanchez is game with that. OMG, even that fellow Ozil us. WengerMF has influenced him so hard??? Or, was he always that cuntsniffing upstart footballer?

  88. karim


    Sure, he did his not-flashy job rather well but he can’t be called a club legend like Giggs or Scholes, which I thought was what Raptora was implying.
    I wasn’t having a dig at Carrick because he wasn’t Ronaldinho, to be clearer.
    Also, I rate Gilberto more but that’s me.


    I just don’t think he’s up there with them but let’s agree to disagree on this one, not a big deal like Bamford says.

  89. raptora

    News that Matuidi is going closer to a Juventus move. The quoted number is €15m. It cannot be true, yes?! Just give him high wages and buy the fker. He is as good as we can get for the spot next to Xhaka. And on a bargain deal should surely be a no-brainer?!

  90. Don

    West London
    Yes but there Is a difference between being just a professional and being a stand out performer
    Especially when carrick was so talented and had displayed that form for his previous clubs

  91. WestLondonGoon


    Oh those were the days weren’t they? Marwood into Bould, flicks it on, then someone getting on the end of it. No one could find a way to combat it.

    Football is such a simple game sometimes; we complicate things so much.

  92. N5

    Agreed WLG. The game is almost unrecognisable in just a generation. Prettier football now, but less simple than it was.

    Maybe I’m just remembering it through rose tinted glasses.

  93. Dissenter

    Arsene Wenger is at it again. He is now arguing that players be on shorter contracts .
    Why would any club leave this demented man without a minder [DoF]. He ruining every good thing he ever did.
    “The real question we have to answer is does the hunger index increase or decrease when you have a short contract or a long contract?”
    “I would be on the opposite side. That means the hunger index is higher when the contracts are shorter and it decreases naturally when the guys have long contracts.” —–sourced from the Metro who took it from Wenger’s interview with BeIN sports.

    Everyone knows that no club can survive situations where half of your squad have less that 2 years left on their contracts. He’s wrong but he’s always good for a quote so the media loves him.

  94. Don


    You enjoyed that nearly as much as I did.
    Bet that wiped the smug off his smug face!!!

    Yea totally agree on the simplicity of the game
    I do feel it’s over complicated these days
    Players are almost far too specialised
    Too rigid and with zero personality or character

  95. raptora

    Reason I don’t think we could afford playing with Lacazette at this moment of time is that we have such a midget team. With Giroud on the pitch I can hardly see the vardy cunt scoring from the corner. Olivier always stays at the front post so gets a considerable amount of the corners on both sides of the pitch.

    Also I was surprised by the many first balls that Lacazette won vs Leicester but I don’t think he could keep doing that in a regular basis. Giroud can do it. Lukaku can do it. Costa could do it and Morata just had an assist like that and showed vs us in the Community Shield that he collects a lot of the GK kicks. Kane can do it. Guardiola won’t be playing that type of football so he doesn’t need a big forward, but can we be that good in the middle of the pitch and in defence to move the ball on foot?

    In the end football is not just stats – who scored how many goals and in how many games. It’s about the influence that you can apply in a game. So if you let’s say win 10 more first or second balls with a heavy forward on the pitch, that is 10 more attacks. If you have a player who is great at defending and scoring from set pieces that is +5 or more goals a season for your team and -5 goals a season versus your team.

    Not sure that our game and personnel are tweaked to have strong performances with a short striker.

  96. N5

    Don, I think you’re right, I’m sitting here trying to think of any real personalities in todays football and other than manager like Maureen, I’m struggling to think of any on the pitch.

    We were taking yesterday about Fowler sniffing up the line when he scored against us, mocking the merse and now players get carded for removing a shirt. The personality might be what’s missing for it now. Entertaining still and much more skillful than it’s ever been, but something is missing and I think you’ve hit the nail on the head.

  97. raptora

    Just a follow to my thought. When Giroud and Ramsey came in our whole game started having a purpose and looked like we know what we want to do. Wasn’t always the situation before that.

  98. Dissenter

    I just read that Oxlade’s wage demands are for 150k weekly!!
    That’s probably why his agents are planting stories everywhere to pressure Arsenal.
    We put ourselves in this position because he will get 150k weekly next year if he joins a big club on a free transfer .

  99. Don

    It just that
    They’re like boys now even in their 30s. No responsibility, no accountability.
    The teams use to be filled with men. Look at the England team
    Gazza, platt, ince, shearer, sheringham, Neville, Pearce, Adams, Southgate, redknapp, all captains for their clubs even redkanpp wore the armband on occasion.
    Look now, delph, Theo, sterling,Sturridge, lennon, vardy, wilshire (as much as I love him) Gibbs, rose, clyne
    All clones
    All little boys with no personality, no leadership and all hide when the going gets tough
    It’s a microcosm of society. Lads aren’t growing up any more. It’s like they’re adolescents until they are 40
    I’m only 32 but fuck me I look around and it’s embarrassing. None of them can cross the ball properly let alone lead the team

  100. Don

    I think a 5-3-2 at times with wing backs and one midfielder providing the link would very much suit our squad this year. I think it would allow Ramsey and giroud to display their better qualities and hide their flaws too.
    You’re right, they did add a bit of purpose and urgency. Wish they could turn that in consistently but to be fair, the system and playing style never really suited them under previous formations
    Not sure the old 442 would suit our personnel but I remain a fan of it’s simplicity and its impact
    Maybe ox and welbz could be decent wingers but you would 100% need a solid partner alongside xakha and there would be no room for Ramsey’s runs from the Middle unless he learns to time them properly. Maybe that’s why Wenger tried him on the right. Could be very much like Freddie L

  101. Don


    We sound like old men too this generation but I guarantee the likes of shearer and Pearce would have been saying the same thing at our age
    Lads have a bad attitude these days and a sense of entitlement
    They want all of the end product but aren’t as prepared to put the shift in to get there

  102. David Smith

    Do not want to see us losing any decent players, Wenger will not replace them properly, which will cause real problems when injuries hit
    This summer is all about Wenger reasserting his Stan given authority over British board members who it is widely reported lobbied for change, in public and behind the scenes. That Leicester performance was Wenger going back to his basics, no defending whatsoever. A wenger going back to basics is not a force in the transfer market.
    Even Thierry reporting today that Arsenal appear to be stagnating rather than evolving. Thats what a club owner by Stan and managed by a Stan pleasing survivalist represents, fetid, hopeless stagnation.
    Unless they know something we dont, the British board members really should be resigning

  103. N5

    Don you say about having a solid partner along side Xhaka, did you see Pogba with Matic protecting the defence? he looked like a very good player then. I know it was only West ham but he looked proper quality. Xhaka with a similar type of player next to him could give him what he needs to move forward.

  104. Carts

    “Literally Klopp when he bought Karius as a starter GK, Klavan as starter CB and a £25m Wijnaldum last summer.”

    I like Wijnaldum; but as a collective, I’d be fumin lol

  105. N5

    Has Ozil signed a new contract yet? or does anyone know what he’s been offered? I’d imagine he’s staying being that he’s played the past 2 games. Ozil, Sanchez and Ox leaving on a free next season (club can be agreed in January) would be such a financial loss that I just can’t see Stan allowing it.

  106. Don


    Completely agree
    I think united and spurs now have the best two midfields in the league and that’s where I think they will be the most dangerous
    That’s the big advantage they have over the rest.
    That’s why I think city will fall short.
    You’ve got matic shielding, Herrera turning over possession and pogba free to join the attack from deep
    You put a matic type alongside xakha and Ramsey and get rid of Ozil and i think you’re giving Arsenal the best chance we could have at a crack at the league this year.

  107. champagne charlie


    Exactly. If people can’t appreciate the need for partnerships all over the 11 then I don’t know what to tell you, they’re fucking essential.

    Your left winger and left back need to work, same the other side, your CB pay need to work, your CM pair need to work, your AM and CF need to work. This concept of throwing the ‘best’ (often shiniest) player of a certain position in there is such a fraudulent football thought. Totally born out of knowing the game through a computer.

    Xhaka hasn’t had a partner since he arrived at the club. Can we see him alongside someone for 10 games before the armchair gurus rip him apart?

  108. graham62

    Just watched a re-run of ‘The Debate’ on sky, with TH and AS.

    Both had similar views on Arsenal and specifically Arsene Wenger. Stagnation and predictability, lack of committment/desire, players not believing that they can compete with the best etc etc etc.

    Basically, it was one big SLAGGING OFF FEST, directed at Wenger and his methods.

    This critical attack coming from two Arsenal legends, goes to show that even they know where the problem lies.

  109. N5

    Charlie, I’m quite ignorant to what he was like prior to Arsenal, but there have been some flashes of brilliance there. He’s scored some great goals, he’s made some brilliant passes. I’d like to think he’s more than just another Song. But like you say, until he’s partnered with a proper CDM, we’re not going to get the most/best out of him. Shame really that he’s already being written off.

  110. champagne charlie


    He’s very Nuri Sahin in style, which suits us perfectly imo. Xhaka at his best plays just ahead of the CB’s and quarterbacks the game effortlessly. I don’t think he requires any particular type of CM alongside him other than someone tactically competent and technically sound.

    Unfortunately he’s only really had Coquelin, Elneny, then Ramsey in patches tail end. His initial game with Cazorla showed the potential having a proper player alongside him would lead to.

    Put Lemar or Seri in there and let them build on it. It’s no surprise Xhaka was noticeably better when Ramsey came on, but Ramsey has discipline issues tactically which is why he’s not a long term solution. Worth noting too that he’s 24, the guy is likely to develop and polish his game further so the OTT criticism really needs to pipe down.

  111. N5

    Charlie, does Lemar play as well in the middle? I’ve only ever watched him on the wing. I read he’s very adaptable though.
    Seri would be a good get.

  112. Carts


    I think Ozil will wait till January to decide his future.

    He could get a massive offer from Turkey; and we could be 7th…

  113. WestLondonGoon


    I met Frank Worthington on holiday in Corfu many years ago, propping up a bar, there were 5 of us, 2 were on Brighton’s books, I’d just been released from QPR, and had headed non-league with the other 2, Worthington sat there questioning us all on our football and what we thought we’d achieve in the game. He had a genuine interest, a real football man. We were in awe. He then got us the most pissed I’d ever been in my short drinking life!

    Footballer’s back then mixed with real poeple, they had a short shelf life and wanted to make the best of it…today’s footballers are too cut off from society; they are businessmen off the field with property portfolios and the like. They are so cut off from the fans.

  114. champagne charlie


    He has all the tools to be a top class CM for me mate. Only reason he didn’t play there for Monaco was Bakayoko/Fabinho holding it down in there and Lemar is rapid enough to do the business out wide.

    That being said, he played left of a 4 so he tucked in plenty with mendy running on. Lemar is quick, has great feet, can carry the ball, can pass, and is a total team player aka knows when to sit vs bomb. Him and Seri are similar players in reality, could see both slotting nicely alongside Xhaka.