PSG relevant: Arsenal have a history of swapping players

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PSG vs Guingamp. Painful viewing.

PSG vs Guingamp. Painful viewing.

Very little movement on the Arsenal front.

Yesterday we had our first glimpse of Spurs and United. Very difficult to work out the true value of those games, because West Ham were absolutely awful, carrying on their shocking form from last season. Newcastle weren’t much better.

Spurs really were fun to watch. Incisive and intense, they eventually broke Rafa’s 8 man block by going right through the middle. Spurs have some fabulous players, but I really would be surprised if they rode the injury luck wave in the same way they did last year. Take Alli, Kane or Eriksen out of the side and you’re struggling.

United give me more cause for concern. Mourinho knows the Premier League, he’s spent a fortune the second summer running, and he finally has a team that look Mourinho-ish.

Lukaku shut the doubters down, he bagged a goal against Madrid in midweek, and carried on that form with two strikes at Old Trafford. I’ve never known a 24 year old – who consistently does the business – to take such a hammering by people. I guess his major challenge is going to come against the big teams. Can he bang in one chance in a tight game against Bayern Munich in the CL quarter finals?

Similar question for Lacazette. I’ve no doubt he’s good for goals against teams outside the top 6. Question is, can he be our man in the big games? Can he be the difference Giroud rarely has been? Massive question.

Anyway, Saturday was all about shocking defending. Today showed you two teams who know how to keep scoring to a minimum. United are contenders. Matic was a superb signing and Pogba looks ready to dominate after a sparkling performance.

Arsenal look to be done for summer business if reports are to be believed. The media narrative is focused on releasing cash from the wage bill (Newcastle in for Perez and Wilshere). I really don’t understand what the club have been up to all year. The dross that’s clogging up the first team has been an issue since last season. We should be offering these players deals to go if they’re hanging on. Shift them now, take the losses, and make sure the club never makes the same mistake it makes every 4 years.

I can’t work out what Huss Fahmy is for? Is he there to stop Wenger doing stupid things with contracts? Or just someone to tighten up process? Is there any evidence Arsenal are addressing their terrible approach to salary?

Alexis Sanchez is holed up in Paris. It’ll be fascinating to see what happens there. If Wenger buckles, he’ll rile the fans. If he does a deal, and brings in 2 brilliant squad players as part of the deal, I think fans will forgive him.

If we go into the season and Sanchez gives up post-Christmas, we really can’t be blaming the player. If the decision is to keep him, it’s a strategic gamble from the club. Wenger has all the information at his disposal, and he’s on record as saying his own unresolved contract disrupted team focus last year. If it goes tits up, I really hope fans don’t go with his inevitable blame game. The cynic in me feels Wenger would be very comfortable with that sort of gamble as it’s an easy way to free himself of accountability.

The club need to be decisive and make a bold decision that leaves us looking the smarter party. It’s not like we haven’t attempted it before. I mean, we’ve done it badly. Remember when we brought in Davor Suker as part of the Anelka deal? Slowest player I’ve ever witnessed at Highbury. How about William Gallas for Ashley Cole? Kind of made sense at the time, shame it panned out so atrociously.

Best case scenario. 2 players and some cash for Alexis.

Let’s see what happens. Sanchez must think PSG are planning something big if he’s hanging out in Paris. I just hope whatever it is, it’s resolved soon, and it’s not a pile of cash we’re celebrating at the end of the summer.

Finally, if you’re into fucking yourself up on Monday morning, try this thread. It’s two girls / one cup for Arsenal. You’ll never make it to end unless you’re a sadist.

Right, have a blinding day! x

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  1. Sanmi

    CartsAugust 14, 2017 16:18:30
    Anyway you look at it, the ball is firmly in Ox’s court.He has the power. Essentially, If he says he won’t extend his stay, then we have no option but to sell.Wenger knew this day was going to come.

    He’s no sanchez, he replaceable easily

  2. Ishola70

    “Stop the conjectures. Ox is the 1st Choice RWB. Go check all the time everyone is fit. Bellerin goes to bench”

    On this occasion you are bloody right you know!

    And yet been having debates with other posters previously who say Bellerin is rightly keeping Ox from playing there lol.

    So Arsenal could lose their first choice wingback.

    Who is going to replace him then? Bellerin? A player that when all fit is not deemed good enough for the RWB?

    You are going to tell me Bellerin will grow in the RWB now aren’t you.

  3. N5

    @Sanmi, I think we need to be tougher then with them and tell them to sign or f*** off. The uncertainty all the time is so draining.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    ‘I think we need to be tougher then with them and tell them to sign or f*** off. The uncertainty all the time is so draining.’

    If only there was some sort of role in football where a person does exactly this and plans ahead one or two years at a time.

    Might be a good idea that.

    The position would be football not commercial related, and you would need to make them quite senior, so some sort of director. Director of, of something.

    I don’t know, the pieces are there for someone in world football to work out.

  5. Emiratesstroller

    The management and Wenger are so stupid that I could see them agreeing to
    sell Ox.

    That situation is an inevitability if Ox does not sign a new contract before the
    close of transfer window.

    Arsenal are already in a mess over the large number of other players on their
    books who are in final year of contract.

    They have three players on their books who they want to keep but refuse to
    sign new contracts plus all those who they would like to shift but refuse to move, because of the stupid wages we pay them and of course on top of that we
    extended contracts of Mertesacker and Cazorla which could have been avoided.

    In short Wenger has lost completely the plot. The idea we could sell Ox to any
    of our rivals is disgraceful, but may well be the likely outcome.

  6. Cesc Appeal


    I think you might be onto something with that second one, I can see the name plate on the door already.

    Maybe, Director of Stopping An Aging Manager Applying His Social Principles to a Football Club and Having Total, Unfettered Power Over All Things Football Related At A Club Who Can Also Handle Said Manager’s Temper Tantrums When The Aforementioned Director Disagrees With Him Or Forces His Opinion On Him.

    That is a business card and a half though.

  7. Wallace

    rumour is the board want to take the money for Alexis but Wenger has said no. maybe the Ox is the player he’s had to sacrifice.

  8. Frankie T

    Suker was a legend and we challenged for the league when we signed Gallas. Can’t knock Wenger for those signings

  9. Bamford10

    Didn’t Wenger himself say that he saw Ox playing centrally in the future?

    Just another example of Wenger’s poor handling / development of a player. Instead of teaching a player how to play a position he is well suited for, Wenger has played Ox in 3-4 different positions, with little to no instruction, and with little to no real development or progress as a result.

  10. Emiratesstroller


    The problem is that Oxlade-Chamberlain is a more effective right wing back than Bellerin who has played poorly at end of last season and against Leicester.

    We know also that Barcelona will come calling again for Bellerin and sooner or later he will leave. So we could land up with both players leaving over next two years.

    We are seeing a repeat of what is likely to happen with goalkeeper position. Cech at 35 is near end of career as first choice gk. We kept Ospina who wanted
    to leave and allowed Martinez out on loan.

    Szczesny who was first choice at Roma has been sold to Juventus for peanuts
    and is now rated one of top ten most valuable goalkeepers by transfermarkt.

    This demonstrates the mess that Arsenal is creating.

    I am beginning to wonder whether we are organising a mass clear out at the
    club in preparation not only for departure of Wenger but also the potential
    sale of club by Kroenke.

  11. Pierre

    Time for a change of subject.

    Arsenal’s defensive display at the weekend, how bad was it and do the stats tell the story. Has there been a massive over reaction by some fans, pundits and media.

    Taking into account that vardy was named man of the match and apparently the Arsenal defence was ripped to pieces you would presume the stats would be pretty bad reading for arsenal fans..
    here are the weekends defensive stats for each team in the Prem and how many attempts conceded.

    Leicester…… 27
    Brighton……. 16
    Man city…….. 6
    Watford…….. 14
    Liverpool……. 9
    Chelsea………. 10
    Burnley……….. 19
    Palace………… 9
    Huddersfield.. 14
    Everton………. 9
    . West brom….9
    Bournemouth… 19
    West ham… 21
    Man Utd……… 9
    Newcastle…. 18
    Spurs……….. 6
    Swansea……. 21

    Arsenal…… 6

    Not quite as bad as it’s being portrayed is it… Maybe it’s because the 3 attempts on target were all goals..

    Obviously, we did look a bit dodgy at times, that goes without saying, holding had a shaky 20 minutes in the first half but 2nd half he was fine, kept it simple.. But only 6 attempts at goal conceded.. Anyone would think that shots were raining in on the arsenal goal throughout the game by the way it’s being reported…

  12. Champagne charlie


    Are you seriously trying to counter argue the point that Ox has little end product with the fact he “makes space” by beating a man? Clutch more, there’s dozens of players capable of that. The final ball is always the measure of a players ability.

    Wilfred Zaha id argue is a better player than Ox. You want to dismiss his 6 seasons here with some nonsensical breakdown about him being a young talent, then injured, now performing. He’s outperforming another talent we have in Bellerin, but let’s not pretend he’s at some enviable level here. He’d go to Chelsea to replace Moses ffs. Chambo ain’t getting into another side in the top 6 at present. Take away the massive promise and homegrown status and his current output is Everton level.

  13. Wallace

    fairly certain I’ll be on my own with this opinion, but would rather keep the Ox over both Ozil & Alexis. obvs if I thought we could keep Alexis beyond this season that would change, but as things stand…

  14. TR7


    Theo has better numbers than Hleb and Rosicky. That doesn’t make Theo a better player than them, does it??? Players should be judged by their impact on the game which may or may not translate in to actual numbers (statistics)

  15. Elmo


    I think it’s about control of a game. While we did have the vast majority of possession, I think it’s fair to say that for several long spells in the match we lacked any control in midfield, to the extent that any given Leicester attack was likely to penetrate straight through to an exposed back line. That inability to exert control over the midfield was what sunk our season last year. When we see almost the exact same situation play out again to start this season, you realise that the better teams, and others who execute their game plan well, are going to punish you while not allowing you to score three or four.

    The hope following the run-in last year and the Charity Shield was that Xhaka had found his role and that the new shape had covered up our midfield weakness.

  16. Wallace


    think you have to wait and see if we look as brittle with our regular defenders in there. not options 4, 6 & 7.

  17. Sanmi


    I disagree, if we lost control of midfield we won’t create as many chances as we did nor will Leicester has as little chance as they did. The defense was disorganized that’s all. There were 2 reasons.
    1. Occasional misplaced passes and failed clearances that were punished.
    2. Inability of monreal to win headers in 1st half against okasaki. Vardy is always 1st to 2nd ball.

    Man utd could struggle against Leicester you know

  18. Pierre

    “The hope following the run-in last year and the Charity Shield was that Xhaka had found his role and that the new shape had covered up our midfield weakness.”

    Watching xhaka against Leicester he was playing a slightly different role, he was roaming the pitch more and leaving the middle compared to the cup final and shield .. This was probably because he had elneny alongside him against Leicester who has more discipline than Ramsey… Xhaka is a much better player if he stays central, he has the ability to control the game from the center of the pitch.. I think this is why we never looked like we were in control of the game.

  19. graham62


    Stats don’t tell the whole story. To say Arsenal looked “a bit dodgy at times” is an understatement. IF Arsenal had lost 3-2, then the knives would have been out and more serious questions asked(yet again).

    The simple fact of the matter is that Arsenal have been making these same mistakes for a decade. Why is this? Is it the fact that –

    10 Years of Wenger + 10 years Crap defending= 10 years of Boring Predictability

    As Elmo highlights, it’s all about “control”. Let’s be honest, when have you ever felt at ease watching Arsenal because, defensively, they are in control?

    The answer to that is simple………………………NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Marko

    I cannot wait for a deadline day loan move for Kalou which breaks down

    I’d be shocked if we didn’t try to sign Chris Smalling the last few days of the window for 10 million after being quoted 30 million

  21. Pierre

    Apparently xhaka covered more ground than any other player in the Prem…

    Sort of confirms what I was saying about him playing a different role against Leicester in that he was in different areas compared to the cup final and shield… Hope Wenger is not changing his role…

  22. Pierre

    “2. Inability of monreal to win headers in 1st half against okasaki. Vardy is always 1st to 2nd ball”

    Though I agree that okasaki won a couple of headers, I think you’re wrong in saying that vardy was always 1st to the 2nd ball. … I have a feeling that holding came round on the cover a couple of times but can’t remember vardy running on to a flick on to have a strike on goal…. It’s easy to be influenced by Jamie carraghers remarks and his over reaction to any attack by Leicester especially when vardy was involved

  23. Pierre

    Xhakas passing was sloppy in the first half but he tightened up considerably after the break and had a massive influence on the result

  24. ArseneisaFraud


    Considering how dodgy Barca are these
    days, I wouldn’t be surprised if they covered up such a story by saying that he was just cleaning his teeth on the guys shirt.

    On a more serious note, I am sure that we would have known about it… the tabloids would have been all over that one if it had happened.

  25. Emiratesstroller


    I was at the game on Friday and the consensus of opinion of most people around me was the defending was “pub football”.

    For the record most of the season ticket holders may be critical about how we sometimes play, but in contrast to posters on Le Grove they are objective.

    They are supporters and don’t criticise for sake of it. The majority left happy
    with the win but concerned about defensive performance.

  26. ThePuma9


    What about the fact we had our defensive leaders out either injured or suspended?

    Think your flogging this particular horse a bit much.

    Positives we scored 4 at home with encouraging performances going forward with a makeshift back 3 for one reason or another.

  27. Champagne charlie


    So you’re going to take what I said and run another direction entirely?

    Theo has better numbers than Hleb and Rosicky, but isn’t the better player. I get that. What you’re missing here is that the one trait you’re clinging to re:Ox with his dribbling, is an arbitrary argument.

    Chamberlain isn’t the best dribbler in the league, its blatant, and backed up in the numbers to boot. You can argue all day long about impact on a game, but that’s such a fleeting comment because you’re not defining anything whatsoever that can be judged beyond your perception.

    For me… Ox doesn’t impact games nearly as much or as well as others could that are buyable. He doesn’t assist regularly, score regularly, or provide key passes early in attacks. He’s simply an impressive athlete with above average technique in the game of football. If he was Swedish he’d be playing for Crystal Palace and talked about as a guy that can hurt big teams on his day. Quality is shown in the final ball, in consistency, in building on your own weaknesses. Ox hasn’t done nearly enough of any of that in his time here. Same at international level. If Chelsea hit the panic button and give us 40 mil then thanks very much.

  28. ArseneisaFraud


    For me the problem lies not just with the players such as Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Ramsey who have all failed to make the step up that we hoped they would make. Yes, they could have learnt new things (ie create/ perfect your “style”) but don’t you also think that the basics of their supposed team role should also be coached into them?

    And this is where AW fails massively for me. This is obvious, when you look at his square peg/round hole appeoach with all players. For me it is one thing understanding another players role on the pitch but to then play them in that positon instead of their prefered/ natural position is so counter-productive (and never really excels in).

  29. David Smith

    Trouble is, if we loose Ox, Wenger will deem it too late for a replacement, whatever the merits or otherwise of Ox. Ditto Alexis.
    He, like a lot of Arsenal players strikes me that they could have done with better coaching, and more cutting edge physios and fitness staff over the years

  30. David Smith

    Emirates Stroller 18.21pm, departure of Wenger and Stan selling, God I wish you could be right on this one

  31. WestLondonGoon

    Various reports surfacing tonight about Man City prepring a £60m bid for Sanchez, if PSG are serious about wanting him as well, this could be perfect to ensure we get a good price.

    But this is Arsenal, so anything could happen.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    It has always been rumoured Sanchez had a preference for going to City, interesting to see what the club does now.

    That would leave the club with a lot of work to do in a relatively short space of time. Got to the stage now where for better or worse you feel they almost have to stick to their guns with Sanchez.

    But questions arise as to whether, firstly, will he start to kick hard as the window starts to draw to a close, secondly, how will he perform particularly after the winter window when he might have agreed a city deal, and thirdly, how will we (traditionally poor in the transfer market) handle next summer without him and without having brought in any money to go toward replacing him?

  33. Marko

    Sanchez going to City makes zero sense. Especially when you consider they bought Bernardo Silva this summer and will struggle to keep Sterling and Sane happy with game time. I think Sanchez is more effective than all of them but as it stands would Raheem and Leroy be happy. Maybe get Same in the deal? We’re fucked either way

  34. Dissenter

    Oxlade would have to work his behind off to make the England World Cup team.
    Alexis has no need to work any harder- he will always be Chile’s special player.
    Why would anyone consider selling Oxlade?
    He’s probably told Wenger straight-up that he is not renewing his contract.

  35. grooveydaddy

    The idea of closing the transfer window for PL clubs a week before the 1st game is being mooted.

    Means less dithering time for Wenger, as well as bringing forward the annual trolley dash.

  36. Leedsgunner

    Wenger says he will only buy “exceptional” players. Is that why he has bought such players that he can’t shift?!?

    Don’t be fooled — Wenger means exceptionally average, lazy or injury prone!

    Gibbs – exceptionally average
    Wilshere – exceptionally gifted but even more exceptionally injury prone
    Jenkinson – see Gibbs
    Debuchy – exceptionally unlucky
    Campbell – exceptionally treated unfairly
    Perez – see Campbell

    Exceptional players cost money and our only exceptional player wants to leave… if you are serious about exceptional players pay Alexis what he wants and sign Lemar without delay!

  37. graham62

    David Smith

    You are totally correct. How can Wenger be seen to be a great coach when so many players do not fulfill their potential or lack the attributes needed to progress.

    The Ox, along with Walcott and many others, have been neglected by Wenger. A great coach wouldn’t take six years to work someone out. What a farce!

  38. Sanmi

    You are totally correct. How can Wenger be seen to be a great coach when so many players do not fulfill their potential or lack the attributes needed to progress.

    Applies to every coach on earth. The simple fact that in a given time your are with 25 players minimum, means if you coach for 10yrs you are bound to have at least 50 flops to your name. 5 per season on the average.

    I can name 100 of fergies

  39. WestLondonGoon


    Perhaps a better comparison would be a list of young or average players that Fergie helped to coach into league winners, or sold on at a profit when they were surplus to requirements.

    Wenger is a serial collector of overpaid dross – often awarding them new contracts in the desperate hope that they would fullfil their potential. Wenger simply doesn’t know when to say enough is enough – they are all his babies.

    Many of them could actually have gone on to have decent careers at other clubs, some in other leagues, some in lower divisions, Diaby is a particular point in question, great player on his day, but brittle – if he’d stayed in France, or gone to Spain, he would most probably have had a half decent career – instead Wenger would keep renewing his contract and sending him back into battle in the blind hope that he was suddenly going to become the new Vieira.

  40. Emiratesstroller

    If ever there are strong grounds for taking Arsenal’s contractural and transfer
    business out of the hands of Wenger it is now.

    The club has made a complete pigs ear of the whole situation and the club is
    going to land up next month with a large number of players whose contracts will end in June 2018 and they can leave on bosmans.

    That situation on current evidence is likely to be repeated in 2019 with the
    next group of players falling into the same situation.

    As I pointed out last week there are probably 20 players on our books whose
    contracts expire over next 2 years with absolutely no resolution on contracts
    or if unwanted potential sales.

    The reality of the situation is that Sanchez and Ox are wanted by major clubs
    in EPL and elsewhere, but there has been absolutely no forward planning
    either to replace them with equivalent players or make offers that they cannot

    All other players with contracts ending in 2018 or 2019 who we want to shift
    are either unsaleable or can only be sold at below market price primarily because the fees we are seeking combined with their wages are unaffordable by
    most potentially interested clubs.

    We have brought in this summer two decent players, but the question, which
    needs to be asked is whether that is enough particularly if the Board or Major
    Shareholder succumb to pressure and sell Sanchez and Ox.

    Frankly I don’t see any decent replacements left on the market that we are
    likely to buy particularly if the business is being negotiated right at the end of
    transfer window.

    We had probably the opportunity to buy Lemar at the start of transfer window,
    but the club missed the boat as usual because other clubs like Chelsea and
    Man City made offers which Monaco could not refuse whilst we dithered and

    Arsenal are now supposed to be interested in Asensio. The chances of us buying him from Real Madrid is frankly zero.

    So the outcome this summer is likely to be that we may have sold our best
    left wing [Sanchez], right wing back/utility player [Ox] and goalkeeper [Szczesny] with no adequate replacement in any of those positions.

  41. Don

    Djemba djemba
    Michael Owen
    The two Brazilian twins
    Carrick I would consider a flop
    Liam miller-new Roy Keane my arse
    Frazier Campbell
    Guiseppe Rossi
    Johnny Evans
    Wes Brown
    Kieran Richardson
    Ravel Morrison
    John O shea

  42. Don

    West London

    No top manager really compares to selling players at a profit

    Nearly everyone that’s left has gone for profit

    That’s is not an argument you can level at Wenger
    Yes he has let the squad fritter down in quality
    Yes he’s let too many run their contracts down
    Yes certain players have not progressed as we all hoped they would under him but that is true at money clubs

    Perhaps it’s more down to the modern footballer or the modern young man than just the manager
    I think young lads today don’t have the same character and drive of previous generations
    You look at the England squad of old and it was littred with leaders and characters
    Now they’re just skinny little wingers that show a season of from before disappearing
    You think of who couldn’t get into the old England team
    Le tissier

    They would all walk into this team
    Same as Italy, holland, Brazil
    All those sides used to be dominated by top players with top personality traits
    Not any more
    Look at the squads past. The players they had on their bench would now walk into their national first teams

  43. Don

    I mean del piero couldn’t get a game for Italy
    The man is a legend
    Zola was another one
    Inazaghi was a sub
    Baggio too

    Now look

  44. Don

    The standard has dropped and the bar lowered all across the board
    Not just at arsenal but at every league except the super clubs
    Maybe the champions league was the worst thing that could have happened to football
    Allowing so many clubs the monopoly on top players
    Ronaldo played the his best football in the euefa cup
    For inter and psv and Barca
    Back then those sides had access to the worlds best, until the champions league started allowing 3-4-5 teams into the competition from the top nations meaning that the best had their pick as they had alll the tv money and the other teams were left with a lower standard of player

  45. raptora

    I’d say I’m cannot agree with like half of them Don. Like Macheda who was a free transfer and went to Manchester United as a 14 yo. How can this be a flop? LOL
    Or Berbatov who scored 48 goals in 108 games in the league for MU, which is more than good statistic, he couldn’t really shine because in that team were also Ronaldo, Tevez, Rooney, Giggs. SAF wouldn’t base his team on Berbatov which is what happened in his time with the spuds.
    Or saying that Carrick is a flop. Anyone would tell you different.
    Or John O’Shea who is another MU youth academy product, acquired for 0 pouds and was like the Solskjaer equivalent in defense. One of the reasons that Fergie was ruling over the EPL was because he had players like O’Shea who if a first team player got injured, he could always call O’Shea, Erwin, Fletcher, Phil Neville,Park Ji-sung, Welbeck, Silvestre. Our reserves have always been pony.
    Thing is that Fergie was mostly aware of the player quality so if he saw that a player is not good enough he would just freeze him. He’d stop playing them until he could get rid of them. Wenger needed much more time to realize his mistakes. Always have been the case. Lack of flexibility.

  46. raptora

    I’m not sure that Fowler and Wright or Owen are better/more accomplished players than Kane. Certainly lacking in a lot of aspects put next to him.
    Also the level of defense, strategic competence and physical endurance has moved universes ahead in the last 20 years ago. Anyways not really the topic.

  47. raptora

    Also Macheda won United the title 2008/09 with his injury time goal. United lost their previous two games and if it wasn’t for one of the most genius Fergie decisions to throw in the deep a 17 yo complete rando, who I’ve never heard before that in my life. His career never kept going but never a flop in my eyes.