Alexis debacle threatens to unravel into damaging situation

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What an interesting weekend of football we’ve had so far. Key takeaway?

No one gives a rats backside about defending.

Well, not totally true. City kept it fairly tight against a battered Brighton and Spurs also kept a clean sheet. But my oh my, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea were shambolic!

Chelsea look to have dragged themselves into a pool of their own mess. Antonio Conte has gone full Mourinho, acting like a total child because he wanted nicer toys this summer, and it looks like the complaining has impacted his squad who looked utterly lost.

Sabotaging your opening fixture to make a statement really is poor form, he looks like one of the favourites to be gone unceremoniously by Christmas. That’d make it three title winning managers in a row sacked the season after. Incredible… Arsene will still be sitting there sniggering post nuclear apocalypse.

Arsene will still be sitting there sniggering post nuclear apocalypse. Man is indestructible.

Liverpool have had a terrible summer, missing out on targets, struggling to make an impact on Chamberlain who has one year left on his deal. Jurgen Klopp has a wonderful smile, but he has no idea how to organise a defensive unit, and he’s still chugging away at Simon Mignolet who cost them the game with a bit of a howler in the 93rd minute. He even had the temerity to say he has the best 4 centre halves in the league. LOL.

I have no idea how both Chelsea and Liverpool are going to cope with the Champions League this year. I mean, I’d be surprised if Liverpool made it past Hoffenheim. Speaking of the Germans, it might be worth keeping an eye on Julian Nagelsmann. The 30 year old coach is a bit of star in the making, his game built off incredible defending. Will there be an aha moment in the Premier League when someone decides having a rock solid backline might be the difference?

In other news, news that could only happen to an Arsenal player. Alexis Bantchez has been busted bombing over to Paris, first by rapper Lethal Bizzle who caught him at Luton Airport, secondly by a tweet the divulged location he was in as Paris. So many errors.

What does this mean? Well, he might like the taste of fresh croissants? He might be about Showcase? OR, he might be in talks with Paris St G to join their star studded line-up.

Now, look, if he’s over there trying to push for a move. F*ck him. Just sell him. However, if PSG want to deal with Arsenal, we should be going for new players, not just taking the cash. Give us Di Maria, Matuidi, and Rabiot. THEN SOME MONEY. We need to come out of any deal looking like we’re stronger. Let’s not play this stupid f*cking game where we run the negotiations down to the wire then drop the bombshell on the fans before the club can do anything about. I refuse to believe Stan is going to leave £80m on the table. It’s dim and self destructive if the manager was taking a long term view of the club.

Part of me wonders if we might have a season like we did post Thierry in 2008. When The King left, players like Adebayor came to life, freed from the death glare of a player who really didn’t want to be there. I might be high because I’m sitting in a cupboad I just painted, but I really feel we might be stronger without Alexis given the context of him being a shit behind the scenes.

What use is a player who doesn’t want to be there? Especially one who doesn’t seem too sharp? Could be a rallying cry. But look, the only way a rallying cry like this works is if you replace him with new bodies. There needs to be a confidence injections, because losing a big name hurts…

So, what do you think? I’m off to watch Mourinho…


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  1. Confidentgoner

    Will be tough for us without a good CM to alternate with Ramsey or to bench Ramsey.

    Still we need Lemar.He could be the CM we have been waiting for.

    On Sanchez; How come no top team have officially come for him. PSG and City are overstocked with his kind.

  2. Bopgun

    Ten days ago pedro was talking about 50 m for alexis…..last week it was 60…..then 70….now it’s 80!!!!!!! Nothing like like trying to stir a bit of a furore from the masses. And of course when it’s only 50m for a player in the final year of his contract and who can sign for psg in January for free pedro will be full of righteous indignation and how the management has failed us. Yes let him go but let’s keep it real….it’ll be 50m if we’re lucky

  3. Carts

    Fancy Real to finish the job next week.

    Barca on the other hand need to worry about getting Coutinho and/or Dembele across the line.

    Still giggling like a lil bitch at the Paulinho signing. Bet those Barca fans are buzzing

  4. WengerEagle


    Depends on what way you look at it.

    In isolation, yes 200 million for any player is insanity but when you factor in that, a) He’s 25 and in his prime, b) arguably the best player in the world and if not already very soon to be, 3) the most marketable footballer given he’s a king in a footy maf nation of 200 odd million people.

    Everyone loves a sexy Brazilian footballer too, takes people back to the good old days.

    Also if Pogba is going for 100 million, Coutinho for 110 million, Lukaku for 75 million, a 29 year old Hig for 75 million it’s not that crazy a fee.

  5. Carts


    That Twitter thread had me rolling.

    Laugh a bit too much at Sagna sucking his own cock.

    Always said that Wenger should’ve been sacked after the League cup shit show vs a (to be) relegated Birmingham City.

  6. graham62


    Messi would more than hack it in the EPL(even now). He doesn’t have to prove himself by playing over here. Ronaldo was moulded by Fergie but blossomed in Spain.

  7. Carts

    Lol at the Asensio- Arsenal rumour.

    Can’t shift Debuchy, Gibbs, Wilshere or Jenkinson but got enough bread to drop £72m on Asensio.

    Someone kick the bucket already

  8. Relieable Sauce

    MU’s starting VI looks better than Spurs’, and their squad is by far the best in the league imo.
    Definitely the team to beat this season if Mourinho can keep wind his neck in.

    Can’t understand why they’re not in for Sanchez tbh, would almost guarantee them the league and be a great coup, as RVP was for Fergie.

    I do hope Mourinho sticks around for a while at Utd to smash wenger at every available opportunity until the old goat retires, or is hospitalised – whichever comes sooner.

  9. Marko

    Messi’s won countless league, cups and champions leagues as well as several balon d’ors but he’s unproven because he’s never played in the same league as Stoke City. I kid you not that’s some Red Truth level stupidity

  10. Pedro

    Bopgun, appreciate you’re an expert in transfer deals. But I’ll go with the 80m figure everyone is touting. Not like PSG can’t afford that. Big clubs don’t fuss over 30m here and there, especially as their alternative is M’Bappe for 160m

  11. Pedro

    Don, you’re trolling here.

    Veratti just threw up a middle finger to be the next Xavi at Barcelona. Cavani bossed it with Napoli in Serie A. He’s had a few iffy games, but the guy is still top draw. Matuidi would be excellent in the Premier League.

    PSG aren’t any old French team, they’re going to be one of the greatest of all time if they get it right over the next 3 years.

  12. grooveydaddy


    Good they stuck with him. That 6-1 loss to Barca and missing out on the league could easily have been the end of him.

  13. Emiratesstroller

    We have had an opportunity this weekend to judge the preparedness and potential of all the major contenders for the league title.

    The facts are that Manchester City and Spurs played newly promoted teams in
    Brighton and Newcastle. Both won comfortably and in case of Spurs they played against a team with 10 players for most of the game. From my perspective both games were not real tests of these two clubs potential.

    Manchester United on the other hand played West Ham and won 4-0. Before
    the game it was suggested that West Ham had made some very good acquisitions in transfer window.

    Yet Manchester United dominated this game and frankly looked a very impressive unit. Moreover unlike last two seasons they showed real fire power
    with inclusion of Lukaku.

    Frankly it is very difficult to judge the defensive qualities of all three clubs on
    these games, because they controlled games and outplayed opposition.

    Nevertheless the first game of season whatever the excuses highlights Arsenal’s shortcomings in defence. Whatever the excuses we conceded 3 goals
    and the team we turned out looked brittle showing as usual poor zonal marking at corners and set pieces plus of course our usual shortcomings in midfield.

    Yesterday I raised concerns about Arsenal’s defensive qualities in several posts and highlighted that you do not need to buy megastars to produce top
    class well organised defences. What you need is someone in charge of that department of game who understands and prepares team properly.

    Sadly that is clearly not Arsene Wenger. Whatever the excuses we need to
    improve in that department of our game.

  14. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have made sofar two good signings in transfer window, but you do have to ask whether that is enough based on what we have seen this weekend.

    Moreover there is still serious concern with uncertainty over future of Sanchez, Ozil and Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    There is as usual a lot of nonsense published in the press with rumours over
    the future in particular of both Sanchez and Ozil. Let’s be clear we know that
    these two players want to leave Arsenal and will do so at end of contracts if
    not before.

    I don’t think that is in dispute. If it was they would have signed new contracts.
    The difference between two players is that Sanchez was our best player last
    season and scored 26 goals + assists. His departure would impact on our

    Ozil on the other hand is a talented player, but in my view replaceable with
    little likely impact should he leave. Personally I doubt that Barcelona would
    be interested in a player who will be shortly 29 unless they can buy him cheaply. My view is that he is sitting comfortably in his current contract and will
    leave at end of season for Turkey.

    Oxlade-Chamberlain is a different situation. First he is not guaranteed at moment a starting place in our first team. He has to rely on his versatility to get
    game time. At 23 that is not a situation that a talented young player want to be
    faced with.

    Also he knows that there are at least three major clubs in Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool interested in his services and in case of two probably willing
    to pay him more than Arsenal.

    Arsenal’s problem is that Ox’s best position these days is right wing back. There he is likely to be competing with another home grown player in Bellerin. So if you play him there you unsettle Bellerin.

    My personal opinion is that we need to keep Ox and find him a settled position in the team. He is currently a better player in the right wing back position
    than Bellerin. He’d defends better and is physically stronger. It should be a
    priority to get him to sign a new contract before window closes.

    When it comes to further additions my priorities would be different from
    Wenger. Left wing is not the position which needs most attention particularly
    if Sanchez stays.

    The priority for me would be a centre back if we are playing three at back and/or a top quality central midfielder to play alongside either Xhaka or Ramsey.

  15. Don

    i don’t think he deserves it at all
    All that money and All that power and they can’t win their own poxy French league. They wouldn’t stand a chance over here

  16. Adams Halfvolley

    Like many Grovers I’m waking up this morning knowing that we cannot carry dead weight.
    If Sanchez stays he’s likely to perform so that is 20+ goals, so we should only sell for the right amount, and overseas too if possible. But certainly only if top quality replacements can be secured. To be. Lear that means 20+ goals AND the drive and passion only he brings to the side currently.
    That might have to come from two players, but 80m should enable us to achieve that kind ROI, perhaps in Seri and Lemar/Marhez who between them should be good for 20+ Goals. Otherwise we must keep the tailisman.
    Ozil on the other hand has played us. we should take 30m for him if Marhez can be captured because he will stroll around staying injury free (doesn’t he anyway) before signing a lucrative deal in turkey in the summer. If he doesn’t perform this season he should be benched. There is literally no benefit in indulging and carrying him anymore.
    With potentially our two star attackers gone (Sanchez sold Ozil on permanent hiatus) Marhez and Lemar must come in. They will replace the goals from Sanchez and provide for the strikers.
    Then there is the fire in our bellies that the rest of the Sanchez funds will need to compensate for.
    keita/ matudi/calvahro etc to add height strength and ball winning ability to the middle would complete the jigsaw and hopefully put us back into contention.
    Does the hierarchy have a plan? Am I over ambitious? None of the players mentioned are categorically not for sale, hence their clubs have indulged transfer talk.
    You’ve got to put the money up. If cortinho is 100+ marhez for sub 50m is daylight robbery and business that must be done.

  17. Sanmi

    What has Mahrez done of recent to generate this kind of love! He’s a one season wonder, hasn’t rediscovered the form 14months after

  18. Don

    Told you bamford

    Keep and eye on u tied and spurs this year
    They are the top dogs this season
    City will fall away and will fight it out with us for third spot
    It’s United and spurs for top two spots

  19. Pierre

    Mahrez is playing in a team who have 30/40 % possession… If he joined a team that had 60/70 %possession then he would obviously be on the ball more in the attacking 3rd.. Difficult to get a 100% correct assessment of him until he makes the move so would be a gamble that could be worth taking in my opinion

  20. Pierre

    Agreed that United and spurs look strong but people were saying the same last year about city after a great start….. Playing west ham and Newcastle were probably the ideal start as both have lots of new players that are not bedded in

  21. Emiratesstroller


    Whatever criticism is directed at Sanchez and Ozil for not signing a new contract I do think that both will conduct themselves professionally if they are with us this season.

    Neither has put in a transfer request this summer to force the club to sell them and despite some suggestions that they will not play to the best of their
    ability I do think that both players will act professionally this season.

    There is absolutely no evidence that Sanchez will do otherwise. He has trained
    with first team and turned up to support club at Community Shield and on Friday at game against Leicester.

    All this conjecture about what is going on in Paris is ridiculous. He has a new
    girl friend and maybe he went there to have a couple of days break as many
    other players have done in past.

    I am prepared also to accept that he may well move to Paris next season, but I
    don’t think that it will happen this summer.

    Personally I think that Chelsea are not in great shape. Their squad is light and
    I am not sure that Abramovich will spend a lot more money in the transfer window. They have already spent £100 million +.

    The recent reports that he is about to divorce his third wife and the potential consequences may well prove a distraction to what he is doing with Chelsea
    and whether he is willing or able to invest money in the team particularly if
    Costa is refusing to move to any club apart from Athletico Madrid who are
    subject to transfer embargo.

  22. Carts

    Quite intrigued by what’s going on at Chelsea. Seem to be in disarray, or at least almost.

    No sympathy. Can’t be loaning out a dozen-plus players then bitch about needing bodies. Although 90% of those loaned out don’t actually have a future at Chelsea. That much is obvious.

    The Costa things is a bit weird. Personally, it’s been poorly managed by Conte. You told your main man to find a new club. His preferred club can’t sign anyone till Jan 2018.

    You reject overtures from AC Milan, but demand he return and trains with the u23’s. Yeah, ok then.

  23. TR7

    Pochettino is just amazing. Loses two full backs due to transfers/injuries, promotes a few youngsters to take up their places who in turn put up very good performances. I am totally in awe of the man.

  24. Pierre

    Bloody hell, we have a manager who He, in the last 4 seasons, won 3 trophies (6 if you include the super cups or community shield as they call it in this country) and you are in awe of a spud who has won nothing and will probably win nothing this season… His philosophy is the same as Wengers back in 2008 or thereabouts, good to a point until the vultures start circling and offering untold millions and then he’s fucked…

  25. bacaryisgod

    There’s no doubt that Ox has not been great value over the last 6 years. Often injured, not much end product etc. However, since the beginning of the year, and especially since the switch to wing-backs, he’s been much improved.

    This feels a little like the Gnabry situation. We couldn’t justify extending his contract on higher wages based on his previous performances but then he goes on a great run of form right when he has all the leverage.

    What is clear right now is the Ox is vastly outperforming Bellerin on the right flank. He’s a much more potent threat. Having him and Kolasinac on opposite flanks would be a great balance of pace and power.

    Perhaps what Arsene is also looking at is the growth of Nelson and Iwobi, both of whom could do a Gnabry if we can’t find more time for them. The problem is that they are both more raw than Ox and also have similar issues with end product.

    The reality is that we’re made a mess of player contracts and there’s no hiding from that. We have a bloated squad with average players on high wages and it’s increasingly hard to move them on.

    Ox right now is one of the first five names on the team sheet (Cech, Kozzer, Alexis and Ozil being the other four). It would be really damaging to lose him now.

  26. bacaryisgod

    Based only on squad strength and the first game of the season, it’s hard to argue against a Manchester race for the title this season.

    Tottenham, Arsenal and Liverpool all look flawed and Chelsea have some internal issues that might hurt their chances.

    Probably a safe bet to peg Man City first and Man United second with the other 4 fighting for the remaining Champions League spots.