Wenger sets aggressive targets and shuts down big name signing

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via @Arsenal instagram

via @Arsenal instagram

Here we go, beers at the ready, football is kicking off on a Friday night this year which is super f*cking weird in my opinion, but hey ho, what can you do. It’s only annoying for people outside of the UK. If I were in London, I’d be amped to the max about Friday night beers then a bit of Emirates to cap off a warm summer evening.

Leicester come to town having been slapped down by the realities of the league last year. They lost a manager, flirted with an unceremonious drop, then steadied the ship after they rightly sacked said legendary manager.

This summer, they’ve done some nice business. Iheanacho coming in at £28m could prove shrewd business. Harry Maguire at the back injects a bit of fresh legs in their back four, and a Spanish defensive midfielder ups their technical ability in the centre of the park (such a casual pass about a player I’ve never heard of).

Difficult to know what to expect from the exChampions. They found their team spirit after Ranieri left last year, they showed some of that grit and fight that won them the league. Can Craig Shakespeare keep that going this season? Very doubtful, but it’s safe to say the game won’t be easy. Mahrez and Vardy are a lethal combo if they fancy it, and their new City signing has bags of pace and a lot to prove this season.

Arsenal will likely line up the same as they did for the Community Shield. Maybe we’ll see Ozil out on the right? I mean, if Leicester sit back and wait for the counter, it makes sense to have players that can unpick a tightly compact midfield and defence, but we’ll see. There should be no reason a fresh Community Shield side wouldn’t beat Leicester at home.

Wenger continued to crash through the communications challenge around what went wrong last season, whilst being sure of what’s going right this season, regarding the issue of unsigned contracts.

‘I created, with me not deciding, a lack of clarity in the dressing room and there is nothing worse than that in the dressing room.

‘When you are not completely in or the players feel you are not completely in, it is difficult to tell them we go (out to win).’

Make of it what you will, but I do find it amusing that he thought last seasons failure was because of his shenanigans, but this seasons success can be found in having six versions of the same scenario in the match day squad. The manager also spoke about his interest in Mahrez, which sounds less than firm.

“We were never close.

“I rate him as a player but we have similar types with Alex Iwobi, Jack Wilshere back, Mesut Ozil – we have plenty of the same type of players.”

The notion of Jack Wilshere being in the mix is interesting, that either says he’s staying because he wants to play him, or we can’t sell him because he’s not an attractive proposition on £100k a week. I love Mahrez, but our team spirit is wafer thin, adding his attitude to the unrest we’ll already be dealing with sounds like a disaster in the making.

The manager had good words and simple math for his most expensive signing of all time.

“With Lacazette, it’s simple. He is an intelligent player. We have a game backed on mobility and technique and I think he can integrate that well.

“After that, we get the efficiency. His record in France is to score one in 80 minutes. If he can maintain that record that would be ideal for us. As a game is in 90 that would guarantee you a goal.”

I love the numbers. If Lacazette drops digits like that, we’ll be on fire this season. I like that Wenger is talking about mobility because we’ve suffered from a lack of it up top for years. It still baffles me that the things that won Wenger the big trophies back in the day were dropped >>> power & pace. Seems we’re trying to get back in there. I just wish we’d beef up the middle of the park with a bit more power, finesse and fitness reliablity.

The game will be fun. There’s no second chances now. We need to win from the start because the run we have is very mean and we’re playing a bunch of teams who have things to prove with necks on the line.

Lets’ see how this pans out.

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  1. Ishola70

    lol Wenger abandoned his back three not even past the first match.

    It’s not just about missing personnel.

    A good sytem means others can come into it.

  2. Marko

    It’s not just about missing personnel.A good sytem means others can come into it.

    Exactly. We don’t do systems we rely on individuals and that is exactly why we need signings in that area

  3. John T.

    Is anyone really surprised at this? I mean really!!!! Arsenal fans have seen this crap for 8-10 years and still to OLD man, who the modern game passed 8 years ago still has a job. You want to see changes? Then why is Wenger still the coach???? Difference year, difference day of opener, same result. I’ve posted it for now 9 years, until Wenger is OUT they win only consolation prizes. He’s DONE.

  4. Ishola70

    Nice header from Giroud.

    What an entertaining match lol.

    Wenger advocates games like these.

    Shame that he will never win the league with this sort of stuff.

  5. Leftsidesanch

    Dnt get the criticism of Laca today hes shown decent touches, good movement and can nick a goal. Aim it at our woeful defending as a unit.

  6. Elmo

    The serious question now is whether that will be the end of 3 at the back and the return of 4-2-3-1.

    And if it is back to 4-2-3-1, who is the midfield pairing and how are they going to adequately screen the defence?

  7. Ishola70

    reality check:
    “The problem with lacazette is that he’s not better than giroud.”

    There is no problem at all with this team scoring goals.

    We have just seen an absolutely shocking display defensively from Arsenal both Lacazette and Giroud have scored in the first match but yet there are still fans fixating on offensive matters lol

  8. Ishola70

    “When does Nelly The Elephant turn up”

    Xhaka? He’s been on the field for a while now.

    Never seen such a cultured left foot on a Nelly.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    Very entertaining game for the neutral.

    Some nice attacking stuff from us, Giroud doing his supersub routine again.

    But you have to have massive concerns about us. Carragher said it, ‘same old Arsenal’ they entertain but they have massive issues.

    Watching that, surely now Wenger must give Oxlade the RWB slot, Bellerin was terrible again and Oxlade causes problems when he switched out there. Wenger moving Bellerin over was surely a signal of how crap he was playing.

    We need Mustafi to have a big season, I like Holding, but he is not a long term answer right now.

    Middle of the field still an issue as well.

    No idea what the Leicester manager was thinking with that substitution at the end, just opened them up for us.

  10. Arsene's Nurse

    Great for the neutral, not so great from the point of view that we shipped 3 goals and played very casually at times.

  11. Leftsidesanch

    Ishola cant get my head around ppl moaning at us offensively, whos just seen that defensive car crash tonight?

    Some ppl just moan at everything

  12. Ishola70

    “The serious question now is whether that will be the end of 3 at the back and the return of 4-2-3-1.”

    But Bruv the back three was meant to be the saviour. It was meant to be what could push the team on with a new defensive solidity.

    Now it lies in tatters.

    Going back to back four same old same old. As you were.

  13. Sanmi

    Here’s what I learnt!

    1. Lacazette is qualidee
    2. Ramsey is way better than Elneny.
    3. Giroud is a super sub
    4. Sanchez with this offense is gonna be immense!

  14. EN1AFC

    Well I never! We were absolute wank especially at the back but we got out of jail, somehow??! If it wasn’t already obvious, we need some more quality in defence and midfield to be serious about the league. Will we get that, I doubt it. Word for Giroud, never going to take you to a title starting but is there a better second striker in the league?

  15. reality check

    Based on france, and based on Arsenal.

    The way we play, Giroud will offer more, slightly more than Lacszette over an entire season.

    Ok instead of Laca isnt better than giroud overall. Ill be more specific.

    For Arsenal and their style and their manager, Giroud is better than Lacazette.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    We need to be out looking for a CDM right now, maybe a CB as well.

    Ramsey was dangerous in an offensive sense when he came on, but he usually is, argument for giving him Ozil’s position and playing Xhaka and another deeper.

    Though Ozil was anonymous again until Leicester basically just camped out and he was allowed space.

    Stoke away next, though I fancy us there, Stoke are in disarray right now. Liverpool away after that will be interesting.

  17. Bamford10

    Poor defensive organization and selection in the first game of the season, but attacking strength sees us through.

    Note, though, that that was not a strong Leicester side.

    I have always said that Giroud is a good sub option. 😉

  18. Ishola70

    That Xhaka donkey was responsible for two goals conceded tonight.

    Told you this flat footed lump is going to continue to be a liability.

    What have you Xhaka lovers got to say.

    A flawed signing.

  19. Leedsgunner


    We won.


    How can you concede three goals at home? It’s a matter of personal team pride is it not?

  20. loyika


    What a game.

    Defence was shyte, but can’t complain about our offensive game. First games were never going to be easy (especially taking into consideration the past 2 seasons at the Em) so not sure what many are getting their panties in a bunch about?

    Leicester are no mugs and want to also stop this hoo doo of having not beat us for a while, so was always going to be a tough game.

    Fair play to the lads for staying strong till the end. The 3 points was hard fought, but thats what matters. Now we see what the other teams do over the weekend (I can bet there will be quite a few surprising results, which is the norm as every team will want to put in a performance)

    I gave my predictions to Citeh.. let me see their first game.

    P.S. Do we have a Le Grove Fantasy league? (I think someone asked the same question a while back but didn’t see any response) Would be cool to have one if there are any takers/folks interested.

  21. Alexanderhenry

    Crazy game. Eleven players in search of a system.
    We don’t seem to have one at the moment.

    Still, lacazette scored, the ox looks a much better player, Alexis might stay and kos, mustafi and merts will be back.

  22. TR7

    No problem with back 3, I still believe it’s the best system for us. The problem was the choice of personnel.

    Ox RWB, Kola LWB, Monreal on the left and either Koss or BFG at the heart of back 3 will be a very solid unit. Today it was a mess because almost everyone in the back 5 was playing in their unnatural position.

  23. Samesong

    The way we play, Giroud will offer more, slightly more than Lacszette over an entire season.

    Sorry unless your talking about last season there’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that.

  24. GuNZ

    The EPL table makes good reading this morning. Thank fuck my boy, Giroud, the Nougat King himself came to the rescue. Brilliant that boy, brilliant. I’ve always said so. Kid’s a star. Good job that nice Mr. Wenger and myself kept the faith.

  25. leon

    I know ee won but conceding 3 goals at home is frankly very concerning but suprising considering wenger has made very little changes to the defence or midfield

  26. Cesc Appeal

    ——Mustafi/Kozz, Kozz/Mert, Monreal——-

    Has to be our defensive five from now on. I thought Bellerin was shite again, and Holding showed why relying on youth is in an issue, great talent that he is. Can talk about Bellerin leaving him, but some of the things he was doing were totally bone.

  27. grooveydaddy

    Xhaka was terrible…but then he got the assists for the winning goals.

    But that’s not fooling anybody. He really needs to up his game. Way too many careless passes.

  28. grooveydaddy

    Lol gambon was right after all

    He tweeted when we were down 3-2 that we’d win today, but have no chance for the league.

  29. Ishola70

    “Xhaka was terrible”

    He’s got flat feet lol.

    No fvcking chance Arsenal win the league with such a player in the middle and that is even if the back three work out.

    But we can see some entertainment.

    This is what our manager advocates.

  30. loyika

    @ Ishola

    The back 3 is also a problem for Chelsea as well, as many teams would have sussed it out. I dare to say that Conte might revert to another formation based on individual games.

    What we need to do (which sadly we don’t) is to adopt our tactics based on opposition, and make our formation fluid. This throws our opponents off and keeps our players on their toes.

    Our defence need to step up this season, or else we won’t be doing shyte (no point scoring a bucket load of goals if the back door is so wide open?)

  31. Marko

    Brilliant and entertaining first game

    Neither brilliant or entertaining (unless you like to have a laugh) about that performance. Shocking. If we cannot dictate and dominate a team like Leicester at home how are we going to fair against better sides away from home in must win situations.

  32. GuNZ

    Olivier has been on the phone to me already. He was over the moon. ‘Ah am over ze moon,’ he said. He expressly requested that I pass on his deep gratitude to all posters at Le Grove (which he calls ‘The Grove’) for helping him keep his confidence up during what was, so he said, a personally very difficult inter-season break.

  33. Ishola70

    loyika nothing of note is going to happen with Arsenal if they keep on chopping and changing the defensive system.

    The back four for years has been shite defensively with the fullbacks pushing up like divs too much .

    Back four will offer nothing defensively to this team.

    Back three was a hope but it shows how much it is in it’s infancy because even taking into consideration there were personnel not available that was a shocking defensive display from Arsenal. Shocking!

  34. reality check

    Plenty of evidence. The season will expose what it will. My gripe with laca is that hes weak. To do whats needed to push us on to win the Europa League, he’s too weak. He’ll need to strengthen.

    £52.7M he aint here to learn, he isnt a youngling, he’s a seasoned professional who was bought to start as CF.

    I’m saying all this and i hate giroud. I’m not biased.

  35. Champagne charlie

    “Neither brilliant or entertaining (unless you like to have a laugh) about that performance. Shocking. If we cannot dictate and dominate a team like Leicester at home how are we going to fair against better sides away from home in must win situations.”

    Jesus Christ, some people are brand new to football I swear. Get Marko his blankeywhile he has a fucking cry

  36. loyika

    Also like most have said, we need another quality addition for the CMF.

    This is one of the times one just hopes Wenger will do whats right and address weak areas. (surely he sees that Granit as good as he is, will also be a liability?) won’t hold my breathe though.

    Next game is against the Orcs!! Another bruising encounter coming up at Mordor!!

    Nice one for Laca getting his first competitive goal. Hope the goal floodgates open up for him.

    When is Alexis back? Lolz

  37. Jeff

    Good comeback and a good win. Put us through it but they got there in the end. Particularly impressed with Ox and Kolasinac. Well done and keep it up – oh and maybe sort out the defence because it was pretty bad at times. Overall, very happy.

  38. Cesc Appeal

    I thought Lacazette was decent in the effort and physical department as it goes, very willing to put himself about and get stuck in.

    In attack we were alright, though I still just really do not like Ozil in the side.

    But we absolutely must buy a player who can control a game in the middle of the field. Been the same way for years now, we just do not have control in the middle of the field.

    As for Leicester, I think they will do better this year, interested to see what Iborra brings to them in midfield, I thought James was decent as well especially after such a long time out. Vardy looked sharp which is a massive plus for them. Really stupid substitution though.

  39. TR7

    Sadly Xhaka and Ozil will start all our games no matter how poorly they perform. It cost us top 4 last season and certainly will cost us many points this season as well.

  40. WestLondonGoon

    Did anyone see Mahrez tonight apart from the shot in the first 5 minutes? No?

    Can we put that one to bed now?

  41. Ishola70

    “Did anyone see Mahrez tonight apart from the shot in the first 5 minutes? No? Can we put that one to bed now?”

    Yep put to bed. I actually agree with the old charlatan on this one when he basically said Arsenal do not need yet another luxury player in the first XI.

    Ozil, Xhaka and Mahrez swanning around is too much.

  42. Southernpeople

    Giroud’s getting better and better – he’s developed the way Wenger wanted. He’s a great competitor and is looking forward to compete against Lacaz – he’s turned down a good offer from Marseille.

  43. reality check

    Heres one way of looking at that game.

    Through sanchez eyes.

    Sitting there watching that. Do you think he was entertained, or filled with panic and dred.

    He has to decide very soon what he’s doing with himself. Will this game make him lean towards staying, or leaving?

  44. Ishola70

    “Sadly Xhaka and Ozil will start all our games no matter how poorly they perform”

    Yes they are permanently inked into the first XI.

    Very flawed but fans will still take delight from them for their offensive contributions at times.

  45. davedale

    Thought kolasinic looked a beast. And his little maradona at the end was class. Pleased to get the win especially as I had 300 on arsenal but we can’t survive being awesome going forward and pathetic at defending.

  46. WestLondonGoon

    Mahrez could be the first player in football to put in a transfer request when nobody actually wants to sign him.

  47. Ishola70

    Holding was horribly exposed tonight by lack of application from Bellerin but he has been showing signs recently of inexperience and being rash.

    Still rate him and think he would be better served central in a back three but needs to be taken out now,

    And no Mustafi is not going to be the absolute saviour I’m afraid. Too rash himself.

    But back three of Mustafi, Kos and Monreal is probably as good as it will get. Merts coming in at times would probably see the back three at it’s best but he’s an old man now who can’t play continuously.

  48. LeMassiveCoq

    Ox best player for me. Immense pace carried it into the final third time and time again. Made Bellerin look pretty shit really.

  49. GunnerDNA

    With players playing out of position in defense we were always going to struggle defensively, I think we should save the judgement until we play our first choice defenders. Its 3 points, Jamie Carragher was so upset that we won he was going on about Ozil hand ball, not remembering the Leicester player who catch the ball in their box in the first half. Its a long season, chill out. We have 3 points on the board.

  50. Leaving in a wooden box

    Great game….schoolboy defending at times, but great first touch by Ramsey and real power play from the lean strong giroud.
    We have some great players, but the wanker in the technical area knows nothing about defenders,defending, and consequently we will be vulnerable to teams that can whip plenty of balls in the box.
    Arsenal will outscore many teams…..but the quality teams will punish our wide open defending. Zonal defense with no leaders at the back is a disaster.

  51. Ishola70

    “Mahrez could be the first player in football to put in a transfer request when nobody actually wants to sign him.”

    What’s happening with Dick Van Dyke now? Who does he think he is putting in a transfer request at Southampton? Does he think he’s a worldie now? Been reading too many column inches me thinks. A lump with the turning circle of a battle cruiser.

    Rafa Marquez is a top gangster, Naughty boy.

  52. Sanmi

    Remember what I said against Chelsea? I said it ozil plays we will get tonne of chances. There’s one reason for that, his spatial awareness! He drags defenders out of position!

  53. Carts

    Got the 3 points which is great but by the looks of things we weren’t great.

    At 2-3 I was confident we’d at least get a draw. Fair play to the subs who bailed Wenger out.

    But conceding 3 goals at home first game in isn’t going to do us much in terms of moral

  54. Sanmi

    Lacazette 8
    Ozil 6
    Welbeck 7
    Ox 7
    Bellerin 4
    Xhaka 6
    Elneny 5
    Kolasinac 7
    Monreal 5
    Holding 3
    Cech 4
    Giroud 8
    Ramsey 7
    Walcott 4

  55. Sanmi

    CartsAugust 11, 2017 22:37:29
    Got the 3 points which is great but by the looks of things we weren’t great. At 2-3 I was confident we’d at least get a draw. Fair play to the subs who bailed Wenger out.But conceding 3 goals at home first game in isn’t going to do us much in terms of moral

    You were missing 3 CBs
    One wb out of position
    You are bound to concede goals! Especially against a vardy that is very direct and pacy

  56. Samesong

    Remember what I said against Chelsea? I said it ozil plays we will get tonne of chances. There’s one reason for that, his spatial awareness! He drags defenders out of position!

    Weren’t just Ozil doing that Welbeck Lacazette Ramsey movement was pretty good today also. And sorry but Theo getting caught offside and he still bloody missed that chance.

  57. Carts


    But didn’t we concede a. Umber of similar goal this time last season to Liverpool?

    I don’t think this has much to do with Vardy, instead, it’s Wenger’s implementation or lack of

  58. Nigel Tufnel

    Sammi, i think Oxlade was dangerous and hard working all game made things happen and defended…,, Xhaka did almost everything right, and had 2 assists. Those 2 and Lacazette stood out.

    Where are the Xhaka haters now?

  59. Wallace

    exciting game. the strength of our bench will see us through a lot of tight games, I think. very impressed with Lacazette. will hold judgement on the defence until we’re a bit closer to full strength there. Ox was also very bright.

  60. Relieable Sauce

    R.S.P.C.Arsenal August 11, 2017 21:20:19

    Here he is the 6th pasendena

    Riding on a train

    Quite literally



  61. EN1AFC

    Xhaka had a good game?? Was I watching a different game? He was atrocious for the first 60mins. Should of been taken off. At fault for 2 of our goals. Fair play, had a hand in 2 goals we scored but he simply cannot cope under the intense press in midfield. We are crying out for a nasty, tough tackling, dynamic, strong, quick defensive midfielder to do the dirt work. Xhaka isn’t that player, neither is Elnenly neither is Coquelin. We are Crying out for some added steel in midfield.

  62. Ishola70

    “Xhaka had a good game?? Was I watching a different game? He was atrocious for the first 60mins. Should of been taken off. At fault for 2 of our goals.”

    lol and it’s myopic fans like the one you answered as well as the manager that will never see this club advance.

  63. Emiratesstroller

    Just returned from the Emirates. Before commenting on the result and overall
    performance let us comment on the Manager’s decision making, team selections and the way we played.

    First Wenger selected just one inexperienced Centre Back whose confidence must have been shot to pieces during the game. His performance deteriorated as game progressed.

    Second can someone please explain why we turned out with just one centre back and two left backs. It was blindingly obvious that our defence was not fit for purpose tonight. If we play with similar setup against Stoke next week we
    will be slaughtered.

    Third Mustafi sat on the bench and Wenger made no attempt to bring him on
    particularly when we were struggling. If he was not match fit why bother to select him to sit on bench. Also if you are so short of CBs at moment why did he
    not select Chambers who has at least experience in position.

    Next if you are so short of defensive personnel you make sure that your midfield and wing backs play tight and don’t give Leicester space to counterattack.

    Final it is clear to me that on current form Oxlade-Chamberlain should replace Bellerin in right wing back position with Kolasinac playing on left.

    Arsenal got out of gaol, but the shortcomings of the team have not changed from recent seasons, because as usual the manager and coaching staff refuse to change the way we play and adapt to opposition. They are as usual completely naive.

    The only saving grace tonight is that Arsenal have considerable fire power and
    even in absence of Sanchez and Lacazette is potentially an outstanding player.
    He is not only a goalscorer but also an intelligent and skilful footballer and unselfish.

    What I do know is that if we are going to achieve anything this season we need an additional CB as I have said many times before.

    However, sadly Wenger will as usual leave us short. He is blinkered.

  64. Redtruth

    It’s folly playing a back five and playing two limited holding midfielders only exacerbates the mistake.

    The best form of defence really is attack under the tactically clueless Wenger.

    Fill the midfield with creative technical players who can keep the ball thus protecting the defence..

  65. Pierre

    Surprised Ruth hasn’t been on here whingeing about arsenal’s 3rd goal and ozil touching the ball with his arm….
    It did touch his arm and it should have been given as hand ball but due to the fact that the handball happened probably 1 or 2 minutes before Ramsey scored I would say it was irrelevant in the scoring if the goal..

  66. Pierre

    “Fill the midfield with creative technical players who can keep the ball thus protecting the defence..”

    Spot on Ruth, very perceptive..

  67. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Going mad after the goal is akin to being annoyed with yourself after you have gone 40 quid over budget on a Saturday morning

    It’s to late

  68. graham62

    Lacazette will bag at least 25 goals this season, providing he stays fit.

    Defence a shambles (nothing new there then).

    All they need is a tactically savvy manager. Let’s hope we get one soon.

    Shakespear handed it to Arsenal on a plate by making crazy substitution.

  69. Emiratesstroller

    There was absolutely no “organisation” in our team let alone “leadership”. This
    was a very similar type of first game to season as last year when we lost at home
    to Liverpool with Chambers and Holding operating in CB.

    As usual Arsenal were unbalanced and fragile at back. My question was why did
    he not play Mustafi? Also it seems strange that Wenger prefers to play two left
    backs in centre. We could have used Chambers!

  70. Cesc Appeal


    Our right side was pathetic as well, Bellerin and Holding had terrible games.

    Please, please let us just have Oxlade as RWB from now on and Kolasinac as LWB who I think had a solid game again.

    Very interested to see how City line up tomorrow and how they do.

  71. Nigel Tufnel

    Steve, your hate for our players is pathological….

    XHAKA had 2 assists .. many great passes…. our defenders were at fault for almost everything that went wrong.

    You are a sick woman.

  72. Dave

    Pretty shambolic at the end. 2 left backs as centre halfs, right back playing at left back, right midfielder playing at right back, 1st choice centre forward playing left wing. Just throw on every attacking player you have and let them sort it out. Gonna be a long season again

  73. Relieable Sauce

    When is the Ox getting the captains armband ?…Or is it not too late for Sanchez ??

    Is Arsene pandering to the Ox?…or does he realise Bellerin’s lacking serious coaching ??

    Dupp, de da da dupp, da, da da, da dupp, da da da, dupp…

  74. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I see that Charlie the Chimp, the voice of his own reason, is back to his usual self, insulting everyone and anyone he deems inferior to his Neanderthal IQ. What a total waste of space in this life you are…no one benefits from your existence, no one. Just f-Off already you sack of cow flop.

  75. Adam A. Carbarundum

    So much went on in this one. One thing is for certain, this is the same Arsenal on display. Horrible defending and bailed out by an offence that outdid itself. Leicester was nothing to write home about and they were made to look better than they deserved, thanks to that shambolic display on defense.

    You made it a point Bamford to declare Arsenals defense as, shall we say, steady? If they don’t settle it down and quickly they will be spending the season fighting their way out of the wet paper bag they find themselves in. Early days, but the warning signs were on full display for all to see. Great fight in the end, but it should have been far easier than they made it. Take the 3 points and run.

  76. Holy Diver

    Daleduhgonner – you cared more about slating Ramsey than watching the game. You slated him before he even came on. It’s the first game and we had mistakes all around in the back against a solid counter attacking team. We’ll get better in defense when the first team rotation comes back. Shaky defense led to some compromising plays from Ozil and Xhaxa as well. 2 assists and some more great passing from Xhaxa. Outside of several mistakes starting from the back we played well and showed spirit and class. Ramsey came on and made the difference, and made you look silly and trite.

  77. Nigel Tufnel

    Emirates, good news is that Lacazette plays like he’s been here for years. 27 shots, 10 on target. Great bench options in Ollie and Theo.

    Other good news, mustafi, koscielny not far away, and lastly….
    We know exactly what we have to work on, organization and assignments for back up defenders and Xhaka.

    But we still need a cm … badly. ..El Neny had an assist… but he’s not good enough. I like Ramsey, but he cant play 50 games. 30 if we’re lucky. Any cm we’re looking at, will probably get bought by liverpool, Monaco, dortmund, with the psg money.

    Wenger blew it again by waiting.

  78. HillWood

    I hope Pedro watched the cringe-worthy interview with Gazidis.
    In the whole of world football there is not a better man for the job than Arsene Wenger.
    Wenger is now so ingrained in the club they cannot envisage a future without him

  79. Pedro

    ES, can’t knock your points about the defence, really barmy.

    CA, our midfield really is looking weak. Really like elements of what Xhaka brings, but he made another terrible mistake tonight, two if you give him credit for not getting close for their first.

    Pleased with Lacazette. Looked mobile, devious, and sharp. Be interesting to see how his game pans out for sure.

  80. Emiratesstroller


    What was the most ridiculous point about team selection is that Arsenal have on their books in first team squad no fewer than 6 specialist Centre Backs. Three were out through injury or suspension. One sat on bench and Chambers was not selected!

    We played our SIXTH MOST EXPERIENCED CENTRE BACK + TWO FULL BACKS in a back three.

    The weakness in midfield is not necessarily a lack of talent, but more to do
    with poor discipline and a natural instinct to attack.

    One of the reasons that Arsenal switched last season to three at the back was
    that our two wing backs had a propensity to go forward at the same time leaving both Mustafi and Koscielny exposed. That was repeated last night leaving
    Holding far too often exposed.

    What I found infuriating is that Wenger just sat throughout the game and did not react to the situation.

    If we select a team like this against Stoke we will be slaughtered.

  81. Emiratesstroller

    Another issue for me is that Cech is clearly past his best as a Goalkeeper. He was clearly at fault with one of the goals.

    Ospina is frankly an average goalkeeper and we have farmed out Martinez.

    You have to ask seriously the question why was Szczesny sold? He is considered by Juventus one of the top teams in Europe with a history of producing some of best defences good enough to take over as their Number 1.

    What is most infuriating is that we accepted a transfer fee of just £10 million.

  82. Leedsgunner

    Nothing has changed. I wonder if Wenger still tells his players to express themselves…

    He thinks his job is done when he chooses the team and the formation and then turns his brain off during the actual game.

    Completely nonsensical that he plays full backs as CBs even though he had a CB on the bench.

    Why? Is he just trying to be clever?

    If the CBs he has don’t have his confidence– bring in some who do. Stop banging square pegs into round holes! We got away with it last night, but it’s the height of foolishness to think we will do so again.

    Yet, this is EXACTLY what I’m afraid Wenger will do. He will point to results last night to justify not investing again saying that his makeshift solutions are good enough.

  83. Wallace

    baffling that so many seem to think Wenger deliberately went with two left backs alongside Holding at the back. like he had other options but thought that was the best one.

  84. Wallace


    “Completely nonsensical that he plays full backs as CBs even though he had a CB on the bench. Why? Is he just trying to be clever?”

    you know that Mustafi played pretty much every minute of Germany’s Confederation Cup triumph this summer, yeah? the final was on July 2nd, so five weeks ago. you think he should have been rushed back?

  85. Sanmi

    I can understand why chambers did not play, Wenger had every reason to go with that back 3 after a good performance against Chelsea, albeit he should have been on the bench instead of mustafi who wasn’t match fit.

    Koz is suspended.
    Mert is injured.

    So people have to tone it down a bit. He really had no choice.

    Elneny goes for safe passes 1st and was hindering the attack. I get this Joy whenever xhaka has the ball he instinctively finds players in offensive position. Although he lost a few today. And he’s terrible aerially

    Ox is a RWB, bellerin can’t beat is man.
    Ozil is still ozil but he makes chances happen.
    Lacazette is a striker! The next argument is if he’s world class or just good. If he scores 25+ with similar match performances then he’s worldie

    Giroud is a super sub. Ramsey is better than Elneny. Apparently Wenger is better at judging than we are.

  86. Wallace

    “I love the man and the player. He is a fantastic guy. He is committed and he loves the club.

    “He doesn’t want to leave and I’m happy he wants to stay.

    “At some stage I opened the door for him because I knew I had many strikers, but he is really loved here.

    “We love him and in the end he decided to stay.”

    – Wenger on Giroud

  87. Redtruth

    “I can understand why chambers did not play, Wenger had every reason to go with that back 3 after a good performance against Chelsea”

    Did you see the goal we conceded against Chelsea…lol

  88. Pierre

    From a managers point of view, to bring Mustafi on in the 2nd half ,as you were advocating, would have been a waste of a sub .we were chasing the game at that point.obviously he was not fit enough to start as he has had no pre season games.
    We probably missed mert more than anyone else as he would have given us stability . Chambers, I presume ,is on is way or injured otherwise I cannot see why he would not start.
    In the end ,the substitutions worked perfectly .wenger took a gamble and won . Maybe any other manager would get credit for making such bold substitutions instead of bringing on mustafi to bolster the defence. Fair play to him.
    The defence will be sorted in the next week or 2. Whether they are strong enough as a unit only time will tell.
    The win gives Arsenal and Wenger a little bit of breathing space , if we had lost then the shit would have hit the fan big time.