The Arsenal Opinion Podcast – Season preview

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That my friends is how you write a pithy call to action in advertising.

This weeks episode is crammed full of high-level analysis about the upcoming season. We talk about CFCs decline, we talk about Spurs stagnation, and we weigh up the competition.

We also give some admiring glances at the squad as we head into the new season.

Tune in my friends and enjoy:

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175 Responses to “The Arsenal Opinion Podcast – Season preview”

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  1. kristoman

    We can’t get rid of them because nobody want a dross players on an inflated wages. Wenger said he contacted other managers for their availability but non of them want his players.

  2. Don


    Because Arsenal just beat Chelsea
    And because we are looking pretty good going into the season.
    If we weren’t this site would be flooded with angry comments
    As it stands it’s just a trickle
    Bamford not making any calls just yet
    He’s learned his lesson from previous seasons when he regularly embarrassed himself:
    But when he is confident enough that a certain team looks strong enough, he will back them to the hilt before the fade away and humiliate him
    It’s normally united, city or Chelsea but he always calls it wrong

  3. ThePuma9


    Everyone is shitting on the club as usual and panicking about an uncontrollable situation (the transfer window) and twisting the mangers words (making more out of them than they should but on another hand they say he talks shit-which is it?) and no one can be arsed to tediously argue what has been done to death and just regurgitated via a different topic.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    I do not think we can read too much into pre-season and the Community Shield.

    Firstly, I do not think we looked all that great at all in Australia or China.

    Second, remember we romped to a win against City a few years back in the Community Shield and the same old issues plagued us, same against Chelsea a couple of seasons back.

    The squad looks okay, but there are still glaring issues with it and our transfer business has not been conducted as well as it could have. Kolasinac is a great bit of business, Lacazette looks decent but remains to be seen if he justifies £45 Million, but no arguments over the attempt being made there.

    What is worrying though is the fact the deadwood like Gibbs, Wilshere, Jenkinson etc are still here, that Sanchez is now ten months from leaving and five or six away from being able to sign with someone else on a pre-contract. The fact we have not added a partner for Xhaka, and the fact that we have not addressed a lack of creativity up top and (in my opinion) replacing Ozil.

    I think we’re okay-ish for the season, maybe fourth, if I had to put money on it right now I would say fifth. But potential to get fourth without doubt.

    Question is, with the resources we have available and the lack of significant structural evolution in the club away from Wenger-centric power, is that good enough anymore?

  5. kristoman

    and how about you Don who says arsenal will win the epl for the past 5 seasons? so are also get it terribly wrong or just plain adamant arsenal success or just deluded like the rest of you AKB

  6. Cesc Appeal

    Juventus are trying to wrap up a deal for one of Matuidi or N’Zonzi it looks like.

    Both handy players and an improvement on our current central midfield options. I like N’Zonzi, but the worry would be his lack of pace next to Xhaka. Very slow midfield.

    Could potentially get a deal with Matuidi being thirty and having one year left on his deal.

  7. qna

    Puma: I’m sure you’ll be too busy for the Arsenal. What with all your businesses and trying to keep your Thai bride in check, where ever will you find the time?

    How is that an insult. Tony D sounds like a lucky SOB the way your describing him. You need to work on your insults. “Your a rich guy with a hot asian wife – burn !!!!” WTF?

  8. kristoman

    since 2013 realistic fans and pundits alike said we will not compete talk of winning the epl with the squad wenger assembled and you says they are naysayers who hates the club. But here we are after 5years they were strikingly accurate in their predictions. So who is more foolish at the end the day. I will leave that for you to answer

  9. ThePuma9

    I see sarcasm is lost on you qna.

    From what we know Tiny d lives in a fantasy world where he’s bought a thai bride.

    Is that better for you?

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Seri has a release clause of €40 Million it seems, apparently Barcelona are going to trigger it.

    Really interested to see what they do over the next few weeks. Linked to Dembele, then Lemar, now Seri, wonder what they end up with.

  11. gonsterous

    barca have no clue as to what to do with the money. they should reinvest it in their defense but won’t cause they are clueless ..

  12. gonsterous

    akbs wanking over the community shield. nice to win it, but we shouldn’t let that blind us of the deficiencies in the side. we need major upgrades…

  13. Cesc Appeal


    I have seen some Barcelona fans online who do not like the idea of their current executives etc spending the money.

    Messi and Suarez is still a ridiculous attack, as you say they would be better off rebuilding from the back and making that midfield a controlling force again.

    But they have been bitch slapped this summer, tried their old tricks with Verratti, not only did PSG not sell they took the future of their club away from them.

  14. Pierre

    “just plain adamant arsenal success or just deluded like the rest of you AKB”

    1-0 to kristoman

  15. Phallasaurus

    As for the likes of Debuchy, Gibbs & Wilshire…..can’t Usminov just lend his partner some more money in order to bulk up his Everton squad.

  16. Phallasaurus

    Should be able to find the required amount down the back of his sofa. Actually, probably find a fair amount in his belly fluff.

  17. keef petrovic

    I don’t buy this commonly accepted narrative that Theo is a good finisher. When he does score it often looks good, rifled into the corner, but people seem to forget all the scuffed finishes/blasted wide or high over the bar.

    Add into that how useless and brainless he is in every other aspect of the game (just running fast isn’t being a footballer), his ludicrous salary, and his amazing lack of development over 10 painful years, and we should bite the hand off anyone who would pay £20M + for him, assuming we sign a proper replacement (I know, sigh..)

    And his new perfumed ponce haircut doesn’t help either.

  18. Tonyd

    The Puma 9
    My Thai wife co owns a company in the oil and gas industry with a minimum turnover of $30 million annually.

    She has MBA with distinction and is currently looking into doing her doctorate in finance.

    I’m guessing your wife just looks after your little dick.

    Not all Thai wives swing naked on poles at gogos. That’s just a narrow minded perception I’d expect from an AKB like you.

    But you worship Wenger, what else should I expect?