Alexis Sanchez is playing transfer poker, Arsene should fold

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It’s pretty clear something is up with Alexis.

He came back from vacation claiming he had the flu. Let me tell you this straight up if you have never had flu. It takes longer than 4 days to recover. There is no such thing as 4 day flu. Especially when you are a 28-year-old Chilean warrior robot who is biologically impenetrable.

This week, the story is he has abdominal pain. Our most important player is out for the Leicester game, maybe longer.

Call me crazy, but if I were Trump, I’d be capslocking FAKE NEWS on my Twitter feed right now.

Alexis is not injured, he’s merely giving us a taste of what’s to come this season.

Simple rule of football. If a player wants to go, there’s little point in keeping him against his will. Alexis does not need to play for a contract. His job this season will be to preserve his body so he’s ready to go to the World Cup in tip-top condition. Same thing that Robin Van Persie did in his second season at United, and hence the dip in form. It was all about winning his final World Cup.

Alexis is a pain in the arse. He was last season, despite an outrageous contribution to the goals tally. That doesn’t make it a good idea to keep him this summer. Mainly because we’ll be leaving £80m on the table that we’ll then use as an excuse next season when we replace the Chilean with Slimani.

Factor in the negative impact on the squad. You’re basically working with someone on 9months notice.

  • Month one: Put in a shift
  • Month three: Start rolling in late, leaving early
  • Month five: Where is Sanchez?
  • Month six: Sanchez has hurt his finger again
  • Month seven: crack pipe in the dressing room with 12 escort girls

Arsene should have bit the bullet on this issue early on in the window and signed Auba and Lemar as soon as he could have done.

Now we’re into full on disruption mode.

I think Friday should be a good result for us regardless, but we are looking light. Ozil, Ramsey, Mertesacker and a suspended Koscielny are going to lead to a makeshift starting 11. Wenger is also thinking of taking fitness gambles, just like he did last season when he played a whinging Ramsey into the starting line up against Liverpool.

“I have players coming back who have not played, like Mustafi. Alexis will not be available for example, so I cannot go into the game with too many uncertainties. I can take a gamble on one, maybe maximum two, but I focus more on the players who had the right number of competitive minutes in recent weeks.”
Worrying. But kind of standard. When are we ever prepared properly for the opening game of the season? Wenger likes to take an extra month to get his ducks in order. We usually pay the price for it, and that’s that. No consequences because we are Arsene FC.
Right, that’s me done… I’ll leave you with Wenger’s opinion on our new left-back.
‘He has the force of an animal, certainly.’
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261 Responses to “Alexis Sanchez is playing transfer poker, Arsene should fold”

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  1. Marko

    Someone probably said this at some point, but Ornstein said last night that a deal for Lemar is now highly unlikely.

    Nope they didn’t. Some want to believe we can still finish the window strongly but it doesn’t seem likely at this point

  2. Bamford10


    Nothing wrong with it. Certain types just can’t accept that there are better opportunities than playing for late-stage Arsene Wenger.

  3. OleGunner

    Last night at a Football Writers charity event Wenger said:

    “You pay for the education of young players with points,” he remarked.

    “I play a young central defender of 20-years-old and I know he will cost me points in the season. I have to stand up for that.

    “If I play a 28-year-old centre-back, maybe less talented, he will cost me less points, but then I will not be giving a chance to a young player.

    Nice to know he’s been willing to throw points away for ages, should see that trend continue 😛

    He also talked about his contract situation last season, now he’s happy to have secured 2 years+wage hike:

    “At some stage, the players came to see me and said, ‘What’s going on boss? When do you go?’

    “I created, with me not deciding [about my future], a lack of clarity in the dressing room and there’s nothing worse than that in the dressing room, you know. When you’re not completely in or the players feel you’re not completely in, it’s difficult to tell them, ‘We go.’

    “At some stage I had to tell them, ‘Look guys, I’m with you but we have to win games.’”

    It’s all rather hilarious with his unqualified hindsight when we all called this out being an issue

  4. Gooner63


    You keep forgetting 1 thing

    Lacazette scored goals in France – a much weaker league
    Even Giroud looked good in France
    Even Sanogo scored 15 goals for Auxerre

    So theres no guarantee at present that we have solved the striker position

  5. Don


    His goal tally went down
    He went from 40 goals

    To 30 something

    To 24

    I’m not saying he want still a great player at untied but his goal tally dropped
    So did his performance level

    And the sentiment on being a file scrounging mong.
    I wouldn’t except anything less from socialist teacher.
    My stance is the same
    If you’re able bodied but consider yourself too good to work if you aren’t a a rapper or millionaire then you’re a dole scrounging mong

  6. Bamford10

    My point immediately above is not about Danny Rose obviously but about the larger issue of players leaving for bigger clubs, bigger things, bigger money.

  7. Don

    If nasri didn’t jump ship along with cesc, adebayor, Toure, cole and RvP we would have won the league

    They were growing together and were just 4 points off in 08

    Either way it’s done now.

  8. Bamford10


    Good post. No other manager would admit to deliberately making choices that cost points, but Wenger is proud of it. Why? Because his “principles” — here, bringing along younger players — matter more to him than winning.

    I also love that he now freely admits that uncertainty over his situation cost the team and club. Whose fault is that? No one but his.

  9. Dissenter

    This is perhaps the worst transfer window for Arsenal, from a strategic perspective. It’s only rivaled by the 2015 summer window when we didn’t bring in outfield players.
    What’s the point of having a CEO and board of Directors when they will allow a manager so much latitude?
    Why not just make Wenger a sole administrator or proprietor who rules by fiat?
    We are going to let £150-200 million walk out of the door if we let Sanchez, Ozil, Oxlade, Wilshere and the other players on the last legs of their contract leave on free transfers.
    That’s diabolical management, only rivaled by the Portsmouth FC debacle.

    Emirates stroller has been writing extensively about the lack of future planning in the club.
    Schzezny was the golden boy we blooded early, gave up the chance to sign Hugo Lloris for and send on loan to gain experience abroad so that he will replace Cech.
    Cech ought be replaced next year as number one next season but we are so badly managed that we’ll be scrambling next year to find a replacement.
    We are in shambles and Wenger will make another move to stay in 2019. I’m so sure that the likes of Pierre, Don and idiot Puma will be cheering for 69-year old Wenger to get another 2 years to finish the job in 2019.

  10. Emiratesstroller


    As I wrote the crisis at Arsenal will materialise next summer when Sanchez and Ozil go on a Bosman.

    I suspect that Arsenal will sell Ox in this transfer window as there are likely to
    be offers forthcoming and he is clearly not planning to sign a new contract.

    Realistically the only position where he might be guaranteed a starting position is right wing back, but that would unsettle Bellerin.

    My guess is that an offer will come in from another club and he will leave.

    The bottom line for me is that Arsenal are NOT IN CONTROL of their destiny
    because of the way the club is being managed. All they have done is possibly
    postponed a potential crisis for one year.

  11. OleGunner


    Wenger is the king of hindsight and flowery bullshit rhetoric in football.
    Makes for a nice quip or soundbite for an audience, but exposes his weaknesses and underlying mentality with regards to competing for top honours (he doesn’t mind losing as long as he upholds his “values” whatever the fuck that means)

    If you ask me he has wimped out of being an elite force since 2010 in favour of said values. In an alternate reality I’d expect him to go all out in getting maximum points in the twilight of his career, but obviously his transfer and media comments show he doesn’t seem particularly bothered.

    At least I don’t get mad anymore, just watch the football unfold over 9 months waiting for the inevitable.

  12. Dissenter

    The most annoying thing here is reading the post of fans who think Wenger can do no wrong.
    Last season when Wenger was doing his silly Kim Kardashian press conferences, many here were criticizing him and making the same point that Wenger has finally stumbled unto. He was hurting the team and making it all personal.
    They typical Wengerites lashed out at everyone else saying he’s entitled to defend himself, the team is not affected etc.
    People need to understand that Wenger is not always right and sometimes (actually most of the time) he deserves criticism. Stop defending him at every turn.

    Do we give him credit for humility and honesty for finally stating what every rational poster here said in March 2017?

    He forgot to apologize for that silly grin on his face while he was telling lie after lie in the spring of 2017.

  13. Ondgooner

    In reply to Don:

    The anology wasn’t to do with his team mates but with teams like Stoke, WBA, and most opposition teams. Obviously Wenger knows how to sign that lone marquee player but them leaves them surrounded by weaklings to be devoured by the types of teams I just mentioned. No far from it, I didn’t mean his team mates!

  14. Don


    The welfare state is being massively abused in both Britain and the states
    Welfare should he last resort
    For those that desperately need it
    It’s not
    Now it’s a way of life
    An encouragement to do nothing but get pregnant and get a free flat.
    It’s harder to go to work 6 days a week than it is to sit around cashing government pay cheques when you’re fit and able
    Wouldn’t expect a champagne socialist teacher to understand.

  15. Cesc Appeal



    People quick to slap Wenger on the back for holding onto Sanchez this season (I don’t care at all about Ozil and I think he will sign a new deal and is likely being told he has to wait for us to be FFP compliant or something with wage increases) need to hold off because they need to say, first, how Sanchez does for us this year, second, how the club behaves in ten months time in the transfer market replacing basically an £80 Million player.

    Wenger’s record at replacing players is not good at all even when he receives fees.

    This is an enormous gamble, obviously Wenger won’t pay for it because he never does, but it could cost Arsenal for a number of years as we try to rebuild with a smart transfer strategy which is something we have not shown in year simply because Wenger has all transfer power, so it is no wonder every window feels similar.

  16. Elmo

    Agreed, Stroller.

    With Wenger signing a 2 year contract, and it being clear after last season that it would be mismanagent to allow the pantomime of a long-serving manager entering the final year again, then the club will have to decide to either extend the manager’s contract again next summer, announce that the following season will be his final year, or let him go.

    If we have a bad season this year and miss the CL again, next summer we could well be in the position of having the manager moved on, the two brand name stars at the club leaving for nothing (Sanchez and Ozil), as well as a host of other nominally valuable assets walking away on Bosmans (Ox, Wilshere, Gibbs etc).

    Surely a function of the CEO should be to try to control and moderate risk, seeking to avoid having any crunch moment where multiple large destabilising events happen at once. Let’s all hope that this season goes well otherwise next summer could be a point where the club really is plunged into a hole that we should have avoided.

  17. Dissenter

    You and I differ about Alexis though.
    The decision ought to be simple and should be based on the interest of the club; sign the deal or you’re out of the door to recoup money to reinvest.
    Wenger is dragging the club’s reputation in the mud by constantly suggesting that Alexis might yet sign when it’s clear to all that he is on his way out, either now or in 9-months time.
    The only thing that will make me keep him or nine months is is his contributions will be transformational in terms of success,; is he going to win us the league?
    The answer to that is NO because with or without Alexis we are still not good enough.
    I think we sell him. You obviously disagree.

  18. Bamford10


    Right, while the vast majority of the wealth created in your society goes to the top 1%, it is the poor who are to blame. What a farce.

    It is the very wealthy and the largest corporations and banks who are ripping off ordinary working people, Don, not the poor.

    Your politics are bunk, as is your take on Arsenal.

  19. Emiratesstroller


    I think that you are wrong about Ozil. He will leave next summer on a Bosman most probably to Turkey. They will pay his wage demands but avoid the transfer fee.

    The reality is that we have a contract schedule where three of our best and/or
    most in demand players can leave next summer on a bosman.

    Ox is probably the easiest to sell, because he is young, not guaranteed a first team place and English [Home Grown]. There is enough competition for his
    services to generate a reasonable transfer fee around £30 million.

    Whether Arsenal should be selling him is a matter of opinion. The real problem is that if he plays at right wing back we are unsettling Bellerin.

  20. Dissenter

    The Puma contract is due for renegotiation soon. The only thing we have in our favor is the global fan base so Arsenal is the second in England after United.
    The sold out games in Australia bear this out.
    Other than that I can’t think of why we will get the 60 million that Chelsea are getting. They dont sell out their games unless they’re playing Real or Barca.

  21. Bamford10


    Good post. The only thing I’d add, though, is that unlike many other CEOs, our CEO only has so much power, and his power is dwarfed by the power of the manager.

    This is a highly unusual and highly unfortunate situation, but it is nonetheless our situation.

    Gazidis can tell the world that if Wenger is to stay on, he must be “a catalyst for change,” but if Kroenke hands Wenger’s the reins without any criticism or conditions — as he has done — what is it that Gazidis is supposed to do (aside from resign)?

  22. Dissenter

    I agree with you.
    There’s no pint in looking at per capita income in societies such as the US
    The wage disparity and distribution of wealth without our society is enormous so the typical ratio- comparisons make no sense.
    At least in Europe there’s a strong safety net.

    Do you think anyone on “Welfare” is living large.
    Maybe in the U.K with your counsel provided housing system.
    In the states Welfare check can only provide the most basic survival.

    Not that I care to be honest. The people at the bottom tend to vote against their own interests. They are less likely to vote at all. They are more vulnerable to voting emotionally on innuendoes and cultural issues. They don’t vote to help themselves. In that sense they deserve everything they get.

  23. Dissenter

    Why do you keep defending Gazidis?
    Is this some deference to Pedro? I’m not ribbing you at all.
    The man has no ounce of integrity in him and will say anything depending on the circumstance.

    What’s wrong with walking away when you can’t do your job?
    Accept the fact; Gazidis is worse than Wenger. At least Wenger once had a stint as a world class manager and some people still hold on to those nostalgic memories and give him a life-long pass for that era.
    What is Gazidis record and why is he so deserving of the free pass you (and Pedro) keep giving him?

  24. OleGunner

    Agreed with Dissenter.
    Gazidis should’ve walked this summer as Wenger immensely undermined and basically humiliated him.

    But he is a CEO at a top 6 EPL club, his integrity is not worth more than the cushy and lucrative job he has.

  25. Bamford10


    No, sorry, I do not accept your interpretation of the Gazidis situation, and my take on the situation has nothing to do with Pedro.

    But I agree that Gazidis should probably resign on principle. He has professional and financial reasons for staying and singing the company line, though, obviously.

    And I am not “defending” him per se but describing what I actually think is going on. That is different. Ultimately I couldn’t care less about Ivan Gazidis.

  26. Dissenter

    In August 2019 after Wenger has renewed his contract he will be contrite and be going press conferences about being wrong for letting players run down their contracts.
    Even then gullible gooners will line up the streets and throw roses for his parade because “at least he’s humble enough to admit his mistakes”

  27. Marko

    As I wrote the crisis at Arsenal will materialise next summer when Sanchez and Ozil go on a Bosman.

    It’s incredible really. You don’t really get it at other supposed big clubs this losing your two best players on free transfers. And it’s important to realize and perhaps the bigger indignation is we’ve honestly done fuck all to convince these players that their future should be here. It’s another Vieira RVP situation only this time we’ve got the money to compete if only we had the inclination.

    You look at Chelsea and Conte won the league last season and spent 144 million but he still wants signings to be as competitive as possible. For Conte there’s a nagging feeling that he needs more. Arsenal on the other hand finished 18 points off have spent 52 million bringing in two players and there’s every chance that’ll be it. It’s incredible really. Those who for years though it’d take getting knocked out of the top 4 to knock some sense into the club well they’re wrong.

  28. Bamford10


    As bad as Wenger’s handling of contracts, signings, buying and selling is, and as bad as things might get next summer, I think it is worth focusing on this coming season and what might happen if Ozil and Sanchez stay (which now looks more likely than not).

    Will Wenger manage to have a decent season, finish top four and claim “success” — despite next summer’s coming debacle? Or will this season itself be a debacle?

  29. Marko

    As things stand now we’re 4th or 5ft still hitting around the 70 point mark but still likely to be 10-15+ points off the leaders. The Lacazette signing will be enough to save the manager from utter embarrassment (not being in the same competition as Bayern or Barca help too) but it won’t be enough for a title bid

  30. Carts

    Wenger is posturing. But let’s be honest, it’s a poor attempt.

    Sanchez Ozil and Ox and bound to leave next summer. What this equates to in real terms is highe. We’re talking about close to circa £170m.

    As Dissenter said, with the way the market is, we’d be mad not to sell. You have to put your foot down, and give those players a deadline!

    That window slams shit and neither have signed new deals then we’re royally fucked.

  31. Emiratesstroller


    The crisis is not just about our two best players, but it applies to a large number of members of squad.

    Gibbs is grossly overpaid for his services and Wenger on the advice of his computer programme [as he has written today] thinks that he is worth £16 million.

    That is why both WBA and Watford have walked away from buying him. This
    is not a player for a top 4 club in EPL and lower level clubs are not going to pay
    a £10 million plus transfer fee and the wages Arsenal are paying him.

    What Arsenal should have done is accept the offer of WBA which was by all
    accounts £10 million and shifted him out.

    Frankly I would do the same with Wilshere whose wages approach if not exceed £100K pw. This is not a player who is going to play regularly in our first team with his injury record.

    Someone at the club needs a reality check when you close the door to the offers which have been allegedly made for these two players.

    What happens if they are still with us on 31st August? It means that they can also go on Bosman next summer, but in meantime we are saddled with a wage
    bill of around £8 million for players unlikely to play 10 games for us next season.

  32. Bamford10


    That’s what I think too. I think we’ll be good enough to finish fourth and save Wenger from utter embarrassment.

    Next summer will see a mass exodus from Arsenal and claims from Wenger and his supporters that it’s all about money for players today and that money has ruined the game.

  33. Bamford10

    The thing about Gibbs is he actually could be (or could have been) quite a good defender if he had played somewhere where they insisted that he grow a pair, be disciplined and be a genuine fucking defender. He’s skillful and has pace and ability; at times he has even been a defender who gives his body over to win a match. However, he ultimately has played in a camp where defending is under-emphasized, where discipline is under-emphasized and where getting forward, playing the beautiful game and expressing oneself is over-emphasized. This has cost him. IMO.

  34. Marko

    Total mismanagement for years stroller. It’s only becoming more apparent in recent years. But it’s been going on for many years. How long before we decided to stop giving Diaby a contract? How long did it take before we could finally get rid of Senderos or Djourou or Bendtner. I guarantee you the amount of times we’ve had to loan out players until their contracts expired or had to let go for pittance because we were unable to sell because of their wages it’s huge. Of course certain types will argue that its the going rate and all these excuses. It’s gross mismanagement.

  35. Emiratesstroller

    The difference between keeping Sanchez, Ozil and Ox and the dross at the club
    is that the three players if retained at Arsenal will play reasonably regularly in
    first team and at least earn their wages.

    By contrast players like Gibbs, Debuchy, Jenkinson, Chambers, Wilshere and
    Lucas will not get onto the bench let alone play for first team. I don’t know what there collective wages are but it must be at least £360K pw and that translates to £18,720,000 per year.

    That tells you just how badly the club is run and the poor decision making.

  36. Carts


    To say our contract strategy is archaic would be inaccurate on so many levels. It’s nothing short of unacceptable. especially in today’s markets.

    Any genuine players who (as well as wanting to be compensated, handsomely) will also look at other factors such as chances of success and whether they’re happy at said team.

    Does the manager have a plan. What’s his vision…

    No offense to Gibbs, but he’s played it smart. Kept his head down and made little to no noise. He’s on £60k p/w and doesn’t really seem fussed at being 3rd choice. Why should he? He’s not getting a new deal. We can’t afford to loan him; either way he gets the same money elsewhere if there’s no fee attached.

    Sanchez, we can see he is motivated by medals. He’s a top player and will be paid top wages, regardless.

    Ox imo, has probably thrown in the towel at Arsenal. His development has been inconsistent at best. Irrespective of how much Wenger brown noses him, it won’t make him change his mind by signing now..

    Then there’s Wilshere.

    I could go on but this horse has been clubbed to death.

    The worst thing Arsenal could’ve done was give Wenger a new 2 year deal and not insist on a DoF

  37. Alexanderhenry

    No doubt arsenal are heading for a motorway pile up of a season.
    Recent events made me think Alexis was staying and provided me with a glimmer of hope, but even more recent events indicate otherwise.

    I’m expecting a formal transfer request from him in the next few days.
    Without Alexis and even with him- he may take it easy if he knows he’s leaving next season- I do not think arsenal will finish top four.

    Arsenal football club is a mismanaged mess from top to bottom. You’d see more professionalism and organisation in a primary school production of west side story.

    Worse still, expectations have effectively been downsized with all the propaganda about the club’s ‘values’.

    We have become just one member of a chain of poorly run, underachieving, comically unsuccessful and intentionally average sports franchises.

  38. Marko

    The worst thing Arsenal could’ve done was give Wenger a new 2 year deal and not insist on a DoF

    One or the other but not both. A DOF not being brought in really fucked us again in the transfer market. Wonder what the next Gazidis excuse will be

  39. raptora

    I can’t believe how little spuds are paying their stars. Kane and Lloris their top earners with £100k per week. Then quality players like Vertonghen – 80k, Eriksen – 75k, Dier and Danny Rose are on £65k. Dele Alli, the star – £55k.
    Our Ozil wouldn’t sign a contract below £300k. Are you effin kidding me?! That’s Kane, Eriksen, Rose and Alli. Spurs’ 4 of their best 5 players. It’s insanity. Hopefully Ozil leaves next summer. Giving him that much amount of money for years to come would damage us more than losing Sanchez next summer.

  40. Dissenter

    We all accept that there’s an inflationary trend in the transfer market
    How are we supposed to compete for the next generation of super players wen our academy system is virtually non existent and we are allowing our best players to leave for nothing
    Emirates, I don’t accept the premise of your financial analysis of the Sanchez situation.
    We aren’t rich enough to take the blow of these players leaving for free.
    Wenger keeps moaning about “clubs backed by countries” yet he’s running Arsenal in a mannner that even those clubs would never dare.
    It’s financial madness.

    No one has answteeed me sos far.
    Is Alexis last season supposed to lead to some transformational levels of success for the club?
    Is he going to win us the league?
    If not why is he still here, other than empty pride.
    It’s like ba**ing your GF one last time after she’s told you she’s leaving you for your best friend.

  41. Pierre

    “Next summer will see a mass exodus from Arsenal”

    Obviously, despite what Wenger says, it is not good practice to let players see out their contract but with regard to your “mass exodus” Comment, I am sure you are one of many on here that don’t rate ozil and ox so really the mass exodus of highly rated players will be… Er.. Sanchez…. anyone else that’s going are all in Le grovellers words “dross” so it’s a bit dramatic to call it a mass exodus

  42. Elmo

    “Next summer will see a mass exodus from Arsenal and claims from Wenger and his supporters that it’s all about money for players today and that money has ruined the game.”

    Yep – which ties into the fear that when Wenger does go, the club is going to be left in a bad state where the new broom has to try to rebuild with a squad depleted of the stars, several solid first team players in their last days at the top level (Kos, Giroud, Cazorla, Monreal), no CL football or revenue to attract replacements, and the long-hoarded transfer kitty all but spent on overpriced, overpaid dross.

    But all of this will be blamed on PSG, City and Chelsea and their profligate spending and business models, naturally evading taking any responsibility for having ducked confronting difficult decisions for years.

  43. Dissenter

    Jack is another smart one.
    He knows his legs are gone so why take the leap now.
    He will rest his creaky bones for one easy season on 90k weekly and leave on a free transfer to Westham. Insist on a 3-4 year 100k weekly deal which is worthwhile since there’s no transfer fee involved.
    He won’t even have to leave London.

    Like I said, Wenger will be all contrite about this blunder in August 2019 when he’s renewed his contract. The typical clowns will still credit him for being “honest” about his mistakes.
    Grandpa Wenger is bigger than Arsenal FC

  44. WestLondonGoon

    I’m guessing that we will never learn what the ‘incident in December’ was that so affected our season even though Wenger said that he will tell us one day.

    My guess it has something to do with Ozil and his involvement in Ashley Young’s winner for Everton. There were stories that several squad members complained to Wenger about his performances on a regular basis and this may have been a tipping point.

    Wenger doesn’t like being challenged, that much is obvious in some of his press conference quotes, and probably dug his heels in.

    For a player like Sanchez, this was probably too much to take. He probably did become a bit sulky and moody round the camp. Others obviously felt the same way, but because of their own weaker characters, just accepted it – ‘we tried to tell him, didn’t we?’ – and got on being good little boys toeing Arseen’s line.

    What happened after that, with the club’s media releasing negative playing stats and drip-feeding even more negative stories about Sanchez to Wenger-friendly journos, should be an embarrassment to the club.

    Arsenal have always stood by their staff and players; let’s face it, most clubs do unless they want rid of them, Payet being a case in question last year, so what did they really hope at achieve by doing this? Hardly telling the player they are treasured and they should commit to a new contract, is it?

    Not classy at all, very un-Arsenal and definitely not in keeping with our traditions where we back our players to the hilt. And all this to protect the Wenger illusion.

    No wonder Sancez wants out and if he does run down his contract, there is only one winner in that situation; he’ll get a wage rise, most probably at a bigger club, and we get nothing but an Alexis sized hole in our squad.

    Of course he might stay, but with the world cup and a potential massive contract coming his way in te next 10 months, Alexis will be looking after himself thank you very much – rater than playing through the pain barrier, a degree of self preservation will set in and every slight strain or twitch will be met with ‘Sorry, boss, I’m not fit this week.’ It’s an avoidable position where nobody wins.

    Common sense dictates that he will be sold in the next 3 weeks , but this is Arsenal, the tone is set by one man, and one man only.

    If Sanchez IS sold from above, with the board pulling the carpet from under Wenger’s feet, surely a man so true to his word, so principled (allegedly), so needful of total control, would have to walk away to save face?

    But of course, it won’t be allowed to be portrayed like that; it will be ‘Arsene’s decision and the board fully back him in football decisions.’ In reality, the board effectively vetoing one of his decisions, would enrage him. For the first time since David Dein left, people within the club would be questioning his authority.

    Would that mark the beginning of the end?

  45. raptora

    In other news this is probably the last season that spuds will have with their stars if they win fukk all this year. I expect all of Kane, Rose, Alli and probably Dier, maybe Lloris to leave. They are going to have it hard playing on the cursed for them Wembley, so I see them slipping from the top 2 spots and probably fighting for top 4. Anyways they need to win even if it’s a League Cup or FA Cup else with all of the money going for their new stadium and the lack of success I foresee they are going to have some bad seasons ahead with key players leaving. My opinion.

  46. Pierre

    Stroller. With regards to Arsenal off loading the players surplus to requirements or dross as you all kindly refer to them, why can’t we just wait until the end of the window as I’m sure maybe 80% of those players will be sold… If not then is the time to whinge, until then it’s all speculation

  47. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @Bamford…Gibbs is a lame horse. He’ll give you 2-3 games at most before he goes lame and sits out 10-12. Wenger’s valuations are wishful thinking at best and beyond reality. As was proven with Diaby, he’s set up a fantastic socialist wage structure where players need only give an obligatory effort and little else. The real talent will leave, they always do. It’s not necessarily about the money, but rather playing and playing to win.

    Let’s be honest, when was the last time that someone really wanted out, desperately so? RVP? Nasri? Cesc? The cheese eaters on their final year are content to sit and hope that someone as dumb as Wenger will pay them the same wage for doing little.

    Arsenal has been flawed for some time now and as long as Wenger sticks around little will change. To say he’s smart now because he’s playing tough is ridiculous. This problem is his problem and no one else’s. it’s going to be an entertaining season and it’s got nothing to do with the onfield product. Has everything to do with the cornering of a stupid rat that will try tow lie, steal and cheat his way out of his own miserable decisions. And I, for one, am going to enjoy every miserably glorious second of it.

  48. Don


    I don’t think anyone living on welfare is living large.
    Obviously the truly needy should be protected
    But that’s not what I’m talking about
    Shit I know people that sign on and work for cash
    I know others that sign on and sell drugs
    Ever wonder why you see someone driving out of the worst estate in your area in a Range Rover or Merc with tinted windows?

    Anyway. What I’m saying is the system is no longer there to help the truly needy but there to be abused. And it is. Massively.

    And bamford we aren’t talking about the poor, we are talking about the lazy. That are pleading poverty and the social system Laos it up as it’s free votes for the left.
    Who do ghettos benefit? Socialists and lobbyists
    If it all went away they wouldn’t have a job.

    Anyway. On to football matters

    Ashley cole would be another thick useless dole scrounger if he were not a professional footballer.

  49. raptora

    I expect Debuchy, Jenkinson, Perez to be sold; Wilshere to be loaned; Gibbs and Chambers could be sold, loaned or could stay. If we sell 3-4 and loan one or two of those it will be job well done. 21 days left.

  50. Emiratesstroller


    I think that you will discover at the end of this transfer window the cupboard
    will be bare apart from a small number of clubs like maybe the top five or six

    Most of the others will have spent their transfer budget and are only looking for freebies or loans.

    Leicester may have a couple of decent players in Mahrez and Drinkwater to
    sell, but I bet that they have used a large chunk of that money already.

    The same applies to Everton who will probably sell one player. That may free
    up some money.

    Spurs sold Walker and maybe will sell one other, but their stadium is probably
    the main focus this summer.

    So when you discuss Gibbs and Wilshere who do you think are going to buy them for the sort of money we want for them?

  51. GunnerDNA

    If Ozil, Sanchez, and Ox leave on free transfers next season Arsenal fc will be ok. I understand that we will be loosing two of our best players according to some fans but I have witnessed better players than the above leave and we bounce back. Ozil is easily replaceable, Alexis will be 29 and its unlikely for Ox to command a starting position in a title winning team. I know most fans don’t fancy Mahrez but this late in the transfer window, he would be of more value than any foreign import. In my opinion the club just need to focus on this season, thinking about next season is irrelevant at the moment.

  52. Champagne charlie


    I’m forgetting nothing. Lacazette is head and shoulders better as our CF than anything we’ve had since RvP.

    You can diminish him with the “weak French league” nonsense. No guessing your views of the club with that type of thinking.

  53. raptora

    Arsenal would have won the title in 2007/08 if it wasn’t for:
    1. Martin “The Butcher” Taylor;
    2. Adebayor shooting instead of passing the ball to an open goal;
    3. Clichy not having a brain to chase the ball instead of looking around for absolutely no reason;
    4. Mike “The Faggot” Dean.

    In which world is this a penalty?! Plays with the ball with an obvious change of trajectory and doesn’t even touch the opponent. The dive didn’t even look real.

    We deserved the title back then. We were ahead by 5 points and were playing outstanding football. Theo was the prodigy he never lived to fully be but he was fantastic back then. Cesc was reaching his peak for us. Rosicky and RvP, Eduardo and peak Flamini. Gilberto Silva was still around. Hleb was great. So were Toure, Sagna and Gallas.

    After that horror game we went on to win 1 of the next 7 games and finished 3-rd. Also a friend of mine missed on winning around £30k with 1 pound because of that last minute penalty. Tough times.

  54. Ivan

    Nhf to both camps (AKB-s and WOB-s) and Pedro. Wtf is this questioning about keeping Sanchez? At last our belowed wimpy club grew some spine. This had to be done with RVP couse we really didnt depend on 20 odd milion we recived for him.

    We cant get 60+ mil for Alexis, 30 is reallty beacuse hes on his last year.
    This should be statement and warrning to all future contract rebels… wanna protest youre way out of club. No prob. We keep you, if you play good you will be on pitch and risk injury time without handsome contract or you can be on bench rotting for a season.

    If We had this stance be4 there wouldnt be RVP, Nasri and Cesc saga’s.

  55. Leftsidesanch

    Ornstein who usually gets things on the money states that the Alexis injury is genuine. Baring in mind that Alexis has behaved decently (in public at the bare minimum) its prob doing a bit of a disservice to suggest that he’s being dishonest. He did say earlier in the summer that the decision is up to Arsenal and as recently as the weekend was posting willingly about Arsenal. Just food for thought anyway..

  56. Dissenter

    We have a situation where a 90k weekly player who was not good enough to start for Bournemouth is vowing to “fight for his place” at Arsenal. He obviously wants to run out his contract while resting his frail body for one season.
    Jenks got a decent offer from Crystal Palace in January but refused to go because the 45 k weekly on offer was too low. He’s happy to run out his deal.
    Add the cases of Dubuchy, Arteta [in his last two seasons] and Cazorla

    Why don’t you moan about the Arsenal FC corporate welfare industry as well?
    It sure is easy picking on those at the bottom rungs of the socioeconomic ladder.

  57. HighburyLegend

    “Lacazette is head and shoulders better as our CF than anything we’ve had since RvP. ”
    perfect summary of wenger’s “ambition” lol

  58. Leftsidesanch

    Theres been a lack of ambition the whole way through this summer (ring a bell anyone).

    Wenger went from saying that his future had no bearing on the team last season has now used this as the reason that we “under performed”. If this was the case, what has he done to ensure we will be more competitive? It’s pointless being angry at him, his inadequacies will come back to bite him (happily for us) but most importantly Arsenal (which isn’t such a joyous moment).

  59. raptora

    “Borussia Dortmund head coach Peter Bosz has just told a press conference that Ousmane Dembele did not show up at training this morning.
    Bosz doesn’t know why and they have tried to get a hold of him, but he doesn’t answer his phone. Barcelona are interested in the 20-year-old…”

    L O L at this news from skysports. What in the world?

  60. GunnerDNA

    Judging Lacazette on the basis of him coming from the French league is unfair. Watching him against Chelsea you could see that he is a good player. The French league might not be the most attractive at the moment, but some talented players plays in that league. PSG is better than every EPL team and they did not win the league last year.

  61. Dissenter

    “We cant get 60+ mil for Alexis, 30 is reallty beacuse hes on his last year.
    This should be statement and warrning to all future contract rebels… wanna protest youre way out of club. No prob. We keep you, if you play good you will be on pitch and risk injury time without handsome contract or you can be on bench rotting for a season.”

    “bench rotting”!!!!!!!
    That’s one oft-quoted nonsense that football fans tend to use a lot.
    A player of Alexis quality can never rot on the bench. He will just get to rest his body and get a one year vacation in London at Arsenal’s expense.
    He’s so good that many clubs will be waiting to sign him on a massive wage-free transfer deal by January. He will still be a hot market commodity the same way Chelsea took a chance on Falcao even after he failed at United. A great player will always get second chances.
    Besides EVERYONE in the footballing world will know the context of his benching due to calculated leaks from his agents. In today’s world a quote to a friendly Chilean journalist will make it to tweets and global sport pages in hours.
    His contract is already winding down so what would he have to lose?
    Most neutrals that I know will be cheering for Alexis anyway.

    There’s a lot of naivete going around. … “bench rotting”.
    Does that involve maggots as well?

  62. Dissenter

    Put yourslef in Dembele’s place.
    You’re 20 year old and Barcelona are ready to pay a record transfer fee for you and the medium-large German club wont even hear them out. Thye wont even give you the courtesy of listening to the offer.
    I would definitely go beserk and boycott every thing Dortmund.
    My phone line will go dead and I would malinger something immediately 🙂

  63. HighburyLegend

    “Dembele did not show up at training this morning.”
    “he doesn’t answer his phone”

    Kids nowadays… (sighs + lol)

  64. GunnerDNA


    Is Alexis a great player or good player? In my opinion only Man City, Chelsea, Man U or PSG will be able to pay him what he might be looking for. At the same time, this might be the last year for Conte and Pep in the EPL. Alexis is a good player but why aren’t the two Power house in club football not bidding for him?

  65. Don


    Who’s picking on them? I don’t wield the power to pick on them.
    I simply identify them for what they are rather than pretending that anyone on the dole is incapable of doing anything else
    Most of them are just lazy
    How about tax breaks for the squeezed middle? The ones that stick around to raise their kids and work hard to give them a better future.
    It’s easier to sit where you are than work your way out of the bottom tier.

  66. Alexanderhenry


    I remember that game. It was a pivotal moment.

    Whatever ever anyone says about football, you do need a bit of luck and that season we were cursed.

  67. HighburyLegend

    “Some senior Tottenham players have grown frustrated with the club’s stringent wage structure. It is understood that certain members of the squad are perplexed that the wage ceiling at clubs like West Ham and Crystal Palace is relatively high.” lol

  68. Dissenter

    “Alexis is a good player but why aren’t the two Power house in club football not bidding for him?”
    Why bid for him and pay 50 million for a 28 year old player asking for big wages with ONE year left on his deal…when you can get him for NOTHING in 9 months time when he’s 29 years old.

    What do you think your financial planner will recommend?

  69. Danish Gooner

    If you had the Worlds three Best software developers in your Company and you dilliy dallied over Their contracts and they were about to leave with you having to do some messy and expensive work to replace Them,wouldnt your job be in danger,of course it would.This club is being horrible run from top to bottom and If Cerebro aka Wenger is about to Chuck 180 mil pounds Down the drain the man must be fired and replaced and the board must act now.

  70. Dissenter

    “Most of them are just lazy”
    That’s a gross over-simplification of poverty, don’t you think?

    That’s the same right-wing thinking that has destroyed the US. That’s why we pay four times for worse heath care compared to you Europeans. They wont fix it because they want people to “work” for their healthcare forgetting that everyone is indeed paying the price already.

    Look I am not really shedding tears to be honest. The people that need it more tend to vote against their interest. I’ve never voted because a politician promised to lower taxes for me before. I’ve never had to because the people that you refer to always vote against their own interest – I end up getting ways to get my taxes slashed because the people that are hurting vote to give people like me more. I’m not complaining.

  71. Dissenter

    Alexis is a great player.
    He has to be one of the best 10 players in the world.
    His consistency , success at the national level, sheer desire and just the off-the-wall things he’s capable of doing in a game.
    He and his ilk are why people buy expensive football tickets.

  72. HighburyLegend

    So first game tomorrow without Sanchez (we wish you well – lol), Ozil, Ramsey, Mustafi, Kos… I guess we can expect a draw ??

  73. GunnerDNA


    My financial planner?

    You have a point, but I doubt the clubs who are interested are looking at it from your POV. If he want to leave and threatened to be disruptive they don’t have to pay 50 mil. In my opinion he wants to go to Man City, why aren’t they doing more to get him?

  74. Moray

    It’s not difficult to shift a player when you want to. Just tell them they won’t be registered to play in any competition next season if they stay.

    How a top flight club allows its two most valuable players to go into the last year of their contract, never mind the Ox situation, with nobody’s head on a spike as a result is just beyond belief. As always, they will end up being sold at the last minute and we will have a panic whip round of whatever shit is available last minute. It’s the fact we never learn that is so painful and embarrassing.

    In the end it doesn’t really matter whose fault it is. The club regularly mismanage contracts and injuries. We overplay and indulge our players and let them sit for months in the physio room with no incentive to get back on the pitch.

    Fucking joke.

  75. GunnerDNA


    Stop it, Alexis is not a great player. He is a good player. Him being a top 10 player in the world atm is debatable.

  76. Leftsidesanch


    Infront of the sky cameras, lol everythings primed for Arsenal to embarass everybody into the weekend! Bottoms up.

  77. Ivan

    Dissenter – lol chill mate – its a figure of speech 🙂

    Arsenal is renown for being to lenient with its players and baulking too often for their wishes.

    Only player (in my book) that had any right to ask for transfer on merit was TH14.

    If We employed this stance be4 Baraca wouldnt raid our players as they pleased and we would look far more ambitious.

    If we could muster 80 odd mil for Sanchez then sale would make any sense at all.

  78. Cesc Appeal

    Danny Rose to Chelsea?

    Great signing for Chelsea, hammer blow for Spurs, best LWB/LB in the league.

    Oxlade and Rose at RWB and LWB for Chelsea then?

  79. Elmo

    “Why bid for him and pay 50 million for a 28 year old player asking for big wages with ONE year left on his deal…when you can get him for NOTHING in 9 months time when he’s 29 years old.”

    With regard to the signing of a pre-contract, PL clubs can only approach a player at another English club within 6 WEEKS of the existing contract expiring.

    Non-English clubs can approach a player at an English club and agree to the signing of a pre-contract up to 6 MONTHS before the end of the existing contract.

    So it’s understandable that if a PL club wanted to obtain the services of Sanchez (e.g City, Chelsea), they might look to bid this summer, as they know that they will not formally be able to approach the player in January, whereas Bayern and all the other non-English heavyweights will be negotiating with his agent as soon as they can come the turn of the year. For an English club to be hoping to sign Sanchez on a free, they’d have to be almost certain at this point that the player was adamant that they wanted to sign for them, and that there was some private agreement with their agent as to the package (i.e that it at least matches what the European clubs will be offering in January).

  80. kristoman

    August 10, 2017 10:43:22
    Danny Rose wants to leave
    Tottenham to go to Chelsea or
    man Utd to win trophies.. It
    should read Danny Rose wants
    to leave Tottenham to triple
    his wages..
    An incredibly dumb comment
    really. Considering he’s not
    gonna win trophies at Spurs
    and the others compete for
    major honours.

    Marko please direct this to pedro he doesn’t understand. Christ totteham having the same chance as Chelsea In winning the epl. While you are at it porto have the same chance as R.Madrid winning the cl. Totteham winning the league, that’s is a laugh

  81. Confidentgoner


    Sometimes clubs have to hold players to their contract and jot give in. Man U do that often. It’s the clubs interest first and other interest later.

    That said, I will go ahead and buy Lemar , a CM and a CB. If Sanchez see the quality in the new arrivals, he just might want to sign for us, because even he will see that we can win a big trophy with the additions.

    Players insist on leaving when you do not behave anymore like a big club.

  82. WestLondonGoon

    Sanchez’ agent arleady has Claudio Bravo at City so for Arsenal not to think that there is already a line of communication, would be naive in the extreme.

    There may already been an understanding between parties however tenuous and be the reason that Alexis effectively priced himself out of a move to Bayern.

  83. Chitom

    “No one has answteeed me sos far.
    Is Alexis last season supposed to lead to some transformational levels of success for the club?
    Is he going to win us the league?
    If not why is he still here, other than empty pride.”

    Keeping Alexis and Ozil might be the difference between making the top four and the CL next season, which would render last season’s failure to do so just a blip on what had otherwise been Wenger’s stellar CL qualification record.

    Failing to make the CL places two seasons running would make people start asking questions why now all of a sudden Wenger is not living up to his ” consistency ” he’s always been so proud of.

    They might come to a conclusion that the only reason Wenger did make the CL 19 seasons in a row up until the last year, was the relative lack of coaching talent in n the PL and Arsenal’s financial power to outmuscle other PL clubs
    ( Liverpool, Tottenham) for better players available.
    As the competition from new and more talented managers has increased ( Pep, Conte, Klopp, Mou,Poch), Wenger and his shortcomings have been exposed .
    He’s trying to protect his legacy.

    As to what might happen when Sanchez and posibly Ozil walk on a free at the end of the season, Wenger believes they will resign. He said it himself that he’s a consummate optimist and believes both will extand.

  84. Dissenter

    “With regard to the signing of a pre-contract, PL clubs can only approach a player at another English club within 6 WEEKS of the existing contract expiring”
    The season ends in very early may due to the world cup
    From the start of this season till then is about 9 months.

  85. Dissenter

    People forget that these footballers may be thick but they have some of the best negotiating and legal minds working for them..for a hefty fee.
    They can match the clubs these days.

  86. BillikenGooner

    Wenger gave his excuse earlier in the summer.:

    “Yes, I think in the future you will see that more and more. Players going to the end of their contracts,” the veteran Frenchman explained.

    “Why? Because transfers become so high, even for normal players, that you will see more and more players going to the end of their contract because nobody will want to pay the amount of money that is demanded and I am convinced that in the next 10 years that will become usual.”

    So he is just proving he is 10 years ahead of the curve. A true pioneer, just like he was with diet and conditioning.

  87. Dissenter

    Redtruth seems to have a dark obsession for Emirate’s preference to be a season-ticket holder. It’s just reminiscent of fetishism.
    There are about 40,00 season ticket holders at Arsenal.
    Redtruth, why are you so fixated on Emirates Stroller?

  88. Redtruth

    “If nasri didn’t jump ship along with cesc, adebayor, Toure, cole and RvP we would have won the league
    They were growing together and were just 4 points off in 08
    Either way it’s done now.”

    We were 4 points off in 08 because we won our last 4 games when the league had already been won and Utd were in cruise control for their last few games….f****** clown.

  89. Carts

    “Yes, I think in the future you will see that more and more. Players going to the end of their contracts,” the veteran Frenchman explained.

    “Why? Because transfers become so high, even for normal players, that you will see more and more players going to the end of their contract because nobody will want to pay the amount of money that is demanded and I am convinced that in the next 10 years that will become usual.”

    LOL – I like the way Wenger formulates his argument to suit his narrative.

    No other top club in European football are in the same contractual mess like we are.

    But he wants to pretend that we’re not alone in the better players running down their deals.

  90. Don


    Come on man. The US is destroyed??

    The biggest problems the U.S. Faces right now is globalism (often confused with conservatism and capitalist ideals) the out sourcing of labour and manufacturing and the fact that over 70% of school leavers are going into “higher” education. Meaning too much competition in certain areas of the labour market, massive debt and worthless degrees.

    Th American health service of course does require an extensive over haul however this has been true for decades and has not been perpetuated exclusively by the republicans.

    Gun, gang and drug culture don’t help either

    However if you look across the water, socialism is destroying Europe. Economically and socially.

  91. Don

    Red truth

    Yeah after Eduardo had his ankle snapped and RvP was out injured
    Keep that team together and they’d have won a title
    The only reason united won their last was due to van Persie
    Hence why united fans called him “the difference”
    He was the difference. Keep him at Arsenal with cesc and nasri supplying the bullets and we’d have had another league title to show for it.

    You can call me a fucking clown all you want but had we kept our best players instead of flogging them every year and we would have obviously been stronger for it.

  92. Don

    He only started like 10 games

    He scored 8 in a row before getting injured
    I think he finished the season with 12 in total
    He was just finding his form alongside adebayor and got cut down

    If you can’t remember I do. But I think you’re just deliberately being a little mug. That’s all you are read truth
    A little fucking mug that offers nothing but nonsensical one liners that have nothing to do with anything. Do you ever offer insight? No
    You’re a miserable little cunt to be honest and you’re on le grove all day and all night so you must have literally NOTHING ELSE in your life
    Now piss off you annoying little rodent