Wenger just realised his squad is fat, will the penny drop on its weaknesses?

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Carl listening to an AW interview

Carl waiting for £40,001k p/w

Ever heard of having a lifestyle business? You’re usually pretty rich, you don’t need the money, your clients are your friends, and the fruits of your labour are mere pocket money in a life that is pretty bereft of stress.

I sometimes feel that Arsene has hit that stage. He’s entered peak lifestyle coaching, and he sometimes lets his guard down, like he hasn’t been paying attention. He’s been busy pruning the Rhododendron’s, picking out this seasons napkin design… and he’s only gone and forgotten that the summer window is 3 months.

“Too much competition for places is detrimental, but not enough competition for places is detrimental as well.”

We’re off the back of our worst season in 21 years, and he’s just realised his squad is massively bloated. Like our transfers, we’ve come to the party late again, now it’s getting tough to shift on average players on obscene wages. Trouble is, now it’s August 7th, those players can taste the finished line. 3 more weeks, and it’s a 9 month holiday.

I am truly NOT amazed that heading into our season starting on Friday, we’ve basically shifted f*ck all when it comes to deadwood. We sold Chezzer for less than market rate, outside that, nothing.

Players currently attracting interest are Gabriel, Lucas Perez, and Olivier Giroud. I’m game for those boys leaving, but why do we seem to make life so easy for the hangers on? Gibbs, Wilshere, Jenkinson, Chambers, Ospina, and Debuchy should have been dropped out of Colney long ago. I mean, that’s before you even start entertaining the idea of Theo Walcott taking a hike, and maybe even Chamberlain (who I love, but he’s been disappointing for years now).

The current press narrative is we’ve dropped interest in Thomas Lemar, and we won’t sign any new names until we’ve tidied the current squad. I really don’t understand it, we’re basically not going all out to have the best players this year because we’ve once again failed to do the donkey work early in the year in shifting average players who clog up the wage bill and fuel it with averageness.

We need a creative midfielder. We need someone who can dominate in a classier way than Coquelin. We have two goalkeepers, both questionable. If we sell Giroud, are we convinced we have the fitness in our front line to cope… and do we have the goals coming off the bench?

Have we really done enough this summer to kick us onto the next level is the next level is the next level?

My fear with beating Chelsea in the Community Shield is that Wenger will quickly forget that last season was a train wreck. He doesn’t need much of an excuse to keep his pampered babies going for one more season. Then in February, sections of the fanbase will be sighing…

‘The boss has really been let down by the players’

There’s not a lot we can do now, but look, you can call me negative all you like, but the warning signs come from here every year, and every year they come to fruition.

As it stands, we’ve not done enough, but it’s being packaged up like progress.

If you don’t invest, you won’t progress. We learnt the hard way last season what sitting on your hands does in a league that’s upped it’s managerial game. We’re boarding the same boat as last year, except this time around, those fabulous coaches have invested, learnt the league and are ready to rock again.

Come on Arsene, the clock is ticking. Take your wellington boots off, put the secateurs back in the shed, and leave the napkin selection to Robert Pires. There’s work to be done.

P.S. Little Xhaka treat from the boys at BTL.

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  1. Bamford10


    At one point I asked someone to make a list of the dipshitt-y things Don had said. Someone should have done that then, and someone should do that now.

    Don and his ilk just can’t deal with anyone suggesting that winning the FAC is not as impressive as they would like to think or that Arsenal today are not everything they imagine Arsenal are.

    This is due in part to the fact that these guys’ sense of self-worth is partly rooted in their identity as Arsenal fans and they thus take any criticism of Arsenal as a criticism of their own persons.

  2. peanuts&monkeys


    Can you beat that he is still around? He was there among the ones lifting the only trophy Arsenal will win in the next 23 months.
    He cant even get sold to Bolton as Holding’s replacement. Wht loads of shit Arsene MF Wenger carries. What lies he peddles to naive English fans. Pity the English fans of Arsenal. Sissy, arent they?

  3. N5

    “What lies he peddles to naive English fans. Pity the English fans of Arsenal. Sissy, arent they?”

    The ground is multicultured P&M, you have supporters from all over the world that visit on match days. It’s hard to argue that we are gluttens for punishment but it’s not an “English” thing.

  4. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘You’re just not very good at distinguishing between different arguments, different POVs, different claims.’

    Yeah, okay pal, the problem lies with me. That’s why you had so many posters’ pulling up your ridiculous comment.

  5. Bamford10


    Agree with your assessment in 18:18:08. The world has changed, the game has changed, and the globalization of the sport has changed things.

    And the international fan is definitely a different fan from the English fan, but this does not mean that the English Arsenal fan would necessarily disagree with me re the FAC. I guarantee, for example, that gambon’s view is closer to mine than it is to these defend-Wenger types. And he’s an Englishman.

  6. kristoman

    There is no helping arsenal fans. The moment fa cup is better than reaching the semi of cl. The biggest trophy in the world bar world cup. Then you know we are really the most deluded lot out there

  7. Sane Choice


    Stop feeding the trolls mate (Pierre,Don & Puma(. There is a pattern as far as these rats are concerned. They come in packs, abuse others for differing opinions,lick each others arse and fuck off back to their holes when some put facts against them.

  8. N5

    Bamford, that’s why I kind of conceded and said I can understand why an international fan that hasn’t had the same historical view of the FA cup would prefer to watch us play Barca for example than watch us play Hull. There is a huge amount of nostalgia that comes with the FA cup and I still love the whole package, but I understand why others views would differ to mine.

  9. Pierre

    “Wenger has had an easy ride as all those competitions back in the day were taken seriously.”

    If that is the case then how did clubs like Swindon, Luton, Ipswich, West ham beat the arsenal in finals… Plus I can remember Sunderland beating Leeds.. Southampton beating man u…. Coventry beat spurs

  10. Up 4 grabs now


    I get your opinion about playing in the champions league is important, I don’t agree that it’s more important than actually winning trophies though.
    If we we’re consistently winning it or getting to semis or even quarters over the last twenty years I might agree with you but our record is poor barring 1-2 seasons.
    If we’re only there to make the numbers up and get money in that we probably won’t spend or spend properly what’s the point.
    Go all out in the league, and any cups are bonuses.
    If you can’t win the league then cups it is.

  11. DaleDaGooner

    Pedro don’t be like gambon stating what everyone and Wenger knows already but prioritizing getting in the players we need and could get over trimming the squad which can be done once we secure our targets.

    The head line for this article is very misleading, you make it seem like it was only just discovered. Lets avoid being kings and queens of hindsight, easy to sit in the cut and make decisions when there’s someone else to blame.

    If we didn’t buy Lacazatte and Sead and waited till we offloaded players, this place would be in melt down mode. The bloated squad will get trimmed at the appropriate time.

  12. Pierre

    Sane choice
    “They come in packs, abuse others for differing opinions,lick each others arse and fuck off back to their holes”

    Arse licker… Sounds like you are experienced in that department

  13. ThePuma9


    ‘But Arshavin’s goal in the first leg against Barca was, for me, a far better moment — and that win a more impressive accomplishment — than any of our FAC wins.’

    Please man get a grip. It’s all about the taking part eh not the winning?

  14. ThePuma9

    Bam bam learn to stand on your own two feet and stop choking on gambons cock.

    You mention the guy every other day which is rather worry when he isn’t here.

  15. N5

    Grabs I think that’s the best point made yet regarding ECL progression. It would be fine if the money won would be invested into the team wisely. You would have more pride if that was the case. But post Barca final, I feel we’re just there to make up the numbers.

    Once upon a time, I remember thinking teams like Roma, Fenerbahçe and Benfica were just the league fillers, but sadly we became that too.

    The ECL really was just a way of funding payments back to the bank for the stadium. It served a huge purpose, but winning it wasn’t one of them.

  16. ThePuma9


    The only reason Man Utd didn’t play in that fa cup was down to FIFA moving the world club cup to January instead of December. They had to go nothingness to do with sacking it off or deeming it unimportant, FIFA just pulled rank and put the FA in its place.

  17. Up 4 grabs now

    I’m not sure the squad will get trimmed, unless Wenger changes his values on players.

    It seem our dead wood is always top qualidee price range, yet when we buy its always an appaling way off the mark offer.
    Refuse WBA when they offer 10million for Gibbs, because apparently we want 12million?
    Debuchy wages alone should mean we’re letting him go on a free.
    That’s just two examples!

  18. Don


    The Liverpool side that Rodgers created was, for me, the most exciting I’ve seen since The invincibles.
    They were beautiful to watch. Utterly mesmerising
    Goals from all over the place
    That quartet of Suarez, sturridge, sterling and coutinho were just sumptuous.
    With Stevie G behind them
    Had he not slipped they would have pipped city to the title that year and people would have had an altogether different view of his regime

    Personally I rate him.
    He built a beautiful Swansea side too that crumbled when he left.
    Now he is in a shit league but he is a Celtic fan from Northern Ireland so this will be a passion project before he returns.

    I really think he’s a good manager with some great ideas.
    Could use a top draw defensive coach though to offset his attacking ideas a bit though.

  19. leon

    I have mixed feelings, about Oliver Girude because although he is not an elite striker but he definitely not shit striker he better suited in a 442 formation. I think it’s a shame about Lucas Pires because he is clearly better finisher than Welbeck, it’s clear some of the defenders are going to be leaving none of which are world class

  20. Samesong


    You still on about the FA Cup???? Lol
    I swear you have been debating that for the last 24 hrs ; 0

  21. ThePuma9


    ‘FA cup went downhill when managers of top 4 clubs – including Wenger – stopped giving a shit about it and used it to rest players for the competitions that real managers and top teams are competing for’

    Managers started to rotate when they had bigger squads to utilise. Who the fuck wouldn’t pick a team with fringe players if you had port vale at home in the 3rd round?

    Managers pick a team good enough to win that particular game. Isnt that much obvious?

  22. N5

    Don, did Rodgers bring in Suarez and Coutinho?

    He certainly had an eye for talent, I’ll give you that. He also got bang average Swansea players being lusted after by bigger better clubs.

    I’m not saying he’s awful, but I think Arsenal should be looking for someone a little better that him!

  23. ThePuma9

    Can’t stand Rodgers and his crusty lips.

    Very overrated doing well in Scotland but come on they’re miles ahead of any other team.

    Suarez was the reason they had such a good season…and no Europe of course!

  24. N5

    Leon totally agree about OG, I’ve said since he joined he’d work better in a 442. He could be the Campbell to someone elses Wright, or the Wiltord to someone elses Henry.

    I’m one of the few people on Le Grove that really like OG though so maybe I’m being biased.

  25. WrightIsGod

    To be fair I’ve always had love for he FA Cup and throughout its history (and yes even now) it’s been hotly contested dispite what the general and media view is.

    The percentage of big clubs winning it over the one off underdogs is huge.

    In my opinion the only era when I truly remember the FA Cup being treated with utter discontent was when Man United sacked it off for the World Club Champuonships. That really hurt its image and has perpetuated this misconception that it is no longer important. It’s the biggest cldomestic tournament cup in the world.

    Losing in the semi final of the Champions League is still losing. You get nothing in it for coming 3rd or 4th.

    In my opinion is rather win the FA Cup.

  26. Up 4 grabs now

    Don,most exciting since the invicibles, really.
    The bin dippers had no defence,and were literally schoolboy football you score, we score.
    Knocked out of all competitions in the first cup games they played they only had the league to play for and still throughout it away. 3-3 palace after being 3-0 up!


    Man utd could have played a reserve side in the 3rd & 4th round but chose to pull out, they were never ordered to.

    Unfortunately also rans in the champions league and in the league my friend, just making up the numbers.

  27. Frost

    On our midfield, just gonna say Naby Keita would be the perfect partner to Xhaka. Literally the closest thing to Kante out there… Get the lad & your midfield is sorted for at least 5yrs.

    Of course no chance we sign him this summer but with a 50M release clause that kicks in next summer would be grossly disappointed if we aren’t in for him.

  28. Redtruth

    Champions league is a watered down overhyped money spinning competition that protects the ‘top’ clubs from being eliminated early in the competition.

  29. kristoman

    I remember in 2007 when Chelsea won the fa cup. And morinhno was not happy its season and wanted more money to rebuild. He wasn’t supported so he walked just after some games. And him again here in united winning lc and ec after spending huge amount of money. But this man is not happy after winning these trophies but spending mammoth amount of money just to win the biggest trophy out there. He doesn’t settles for consolation trophies. He rather he is branded a failure for not winning the league but try his best than not trying at all and be content with also ran. Now that is what I call AMBITION

  30. Redtruth

    The only reason so called big clubs have a huge advantage over one off minnows from winning the FA Cup is bigger squads and minnows fielding depleted sides …lol

  31. champagne charlie

    NO, JUST NO…….please stop people. Brenda Rogers is/was absolute shit.

    Still waiting for the explanation ‘guy’….

    Will continue to harass you for it because you’re such an arrogant fucktard as proven by your continued tirades today. So answer some questions yourself you massive tit.

  32. N5

    Southampton complete signing of Lemina for £18m. That sounds like a great deal to me. Good bit of business by the Saints.

  33. GunnerDNA

    I have been reading this blog for years and I’m so upset because I still can’t believe that the FA Cup is being compared to runners up or league position. We as fans need to be careful. I do understand the frustration with the manager and not strengthening the team adequately, but apart from Leicester the only winners of the PL for the last couple of years are teams will unlimited finances.

  34. Redtruth

    “If that is the case then how did clubs like Swindon, Luton, Ipswich, West ham beat the arsenal in finals… Plus I can remember Sunderland beating Leeds.. Southampton beating man u…. Coventry beat spurs”

    That’s called Cup upsets

  35. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Game of Thrones episode 704 breaks new viewership record’

    So the leaks didn’t do it much harm then? 😉

    Dissenter, you’ve got titles wrong. HBO has confirmed 705 will be called ‘Eastwatch’.
    First there was Blackwater, then Hardhome..we know how those two episodes turned out. Now we’re getting another episode titled after a place. Hyped as fuck.

  36. champagne charlie


    he really is mate, his crowning achievement was a swashbuckling season where Suarez carried the team to second. His job at Swansea was a continuation of Roberto Martinez’s, and his Celtic role is absolutely useless to draw any conclusions bar the fact they were absolutely battered by everyone in their European campaign.

    He’s bang average and thinks he’s a damn sight better than he is.

  37. Gooner63

    Not sure why people think we are gonna be offloading a number of players

    Unless its deadline day – where we wont then spend that money

    TW has been open for 39 days and we only got rid of chezzer
    There is only 23 days left

  38. Pierre

    Rogers bought Coutinho, lallana, firmino, sturridge, can, lovren, clyne … Also made some pretty average signings

  39. Samir

    Have you ever seen Keita play? He isn’t a defensive midfielder. Nothing at all like Kante. More like a Cazorla/Coutinho.

  40. leon

    I would love to see this team play in a 442 formation but I think Xhaka has the stamina or morbidity to in that formation and coquelin has shown that he can only take the team so far

  41. Toniboy

    Gabriel, Gibbs or Chambers and money for Van Dyke would be wonderful bizness. I wonder if we have even tried to offer that cos we probably have more to offer Southampton than Liverpool in terms of players. If Coutinho leaves they need to spend that money on attackers so we can still get in there.
    I know Wenger isn’t even thinking of this
    One can only dream eh….

  42. Pierre

    Rodgers does have his faults and does love the sound of his own voice but he also knows how to get a team to play exciting, quality football… The Liverpool team was great to watch, better than anything arsenal have produced in the last 6/7 years, and yes saurez was superb but the contributions of sterling, sturridge and Coutinho was immense…

  43. Samesong


    I’m with CC on this Rodgers is average had a decent Liverpool squad back then and with Steve G who literally manages the team anyway on the pitch.

  44. champagne charlie


    nah mate you’re confusing us with the twats on here that don’t know how to process a different view. Don can rate Rogers, I respect that but I totally disagree.

  45. leon

    Redtruth I don’t think coquelin is a ok player but nothing more than that, the fact we need an upgrade to him

  46. champagne charlie


    He plays good football, I agree. He’s not a Pulis. But he’s in that bracket of manager for me because in spite of his teams good football he’s absolutely not of the level required for a top side.

    Rogers is a West Ham manager for me. Utterly unimpressed with his career to date, and even less so by the manner in which he thinks of himself. Sterling, Suarez, Sturridge were unreal that year, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say they were as influential as Neymar, Suarez, Messi are capable of being. Most would agree the managerial influence as such is little. The one thing he was tasked with was managing games in terms of knowing when to shut up shop, and defending. Two aspects he failed miserably at. Gerrard was also pulling the strings so lets not dismiss the player influence that one season he’s resting his laurels on.

  47. Don

    Red truth

    Hahah you little worm!!! No mate. This is a polite disagreement.
    I do rate Rodgers
    I do rate wilshire

    Fir me, Rodgers made that Liverpool side
    He bought those players
    He set them up and he got them going
    Nobody had faith in any of them but he did and he harnessed them

    I agree he needs a top defence coach alongside him but I do rate him.

    He’s in Scotland now and klopp is worse

  48. Marko

    The other thing is United will argue they need time to gel I’d argue it’s the manager and nothing’s gonna change with Mourinho this team is a reflection of him. Fucking ugly cunts

  49. Marko

    The Madrid midfield is outstanding. They’ve got Casemiro to do all the nitty gritty ugly stuff and he can still ball. They’ve got a tireless workhorse in Modric and in him and Kroos they’ve two of the best midfield dictators in football today

  50. Dissenter

    You’re on you own with the Brendan Rodger’s love-in.
    How does it feel to be in a minority of one?

    It’s cringe-worthy to even consider Brendan Rodgers above Klopp. Jeez.

    Puma was 100% right when he stated “Can’t stand Rodgers and his crusty lips. Very overrated doing well in Scotland but come on they’re miles ahead of any other team.Suarez was the reason they had such a good season…and no Europe of course!”
    Point of correction. Brendan did not buy any player. The DoF bought the players.

  51. Don


    No biggie
    I do not fear standing out from the crowd with an opinion mate

    If I did I wouldn’t last too long on this site would I?

  52. toniboy

    Is Gabriel and Gibbs/Jenkinson + 20m for Van Dyk a good deal? Too much??

    I wish Arsenal would consider that I feel we are not tall enough at the back and Per is too slow/not dominant enough over a stretch.

  53. Johnsgiles

    This will be my last post for a while 2 reasons…

    1) I remember boring boring arsenal chant against arsenal because we went through a period of winning 1-0 when we had a solid defence. Now it’s boring arsenal of disappointing windows and campaigns that fizzle into nothing before the season has hardly begun and wenger will not and I mean never win the league again. Worse he will get moved up to the board when he ever finally goes to continue medalling for years to come.

    2) i hope some you realise CC, Don etc it is so flipping boring having to scroll through you slagging off anyone you don’t like and thinking you are football experts. If u were you’d be in management. It’s supposed to be a fun football blog to read and chat not people calling other names , idiots when most here see wenger as a divisive character (don’t think Man City (pep), Liverpool (klopp) , chelsea (conte), Tottenham (poch), keoman (everton) etc fans spend so much time falling out about their manager because they all bring fresh hope to their respective clubs

    What does arsene bring? Division and the same problems, issues, concerns, failures etc etc not just for 2 or 3 seasons , or 5 , or 8 , or 10 ….

    Respect to you all …just……

  54. Johnsgiles

    For my sins I don’t want see arsenal winning tin pot cups like the FA sheild, the FA cup, challenging for 4th….I would love for us to be properly challenging for the PL and CL….just a dream as will not happen as long as he (and kroenke for that matter) have anything longer to do with AFC… Love to you all

  55. Johnsgiles

    Sorry and missed off the name of the chap that thought it’s ok to post a link to an execution with no thought that there maybe young kids that read this because they want to read about football

  56. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Yeah red

    Better we have players dropping down with dehydration an maybe having heart attacks

    Is that what you want


    In fucking deed

  57. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Boring match init red

    Be better if we had a the sirens of an ambulance screeching across the screen carting players of to hospital with dehydration

  58. Frost

    “Have you ever seen Keita play? He isn’t a defensive midfielder. Nothing at all like Kante. More like a Cazorla/Coutinho”

    Nope just woke up this morning and decided i’m gonna recommend a player I don’t follow… Point to where I said he was a defensive midfielder mate. Go on. Common knowledge that He’s as much a DM as Kante is.

    Dude is a B2B player, quick feet, beats players for fun (second most dribbles in Bundesliga behind Ousmane Dembele) of course he’s better defensively, literally on par with Kante. Going forward tho, he’s better than the French man (8 goals & 7 assists last season).

    Considering we’re stuck with Xhaka who cant tackle to save his life what we need is a player who does this for fun, but can also drive the team forward when needed. He’s only weakness is his aerial ability but has Kante has shown, not really that important for his position.

    Nothing at all like Kante. Lol. And you asking if I’ve seen him play? He’s basically Kante who’s much better going forward. Better dribbler too.

    More like Cazorla/Coutinho? are you freaking kidding me? A player who’s main strength is winning tackles is more like Cazorla/Coutinho? Good grief.

  59. Sanmi

    Never been a believer in paying top dollars for defenders . Very good ones can be bought on the cheap.


    Plus great defenders don’t guarantee clean sheets

  60. champagne charlie


    You’re on one mate, its been an amicable chat about Liverpool, rogers, klopp, united etc tonight. Not sure what you’re fixating on, seems you’re getting all offended at absolute peanuts on the internet.

    Not seen you post anything football related anyway so can’t say ill miss you. Think some need to grow up a touch.

  61. Frost

    Really would be hard pressed finding a more complete CM than Keita tbh. Can almost, almost do it all. Still raw tho at 22.

  62. champagne charlie


    reel it in a touch mate I think you’re being a bit ott about a 22 year old there who had a breakout season last term.

    Modric is the best b balanced CM for me, then there’s guys like Pjanic who are beauties. Even Pogba for all his apathy at United is a monster waiting to dominate.

  63. Sanmi

    P ogba will never dominate a midfield, he doesn’t have the skillset.
    Part of the rule of dominating is distribution, and vision plus knowing when to release the ball. And most importantly keeping it simple.

    Xhaka is more suited to controlling a game than pogba

  64. Sanmi

    Pogba’s 1st reaction is to showboat with the ball or run with it. The above players you mentioned look to distribute 1st. They only move with the ball when there’s no option.
    In the final 3rd pogba looks for shots , they all look for pass and only shoot when it’s almost sure

  65. champagne charlie


    Youre selling pogba short there mate. Don’t underestimate the Mourinho effect on him at present. Pogba has all the tools to be an absolute force.

  66. Sanmi

    Explain what you mean by Mou effect. He has none! He never transforms any player. They were all made before he uses them.
    Pogba isn’t improving. Probably was even better at juve

  67. Mark

    @Don , Puma , Pierre and Aright, er I mean Champagne Charlie.

    Why is it that none of you address the Original article about our inability to buy new players to compete, because of our bloated squad of average overpaid dross ?

    It’s like for you to acknowledge this shit show , you have to concede that Wenger is an absolute cock for getting us into this position. So you ignore all the points Pedro and people have said about it , to just attack Bamford for expressing his opinion about valuing doing better in CL than winning the FAC.

    Even if some don’t agree we know what Bamford is saying, and his argument makes sense. Based on progressing far in a competition that is supposedly made up of Europe’s elite teams ( all domestic champs) as opposed to winning the FAC.

    The FA cup is somewhat of a lottery, I mean getting a few easy draws and facing two non league teams is not exactly the stuff of legend. a team could go quite far if that happened, even maybe win it……. Oh yeah right it happened.

    Wenger’s own view on the FAC was low ,so why is it so bad when others express the same. I remember the days of running around the playground just after the FA Cup pretending i’d scored the winner. Times have changed and it’ just doesn’t have the same charisma it used to.

    So do any of the posters I mentioned want to enlighten us with your thoughts on Wenger’s management of the following
    a. Squad size
    b. Player wage bill
    c. ideal contract situations ? ( ie players in final yr )
    d. Why are we not taking reasonable offers for dead-weight we want to lose. Gibbs, Jenks, Perez.

    You are quick to say that everyone here is all doom and gloom and negative. Well give us your positive thoughts on the above scenarios.

    It will be most interesting to see your responses, as you’ve managed to ignore the elephant in the room long enough.

    PS. I t doesn’t matter one fuck where Bamford is from , or when he started to support AFC. What’s more important is that he obviously cares about AFC and is not blinkered or deluded like some others to see why this club have not won the league in over 13 seasons. Which we won’t do whilst Wenger is still in charge.

    We are an embarrassment of a club that is so poorly mis-managed by one man and that man as he has shown today he has the final word on who we do or don’t buy. So I don’t wanna hear no shit about Stan this Stan that. Stan doesn’t have a fucking clue about the players and he doesn’t give a shit either.

  68. champagne charlie


    Thats precisely the affect I’m stating! haha Mourinho is stifling Pogba, he is capable of being arguably the best total midfielder in world football. The talent is there, he has no weaknesses in his game if coached well.

    He was miles better at Juve, and likely would’ve been miles better at Real under Zidane or basically any other team bar Mourinhos United.

  69. Sanmi

    At juve, it was pirlo that orchestrates all or Marchisio. Pogba is always an icing on the cake. Not the cake

  70. champagne charlie


    I go with the flow of the comments end of. I don’t come here daily to whine and bitch about negative aspects of arsenal. Not that difficult to appreciate is it?

    Some posters on here talk football and that keeps me coming back to share my 2 cents worth. You can try and augment this place to serve only your agenda, but kindly fuck off with dragging me down to that level of monotony.

    Wenger has been talked to death about, he signed a new two year deal so Jesus Christ get over it. We have a bloated squad and thats something we have to deal with, there, happy? Wenger out, he’s a senile cunt, fuck Wenger, blah blah. As you were.

  71. champagne charlie


    That’s a loose definition for dominate you’ve got there. Pirlo, Alone, Xhaka types dictate tempo, I totally agree. But Pogba is capable of dominating games himself, something Pirlo could never do despite his brilliance.

    Think we agree, but have differing views on dictation etc.

  72. N5

    Samesong, he played better for Juve, but he was inconsistent. I think thats an age/experience thing though. He can control a game or he can go missing.

    I have this horrible feeling he’s going to be one of those ‘should have been but never quite was’ players.

  73. Adam A. Carbarundum

    And where does your buddy Bamford fit into your equation of Utopia, Charlie? Or is he just collateral damage to what you otherwise contribute as “useful”, you otherwise useless sack of cow flop?

  74. Champagne charlie


    Oh hey Adam, good of you to give that window some rest and join us.

    Care to provide an English version before I attempt to respond?

  75. Mark

    ” We have a bloated squad and that’s something we have to deal with,…. ”

    You talk as if the above just happens . It doesn’t seem to happen to any other so called elite clubs like it does to AFC !!

    You can’t just say Wenger has been talked to death . The post was about a situation that has been caused by Wenger , not Stan or the board. So to say it is what it is is is puerile.
    He signed a new deal
    It’s almost like you’re in pain with having to come to terms with the fact our manager is an idiot and this is just another facet of his idiocy.

    ” he signed a new two year deal so Jesus Christ get over it…”
    So because he’s signed a new deal does that mean whilst he’s here he make a complete cock up of moving on the dross ???? or completing transfers ???

    How can you honestly try to say we can talk about any issue of this club and not include or mention Wanker Wenger ???
    Oh I forgot cos he’s been slagged of already and signed a new contract already.
    I’ll shut up then shall I.

    Lets alll talk about the past, then, shall we . Fuck the future , cos the future’s Fucked with Wenger. We will continue to talk about him cos he is the single most biggest influence on what is dragging this club down with him .

    I don’t need to personally attack you or Don or any other AKB, its obvious you’re all deluded and close your eyes to the truth.
    Wenger is a spent wet fart, and you’ll get no change from him, which is why many who once respected him now just see him as the desperate old fraud who doesn’t have a clue he is.
    ( Or the double fist pumping Mr Burns looky-likey Pussy I see him as, take yer pick. )

  76. Champagne charlie


    You miss the mark as per. What part of he’s been flogged to death don’t you understand? Everyone on here is aware of his faults but your type insists on making it a daily feature (achieving absolutely nothing btw).

    Others like myself choose to talk about other elements of football given it’s great expanse. So yea you harp on with your akb bollocks even though everyone you’ve slagged has stated they’d rather someone else in charge.

    I’ll be over here engaging with people who can talk Arsenal and football without resorting to this Wenger obsession that’s so prevalent among a select few.

  77. Mark

    @ CC , Don , Samni , Pierre

    “I am truly NOT amazed that heading into our season starting on Friday, we’ve basically shifted f*ck all when it comes to deadwood. We sold Chezzer for less than market rate, outside that, nothing.”

    ” Failed … in shifting average players who clog up the wage bill and fuel it with averageness.”

    The above are quotes from the article that not one of you has commented on. Champagne to be fair did to try to deflect from answering by saying ” Heard it all before … ”
    However facts are facts . try and comment on how & why we got to the bloated squad and people might take you mugs more seriously.

    But you can’t can you. hahaha . Anyone remember the scene from the Matrix where agent Smith realises he’s been duped and starts to implode. I reckon that’s what would happen to Champagne , Pierre and crew. if they tried to actually look at these issues.

    It’d by like ” Oh my God , Oh Nooo it’s cos of Weng- Ahhhhhhhhhhhh !!

  78. Mark

    Oh and of course you Would choose not to address the subject matter of the original post to focus on FA cup and anything else you can use to deflect from the truth.

    The thing is you fool no-one other than yourselves.

  79. Mark

    ” Others like myself choose to talk about other elements of football given it’s great expanse. ”

    Did you read Pedro’s blog ??? Or are you just here to try and ram your views on “special” points in the great expanse of football, down everyone’s throat

  80. Cesc Appeal

    Chelsea apparently are making an opening bid of £25 Million for Oxlade eyeing him up for the RWB role.

    Would be gutted if we lost him, Wenger might seeing as he has one year left on his deal and he has been unable to shift on any of the crud like Gibbs, Wilshere, Jenkinson etc because of their ridiculous wages. He is an immensely frustrating player but I feel we have found his niche at RWB as it plays to his strengths and hides his weaknesses.

    I think we will end up looking on with envy if he makes that move and gets regular games at RWB.

    We absolutely have to let the mess we have right now with players like Gibbs, Wilshere, Jenkinson, Walcott etc be a lesson and never repeat it. Though I am not optimistic. Will have to watch what wages players like Iwobi, Holding, Nelson etc get over the next year or so.

  81. Mark

    @ Cesc appeal . I agree Ox has looked a lot better in patches lately. With better coaching and a regular position ,I think he will start to fulfil that potential .
    You’re right it would be gutting watch him doing it at Chelsea.

    However it’s hard to really blame him when you have a manager like this. It gets to a point when you just want to get away from them at all costs. I reckon he might go to liverpool. Be a shame tho.

  82. Cesc Appeal


    I really do feel he could be as good as Walker was for Spurs for us in that RWB slot, his defensive work is covered more than a RB, he does not have to be so slick and precise with the technical stuff as he would at CAM, it plays more to his strength, pace and directness.

    With him and Kolasinac on either flank, that could really be our weapon on the field along with Sanchez, if he stays of course. It could add an element we have really missed.

    Bellerin did not do it for me last season and seems to have regressed a bit. May be falling into the trap Oxlade did early on of being a Twitter personality and becoming enamored with ‘brand Bellerin’.

    Cut your hair and focus on football. Agree with what others have said, his pace bails him out of bad passes, bad decisions and bad positioning a lot.

  83. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I see that after some time away that you are as useless as you ever were, Chuck. Christ almighty but nothing good ever comes out of that mouth of yours. every stinking day it’s the same insults that come out of that feeble minded mouth of yours. Do everyone a favour already and just fuck off on a permanent boat to nowhere.

  84. reality check

    SanmiAugust 8, 2017 22:33:35
    Explain what you mean by Mou effect. He has none! He never transforms any player. They were all made before he uses them.
    Pogba isn’t improving. Probably was even better at juve
    I’m not a hater. There’s alot right with this comment.

    I’m a Pogba fan, NOT UTD! just i like the geezer as a player, even more when he was at Juve. But I’m afraid he’ll be held back by Jose’s negative style.

  85. arsene's used sock

    lads, I love all arsenal fans, you must have high character to support arsenal imo
    but please wake up those of you who have not, wengers era is over, all you see now is illusion

    there is no “football” to talk about because it is folly to do so, there is no progression so to talk about remaining stagnant in order to remain stagnant is a redundancy that I can’t even begin to explain

    the supposed best player on the team gets it and he now wants out and won’t sign another deal, didn’t take him long though did it

    I do not hate arsene, I respect what he has done for the club, but it should be acknowledged the man has been out of ideas since 2012 and to some people even that is far too generous

    so please lads, spread the word that arsene needs to go if you love the club, doing so does not mean you hate wenger, it means you care enough to protect him from himself

  86. Pierre

    “We need a player like Modric”

    We already have one but he’s been injured more often than not for the last 2 years

  87. Pierre

    Arsenes used sock
    “I do not hate arsene, I respect what he has done for the club, but it should be acknowledged the man has been out of ideas since 2012 and to some people even that is far too generous”

    Fair enough comment.. He lost a lot of support through the sanogo and kalstrom fiasco but although I think his signings have improved since that period, he is now playing catch up because of his unwillingness to compete in the transfer market and tried to be too clever with free transfers.
    I feel we may have missed the boat now in competing at the top level as we are still unable to compete with city, Chelsea and United in the transfer market.
    The coming season is crucial for The Arsenal as we are in a very precarious position in that we could get left behind completely in the coming years by the top 4/5 if we don’t show that we can compete and beat them.
    The optimist in me still thinks that we can challenge for the title especially as this year we have no champions league to worry about. The squad has depth and goals in the side. The central midfield is a worry, Ramsey is a liability, can’t be trusted but Wenger seems blind to this which is a worry.
    We need our best season in ten years to lift the club and supporters to bring back some of the belief in the club.. Will be an interesting season as it is the most competitive premier league ever.

  88. Sukky

    Don’t think wenger will give that kid Nelson a chance this season. I will sell Walcott in a heartbeat to help his progress and more playing time. There are a lot a players who won’t play many games this season. Why not sell them and reinvest. But wenger knows best

  89. Wallace

    Think we’ll definitely see Reiss Nelson in the cup games and Europa league, and wouldn’t be surprised to see him make the bench in the league. Offloading Walcott & Perez will help in that regard.

  90. Wallace

    Apparently it was our stats department who came up with the Juve midfielder as a potentially useful acquisition, but Wenger nixed the idea.

    If Gabriel and Elneny are the two purchases we’ve made using this method it’s doing okay at identifying value for money players. Which, if that was the purpose behind buying it..

  91. Don


    Great post and you’ve echoed my sentiments.
    Agree completely on ramsey but you all know where I stand with that.
    I’d rather see wilshire or the ox in there next to xakha.
    Barca were sniffing around him a year or two ago for £30m
    That’s decent money for someone that cost £5m

  92. Don

    Used sock

    I agree with you but feel the vitriol should be directed at those with the power to replace our manager and maybe not the man himself
    Yes his time has come to be replaced but surely the people that keep him in his position should take their share of the blame rather than Wenger
    What has gazidis and kroeneke given to arsenal fans?
    Compare that to what Wenger has given us
    Even his worst season ever at the club is better than most managers achieve in their careers.

  93. graham62


    Great post?!?!?!?!?!


    all capped off by…………”WENGER SEEMS BLIND TO THIS WHICH IS A WORRY”

    What is it with you lot? The power this man holds over you is bewildering.
    We’ve been saying the same things for ten years and yet you STILL give him the benefit of the doubt. Weak, submissive and embarrassing. You, along with Don, Puma9 and a few others, are a joke.

    This is why I have become ashamed to call myself an Arsenal supporter.

  94. Don

    If Wenger can Persuade Sanchez to sign an extension on the basis that he agrees to sell him next summer that would be fantastic business for the club
    If walker goes for £50m and coutinho goes for £80m then Sanchez has to take over £100m

    Not only would that money replace Sanchez with lemar or dembele but would allow us to strengthen our midfield or defence.
    Liverpool did the same with Suarez and while they mis spent that money it was an extremely smart way to operate.
    I’d love for Sanchez to stay on and agree a new contract but if his heart is set on leaving then they should be doing everything in their power to use the situation to benefit arsenal first and foremost

    However if that cannot be done then I’d rather keep him for the year and let him go next summer than go into this season without him

  95. Don

    Steven Gerrard laying into paul pogba last night lol

    He’s just said what any honest person with an eye for the game will tell you “he’s been poor if we are honest, he’s too individual”

    Contrast that to granit Xakha’s performance against Chelsea on Sunday
    im sorry but for me xakha is still the better deal, the better value for money and up until now, the midfielder that is most capable of performing in the premier league.