Barca windfall is good news for shifting on Arsenal deadwood

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Wenger showing Sanchez the Neymar transfer news

Wenger showing Sanchez the Neymar transfer news

Football just lost its damn mind. PSG seems to be the destination for the featherweight Brazilian Neymar. 222m euros sees the most ambitious signing of all time fire into action. I’m literally speechless about this move. The ramifications are going to reverberate around Europe. Barcelona desperately need to save face, so I expect a spending spree of epic proportions as the transfer dominoes begin to fall at a rapid pace.

Maybe they’ll sign Ozil? I’d lose him in a heartbeat. Great player, lots of key passes, but a waster at Arsenal, especially in a year he’ll be running down the clock. Ozil losing any more fucks is going to be so damaging. I’d love us to have a replacement lined up, but that’d be asking too much. Still, I think we could spend that sort of money on someone who could do more for our system.

It’s also pleasing that finally, a club in Europe has the financial clout to relieve us of some of the deadwood clogging up our arteries.

Take your pick Valverde:

  • Jack Wilshere
  • Lucas Perez
  • David Ospina
  • Mathieu Debuchy
  • Kieran Gibbs
  • Calum Chambers
  • Carl Jenkinson

Great news in all this is now PSG have landed their man, it’s closed the door on a move for Alexis. I mean, unless Wenger does the unthinkable and flogs him to a Manchester City that look pretty damn mean going into the new season. So to my mind, he’s probably staying now. Unless Barca come back in for him, but damn Alexis, you’ve already done Barcelona. Plus, I have a feeling they’ll be signing the wonderful Dembele of Dortmund, what a star that kid is – he’s also just had an elite training ground bustup – the signature move of a player who wants to move in 2017. Also rumours they want Dybala, who is a superstar in the making as well.

Finally, one of my biggest wonders of Arsene Wenger never ending era is this… I’ve never had to moan that we mess around with it too much at the back. One of the most adventurous managers in the game has never cared too much about having a keeper who can play with the ball at his feet, nor has he ever really had supremely technical centre backs who can pass between themselves. Take a look at this outrageous play from the back from Napoli.

I mean, Chezzer used to try the odd Cruyff turn, but this sort of play, though extreme in its nature, really would allow us to play to our strengths moving forward. You wouldn’t have Xhaka under such extreme pressure, it’d work for our new formation, and it’d just look really cool.

Sarri is certainly a coach I hope the club are looking at when Wenger retires in 16 years time.

Right, that’s me done for today. Have a good one.


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  1. Joe

    Wallace. They should added the 1 pound

    Wait only dickheads like wenger do that

    And Suarez was worth a bit more than what he offered wasn’t he Wallace. Don’t you think maybe if we offered 50m Liverpool would have been more inclined to listen

    Think 222 m is quite enough for Neymar

    Nice attempt on trying to be funny Wallace to defend wenger.

    Didn’t work

  2. Joe

    champagne charlieAugust 3, 2017 05:22:52
    Joe Lemar wants to join arsenal, i know that doesnt sit well with your 5 year old boy approach to commenting.

    Did Lemar whatsapp you and tell you he wants to come to
    Arsenal? You FaceTime him? Now you’re ITK are you?

    Unless a team in CL offering better wages comes along. Like Liverpool.

    Ha still waiting for Lemar like you said CC. You said Emirates Cup for 45m. We are on to Charity shield. Where is he Cc? Just like griezmann last year haha

  3. Wallace


    “And Suarez was worth a bit more than what he offered wasn’t he Wallace. Don’t you think maybe if we offered 50m Liverpool would have been more inclined to listen.”

    if a bag of apples has a price of $2 on it, would you try and give the checkout girl $3 if you really liked apples?

  4. Joe

    Don’t worry guys.

    We will get our signings. Once we drop
    Points in the first couple games , the signings will come

    Or maybe we win both, and wenger will
    Think he doesn’t need anyone and we won’t sign anyone else

  5. Joe

    if a bag of apples has a price of $2 on it, would you try and give the checkout girl $3 if you really liked apples?

    Can’t compare apples to oranges.

    You’re talking about one of the better strikers on the planet at the time and we make a joke of an offer of 40m plus 1 ? Why not 41? Or 42 Wallace

    I would have told
    Wenger to fuck off too if he came with that A dis respectful trying to be clever but backfired plus 1.

  6. Joe

    Why didn’t wenger go back in for him Wallace? If he really wanted him? Why stop at the stupid 40 + 1 offer?

    Amateur hour all around Arsenal with that bid

  7. Emiratesstroller

    Historically Real Madrid was supported by the National and Local Government in Spain, which is why the club was able to outspend many other clubs in Europe.

    Today that has become more problematic for both Real Madrid and Barcelona
    not least because Spain has economic and unemployment problems and they
    are monitored by EU.

    We have seen also a number of legal tax cases against well known clubs and their footballers and managers.

    Today the two major clubs in Europe owned by Qatar and Abu Dhabi investors are at considerable advantage. Both countries have disproportionate wealth to
    their domestic expenditure and are also low tax countries.

    Abu Dhabi are I think operating differently from Qatar, because their sovereign fund appear to be investing heavily not just in Manchester City, but
    also in infrastructure of the city as well.

    This reminds me of the Singapore Sovereign Fund, which started investing
    heavily in China in the 1980-90s. There was a finite amount of investment
    in Singapore itself.

    The real concern is how clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea and even Man Utd can compete. None of these clubs can access unlimited funds. They are dependent
    on generating their own resources.

    Arsenal’s weakness is that the club major shareholder and management have
    shown far less willingness to invest in the team than the others and lack of
    recent success apart from FA Cup has impacted on commercial revenues, which are less than those of Man Utd.

    Spending £200-500 million on a footballer is peanuts for Qatar. The real question for FIFA and UEFA is does it serve the best interest of the sport in general
    to allow PSG and Man City to dominate the sport in the way that they are doing?

    My guess is that there may be short term latitude, because both clubs are relative new arrivals at the top of the ladder compared with clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Man Utd.

    It may serve the sport better to have a new guard. Unfortunately for Arsenal
    and its Supporters we cannot compete with this.

  8. Joe

    Why don’t Arsenal ever just make a signing without fucking about.

    Want Lemar? Make a proper fucking offer. Their Lb went for 52 m and your offering 40m for their star MF. Pull your head in wenger

  9. Joe

    Guarantee Lemar won’t be coming to Arsenal this summer because wenger Pussy footed about making derisory offers all summer.

    Great work. Enjoy theo Walcott and Ramsey all season long

  10. Wallace


    “Want Lemar? Make a proper fucking offer. Their Lb went for 52 m and your offering 40m for their star MF. Pull your head in wenger.”

    Bakayoko – 39m
    Bernardo Silva – 43m

    we’ve offered 45m apparently

  11. Joe

    Silva went early in the window.

    Bakayoko is a DM went for 39

    Mendy is a LB went for 52

    Lemar is one of their brighter offensive stars and one they’ve said they wanted to hold on to. 5m increments isn’t going to do it

  12. qna

    Bakayoko – 39m
    Bernardo Silva – 43m

    we’ve offered 45m apparently

    If we were going to try to get him at that price we needed to be first in, instead of delaying with this low balling tactic. It ends up costing more. Now Monaco don’t need to sell anybody. So they can hold on to Lemar, or ask for an even higher price than they might have sold him earlier in the window. The situation is even worse now that Neymar has gone. If there is a battle between Barca and Madrid for Mbappe then he will go for close to 200m. In that case, our price for Lemar would be even higher in order to get them to even think about losing another player that is contracted for several more years.

    Arsenal just aren’t up to it in terms of transfer dealings. You have to get in early and get the deal done. Especially at a club like Monaco who we all know had 7 or 8 highly coveted stars.

    Unless we have already done the deal for Lemar as has been suggested by one journalist then we will not be getting Lemar now. Personally, I would still like Fekir.

    I admit I don’t know anything about Seri. But watching his youtube video he looks like a great player. Didn’t see much of him winning one on one battles which is the most important part of a CM, but his passing is brilliant. Makes his team mate get to the right position almost with his vision. Would also like us to get Rabiot and surely now PSG players are going to be sold.

  13. Leedsgunner

    While Neymar is an extreme example, it’s clear that the paradigm has changed.

    It is going to be vitally more important that the club invests in its youth if developed stars are going to be so ridiculously overpriced.

    More valuable than Lemar are the scouts and youth coaches that developed him, Mbappe and Kante. They are the real geniuses. We need to get them.

    I’m hopeful that Lehmann and Per will be able to attract some of the best German youth talent going…

  14. qna

    Emirates – who is comparing us to Madrid, Barca or PSG? We don’t even pretend to play in their league and we don’t fight for the same players. Any offer we made for Mbappe was just a PR stunt. We can afford to spend money to strengthen our side with quality players but we are not smart enough with our approach. Our negotiating tactics fail time and time again. We don’t have a clear strategy in the market which is the first problem. We don’t have accurate valuation of player quality which leads to us buying poor quality players and paying too much for the players we do have. This is without a doubt the worse run top 20 club in the world.

  15. Redtruth

    champagne charlie
    “The guy has done more for arsenal than anyone alive and was given a new deal by those in charge.”

    These type of comments is what’s prolonging the agony

  16. Black Hei


    I think Wenger has busted his budget with Lacazette.

    I don’t think you can look at the budget strictly in terms of net spend.

    Likely the actual budget is Annual Wages + Annual payments for transfers

    Of course we can always pad this figure with the reserves but that will need permission from Ke Kronk and I am not sure if he is up for it.

  17. Wallace


    “Didn’t see much of him winning one on one battles which is the most important part of a CM, but his passing is brilliant.”

    it’s a part of being a CM, but certainly not the ‘most important’ part. maybe if you’re a DM…

  18. TitsMcGee

    “The guy has done more for arsenal than anyone alive and was given a new deal by those in charge.”


  19. TitsMcGee

    I’m hopeful that Lehmann and Per will be able to attract some of the best German youth talent going…”

    Not sure how that’s going to work. Players arrive because of the manager and the club’s ambitions. We are severely lacking on both fronts.

    The sycophants will say “look at what Wenger did in 2004” whIle forgetting that we are already more than halfway through 2017.

  20. qna

    Black Hei – I hope he hasnt busted his budget with Lacazette. That would have been a terrible way to spend it.

    Wallace: “it’s a part of being a CM, but certainly not the ‘most important’ part. maybe if you’re a DM…:

    Its the most important part that we are lacking, which is why it is the most important aspect that I am looking for in a new CM for us. If we can bring in a combative CM that can form a good partnership with Xhaka then I think we will get the best out of Xhaka and start to control the midfield. With 3 at the back and control in the midfield then we will have more licence to play the soft attacking players that we like so much. If we want to play guys like Ozil and Walcott in the same team then we need to make up for that through other players.

  21. qna

    Don Balon now saying Sanchez back to Barca may be on. This would be ideal. They will bully somebody with the Neymar money and take a player. By bully, I mean make an offer that can’t be refused. In my dream world they will come and bully us for Sanchez AND Ozil and give us enough money to go and get Mbappe. In the long run its just stupid to let players leave for free like is being suggested. It would be better to rebuild. If we can’t get Mbappe then Lemar and another player like Dembele from Dortmund would put us in a much better position than having nobody in 12 months time.

  22. raptora

    Alexis is not a Barca type of player. He keeps the ball too long, tries to orchestrate the game, loses the ball a lot and plays for himself a lot. He just doesn’t fit in their style. Reason why he was sold in the first place.

  23. Don


    Doesn’t fit our style either really but look how well he’s done!!
    Either way I’d love to offload Ozil and keep Sanchez.

  24. ThePuma9


    ‘Really dont see the logic in abusing a guy who’s brought so many fantastic memories to arsenal because hes running out of puff. Not difficult to respect what he’s achieved and merely demand more moving forward from the powers that be’

    That’s it in a nutshell really.

  25. raptora

    We don’t really have much of an idea how to score goals anyways so Alexis’ improvisations even if they fail a lot they do lead to goals. Last year we didn’t have much in our game at all bar Alexis. Same is not valid for Barca where the level and idea of play is levels ahead of ours.

  26. Black Hei


    Well if I had a choice I would have done the same thing as Wenger, get in that striker in early and worry about the rest.

    Part of why I think we are slow in the market is that we are factoring in Ozil and Sanchez contract extensions into the budget.

    I mean they are both going to get something like an 80% increment over their current wages which is always going to be significant.

    So until Sanchez tells the club in absolute terms that he is leaving for a free, or we miraculously sell deadwood, things ain’t going to move much.

    I could be wrong, and Wenger goes berserk and buy Lemar and Matuidi and keep Sanchez and Ozil.

  27. Don


    100% agree
    It’s not that I think he should still be arsenal manager, I don’t, but I believe he should be afforded a bit more respect than he is given by certain sections of our fan base.
    He does his best (what he thinks is best) even if his best falls somewhat short of what it used to be and what we as fans are now demanding from him.

    I would love nothing more than to see him go out with a glourious title win and then hand the club over to someone that can elevate us to the upper echelons of the game once more

    Reports in this morning that we have had a bid turned down by Dortmund for dembele
    Either him or lemar would be just beautiful.

    Really looking forward to the charity shield on Sunday now

    Hope we smash them.
    Would do wonders for confidence and morale ahead of a complicated string of games to kick our season off

  28. Don


    Well let’s hope that Lacazette can offer us a solution in that respect
    Iwobi looks to have found a bit of form in front of goal too and Theo and giroud always offer goals if little else so there are goals in the team

    Ramsey is capable of weighing in too

    I think we have a glorious chance at the title this year if we keep alexis. I really do

    But as a lot of fans like to point out here then it sets me up for bigger disappointments

  29. karim

    Spending during the last 4 years:

    PSG – £591m (including Neymar)

    Man Utd – £785m
    Man City – £769m
    Chelsea – £597m

  30. Guns of Hackney


    Where does Arsenal find 20 points this season? Pray tell.

    That’s basically seven more wins than last year…and they don’t beat anyone in the top four. Well, very rarely.

    We’ve added an average forward and a left back.


  31. Don

    What I don’t get is that if there is no money to spend then why is it widely reported that arsenal made a bid of around £100m for mbappe?

  32. Guns of Hackney


    There was no bid for Mbappe. It’s propaganda from Arsenal. Or in other words, total and unequivocal bullshit.

    Arsenal’s press machine rivals North Korea.

  33. reality check

    I would love nothing more than to see him go out with a glourious title win and then hand the club over to someone that can elevate us to the upper echelons of the game once more
    This is why ppl question Wenger supporters intelligence. In what universe will this ever happen. You know this will never happen. This is dreaming, this is fantasy at worst.

    So the question isn’t about 1. Will he win the league again or 2. Respect.

    The question is this, how long are you willing to wait? Every year that passes while we wait for this guy to either win or leave hurts Arsenals future. In the 13 years since, we’ve been completely left behind in Europe. Now our League position has been affected. We literally needed ALL of our rivals to have shit seasons in order for us to finish 2nd, which is still failure.

    You talk about winning the league and leaving on a high yet we still couldnt win it when all our rivals were shitter than us. How much do you love Arsenal vs. How much does your respect endulge Wenger?

    Kroenke has made that decision for us i guess, but still the mind-set is problematic.

  34. Oh Theo Theo!

    Don – title? Not under Wenger….

    The squad may be good enough, but Wenger isn’t.

    I’ll make a bet with you – of teams who end up in the top-6 we will win 1 of the 12 games in the league…

  35. Guns of Hackney


    How does Arsenal get the 20 points they need to win the league based on last years total?

    Answer that and I’ll take off my tin foil hat.

  36. Wallace

    “Arsenal have had a €100million euro (£87million) bid for Kylian Mbappe rejected by Monaco….

    The news of Arsenal’s bid for Mbappe broke on L’Equipe’s television station on Thursday night and senior sources in France have now confirmed to Telegraph Sport that the bid was made, with Arsene Wenger wanting to make Mbappe the centre-piece of his team.

    Reports of Arsenal’s bid were met with scepticism, especially in the wake of Wenger signing a new two-year deal at the club, but the offer is not just an effort to appease disgruntled fans with a show of ambition.

    Given Real made a bigger offer, the value of Arsenal’s bid may appear surprising, but it could be that Arsenal have structured their deal differently. They might also be hoping that they are a more attractive option for Mbappe and his development as a player given he is still just 18. Also it is felt that although Real want him, there is no obvious place for him to fit into their team.”

    – Jason Burt (Telegraph, June 2nd, 2017)

  37. Don


    We won two and drew two last year in our worst season ever

    Beat united and Chelsea
    Drew with united and city
    And we’re very uncluck to lose to city at the etihad and the first game against Liverpool too

  38. Don


    Even if we lose every single game against the teams above us
    If we beat every single team below us we come up with a 90 points total
    But I’ll tell you this
    The team that wins the league this year will do it with closer to 80 points

  39. Guns of Hackney


    That’s the most insane bit of mathematics I’ve seen for a while.

    No draws then? Just 10 defeats against the top five (I think Arsenal will finish sixth) and 28 wins against the rest? Also that only gives 84 points…

    Sorry but unless Hawking can magic us up an alternative reality or change space and time, Arsenal will never win the league.

  40. Don

    Guns 8 defeated were 5th Rememer?
    If we only drop pints against the teams that finished above us

    Of course it’s not going to happen I’m just saying there are 90 points available from the 15 teams below us in the league

    There will be points won on the teams above and points dropped on the teams below but it’s about limiting those points dropped isn’t it? How am I expected to predict our points total?
    If I could do that I’d be a billionaire

  41. Guns of Hackney


    I get it, I do. But…we finished 20 points off Chelsea. Even if we applied your fantasy maths to the problem, it still needs the other teams to roll over and expose their tummies…which they won’t do.

    I think the top teams will take more points off each other than last season but Arsenal are still by far the weaker team of the top six.

    Even if we keep Sanchez, he won’t be playing like he usually does, so well probably lose his 20 goals and 10 assists. Lacazette is unproven and IMO not very inspiring.

    I admire your optimism but Arsenal are probably a weaker team than they were last year.

  42. Black Hei


    A real AKB, like myself, will say we mop the EPL with 90 points and win the Europa, League and FA Cup.

    I am just too shy to admit it on Le Grove.

  43. Chika

    The vile against Wenger brings out the ‘akb’ in other fans.

    You come up with fabrications and double standards against the coach and when other fans rightly call out, you conveniently brand them akbs.

  44. Kent

    Pellegrino on Van Dijk: “The situation is the boy is aside of the team because he doesn’t want to play for us.”

  45. Don

    Don’t forget
    We have no champions league this year and we certainly aren’t weaker
    Not a chance are we weaker

    Xakha holding iwobi chambers and mustafi should all take a step up this year in quality
    We have added the best left back in the German league and a £50m goal scorer (who I agree will take time to find his feet)
    We have wilshire back who I have a big belief in
    Mans we have no champions league
    We will be fresher
    Plus a change in formation that makes us more solid and less open at the back

    There’s plenty to be positive about mate

    Neither of us know do we? But what is the point of being a football fan if you go into the season already on downer?
    There is plenty to look forward to, especially as I believe all of our competition has either gone backwards or stayed still with the exception of united.

    City look weak through the middle
    Chelsea have lost their goal scorer and their captain and matic plus have champions league to deal with

    Spurs have signed anyone and have champions league plus a new stadium

    Liverpool aren’t even on the radar for me actually

    So only united has really significantly improved their squad this year

    And they have champions league too
    Plus Jose doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing there. What’s his best system?
    What’s his best line up?
    Can pogba step up a few gears this year?
    Wil lukaku make the difference as Ibra nicked 25 odd goals last year too and that only got them to 6th

  46. ughelligunner

    I remember then it was Gotze, then the Bendas Brothers, then Gundogan, then Holtby, then Ginter now it is Goretzka. If fans of legrove were managing arsenal, i bet the 200m pounds in the bank would be wasted on german midfield potentials alone. Enough with potentials already, it is either to spend the money on players that have done it on the worldclass stage continuosly or not.

  47. Don

    Good ol uncle arsene

    Oh fuck how did the doctor get back on here??
    This must be a wind up?
    Do one kid, you racist mug

  48. Leftsidesanch

    jheez some of the characters you get on here.. Doc saying the same thing every time.. chill out it’s only footy.

  49. steve


    Erm you do know we have Europa league right? So still European football and should be at least the same amount of games so how are we going to be ‘fresher’?

  50. The Doctor

    Wenger I eally hate you cunt you single handledly ruined my love for Arsenal and made me a City fan fucking cunt you are a disgrace to this world

  51. Leftsidesanch

    any advantage that you think Arsenal will have going into this season will be squandered by the man in charge. He rarely likes to rotate, and is averse to preparing this team properly.

  52. Black Hei


    Lol, really?! I am a self-profess AKB on here. I don’t pretend otherwise.

    But I admit “AKB” is a loose definition, since I do think he needs to go.

  53. Don


    Yes I am aware
    And as you rightly point out we have a lot of “dead wood” that can play out the early stages of that second rate competition

    We can rest our entire first team all week and give game time to
    Elneny cazorla when he’s back
    Three left backs so take your pick
    Ox or bellerin on the right depending on who is second choice this year
    And in defence….
    Holding can all get game time

    Two back up keepers to choose from

  54. Don

    Don’t forget youth players too

    We have a whole second and third team selection for cup competitions so I wouldn’t be worried at all
    That leaves our first team to focus on the league

  55. Samir

    The Doctor

    Less of the bad language mate, the summer holidays end in a month or so, back to school for you!

  56. Oh Theo Theo!

    Don – please explain how this year is going to any different at all from the previous 12?

    i.e. – choking in key games, comical collapses and total mismanagement of his squad.

    What exactly will change that hasn’t changed in the last 12 years?

  57. Samir

    With Sanchez staying I wouldn’t bother with Lemar. We should be spending the the money on Van Dijk and a top CM.
    Looks like our summer spending is over though.

  58. Oh Theo Theo!

    and Don – this blind and misplaced optimism is just so ridiculous.

    I’ll make another bet with you – I would bet you 100 quid right here and now that we will be nowhere near winning the league…

    Put your money where your blind optimism is!

  59. HighburyLegend

    “Looks like our summer spending is over though.”

    And God knows (best) that it’s a big, big surprise.

  60. Bamford10

    He’s been “out of puff” for ten years now, and he has been an inadequate failure throughout these last ten years, giving us not only pointless, exasperating season after pointless, exasperating season but also countless debacles (8-2, 6-0, 5-1) terrible transfer dealings and endless bullshit.

    He has also been incredibly arrogant, dishonest and he has insulted the fans repeatedly.

    The notion that he deserves more time or more respect is fucking nonsense.

  61. shaun

    if we were going to get lemar wenger would offer 60 mill but he won’t so lemar will probably be at liverpool because if they sell coutino or what ever then they will come straight for lemar with 60 and make wenger look like the fool he is

  62. Don


    That could and probably would still happen
    But I’d rather be optimistic for even a portion of the season than miserable for the whole season

    That’s me.
    This is sport
    Anything can happen

    This squad is the most complete we have had now since 07/08 so I’m optomistic

  63. shaun

    your not going far enough Bamford the man is a straight up cunt …blaming the fans for his teams poor performance the guy is way worse than Blatter , he has no excuse he said confidently he would win the prem by 2017 and look at what he has produced with the most complete squad he has ever had again his words.Let’s be honest ther is more chance of pigs flying then wenger winning the prem again ………….the chl is a concrete never as he will never win europe ever

  64. HighburyLegend

    “countless debacles (8-2, 6-0, 5-1)”

    Some of you will say that my imagination is too “big”, but I always wonder if the historic 2-8 at Old Toilet was not a crucial moment (already at that time) for RVP in his decision to sign for them…

  65. Bamford10

    I think not getting Lemar has more to do with the timing of the offers than the size. Plus Monaco may regard him as harder to replace, more essential. All the same, if we were interested in him, we should have made our first offer early in the window.

    If our window is over — and it’s looking a little over — this was yet another poor window for Wenger, as we needed a lot more than Laca and Kolasinac.

  66. HighburyLegend

    “This squad is the most complete we have had now since 07/08”

    Complete ?? Maybe…
    Same talents on the pitch ?? I doubt it…

  67. The Doctor

    Look Arsenal dont deserve Sanchez . HE deserves to play for a genius like PEp who will make him win the baandor

  68. Bamford10


    The most “complete” squad? Our midfield is fucking garbage. What are you talking about? Not a single athletic, ball-winning, passing CDM and no reliable, top quality CM.

    (And no, Xhaka is not the former, and Ramsey is not the latter.)

  69. Johnsgiles

    Regarding Neymar. PSG will have the best lawyers/accountants in world as used by their royal family/owners.

    They have obvoiusly already worked out how/some shifty way to ‘legally’ (read bending the rules) get around the fair play or wouldnt have made the move

    Just as the super rich don’t pay taxes with ‘clever’ accounting/loopholes

    So conjecture is pointless is pointless

  70. Pierre

    “We don’t really have much of an idea how to score goals anyways”

    How many last season was it 115 goals scored or thereabouts.. . Obviously we have some idea

  71. Johnsgiles

    What’s sad at the moment is even the papers are no longer reporting (or making up stories) (apart from the daft arsenal PR machine read mbappe who was never coming and bale wtf) arsenal are going for anyone.

    Looking like another half baked summer

  72. Bamford10

    “This summer has been amazing. No extended contracts; Jenks, Debuchy, Gabriel, Gibbs, Coq, Elneny, Wilshere, Campbell still Arsenal players.” – @themightygambon

  73. Don


    Maybe no reliable ball winner but our midfield is not short of passing capabilities
    Surely even you must be able to admit that?

  74. Dissenter

    Don is the perfect archetype of the Wenger-knows-best Arsenal fan.
    It’s no wonder Wenger can still hoodwink half of our fan base. If you’re wondering who’s singing the “one Arsene Wenger” song? Look no further because Don is exactly why that type of fan.
    Blind optimism based on puff
    Failure to learn from mistakes
    Wenger deserves respect no matter what
    Hyping the abilities of average joes like Iwobi

    …and wait for it
    “Don’t forget youth players tooWe have a whole second and third team selection for cup competitions so I wouldn’t be worried at all
    That leaves our first team to focus on the league”
    Our youth policy is moribund. Coaches are leaving every month and we can even bother replacing them. Why do we have to wait to replace the youth manager with a rookie who won’t be starting until 2018. You have to feel for the kids in the academy.

    We are the epitome of a club in steady decline.

  75. steve


    This “Let’s wait and see, anything can happen” mentality really isn’t helping at all except keeping Wenger in a job.

  76. Dissenter

    We are never going to win anything substantial with fans like Pierre and Don. They are the type of fans who chanted “one Arsenal Wenger” from the terraces last season. They are the type who snatched banners from peaceful protesters.
    Some of the blindly optimistic talk posted above is just nauseating. Don’t these people ever learn?

  77. Don


    And this squad is the most complete since 07/08

    Our whole defence is better
    Our full backs are better
    Our attacking midfield is better
    Or gk are better
    I don’t think Lacazette, giroud and welbz can compare to RvP Eduardo and to a lesser extent Adebayor and our midfield isn’t really worse than cesc, Diaby and flamini is it?

    That squad was 4 points from the title and leading the pack until Eduardo was injured against the best team Chelsea ever had and a united side with a peak scholes, Ronaldo and Rooney in it that won both the title and the champions league

  78. The Doctor


    YOu have converted me I love Arsene. HE is the greatest manager inhistory of football. In Arsene we trust.

  79. Bamford10


    Passing without athleticism and ball-winning isn’t nearly enough. Look at other top midfields: we’re not even close.

  80. Don

    Steve Dissenter

    Ok then let’s just moan on the internet then. That’ll sort everything out
    Fuck me, this generation man
    Moan moan moan
    I agree Wenger should be gone
    What more do you want?
    Shall I just agree that arsenal are shit and pray we lose every game? That’ll solve all your problems won’t it?
    Slag off anyone who dares to look forward to a new season with optimism
    You’re all so wrapped in in being proven right in Wenger that you can’t allow yourselves to enjoy being supporters or fans any more
    Well not me
    It’s like saying I haven’t won the lottery
    I don’t live in a mansion so I’ll just stop trying and enjoying my life until I do or my job decides to put me on a £1m salary.

  81. Don


    United dominated the league and champions league with fletcher and scholes

    Where is the athleticism and tackling capabilities in that mf?

  82. Cesc Appeal

    Wilshere keen to stay at Arsenal.

    F**k me, there is another one who should be booted out but is keen to stay on his massive wages and keep to his low pressure football life.

    Next it will be Gibbs ‘ready for the fight with Kolasinac’ and ‘Jenkinson ready to follow Oxlade’s example and prove doubters wrong’. Ospina is already in that boat now as well. The deadwood has nestled back up under cover for the winter instead of being sold.

    We badly need someone competent to take over our transfer, contracts, wages department and the general football direction of the club.

  83. ArseneisaFraud


    If the squad is better than 07/08, do you expect us to win something or at least properly compete for the EPL/ Europa league this season?

  84. Dissenter

    I’ve enjoyed watching Barcelona get shafted by Neymar and PSG.
    They’ve shown a lack of grace in the whole episode like asking for the entire €222 million to be paid in full so that they can then go ahead to file a report to UEFA for FFP violation. They have also deputized the LaLiga president to make stupid statements.
    Barca have always structured their own transfer payments to other clubs and didn’t pay us the entire sum for Cesc and Helen transfers until about 4-6 years.
    Everyone ought to ask Barca to pay their transfer fees in full in the future citing the Neymar transfer as a precedent.

  85. Don


    You’re blaming fans for being optimistic for not being PSG city or Chelsea?

    What do those clubs have in common I wonder
    Miserable fans
    That’s it!!!
    Let’s start moaning on the internet and maybe we will win the trebel

  86. Joe

    “The guy has done more for arsenal than anyone alive

    Jesus Christ. Let’s forget about the decade before she arrived and the 2 league titles. Fa cup. League cup and European cup we won.

    Arsenal didn’t exsist before wenger came. The stadium wasn’t being planned before wenger came. He built it with his own two hands. Paid for it too. Designed it. Even bakes the pies for it.


    Wenger himself came out and said there was no mbappe bid. PR stunt and you fell for it. And even the number they put out was lower than what Monaco had already rejected. They can’t even lie properly

  87. Dissenter

    Wilshere just wants to run out his contract.
    It shouldn’t be up to Wilshere as to what happens now. It’s Wenger’s dithering and weakness that’s responsible.
    Wilshere shouldn’t even be training with the squad. Wenger will hold off transfers in that position because Wilshere wants to “fight for his space”
    We all know he will be in the sick bay the end of October.

  88. Don

    Arsene is a fraud

    I don’t know!!! Fuck me.
    I don’t expect for my team to win everything and anything
    I leave that to Madrid and Barca fans
    But I do hope yes.
    I expect us to be up there and mount a proper challenge
    I expect the fitness of the players to be maintained and I expect the squad to be rotated
    I expect the players to do their best
    I expect the manager to come up with the best possible formation to get the best out of his players

    But I do not expect us to win anything

  89. Don


    I’d wilshire doesn’t want to leave what can the club do? He has a legally binding contract
    If he wants to honour it he can’t be forced out
    Would you go to fucking turkey if you could join an Better side with better wages a year later?
    Also, he has kids. If he goes abroad he won’t get to see them.
    You think that isn’t a factor?
    The fella adores his kids
    If I were in his shoes and I wasn’t with my mrs then it would be nearly impossible for me not to see my kids every week
    Any father would know that

  90. Joe

    Let’s start moaning on the internet and maybe we will win the trebel

    You realize moaning has nothing to do with the results on the pitch. That’s all down to the cunt of a manager you worship.

    And it’s fans like you who keep him in a job. So it’s actually deluded wankers like you CC and pierre and Wallace that are the reason we are where we are. Laughing stock in Europe. Also rans in the pL. Because you keep wenger in a job singing one arsene wenger. Fucking hate that song

  91. Dissenter

    The agents have caught unto Wenger’s ludicrous statements about letting players get to the end of their contract so they can play to earn the next one.
    Expect every outbound player to want to stay to “earn their place”
    It’s a ploy to run down their contracts.

    This club is marching towards decline right in front of our noses.

  92. Joe

    I expect us to be up there and mount a proper challenge

    I expect we won’t be within 10 points of league leaders at the end of the season.

  93. Don


    And while we are at it I do agree that the past 9 years especially have been fucking poor
    So I hope we have a new manager in two years when Wenger’s contract expires because I agree that what we have had isn’t good enough

  94. Don

    Who you calling a wanker you little mug?
    You want this £100??
    Come and meet me for it!!
    Then we will see who the wanker is
    And we won’t be baking pancakes either

  95. ArseneisaFraud


    What you fail to understand is that our optimism has been worn down by the fact that we see the same mistakes being made over and over. Subbing players circa the 60th-70th minute, failing to address tactics in game or subbing a player off when they truly stink the pitch out. Bar the end of last season, AW has never attempted to change formations from one year to another, playing players out if their natural position and failing to manage players like Ramsey, Walcott and the Ox so thst they can genuinely improve and become the players that we were promised tbey would be.

    Talk about having one’s head in the sand. Let’s forget about previous seasons and pretend that all is going to be alright this season.

  96. Don

    Look joe
    Just fuck off
    Stop addressing me, you’re irritating me. You’re an antagonistic little prick and I’ll wipe the floor with you

  97. Don


    So what is your solution then?
    What are you doing to change things that I’m not? Moaning
    And that is it!!!
    Fuck all else

    You think I’m not bothered by the last 13 years?
    I am surrounded by Chelsea fans
    You think I enjoy the shit they give?
    Do I decide who is manager?

    But like I said, I’d rather be positive than fucking moan all day on the internet about something that I have no control over

  98. raptora

    “How many last season was it 115 goals scored or thereabouts.. . Obviously we have some idea”

    We had 77 goals in the Prem. Alexis scored 24 of them and assisted 11. Probably has the pass before the assist another 10 times. It was a one man show until Wenger moved him from CF and afterwards he was busy being the primadonna but still kept adding to his tally even if it was in a slower pace. Won 5 out of our 9 monthly awards, was the “overwhelming” winner of Arsenal’s Player of The Season, from 36 apps in the league got 10 MotM, scored in the quarter, semi and final of FA Cup.

  99. Cesc Appeal


    Keep saying it, if ever a club badly needed a DoF with some balls, it is us. Someone to put Wenger up the wall and squeeze his nuts to actually get something out of him. To take away his yes men and to poach the best talent in coaching circles in Europe.

    The thing is, you would likely see a marked improvement in Arsenal even with Wenger still as manager is a DoF took over the football vision of the club, handled transfers, fees etc, handled selling, handled wages, got the best coaches (particularly defence and GK which Wenger just does not do).

    How no one has said to Wenger you do realise you were most successful with Dein at the club is beyond me.

    To rescue the window now I would make a move for Matuidi and try and get him at a bargain price, he is a better option than Ramsey and get another attacker in. I have seen the rumours about Dembele but I think it is shite, BvB will want about £100 Million. Just grab Lemar. Sadly though Ozil is going to continue to be a big problem in our line up.

    Monchi was available as well, he was actually on the move at the start of the summer.

  100. HighburyLegend

    “but our midfield is not short of passing capabilities”

    You’re talking about Ozil, am I right ??
    Ozil, the coward who disappear everytime there is a game to play against the very big boys ??

    Or maybe your pal Jackie Boy, who is more interested by his trips to Vegas than what could happens on the pitch ??

  101. Dissenter

    The actions of Barcelona and their LaLiga sidekicks is clearly illegal. I didn’t know that LaLiga has a responsibility to “defend” Barca after a clause was met by PSG.
    This transfer is actually very siimple. Barca inserted a massive clause in Neymar’s contract, a fee that deemed impossible. PSG paid that fee (foolishly in my opinion) and the transfer should go through.
    What does it have to do with LaLiga
    Barca didn’t think it was hurtful when they were raiding us and other clubs repeatedly for our best talents. What a pathetic club they’ve become.

  102. Don


    Yeah those two have passing capabilities
    Just coz jack went to begas doesn’t mean he can’t pass a ball does it?
    Great reasoning
    And er can xakha and Ramsey not pass a ball

    Notice how you say nothing about that untied midfield I mentioned??
    Didn’t suit your agenda

  103. Oh Theo Theo!

    Don – just ignore Doctor – he’ll get bored eventually and go back to trolling people on the daily mail website….

  104. Joe

    The DoctorAugust 3, 2017 11:39:54
    JoeIndian cunt go sort out your shitty country before speaking of the great Arsene

    I’m Canadian you ignorant cunt Hahahaha.

  105. ArseneisaFraud

    Don @ 11:25:17

    Well let’s hope that you are right and that he does step down in 2 years time.

    My only fear is that AW is to power-crazed to relinquish this power. Cf last season sudden change to a back three and putting all his eggs in winning the FA Cup.

    Don’t get me wrong. I was glad to have won the FA Cup, i just wish that the club had more ambition than making top 4 and winning the FA Cup.

  106. Dissenter

    We are in shambles from top down, at this pace we won’t have the infrastructure to challenge Everton in 2-3 years.
    Our youth academy just exemplifies this. The coaches are bailing out left, right and center. It’s not even a premier league level anymore. We have become bottom dwellers for the last five years.
    The Mertasacker appointment was befuddling. Why wait for one year to appoint a completely novitiate manager for such a vital job? He will have to learn on the job.
    If you were the parent of a super talented 14 year old, would you entrust your life’s work to a rookie youth manager?
    I just read a dumb comment above that Mertasacker and Lehman will attract top German talent!! That just blew me away.

  107. Dissenter

    Regardless of the side of the Arsenal debate you’re on. Ignore the moron that’s self labeled as “The Doctor”

  108. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have a decent squad, but it is not realistically complete.

    The main weakness assuming that we do not lose Sanchez are the lack of
    balance in midfield. I would love to see someone like Vieira come into the

    The club could do also with an additional quality centre back. My worry is that
    if a player in that department gets injured or needs a rest we are down to Gabriel and Mertesacker neither of whom are good enough to play in our first team.

  109. Oh Theo Theo!

    Wow. Been officially confirmed that La Liga have refused the Neymar buyout clause…

    Barcelona acting with their usual grace and decorum….

    Bet their fans don’t realise this is why the rest of the football world detests them so very very much!

  110. ThePuma9


    ‘We are never going to win anything substantial with fans like Pierre and Don. They are the type of fans who chanted “one Arsenal Wenger” from the terraces last season. ‘

    Important bit…..they chanted from the terraces.

    You and many others on here (bamfraud, little joey just to name a couple of the plastic ‘supporters’) your only input is typing bullshit on your computer moaning day and night.

    Great input guys. Keep it up. I don’t know what the club would do without you.

  111. The Doctor


    How self hating must you be to deny your race. No wonder you take it out on poor old Arsene. We know who you are Appu.

  112. Dissenter

    The actions of LaLiga has revealed that FFP was always intended to be an instrument of the traditional footballing elite to keep out the new entrants.
    I’ve always thought UEFA was supposed to enforce FFP with retrospective audits and penalties. They cannot block a transfer that is in motion.
    What LaLiga is implying now is that EVERY transfer has to be vetted for FFP compliance before it can go through which has never been the case until now.
    They checked your books and penalized you accordingly after the fact.
    Seeing these Spanish football idiots squirm gives me so much pleasure.
    Barca now have to pay every transfer in full since that’s what they are asking PSG for.

  113. Don


    I agree
    But criticising me because I’m looking forward to the season with a positive attitude isn’t going to change a thing

  114. HighburyLegend

    “Arsenal have a decent squad”
    For aiming the 4th spot, totally agree.

    “but it is not realistically complete.”
    Don’t you think that Don knows best ?? lol

  115. steve

    Lol at every player who wants to stay and “fight for their place”. Translation: I’m happy to collect my weekly check whilst doing fuck all to earn it. Joke of a club.