Barca windfall is good news for shifting on Arsenal deadwood

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Wenger showing Sanchez the Neymar transfer news

Wenger showing Sanchez the Neymar transfer news

Football just lost its damn mind. PSG seems to be the destination for the featherweight Brazilian Neymar. 222m euros sees the most ambitious signing of all time fire into action. I’m literally speechless about this move. The ramifications are going to reverberate around Europe. Barcelona desperately need to save face, so I expect a spending spree of epic proportions as the transfer dominoes begin to fall at a rapid pace.

Maybe they’ll sign Ozil? I’d lose him in a heartbeat. Great player, lots of key passes, but a waster at Arsenal, especially in a year he’ll be running down the clock. Ozil losing any more fucks is going to be so damaging. I’d love us to have a replacement lined up, but that’d be asking too much. Still, I think we could spend that sort of money on someone who could do more for our system.

It’s also pleasing that finally, a club in Europe has the financial clout to relieve us of some of the deadwood clogging up our arteries.

Take your pick Valverde:

  • Jack Wilshere
  • Lucas Perez
  • David Ospina
  • Mathieu Debuchy
  • Kieran Gibbs
  • Calum Chambers
  • Carl Jenkinson

Great news in all this is now PSG have landed their man, it’s closed the door on a move for Alexis. I mean, unless Wenger does the unthinkable and flogs him to a Manchester City that look pretty damn mean going into the new season. So to my mind, he’s probably staying now. Unless Barca come back in for him, but damn Alexis, you’ve already done Barcelona. Plus, I have a feeling they’ll be signing the wonderful Dembele of Dortmund, what a star that kid is – he’s also just had an elite training ground bustup – the signature move of a player who wants to move in 2017. Also rumours they want Dybala, who is a superstar in the making as well.

Finally, one of my biggest wonders of Arsene Wenger never ending era is this… I’ve never had to moan that we mess around with it too much at the back. One of the most adventurous managers in the game has never cared too much about having a keeper who can play with the ball at his feet, nor has he ever really had supremely technical centre backs who can pass between themselves. Take a look at this outrageous play from the back from Napoli.

I mean, Chezzer used to try the odd Cruyff turn, but this sort of play, though extreme in its nature, really would allow us to play to our strengths moving forward. You wouldn’t have Xhaka under such extreme pressure, it’d work for our new formation, and it’d just look really cool.

Sarri is certainly a coach I hope the club are looking at when Wenger retires in 16 years time.

Right, that’s me done for today. Have a good one.


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  1. Bankz


    Three days in a roll.
    Where is the god damn competition?
    Y’all making this way easier than necessary

  2. Bankz

    Boomslang you’re slowing becoming the Arsenal of legrove….a fading force with an outdated captain/manager

  3. Gooner63

    Take your pick Valverde:

    Jack Wilshere
    Lucas Perez
    David Ospina
    Mathieu Debuchy
    Kieran Gibbs
    Calum Chambers
    Carl Jenkinson

    Are Barca creating a comedy team?

  4. Gooner63

    Everyone is rightly outraged at Kroenkes total disregard for endangered species, animal cruelty, sickening images of desperation and despondency.

    Yet he did this to Arsenal fans first and i saw nothing from the likes of Corbyn, The Guardian and Ben “who” Fogle

  5. Guns of Hackney

    Arsenal FC are now associated with killing animals.

    Let that sink in for a bit and tell me that with Wenger, Gazides and Krunk…Arsenal have just become even more hated than the scouse schleppers.

    …and more deluded.

  6. Pedro

    Guns, let’s not lose our minds. You have the Russian mafia in at Chelsea, the Sheikhs in at City… they’re doing bad shit to people. The animal stuff is nasty, but at least it’s permitted.

  7. Atid

    People have been hunting fish for years no one seems to have a problem with that? And some species are far more endangered than land mammals.

    Remember next time your tucking into shark fin soup, or king crab, that the ocean species should be protected too.

  8. Guns of Hackney


    You know as well as I do that if people are butchered, no one cares but an animal? People are outraged.

    That sounded like the Jokers speech in Batman. It wasn’t meant to. It was.

    …do you wanna know how I got these scars?

  9. Guns of Hackney

    Offfffff…punctuation wasn’t present in my last post. Sorry.

    For the record. It’s wonderful seeing Barca served their arse!

    Now if we can give them a few of our misfits…the job will be complete.

  10. Danny S

    I’d love to see Barca sign up Ozil, and they can take Sanchez too. I’m tired of the whole thing. I just count down the days until wenger fucks off, which I’m guessing will be Christmas. I don’t think he will survive this year.

  11. Danny S

    TitsMcGeeAugust 2, 2017 17:55:14
    No player is worth 222m.Not even a 25 year old Ronaldo or Brazilian Ronaldo.

    Imagine the wages and the agent fees.

    I expect he will pull in a lot of merchandising though.

  12. Guns of Hackney


    You’re so wrong. Morally…well, that’s open to opinion, but in reality, Neymar IS worth that money. Overnight, PSG have now become the club on everyone’s lips and that is money in the bank. All those people in china are now snapping up Neymar shirts and buying Neymar branded toothpaste.

    PSG are doing the right thing. Trust me, this will be a great deal commercially, if not footbally.

  13. gonsterous

    the money being thrown around at the moment. I think if anyone is deserving of a 200m+ price tag.. it has to be neymar.
    sanogo is worth 50m anyway…

  14. Do one gambon


    If people feel the need to kill each other then fine, go ahead. Might help raise the collective IQ of our species if the Neanderthals wipe themselves out.

    What do animals ever do to people that is deliberately malicious?

  15. Guns of Hackney

    Also, it’s all relative with regards to price etc.

    How much would Maradona be worth?
    Van Basten?

    If those players (who were ALL better than Neymar) went now??? £300m +.

    Relax. It’s the world. How can a flat be worth £160m? It is, and it’s still only a fucking leasehold!!!

  16. Emiratesstroller


    I am with you the money spent by PSG on Neymar is ridiculous. How this amount spent on a single player can be justified or indeed will meet fair play rules beggars belief?

    They do have some decent players, but not enough to balance the books without wholesale departures and it should not be forgotten that last season PSG
    drew twice with us and failed to win French Ligue.

    With their financial resources and lack of competition in France that does not
    suggest to me a club who are going to be a powerhouse in Champions League
    anytime soon. One swallow does not make a summer!

    Sanchez will stay at Arsenal next season unless Barcelona come in with an offer and my gut feeling is they are more likely to come in again with an offer for
    Bellerin than for Sanchez.

  17. N5

    “I think a certain contract rebel might be a bit gay…not saying who but he has dogs.”

    Nooooo don’t say that, Cesc Appeal will be in tight underpant heaven now!! He has a proper man crush on a certain Chilean sicknote.

  18. N5

    “Sarri is certainly a coach I hope the club are looking at when Wenger retires in 16 years time.”

    Ha ha.

    PS that Napoli play was something else.

  19. Emiratesstroller

    Well departure just announce by Sky. Martinez has been loaned out to Getafe.

    So I assume Macey is now our third string GK.

  20. TR7

    Neymar unlikely to win Ballon D’or at PSG. So all this chatter about moving out of Messi’s shadow is rubbish. Money the only consideration.

  21. kristoman

    Why do people keep on mentioning FFP, it is not going to affect them because the fee will be amortized into 5 years deal. I.e. neymar will only cost 40 to 42m per FFP year. They get 35 to 40m for their sponsorship deal every year not to talk about commercial deals . so including neymar wages psg will only lose about 5 to 7m a year on neymar deal which is well within FFP regulations.

  22. ThePuma9

    Don’t give yourself a headache kristoman.

    Neymar is going to be an ambassador for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar for 300m eur. So he’s buying himself out of the contract and joint on a free.

  23. Emiratesstroller


    Actually this is unlikely to happen. Barcelona are insisting that the transfer fee is paid up front in full.

    The FFP rules stipulate that you must not make losses totalling more than Euros 30 million over 3 years.

    So PSG are going to have to sell quite a few players to balance the books or their owners will have to do what Abramovich has done in the past and recapitalise the club. What they cannot keep doing is saddling club with debt.

  24. kristoman

    jesus how can it be so hard
    Yes they pay 196m full in cash. But in FFP book neymar cost 39m only this year so psg make a loss of 39m only this year. They make about 50 to 60m every year from sponsorship and commercial deals .so they are within the limit

  25. Emiratesstroller


    Yes you are technically right and you can amortise contract technically over
    life of contract as opposed to when transfer fee is paid.

    However, it still requires the club to balance its books and not incur large debts in any one year. I still think that PSG will struggle to satisfy FFP rules and can be restricted from buying further players next season.

  26. Wengaball

    Kristoman is right.

    Neymar signs a 5 year contract. His cost + his salary is going to be amortised over 5 years.

    In the books he costs PSG 220/5 + 9 (annual salary) million euros per year. That is the number FFP look at.

    That remains. How the payments to Barca is structured is a different issue and has no bearing on Neymar’s annual cost in PSG’s books.

  27. Wengaball

    Sorry, Neymar’s salary will be closer to 40 million Euros a year (500,000 a week net of tax).

    So annual cost, if he signs a 5 year contract is (220/5 + 40) million euros. That’s huge, even with PSG’s revenues.

  28. Don


    Are you paying attention
    They want it all up front.
    You do understand right?
    No payment plan
    No instalments
    No mortgage
    Cash boy
    Hard cash

  29. Wengaball

    So Neymar’s cost alone is 84 million euros a year.

    That’s annual running cost of some clubs even in the PL.

    It’s crazy.

  30. WestLondonGoon

    It’s ok though, because the rest of PSG’s squad said they will play for free for the next 5 years

  31. N5

    Ok I’ll put my hand up and say I don’t get it! Pay all up front means £40m a year leaves my head hurting!

  32. Don

    They pay all up front but the losses are spread over the course of the contract or yearly.
    Like cooking the books

    Is that right?

  33. Don

    Apparently Liverpool turning their attentions to Renato after being rebuffed on keita

    Gotta hand it to them, they’re ambitious in the transfer market, well if this is true. We did go in for Gareth Bale last week didn’t we??

  34. gonsterous

    here’s a bit of context people.. if psg had spent 200m for 4 players, nothing out of the ordinary. spending it on one player ( arguably one of the best players currently ), everyone loses their mind… I think it’s good business done by PSG.. they would have paid 100m a couple years back, but being the nature of the market they have paid 200+… what are barca going to do with 200 in the bank ??

  35. TR7

    How the payment is made has no bearing on the method of amortizing a player’s cost. It’s often a straight line amortization which means on PSG books, an amortization cost of £39 M /year would be registered for the length of Neymar’s contract.

  36. Emiratesstroller

    The way that Neymar’s contract may be amortised is why I think that Arsenal
    view also the contracts of both Sanchez and Ozil.

    I wrote several days ago that Sanchez contract cost Arsenal £35 million over
    4 years which translates to £8,750,000 pa + income of £7,280,000. That equates to £16,000,000 for final year of contract.

    If they buy an equivalent player today it will cost Arsenal more than double that amount.

  37. Emiratesstroller


    The amortisation can of course be spread over term of contract but it will still
    be an inhibiting factor over next 3 years because the second element is that the club is not allowed to incur losses in that period of more than Euros 30 million.

    Spending that money on a single player will impact on their ability to buy additional players in the next three years.

  38. Joe


    Agree. Great business by PSG. Just shot their commercial deals through the roof for the next 5 years and have upped their CL chances handsomely.

    Wish our loser manager showed a 10th of that ambition with over 200m pounds in the bank.

    At least we got to see sanago start v bayern

  39. Don

    Fuck off

    So we have to finish above both city and Chelsea or I have to give you £100 and leave this page???

    You can fuck right off there matey.

  40. David Smith

    Can see us losing Ozil, Alexis and even Ox , right at the end of the window, engineered by Wenger so he is under no pressure to replace them, it will be too late by then. He got away with not replacing Cesc and Nasri, losing 8-2 and the English board inspired panic buy of players , he will get away with it again this summer, the reason, he answers only to Stan.
    Now, we have Kroenke Sr letting Wenger do exactly what he wants with no accountability.
    The next stage, Josh will be letting Thierry do exactly what he wants to with no accountability.
    Sadly, these top Euro coaches will never be hired as long as there is someone called Kroenke owning the club.
    The people who bought in Stan have a hell of a lot to answer for, but I am sure the money helps deal with any guilt.
    If Wenger screws up again this season, the stadium will turn, mark my words.

  41. Elmo

    The player (Neymar) is capitalised to the firm’s BALANCE SHEET (a record of a firm’s assets, liabilities and shareholder equity at a given point in time) as an asset of EUR222m and a corresponding balancing liability of EUR222m.

    That asset will then be amortised in equal chunks (EUR222m / number of years of contract), with the annual amortised amount (e.g EUR222m / 5 = EUR44.4m) being set against revenue on the INCOME STATEMENT / PROFIT & LOSS ACCOUNT (a report of a firm’s financial performance over a specific period, e.g a year; at a basic level, revenues – costs = profit or loss).

    FFP deals with what clubs are doing in any given financial year, so they will be looking at income statements / P&L.

    While EUR222m that left the door will impact cashflow and the balance sheet (the new asset will be balanced by either decreased asset values such as cash that was in the bank, increased liabilities such as bank loans, or increased shareholder capital if the Qataris injected more money by issuing and buying more shares in PSG), the income statement is only going to be hit by the annual amortised amount (EUR222m / 5), the employee cost (wages), and any finance costs if they borrowed money to fund the purchase (i.e annual interest amount).

    It may be counter-intuitive from the outside, but that’s how things are accounted for..

  42. Emiratesstroller

    David Smith

    The person who brought in Kroenke was Dein and that cost him his friendship
    with Fiszman and resulted in him being offloaded from Board.

    Kroenke assumed that Dein’s overtures were done with blessing of Board.

    However, with passage of time Fiszman whose children were not interested in
    football became terminally ill and he made the decision to sell his shares to
    Kroenke rather than Uszman. He was followed by other members of the Board.

    Dein chose to sell his shares to Uszman.

  43. Don

    The doctor

    What the fuck are you??? Really??
    Where does this bull shit even come from??

    Is joe Asian?
    If he is how does the doctor know?

  44. Wengaball

    @Marko – Neymar’s total cost to PSG over five years is going to be around 450 million euros – that figure seems about right.

    That includes wages.

    But even if they pay the fee upfront, the books will show 450/5 = 90 million euros per year in PSG’s books, as his contract is for 5 years and accounting laws allow for amortisation over that period.

    If PSG sell Neymar for 100 million after four years, amazingly they will actually show a profit of 10 million euros. (100 less 90, his remaining book value after 4 years)

    That’s how accounting works 🙂

  45. Emiratesstroller


    That is precisely what I wrote previously. Abramovich was forced to convert loans into equity to avoid breaching FFP rules.

    Presumably that is what the owners will do as well or alternatively they will
    hike up the commercial sponsorship deals which are sourced in Middle East
    and rather like Man City are businesses more often than not controlled by
    Abu Dhabi or Qatari Royal Families.

  46. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    What your saying is it wax an old boys carve up …
    The sort of dubious acts thagbgomon every day in the stock exchanges …

  47. Colney Gooner

    Been looking after my 11 year old grandson today and it’s a bit of a shock to log in and come down quite a few intelligence notches to Doctor cunt!

  48. karim

    Ajax 2
    Nice 2

    Nice progress to the next round without an injured Balotelli at the Ajax arena !

    I’m afraid Seri will not be available for now.
    Great game of football with 2 offensive sides.

  49. Danish Gooner

    countless times i said Arsenal can afford much more then they actually are trying for,Arsenal could have signed Neymar on same deal as PSG but our manager would rather give away his best players for free then try somehing bold,imagine this Sanchez 80 mil ,oxlade 20 mil,ozil 50 mil and 120 mil from kroenke,we could easily have signed Neymar and stil signed one or two more.

  50. kristoman

    The Doctor
    August 2, 2017 21:07:12
    I want to have sex with Arsene
    harder arsene

    Some come to my aid am dying of laughter

  51. ThePuma9


    ‘,Arsenal could have signed Neymar on same deal as PSG ‘

    Put down the crack pipe. It’s turning your brain to mush. You can’t be fucking serious if you’ve even typed that with a straight face.

  52. Danish Gooner

    Easily, we have the readies but why would he go to a second tier club with an outdated manager ?????? One day we will have a bold manager trying out for these signings.

  53. Cesc Appeal

    If we managed to get £35 Million or over from Barcelona for Ozil if they come sniffing that would be a result. I would honestly take a season with no replacement for him if we went on to spend next summer on a well scouted target.

    Still have the feeling Sanchez will be sold and Ozil will get a new £280 000 a week deal, which is like someone smacking you in the dick and then kneeing you in the face as you fold over from the dick punch.

  54. TR7

    “which is like someone smacking you in the dick and then kneeing you in the face as you fold over from the dick punch.”

    Hahaha !!

  55. Cesc Appeal

    By the way, went to see that Valerian tonight, I have never walked out of a film before, but I did tonight. Total, total shite.

    Miscast, no discernible plot, no chemistry, and the CGI was pretty shit which is a big problem when you considered that is basically what this film was going to attempt to stand on.

    Would say that is a wait for it to come onto Sky job, then be thankful you did not waste money going to the cinema.

  56. Pedro

    Joe, any more and you’ll go in the bin.

    No one cares for you aggressive tonality. It’s boring and stops people commenting.


  57. Danny S

    Cesc AppealAugust 2, 2017 22:09:46
    If we managed to get £35 Million or over from Barcelona for Ozil if they come sniffing that would be a result. I would honestly take a season with no replacement for him if we went on to spend next summer on a well scouted target.

    Couldn’t agree more. 80% of the season ozil offers nothing to the side. The other 20% he props up his stats that make him look good to idiots.
    I get sick of arguing with idiots on Facebook about that.
    The only flaw in your comment is the ‘well scouted’ bit. Not sure we have that capability.

  58. TR7

    Mbappé, tired of waiting for an improved Monaco extension offer, wants to leave. Four clubs in race: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man City & PSG-Matt Spiro on Twitter.

  59. WestLondonGoon

    So Seri won’t be sold now presumably, and if Liverpool (assuming Barca nick Coutinho) are looking at Lemar you can be sure that Monaco will be humping more money on his sales figure…so who’s left for Arsene? Perhaps Cohen Bramall has some mates in non league who fancy a game?

    Oh its going to be a long season.

  60. Cesc Appeal

    You would think Barcelona would be most likely for Mbappe now, but he seems to want guarantees of playing ST which Barcelona likely will not be able to offer. More likely they go after Dembele who operates from wide, though BvB would likely want £80 Million plus for him.

    Madrid on the other hand well could offer Mbappe what he wants if Benzema is fazed out.

  61. WestLondonGoon

    I’m guessing Doctor went completely hatstand earlier? Can’t believe it missed it.
    What a waste of DNA he was.

  62. Cesc Appeal

    Ospina is staying as well now it seems, unable to shift on our deadwood like Wilshere, Gibbs, Jenkinson etc because of their ridiculous wages. It is all descending into a very samey feeling window, which is hardly a surprise because infrastructure wise what has changed to make you think there would be a change?

    If we go in as is, this is going to be a hard watch this season.

  63. Pedro

    We had a summer like this in 2011!

    Amazing the club keeps rolling with these absurd wages that are nowhere near market rate.

    Wenger’s control method… control them with money

  64. Cesc Appeal


    It is scary how far we could potentially get left behind by others, and even scarier the amount of fans who are still just supporting Wenger whatever happens, like their defence of his ‘ideal situation’ comments as being out of context etc.

    We are a bit of a pointless club to support to be honest. Sort of feel like I am in an unhappy marriage now, Arsenal are all I know though supported them since I can remember so you just carry on the sleepwalk.

    What cannot stand though is the defence from the fans as to the way we are run, absolutely shoddily run. From transfer strategy (haha), to coaching staff, to wages, to contracts, everything.

    It also makes you sad to think how good could we be then minus Kroenke and Wenger.

  65. WestLondonGoon

    As a money man, surely Kroenke must be wondering what Wenger is up to? Especially after Wenger’s comments about letting multi-million pound assets just walk out the door for nothing in 12 months time.

    That would surely have to reflect on the value of the club?

  66. Cesc Appeal

    I like how he said they have to ‘earn’ their contracts this way.

    Isn’t the point that the only one of the players you want to sign a new deal is refusing to sign a very generous contract from you, he has not got to earn shit, he has earned it already.

    If he is earning a free deal it will be from City, PSG etc which is far from ‘ideal’ for Arsenal is it?

  67. Pedro

    So many shit people have an answer for why Wenger is so shite at communication in press conferences. Alfred on the podcast said his English is only perfect when he’s discussing philosophy.

    His idea comments were in context, and he almost couldn’t believe he’d said it.

  68. Cesc Appeal


    But then I even saw people saying he was being snarky (rightly in their eyes) because of being asked the same question over and over.

    Just like they thought it was brilliant when he was having a laugh about his own contract situation last year despite the massive damage it was doing to the club.

    To some fans, it is a reflex action to defend literally everything Wenger does or deflect away from him. I want him gone tomorrow, but I can accept Kroenke is a massive part of the problem, said it a thousand times before they are propping each other up at Arsenal. But for some, Wenger is a victim almost and it is baffling.

    I genuinely believe for some fans he is more important than the club, or rather he is the club.

  69. HighburyLegend

    Meanwhile, so many people dying from poverty and hunger all around the world, this is just pathetic.

  70. Thanos

    Pedro Joe is always an aggressive obnoxious git. If you don’t agree with him he rips into you. I have been coming on here every day for years and don’t always post because it becomes a shit fest of bile from some guys. We all hate what is happening to our club but why take it out on the other posters ?

  71. Marko

    8 days to go till the new season and that big summer that was seemingly promised and expected hasn’t come to fruition. Ah well hey at least we have each other am I right

  72. Cesc Appeal

    Transfer window might get really spicy now. Not for us obviously, but we can watch at least.

    Barcelona eyeing up Coutinho and Dembele apparently. Though I still have my fingers crossed they will come in for Ozil.

    Neymar’s move could set off a whole load of moves as PSG look to offload, Barcelona target players, any buying by them will lead to those clubs replacing etc.

  73. kristoman

    Arsenal fans God are you people naive. Okay the transfer fee is 196m now the wages is even more than the transfer fee. Neymar will earn about 250000 to 350000 which is about 17m pa annum, for 5years will be 85m plus 196m we make 281m in total. But here arsenal fan quoting 500m just to show how the world has gone crazy.

  74. Pierre

    ces A
    “I genuinely believe for some fans he is more important than the club, or rather he is the club.”

    I believe you are talking complete nonsense and start to lose any credibility with comments like that..
    I know hundreds of Arsenal supporters and not one comes remotely close to thinking that he is the club .
    95% of them think his time is up (and I’m one of them ) and would be happy to see him go.
    There is only one fan that I know who is an anti Wenger obsessive like many on here , who would rather see Arsenal lose and not celebrate winning trophies and I have now blocked him on my phone as I have become fed up with his boring repetitive anti Wenger garbage (and no, it’s not Joe ) . ..
    Ces , you have many good points that you raise but don’t let your Wenger obsession get the better of you….

  75. Cesc Appeal


    No, I think you are being incredibly naive.

    There are many, many fans out there who will literally not criticise a single thing he does, they try to find reason in everything he says or does or excuse it, or deflect from it.

    You cannot say there are fans who are so Wenger obsessed they throw the club under the bus to see him go but then deny there are fans so Wenger obsessed they will throw the club under the bus to see him stay.

    Those fans are most certainly out there, in big numbers. Perhaps being more pro-Wenger inclined as you are you cannot see it as easily as the anti-Wenger crowd you pick out for being obsessed etc.

    In terms of my obsession with Wenger, I am obsessed with him and Kroenke only in so long as they are at the club because in my opinion they are a crippling dead weight to the club in the same way someone with a terminal disease might be obsessed with the disease and attribute all their symptoms to it (even wrongly sometimes) because at the end of the day it is indeed the thing to be obsessed about. Being obsessed with wanting Wenger and Kroenke gone makes you an absolutely top rate Arsenal fan in my book, of course I do not meet to the point of slagging the club off and wanting humiliation, though I do sympathies with those who want it in a heated moment.

  76. Cesc Appeal

    I say that in the nicest tone possible as well.

    Sick of the infighting with Arsenal fans because we have such bigger problems than fighting each other. Two problems actually.

    And the infighting is exactly what Wenger and Kroenke want and basically live off. As long as Arsenal fans do not have clear, unified message we’re f****d.

    And that is what I mean, why could all Arsenal fans not get behind the time for change protest, it did not have a clear target and yet you had fans aggressively going against it with banners saying ‘proud of Wenger, ashamed of ‘fans”.

  77. arsene's used sock

    is a hunting channel really news now?
    come on lads it’s diversionary, hunters in 2017 don’t wipe out species, poachers do that

  78. arsene's used sock

    when your news feed updates and you find out wilshere is determined to stay and fight for his place in the team

    cue that sinking feeling in your gut

  79. champagne charlie

    That 200m from neymar is pure domino money now. 80m to Liverpool for Coutinho, 50m to Southampton for van dijk, i read somewhere Saints want Wimmer of Spurs for 20m, they cam buy Barkley, Everto Sigurdsson etc etc.

    Whatever eay yoi cut it i imagine the next 10 will be chocked with various moves getting done. Monaco just signed a lad that can replace Lemar in part, so lools like we may be wearing them doen and finding a solution.

    Talk on the interwebs is that Lemar will get done, and we will go in for Seri as long as we shift some bodies still at the club: Gibbs, Chambers, Elneny, Jack, Theo, and Lucas all sellable according to arsenal.

  80. Emiratesstroller


    You are basically right. In last 2-3 years an increasing number of supporters [season ticket holders] want to see Wenger leave because he is past his sell by date.

    The key difference between them and a large number of posters on Le Grove is that they are not “obsessed” with his departure. Most have different concerns in their lives. They go to matches to watch football for enjoyment.

    What is gradually happening at least in the area of stadium where I sit is that
    a lot of regular season ticket holders are not turning up obsessively to watch
    every match, which is why you are seeing an increased number of empty seats.

  81. champagne charlie


    Lemar wants to join arsenal, i know that doesnt sit well with your 5 year old boy approach to commenting.

  82. Black Hei

    Regarding Neymar, I think football not the real reason.

    Real reason is that this is a respond to the Arab embargo. Qatar is either nervous and want to get $$ out of the country or this is a show of strength so that they do not lose face during the next World Cup.

    Truth is Qatar is indeed a bit of a neutral territory as far as Saudi accusation is concerned. They harbor questionable folks but I don’t think they actively support terrorism. Though the argument can be put forth they are indirectly supporting terrorism by providing safe harbor.

  83. champagne charlie


    Absolutely on the money mate, noticed the same thing too. Lesser games often sees the regular crowd diminish about 10-15% from what see about me.

    Youre quite right re:Wenger too, lots of fans think we need/ed change but they dont stoop to the pathetic le els of abuse you see idiots on here resort to. The guy has done more for arsenal than anyone alive and was given a new deal by those in charge.

    Really dont see the logic in abusing a guy who’s brought so many fantastic memories to arsenal because hes running out of puff. Not difficult to respect what he’s achieved and merely demand more moving forward from the powers that be.

    Sadly though THEY are the ones at fault with allowing an element of stagnatiom to occur, which has made its way to the stands. Arsenal doesnt excite how they should, the promise is dwindling but the board continue to drink cognac and smoke cigars from the captains deck.

  84. Black Hei

    I think UEFA will hit them hard with FFP.

    I don’t think they appreciate using clever gimmicks like hiring Neymar to be World Cup ambassador to get around FFP rules.

    Kind of like artificially inflating commercial sponsorship with Qatar entities.

    If it is up to me, I will just state that PSG received 222m worth of benefit from Qatar and that will count as “spending”. Similar to how we do taxation for free goods.

  85. Wallace

    so Neymar’s release clause was 222m euros and that’s all PSG offered?

    absolute piss take offering the release clause and not a penny more. what are they smoking in Paris?

  86. Joe

    champagne charlieAugust 3, 2017 05:22:52
    Joe Lemar wants to join arsenal, i know that doesnt sit well with your 5 year old boy approach to commenting.

    Unless a team in CL offering better wages comes along. Like Liverpool.

    Ha still waiting for Lemar like you said CC. You said Emirates Cup for 45m. We are on to Charity shield. Where is he Cc? Just like griezmann last year haha