Raiding the elite bargain bin

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I’m starting to land at the ‘bored AF’ stage of the summer. Too many players leaving. Too few coming in.

So why don’t I lend a very helpful hand to Ivan, HUSS FAHMY, and dear Arsene Wenger.

PSG are failing hard to land a mega name, you can’t help but think Barca are going to keep Neymar, M’Bappe is going to head to Madrid, leaving Alexis Sanchez the most likely target.

I was, you know, despondent and sad, but then I saw who they’re looking to offload.

Matuidi: 30 years old


Grzegorz Krychowiak: 27 years old

6ft 1. Beast. Technically sound.

Di Maria: 29 years old

Exceptional talent we could work with for 2 years as we transition to a new Alexis

All three players would make nice makeweights. I’d be particularly interested in the midfielders because both would be an upgrade and excellent additions to the squad. I’d be pretty fine with losing Sanchez if we could make Di Maria work in our starting 11.

I mean, I know player swaps can be tough to make happen, but the best buys are often the players on the fringe with something to prove.

Don Balon, who have serious pedigree after linking us to Gareth Bale, are now linking Barcelona with a £53m move for Mesut Ozil if the Catalan giants fail in their pursuit of Coutinho. Would be a fascinating move and the death of their pressing game for sure. Also can’t imagine Barca, who have been stealing players off us for less than market value for years, would pay £53m for a player in the last year of his deal.

I also think it’d be pretty mental for us to sell him right now unless we have a very good replacement lined up. I wouldn’t fancy anyone else feeding Lacazette this season, that’s for sure.

The Stan Kroenke blood channel story went into overdrive. JEZZA C, the great hope for Britain’s FAILING future, stepped in with some ready made disgust.

“I’m appalled at the glorification of killing wild and rare animals on this TV channel,”

The Brits are losing their damn minds. Doing nasty things to animals is pretty much the worst thing you can do in the UK outside posting a negative Great British Bakeoff review in The Guardian comments.

God bless you Mary Berry.

That said, what did you expect of a rich bored billionaire who lives on a ranch? Banter that he’s into trophy hunting in his spare time…but not in football.

The outrage and disgust is pretty worthless. Stan K is ours forever. He’s like a recurring nightmare. NO, at least a nightmare would be exciting. He’s like a dream you have when you’re a student working 4 jobs… you work all day wiping down TGI Friday’s tables in Thurrock, then you go to sleep and you dream you’re doing the same thing. That’s Stan K. Just a really boring dream that you’ll intermittently wake up from and realise everything is shite.

You know who else is boring? Arsene Wenger. I was going write that he’s a leopard that can’t change his spots, but then I worried STAN WOULD PUT A BULLET IN MY BLOG and serve it up on his VILE TV channel dedicated to animal corpses and baking hatred.

Anyway, 6 years ago we were writing about expensive deadwood we couldn’t shift. The club were going to reorg their approach to salaries. 6 years on we can’t sell deadwood. Jack Wilshere, Lucas Perez, David Ospina, Mathieu Debuchy, Kieran Gibbs, Calum Chambers and Carl Jenkinson are ALL still on the books.

Arsenal are so badly run. > 2011 article on deadwood

Wenger has no idea how to benchmark wages. He has no instinct for when to sell talent. He has no long-term transfer strategy to speak of. He can’t attract players. He is so antiquated these days it’s got to the point where we’re being held hostage by Chamberlain who has had 3 good games for us in his whole career. He can’t even make his way through a press conference without saying something wholly unnecessary.

What a madness…

Anyway, Community Shield this weekend. Should be a fun day in the sun.



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  1. Marko

    Don I’m from Dublin. Don I just get up on Wilshere cause he’s another Diaby and at what point do we as a club stop accommodating these injured and average players cause it’s costing us money and the ability to challenge for honours. It took 8 years before we gave up on Diaby and 4 years before we gave up on Sanogo. That’s not good

  2. Don

    To conclude I still hope that wilshire can come back and reach those performance levels
    He was a joy to watch

  3. Samir


    No chance Di Maria nor Rabiot would get into our starting 11. We’ve got world class players like Walcott and Elneny in those positions.

  4. steve

    “To conclude I still hope that wilshire can come back and reach those performance levels
    He was a joy to watch”


    Yeah that’s gonna happen lol.

  5. Samir

    When Wilshere bulked up he lost that little burst of pace that used to get him passed players. I think that’s where he ruined his game.

  6. arsene's used sock

    honest question to the Lord Grove Community

    what is the club’s vision right now?
    and furthermore
    should we have any faith in that vision when our best player wants out?

    i mean if we’re frank about it the results speak for themselves over the years

  7. Don


    You just took the worlds right out of my mouth there mate

    Was just about to say that he’s a bit to sticky to make those little jinks and turns that he used to aloe and that it probably suits his game to be a bit skinnier.
    Not even quicker but he’s not as nimble as he was when he was a wee bairn.

  8. Dissenter

    Jack was never as good as we all thought. He peaked earlier than his peers and got game time because he emerged at a time we were in “project youth” phase.
    I’m just sick and tired of all the revisionism that exists here even when the truth has been laid bare by time.
    We all used to think we were a well run club, now we know it was an illusion.
    We used to think we were a classy club. Do you still thinks so after the events of the last few months- Wenger’s pea-cocking last season and now Kroenke’s hunting channel.

    “(Jack is) Widely considered the most talented British midfielder (possibly player) of his generation.”
    Are British midfielders that bad.
    Fuc* me. Whatever happened to Paul Scholes, Gerrard and Frank Lampard.

    After Bournemouth and the debacle of the Euros [where Hodgson put his reputation on the lane for Wilshere, how can anyone still be uttering such nonsense.

  9. Pierre

    N5… Not pro wenger thanks.. Just pro arsenal
    Just not obsessed with him like too many on here…
    He should have left with an FA cup win against the league champions instead he must be a glutton for punishment I reckon.. One dodgy result and they Will all come out of the woodwork..

  10. Dissenter

    “N5… Not pro wenger thanks.. Just pro arsenal”

    You’re lost mate. You need a GPS to sort yourself out.
    You’re so stuck up Wenger’s you-know-what that it will take a colonoscpy to locate you.

    “pro-Arsenal”…so long as it includes Wenger at the helm.

  11. Don


    He was injured
    Other managers did the same thing for beckham, gerrard, Owen, shearer and Rooney

    He got a chance because he was head and shoulders above the rest and ready to step up
    Rightly so

    Liam Brady thought he was the most talented youngster he’d brought through

    The entire country was talking about him as a future England captain

    It wasn’t just arsenal fans

  12. Bamford10

    So apparently Puma9 has been here a long time. Listening, lurking. He’s either a lurker who has just recently decided to speak up (unlikely) or some dickhead who got binned but has come back under another moniker. Or he was so unremarkable at some previous point that I’ve forgotten there was a dickhead who called himself “Puma”.

  13. raptora

    We have “smart” clubs almost in every league.

    Monaco just got the occasional title, Atletico Madrid in 2013/14, Borussia Dortmund in 2010/11 and 2011/12. In all the other recent years it was PSG (4 titles in a row before this year) in France, Barcelona and Real Madrid (the two teams have won 12 out of the last 13 titles) in Spain, Bayern Munich (5 titles in a row) in Germany, Juventus (6 titles in a row) in Italy.

    In England it’s a bit different since 3 clubs are willing to splash the mega money and there was the once-in-a-lifetime surprise Leicester fairy tale. No surprise is that the three clubs are the only ones (bar Leicester) who had won the league in the last 13 years. For all their efforts Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham haven’t been able to fight with the billions of money invested in the other 3 top teams.

    Sadly our chance to win the league is still going to be ~ the same of Monaco retaining their crown vs a Neymar reinforced PSG; same as Borussia fighting yet another year vs the super club that Bayern is; same as Roma in Italy and Atleti in Spain.
    It’s just what it is. Money do give you trophies and our fans have to realize that. Yes – we can be smarter, but no – until we start spending more, which is up to the owner to give the money, we cannot be considered equals to the other teams who splash twice or thrice more money. It sounds like it makes sense.

    We keep mentioning the aforementioned teams that are handicapped – Monaco, Atleti, Borussia Dortmund, Roma, Napoli and teams like Tottenham, RB Leipzig, Hoffenheim, Sevilla as teams who are run well. Yet most of them have to wait years and years to get any kind of silverware in their countries. Some don’t even win anything.

    And yes. Sad part is we were promised we are joining the big boys with moving to another stadium but it never really happened and we are still part of the “other” clubs. The ones who don’t pay as much as the top, top teams. Who is responsible for that is a story of another topic (looking at you Stan).

    So when someone asks me who has the biggest chance of competing in the EPL this coming year – it has to be the 3 top spenders. Money do indeed buy you titles.

  14. Don


    I’d be very interested to see how much grace is given to a new coach and how many accused would be made for him?
    I’d be extremely happy to see someone come in and land us a title after Wenger but what if he doesn’t? What if we head the same way as the other great clubs, Liverpool and united

  15. Bamford10


    My point wasn’t really about long someone’s been here. I just think it’s funny that you’ve been here a short time and yet you talk is if you run the place — “pipe down,” “wind your neck in” — and that you pull the complete dickhead move of “what level did you play at?” with Marko, someone who’s been here a lot longer than you have. At least try to refrain from being a dickhead to those who’ve been here a long time.

  16. Bamford10

    Of course the level you played at affects how well you understand the game — though several qualifications need to be assigned to this — but only a dickhead turns to this to win points against someone else here.

    See Dickhead 1. See Dickhead 2.

    And for the record, I also played for the u-17 national team, played for countless former English and Brazilian professionals in Southern California and have been watching the game religiously since 1986.

    Also re US soccer, while we still have a long way to go obviously, we have come a long way. Anyone who’s not stuck in 1987 knows this. While we’ll probably lose, I look forward to the next England-USMNT match, and I look forward to laughing at Puma when Christian Pulisic shows you how footballers from Pennsylvania do it.

    Fucking cunt.

  17. Danny S

    A few posts up I posted a link to a on line petition. Last I looked it needed 49 reposts to go viral.

    It’s to show kroenke and AFC how unhappy everyone is about his hunting Chanel.

  18. Bamford10


    I disagree. Jack really was that good. Sadly, though, Wenger didn’t develop him properly, he developed bad habits and a big head and now he is crocked. This is a shame: a shame for Arsenal, a shame for England and a shame for Jack.

  19. Emiratesstroller

    Assuming Sanchez, Ozil, and Oxlade-Chamberlain stay and we us 3-4-3 or 3-4-2-1
    formations I would expect:

    FIRST X1
    Bellerin [or Oxlade-Chamberlain]

    BENCH from
    Bellerin [or Oxlade-Chamberlain]
    Lemar [if arriving at Arsenal]

    SQUAD [used for Europa Cup & League Cup]]
    Maitland Niles [unregistered]
    Nelson [unregistered]

  20. Bamford10


    Yeah, none of that is really “abusive”; I’m just calling people and things by their proper names.

    You seem a decent sort, though. Cheers.

  21. HighburyLegend

    “I’d be extremely happy to see someone come in and land us a title after Wenger but what if he doesn’t? What if we head the same way as the other great clubs, Liverpool and united”

    Afraid of change –> akb’s –> wenger.
    That makes sense.

    And by the way, we’re not anymore part of the greatest clubs since a while now – thanks to who ?

  22. HighburyLegend

    “No need to be so abusive man, it’s just a football blog”
    lol tell that to charlie

    “I omitted Lacazette up front in starting X1”

  23. Don

    Hey I don’t mind really bamford but wooah now you’re dropping the C bomb on people!!!
    That’s even worse for a yank than it is for us!!!

  24. Thanos

    Why is everyone on here so angry all the time. It’s like trying to control a bunch of kids. We are all frustrated with what’s happening at our club. Let’s keep it civil though lads

  25. Danny S

    I’m really hoping this hunting channel thing is the beggining of the end for Kroenke at arsenal.
    If the sponsors start applying pressure and even parts of the government are damning it, then he may be more open to a bid for the club before he damages the revenue.

  26. S.Asoa

    August 2, 2017 14:02:50
    azedNo chance Di Maria nor Rabiot would get into our starting 11. We’ve got world class players like Walcott and Elneny in those positions.”

    Hey don’t be flippant. You don’t know Le Moron might take it seriously what is picked up his backside in fun and quote that at his next press conference.

  27. HighburyLegend

    “No chance Di Maria nor Rabiot would get into our starting 11”

    Wenger would not take those players even if they were for free.

  28. Joe

    ? What if we head the same way as the other great clubs, Liverpool and united

    Really???? Fuck your disingenuous

    Man have won the league 5 years ago and the Europa , fa cup and league cup in the last 2 and a CL recently.

    We aren’t far behind Liverpool in our Pl drought and they won a CL in recent memory.

    Have you not been watching us the last 13 years??

    Which will be 15 years by the time this contract ends for le Cunt

  29. Joe

    how sad is Arsenal under wenger that our fans feel have to wait for a fire sale from PSG to do our transfer business

    That’s how we got Ozil and Sanchez. Both deeemed surplus to requirements at their former clubs

    Always reactive

  30. ThePuma9


    Looks very much like the embarrassing response people expected from you. You’re so out of your depth it’s amazing. From players to teams, to formations just give it up.

    In a just short space of time exhibit 1, 2 and 3 shows why you’re the biggest cunt on this blog.

    A yank Sunday league pub player at best.

  31. Don


    Now who’s being disingenuous?
    You think united and Liverpool are any better off than us?
    United haven’t finished top four since 2012
    Liverpool regularly fail to reach the top four
    We have done it once in 21 years.
    Yes Liverpool won the champions league in recent memory
    We went the season unbeaten the year before
    If that’s recent memory then so is our invincibles season
    Then in 06 we reach the champions league final and we’re desperately unlucky to lose that game.

    And you know we are talking about recently
    Since fergie left, which of the 3 clubs has done better?

    I’d say us

  32. Alexanderhenry

    Danny S

    Good work. I’ve been posting links to petitions since this story broke.

    How the hell did we get such a miserable, sadistic leech as an owner?

    That was a rhetorical question by the way.

  33. champagne charlie

    “My point wasn’t really about long someone’s been here……. At least try to refrain from being a dickhead to those who’ve been here a long time.”

    Yea right oh Bamford…

    Your preachy bollocks is arguably the most difficult to stomach on here. I dont care if youve been here 5 minutes or 5 years, say something i disagree with and ill argue it. Be a tit and ill be a bigger tit back at you.

    You continue the “le grove rules”, “dominant opinion”, “been here longer” bollocks and I’ll continue to call you a twat, for being….a twat. Comprende?

    You’re full of shit, and im really not the one to bow to your faux dominance on here that clearly you feel is under threat. So crack on with your ‘dickhead’ quips and ‘guy’ remarks, you dont bother me in the slightest. I get a kick seeing your panties bunched if anything.

  34. Joe


    What exactly is the top 4?? Laughable what akbs will grasp at.

    We went undefeated ? Who cares. It’s still only worth 1 league cup.

    I would say even Leicester have Done better than us.

    And if you think 3 fa cups is better than Europa fa cup and league cup. Then I can’t help you.

    So reaching the CL final is the same as Liverpool winning it??

  35. Frank Mc

    “We went undefeated ? Who cares. It’s still only worth 1 league cup. ”

    You are taking the piss Joe, right??

  36. Cesc Appeal

    If we ended up doing a Sanchez, Aguero swap deal it would make the £45 Million spent on Lacazette look like a total misallocation of funds when that could have been used to wrap Lemar up instead and then pursue a CM with the Lemar money we are supposedly offering now.

    Cannot see it. If we bought a ST in for £45 Million then swapped Sanchez for a player who is yet another ST and lose a wide forward, you really would scratch your head. Unless we were going two up top it is pointless, that would be essentially £100 Million on ST’s who cannot play other positions and one is clearly better than the other you shelled a fortune out on.

  37. Joe


    Did going undefeated make that title worth 3 or 4?

    And after 13 years to use that to defend our current state is laughable.

    And to be be honest. GGs one loss season was a bigger achievement.

    So was Leicester winning the league

  38. HighburyLegend

    “I’d rather keep Sanchez for the year”

    And what if Alexis is totally demotivated by the idea of staying, and that he make a shit season ?

  39. Don


    I would say that going the season unbeaten and reaching the champions league final two years later is better than liverpools champions league win yes

    I wouldn’t swap our 49 unbeaten for anything

    Then when you add context

    Liverpool and Chelsea won the two jammiest finals in history
    We dominated the country for 49 games playing the best football any British club has ever produced
    Which sides will be remembered and admired in future generations,
    Liverpool 05 or arsenal 04?

    Th only comparable seasons are untied trebel winners and Leicester

    You were the mug that brought up recent memory, citing Liverpools champions league fluke as an example and obviously forgot the year

  40. Joe

    Not knocking but a league title is a league title. Don’t get more for going undefeated.
    The fact he could repeat as League winner with that squad or win the CL is more of a point to make than going undefeated

  41. BillikenGooner

    So is Wenger saying that we are going to be on the forefront of a new economic model: The Free Agent Era?

    Which means we will be the first to have signed players for 10s of millions and get to watch them walk for free because that is just the way it is going to be?

    A true visionary. Just like building a stadium was going to make us on par with the biggest of clubs and able to buy and sign any player in the world.

  42. Frank Mc

    Totally disagree, there’s massive kudos for going unbeaten for a whole season! I do agree that team should of done a lot better in the CL.

  43. Joe

    I would say that going the season unbeaten and reaching the champions league final two years later is better than liverpools champions league win yes

    Oh fuck. Im done with this muppet. Can’t have a debate with a guy who says that and actually believes it

    Make believe trophies like making a final and top 4.

    Jammy win he says Hahahaha what about our jammy wins over hull Wigan and Chelsea(Sanchez hand ball) and city(disallowed goal)this year? Getting to face Preston Lincoln and Sutton on way through?

    Akbs. Fuck me.

  44. Don

    Why would you belittle your own teams greatest achievements in comparison with other team’s less revered achievements?
    You cannot possibly have a Mrs joe

    Could you imagine?

    Sorry darling
    You’re alright but your arse isn’t as nice as Kim (fat stupid slut) kardashian
    Yeah your job is ok but John’s mrs gets free holidays with hers
    Yeah your food is alright but you aren’t a 5* chef

  45. gonsterous

    with an aging real team, and a young PSG team. do you think they will win the CL if they get Neymar ??

  46. gonsterous

    I think going unbeaten is better than winning the CL.
    if you ask anyone if they would win the CL or go an entire season unbeaten in the league whilst winning it.. everyone would choose the league.

  47. Emiratesstroller

    For all the rumours circulating that Sanchez will put in a transfer request there is very little evidence of this happening within past 48 hours.

    Indeed the photographs published today of Sanchez training with first team show him and Wenger in relaxed mood.

    There is very little evidence of much tension or unwillingness to train at Arsenal. That is in direct contrast to what usually happens when a player is attempting to engineer a transfer.

  48. Don

    Joe you little creep

    We beat untied city and Chelsea too on the way too!!!
    Stop moving the goal posts anyway
    Liverpools champions league win was a fluke
    1)how many of those players could get into any of our title winning sides? 1, Gerrard

    2) did they repeat anything? No. Did they win anything else if note? No

    3) how have untied fared since fergie left?

    Stop moving the goal posts
    You pulled me up on my comment regarding us going the same way as united and Liverpool so stick to the point.

  49. grooveydaddy

    If what I just read on Twitter is to be believed, that Newmar to PSG deal is an absolute pisss take! !

    He gets €300 mill tax free in Qatar for being an ambassador for WC ’22.

    From that he pays his release clause to Barca, €222 mill. Keeps the €78 mill change.

    Signs for PSG on a free, so they stay FFP compliant.

    Gets €30 mill/yr + bonuses over a 6 yr deal.

  50. Don

    We aren’t the only club that was once dominant to drop down the league since the oil clubs came to prominence
    You know what I’m saying but you’re trying to take bits and pieces out of context to criticise me and AFC and failing miserably you little rat.
    Now pull your pants up boy and go have tea and biscuits with your mummy

  51. Joe

    3) how have untied fared since fergie left?

    They’ve won Europa. Fa cup. League cup

    Better than 3 fa cups

    We are Liverpool you muppet. Not headed that way.

    At least they have a bright young dynamics tactical manager. We have a buffoon and Buffoon fans like you

  52. Don

    Groove daddy

    Fuck me that’s scandalous
    The next two world cups should be moved to countries more deserving
    Fifa are scum

  53. Joe


    I want in on your betting action

    You think we will finish above city and Chelsea.

    I’ll bet you £100 we don’t and loser leaves the blog for good

  54. Guns of Hackney

    Is it me or is there the stench of the “Wenger Cult” rearing its head on here?

    I can’t wait for Wenger’s doosy when he no doubt comments on the Neymar deal…it’ll be joyous.

    Like most champagne socialists, Wenger loves his own cash but detests other people’s. Kunt

  55. Joe

    Really Dale

    Why not pick out Cc Pierre or don for their bitching.

    I know you don’t like me with your ” I don’t care what joe gets racially called and your hard on for firemen”

    You didn’t answer me. Was it your wife cheated on you with one or you just find fireman hot and are too ashamed to come out and admit for your reasons for hating on fire fighters?

  56. Guns of Hackney

    Not that I give a shit about who posts on here, but Joe, like me, is consistent in their hatred for Wenger. A lot of people here flip flop depending on results…that’s a sham.

    I want Wenger to burn…burn I tells ya! BURN!!!!

  57. Don

    No we aren’t Liverpool
    United have finished mid table for last 5 years
    Don’t compare the league cup and playing Thursday nights to the champions league
    You think top players want to play in the europa?
    The fact that you’re in the europa is a failure in itself
    To win the europa you have to beat teams with far less quality than we have in our own domestic cup competitions
    Any tournament that Fulham can get to the final of while being relegated isn’t worth a wank joe
    That just sums it up

    And yes
    We are in it this year and of course I would like us to win it but not at the expense of the league

  58. DaleDaGooner

    Joe, you bragged about being a hot fireman who makes pancakes for the guys, I didn’t make that up.

    While everyone at Le Grove complain a lot, I am yet to see 5 posts or less from you without moaning about someone who’s opinion about Arsenal is different from yours.

  59. DaleDaGooner

    joe always bitching about Arsenal, the London Colney, the Emirates, Highbury, the ball boys, how the locker room looks , all from the comfort of his fire house while making pancakes for the boys…lol…what a bitch!

  60. Guns of Hackney

    Joe, you hot stud

    Was that a guns or gons?

    If it was me you were referring to, I’d take option B.

    However, I’d rather have option C…Wenger to be sacked or hounded out.

  61. Joe

    Joe Only if we can exchange cash in person. Then we will find out who’s the bitch


    Shouldn’t you be out gay bashing and making you pa/bro/uncle(all in one) proud?

  62. DaleDaGooner

    is it just hatred for Wenger? joe has a hatred for Arsenal period! He’s a closet spur who makes fireman pancakes and calls a goal keeper “goal tender” looool

  63. WestLondonGoon


    ”with an aging real team, and a young PSG team. do you think they will win the CL if they get Neymar ??”

    ”I think going unbeaten is better than winning the CL.
    if you ask anyone if they would win the CL or go an entire season unbeaten in the league whilst winning it.. everyone would choose the league.”

    By the logic of these 2 posts, do you really think that elite players ask themselves whether the club they are signing for is capable of winning the CL or going unbeaten in their national league? If the latter is true, surely everyone should be signing for Celtic?

  64. Guns of Hackney


    Alas, Wenger is Arsenal, ergo, if one hates Wenger…that does sort of mean one hates Arsenal.

    I know I do.

  65. Wenker-wanger

    Don boy,
    Why do you delude yourself that arsenal have such a successful past 13 seasons and refrain from pointing the blame finger at that catastrophic failure Wenger?
    What if Wenger is gay?….his missus walked out didn’t she?
    Would you still love him?

  66. Guns of Hackney


    Totally impossible, guy.

    He has his tentacles wrapped so far down the club’s throat, were all choking on them.

    He makes liking Arsenal almost impossible.

  67. Guns of Hackney

    Are we genuinely giving a shit who’s gay or not? Really?

    I know it’s “banter” (hate that word…spoken only by peasants who still read Zoo magazine) but come on.

    I think a certain contract rebel might be a bit gay…not saying who but he has dogs.

    It certainly doesn’t affect his ability, does it?

  68. Thanos

    Joe going unbeaten was as big an achievement as winning a title in my books I would not swap it for any single trophy

  69. Don


    1) I am not an AKB. I just dont spit the bile and spite that others do towards him and I respect the man for his integrity and more importantly his achievements for arsenal

    2) I would of course support arsenal if Wenger or any manager were openly gay.
    I’m not homophobic, believe it or not. Just finding it quite funny that Joe is (it seems) in the closet and in denial about it.

  70. champagne charlie

    see youve got joey on a piece of string, he just cant resist a nibble can he hahaha

    Be warned though, his mum only lets him have the keyboard for an hour at a time, so he’ll go quiet soon.

  71. Thanos

    I would sell sanchez over losing 50m for him and him being demotivated and that’s what will happen wenger said today he would not sell him to an English club. Basically that tells me he is going to sell him abroad

  72. Don


    What??? That’s a first. Whatever gav you that idea
    100% arsenal
    Why would I defend arsenal’s achievements so ardently if I supported someone else?

  73. Don


    Or down the fire station for the ol five knuckle shuffle.

    Yeah mate. He’s like a little piranha that boy.

  74. Thanos

    Don wenger ruined our season last season by all the uncertainty of his contract. Also why has he let 8 players role down their contract if he is in total charge. ?? He is miss managing the club and any kudos he had has now gone. He should have gone after the hull fa cup win if he had any integrity

  75. Don


    Yesterday I rumbled the Doctor who was on here slating arsenal but gave himself away as a city fan in his wording.
    So I outed him, just like I’ve outed joe!!!

  76. Don


    Mate I’m not defending his management of recent years
    He shouldn’t still be here
    I wanted a new manager.
    Let’s just get that clear.
    What I will defend is his history with us. His trophies, the magnificent teams he built and the stadium and state of the art training complex he gave us.
    But it’s time to go. I agree
    Why is it if you mention any of Wenger’s achievements you lot jump straight on it??
    The man did achieve things. It’s ok to mention them. It doesn’t make you an AKB or whatever childish names you can come up with.

  77. graham62


    I can concur, Puma9 is the ultimate “dickhead”.

    Irrespective of longevity on this site, he(am I being sexist?) shows total disdain to anyone who encroaches in his domain. The worst sort of humanbeing – Patronizing, condescending, disrespectful, arrogant, self- righteous. Hence the most appropriate and ONLY means of communication given by yourself, works well with me.

    Beware of Don, as he works in tandum with Puma9. He will suck you in and then, lurking like P9, WHAM!!, he’ll smother you with an equal amount of self- righteousness. Yep, clonned by Wenger himself, they are your stereotypical AKB.

  78. N5

    “I think a certain contract rebel might be a bit gay…not saying who but he has dogs.”

    Nooooo don’t say that, Cesc Appeal will be in tight underpant heaven now!! He has a proper man crush on a certain Chilean sicknote.

  79. ThePuma9


    Do one you cretin.

    ‘ Patronizing, condescending, disrespectful, arrogant, self- righteous!

    Describing your buddy Bamford down to a tee.

  80. Wenker-wanger

    Fair enough.
    If you’re not an akb, I have no argument.
    I guess my passion puts me into bile-spitting mode. I lived and breathed arsenal, for me I want a manager that’s really committed to winning the prem…..not just happy for 4th place.
    Basically we all deserve better than Wenger……We should be a big club,not scrapping around 4th place.

  81. graham62


    Say what you like, oh wise one!. Along with many others on this site, I DON’T GIVE A CASTLEMAINE XXXX!!!!! (just for you).

  82. arsene's used sock

    have we sold lolcott yet?
    it’s criminal if he hasn’t been sold yet, especially considering missing out on champs league should be making our wage potential lower

    same goes for [insert dross player here]