Contract rebels threaten our season before it starts

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Fresh off the back of an Emirates Cup success, news quickly turned sour as Arsene Wenger let the press know that he felt it was an ideal situation to have 6 players heading into the new season with one year left on their deal.

This is the man who excused last season with the quip that his own future caused uncertainty in the squad.

You almost felt Wenger knew he’d written the backpages when he was making his bizarre statement. Like when you’re a kid and you have to makeup a lie on the spot – it’s always a bad one – but you’re committed, you have to see this through.

Wenger reckons that those players will have to fight for new deals, perhaps missing the point that there’s no fight for a new deal if you have one on the table that you’re currently ignoring.

It’s catastrophic to lose Ozil, Sanchez, and Chamberlain in the same summer. It will hurt us this season. Players will give it their all until February, then they’ll be thinking about preserving their bodies for the World Cup next year, or the medical they have arranged with a club willing to drop roubles.

This once again highlights how bad our planning process is, and shined a floodlight on why a Director of Football shouldn’t have been pushed to Wenger as a lighthearted suggestion over a Costa Coffee… it should have been inked into his contract.

Our summer has gone very badly. We left moves for big names too late, we didn’t have suitable backup options, now we’re in August, the season starts for us next week and we’re very underprepared. We’ve kept the squad together, we’ve added a left back for depth, and we’ve added a striker who the jury is out on. We’ve failed to address quality issues and we’ve so far ignored our centre midfield challenges. Best case we sign someone who won’t be fit and settled, worse, we just ignore the problems and go head first into the season.

Wenger already has his excuse for this years failure ready.

We’ve also not addressed the uncertainty of last year, we’ve literally added to it. From a psychological perspective, it’s damaging. Everyone knows why players are putting ink to paper. The world knows why we’re struggling to attract top talent. Most in the game can see exactly where this season is going.

What does Stan care though, probably too busy settting up the Netflix of big game hunting, because who doesn’t want to see bull elephants being butchered on TV?

Anyway, we’re in a mess again. Arsenal boasts 0f being a club of business smarts, but we’ve been losing hard with Wenger for years. SAD!

Whether it’s hoarding players, selling cheap, paying over the odds for average, or sitting with a grossly inflated wage bill… we’re not the business unit we once were. Clubs like and Sevilla and Monaco are leading the way in transfer hustle and bustle. Spurs are showing how you balance a wage bill. Smaller teams are showing us up and we’re losing our edge on the playing front.

Bad times. We still have a week, but as it stands, this isn’t looking like a good preseason. We’ll be punished for not having a plan, because that’s the way of the world when your rivals are more ambitious.

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  1. raptora

    I agree that Ramsey played bad vs Man City. Was one of his many bad games. Versus Chelsea though did he put a top performance or what. I mean the whole team was like a team possessed but the main difference to our whole game was that everyone was willing to give not even an inch to the Chelsea players, and Ramsey was at the heart of the pressing and stealing possession game. He did put a performance similar to the ones at the Euro 2016 with Wales. Scored the winning goal but the times he lost possession were not as many as normal, he won a lot of 50/50s, and was playing for the team. Ofc we cannot rely on him to deliver this kind of performance on the regular and we need strengthening in that area. Still you got to give him due when its due as he was probably a top 3 performer on the day of the final.

  2. tippitappi

    The pre season results though of no real importance on their own interestingly could be a real concise look at how he season will pan out it included the flat track wins those Aussie teams, the big win and performance Benfica ….wow, the how did we win that one Bayern, and the rest losing to the usual suspects. And it will be the likes of Saville they will come up against once the Europa cup gets to the business end with the usual consequences

  3. Rambo Ramsey


    Cersei will find death at the hands of one of her brothers, remember Maggy the Frog predicting Cersei’s fate? I think it’ll be Jaime that kills her, yesterday’s episode gave me more reasons to believe this.

    Jon will die and take the Night’s King with him. I reckon that’s the sole reason the Lord of light brought him back.

    Deanerys will probably live but lose all her magic, her dragons and choose to live out her life as a commoner.

    Bittersweet ending.

  4. Carts

    I’ve been over Ramsey for several seasons now.

    PLays like some Ballon D’or nominee for Wales, but decides to operate like a selfish player chasing the back pages.

    But I have to admit, he won’t be sold, thus as it stands, I see both he and Xhaka lining up in the middle, with Kolasinac on the left and Bellerin/Ox on the right.

    The end.

  5. Samesong


    They were saying on the news that someone hacked HBO and nicked the script not to sure how true that is though.

  6. Cesc Appeal


    It has to be a bittersweet ending next season, I agree.

    Maybe no one on the iron throne, a republic of Westeros 😉

    Jaime to kill Cersei, yeah potentially, pretty obvious though basically a repeat of mad king and kingslayer. But you are right the seeds were sown in his mind at the end of the last episode.

    What bout Zombountain? The Hound you think?

  7. Dissenter

    Jon is the king that was promised.
    He’s the center of the show an he has the birth lineage to link the entire kingdoms i.e the Targaryan and Stark blood.
    He’s not going anywhere.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    Jon is going to slap the Night King upside his spiky blue head.

    Not sure if that was racist or not.

  9. Rambo Ramsey

    Cesc, been wondering about the Clegane brothers myself. One is far North and the other South. Don’t see how they’ll be meeting again.

    Dissenter, Jon is a dead man walking. Beric Dondarrion, Melisandre among others have countless times said the Lord of light brings back people for a reason. I just can’t see ‘Live and Rule prosperously’ being a reason.

  10. Redtruth

    Arsenal lost 9 league games last season against teams such as:
    Liverpool (twice), Everton, Man City, Watford, Chelsea, West Brom, Crystal Palace snd Spurs.

    You expect Arsenal to lose against the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs, Everton and Man City with or without Koscielny and Mustafi together in the side…

    Arsenal lost against the might of Watford and West Brom when Koscielny and Mustafi were playing together…….lol lol lol

  11. Pierre

    The doctor
    “What a moron emirates stroller is why would sanchez stay atr a shite club when he could wi the league with perp also mustfa is shite and lacazette is shite as well. Wenger nedds to die the cunt”

    I think you seriously need help… You should rename yourself… “Illiterate Joe” would be about right…

  12. Leaving in a wooden box

    Fans still pissed off with Ramsey…..I can see that to some extent.
    But the fact remains that he is a great player for Wales. Why is that?
    I think he is another misused talent at the hands of the wankger.
    Like the ox, another real talent that could produce more.

  13. gonsterous

    some fans were complaining about the show moving too quickly.. what the fock is that all about ? we have 4 more episodes left for this season, of course we need to move..
    personally I think they will deal with the white walkers this season and deal with the iron throne in the next one.. though the show feels way off from the books now.. no more dire wolves, no more dorne, no more nights watch, no more politics /mind games..

  14. Leaving in a wooden box

    Jack wheelchair…..I remember Wenger playing him in the red zone…….the zone at which it’s sensible to rest a player.
    Of course he incurred an injury which I would suggest has never fully healed and has rendered him a very bad risk.
    A brilliant few games for England, showed his talent….. Thanks wankger.

  15. Rambo Ramsey

    Can someone tell me what is the point of the Three eyed Raven? Samwell fucking Tarly is digging out more info that’ll help battle the Whitewalkers.

  16. Carts


    When Ramsey has the ball, what possess him to do bollocks with it?

    1 good moment = 3 fucks up; same applies to Ox

  17. Pierre

    “Which player was responsible for Arsenal going down to 10 men against Bayern lsst season ?”

    The one with the whistle

  18. Redtruth

    Debunking Emiratesstroller’s misleading stat of Koscielny and Mustafi only losing two games together.

    Laughable to imagine Koscielny and Mustafi would have avoided defeats to Liverpool, Everton, Spurs, Chelsea and Man City when they couldn’t even hold out against mighty Watford and West Brom….lol lol lol

  19. Emiratesstroller


    As usual you talk shit.

    I would remind you that Arsenal beat Chelsea in two out of three competitive games last season.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    Share it with your friends on Facebook etc.

    I shared it with all four of mine.

    Only have four friends because I am a sad basement dweller who spends most of his time either on here, watching GoT, watching porn or playing World of Warcraft with only brief breaks to get more tissues or clear up the puss from my exploding whiteheads which canvass my pockmarked face with its film of saturated fat which gleams in the artificial light of the windowless basement.

    I know none you asked, but that is me.

  21. Pierre

    “When Ramsey has the ball, what possess him to do bollocks with it?1 good moment = 3 fucks up; same applies to Ox”

    You’re not wrong

  22. Cesc Appeal


    I am actually more a Witcher type personally, could never actually get into WoW. Do enjoy a RTS game but nothing has tickled my fancy there in years. Use to be a big fan of the Total War series but I feel they have got a bit ‘gamey’ (if that makes sense) and lost some of their realism recently.

  23. Joe

    PierreAugust 1, 2017 15:48:36
    “Which player was responsible for Arsenal going down to 10 men against Bayern lsst season ?”The one with the whistle

    Just outed yourself as a untold troll

    Now tell us how it was the refs fault we lost 10-2

    Because Kos isn’t known to get sent off in matches

    Pierre. I guess it was the refs fault that city lost to us in the Fa Cip semi final because he disallowed a perfectly good goal.

  24. champagne charlie

    If you could locate where i said Lacazette would adjust to arsenal without trouble, or that he alone somehow makes us a complete side, id love to see it. Unlike you to talk total bollocks and assign a false view to someone…

    Quality stuff on Bernardo Silva too, you watched loads of Monaco games clearly.

    Surely you can see where people get off saying you nibble at my scrotum with comments like that?

    Puma called Bamford out for claiming he saw Silva play CM for monaco last season and you steamroll in and say charlie thinks lemar can play CM. Not in the least bit relatable hahah hop off my dick you weirdo. Lemar can play CM, he easily has the skillset (opinion)…Silva did not play CM last season (fact). Get it yet?

  25. raptora

    Actually I rate Ben Affleck as one of the best Batmans. In my time he was better than Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney. Only Christian Bale was better but we have to remember that the quality of the movie helps or stops the actor from shaping a great personage. Christopher Nolan made the best Batman movies ever so Bale to Affleck is not on even terms since last Batman wasn’t as good as the ones before aka The Dark Knight. I still loved Batman vs Superman though. Way more than most people I guess. I had some good laughs with The Martian but it was absolutely nothing compared to Interstellar and The Martian was loved by people with critics giving him 7 Oscar nominations while they absolutely butchered BvS so my opinion is not the popular one.

  26. raptora

    It’s funny how Barcelona and Real Madrid have been beneficiaries from the release clauses of other players in La Liga for years. Players signing for them though would get those obscene sums in their release clauses. Something outside of the possibilities of any club in the world. At least that’s how €222m sounded like. Till this TW. I reckon next star they get will have a €1 billion release clause. No matter what happens after the potential transfer of Neymar to PSG, it feels good man to watch the disgusting team getting violated. The second yellow card to RvP was one of the most scandalous ref decisions I’ve seen in my life. Also the dirty tactics they use when convincing a player to join them and the unlimited simulations they make. Hopefully they take the Ozil bait as well.

  27. Marko

    Signed now where’s the Wenger petition.

    Charlie I was merely pointing out that as silly as it was for Bamford to think Bernardo Silva could play CM it’s equally as silly to think Lemar could. Literally the same. So I figured it was worth mentioning. Nipping at your heels hardly you weren’t even hear

  28. graham62

    Leaving in a wooden box

    Spot on. Wenger has mismanaged so many “talented” players over the years. Walcott, Wiltshire, Ox, Ramsey, to name but a few, however the one that stands out for me was Andrei Arshavin.

    Who will ever forget his 4 goals at Anfield in 2009 and his match winner against Barcelona in the ECL at the Emirates in 2011. Like many players under Wenger, he became disallusioned and frustrated by being played out wide, when infact he was far more suited to an attacking midfield role.

    Arshavin was a genius, a real pocket dynamo, but as his confidence and desire fell away, he suddenly became a scapegoat for our manager, as well as many of our fan’s. Nintendo even managed to ridicule him for #### sake!

    I am, and always have been, a fan of The Ox, Walcott, Ramsey and Wiltshire, but feel their talents continue to be wasted under Wenger. They could, and should, have done far more. AA was a prime example of a “misused talent” mainly because of Wengers inept methods and philosophies and, regrettably, these four lads have been led along the same path.

    My advice would be – If your young and talented and want to progress, keep well away. Then again, isn’t that already happening?