Contract rebels threaten our season before it starts

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Fresh off the back of an Emirates Cup success, news quickly turned sour as Arsene Wenger let the press know that he felt it was an ideal situation to have 6 players heading into the new season with one year left on their deal.

This is the man who excused last season with the quip that his own future caused uncertainty in the squad.

You almost felt Wenger knew he’d written the backpages when he was making his bizarre statement. Like when you’re a kid and you have to makeup a lie on the spot – it’s always a bad one – but you’re committed, you have to see this through.

Wenger reckons that those players will have to fight for new deals, perhaps missing the point that there’s no fight for a new deal if you have one on the table that you’re currently ignoring.

It’s catastrophic to lose Ozil, Sanchez, and Chamberlain in the same summer. It will hurt us this season. Players will give it their all until February, then they’ll be thinking about preserving their bodies for the World Cup next year, or the medical they have arranged with a club willing to drop roubles.

This once again highlights how bad our planning process is, and shined a floodlight on why a Director of Football shouldn’t have been pushed to Wenger as a lighthearted suggestion over a Costa Coffee… it should have been inked into his contract.

Our summer has gone very badly. We left moves for big names too late, we didn’t have suitable backup options, now we’re in August, the season starts for us next week and we’re very underprepared. We’ve kept the squad together, we’ve added a left back for depth, and we’ve added a striker who the jury is out on. We’ve failed to address quality issues and we’ve so far ignored our centre midfield challenges. Best case we sign someone who won’t be fit and settled, worse, we just ignore the problems and go head first into the season.

Wenger already has his excuse for this years failure ready.

We’ve also not addressed the uncertainty of last year, we’ve literally added to it. From a psychological perspective, it’s damaging. Everyone knows why players are putting ink to paper. The world knows why we’re struggling to attract top talent. Most in the game can see exactly where this season is going.

What does Stan care though, probably too busy settting up the Netflix of big game hunting, because who doesn’t want to see bull elephants being butchered on TV?

Anyway, we’re in a mess again. Arsenal boasts 0f being a club of business smarts, but we’ve been losing hard with Wenger for years. SAD!

Whether it’s hoarding players, selling cheap, paying over the odds for average, or sitting with a grossly inflated wage bill… we’re not the business unit we once were. Clubs like and Sevilla and Monaco are leading the way in transfer hustle and bustle. Spurs are showing how you balance a wage bill. Smaller teams are showing us up and we’re losing our edge on the playing front.

Bad times. We still have a week, but as it stands, this isn’t looking like a good preseason. We’ll be punished for not having a plan, because that’s the way of the world when your rivals are more ambitious.

See you in the comments.

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  1. ThePuma9


    ‘He’s going to kill the dressing room with this snarky behaviors.’

    How long have you sat next to Alexis for in the changing rooms?

    Tell us more you must have some great inside knowledge.

  2. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    I was not discussing whether defence is watertight. It was not for a number of reasons including Zonal marking at corners and set pieces, poor defence in midfield and two full backs bombing upfield at same time leaving CBs exposed.

    However the stats are that Arsenal lost just two games all season in EPL,CL and FA Cup when Koscielny and Mustafi played together.

  3. Carts

    Have to wade into this one and agree with Puma that as things stood, Bernardo Silva played in a completely different position to Modric.

    Monaco utilised a 4-4-2

    Lemar hugged the touch line; where as Silva drifted more centrally, but essentially operated from the right.

    Baka and Fabinho sat quite deep, usually operating as a double pivot – and performing this role exceptionally.

    Lemar and BS were the obvious outlet, with the overlapping assistance of both Mendy and Sidibe.

  4. Leaving in a wooden box

    @ dissenter….
    I agree on reflection….even if Sanchez stays he won’t be the same.
    His heart needs to be in it…..more than any player I can think of, this guy is 100% heart…..he can’t function otherwise…he is the ultimate football warrior.
    He should leave…wankger is just holding him back like some partner that threatens suicide if he leaves. JUST GO SANCHEZ AND FOLLOW YOUR HEART….leave this train wreck of a club behind.

  5. The Doctor

    What a moron emirates stroller is why would sanchez stay atr a shite club when he could wi the league with perp also mustfa is shite and lacazette is shite as well. Wenger nedds to die the cunt

  6. raptora

    Even Matuidi will be a stand out performer in our midfield area if we could buy any of the players PSG are going to be looking to sell. Di Maria, Rabiot, Moura, Aurier, Matuidi. I’m sure I’m missing a few more that could be on their way out.

  7. Danish Gooner

    Just imagine september first and we havnt been able to shift gibbs,jenkinson,Ospina,Perez etc and Sanchez,Oxlade and ozil are free agents from 1st of january,i Think all hell could break Lose.

  8. Samesong

    Lol some of you guys are on one today.

    Our defensive game period is shocking at the best of times.

    my two pence worth Kos and Mustafi are at best of times calamitous. Totally agree with Guns on that even against the weakest teams we struggle defensively.

  9. ThePuma9


    ‘Lemar hugged the touch line; where as Silva drifted more centrally, but essentially operated from the right.
    Baka and Fabinho sat quite deep, usually operating as a double pivot – and performing this role exceptionally.
    Lemar and BS were the obvious outlet, with the overlapping assistance of both Mendy and Sidibe.’

    Exactly. That why they were so good. The Monaco defence was distinctly average but the balance, talent and chemistry they had in midfield and up front supported by the flying fullback made them the one of the most exciting attacking team to watch in Europe.

    Massive credit to jardim.

  10. Don


    Last season we had one seasoned defender that had played a season in our league
    Mustafi was adapting
    Per was injured
    Holding was learning and adapting
    Gabriel is sub standard
    And that was in a back two

    This season we have a back 3
    With our whole defence available and with a full season at arsenal under their belts
    I bet now what the goals Conceded tally will come down this year and probably by a fair amount

  11. steve

    Lol everyone is so comfortable at Arsenal. Happy to pick up the weekly check trying to milk every penny. Great job Arsene.

  12. Carts

    “Just imagine september first and we havnt been able to shift gibbs,jenkinson,Ospina,Perez etc and Sanchez,Oxlade and ozil are free agents from 1st of january,i Think all hell could break Lose.”

    I’d fucking tune in to listen to Wenger worm his way out of that.

    “I respect this club, value, belief, value, belief, love, values…Ox knows how much i rate him. He’s been here for a long time…bla bla fucking bla”

  13. Ishola70

    Don the little debate I was having with ES was not about whether the team will improve defensively this season.

    What it was really about was ES and his insistence that Mustafi in particular has to be inked in as absolute must in any back three.

    You most probably will agree with ES because Mustafi is a name player.

    Others may disagree and think out of Koscielny. Monreal ,Holding and Mustafi the last named is the most rash defensively of them all and even shows less maturity on the pitch than young Holding.

  14. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford 10

    Arsenal’s major problem last season was a lack of balance in team and efficiency.

    That was obvious in all games that I attended during season and as has been discussed thousands of times poor leadership both on and off the field, lack of tactical planning as well as weaknesses in squad.

    It took Wenger more than three quarters of a season to change the club’s formation and that decision came from others and not I suspect him. The one
    statement from Adams which I do agree with is that Wenger is not a great tactical coach.

    When you look at the goal scoring potential we are not short, but perhaps there was too much experimentation with different players rather than finding a settled team.

  15. Don


    I think there is a player in there with regards to mustafi. His early season form looked impressive then he tailed off. Hopefully he will be more settled and acclimatised this year

  16. The Doctor


    U fucking moron the fucking problem with arsenal is Wenger. He needs to sacked but wont because cretins like you fund the vlub and wont protest against wanker

  17. The Doctor

    Arsenal fans have no balls or manliness. Everyone should be throwing their shoes at Wenger and abusing the cretin to fuck off.

  18. karim

    Aurier is leaving because of Alves’ arrival, it’s not linked to Neymar.
    Psg prefer keeping Meunier who’s much calmer than Aurier off the pitch.

    Not sure Aurier will get a permit btw, remember he wasn’t able to play v City because of his antics with the French police, he will be judged in August in France btw.

  19. Don


    Who is this Doctor character? Fucking summer holidays!!

    Kids nowadays!!!
    Would rather sit in doors abusing people on the internet than actually go out and have a kick about with his mates.
    Damning indictment of modern culture

  20. TR7

    Does not take a genius to figure out that Holding, Koss and Monreal is the best back 3 combination for us. Mustafi and Gabriel should be back up CBs. With Monreal on the left side, Kolasinac will get more freedom to romp forward. Even otherwise Monreal is a very good CB. I am assuming Mertersacker won’t play many games, although in back 3 he can be very good as well due to his great reading of the game.

  21. ThePuma9


    ‘Jardim is a boss. Really fantastic work at Monaco.’

    Perfect candidate for us when AW packs it in but I wouldn’t trust the powers that be make anywhere near the right choice.

    Pacy, aggressive direct football man it’s how the game should be played. Take a bow jardim my son.

  22. Don


    It’s how the game should be played in this country anyway

    Bernardo silva isn’t all that quick though

  23. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    Did you watch Mustafi in the Confederations Cup? He was the outstanding player in the Final.

    Mustafi did go through a bad patch last season specifically after he was out injured, but I do think that he is a good CB.

    Koscielny also went through a bad patch as well, but I don’t think anyone believes that he is not a good player.

    What Holding introduced to the team when we started playing three at back
    was a CB who is first and foremost a no nonsense defender. That is what the
    team needs and it worked very well. My main concern is that Holding is 21
    and should not be overloaded with too many games next season.

  24. karim

    Nonetheless, psg will try to offload a couple of players, right.
    Not sure about Rabiot though.

    Matuidi, Jese, Aurier, Krychowiak and maybe Lucas but he’s great friends with Neymar, so..

  25. Marko

    Exactly. That why they were so good. The Monaco defence was distinctly average but the balance, talent and chemistry they had in midfield and up front supported by the flying fullback made them the one of the most exciting attacking team to watch in Europe.Massive credit to jardim.

    Possibly the smartest thing you said and I totally agree. I’d go easy on Bamford thinking Bernardo Silva is a CM or better suited to a CM because Charlie also thinks that Lemar is or can play as a CM deep with Xhaka. Both players are wingers who can play CAM or just off the striker. One hugs the left touchline and the other plays on the right and cuts in. And that’s it really

  26. Emiratesstroller


    Don’t waste your breath reacting to Doctor. The child can barely write a coherent

  27. Batistuta


    Doubt they’d let Lucas go though, him Alves and Thiago Silva will be part of the Brazilian entourage for Neymar

  28. karim


    Definitely, he’d be a good addition. Maybe not as fast as a couple of seasons ago, but still willing to give his all. Would take him in a heartbeat.

  29. Carts


    Maybe what Bamford is implying is that if Pep goes 4-5-1 then we could see Bernardo, in place of David.S, in a central position.

    Walker — Kompany — Otamendi –Mendy

    Sterling — KDB — New DM — Silva — Sane

    ———————- Jesus ————————-

    Who knows; Pep does some weird shit so the same way he could play BS in the middle, is the same way he could start in place of Sterling, on the right.

  30. Batistuta


    He seems the perfect type of partner for someone like Xhaka i think, could always give him a 3year deal, sort of like united are doing with Matic

  31. Carts

    I’d take Matuidi at Arsenal.

    I think he’d be ideal posted up next to Xhaka. He can perform the b-2-b duties.

  32. Ishola70

    “Did you watch Mustafi in the Confederations Cup? He was the outstanding player in the Final.”

    No I didn’t. Don’t watch glorified warm up matches for the World Cup. Did Germany generally boss that game overall?

    I did see Mustafi act like a twat though in Arsenal colours a few too many times season just gone.

    It’s nothing new with him ES. He was known at Valencia to be rash at times. His highlights reels when he was at Valencia showed him lunging in like a lunatic far out from his penalty area and because he won the ball on those occasions people thought it was great.

  33. Cesc Appeal

    City could actually do with someone like N’Zonzi next to Fernandinho.

    But I think Guardiola might go with three at the back this season which would mean City line up slightly differently.

    Stones, Kompany, Otmaendi
    Walker, Fernandinho, Silva, Mendy
    De Bruyne, Silva/Sane/Sterling

    Still think Silva at CM could end up being their weak link when things get tough. Also whether they can keep Kompany fit.

  34. Don


    I wouldn’t go off his highlights reel though, every defenders highlights reel will have similar tackles being performed:
    Senderos’ highlight reel had him looking like john terry.
    What the highlight reel won’t show is communicating with his partner and keeper and him positioning himself ready to make an important block, tackle or interception

  35. The Doctor

    I wish we had a proper striker like Harry Kane what a beastly player why can’t that cunt wanker buy him and Delete Alli

  36. ThePuma9


    Get what your saying about Bernardo Silva not been quick but he was just one component of that attacking unit that was devastatingly quick in the counter.

    Same with Falcao he’s not the quickest but in no way did he hinder them.

    With BS at city he’ll be a success I imagine as they’ll surround him with pace and quality. The heir apparent to David Silva wonder how they’ll both fit in that starting XI?

  37. Carts


    True – there’s still the option of Gundogan, Yaya and Fernandinho.

    Pep has his work cut out if he doesn’t sign a DM. He’ll need to drill the fuck out of that lot.

    I think Cesc is right that they’ll go 3 at the back. Maybe that’ll deter them from needing to buy another DM

  38. Marko

    I’d assume David Silva is more likely to get time at CM than Bernardo Silva. No way you don’t play him at his most effective. He may have to rotate a bit at the start with Sterling but eventually you’d imagine it’d be Sane-DeBruyne-B.Silva behind the striker. And that looks quite devastating if I’m honest. I’ve a feeling Bernardo Silva and Sandro Ramirez for 43 and 5 million respectively will be the signings of the summer.

  39. Ishola70

    “Problem though is Ramsey, Wenger would still find a way to fit him in even with Matuidi in the squad.”

    Don’t you mean problem is Xhaka.

    Matuidi would do his box to box stuff basically from a deeper lying central position. He’s good defensively. Matuidi has many good characteristics but end product on the offensive side is not really one of them. Who are you going to play in CM that has an engine necessary for end product at CM? Xhaka?

  40. Marko

    I must say that I’m absolutely shocked after the season we had that not only are we not more active with more in before the actual season starts but I’m shocked that it seems like we’re not actually going to sign a defender after all the statistics would tell you what we have isn’t good enough. I mean it’s quite baffling. You would think what went on last season would light a fire under the club but not Arsene Wenger it seems.

  41. Ishola70

    “I wouldn’t go off his highlights reel though,”

    I don’t go off his highlights reel Don.

    I saw him play at Valencia on quite a number of occasions.

    It’s just that fans think that players diving in and winning the ball is great. It can be seen as good as last ditch tackles when a player is clean through on goal but not yards away from your own penalty area when you have other defenders behind you covering anyway. It was like Vermaelen all over again.

  42. Don

    Would rather Matuidi alongside xakha
    Can’t stand Ramsey
    Truly the most frustrating player in our team as, unlike Walcott, he has a footballing brain but chooses instead the selfish option far too frequently. That wouldn’t be a problem if he was putting them away like he did in 2012-13 or waqas creating goals but he just fluffs it.

  43. Leaving in a wooden box

    Is Sanchez going to city?
    Makes sense…..a winner going to a club that are desperate to win.
    If winning the prem was a war, Wenger would have surrendered 3 weeks ago!

  44. Leaving in a wooden box

    North Korea is worse……
    No-one is safe from that little fat shit….even his own family members.

  45. raptora

    No way that Holding is as good or better than Mustafi. People tend to forgive the youngster way more than some of the other players in our team. Kinda reminds me of all the excuses people had for Ramsey in the beginning and Theo in a way. Rob was our weakest link in the semi final and final of FA Cup. Had a hand in a lot of the situations both of the opponents had in those games but people got a hard-on since he threw I forgot who it was on the touch line and showed some gut to fight with Costa. Yes, willingness to give your all is a good thing, but Coq does it too and he’s nowhere near good enough for a top team. Rob is still young, and he is very good for his age, but he has a lot to learn.

  46. Leftsidesanch

    lool please don’t ban the doc he’s giving me unlimited lol’s at my desk at work (Well when he’s not wishing death upon people)

  47. Leaving in a wooden box

    Raptors. Yeah I agree with that……work ethic is a great plus though….I think we all probably just like a player that has some bottle and steel…..we are sick of the French lightweights being bullied at Stoke and Bolton. Wengers choice of player used to be predominately lightweight and had them Billy boy northern teams salivating . Haha

  48. Don


    Ramsey was our weakest link
    If we played a back four he’d have lost us that game
    The amount of gaps he left from bombing forward was ridiculous.
    Holding had costa in his pocket the whole match.

  49. Don


    Mid table? We haven’t finished below 5th since 1996

    Well before you were born by the looks of things

  50. Leaving in a wooden box

    Don’t ban the doc!…
    Many of us despise the arrogant selfish clown Wenger…….the doc just takes the passion up a few notches

  51. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah I agree with Raptora.

    Really like Holding and I think he could be top rate, but he is young and needs ot be managed carefully or else we will Chambers him. Youngsters can be rash, error prone and have fluctuating form which means if they run into a rough patch and are continually played they can suffer long term (like Chambers).

    Mustafi played RB a little as well I think, so RCB should suit him if he can put a run together.

    Mustafi, Kozz, Monreal should be what we go with I think. Oxlade at RWB and Kolasinac at LWB.

    The problem is what lays just in front that, Xhaka, Ramsey and Ozil. Yuck.

  52. The Doctor

    Seriously though what a moron Wenger is sining a guy who can’t even start ahead of Giroud for 60m lol what a dickhead

  53. Don


    You have given yourself away
    The use of the word COME to city would signify you are a city fan

    Rumbled, little boy

  54. The Doctor

    This is what happens when you let a mentally ill guy run a football club that Pachuco will do experiment on the said club

  55. Don

    Great club like city that finished 4 points above shit arsenal after spending £360m in previous two seasons
    Season before last they finished below us!!!

  56. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    The Doctor,

    I’m no Doctor but I think you may suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

  57. Dissenter

    City is the greatest plastic club in history.

    Chelsea is another one but at least Chelsea were a cup team and brought in a lot of continental managers and players that electrified the league.before Abrhamovich.
    But City… what history does City have. Their fans groan and whine when asked to pay average gate fees to games.

    Doctor idiota, you’ve had your 5 minutes of trolling fun now get lost.

  58. Bamford10


    We’re on, then.


    Silva rarely played wide and almost always occupied central positions. At least when I watched them. (And yes I did watch them at least a handful of times.) And he plays in similar central positions for Portugal.

    You think he’s going to be a “wide player” for City? I don’t. Pep will play him through the center as a CM of one kind or another.

    We will see.

  59. Bamford10

    Sorry, Deco wasn’t a CM? Maybe my memory is failing me, but I remember him as a CM.

    Someone help here, please.

  60. Dissenter

    If Deco was not a central midfielder then I’m King Kong
    He was a CMF primarily who also thrived as a attacking MF.

  61. Ishola70

    Cesc Appeal:
    “Really like Holding and I think he could be top rate, but he is young and needs ot be managed carefully or else we will Chambers him”

    Chambers chambered himself lol.

    Wenger brought him because he saw a footballer in him. And fans encouraged it. Oh look they said look at Chambers striding out from the back there. Bit soft defensively but nice footballer eh. Look they said he can play DM as well. Nice footballer they said. Bit soft defensively but never mind that.

    Holding is nothing like Chambers. He’s a pure no nonsense centre back. Reminds me of Arsenal CBs of days gone by before the defence became more Wengerised.

    Good buy was Holding from Wenger.

  62. Cesc Appeal


    Chambers started off life and people thought he was a ‘no nonsense’ player not fazed by anything.

    Youngsters cannot usually be relied upon, hit a spell of bad form and make some sort of calamitous mistake or get roasted all game (Chambers at Swansea) and they can take a long time to recover.

    Holding was a bit dodgy on the weekend as well, first time I have seen him play like a youngster, naive, caught out a lot, holding onto the ball too long, sloppy passes etc.

    I think he can go on to be great, though I worry Wenger is his manager who hardly has an inspiring record with defenders, but needs to be managed carefully and personally Mustafi would start ahead of him for me.

  63. Dissenter

    The greatest stories in City’s history before the sheik revolved around having the highest attendance to 2nd division games.
    That’s how shitty City were. They celebrated their attendance of games in the lower division.
    Now that the Abu Dhabi national investment money is fueling their AstroTurf growth they wont let real fans have a break.

  64. N5

    Amazing that a footballer would rather more money then joining a club that operates in the real world like Bayern a doc! You mug!

  65. Bamford10


    What are we going to do, exchange addresses? Set up a pay pal account? I guess I’m OK with money, but I am only a teacher so don’t imagine we’re going to be wagering massive sums here. Just a token amount that I can take from you.

  66. Ishola70

    Not convinced by Mustafi CA and personally would like to see Holding develop further and he has shown enough maturity over a number of games to be able to do that in a back three in the first team. If you had concerns over Holding in that friendly match then I had more than enough concerns over Mustafi last season.

    I fully understand though why people would want a German international to start over a younger player. It’s just that I think Mustafi is over-rated and has weaknesses that will continue to be exposed over time.

    Are you sure we are talking about the same Chambers here? Fans were going wild about him at some point because they appreciated his footballing ability at CB. Nothing really was said about him being yough defensively. A player Wallace would shout from the rooftops for lol. Think he still does.

  67. Bermy boy

    Paid some squad players big money thinking you will polish a few diamonds in the rough and show the world your genius……

    All you’ve done is saddled yourself with over priced players that other clubs know aren’t worth their weight in gold.You are still the predictable asswipe I’ve come to cherish over the years.

    You will be remembered more for your fuck-ups thus relegating your positive contribution to football almost a side note with the fans.

  68. Rambo Ramsey

    Cesc, what did you make of the Targ-Targ meeting? Reckon they’ll uphold the great tradition of their noble house and get in the sack? 😉

  69. Bamford10


    No one here was ever “going crazy” about Chambers. Indeed the opposite. And he came under even more scrutiny after we could see he had zero pace and thus can’t really play RB.

  70. N5

    Spot on really Bermy! Any legacy he built will be long forgotten or used as a barometer for how far has fallen or descended into madness.

  71. kulastu

    Reading the comments here can be so depressing at times…. just because you disagree with someone do you really have to call out for them to die!?!?!? Absolutely ridiculous and makes me a little ashamed to say I support the same team.

    I absolutely want Wenger out (and was one of the few that actually bothered to turn up at some of the protests last season – there wasn’t many of us!) but does that mean I should wish him dead? Absolutely not. Can we not stop with all this “fuck off and die” bollocks please?

  72. Ishola70

    “No one here was ever “going crazy” about Chambers. Indeed the opposite. And he came under even more scrutiny after we could see he had zero pace and thus can’t really play RB.”

    Crazy is over egging it yes and I wasn’t going on about reactions on here.

    I distinctly remember some matches though where his footballing ability at CB was being championed over his actual defensive capability. Pure Wenger Wonderland stuff it was.

    The main point here though is that Holding and Chambers are like chalk and cheese at CB.

    Wallace likes Chambers. Total football lol.

  73. TR7

    I don’t rate Mustafi. Reckless, poor reader of the game and gung-ho in his approach. I hope Mertersacker keeps himself fit and healthy. He will be amazing in back 3, won’t be exposed to many one-on-one scenarios and can provide great leadership and organization, a great aerial presence as well. Holding is a good CB as well.

  74. HighburyLegend

    “How mental do you have to be to post here when you support another club!”

    Sometimes I think that we are mental too, for still posting here while wenga still running our club.

  75. Samesong

    Koscielny has to cover up too many mistakes made by Mustafi when he totally mistimes tackles. And being calamitous yourself at times doesn’t help.

    The 3 that TR7 called out is the perfect balance for back three.


    Let the boy play.

  76. Don


    Mert will be even more useful against Chelsea as they now have a much more static striker than they had before but I think mert could be exposed against teams with pacy forwards like Liverpool or city

  77. Leaving in a wooden box

    Where’s the doctor?
    Has he topped himself?
    Seemed like he had everything to live for…..
    Personality, intelligence,charisma, respect, insight.
    Haha I think he coined the name doctor from the place he was staying.

  78. TR7


    ‘Koscielny has to cover up too many mistakes made by Mustafi when he totally mistimes tackles. And being calamitous yourself at times doesn’t help’

    This !!


    Yes, fair point. As I said Koss, Holding and Monreal first choice trio. In case one of them is unavailable, Mertersacker can come in depending on the opposition.

  79. Leaving in a wooden box

    One coping mechanism to deal with wengdepression is to take the piss.
    I refuse to let that egotistical selfish streak of piss spoil my football.
    Enjoy the matches and ridicule wenger.
    Oh and have a crafty bet against arsenal when the odds are too favourable.( A la Watford at the Emirates)..
    It’s the only positives I can predict.

  80. Cesc Appeal


    We will have to see. Been down this road with youngsters before, but Holding does seem special.


    Fingers crossed 😉

    Think Daenerys will go field of fire this week coming on the Lannister army, that big cavalry charge with Drogon over top you see in the trailers.

    Then Bran will be the ultimate cock block for Jon. Though really, in the sort of era Game of Thrones is set (although fictitious) that would probably be a plus, keep the blood pure.

    What is your prediction? I think the Sand Snake mother will kill Cersei in a suicide run, ice dragon will happen with Daenerys rescuing Jon and maybe Jaime will get captured by Daenerys but will survive.