Contract rebels threaten our season before it starts

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Fresh off the back of an Emirates Cup success, news quickly turned sour as Arsene Wenger let the press know that he felt it was an ideal situation to have 6 players heading into the new season with one year left on their deal.

This is the man who excused last season with the quip that his own future caused uncertainty in the squad.

You almost felt Wenger knew he’d written the backpages when he was making his bizarre statement. Like when you’re a kid and you have to makeup a lie on the spot – it’s always a bad one – but you’re committed, you have to see this through.

Wenger reckons that those players will have to fight for new deals, perhaps missing the point that there’s no fight for a new deal if you have one on the table that you’re currently ignoring.

It’s catastrophic to lose Ozil, Sanchez, and Chamberlain in the same summer. It will hurt us this season. Players will give it their all until February, then they’ll be thinking about preserving their bodies for the World Cup next year, or the medical they have arranged with a club willing to drop roubles.

This once again highlights how bad our planning process is, and shined a floodlight on why a Director of Football shouldn’t have been pushed to Wenger as a lighthearted suggestion over a Costa Coffee… it should have been inked into his contract.

Our summer has gone very badly. We left moves for big names too late, we didn’t have suitable backup options, now we’re in August, the season starts for us next week and we’re very underprepared. We’ve kept the squad together, we’ve added a left back for depth, and we’ve added a striker who the jury is out on. We’ve failed to address quality issues and we’ve so far ignored our centre midfield challenges. Best case we sign someone who won’t be fit and settled, worse, we just ignore the problems and go head first into the season.

Wenger already has his excuse for this years failure ready.

We’ve also not addressed the uncertainty of last year, we’ve literally added to it. From a psychological perspective, it’s damaging. Everyone knows why players are putting ink to paper. The world knows why we’re struggling to attract top talent. Most in the game can see exactly where this season is going.

What does Stan care though, probably too busy settting up the Netflix of big game hunting, because who doesn’t want to see bull elephants being butchered on TV?

Anyway, we’re in a mess again. Arsenal boasts 0f being a club of business smarts, but we’ve been losing hard with Wenger for years. SAD!

Whether it’s hoarding players, selling cheap, paying over the odds for average, or sitting with a grossly inflated wage bill… we’re not the business unit we once were. Clubs like and Sevilla and Monaco are leading the way in transfer hustle and bustle. Spurs are showing how you balance a wage bill. Smaller teams are showing us up and we’re losing our edge on the playing front.

Bad times. We still have a week, but as it stands, this isn’t looking like a good preseason. We’ll be punished for not having a plan, because that’s the way of the world when your rivals are more ambitious.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Carts


    “Christ, I wonder how much longer that went on for? He had no hands, eyes, face, they skinned him and he was still going!!”

    Was that the torture that bod endured in that vid?

  2. Marko

    Matic is a solid signing. Although its Debatable who is the better DM, Xhaka or Matic?

    One’s an actual DM and the other can’t tackle to save his life. Easy debate

    Chelsea apparently in for Drinkwater. Would actually be a good squad signing. Had a wonderful thing with Kante not too long ago.

    Question is who are we linked to at the moment

  3. Sanmi

    Is it the signing of Matic that is uping the madness here?

    I have said it last season! When y’all were hailing the shit Matic. Conte saw through the shit of a player.

    He was responsible for Mou’S downfall at Chelsea bcos he’s shit positionally. Kante brought the stability

  4. Sanmi

    What mou is building is a very tall squad that will be physical so he can result to huff ball.
    Matic is a shitty DM I repeat

  5. Cesc Appeal


    I really do not know.

    I thought United looked strong last year going into the season but Mourinho baffled me with some of his selection choices. On paper United look as though they can field a very strong side, just whether Mourinho does or whether we see weird things like Fellaini being selected over someone like Herrera or what have you.

    City looked really impressive against Spurs the other night, their new wingbacks give them a new, direct, pacey, pragmatic avenue they lacked last year. Their attacking options are top rate as well. For me, the questions with City are on their CB situation and the central midfield. They might start strong but I think they will wobble a bit.

    Playing all three of Stones, Kompany and Otamendi might remedy that a bit as they did against Spurs. But they will likely be the most enjoyable team to watch this season.

    I still think Chelsea will be the favourites, they have some buys like Bakayoko and Morata who could turn out bad, but equally could turn out to be outstanding purchases. I also think they have a lot more spending to do, still expect to see Alex Sandro drop at some point, another midfielder and another attacker.

    Spurs have question marks over depth and Wembley.

    Liverpool are looking like they may land Van Dijk after all now, but they still need to add a CM and then I think starting eleven wise they will be stronger than us for sure.

    Right now, I put us behind all of the above, maybe level with Liverpool as things stand in terms of starting elevens. I know United finished below us, but that really was down to a shoddy season from Mourinho which of course could be repeated.

  6. Sanmi

    Bar wanyama and Kante what we have in epl are CMs pretending to be DMs. If they can’t pass they bcom more useless. Matic can’t pass

  7. Marko

    I would agree with you CA. I’d be slightly more inclined to think that Liverpool have a better attack than is especially if Sanchez goes. They’ve got such frightening pace up top that they’ll be a handful for anyone this season

  8. Gazzap

    Perez is a miles better player than the Ox. Yet Perez only £13.4m ? Bloody steal if we let him go for that.
    Ox can leave as can Wilshere as far as I’m concerned. With Gibbs halfway out the door we’re losing a lot of English players. But the youngsters coming through do look pretty good.

  9. Cesc Appeal


    I was not even thinking about if Sanchez goes.

    If you are asking me about that pecking order minus Sanchez we are easily below all of those sides.

    We also have the weakest manager out of all of those sides and coaches as well, though as I said Mourinho is rapidly falling down the rankings as a manager after his season at Chelsea and then a very poor domestic season last year. He is bedded in now at United, no excuses this season.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Oxlade is starting RWB for me personally. I would not be selling him.

    Always been a fan of Oxlade, but he has frustrated me no end as a player and I was ready to call time on him last season despite thinking he showed flashes playing in the middle in games like West Ham away.

    Then when he was moved to RWB I thought he was great. Plays to his strengths and covers his weaknesses by not requiring him to be too technical. He is a wrecking ball out there.

  11. N5

    Yes Carts mate. To be honest, I was about 2 minutes in before I realised what was even happening. It was all such a mess I thought it was 2 men serving up a trifle for a bit.

  12. graham62



    Your take on Don is spot on. A pityful excuse of a fan. He and Puma9(buddies to the core “oh please, stop it Don”) are typical of the loser mentality that suffocates the club.

    You are seen as the antichrist, with your logical and factual reasoning, whilst they bask in their fantasy worlds, in the assumption that ‘real’ fans support the team no matter what, even if it means watching the club sink further and further into the abyss. Yep, they havn’t got a clue.

    They come back with garbage statements saying that they have supported the club since 1886, trying to prove their loyalty, when it is nothing more than a smokescreen to hide their ignorance at what being a true fan is all about. They typify everything that is wrong about the club.

    As previously stated, the carnage is fast approaching and the likes of Don and Puma9 (and others like them) will finally get their comeuppance.

  13. BacaryisGod

    It’s so glaringly obvious, I missed it. If Neymar goes to PSG, doesn’t that open up the possibility of Barca bringing back Alexis? Put him next to Suarez and Messi and that would be scary. Barca could offer 40 million and still come out around 150 million ahead.

    He’s 28-1 to go to Barcelona. Surely it’s worth a punt at that price?

  14. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I can’t wait for wenger to fuck up an get booted out the club…
    He won’t walk so the only way is failure an sack

    Or wait two years ….no way

  15. Alexanderhenry

    This isn’t going away.. good:

    Arsenal being part of KSE now not only means the club is associated with Kroenke’s collection of piss poor, third rate American sports ‘franchises’, but also with a fucking bloodsport channel.

    Great… so much for arsenal’s ‘values’.

  16. Carts


    Pretty much agree with all of that.

    I think Mourinho will have it just about sussed this time round.

    They were hard to beat last season, and as thing look it won’t be any easier this season.

    As for us, if we sell Sanchez at the 11th hour we’ll panic and do an Ozil, but fuck all will change and we’ll finish outside the top 4

  17. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Did I read that Jose has never gone two seasons at a club without winning the league ??

    United favs in my eyes
    Followed by spurs n city
    Then Liverpool n Everton
    Then Chelsea

    Then maybe Arsenal


  18. Cesc Appeal

    DM reporting that Arsenal are struggling to shift on their deadwood as buying clubs are reluctant to meet the wage demands of the dross.

    This is the house that Wenger built.

    We are so shoddily run. The most amateur hour, do not give a fuck style of management from top to bottom I have ever seen.

    No way for it to be rescued either because their is no one at the club with the inclination to change.

    We are so f*****g f****d with Wenger and Kroenke.

  19. Bamford10


    Sorry, but if Bernardo Silva is not a CM, what is he, a CAM? If so, he’s a CAM like Modric is a CAM. Regardless, he’ll do more with the ball in the middle third of the field than any Arsenal midfielder (be it Ramsey, Xhaka or Ozil).

  20. Bamford10


    “Spurs are better than City. None of City’s signings will change that.”

    I think this is nonsense, and I would like to wager on it. I say City beats Spurs in both of their head-to-heads AND they finish above them.

    What do you say will happen, Don? Let’s come up with a wager.

  21. Cesc Appeal


    It really is saddening. Such a massive part of my life and it is being treated like a piece of shit plaything by Wenger and Kroenke. An asset by the latter and a plaything by the former to indulge his football and social fantasies.

    I cannot see a way out either. Wenger is going to die in the job. By that I mean he will go on to become DoF after his gives up management keeping his streak of being a total fucking hypocrite right up until the end, and then will only retire when health absolutely demands it.

    Kroenke will pass Arsenal on to Kroenke Jr so that he can go and push an endangered species in Asia or Africa over the edge before he dies probably.

    What the f**k even are we anymore? We are not a football club, we do not act or operate like a football club, we are more like an academy or experimental device which serves as a source of revenue and commercial gain.

    Look today though, there are people defending Wenger’s ‘ideal’ comments. What the f**k is wrong with Arsenal fans? Stand up for your club, fair enough if you think Wenger has the club, I stress again ‘the club’s’ best interest at heart, but how can anyone say that? F**k the gutless ‘well I think he thinks he is doing what is best’ answer. His actions, do his actions illustrate he wants above all what is best for the club.

  22. Don


    I’ll put a wager on it
    But what?? Spurs will finish higher than city in the league this year???

  23. Don

    I shouldn’t joke about that actuallsorry
    A human suffered terribly there and I shouldn’t use it as a mechanism to engage others in laughter at his expense

  24. Carts

    To think we had he like of Bendtner and Djourou of £50k p/w all those years ago

    To mitigate this, we should lower the asking price. It’s common sense. Cos Said player will get his loyalty bonus Arsenal probably realise they’ll be a couple mill out of pocket. Gibbs will be due a. I’ve handshake lol

  25. WestLondonGoon

    Ox is only just coming up to 24, he, and more importantly, his father, know that the next contract is the one that will decide how the rest of his career goes. A lot will depend on whether they think whether its worth wasting another season playing under Wenger especially with a world cup in a year’s time. There is a player in there, he just needs a little coaching and a role he can concentrate on instead of being shifted all over the park for 30 minutes at a time, like he’s getting at Arsenal.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him in blue by the time we play on Sunday.

  26. WestLondonGoon

    That’s why the outgoings haven’t happened yet; they are all waiting for their loyalty bonuses to kick in for still being at the club till 31st July. Tomorrow could be great sport if Sanchez returns and immediately puts in a transfer request.

  27. arsene's used sock

    hahaha the dross are refusing to leave for pay cuts
    even the outgoing transfer sagas have remained the same for over a decade, top commentary

  28. Bamford10


    No, that’s what I think will occur, but when you wager, you usually try to hedge.

    However, I’m pretty confident that the spirit in the City camp & squad is going to be quite good this season, so I am glad to go out on a limb as it were.

    My proposed wager is this: if City take more points from their head-to-heads AND finish above Spurs, I win; if City only do one of these two things, we push; if Spurs take more points and finish above City, you win.

    If I win, you change your moniker to “Bamford Was Right” for a month; if you win, I change my moniker to “Don Was Right” for a month.

    What do you think?

  29. Joe

    Who cares who finishes higher between city and Spurs. They will both finish above us. As will United and Chelsea. Everton has a very good chance as well

  30. Bamford10


    It sucks, but two things: one, I honestly don’t know if Wenger will make it through another two years. Yes, I know the arguments re the inevitability of his continuing on and on and on, but I think things could really get ugly at some point.

    Two, someday Wenger will go, and someday Arsenal will be great again. All of these irritating and frustrating years will make that all the more sweet.

    Life is long, and as painful as Wenger has been, it will be fun to tell stories about him years and years from now, when Arsenal are in a better place.

  31. Joe


    Yeah. Between 5-7th. Well behind the league leaders.

    Man U will not finish behind us this season
    Don’t think Liverpool will either.

    Everton? Who knows. If koeman gets it right they could be fighting for 4th place

  32. Bamford10


    It’s a little hard to say prior to the close of the window and the first few games, but I think City and Chelsea are the two teams to beat, and maybe United if they come together well. Then Spurs, Liverpool and us, in that order.

    But again, it’s a little hard to say at moment.

  33. champagne charlie

    The jury is out on Lacazette? haha christ you talk some bollocks. Aside from the new signing settling in period theres absolutely no doubts what he brings. Amazing to see the rhetoric you peddle to keep your sect bubbling over mate.

  34. Tonyd

    I agree with N5 and others that Lacazette is going to need time to adjust to the EPL.My concern is that our poor mid field is not going to suit his fast penetrative game.

    Then he’ll be slated for something that is not his fault.I’ll judge him after 10 games.

    Contract Rebels
    As for the contract rebels, throw them into the reserves or just don’t play them.

    Let them rot for the season, especially with it being the ultimate world cup preview season.

    If they want to play hardball, we should match it. It’s not as if this season is going to be better than last season when they played.

  35. T

    You guys are way too pessimistic about next season.

    Take a look at this.
    Shaky at Back.
    Fixed by formation change.
    Poor midfield passing ability.
    Partially solved by adding passing ability to the back3.
    Needed a New left back.
    New left back signed.
    Needed a New starting xi striker.
    Signed one.

    Basically the only issues not fixed from Last season are:
    Cazorlas replacement with a proper world class midfielder.
    Wengers personal weaknesses.

    I had be inclined to say that it is very likely Arsenal will finish in top4 after next season and very unlikely that we win the whole thing.

  36. ThePuma9


    ‘The link has been reported to Pedro. Don shows us how uncivilised he is by posting it in the first place.’

    Fucking hell jamie tuck your knickers back in. You’re an adult so stop being an absolute fucking fanny.

  37. ThePuma9


    ‘The link has been reported to Pedro. Don shows us how uncivilised he is by posting it in the first place.’

    Fucking hell jamie tuck your knickers back in. You’re an adult so stop being an absolute fucking fanny..

  38. qna

    Charlie: The jury is out on Lacazette? haha christ you talk some bollocks. Aside from the new signing settling in period theres absolutely no doubts what he brings. Amazing to see the rhetoric you peddle to keep your sect bubbling over mate.

    What a joker you are. Get a clue mate. Jeez your full of shit. The jury is well and truly out on this guy. This is the same thing you and others were saying about Welbeck. Never good enough. Lacazette isn’t even rated higher than Giroud in the FNT. You can take a 10 games or a season for the penny to drop. This guy is a backup striker.

  39. ThePuma9


    Your vague and creepily made up assumptions of me just validate my opinion, that you know fuck all about the game and you’re a straight up weirdo who would be out of his depth sitting round a table with the lads talking football.

    Politics yes, football no and that’s not me making things up, it shines through your shit posts.

    You’re the guy who thinks discussing tactics and formations and a football blog isn’t the norm. Try having a crack wth the lads sometime but I warn may give you a tingly vagina.

  40. ThePuma9


    ‘Sorry, but if Bernardo Silva is not a CM, what is he, a CAM? If so, he’s a CAM like Modric is a CAM. Regardless, he’ll do more with the ball in the middle third of the field than any Arsenal midfielder (be it Ramsey, Xhaka or Ozil).’

    Just be honest and admit you’ve probably watched Bernardo Silva play the once, if that, and you didn’t have a clue where he was playing.

    Where did he play constantly for Monaco? Once you’ve google that it’ll give you a half a chance to predent you know what you’re talking about.

    Who were Monacos CMs? I’ll give you a clue it wasn’t BS. Where would Bakayoko and Fabinho play if that was the case?

    Modric is a CM. again if you watched a bit of football you’d know this. He plays next to Casimeiro in the midfield 2 as a CM and not an ACM.

    You idea of players and formations is far rigid but if you’re going to pigeonhole players at least get their position right.

  41. qna

    Papers saying today that Rabiot is available for 20m. If so then this is another no-brainer like Kante was. He would be perfect for us.

  42. Danny S

    I’m done with Sanchez, ozil and chamberlain now. We couldn’t win anything with them, and we won’t win anything g without them anyway so elegy don’t we just cash in and stop all this crap.

  43. TR7

    “Papers saying today that Rabiot is available for 20m. If so then this is another no-brainer like Kante was. He would be perfect for us.”

    My dream central midfielder but I doubt he is available for transfer. Easily the best midfielder at PSG behind Verratti,unlikely they let go of him.

  44. qna

    TR7. On PSG, I just have no idea how this is going to pan out and everything is on the table. I think they are flying pretty close to the sun now and pushing UEFA pretty much to the limit. Now La Liga is even saying they are going to take them to task on the bullshit commercial deals they are injecting into the club to pay for all of this. If they spend 200m on Neymar then they are asking for trouble. I think they will have to balance the books. They wont want to lose Verratti and I dont think they will let him go. He is contracted for another 3 or 4 years and why would you go and bully Barca and then turn around and let one of your most important contracted players just leave.

    Rabiot is not world class in my opinion. I think he is the type of player that they should be letting go to balance the books. I wouldn’t be letting him go unless there was some reason to, but this Neymar deal may mean they have to sell some players or risk their farce of commercial deals unravel. There is no way they can justify these current commercial deals under any type of scrutiny.

  45. TR7


    I would like to think PSG would rather get rid of Matuidi,Pastore or Lucas Moura before they offload Rabiot to balance their book. Anyway if he is available by any chance we should be all over him.

  46. N5

    “Lacazette isn’t even rated higher than Giroud in the FNT”

    Why do people keep saying this? he’s behind Griezmann not Giroud.

  47. Wallace

    I’d be happy to start the season with Xhaka/Ramsey but we definitely need another CM. surprised there’s only the Seri speculation thus far.

  48. TR7

    QNA, I don’t know how much money PSG would have to raise from players’ sale to be FFP compliant. According to rule book, the loss should not be more than 30M over 3 years. I don’t know how much money have they made from business operations in last 3 years.

  49. Wallace


    like in the swimming pool where you’ve got different lanes for different levels of ability.

    Pedro – ‘five more comments of that quality without resorting to bluster, conspiracy theories & profanity and I’ll bump you a lane.’

  50. Don

    We had better start olaying the ox or he will have his pick of clubs in the summer
    Losing Sanchez is bad enough but the ox directly strengthening a rival is not acceptable

  51. qna

    TR7: QNA, I don’t know how much money PSG would have to raise from players’ sale to be FFP compliant. According to rule book, the loss should not be more than 30M over 3 years. I don’t know how much money have they made from business operations in last 3 years.

    I think the issue will be if they challenge the legitimacy of their commercial deals. Which is what I take away from the La Liga boss that is threatening to complain about them over FFP. If Qatar Something Company is is paying 200m for a sponsorship and the next best offer is 20m then why would a commercial company pay that much overs. If their deals comesunder any type of scrutiny they will go through the list one by one they will see that all are ridiculously inflated. We all know its happening, but nobody has been calling them on it. If La Liga puts in a complaint why wouldn’t Serie A, the EPL and the Bundesliga join in.

    That’s what I mean by I think they are flying too close to the sun here. They are rocking the boat. Not sure its smart from their point of view. Money usually trumps everything else, but there is still a risk involved isn’t there.

  52. qna

    N5: Why do people keep saying this? he’s behind Griezmann not Giroud.

    He is behind Griezemann, Benzema and Giroud. Soon, if not already, he will be behind Mbappe, Dembele and possibly Martial if he gets out of United. And he will also be behind the next half decent striker to come along after that. The guy is mid-level. I am happy to have him in our squad because you need a big squad to win the league. But he is a squad striker.

  53. Wallace


    “We had better start olaying the ox or he will have his pick of clubs in the summer.”

    but that’s the thing, he’s been a regular since Jan/Feb. he can’t complain about lack of game time these days. the only issue is if he sees himself as a CM.

  54. N5

    qna, you have never liked him and that’s fine, you compared him to Defoe since day one so I think your opinion on him is made up. I just think/hope he changes your mind.

  55. qna

    N5. I would love for him to change my mind. I can’t recall a player that has so far. Gervinho – no, Santos – no, Park – no. Podolski – no. Welbeck – no. Perez – no. Sonogo – no. Mustafi – no. This is just a short list of many, many players. Saed Kolsianic – hope he changes my mind, but not a fan.

    On the flip side, players that I have been happy with us signing – did I get it right? – Nasri – yes, Arshavin – no, Cazorla – yes, Ozil – yes and then no, Sanchez – yes, Xhaka – wanted Kante, but as a 2nd choice – not yet but I still believe, Cech – no, but better than what we have had.

    I am extremely skeptical about most of the players we sign. But I don’t feel that Wenger proves me wrong more than my own opinion holds true.

    Guys like Bamford will tell you I only like big money signings. Just not true and Lacazette and Mustafi are evidence of this. I have my opinion on what a quality player is and the fact that they usually are expensive only means that other big clubs tend to agree with me. I dont ever ask us to spend more than we can afford, but instead of buying three ordinary players at 1/3 or 1/2 of a good player, I would prefer we went for the good player and then play our youth more to bring them through and put games into them. We could also afford to have much more quality in our side if we didnt overpay so disgracefully for mediocre talent.

  56. TR7


    Yes, both the clubs were fined about 2 years ago. if they are found to violate the FFP regulations again, they will be barred from competing in European competitions. City spent well over 150M last season and again 222M this summer and counting. If they sign Alexis and even if sell some of their deadwoods, the net spend is likely to be well over 225M. I think they are flirting with danger again. PSG didn’t spend much last season but Neymar deal alone would put them at risk. More than the clubs in question, I would blame UEFA who blow hot and cold on FFP. They have never been a strict watchdog. I thought FFP was dead until all the current news about PSG surfaced.

  57. champagne charlie


    your comments on lacazette are hilarious, a backup striker? youre new to football i take it.

    hes head and shoulders above anything we have and only question comes with adaption (like every new player). Your national team bollocks is particularly funny, surely any self respecting arsenal fan knows managers have favourites irrespective of ability.

    go grab a racket mate, seriously…

  58. TR7

    On to Arsenal, I think our inability to offload our fringe players is beginning to have a very debilitating effect on our transfer plans. We can’t sign new players on massive wages or offer our current players new contracts until we reduce our wage bill as per some FFP regulations. Gibbs,Jenkinson,Debuchy,Perez,Campbell etc. are still here and we’re merely a few weeks away from start of a new season.

  59. qna

    charlie are you drinking from a water bottle right now? You seriously have no idea. Lacazette is far from what your describing. If he was the big clubs in Europe would have been all over him before him. He got his first “big” club move at 26. You have absolutely no clue mate and your constant dribble is eternal proof.

    As for Lacazette, I have described him exactly as he will turn out to be. He will be another average striker that we so love to collect. He will have a similar impact to Giroud, but the way we will play with him in the team will be much more pleasing on the eye. Lacazette is perfect for a team whose ambition in its entirety is to finish top 4. He will fit right in. For anything more than that he is a paper weight.

  60. Emiratesstroller


    Lacazette may not be the most talented “international” striker on the planet, but he has shown during his career that he was a prolific striker at club level.

    That is what should be Arsenal’s main priority at the moment and not whether
    he gets into the French National side.

    There are plenty of international players who show flashes of brilliance, but do not deliver at club level. Podolski was a major player for Germany, but did
    not deliver consistency for the clubs he played in.

  61. Alexanderhenry


    Ffp has been almost completely ignored.

    It highlights the fact that the real power in football resides in the big clubs, not in EUFA.

    Even if psg and city continue breaking Ffp rules, they won’t be banned

  62. Wallace


    “Gibbs,Jenkinson,Debuchy,Perez,Campbell etc. are still here and we’re merely a few weeks away from start of a new season.”

    but not weeks away from the end of the window, when most of the business will get done. I don’t think any of the above will still be with us when the window closes.

  63. Wallace

    re Lacazette – the proof will be in the goals. he’ll link up play fairly well, and we’ll be far more fluid with him up top compared to Giroud, but we’re buying him to finish off the moves. that’s where he will make the difference if he’s going to.

  64. Emiratesstroller


    However, I do think that it reinforces the points, which I raised yesterday and previously.

    Arsenal’s wage structure is an impediment to selling our squad players AND the club NET budget is almost certainly what we spent on Lecazette. Any additional acquisitions are dependent on sales.

  65. Carts

    Call me crazy, but I can’t see how both PSG and City will completely disregard FFP.

    I know these massive brands have immense power, but I simply don’t think they’re that stupid.

  66. HighburyLegend

    @Carts : that’s what is great – among many other things – about Arsenal, NO problem at all with the FFP lol

  67. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Any additional acquisitions are dependent on sales.’

    Agreed. Cue Alexis leaving and a couple of last minute buys.

  68. Relieable Sauce

    The humiliation forced Wenger to take drastic action in the transfer market, with Per Mertesacker and Mikel Arteta almost immediately brought in to shore up that leaky Arsenal rearguard.

    We had a lot of players out and we have played only five games. We collapsed physically towards the end but we had eight players out. You know me, so you should give me some more time to see if I have got it completely wrong.

    Arsene Wenger

    : /

  69. Guns of Hackney

    My apologies to jump in here but Lacazette’s international career should be help up as a barometer of ability. It always used to be, didn’t it…so why not now?

    Also with regards to FFP…this was invented by Arsenal and Wenger to justify their bullshit running of the club.

    Stop mentioning it now. Arsenal are spending a pretty penny themselves. The only difference is that when Arsenal buy players, there is no demand to put their players on magazine covers, shirts, adverts and computer games.

    Neymar at £200m or Pogba at £90m will prove to be far better deals both commercially and on the field than Lacazette at £52m.

    If you see one shirt in the world with Lacazette on, that isn’t the one he’s wearing, I’ll eat that shirt.

  70. Alexanderhenry

    On a different subject, the controversy over Kroenke’s blood sports channel is front page news in the Mirror this morning.

    Well done Stan. Not only have you managed to make arsenal almost as shit as your other teams, but you’re tarnishing the club’s reputation by associating it with this repulsive hunting channel.

    Arsenal’s ‘values’ now include shooting elephants apparently.

  71. N5

    “If you see one shirt in the world with Lacazette on, that isn’t the one he’s wearing, I’ll eat that shirt.”

    Can I take it off first?

  72. kristoman

    sometime I wonder people on here think one way. You think psg and mancity do not know about this? Mancity spend 225m for a five year contracts of player that will be 45m on FFP year. Not to talk about at least 30m they get for commercial deals. Give or take they lose let say 15_20m on FFP year. That means if it is accumulated is about 40 to 50m for 3 FFP year. The minimum stipulation is teams shouldn’t lose more than 40m within 3 FFP year. So Mancity and psg are well within the range. Unless you guys are saying they will be 225m every seasons which is quite unlikely.

  73. Ishola70

    Lacazette is going to be ok at Arsenal.

    He’s got the goal poachers instinct in him.

    Again as many times some are focusing their doubts on the team in the wrong area.

    Offensively Arsenal will be ok like they have been for many years.

    The real focus of doubt on the side now Wenger copy cats the back three is the central midfield and whether they are up to it defensively when they don’t have the ball.

  74. champagne charlie


    Nah mate youre clueless patently. You make these over simplified assumptions based on rigid (moronic) thinking.

    Hes not frances number one striker – totally ignoring the fact a coach has his faves. Or you vould just as well say we dont need another ST because Olly is Frances nunber one striker. plain dumb.

    Hes not moved to a “big club” before 26 – hes played for his boyhood club all his life, grew with them, moved with them, and tried to win with them. More ignorant commentary to suggest he shouldve moved earlier, hes had suitors btw.

    All in all your assertions hes our defoe and a backup player will be shoen up during thr season. He’ll be our best striker by a distance and, depending how he adapts, can challenge for the golden boot.

  75. Cesc Appeal

    I do not see a reason in any of the reporting as to why Rabiot is meant to be available for £20 Million, did not read about a release clause or anything.

    Rabiot is way better than anything we have in midfield, he is a top young player and PSG are likely to build their central midfield on Verratti and Rabiot. In this market you would not get him for less than £40 Million.

    I would be looking for £15 Million or thereabouts for Coq or Elneny, so £20 Million for Rabiot would be insulting.

  76. Bamford10


    I watched Monaco play a handful of times last season, and Bernardo Silvia played the same role Modric does for Madrid, which you’ve just said is CM. Which is what I said Silvia plays.

    I think you’re the one who’s confused.

  77. Dissenter

    PSG will have to sell off 4-6 players to meet the FFP requirement.
    We might get Draxler and Rabiot after all if we get rid of dross because we are clos to violating FFP too..
    The PSG rumors about Alexis are 100% dead.

  78. kristoman

    Dissenter at least Alex acknowledge that we are not were we suppose to be of which he is stating that the owner is more of the problem than wenger which quite honestly speaking is correct. My only qualms qirh him is that he trust wenger too much

  79. Dissenter

    The Serge Aurier transfer story to United is so f**king unreal.
    He’s supposedly on the market for €22 million with a wage demand of €100k weekly.

    That will be the steal of the season. The club that gets him should send a thank you card to Neymar.
    The Neymar’s deal will set of a massive domino effect that we won’t be part of because we can’t ditch out overpaid crap.

  80. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    I agree.

    The club is not short of fire power particularly if Sanchez stays at club.

    Also we have got good options in full back and wing back positions providing that Ox stays. Bellerin, Kolasinac and Monreal are good options.

    The midfield is a weakness, because there is a lack of variety and defensive grit in that department.

    We need also a third experienced centre back, because Gabriel is not good
    enough, Mertesacker is at end of career and both Chambers and Holding are
    good squad players, but I suspect unlikely to play 40+ games a season.

  81. kristoman

    please Dissenter, tell us why psg have to sell those to meet FFP regulations? by my calculations even if they sign neymar for 200m, they’ve broken FFP Rule . So tell us.

  82. Bamford10

    No matter how much Charlie would like it to be otherwise, Lacazette is unproven at the highest level, unproven in the PL & unproven at Arsenal.

    He could score ten goals in the PL, he could score 14, he could score 20.

    He’s no (young) Aguero, though, and he doesn’t make us contenders.

  83. Guns of Hackney

    I guess everyone is still coming to terms with our place in the football world, but here’s the lowdown: we are a third tier club.

    Stop mentioning us or city, united, Chelsea, PSG, Bayern, Barca or Real in the same sentence unless it’s preceded with “Arsenal lose heavily to _____” (add one of the above).

    These is 100% no reason for the top players to come to us. Others pay more, win more, offer the genuine chance of career development, better stadiums and better managers.

    Even London isn’t pulling them in like it used to.

  84. raptora

    LoL at people making their own calculations re the FFP rule. It’s all bureaucracy and depends on who gives the most money under the table. The jury will count what they want how they want. Also no way a random person can make a real calculation without knowing fuck all for the kitchen of the club. It’s hilarious.

  85. Leaving in a wooden box

    Lacazette should be a good player and should score 20-25 goals this coming season. He cost a significant amount, so I’m sure he will make up for Sanchez leaving in some small way.( But not as a straight replacement)
    Yeah we have some very very good players at the club, remains to be seen if they can “gel” and achieve success on their own with the manager barely providing motivation tactics and organisation skills.
    Personally, if Sanchez leaves I think we will struggle to reach 5th. He is so effective and would be a massive loss.
    For me the community shield match will be a good pointer, Wenger needs to make a statement of intent. Losing 3-0 would be a very bleak indication of our start to the campaign. Forget the argument of its only a friendly and it’s about preparation and trying a few players out. It’s too late by then, we need to be motoring at full throttle or thereabouts.otherwise we will get another liverpoolesque beating by Leicester through lack of serious preparation.

  86. Dissenter

    The whole Kroenke hunting channel news is disingenuous.
    For full disclosure, this American has never owned a firearm and I have never hunted even a mouse before..
    Kroenke comes from a different culture where hunting is considered to be normal. That’s their way of life as much as I may disagree with it.
    What I don’t understand is this silly outcry because they shot up a couple of beers. There’s a place to controlled hunting of some animals to keep the ecosystem stable especially in places like Florida where “external” animals like the Anaconda or wild pigs in Texas are devastating the community.
    There are hunting channels all over TV here in the states. I always skip them even when they come free so I don’t know what the fuss is all about.

    Why don’t you guys insist on only British investment for British football?
    It’s hypocritical for you to accept foreign money then display some snotty arrogance when the investor goes on living his life the only way he’s known how.

    Is there anyone who didn’t know Kroenke was a game hunter before he bought Arsenal? If you didn’t bother to know in 2010 then hide your head in shame at your own ignorance.

  87. Bamford10


    Sorry, but there is only one thing keeping us from being a top club, and that’s Arsene Wenger.

    You paint too grim of a picture.

    Replace Wenger with a smart DOF and manager and Arsenal will be just fine.

  88. Ishola70

    “I agree.The club is not short of fire power particularly if Sanchez stays at club.Also we have got good options in full back and wing back positions providing that Ox stays. Bellerin, Kolasinac and Monreal are good options.The midfield is a weakness, because there is a lack of variety and defensive grit in that department.We need also a third experienced centre back, because Gabriel is not good
    enough, Mertesacker is at end of career and both Chambers and Holding are
    good squad players, but I suspect unlikely to play 40+ games a season.”

    Yeah sounds about right but just disagree re: the lack of players for the back three.

    There is a choice of Koscielny, Mustafi, Holding and Monreal and then you get to Merts and Gabriel.

    Monreal is capable to perform ably in the left of a back three. He actually shows more maturity in a back three than Mustafi does.

    I know you don’t agree but some may want Holding, Kos and Monreal in the back three. Mustafi is a rash defender at times.

    The suggestion that Kos and Mustafi playing together means a water tight defence is a myth. I posted on here last week the number of goals conceded when they played together last season and it wasn’t particularly impressive reading.

    Plenty to choose from there.

    Wenger has handicapped the central midfield with his decision to buy an immobile deep lying playmaker.

  89. kristoman

    raptora if you think am wrong then tell us why you think psg and Mancity will break FFP Rule, if not keep quiet if you don’t know

  90. Bamford10


    Raptora is saying that no one here is in a position to say whether this or that team is in jeopardy of violating FFP or what implications this would have. All of that is a bit murky and beyond any one of us here, he is saying. I think I agree.

  91. Guns of Hackney


    Totally agree…but. There are some ludicrously shitty players at the club too and no amount of coaching is going to sort them out.

    It all starts with Wenger but it doesn’t end with him. Arsenal FC need a clean out from top to bottom…starting with Wenger, moving on to the pro hunting dirtbag, Kronke and his Smithers, the awful Gazides.

    Then we’ll talk.

  92. Dissenter

    “Personally, if Sanchez leaves I think we will struggle to reach 5th. He is so effective and would be a massive loss”

    With or without Sanchez, the 4th-6th band is our natural habitat this season.
    -United have done more than enough to secure top four…easily.
    -Spuds still have squad that will convincing beat the lower 14 teams
    -City have strengthened EVERY weak link they had last season.
    -Chelsea have added class to an already solid team. Batshuayi will make up for any of the Costa exit debacle.
    -Everton will disrupt the top four even more this season.

    Sanchez isn’t going to be running into cup de sacs, pressing defenders and throwing himself into tackles in th the year before he gets his mega wages free transfer. That’s not going to happen.

  93. Emiratesstroller

    Sanchez has arrived in London with his lawyer and agent.

    Some people have suggested that he will put in a transfer request. The reality is that such a measure if carried out today is unenforceable if the club does not want to sell.

    The only impact is that it alienates the player from supporters and if sold a club is not obliged to pay him bonuses, although a buying club are likely to compensate him.

    My view is the same as previously. Wenger has announced publicly that he will not sell the player this summer. If he is now sold and particularly to Man
    City the Manager and Club loses all credibility.

    Personally I think that the compromise that will be reached is that Arsenal will agree to increase his salary for the remainder of his current contract i.e. one year and he will then leave.

  94. Guns of Hackney

    I keep seeing this “we’re not short of firepower” talk. Expand, please?

    Sanchez is at best a 20 goal man.
    Giroud, maybe 10
    Ramsay, maybe 5
    Ozil, maybe 3-4
    Ox, 1-5
    Welbeck 5-8
    Lacazette at best this season 10-15

    Sure a few of the others might contribute another 20 goals but still…that is a piss poor shower of players.

    I don’t see it at all.

  95. Carts


    Just had a look at that Utd team that spanked us 8-2, where as on paper that fixture had a draw written all over it.

    Then again what do you expect when we lost both Cesc and Nasri in the same window

  96. Dissenter

    As much as I hate Chelsea I have to admit that they are the most confident club in all of the English top division.
    In the Abramovich era, they will sell anyone to anyone so long as it makes good businesss sense or to fulfill a private pledge made to th the player.
    They sold Mata to United
    Tyey sold Cech to us to fulfill a pledge made privately to a loyal employee.
    They’ve sold Nemanja Matic to united after replacing him.

    You’ve got to admit that they operate without the widely accepted notion of ‘strengthening ‘ rivals.

  97. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    I do think that Arsenal have some good Centre Backs. The club lost only two games all season when both Mustafi and Koscielny were in team.

    Holding has displayed considerable talent and for someone of his age maturity. However, at 21 there is always a risk of burn out, loss of form or injury if he is played too much.

    The real problem for me is that Gabriel is not good enough for our squad and
    Mertesacker is at end of career.

    That is why I feel that we could come up short if players are suspended, rested
    or get injured.

  98. kristoman

    That is because they don’t believe this myth of strengthening rivals. They only believe in themselves period

  99. Dissenter

    ” Who else is getting bored of Alexis Sanchez and his hundreds of photos and instagrams in the last few months?”

    Get used to it mate.
    Arsenal (and many gooners) have decided that Alexis must be kept at whatever cost. He’s going to kill the dressing room with this snarky behaviors. He’s in the driving seat and this Alexis sage will dominate the entire season.
    I’ve said it repeatedly; sell him and be done with it. It’s like bitter medicine to preserv the club.
    It’s not like he’s going to win us the league anyways. He had a “prolific” season and we still came fifth.

  100. Bamford10

    Sanchez has just posted a photo on Instagram of his arrival to London. He seems happy to be back in the UK — London! The UK! — but he makes no mention of Arsenal.

  101. Ishola70

    Okay ES I think we basically agree but again you have put up the old line about Arsenal only losing two games when Kos and Mustafi played together,

    When put in those simplistic terms it sounds impressive but if you actually look at the matches where Arsenal conceded two or more goals when they played together then there were too many in number to think that they are a great partnership that is being implied.

  102. Emiratesstroller

    Guns of Hackney

    Sanchez scored last season 30 goals in all games including 24 goals in EPL.

    Giroud scored 14 goals in EPL despite being benched for much of the season. His goals to minutes on pitch ratio was the best last season.

    Walcott scored 20 goals last season in all games despite his performance and
    game time tailing off at end of season.

    Ozil scored 10 goals plus last season and Welbeck despite his shortcomings is
    good for some goals.

    If you add into equation Lacazette there is no question that Arsenal are not weak when it comes to fire power.

  103. Guns of Hackney


    Come on now…only lost two games with those two in the team. That’s misleading and you know it.

    It’s like those stats that come out “Rochdale haven’t beaten Liverpool for 112 years”!!! They don’t mention that they haven’t met for 112 years.

    Mustafi isn’t great and Kos is getting on a bit, not to mention rash and becoming susceptible to injury.

    The stats look great until you actually realise they only started 5 games together…

  104. Dissenter

    Don’t Alexis dogs have to go into quarantine?
    You lot used to have very stringent quarantine policies for pets. Has the EU whittled those practices.

  105. Bamford10


    The question is how do all of those attacking players fit together. And the answer is: not all that well.

  106. HighburyLegend

    “Lacazette should be a good player and should score 20-25 goals this coming season. ”

    Enough for the 4th spot –> we are the ArsèneFC.

  107. ThePuma9


    ‘I watched Monaco play a handful of times last season, and Bernardo Silvia played the same role Modric does for Madrid, which you’ve just said is CM. Which is what I said Silvia plays.’

    It’s pretty obvious you haven’t got a clue about him and you’re trying to dig your way out of a hole. You said he was going to be the best CM in the PL….you’re clueless.

    Well having watched him play even a handful of times (which is bullshit, was 2 games against city I guarantee) you should have realised he plays on the right side of a 4 both for Monaco and Portugal.

    You never answer the question. If bakayoko and Fabinho were the CMs for Monaco where did Bernardo play? Monaco always played an attacking 442 with Lemar and BS starting from the flanks but playing almost as inverted no10s.

    Modric plays next to Casemiro in CM for Real in a midfield 2 and dictates play from deeper than BS who operates further up the pitch.

    lol Bamford thinks Modric and Bernardo Silva play the same role cos they lookalike.

    You’re basic to say the least.

  108. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Sorry, but there is only one thing keeping us from being a top club, and that’s Arsene Wenger. You paint too grim of a picture.Replace Wenger with a smart DOF and manager and Arsenal will be just fine.’

    I admire your optimism and wish I shared it.

    You say, ‘Arsenal will be just fine’.

    Could you expand on that?

    By ‘fine’, do you mean significantly better?

    Surely that would mean you think arsenal will be able to mix it with the big boys-
    city, chelsea, man utd, barca, real, PSG, bayern etc.

    If that is what you do think., I’m curious where this bounding optimism actually come from.

    I do not share it.

  109. Emiratesstroller

    Guns of Hackney

    I suggest that you look at the stats. Mustafi and Koscielny played well over 20
    games together in EPL.

    Also as I pointed out previously Arsenal were drawing first and winning second game against Bayern before Koscielny went off injured in first and red carded in second.

    We lost 7 of 9 games in EPL when Koscielny and Mustafi did not play together.

    The first was when we conceded 4 goals against Liverpool in first game of season. Holding and Chambers were CBs.

    In the other games lost Gabriel played. Interestingly our only defeat when we
    played three CBs in EPL and FAC was against Spurs which is the one game that
    Gabriel replaced Holding.

  110. Dissenter

    We need to pay off the players who are refusing to get an automatic pay cut by leaving. That’s how it’s done every wher.
    Pay them off and learn from our mistakes. Isn’t there a strategic vision behind all these transfers?
    This is getting so boring now.

  111. Carts


    Sanchez, imho, need not bother with handing in a TR. It’s a stand-off between Arenal and Sanchez – one that I think Sanchez wins if he just sits tight.

    Look at it from this perspective, there’s absolutely nothing to suggest that we’ll reclaim top 4, based on our summer exploits, alone.

    Our revenue will inevitable take a hit for obvious reasons. Our bargaining power for sponsorship will be slightly reduced in real terms due to our lack of pragmatism and player-profile.

    So Sanchez hands in a TS to expedite his move. Arsenal will save a few mile in the form of loyalty bonus – what is is it these days, 10-20% of the players earning over the course of their deal?

    £130,000 x 156 wks (3 seasons) = £20.2m. 15% of £20.2m = £3m.

    Then again, you’d imagine City will reimburse Sanchez lol.

    yep, better believe it that Sanchez will be sold.

  112. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Isn’t there a strategic vision behind all these transfers?’

    That is where the DoF comes in.

    But of course, we do not know what that is, it is made up hot air and no one knows what they actually do.

    Code of course for, ‘a DoF would highlight my total incompetence’.

    To think we could have had Monchi this summer who was available.

    As I have said, Kroenke may not, but Arsenal fans and the club will regret Wenger getting a new deal.

  113. Dissenter

    I believe Sanchez is traveling with his attorneys and agent in tow.
    I expect that he will force his way out very easily.
    Wenger is going to have Ostrich egg splattered all over his face. I expect that he will have a speech about “player power” prepared to roll when the deal goes through.

  114. Ishola70

    ES these are the stats of Arsenal conceding 2 or more goals in a game season gone with Kos and Mustafi starting:

    Swansea (H) 2 goals conceded
    Bournemouth (A) 3 goals conceded
    Watford (H) 2 goals conceded
    Chelsea (A) 3 goals conceded
    Liverpool (A) 3 goals conceded
    West Brom (A) 3 goals conceded
    Man City (H) 2 goals conceded (2 goals conceded in 1st half with both Kos/Mus)
    Ludogorets(A) 2 goals conceded
    PSG (H) 2 goals conceded.

    That is far from a water tight defensive partnership.

  115. Carts


    Between Abramovich and Emeanalo, Chelsea (after long last) have got it down to a tee.

    A separate convo will be had, in the not to distant future, on whether getting rid of Costa and Matic for Morata and Baka’ was clever. But asides from that, they clearly have a plan in mind.

    However, there’s been some moaning by Conte though. One I’m not too sure I agree with. I, for one moment, don’t think that those players out on loan has happened against his will. He’s effectively sanctioned it now he seems to be bitching for reinforcement, something I think Emeanelo is pushing back on.

    Chelsea clearly want their net spend to be inline with with their income. Totally logical.

    I could be wrong.