Contract rebels threaten our season before it starts

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Fresh off the back of an Emirates Cup success, news quickly turned sour as Arsene Wenger let the press know that he felt it was an ideal situation to have 6 players heading into the new season with one year left on their deal.

This is the man who excused last season with the quip that his own future caused uncertainty in the squad.

You almost felt Wenger knew he’d written the backpages when he was making his bizarre statement. Like when you’re a kid and you have to makeup a lie on the spot – it’s always a bad one – but you’re committed, you have to see this through.

Wenger reckons that those players will have to fight for new deals, perhaps missing the point that there’s no fight for a new deal if you have one on the table that you’re currently ignoring.

It’s catastrophic to lose Ozil, Sanchez, and Chamberlain in the same summer. It will hurt us this season. Players will give it their all until February, then they’ll be thinking about preserving their bodies for the World Cup next year, or the medical they have arranged with a club willing to drop roubles.

This once again highlights how bad our planning process is, and shined a floodlight on why a Director of Football shouldn’t have been pushed to Wenger as a lighthearted suggestion over a Costa Coffee… it should have been inked into his contract.

Our summer has gone very badly. We left moves for big names too late, we didn’t have suitable backup options, now we’re in August, the season starts for us next week and we’re very underprepared. We’ve kept the squad together, we’ve added a left back for depth, and we’ve added a striker who the jury is out on. We’ve failed to address quality issues and we’ve so far ignored our centre midfield challenges. Best case we sign someone who won’t be fit and settled, worse, we just ignore the problems and go head first into the season.

Wenger already has his excuse for this years failure ready.

We’ve also not addressed the uncertainty of last year, we’ve literally added to it. From a psychological perspective, it’s damaging. Everyone knows why players are putting ink to paper. The world knows why we’re struggling to attract top talent. Most in the game can see exactly where this season is going.

What does Stan care though, probably too busy settting up the Netflix of big game hunting, because who doesn’t want to see bull elephants being butchered on TV?

Anyway, we’re in a mess again. Arsenal boasts 0f being a club of business smarts, but we’ve been losing hard with Wenger for years. SAD!

Whether it’s hoarding players, selling cheap, paying over the odds for average, or sitting with a grossly inflated wage bill… we’re not the business unit we once were. Clubs like and Sevilla and Monaco are leading the way in transfer hustle and bustle. Spurs are showing how you balance a wage bill. Smaller teams are showing us up and we’re losing our edge on the playing front.

Bad times. We still have a week, but as it stands, this isn’t looking like a good preseason. We’ll be punished for not having a plan, because that’s the way of the world when your rivals are more ambitious.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Bankz

    DM that’s how it’s done….no interruptions whatsoever.
    Stealthily…in and out before the competition wakes up.

  2. Moz

    The contract situation should NEVER have gotten to this stage. But since they have then I think Wenger is playing it right at the moment, no way will these players continue to ignore the offers on the table once the window shuts. There will be to much money to loose should they suffer devestating injuries this season. I bet all three lads either sign on or are sold in the coming weeks

  3. marcos

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  4. marcos

    Your Comment Here.jim may arsenal continue to make ur life sad sadder saddest n miserable for ever n ever AMEN

  5. Marc

    Still think we’ll bottle it and sell. The claim that City haven’t put a bid in why would they it’d force us to get a replacement leave it late and Wenger will be happy to role out the “can’t keep unhappy players” line whilst not replacing. The next line will be Lacazette is the replacement.

    Think Wenger will be under colossal pressure by Christmas, all of last season but ramped up. EL matches will have 50% gates if the club are lucky and fans booing players and the manager before kick-off.

  6. Carts


    Utd have a better squad than Spurs, imo. Spurs just happen to play better football.

    Lose Kane and there’s every chance Spurs will rather play Son ahead of Janssen.

    Lose Lukaku and Utd have the two options of going won’t either Rashford or Martial (maybe even Zlatan if he signs on and when he’s fit)

    Chelsea lose Morata and its Bashuayi (and recalling Tammy Abraham from Swansea). They could well even operate with a false 9 – Willian– Hazard — Pedro

  7. Don

    Spurs are much stronger than city
    Gk spurs
    Defence spurs
    Wing backs city
    Midfield spurs
    Amf city-only just
    Striker spurs

  8. Don

    Up front
    It depends on who’s striker adapts the quickest but even if Lacazette doesn’t
    We have a 30 goal a season winger
    And giroud welbeck and Walcott as back up
    Chelsea have batshuyi

  9. Don


    Agree u tied have a stinger squad but they are depending on pogba and lukaku stepping up and Jose doesn’t know his best team or system yet
    Don’t forget ibra scored 25 odd goals last year so even if lukaku can match that it might not elevate them above 6th

  10. Stephan

    We are not trying to see which team is better than which here
    If it’s by that,Arsenal don’t have a shout
    Just one star player that wants out,the rest are average
    To make matters worse, we have a dinosaur for a coach
    We are focused on arsenals on ability to win the title,if any
    Don,the question is can Arsenal win the title?
    What are the odds
    I’ll say 12/1

  11. Emiratesstroller


    I agree with you that Arsenal’s handling of contract and transfer negotiations are appalling.

    That is reflected by our failure to tie down contracts with Sanchez, Ozil and Ox
    last year when there was still 2 years unexpired. I doubt that any other major club would have allowed the situation to drag on.

    In the case of transfer business I took Wenger’s original statement that he was
    after 2/3 players as probable. My view has been always that he was unlikely to
    spend this summer net more than £50-60 Million. Any additional funds would
    have to be covered by sales.

    It has been fairly obvious to me since May that Arsenal’s main targets apart
    from Kolasinac were a striker and either a winger or central midfielder.

    Whilst there was some discussion in media about Mahrez there is no real evidence that Arsenal were interested in buying him. Most of the noise came from the Mahrez camp.

    Apart from Lacazette the only significant interest has been in Lemar and no-one else.

    So I pose the question would Chelsea, Man City or Man Utd if interested in this
    player have negotiated in similar fashion to Arsenal or would they have gone
    to jugular early in the transfer window and secured a deal then?

    Arsenal have been pfaffing around for almost month making apparently three
    offers well short of what Monaco is asking. The offers were clearly unacceptable from the beginning.

    Once people started talking about Mbappe fetching north of £100 million the
    chances of buying Lemar for £35 million was zero. The price would have escalated further when the left full back who was valued at half of Lemar was sold
    at £50 million to Man City.

    If Arsenal were genuinely interested in Lemar they should have finalised the
    deal early in transfer window. Now it is probably too late. If you are going to
    negotiate you make an offer and if this is refused continue with negotiation
    until price is agreed or walk away.

    Arsenal have done what they do too frequently and dither. That has happened
    far too often in the past. You need only recall how we handled Higuain and

  12. thecat

    Wenger’s lack of pragmatism has been his downfall. How can a manager be so brilliant yet such a massive failure. A tiger sensing the end is at its most fierce. Unfortunately for Arsenal fans, you have a lame duck at the helm.

  13. Stephan


    Chelsea arsenal
    Gk- Chelsea justCb tie
    Wing back arsenal
    Mf tie
    AMF arsenal
    Striker arsenal

    Are you serious?
    The only place Arsenal have better players is at RB,azpilicueta As a LB is also a very good player
    So that’s like a draw

    Midfield is Chelsea no need to argue
    Keeper? Seriously
    Czech should think of retiring
    Attack I’ll give us, just because neither bat or morata have had a run of matches in the league and Giroud and welbeck have
    Lacazette is from an inferior league has you stated earlier so might just be at Giroud’s
    level at the end of the day

  14. Stephan

    Wengers statement yesterday was outright unnecessary and not well thought of.
    You clearly stating you are willing to lose the clubs assets for free when you are not the owner of this said assets?
    The more I hear him talk, the more I feel sanchez leaving is a matter of time
    In all the runours that have circulated, they had been no formal bid from city
    Isn’t it funny?
    Looks like they are waiting for something
    Anyway,he comes back tomorrow. Hopefully, this mess can be sorted out then

  15. N5

    Have to agree with Stephan, Courtois is one of the best keepers in the world, let alone our league. I put him above Cech. Maybe not old Chelsea Cech but certainly Cech of now.

  16. Sane Choice

    Who was that mug on here who was comparing our players with that of City’s and was rating Lacazette above Aguero?

  17. N5

    Samesong, I’d agree but me and Gunnersauraus go way back. He’s an old mate from school. Nobody messed with me when I was at lunch with a dinosaur!!

    Yeah, you thought it was a costume didn’t you!!! admit it.

  18. Stephan

    And another thing Don, our defense can’t be as good as theirs when they conceded 11goals fewer
    It’s not possible!
    They have a better squad
    City have a better squad,
    Even man utd now have a better squad with their additions

    But the most important Ace up this clubs sleeve is


  19. Don


    I don’t rate curtouis that highly actually
    I know personally that he wants to leave as the league is too physical

  20. azed

    “The contract situation should NEVER have gotten to this stage. But since they have then I think Wenger is playing it right at the moment, no way will these players continue to ignore the offers on the table once the window shuts. There will be to much money to loose should they suffer devestating injuries this season. I bet all three lads either sign on or are sold in the coming weeks”

    We signed Saad on a free, you think he didn’t have a contract on the table at a previous club?

    As for injuries, Gundogan was signed injured from Dortmund.

  21. N5

    He had a period at Chelsea Don where he was shocking and saving less than any other keeper, but I think now he’s found his form again he’s quite the lanky twat between the sticks.

  22. Don

    Two. Things
    Moses is their right wing back not Cesar Asp
    Also, our switch to 3 at the back and having both koscielny and mustafi fit should change that. We only lost one game in which those two started together
    Keep those two fit alonsgside holding all year in the new system and I think we could make up that difference quite easily

  23. Chris O

    Thanks for the article. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Here we are again in the same spot as previous years, and It’s so disturbing as a fan. Talks of ‘Catalyst for Change’, procrastinating during the transfer window and on player contracts, the buzz of Australia, exhaustion from extra miles and heat in China for the sake of Stan’s money, all
    the while undervaluing the next best thing in Lemar. Finally, the convenient distractions of Alexis, Ozil, and the Ox are causing panic. With less than 2 weeks until the real thing begins again this is so frustrating seeing how poorly our beloved club is
    being managed.

  24. Don

    Well look it’s all conjecture and opinions and truly, none of ours actually matter in the grand scheme of things
    One thing I do know is that any true arsenal fan will want arsenal to win the league this year and our players to outplay their respective counterparts at the other clubs whoever is the manager

    Really, no matter who we have in charge, I’ll always cheer for arsenal to win. No matter how much
    I can’t stand the manager

  25. Guns of Hackney

    I couldn’t disagree more with the suggestion that the player will “give their all until February”. Absolutely no chance any of these players (with questionable fortitude at the best of times) are going to risk their next club deals and millions of wages playing for Arsenal, with the possibility of injury.

    The Arsenal Circus is just warming up I’m afraid, and there is nothing I’ve seen in the last nine years of bullshit that makes me think otherwise.

    This isn’t just a poorly run football club, it’s just a poorly run SOMETHING. Whether it’s a car dealership, sweet shop, pub or multi faceted conglomerate, Arsenal just isn’t how you run a business.

    Poor recruitment is just a small part of Arsenal. Even the tactics aren’t really the issue anymore…this is now even beyond Wenger as the captain in charge of nonsense. It’s morphed into a cult, with fans who would literally die for their messiah, to board members who blindly gave obscene power to a, probably early stage dementia sufferer.

    I honestly have no idea how any of you can still follow this shambles, I really don’t.

  26. Sane Choice

    “Don July 31, 2017 17:36:49


    I don’t rate curtouis that highly actually
    I know personally that he wants to leave as the league is too physical”

    Did he tell you personally that he wants to leave?

  27. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Why act so surprised,by any of what had transpired, Pedro? This was all fully 1000% expected was it not? This is your Arsenal, this is my Arsenal, this is all our Arsenal…isn’t it a thing of beauty!

    There can be no better thing remaining than to watch Arsene Wenger fuck himself over through his own supposed genius. I for one am thrilled to watch it unfold the way it has. Been saying, as have many here, for years thar Wenger should have been gone a long time ago. No better way than self-inflicted humiliation, which is how Wenger wants it. He’s rolling the dice and only 1’s are showing on all sides of the dice…snake eyes for the snake in the grass.

    Enjoy the ride…gonna get plenty bumpy.

  28. Don

    Sane choice

    No. He did not. And I can’t say how I know as it could affect my job and the job of a family member. But I know that and fit it from a very very close source.

  29. Don


    I can’t read the future but I think we will
    We did the season before last
    Why is that now so unbelievable?

  30. Guns of Hackney

    Finish above Chelsea or City?

    Have a look at the table before KO…we’re top alphabetically. And that’s the ONLY way we will ever be above Chelsea, City, United, Spurs, Liverpool and probably Everton.

    It’s mind boggling that certain people on here are loose on the same streets people I care about walk on.

    Arsenal Cult.

  31. Stephan

    Actually said he’s a LB
    And think he had the most interceptions of any defender in the league last year
    Think the Telegraph named him their no 1 defender of the season
    Holding is inexperienced, personally won’t play him that regularly tbh
    Mustafi and koscielny partnership is still suspect but hopefully will get better
    This new system you speak up is harder than it looks, doubt Wenger will stick to it all season

    But fact remains we all want Arsenal to win the title
    Each and everyone of us wants that
    But we’ve come to realize it’s impossible with this present management so why bother getting your hopes so high and watching it come crashing down to pitiful conclusion
    From what we’ve come to see from this team, it’s best not to expect anything
    Expect the worst, so you won’t get hurt

  32. Samesong

    Znonzi has a clause; 21,5 milions. Make it happen!!

    Never happening we were linked to him years ago when he was at Blackburn.

  33. Mark

    Well written Pedro !

    ” we’re in a mess again. Arsenal boasts 0f being a club of business smarts, but we’ve been losing hard with Wenger for years. SAD!

    Whether it’s hoarding players, selling cheap, paying over the odds for average, or sitting with a grossly inflated wage bill… we’re not the business unit we once were. Clubs like and Sevilla and Monaco are leading the way in transfer hustle and bustle. Spurs are showing how you balance a wage bill. Smaller teams are showing us up and we’re losing our edge on the playing front! ”

    I really wish the above points were highlighted more. Add to that the poor level of tactics or in game flexibility, poor motivation, and with most other managers a twelfth man. Who can be involved during the game.
    When you add all these up you realise Arsenal will never fulfill its potential until he goes.
    Which is so fucking infuriating as a fan.As I watch other teams investing in talent that adds to their team immediately. Whereas AFC have just seemed to have just stagnated. With the same players who are clearly not good enough or bang average, ( but little heart) , yet one voice saying this team are the best squad they’ve had. Pffft !!

    Like the contracts comment, this guy will say anything , I stopped listening to anything he says ages ago.

    This is a man who bought no outfield players few Windows back when everyone could see where we needed players. Could’ve had Virgil V Dyke for 12million , but no we don’t need anyone. Wanker !
    Now considering dropping serious money on him !!
    What really annoys me is that it has taken all the protests and dropping out of the CL , for him to start spending and consider buying players! It smacks of desperation ! Frankly given the above as much as I would want the team to do well. I’m done with the same old issues not being addressed.

    It looking like another poor season ahead. Even if we get Lemar, we need a manager who can manage.

  34. Don


    Why get your hopes up? Coz that’s what football is about!
    When we finished 5th and Wenger came in did we think we would be champions 2 years later?
    We hoped
    When Chelsea finished 10th did they think they’d be champions? They hoped
    When Leicester won it did they?

    It’s what we do.
    Would rather be positive and focus on supporting my team than berate them
    Football runs in cycles
    We have no right to expect titles
    We have as
    Much chance as anyone this year as for me our competition didn’t address their squad needs as well as they could have except united. But they finished 6th and have big question marks over certain players, tactics and systems

  35. Cesc Appeal

    N’Zonzi keeps Xhaka out of the side, so that is not going to happen even though I do agree that he seems a very solid player and given the lack of squad building done by Wenger would be the better fit. Given Wenger’s lazy style of management either one of Kante or Wanyama would have been a better buy last summer.

    We basically have to face it, with Wenger having spent £35 Million on Xhaka he is starting for the foreseeable, Ramsey is one of his babies so he is starting for the foreseeable, and after Ozil gets his new deal (also being a Wenger favourite and undroppable) he will be starting for the foreseeable.

    Absolutely dire.

  36. Don

    Guns of hackney

    United were 6
    Everton 7
    Chelsea have gone backwards
    Liverpool and city side ways
    Every reason to think we could finish above them
    This time last year we finshed above all of them
    Every single one of them

  37. TR7


    NZonzi if signed will force his way in to our starting 11. Won’t take long even for Wenger to realize Xhaka-Ramsey-Ozil is a recipe for disaster.

  38. toniboy

    Pogba, Matic, Herrera, Carrick, Fellaini
    Kante, Bakayoko, Cesc,
    Fernandinho, Gundogan, Bernando Silva, Yaya
    Dembele, Dier, Sissoko, Wanyama
    Ramsey,El Neny, Xhaka, Coquelin, (Jack)

    Chelsea are champions and will definitely strengthen….Kante is like 2 players anyway.
    The rest look much more accomplished than out lot….everytime we played Spurs, Dembele absolutely bossed the midfield.

    Caz, Jack and possibly Coq have to go…..we’re not competitive at all with them on the books
    The defense will be exposed again….

  39. TR7


    What’s your take on NZonzi?

    Would not like to risk our season relying on Jack’s fitness. Once bitten twice shy and all that.

  40. Kane

    I was like most of you – after the unbeaten season in 2004/05, I struggled to accept that Arsenal were getting worse year on year.

    I lied to myself over and over – it’s just a slip, a few small tweaks here and there and we could win the league… a couple more players and we can compete again….

    Finally, last season, Arsenal finished where their performances deserved – as the 5th best team in England.

    Being the 5th best team in England means Arsenal fans no longer have to pretend the club is Champions League quality…. they don’t have to pretend it has a chance of winning the league…. they don’t even have to pretend it can keep hold of it’s top stars..

    The years of Arsenal fans lying to themselves can finally be over and they can level set their expectations and get behind the team for what it actually is instead of what they had pretended it to be for all those years.

    I urge you all to open your minds – wake up to the fact Arsenal are not a top 4 side any more and lower your expectations – you will feel better for it and may even enjoy this season!

  41. Emmanuel Ogundeji

    @Marcos, my naija bro,, your pidgin na die!!! No matter what any body wants me to believe, the club has handled the contract situations of playing staffs so badly. How can four supposed Key players go into a new season with 1year remaining on their contracts, that’s so poor from the manager. That’s criminal enough to get the boot in my opinion. If they are so important, you give them what they are asking for, or show them the door. 1 week to a brand new season- Unwanted players roaming around, unsettled best players, transfers still stalling, how do you explain that? But Wenger report to no one!!! This uncertainty hovering around drops a big uncertainty in our season, even before it starts. Arsenal’s lack of ruthlessness always puts us in shit every time, has done and will do that again as we go into a new season. Nothing to anticipate on. I hate to compare, but I so admire City’s. How can you describe spotting what you want quickly and going all out for it without looking back, it drops some optimism in your fans, as for us, that’s zero. I can’t wait for Wenger’s departure.

  42. toniboy


    You are absolutely correct, Thanks for that.

    Also a man as experienced and knowledgeable as Wenger knows it as he knows exactly what it takes to win…..he know better than us what will happen but the money keeps coming in for him.

    Thanks again….

  43. Kent

    Nzonzi will give us defence contrubition, power and a good foot. All we need. For only 21, to good to be true.

    We need power in midfield as well some defence, Nzonzi have both.

  44. Gooner63

    Basically a week to go before season starts

    We have added a striker that has only done well in the poor french league and a lb that we have to wait n see on

    1 month left before TW ends

    We could lose AS, Ox and Ozil – and then have to pay big money for poor replacements as clubs will know we are desperate.

    Our saviour for the last 2 seasons doesnt even want to be here, why should he bother for a season, just see out his contract – Wenger is so deluded.

    Giroud wanted to leave, now doesnt, has Wenger promised him the main striker role – now that would be funny.

    I just have no idea what this club is doing anymore – its like our club is run by a total nutcase and a bunch of Ostriches.

    Right now im actually worried we wont even make top 10

  45. Don



    No. Wouldn’t Risk him
    He’s 28, went from stoke and Blackburn
    Didn’t pull up trees at either club
    Not for me despite his goal yesterday

    Yes, I would risk him
    One more year
    He’s been my favourite player since RvP left
    Just for his silk and football brain
    Wenderise ramsey Walcott and ox (by we, I mean they) for not having one yet we have wilshire who is an accomplished and skilful footballer
    A player with pedigree
    A player that dominated the best team in the world at 19 almost by himself at times
    So yes, I would of course count him as a credible option

  46. WestLondonGoon


    ”united…..have big question marks over certain players, tactics and systems”

    Please expand on this.

  47. toniboy


    What context do you want?

    They are stronger and faster than us…better players too..Starting internationals for big countries. Thats what we had the last time we won the league, apart from a fluke Leicester season…once a millennium.

    No one has mentioned that Europa (No more Spursday) football has a terrible impact on the domestic form of the teams that play it……Mourinho was smart enough to concentrate on one competiton and WIN it.

    Point is you need durable good players to have a hope cos winning Europa seems the only route back to Champs league.

  48. TR7


    Never doubted Jack’s talent. I have always rated him as a player. His fitness is the only concern for me.

    NZonzi’s goal yesterday has nothing to do with my estimation of him as a player. I like his drive,power and his defensive capabilities.

  49. ChardTheNerd

    I guess Arsenal is the only club in The Premier League with a notorious reputation of feet dragging when it comes to transfers. I could cite many examples where we are busy negotiating for a player and the said player move to other clubs because of Monsieur Wenger’s indecisiveness.In this window, the Manchester clubs have been ruthless and it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if the Manchester clubs go head to head for the title.Some school of thought would argue that money don’t always win you the league citing Leicester as a recent example. But over the years we have seen how the likes of Chelsea,the Manchester clubs have all “bought” title.Arsenal should wake up to know that football is all about money now no thanks the oil rich Qatar sugar daddies.(Enter the Chinese).We need to go all out for top players.The premier league is always a target because selling clubs from other leagues knows there’s a huge chunk of money thanks to the juicy television deals.Wenger is always putting us in a tight situation.For the love of “barbeque turkey “, get a CM, CB, WF.This coming season is a make or break for Wenger.He has to stand and be counted.Ruthlessness is what is needed.Do the needful.

  50. SUGA3


    I don my hat to you, Sir. Absolutely top trolling right there, at least effort wise. Not sure about the credibility of your obvious windup. As credible, as Wilshere is a credible option 😆 😆 😆

  51. toniboy

    Jack has missed the boat. He was overplayed as kid but I don’t think he developed as a player due to injuries.

    He still makes the same mistakes running down bling alleys and trying to be Pele…

    Bottomline is he was benched in Bournemouth….

    In our current state, Nzonzi is a good, mobile option…that will not be run over easily

  52. Don

    Dear god, I’m not trolling
    I rate wilshire
    If you’re too young to remember his break through two seasons you’d know exactly what me and TR7 are talking about


    I know you appreciate his quality
    But I would keep him around this year for that reason
    I know his attitude and predominantly, his fitness, are issues. However his quality makes him a viable alternative, if not the answer to
    Our midfield problems
    Sorry but for me he is truly gifted.
    How many cmf in the world right now are comparable in terms of skill and a footballing brain? 20 at most and that’s stretching it!!

    Honestly what can goretzka do that he can’t? Apart from stay fit?
    If it dials then I’ll give up by the end of the year

  53. Don


    Not just anybody can come along and dominate xavi, iniesta and busquets at 19!!! And if pep was so right that they had 10 players like that in the Barca youth team then where are they?
    None of them stepped into the team.

  54. TR7

    “And if pep was so right that they had 10 players like that in the Barca youth team then where are they?
    None of them stepped into the team.”

    Pep was clearly trolling when he said that but it does surprise me that the famed La Masia hasn’t produced one top class midfielder since ” the golden generation” which was almost a decade ago. Sergei Samper was the last player who was impressive and even he’s struggling to make the grade at Barca.

  55. gerald

    we underrate lacazette for scoring in lower French league but most of our rivals are buying from there and we praise them. hmmm! mbape scored how many pls. just saying.

  56. Don

    Toni boy

    What context

    Er how about city

    Gundugen is injury prone and unproven in the EPL
    Toure is finished
    Fernandinho and Fernando are coquelin level
    Silva is attacking mf so he is excluded and can only be compared to Ozil/Sanchez
    Except they have adapted to the league and he hasn’t
    That’s not a conclusive appraisal of Ozil but context
    Ok Kante is quality
    Cesc does it for half a season and is then benched
    Bakayoko is injured, unproven and hasn’t adjusted to our league
    Matic gone

    I’d have wilshire all day over cesc and gundugen if we can keep him fi

    If they get matic and pogba raised his game then their mf is superior
    Only if if if if
    Same if as if we kept Diaby or wilshire fit

    Without doubt they are better than us apart from squad depth


    The inept reason they finished above us is that Wenger dropped the ball so badly he allowed the weakest possible team to challenge us for top for to beat us twice
    Draw one game and we would be above them

    Have I missed any?

    Oh everton


  57. SUGA3

    You are trolling, Wilshere is a talent, but since he can’t stay fit for shit, he is not a credible option. Did not exactly pull up too many trees and Bournemouth either, did he?

    Wilshere’s body got completely fucked by playing way too many games at way too too young age. Simple. There is just no going back for him, unless you put him in bubblewrap and play sparingly. But then again, he will have no match rhythm, will he? End of ends, he is not a credible option.

  58. Don


    What about RvP?
    He came back
    Have some faith
    I’m not trolling
    Genuinely I love wilshire as a player.
    Reminds me of myself

  59. jwl

    If letting players run down their contract to final year is good way to get best performance out of player, why does Arsenal bother renewing contracts before they expire?

    Wenger talking out of his ass, once again, he can’t say the three players have no confidence in his abilities as a manager and so they are going to find new team with proper coach.

  60. gerald

    just saw kondogbia the other day against Chelsea and remembered how I wept because we didn’t get him then. the has washed off. perhaps d new coach wl resurrect him. football and it’s lessons. hmmmm!!

  61. gerald

    just give wilshere one year rolling contract. the guy may come gud. didn’t we do same for tr7? on the contract rebels and Wenger I don’t really care. this club is way bigger than them even kroenke Stan. wait a minute as tots haven’t signed a player does it mean them won’t compete? football hmmmm!!

  62. Danish Gooner

    Lets face it,Oxlade,Sanchez,wilshire and ozil very Well know that Wenger is a busted flush and have Zero chance of winning either the PL nor Cl .We should have acted swiftly with Sanchez and taken the 50 mil Bayern put up,sold Oxlade to pool for 40 mil and Then sold ozil to Barca for 40 mil,Then we would have 250 mil to reinvest in the club,now we will get sulkinf players that wont wonna be there.

  63. Samesong

    Slate me people all you want but there’s a player there in Zaha think he’s going to have a big season.

  64. Don


    Is he better than bellerin or the ox?
    Ok In the French league but he can cut it in the premier league?

  65. Don


    Appreciate that but why wasn’t he picked up before then?
    Barca wanted bellerin
    Chelsea and city wanted the ox

  66. Alexanderhenry

    Regarding the Kroenke ‘blood sports’ channel, this could be an unexpected gift.

    The press here have really jumped on this story, and here’s why:

    For the non Brits among you, do not for one second underestimate how much animal cruelty of any description is loathed in the UK.
    Rightly or wrongly it’s considered only close seconf to child cruelty.

    The animal rights people can be extremely militant and any person or organisation tarnished with that reputation becomes an instant pariah.
    Boycotts, sponsorship cancellations and a lot of very bad press are sure to follow

    If Kroenke was persona non grata with arsenal fans, after this, he is now hated by the entire country.
    This is good news.

    We could be delivered from this dreadful leech of a man after all.

    Here are some of the articles so far:

    ..big mistake Stan.

  67. WrightIsGod

    Arsenal and or LeGrove when idiots like Wallace frequent them.

    In the previous LeGrove post I state that Wenger has no idea on how to optimise performance in our new formation and Wallace posts highlights of us beating Chelsea in the FA Cup – a special occasion that saw us take the lead by a dodgy goal that should not have stood and then holding on against 10 men. I’m sure he’d mention our fabulous run in the league also when everybody but the waterboy was on their vacation.

    Let’s see how this season goes shall we Wallace…….

  68. Don

    Wright is god

    Nice try
    We dominated them twice last season top to bottom
    We also had the character to score
    The winner
    After they equalised
    We beat city and united on the way to them too so fuck right off with that
    Don’t dare undermine the quality of that cup win

  69. Don


    Yes that’s what I said, after investigating!!! PI that I am.
    Either way he wasn’t rated at wba and Bayern thought differently.
    My point is, what makes the verdict of Bournemouth any better than WBA?

  70. Don


    Loom mate
    I’ve taken that into my psyche and it hand it hasn’t helped an already troubled mind
    They say a problem shared is a problem halved

  71. WrightIsGod

    You joke. We dominated them twice one in the league that they won and the other in the FA Cup after they had worked to, guess what, win the league. They waited almost a month after winning the league to play us.

    We had everything to play for (due to a pitiful season) but don’t worry I don’t expect you to understand sports psychology or how physical momentum comes into play when the team THAT WON THE LEAGUE celebrate for weeks and then have to gear themselves up for an inferior cup. One team needed it more than the other and that was ours. Even so we scored a blatant goal that should not have stood to take the lead for the majority of the game.

    I celebrated that FA Cup win but it was a feeble final attempt to cling on to some pride and keep Wenger in a job.

    You think we can sustain that over a season? Absolutely not.

    City were woeful most of last season and United rested their team to win a bigger cup and gain CL QUALIFICATION.

    You also seem to have forgotten that Chelsea beat us 3-1 in Feb pretty easily on their way to WIN THE PREM, you know that thing we clearly can’t do and havent done so for over a decade.

    Our fanbase IS truly pitIful. This loser mentality passed on by Wenger.

  72. N5

    Christ, I wonder how much longer that went on for? He had no hands, eyes, face, they skinned him and he was still going!!

  73. azed

    “Won’t take long even for Wenger to realize Xhaka-Ramsey-Ozil is a recipe for disaster.”

    It depends on Wenger’s definition of long because we all could have sworn it wouldn’t take Wenger long to realise that Almunia is not a goal keeper of Yaya Sanogo a footballer but they both lasted 4 years at the club earning salaries.

  74. Marko

    Chelsea arsenalGk- Chelsea justCb tie
    Wing back arsenal
    Mf tie
    AMF arsenal
    Striker arsenal

    You can’t be serious. And yet we finished 18 points behind

    Also anyone who thinks Courtois is shit is with all due respect a fuckwit. He’s right up there with DeGea and Neuer as the best in the world. His exploits at Atletico were amazing

  75. Don

    Didn’t make it that far mate
    Once I realised it was the real deal I chucked up
    Just saw a red mess and a skull accompanied by hellish screams.
    Even now it gets me
    Been months since I saw it

  76. N5

    Marko I wouldn’t even bite to Red. He only said he’s shit because I said I thought he was one of the best in the world.

  77. azed

    “I bloody hope not with some of the things that are said on here.”

    If ever the “authorities” decide to go through this blog, a lot of us would either be in jail or unemployed for the rest of our lives.

  78. Cesc Appeal

    United land Matic and look close to Aurier.

    Liverpool are back in for Van Dijk as Southampton are trying to get in a replacement before selling.

    F**k me we need to step our game up. As things stand, if we go into the season as is this is going to be a very, very long season and I can see us finishing fifth again or potentially worse.

  79. Cesc Appeal

    Chelsea still trying for Sandro and are sniffing around Sanches as well after losing Matic.

    Nothing coming out of Spurs though. Massive mistake by them letting this summer slip by, they have money, fair enough the stadium means they have to be cautious but f**k me they should be doing more than nothing. Costa on loan should have been a no brainer for them, exactly what they need.

    Pochettino is apparently enamored with Winks. Rolling the dice with that approach.

  80. Cesc Appeal


    Looks that way, no solid sources yet but a lot of rumours in a lot of papers.

    I always thought Mourinho liked Valencia though, thought it more likely a LB would come in as he seems to seriously dislike Shaw.

  81. Cesc Appeal

    Lukaku, Lindelof, Matic, Aurier (if it happens), Perisic (if it happens) is a very solid summer. Maybe not spectacular, but I think that is a solid summer from United. Far better than years gone by and their scatter gun approach.

    Read those names back and you can see a solid core of a side being added.

    De Gea
    Aurier, Lindelof, Bailly, Shaw
    Herrera, Matic, Pogba
    Mkhitaryan, Lukaku, Perisic

    Like I say, not spectacular, but a very solid looking outfit.

  82. N5

    Aurier would be a solid get by Maureen. Lukaku and Matic are a good get but still feel a little meh for a Man-U team.

  83. UDA

    Jack is done. Barca did have tons of youth players of a similar ability. But that is the whole point, not all youth talents make it at the top level. Rafinha, Thiago, Deulofeu, Sergi Samper, Sergi Roberto…they’ve all been marked as the heirs to Xavi and Iniesta. But only Thiago really made the grade so far.
    The idea that Jack Wilshere has a once in a generation ability is false. Yes, he has talent but so do so many others. You can’t still be talking about potential for 5 years. Not all talents make it. That is just reality. Wilshere was an Arsenal youth product, so he felt special to us. Everton probably feel same with Barkley.
    Also, wilshere does not have a football brain. Good with the ball, can pass. But clearly does not have a sense of where he needs to be, where opponents are. And no drive to improve. Terrible football brain.
    Bottom line: He is not that special. He could have been, he seemed like he was going to be, but he is just another young player who never quite made the grade

  84. Carts


    “Agree u tied have a stinger squad but they are depending on pogba and lukaku stepping up and Jose doesn’t know his best team or system yet
    Don’t forget ibra scored 25 odd goals last year so even if lukaku can match that it might not elevate them above 6th”

    I think you’ve got a very narrow view of Utd.

    They didn’t set the world alight but they conceded second least amount of goals and 1 more game than Spurs, who lost the least with 4.

    Bizarrely, they actually seem to have sorted the…”important” aspect of their game out. Losing and conceding; don’t forget that they drew something like 12/25 games during that nauseating unbeaten run.

    If Maureen get them playing more clinical I think they win the league.

  85. azed

    “azed, I’m writing this from jail ”


    Everyone buying up midfielders except the club that needs it the most.

    I have a feeling Chelsea will come for the OX late in the window if they can’t get their targets.

  86. Carts

    Ah that fucking link.

    Give me One Born Every Minute any time of the day.

    But that decapitating shit spins my head 🙁

  87. TR7

    Spurs could not have timed their stadium move any worse. One more season of not winning the league and they could lose Kane and Alli. They should have stayed at WHL and given a real go at winning the league. They were well poised to finally win the league title. Instead they have put themselves in a position of disadvantage-a new stadium, a poor transfer window so far etc. Kind of reliving what AFC went through post 2005.

  88. EN1AFC

    11 Days to go until the start of the season and Wenger is already trying to justify his and the clubs bullshit. 3 of our best players in the last year of their contract and 2 of them reportedly refusing to sign. So lord Wenger attempts at justifying it by saying its going to become common practice. This, after years and years of having to sell our best players we now risk losing them for free, un-fucking-believable. Or maybe not considering who the incompetent wankers are that are running the Club at present.

    We will probably land Lemar in late August to much fan fare but by which time we’ll have already dropped points in the League. That will be the 3 players Wenger already said at the start of the summer is all we need. Can’t say we weren’t warned.

    I predict we will go on a run of wins through September and October only to lose our bottle when it gets cold from November to march and then rally from Mid March to May to restore a bit of pride and try and pip Everton to 5th. Cue slight optimism going into the summer by the mongs and the links with big transfers around season ticket renewal time but ending up woefully short of what we need.

    But nevermind all that, Don and Champagne Charlie say Chelsea have gone backwards and so have Spurs, oh and United will be shit again so all is well in the world.

  89. RJM

    Same old fruitcake….

    Gets his buy/s in early, Lacaz and Kols and then its just bullshit till the window closes. Best we can hope for is another pathetic dud on deadline day, worst… no one.
    As already said if he really wanted Lemar he’d have done it.
    Wenger and his subservient board are as dishonest as they come.

    Change my arse….

    Bury Kronke…. bury Wenger.

  90. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    You say bad times ….

    I say as an arsenal supporter who wants change it’s a fantastic situation.


    Good point earlier regarding giving up on the sport .

    I feel as tho I’m close to that with arsene …

    So to see this car crash in slow motion for me is fpgood and all the mediA are the rubber neckers

    So it’s like watching an ice cream melt
    It gets all messy