Arsenal bid too low and too late. The price? Sanchez has to stay

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My morning rolled a little bit like this:

See a headline I like the look of:

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 9.46.32 AM

Thinking to myself: ‘stupid agent wants our man to leave, but Alexis wants to stay and he’s my god damn hero!’

Reads sub headline.

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 9.46.37 AM


Not what I was expecting. So he’s basically quitting either way, but his agent is looking for the mega pay deal next year, versus now. I’d guess the reasoning behind the agent’s plan is that no one wants to buy him right now and pay the salary when they could weigh in next year.


So it’s simple yeah, we just go in and buy Lemar, because, you know, Monaco are selling all their mans. Amirite Mr Monaoc vice-president Vadim Vasilyev?

“Fabinho and [Thomas] Lemar are essential players, they will stay with us,” he said on Wednesday. “We have kept all of the key players we intended to keep.”


Now, that could be playing mind games, or it could be real because Monaco need players and they’ve shat out a lot of good stuff so far this window. My concern with Arsenal here is that we’ve waited so damn long, and we’re playing silly little games with our incremental bids again, and as usual, other clubs have come in and just paid whatever the asking price is.

Usually, this ends one way.

We sell our major name to a rival.

Fail on our number one target.

Settle for converting Léo Dubois to a left winger because he has an exceptional leap and met Neymar once.

Summer is looking pretty amateur again. This is one where we really do have to hold out until the end before we know what sort of shit sandwich we’re being served. If we keep our star names, motivate them to play like heroes, we’ve improved. But not enough to win the league. Not enough to seriously change the outcome of the year or close in on the teams above us.

You see, regardless of how Wenger wants to play it, you can’t paint our two signings as progress when City, United, and Chelsea have all gone out there and bolstered with more bodies, adding quality to quality they already had. Not just that, you have take into account that Pep, Jose, Klopp and Conte are all heading into their second full season when you can really judge. Their ideas will be settled and we’ll see the true quality of their coaching merits.

What are we bringing to the table? 3 at the back and a whole bunch of unaddressed problems we had last season.

It really is painful to watch, because this year more than any, I can’t give us a single hope. We’re just too slow out of the blocks and the changes we implement are either too marginal to matter, or they’re actually just a PR stunt to convince people Ivan has balls.

Finally, it was interesting to read some of the commentaries on a semi paid model for blogging. I really don’t think some understand that effort that goes into writing and producing content on the regular. I’m not asking for poor me status, I love writing for you melts everyday, but it’s an hour of writing most days of the week, plus 2 hours recording, and 2 hours editing a podcast. Then there’s the twitter stuff, e-mails… blah, blah, blah.

I’m not going to ever ask for money to do this, because it’s not my living. But it’s not a revenue generator. Most of the people reading this site block that adverts, which is fine, that’s your choice, but when you hit the little men with that shit, it means the cost of hosting the site falls on the person writing for free. Again, not such a big deal when this is a hobby, but if it’s your livelihood, it must be depressing.

I read one of my friends say that blogging is just conversation you could have down the pub for free. Which is kind of depressing. Distilling a craft to something you can get for free elsewhere degrades the skill of written word. I can make a sandwich, why go to a restaurant, it’s just food? I can listen to the radio, why pay for music? There’s a faux Banksy down the road with a killer message about austerity, fuck the Tate, it’s just pictures. Now, I’m not saying coming here is eating at Eleven Madison Park, chatting with Bowie and Basquiat over negronis, with Radiohead playing an acoustic set in the background, but if you’re reading blogs on the regular, you should at least entertain the possibility that a small donation is fair.


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  1. karim

    Yeah, Cesc, I remember that diatribe of yours against French-speakers, don’t pretend I invented it now !!!

  2. champagne charlie


    when getting roasted for your piss through opinion you always resort to being a bitch huh Marko.

    I already stated it’s nothing to do with Kolasinac being better or worse, just the double standard of propping up Mendy as some colossal signing for City and in the same breath dismissing Kolasinac.

    There you go though, toys coming out left and right because someone unpicked your shite point of view that you couldn’t substantiate. Go have a cry mate, real men cry.

    “Mendy is clearly better”
    *stats posted showing this isn’t true*
    “oh you wake up everyday to argue with people, wah wahhh”

    As you were…

  3. Thank you and goodnight


    You were the one with the flaming torch. Have to say you definitely looked the part that night

  4. Don

    London gunner

    Ok mate
    My opinion
    Jesus scored what last season? How is he proven?
    Yes he is quality but he’s unproven and so far is picking up too many injuries
    I can’t be bothered to compare the rest as I’m busy.
    Cech is better than Edison until proven otherwise

  5. London gunner

    Guys rank your three top biggest disappointments at Arsenal?


    Honourable mentions Rosiscky a career ruined by injuries and Arshavin

  6. Cesc Appeal



    Skinhead is the internationally recognised symbol of a super genius. Low maintenance as well, just jump in the shower of a morning, pledge my allegiance to the fuhrer and then get on with my day, minimal hassle.


    No one torches a local Jewish shop like I do.

  7. London gunner


    Why can’t you just debate with people instead of name calling. You turn this blog Into an ugly place, even Pedro called you out on.

    Debate people’s arguments. Stop with racist insults and calling people bitches, just for having superior/ more correct opinions than yours.

  8. Relieable Sauce

    London gunner July 30, 2017 18:31:43

    Guys rank your three top biggest disappointments at Arsenal?

    Arsene Wenger
    Liam Brady
    Ian Wright

  9. Cesc Appeal

    The thing is though Ozil is Wenger’s ideal player, Ozil embodies everything about football Wenger holds dear so we are as stuck with Ozil as we are Wenger.

    Said it before, Ozil embodies Wenger’s football approach, technical, occasionally nice to watch, can step it up and look great, but often coasts, no backbone, an absolute coward in big games, does not like it rough, minimal work rate, absolutely no regard for the defensive side of things or the dirtier side of football.

    Wants to do what he wants to do and nothing else.

  10. London gunner

    Disappointments isn’t the same as flop.

    Anelka wasn’t a flop at Arsenal was just disappointing his career trajectory after seeming so promising.

  11. champagne charlie


    Cute. Think you’ll find I debate football plenty, I’m also not a shrinking violet to petulant tits like Marko, joey, bamford and the like.

    You’re one to talk with your “akb” shit, try staying in your lane.

  12. Samesong

    3 dissapointments

    Losing to Man U 8-2
    Lehman getting sent off in champions league final
    Wenger not winning the champions league

  13. Thank you and goodnight


    Oh if that happened I’m sure the fuhrer would look down at you and smile happy in the knowledge you’ve taken his legacy on.

  14. Don


    Charlie is wiping the floor with you mate

    At least defend yourself

    One thing for
    Sure though….bamford will come
    Out bitching

  15. Du vi

    At any other club in European football I am confident that after making the kind of wage demands vis a vis his performances over the last three seasons Mezut Ozil would have been physically assaulted ,siege layed at his house,and driven out of town.

    Madness that his contract has not been terminated!!

  16. Marko

    ust the double standard of propping up Mendy as some colossal signing for City and in the same breath dismissing Kolasinac.

    First off I wasn’t dismissing Kolasinac but I admit to “propping up” Mendy attacking wise cause he was so good offensively last season and that has an effect on a team having such a good attacking LB.

    Also one can be an Arsenal fan but be against the regime. A true fan some might say

  17. Cesc Appeal


    I think N’Zonzi takes Xhaka’s place though, then we would still need a box to box type next to him.

    The way Wenger has gone about squad building (haha) and using him Xhaka was a bad buy. Our midfield is total crap and it hurts us as a team.

    Worse, I think we are stuck with Xhaka, Ramsey and Ozil all being fixtures for years to come.

    I say that as a fan of Xhaka, but not in the current set up which will persist which of course then makes me not a fan of his.

  18. Don


    Cant you see the positives of his game in this set up??
    Ozil and Ramsey I can agree with but xakha….not yet

  19. Rambo Ramsey

    Marko, do you not get tired of ankle-biting people and making a fool out of yourself here on a daily basis?

    You holding up City’s interest in a player(s) as a barometer of their abilities is quite embarrassing. Have you seen the records of their defensive purchases over the past few seasons?

  20. Don

    Reliable sauce

    You just named three arsenal legneds….
    What the fuck??
    Is this an alternative reality site???

    Wright second top scorer
    Best manger
    One of if not the best arsenal midfielder ever
    Only vieira can compare

  21. Marko

    Good one again Don very witty. Mate but honestly think about how weird it is for a grown man like yourself to crawl up the arse of another man (Charlie) considering that you’ve never met. I say meet up and see if there’s honestly sparks

  22. Don

    Rambo RamseyJuly 30, 2017 19:01:46
    Marko, do you not get tired of ankle-biting people and making a fool out of yourself here on a daily basis?You holding up City’s interest in a player(s) as a barometer of their abilities is quite embarrassing. Have you seen the records of their defensive purchases over the past few seasons?


  23. Cesc Appeal


    I see the positives of his game, but I see that they are hampered in this set up.

    Xhaka for me is best sitting really deep, flanked by energetic midfielders on either side so that he can screen, move about slightly and then spray balls, dictate tempo and possession from deep.

    Right now, he has to move around too much which he is not good at, does not get the base to fully engage his passing game and is left with way, way too much ground to cover because of old I Am Legend bombing up the pitch next to him and leaving him alone.

    Ozil exacerbates all of that by not being a possession controlling player, having no physicality and doing next to know defensive central work or chasing back or filling gaps. Feels like we frequently end up with a total mess as Ramsey decides he is playing next to Ozil behind the ST.

  24. Don

    Commending another person on a shared philosophy or view is hardly something I would consider un masculine

  25. Marko

    You holding up City’s interest in a player(s) as a barometer of their abilities is quite embarrassing. Have you seen the records of their defensive purchases over the past few seasons?

    As opposed to our record of purchases? Also how exactly do I make a fool out of myself everyday? Oh cause I don’t share the opinions of pro Wenger/regime apologists? Quite foolish indeed

  26. Don

    Nice try though
    Keep deflecting
    You’re anus deep in your own bullshit but don’t try to use my as your shovel

  27. Marko

    Don I wonder if they share your view on Wilshere? Maybe they’ll give it a clap there cause you guys all share the same view and philosophy

  28. Don


    I agree with most of what you said actually with one exception,
    I feel this formation suits xakha , just not Ramsey and Ozil

    But let me give you my three biggest disappointments in my years supporting arsenal


    Could add so many more here
    Wilshire and Diaby
    Eduardo too
    But they are more for injury reasons

  29. Cesc Appeal


    I would like to see someone like Danilo come in, a mobile, relatively pacey, hard working CDM. I think you would then see more from Xhaka in this set up, but as I have said before on that idea, that then means Ozil has to carry our creative game and attacking game more which we all know he cannot do.

    If you stripped out Ozil and sold him, brought in a more robust, higher work rate CAM to play in his position with Sanchez alongside then by all means, I would be ecstatic with that set up.

    Right now though, Xhaka, Ramsey and Ozil all have such glaring weaknesses as players it astounds me some people don’t think we have structural issues as a side.

  30. Marko

    Bayern Munich target Leon Goretzka has denied that there is an agreement in place that will see him join the German champions in 2018. 

    Speaking at a training camp in Austria, the Schalke man stated in quotes carried by Bild: “I have no agreement [with Bayern], that’s utter nonsense.”

  31. The backpass

    This place is a mess, not like it used to be. Missed those days of quality argument not the “Don” type arguments.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    Really looking forward to seeing Oxlade and Kolasinac though going forward. Been a fan of Oxlade for a long time and have been continually frustrated by him. It will be the final frustration if he is sold just as we seem to have found his position.

    Bellerin seems to have regressed a bit as well.

  33. Marko

    Cesc you do realize Don actually rates our midfield high and thinks Wilshere is our most talented midfielder. Any discussion on the midfield is lost on him. Even earlier he talked about how good our second string midfield was against Benfica yesterday. Not much about today though

  34. Don


    Maybe….it’s all conjecture
    I’d like someone else to play alongside xakha
    A more accomplished footballer
    Not a dm but a player like cazorla/wilshire
    A transition solute that can carry the ball or play from deep but hard working
    Ramsey could be a decent alternative if he stuck to basics instead of wanting replicate that season.
    Except he isn’t s ball carrier
    With three at the back and two wing backs I don’t think another totally defensive minded midfielder is exactly what this arsenal team needs

  35. Redtruth

    Ian Wright joined the Champions of England and failed to deliver a title for the gunners.
    Graham’s flop decision to recruit Wright proved costly as we turned into a one man team relying heavily on Wright’s goals for results.

  36. Karr

    Wenger new contract 2017
    Wenger new contract 2014
    Arshavin being used wrong and ruined
    Utd 8-2
    Chelsea 6-0
    Liverpool 5-1
    Eduardo injury
    Buying a broken back Kim Kalstrom
    Not buying single outfield player in 2015
    not buying anyone in January 2015 when top of the league
    missing out on Hazard due to Wenger refusing to pay the money in 2011
    Not buying Mata for the same reason
    or Villa
    or Cahill when we needed him
    or Higuain
    or Saurez
    not buying back Fabregas
    Selling RVP
    Selling Fabregas for nothing (£)
    having to watch Almunia for soooooo long
    watching Santos (worst left back ever?)
    Pedro not being right that Gazidis knew what he was doing (not your fault, we all hoped we could trust him)
    hearing those dreaded words “we will only sign qualidee” also known as “we wont sign anyone”
    Rosicky injuries
    Diaby injury
    Wilshere injuries
    Kroenke buying Arsenal
    watching us repeat the same mistakes every season, Tactically (lack there of) crashing in the champions league ever year, bottling the league in 07-08, 11-12, 14-15 etc.

    You did say 30 right as 3 was way to easy

  37. Don


    I’m a fan of the ox too
    But I’m also a fan of Walcott and wilshire so I’m vilified beyond belief every time I post in this site
    Either way I agree the ox has a lot to offer but just needed some injury free game time and some confidence
    Let’s see

  38. Cesc Appeal


    Benfica were not great in all honesty, I mean we were decent enough and certainly stepped it up as they gassed out. But Sevilla were a far better side.

    You know where I stand on Wilshere.


    I really do not rate Wilshere, even when fit, I do not think he is much use. But opinions and all that.

    Fingers crossed Oxlade gets some time at RWB, like I say, just that last ball needs improving and he could really be something there and would likely sign an extension.

  39. TR7


    With you on Jack . In terms of pure talent he is the most talented midfielder behind Santi. But unfortunately injuries have finished his career.

  40. Bamford10


    “You make shit calls every year. Benteke spring to mind. As does bring back Coquelin. I wouldn’t talk about credibility if I were you.”

    One, I look forward to fucking demolishing everything you say, guy. It’s going to be fun.

    Two, yes, I rated Benteke. As did Romford and gambon, among others. I actually still like Benteke, but if rating Benteke (over, say, Giroud) is my biggest mistake, I’m really not all that concerned.

    Three, no idea what you’re on about re Coquelin. My position on Coquelin was that he was a hard-working squad player and nothing more, that he couldn’t be our starting CDM if we wanted to be a top team. I was absolutely correct.

    Four, City’s squad is way better than ours. You’re a fucking clueless AKB.


  41. Don

    BamfordBamford bamford bamfordCompare benteke to giroud
    You love a stat
    Go on. Get em upSome people achieve, others become teachers

  42. Stephan


    Been reading your comments for a while now
    While I must commend your passion in defending Wenger, I have to say your statement today which insinuated that Arsenal team is better or on par with City’s is absolutely delusional.
    You keep saying City’s spine all the time but you forget yours.
    City scored more and conceded fewer goals than we did.
    Yet they’ve gone and bought 5 players already to sure up their defense and midfield.
    We have only 2 signings, a striker and a LB, who to be honest, will not play most matches due to monreal.
    You also mention the other teams have UCL matches, but you seem to forget UEL is a much tougher competition, with long distances to cover and more matches.
    Do you honestly think Wenger will field a second string 11 in a competition he’s not won before and a chance to kill two birds with one stone?
    I sincerely doubt that.
    Arsenal had it tough last season, it might get tougher
    But please it’s just delusional comparing both teams right now
    Please drop it

  43. Don


    Nobody is perfect mate

    I love wilshire
    Would love to see nothing more than him come back and become the player he promised while we win the title
    Whooping Chelsea twice

  44. Bamford10


    “What the fuck will this site do when he’s gone?”

    We’ll continue to tell the truth about Arsenal. Unlike you “positive types” who have been misrepresenting the quality of the manager and the quality of the team for the past ten years.

  45. Bamford10


    Of course Wilshere is “talented,” but he also happens to be crocked. Have you watched him play over the past 24 months? He is hobbled, doesn’t move well and gets injured easily. He couldn’t even manage to start consistently for Bournemouth, and the offer from Italy for him was pathetic.

    You’re just another positive know-nothing.

  46. Don


    Another new age fan, johnny come lately that obviously never witnessed live the Wenger effect.

    Let me ask you this bamford
    Was Wenger a great manager?

  47. Don

    Just because I’m positive doesn’t mean I know nothing
    Bet I’d wipe the floor with you…..
    Like I said, some people achieve, others become teachers

  48. Bamford10

    Someone please make a bullet-pointed list of every dumb thing Don has said over the past few days. Thanks.

  49. Don

    Europa is not a
    Much tougher competition l.
    City did finish above us yes, by 4 points
    But there is a crucial difference this season
    We have altered the formation which suits every single player we have
    It actually makes our weak spine stronger and plays to the strengths of our players and covers their weaknesses
    I think we will finish above city

  50. Bamford10


    “Is Don for real or just a troll? Because the things he says are borderline or unfactual and plain stupid.”

    You’re making a great impression here, Don.

  51. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The telling fact that not one team have been linked with signing ozil speaks for itself, whereas Sanchez is linked all over the shop

    Ozil is a modern day Richie powling ,

  52. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Some hint hector was porking has let slip in India that we will announce Lamar signing in the next 24 hours ….,
    I’m 50 50 on it ….

  53. Don

    I was Wenger
    Until the Leicester season
    That was the end
    Had to give up on him then
    Still hope for a last hurrah though

  54. Rainman

    In the process of trying to insult a fellow fan you basically insulted all teachers.

    The only reason you can read comments and make comments on this site is because a TEACHER taught you how to read and write.

    No need to insult all the teachers of the world just because someone doesn’t share your love for Wenger.

  55. Guernsey gunner

    Caught the second half….oh dear. Elneny is no centre back, bouldy still looks bored on the bench, clueless shoves his hands further up the opposite sleeve the worst we get. Time for honesty folks this Season looks really grim. We are not close to challenging please let’s all be honest. Maintaining 5th would be massive for clueless.

  56. Thanos

    This is the first time in 25 years I have not watched a pre season game I am also going to miss the first 2 home matches I am losing my desire for everything arsenal since I supported the team in the 70”s cheers Arsene

  57. kristoman

    Come on Thanos don’t let kill your love for the game. Hang in there man. there Is light at the end of the tunnel

  58. Guernsey gunner

    Don your optimism is commendable but couple of points. People can have opposing views without the need to resort to personal abuse and insults. This goes for the guys on the other side. I think the views of the famous five make this a far more fun blog. Cheers. #1aw.

  59. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I know exactly how you feel …
    My feelings for the club had changed .

    I personally don’t care anymore about them .

    Whilstbtat cunt remains

    Why bould still there should try his luck elsewhere
    Being second to wenger is like being a youth team coach anywhere else

    It’s pointless

  60. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Everyone is entitled to their own view on the club

    Me it’s was once my beloveded
    Now I couldn’t give a shit about them

    I’m anti arsenal till it goes

  61. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Can you believe that the the first home game of the season has tickets available ….
    The fa cup winners not selling out….

    Is it cos it’s a Friday


    Is cos of holidays


    Is it cos wenger is still manager

    Bang on

  62. Samir

    Best team available for Chelsea (With available players):


    Koss – Suspended
    Mustafi/Gabriel – injured
    Sanchez – Won’t be fully fit, will he?

  63. Ces1ne

    Monaco not resting on their laurels & continue to become a football factory. Completely forgot they signed Tielmans from Anderlect until the match vs PSG yesterday. He’s a nother player they’ll sell for a ridiculous amount in a few seasons, kids amazing. He tore us a new 1 in the CL a few seasons back as well……our MF had no answer for him in that 3-3 comeback.

  64. Ces1ne

    Sublime freekick from Dani Alves yesterday, sh!t was hit like a rocket over the wall from almost 30 yards out, swerved mid air, then dipped right before hitting the goal.

    Catch the match Karim?? Im assuming that’s the French version of the Community Shield? Surprisingly competitive if so.

  65. Ces1ne

    I say u throw up a “DONATE” button on the site Pedro, easiest way to do it & im sure there’d be MORE than enough people besides the regulars that just read daily but don’t comment. It doesn’t force anyone to donate but leaves the option of a nice gesture from the readers available & easily accessible. No set limits or minimum amounts, just whatever people can/will give. Have it at the top of the page somewhere visible (I’m sure u know some1 with web design skills that could design something cool) & don’t mention it after the first week or 2 & see what happens.