Gareth Bale considered the missing link for Ramsey dominance?!

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The PR team are literally high on something I want a piece of… they are bantering us hardcore. The club apparently has interest in Gareth Bale according to Don Balon. Fresh off a disappointing non-starter run at Kylian M’Bappe, Arsenal is keen to dive head first into another transfer they have no chance of pulling off.

I joke, I really do doubt we’d even consider the conversation with the exSpurs wizard… this summer reminds me of that time the Lillywhites went in for Rivaldo. We need to keep in our lane a little bit. We’ve had the last 5 years to make an impact with a big galactico and blown it every time. No idea why we’re playing big balls now when we have next to nothing to offer outside wages everyone else can now afford.

Would be funny though… I feel like Gareth Bale is the only player who can make Aaron Ramsey look world class consistently. It’d make Spurs fans angry as well. Which you can’t knock.

Things are looking double shite for Santi Cazorla – arguably the most sublime player we’ve had to never have won a major trophy with us – is having an injury nightmare where the odds looks severely stacked against him. This from MARCA.

“Each time I leave the operating theatre, I think that everything will be fine and I’ll be back again.

“The doctors have told me that a case like mine is one that they probably won’t see again for a long time as it is unusual for an athlete.

“I had no strength in my tendon or muscle mass.

“Every day my son asks me if I will play again because he really wants to see me out on the pitch again and I really hope that it will happen soon.”

Always a tragedy when an athlete can’t shake off a broken body. We’re all rooting for him. However, in the cold light of day, the reality is he’s not going to come back all guns blazing, and Aaron Ramsey is just as prone to sitting on Colin Lewin’s lap.

Mr Seri dropped some special moves yesterday, has a £35m buyout clause, shares the same midget like qualities as Santi (I mean, way rougher).

My main worry with this guy is he’s next to useless at defending. If we know that Santi is f*cked, should we not be powering into the mix with Naby Keita. Guy lost his fucking mind in Leipzig training the other day, so he’s burning bridges to escape, he has all the bits we need, and if he bosses another season like he did this year, he’ll be worth double next year. Weigh in now when all the information points towards this being the right sort of £60m signing.

I guess now I’m writing this, I’m realising that buying another Santi isn’t the answer because his style in our team, with our manager, doesn’t equate to major trophies. Time to rethink. Get a bit more brute in the middle.

In other news, Bayern lost to Inter Milan. Manchester City beat Madrid 4-1. United lost to Barca and played shite. Conte loves Harry Kane and says Spurs has no ambition. Some PV04 loving.

That’s me done… laters. x

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  1. S Asoa

    Guns of Hackney

    Wenger is toilet. So all the shit fits in the scheme of things.
    When will he die .

  2. Carts


    That kind of logic doesn’t resonate with the Arsenal fraternity.

    It’s basic economics.

    Wenger can’t let go of his failed project. He’s too worried about being berated and questioned.

    Narcissistic fuck!

  3. Ishola70

    Might be something in these latest tweets from Alexis Sanchez about being ill and not being available to turn up to training which would be a bit of a coincidence wouldn’t it. Falling ill at the exact time period when you are requested to return to “work”.

    But then again players like to troll on social media now. They like the attention it affords them and they love to see the reaction from the wider media at their tweets/instagrams so this may be all about nothing. Just Sanchez craving attention.

  4. Guns of Hackney


    Vampires don’t die…they go on to play Jack Reacher and star in 28 Mission Impossible movies.

    Seriously though, we are undermanned, as always. Times up on the transfer window as far as Arsenal is concerned. Even if we do sell Sanchez, there’s no one who wants to or will be allowed to come to us. All the big players have made their moves. There may be a bit of silliness right at the end but we’ll probably end up with Shane Long.

    Yes, you heard it here. Shane Long.

  5. S Asoa

    ManU is the most likely Club who could afford to take Bale. He is now priced beyond Spuds capacity
    And of course there is always the “collector” Pep with an insane acquisitive instinct

  6. S Asoa

    Guns of Hackney
    I will remember Shane Long .If you are right that will be 2 beers mate I’ll have . The 2nd a tribute to Great Guns .
    Since we so far away

  7. Bamford10

    If Liverpool sell Coutinho, that will be a big hit for them, but unlike us, I would at least favor them to sign one or two clever players to try to fill that hole.

    My bigger question for Klopp is why he has not moved to improve their defense. His lack of activity on that front makes no sense to me.

  8. Carts

    just had a moment…the poster who was defending Walcott like Johnny Cochran a couple of years back.

    Think he went as far to say that there was no real distinction between Walcott and Hazard…


  9. Carts

    I think they’re going to make an 11th hour dash for Van Dijk. Add that to Robertson and I think that’s your lot, from a defensive perspective, for Liverpool.

    Looks like they’ll hold on to Sturridge which is a bonus if he can stay fit. They’ll probably get keita, too.

  10. Bamford10


    Van Dijk would help, but I don’t know anything about Robertson. I feel like they still need more than those two, though. And they’ll obviously need to (try to) replace Coutinho if they lose him.

  11. Dissenter

    There are 206 bones in the body and the total number of muscles varies between 650-850.
    Alexis can come up with thousands of sick permutations to avoid putting in his shift.
    He doesn’t even have to prove his class. When is the last time Gareth Bale had a fantastic game for Madrid and yet…he will always fetch a mega transfer.
    There will be clubs who will still take a risk on a free transfer in him next season at mega wages even if he sat this year out.
    The loss is all Arsenal’s

  12. ughelligunner

    with all the yearly spuds love-in, one would have thought they would be making at least the semis of the europa cup since its their level. There is a reason why conte stated that there wont be any problem if they go out of the europa to Genk. But as usual anything spuds is gold. I remenber the Harry Rednap Tottenham that that made the quarter final of the champions league had a better team than this Posh side and that squad was also said to be better than Arsenal. There is usually no pressure on the spuds from their fans because they have no clear expectations, their fans are satisfied any time they beat any of the top teams, this is their expectation. Let the pressure of winning a trophy start from their fans angle and then that lovely first 11 team will begin to plummet under pressure.

  13. HighburyLegend

    “no real distinction between Walcott and Hazard…”

    Of course he was wrong.
    Hazard is Belgian, Wallnuts is English.

  14. Wallace


    “if spurs do have the opportunity to get bale, unlike Wenger they will be active and do everything they can to get him back…”

    nope, they can’t afford him. plus, Levy’s tight as f*ck.

  15. TitsMcGee

    Never ceases to amaze whenever AKBs get their panties in a bunch whenever Spurs are credited with anything positive.

    They finished way ahead of us on much lower wage bill. Swap us and Spurs’ positions last season and the AKBs would have been happy to give Wenger a 10 year extension.

    Stay consistent at least.

  16. Elmo

    Surprised no PL team has come in for Perez, especially since his return to Spain has been mooted at £8m. He gave every indication of having the ability to be an effective PL player and goal contributor. Don’t know why Everton, Southampton, West Ham or even Liverpool don’t try and get him for £10-15m.