New Santi Cazorla eyed?

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Ok, ok, so maybe I am not as tuned into the Newsnow F5 feed as I used to be because I missed that were are rumoured to be in for a centre midfielder… Jean Michael Seri of Nice.

The mid-twenties Ivorian has been turning heads in Ligue One over the last year. He’s a midget playmaker who boasts great discipline (he’s played under Favre), a powerful engine, and a portfolio of passing that looks quite exceptional. He bagged 9 assists last year with 6 goals. He loves a long shot by the looks of things, which is bad news for Wenger, but at 5ft5, he did manage a header.

Sounds like he has a pretty spot on attitude as well.

“I listen to criticism rather than praise, because that’s the way to improve. You can’t make progress if you only focus on the things you do right,”

I’d imagine he’ll want to be all ears for the, ‘have a good time out there’ and ‘did I tell you the story about the wolf?’… anyway, he looks an exciting name. Not quite Santi, but his hero is Xavi and he is on record as saying he bases his game around not losing the ball. Could be a smart addition. I do have worries about signing another player with limited height, but at least he looks strong. (video)

Needless to say, it looks like we’re attempting to replace our finest cog with someone young, athletic and on the up.

Where are the super hot shit kids you say? Well, Arsenal are apparently front runners to sign Jadon Sancho from Manchester City. The team who just blew £200m on talent are making the England U17 fear it’ll be tough to break into their first team, and he has a soft spot for Arsenal. He’s a South Londoner by trade, and he loves scoring goals. Check out his video here.

Jack Wishere is back in the training. He’s taken a panning online over the last few weeks, deservedly so. He really has fallen off the wagon hard. Such a shame, he had so much promise, and so much fan love. Maybe he can be a late bloomer? Kind of doubt it though…

Right, not much else on today. So I’ll leave you here, stuck at 380 words.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Terraloon


    Some months ago I posted my thoughts on here regarding the reduction in the cash reserves and whilst I wouldn’t for one second suggest that Arsenal can’t afford a bob or two it’s worth looking at the mid year financial statement issued in November
    At the start of the financial year thevreseves were some £226 million but a chunk of that was in respect of season ticket money which Arsenal like most clubs utilise that money as the year progresses .

    Cash in hand and on deposit in November was down to £123.7 million of that the club said £42 million was owed in respect of transfers already made and were due to be paid over the next 12 months and on top of that a sum of £23 million could not be spent as it had to be kept on deposit , a requirement of the stadium loan. Also on the minus side the from the balance which would be around £58 million you had another 6 months of the season ticket money released into cash flow. If you are generous and say that was only £6 million a month that would leave about £20-25 million.
    On the plus side we know that the PL tv money was about £40 million more but even if you assume all of that went into the cash reserves my guess would be at most there would be about £60 million of cash to fund purchases .
    I know it’s very much back of a fag packet but I can’t help but feel that with the loss of CL income and the expenditure to date that unless players are sold then there isn’t a lot left at this point in time

  2. Don


    But aren’t we getting an additional £60m a season in sponsorship?
    Also, the lower clubs can spend similar amounts of money with out champions league football so surely we would have more?
    A 60,000 seater stadium
    New sponsor deals plus the new tv deals should leave us £100m a seasoni would have thought?

  3. Guns of Hackney


    I am a billionaire.


    Nah…Arsenal are rolling in it but if Gazides sees your post, he’ll use it to tell the masses just how poor Arsenal are.

    So…you’re to blame in a way.

  4. Don


    Can I borrow a score?

    Are we kicking off on a Friday? If so, why?
    Man puma have given us the worst kits haven’t they? Fuck me they’re bad. Whatever happened to the good old days when there was some thought out into designing kits? No wonder the kids of this generation don’t wear them

  5. HighburyLegend

    “Jose Mourinho says Paul Pogba’s unique value to Manchester United puts him on the same level as Lionel Messi and Neymar”


  6. Wallace

    yeah, looks like we’ve blown Lemar by not going in with a bigger offer initially.

    although think we could have bought him & Lacazette before we offloaded.

  7. Emiratesstroller


    The point, which most posters and the media often does not understand is that
    the bank balance published at the end of the financial year INCLUDES season
    ticket payments received before 1st June. So the bank balance reaches its
    highest point in the month of May.

    The advantage of that is that Arsenal are seldom making a loss.

    The midpoint account, which you have raised and is a much lower bank balance is taken after six months of expenditure. That figure is always lower, but
    seldom discussed. What needs to be analysed is how that figure compares
    at the same point in the previous financial year.

    I have raised on several occasions that I believe that the bank balance will have fallen this year, because we spent by our standards significantly more on
    transfers last season. That is the point which you are rightly making.

    That is why I think that Arsenal’s net transfer spend is more restricted than most people assume it should be. Whilst Swiss Ramble has suggested in past
    that we could spend more than we did he has also explained why the bank
    balance is distorted.

    My view is that Arsenal’s “optimum” net transfer spend is £100 million, but
    that is not recurring AND probably factors in also an increase in wage bill as
    has been discussed in past by CEO.

    Arsenal are not in same situation as Chelsea or Man City where their owners
    are willing to pump in money in the club. The major shareholder at Arsenal
    invests in shares, but not the club.

  8. Emiratesstroller

    Chelsea have received substantial loans from Abramovich which are converted into shares.

    Man City receive a huge subsidy through commercial sponsorship from Abu Dhabi. Most people know that most of these sponsors are controlled by the
    Royal Family.

    The same applies to Paris St Germain who are backed by Qatari Royal Family.

    All three clubs would be bankrupt and incapable of buying players on the scale they do if it was not for this largesse.

  9. Wallace

    “Vieira’s style staggered his new team-mates. “I had never seen a midfield player like that – he was almost feline in his movements, so tall and elegant,” said Ian Wright. “When I first saw him the first thing I thought was that some of the midfielders in England are going to eat him up because he was quite slim and skinny. Then when we started training we couldn’t get near him. We knew we had someone world class on our hands.”

  10. Bamford10


    “Again, [Spurs] look like the team to beat this year for me.”

    Duly noted. I do not agree. We will see.

  11. raptora

    Vidal links to Inter Milan have been on for several days now. The quoted fee is £45m. It could be smoke but if he is on the market Inter has nothing on us. Give him a nice fat salary and bid £60m at most and you get yourself the best partner to Xhaka , an absolute monster and born leader. Would die on the pitch to win and would make Alexis sign da thing for sure. I haven’t seen him in a better form than he is atm so we can get 3 years out of him on top level with ease. Pipe dream probably but if it was up to me I’d surely try my luck. Can’t see Bayern selling him though.

  12. Redtruth

    “When I first saw him (Vieira) the first thing I thought was that some of the midfielders in England are going to eat him up because he was quite slim and skinny. Then when we started training we couldn’t get near him. We knew we had someone world class on our hands.”

    Which proves my point that Wenger has no influence on a players development as the quality was their on arrival…

  13. Wallace

    the Spuds could not have picked a worse time to revamp the stadium. would have had a real chance this coming season.

  14. Carts


    “For someone who claims to have an economics degree, Wenger is the dumbest motherfucker in economics since Peter Ridsdale paid seth Johnson £50,000 a week.”

    Fucken LOL.

    Wenger is the most optimistic fucker out there!

    He’s the kind of pleb that will keep throwing money at his pet dog that shits itself; is 85% blind; arthritis in 3 legs; malignant tumours in the brain and lung; suffers from vertigo and has to be fed through a tube.

    This is how he viewed Diaby. And somewhere in there, he harbours Godly optimism for Wilshere and Cazorla.

  15. Don


    Surley sanchez would be telling Vidal not to join though
    If he wants to leave why would he persuade Vidal to join a club he doesn’t want to be at?

    Would love it if all that panned out though

  16. Don


    Did you write that down?
    Pre season predictions to ram down throats later in the year

    Who do you think will be the team to beat this year?

  17. Don

    Red truth

    Most top players come with the ability their born with.
    Any top player will have had similar descriptions when they made the transition from youth to first team.
    The fact that he nabbed vieira for £3m when nobody else spotted his class I would say displayed what a great eye for talent he had in his hey day.
    Even your darling GG didn’t sign a midfielder if that quality for thag cheap

  18. Jamie

    Vidal – another name on Wenger’s “I almost signed him” list.

    Vidal is a monster in midfield; would make a great acquisition now, would’ve been a great acquisition 4 years ago. Chances of him leaving Bayern to join Arsenal: zero.

  19. Carts

    As crazy as it sounds, I think Spurs will be able to blag season 17/18 even if they make just one signing.

    Alongside Chelsea, they looked like p-4-p the strong squad.

    I think Poch’ will build on what he’s done so far and I can see Spurs finishing top 4 again.

    However, I think they need to be a bit more polished in their approach going forward. The likes of N’Jie, Janssen, Sissoko and Nkodou signings need to stop.

    Spurs, with their billionaire owner, are actually subscribing to that bread line lifestyle. Shit lol

  20. Redtruth

    Vieira was very good but never world class. He couldn’t lead us to a Champions league title.and his discipline and goal scoring record was a lot to be desired. Overrated but still a very good player..

  21. Don

    They also sold davids to juve that year and kept ambrosini, who was the same age as Vieira, great decision that turned out!!!

  22. karim

    I can remember Zidane’s Bordeaux beating Milan 3/0 with a young Vieira in the starting eleven ( UEFA Cup )

  23. Don

    Oh what a div
    You’re trying but that won’t work on me

    He won the World Cup and euro 2000 with France
    He was the stand out midfielder of those competitions
    Zidane was no10 so I’m not including him
    He dominated the league along with Keane for a decade.
    He was world class alright
    Don’t tell me albertini and ambrosini were better

  24. Marko

    Spurs won’t be the team to beat next season they weren’t even the team to beat last season. It’ll be City then Chelsea for me. Bernardo Silva alone will should make them favourites for me. The idea of him DeBruyne and Sane behind whoever is the stuff of nightmares

  25. salparadisenyc

    “I don’t remember playing with another man who could play alone in midfield.”

    Henry on PV4

  26. Redtruth

    France did not play with recognised striker in the World Cup. It took a golden goal by s defender (Blanc) to beat Paraguay and it took two goals from another defender (Thuram) who had never scored before to knock out Croatia…lol

  27. karim

    Oh yeah, and Italy and Brazil were pleasure cruises too lol

    Surprised you didn’t mention the refs

  28. Cesc Appeal


    I think City might start well but unless Guardiola makes a buy at CDM or CM and adds a more robust, physical player they will fade away and end up losing too many games to be contenders in my opinion.

    I think it will be Chelsea and Spurs again, if United add a CDM I think they will improve from last year but still will not be in the title conversation.

    Chelsea, Spurs, then City, then United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Everton for that fourth place in that order of strength, currently anyway. See how Liverpool look at the end of the window with all the rumours about Coutinho and them looking for big buys still.

  29. Carts


    “Spurs won’t be the team to beat next season they weren’t even the team to beat last season. It’ll be City then Chelsea for me. Bernardo Silva alone will should make them favourites for me. The idea of him DeBruyne and Sane behind whoever is the stuff of nightmares”

    On paper, City are without the team to beat.

    But as a better performing squad, Spurs are ahead of them. They’re more polished.

    City, with their £200m+ addition need to gel that mob. Defence and front line pick themselves, however,their midfield is a bit meh.

    Spurs look, overall, more…solid, but my advice to them would be for them to add a couple of solid players to help them along.

    City just have a better looking squad; time will tell..

  30. Micheal

    Petit was better thsn Vieira when he was at Arsenal.
    Father Christmas is real, Elvis is alive on the moon and there’s a tooth fairy !

    Go on, Red, tell us it ain’t so !

  31. Carts

    I think Utd will be the hardest team to beat.

    Jose has the ability to make a team defensively solid and effective in attack. If we look at the boring unbeaten run of Utd’s last seasons, what was it 24 games unbeaten? and half of those were draws – low scoring draws.

    With Lukaku, a more mature Rashford and a full pre-season Mikki, I think Utd will be devastating..

  32. TR7

    Are we going to witness another “Petr Cech” window ? We’re not even being linked to any player, let alone sign one. Not much time left before the season starts.

  33. Don

    Red truth
    So he made a mistake in the semi…!!
    Petit was not better
    Beauty is in the eye and all that but vieira was world class
    Not having your nonsense on the matter

  34. Cesc Appeal

    Mkhitaryan, Lukaku, Martial on paper looks like it could be something. Just whether Mourinho actually gets something out of Martial who seems not to have taken to his style of management. They then have Rashford, Mata etc to cycle in, Ibrahimovic potentially as well.

  35. Marko

    No denying City need another midfielder or perhaps keep Gundogen fit but there’s every expectation they’ll remedy that issue and be ready for a title challenge. I mean they’re not Arsenal they’re not afraid of addressing squad issues or you know ambition

  36. Don

    City are shite in defence too
    Centre backs are there for the taking and still have big keeper issues
    Add their soft midfield and you don’t have what I would call the best squad on paper
    Some great attacking players and decent full backs and that’s it.
    Unless john stones can get his act together I expect them to drop some serious points this year

  37. Cesc Appeal


    And then quickly be sidelined by injury again.

    I like Gundogan, but again, I do not see him as robust enough to really make that midfield solid. With the attacking talent City have they could easily just have a Carvalho type sitting deep, Fernandinho being a box to box but really focusing more on the defensive side and still be a ridiculous attacking unit with De Bruyna, Silva, Sane and Aguero or Gabriel.

  38. Don


    When did I say wilshire is world class? I said he has more talent than any of our central midfielders and I stand by that
    I didn’t say Wenger was elite either so back into your basement boy.

    What is it you’re arguing anyway? That vieira wasn’t world class because I think he was?
    You literally only commented to have a dig at me rather than contribute anything resembling a coherent thought.

  39. TR7

    I think we will have to wait until the end of transfer window to assess the title chances of every team.

    Spurs need an attacking midfielder and a winger. They lack depth in these areas.
    City need at least 1 more CB and possibly 1 more DM.
    Liverpool need at least 1 CM and 2 CBs.
    United and Chelsea don’t need any more signings but looks like both clubs will sign a few more regardless.
    We need at least 1 winger and ideally 2 CMs.

  40. Don


    Yes I happen to think spurs are better equipped this year than anyone in midfield. I also think they are looking the strongest all round.
    Maybe Man U and Chelsea will be up there with them at the end of the year but for that to happen then Morata will need to hit the ground running and bakayoko will need to adapt quickly too.
    They look weak at centre half too in my opinion
    United score liked 52 goals last year and ended up 6th
    Liverpool were jammy as hell
    And I’ve already given my view on city so that leaves spurs who didn’t lose anyone they can’t handle easily and their young squad looks set to take another step up
    All credit to them

  41. Don


    I don think Lacazette is the answer up too
    Bet he will hit a goal drought and giroud will come to the rescue and fire us to 4th with a flurry of goals then leave next year

  42. Relieable Sauce

    Man U will be an even more horrible team to play next season and with their attack I think they’ll chalk up more wins, hard not to with the colossal amount of draws last season.

    City and Utd for me as Chelseas squad is very thin in some key areas – though he is apparently after 4 more signings. Conte didn’t do that well with Juve in the UCL either, he’ll have to rotate well, which could be difficult with the influx of key signings.

    How serious will they, Liverpool and Spurs take the CL ?
    All have thin squads.

  43. Don

    Wenger was elite
    Fucking Benitez won the champs league and managed real
    Was he elite?
    Ryan giggs and George best never played a World Cup
    Were they not elite?
    Messi and Ronaldo havent won a World Cup
    Are they not elite?
    What is your yard stick here?
    Wenger was elite
    No doubt about it
    He might not be anymore but he was

  44. Carts


    Tbf, I should’ve added a caveat in there. On paper, their defence looks less of an issue.

    They have the numbers but it’s how they perform collectively! Walker, Kompany, Otamendi, Stones, Danilo and Mendy. I mean, if you can’t get that lot solid then just miss me out!

    Their main midfield is meh; Gundogan, Fernandinho, Toure, Fernando. Pep sometimes played Fernandinho at LB and Toure just in front on the defence. I agree, that won’t be their approach, well at least i doubt it will be

  45. TR7


    Yes, I am not expecting much from Laca in his first season at least. That’s why it’s crucial we keep both Giroud and Alexis.

  46. TR7


    Citeh’s fullbacks are good but their central defense is shit. Mangala and Stones are meh, Otemandi average at best. if Kompany struggles to maintain his fitness, City will be in trouble.

  47. Don

    Let’s see carts
    I don’t expect a big splash from city unless pep sorts out the spine of that team.

    There are big question marks over the other top 5 teams this year and as red truth rightfully (for once) pointed out, spurs do have champions league and Wembley to contend with this year and I hadn’t considered that.
    I still think they look stronger all round though.
    If pogba and lukaku click at united and they find some goal scoring form then I expect they might really climb this year but the rest don’t look great to me
    Even last year I thought conte got the best out of his squad. Now they’ve lost costa and Terry I’m not sure Morata will come in and set the world alight immediately.
    Let’s see though
    It’s all speculation

  48. BillikenGooner

    So is it really the general consensus that we should keep an unhappy Sanchez and that his performance will be adequate for a full season to … what? lead us back to the top 4 or win the league?

    His head will spend the first half of the season upset he isn’t playing where he wants, and the second half will be spent with his head and agent arranging where he will be going in the summer. If the plan is “he will play his best so he makes top $$$ next season”, I think that is a bit pie-in-the-sky. He might care about his stats, but he won’t care how the team finishes.

    Also, with a club that is supposed to be so finance oriented, I don’t see how we don’t take the 50mil+ that we could get this summer going into a season without Champions League money. He will be sold. Ozil will re-up. If Ox doesn’t re-up, he will probably be sold, too.

  49. Relieable Sauce


    City don’t really need to worry too much about defense with their attack but they could do with a presence in CM. Thought I heard they had signed a CM (could be some South/Central American kid though) and Danillo apparently is more of a CM than right back and started his career playing there. Not that they sound like the solution.

    I think City will blow most teams away but will again struggle with consistency.

  50. Johnsgiles

    I honestly think now lemar not coming the only business at arsenal will be sanchez off; 2 sub £25m cheapish buys (who?/Google search) to try to plug the sanchez hole; and 2/3 more off loaded

    (The signings being much like the Perez (poor bloke) signing)

  51. Don

    They do need to worry about that defence.
    Of course they do. They are soft right the way through.

  52. Stephan


    Your arguments are baseless
    For a manager to be considered elite at any point,he has to have certain trophies in his cabinet
    Same with footballers
    Wenger is ??the most successful manager Arsenal have had
    That shows you the club is underperforming judging by the amount of trophies he’s worn
    Fergie was one
    Pep is one
    Mourinho is one
    Ancealotti is one
    As of now,you’ll call zidane cuz he’s managed to do something no other has done
    Being our most successful and longest serving doesn’t make him elite

  53. Wallace


    “With Lukaku, a more mature Rashford and a full pre-season Mikki, I think Utd will be devastating..”

    🙂 6th again for me.

  54. Stephan


    You keep attacking city’s defense
    A defense they’ve strengthened this window?
    You talk like Arsenal conceded 10 fewer goals with outs
    News flash; we conceded 5more!
    They even scored 3 more
    Now they wanna snap up the man that made the scoring chart considerably close
    Please drop the citeh antagonism
    We are shit,let’s focus on why a team who messed up last season is having a horror of a window
    Teams which finished ahead of us are strengthening Buh we are just looking

  55. Relieable Sauce


    They conceded fewer goals than us didn’t they ?

    The new GK can’t be any worse than Bravo last season and both FBs are a marked improvement. An improved Stones and fit Kompany could make it a very good unit, form a top CM in front of it and they look a very strong team.
    Fine margins.

  56. Marko

    They are soft right the way through.

    If they’re soft what are we. We’ve got bigger issues in midfield and our defence conceded more. I’d be more worried about us than Citeh

  57. Marko

    Wallace you actually think we’re better than United? Is it European commitments and lack thereof for us or better squad? I don’t see them neglecting league games like they did last season. There’d be uproar

  58. Wallace


    “Wallace you actually think we’re better than United?”

    they might edge us for talent, but it’s going to be hoofs to Fellaini & Lukaku mostly so kinda pointless having the quality.

  59. Emiratesstroller


    For reference I have not been posting on Le Grove five-six years. I joined much more recently than that.