Madrid and PSG lead the madness as Arsenal summer stutters

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Arsene Wenger has finally found his ruthless edge. He was all like, sure, I want to give the #9 to Lacazette, but wouldn’t the boys respect me more if I just did it without telling Perez? Apparently so…

“They [Arsenal] are not being fair with me. The act of taking away my [shirt] number without telling me anything to give to a teammate, that was the last straw for me,” Perez was quoted as saying. “It is unfortunate. And I can’t go on this way. I have given them everything, but they haven’t responded in kind. And I can’t take it anymore.”

Can’t for the life of me work out what Lucas did to deserve the rough-shod treatment he received at Arsenal. He scored some crackers, had bundles of pace, and he always worked really hard when he came on. Wenger wouldn’t give him a proper run, even when we were desperate.

As I said last year, I think his signing was a real show of desperation because Wenger had bombed on finding a striker last summer… again. He just rolled the dice, assumed the fans would think it was clever (because when don’t we), then his new boy landed and he didn’t fancy him.

It does sound all a bit sad… I mean as sad as I can feel for someone earning that sort of corn.

“Last year I barely had any opportunities and when I had them I took advantage of them. And this season it is clear that it is going to be more of the same. I want to fight for the chance to play on the national team. I want to play football. But to do that I have to leave. And I think where I will be better off is in my home, with Depor,”

“I feel like I was tricked. In February I was not allowed to leave for China but it was promised that I would be playing more and then I had even fewer opportunities. But the shirt number was an ugly gesture.

I think he should have been given more of a chance, but hey, if Wenger was seeing something different behind the scenes, what can you do?

The Sun are ramping up stories that we’re back in for Lemar again. I mean, seems a bit fanciful, how many more starlets can Monaco let go this summer? Also, if we sign Lemar, what does that mean for Sanchez who Wenger has aggressively said on numerous occasions is not going?

Another player who is rebelling against a new deal is Oxlade Chamberlain. Wenger has a deal on the table, but the Englishman isn’t signing on. In his situation, you can kind of understand where he’s coming from. Wenger has played him in 62 positions, he’s struggling to grow into a proper player because he’s so versatile, and the club go stone cold on him for stretches of the season.

If I were his agent, I’d probably be telling him to see how this year goes and keep the options open for next year. If Arsenal give him 40 games and let him own a position, stay on and reap the rewards after a good season. If it’s another ‘play anywhere’ season, then he can bugger off to Stoke or West Ham.

In other news the world of football truly has ramped up its nutty behaviour. Neymar is still on the cards for PSG who want to drop £200m to land their man. The player has apparently come with a list of players he wants including Coutinho and Alves (who I didn’t realise has already signed for PSG). Then on the other side of the spectrum, Real Madrid are looking to drop £160m on M’Bappe and they’re close to signing him.

UNREAL. I mean, also pretty hilarious Arsenal fans thought we’d be in with a chance at all. Total PR guff from the start.

‘He’d go for Wenger’

… come on. He’d go for Wenger if the rest of the top 15 clubs burned and the Champions League didn’t exist.

Anyway, Chelsea lost to Bayern Munich which was pleasant to read. I’m seeing stories about Lindelof looking pretty tragic in his first games for United. I also watch Lukaku huff around like a WWE wrestler ice-skating in a souvenir shop versus Real Madrid’s babies.

You know what I’m not seeing?

SANTI REPLACEMENT STORIES. Or any sort of midfield upgrade murmurring.

I love how Chelsea bossed the league with Kante last year, and we all noted that he was the player we should have signed. A year on, Chelsea reinforce with Bakayoko and we’re still sitting about with Ramsey and Xhaka as our dominant midfield force.

Xhaka at the moment feels like half a player for the Premier League. Sublime against teams that give him space and freedom to pick out passes. Pretty average if he’s put under pressure. A bit like Arteta in his latter years. Arsenal should have been pressing Leipzig for Keita. Or looking at Diawara at Napoli. I don’t understand how a Premier League team can expect to dominate with a midfield king pin who doesn’t have any pace or power. Well, unless you bulk him out either side with pace and power to free him up. I just worry he’s going to be a target this year in the big games because he’s flustered.

Santi won’t be good for more than 20 games this year.

I have serious doubts that Ramsey will be good for any more than 30 games, making 5 really good ones so we give him another new deal in the hope he’ll fulfill on his radar chart that plotted his decisiveness levels at warp speed 9, which is three times what Messi had at the same age.

ANYWAY. 800 words so you can just jump into the comments and have a great time.


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  1. Rambo Ramsey

    Confidentgoner, why do you keep going on and on about Niles? A kid who has barely been tested at competitive level.

    Are you his mother by any chance?

  2. Marko

    to dominate Barca and Brazil in your teens and early twenties you can’t be shit

    So you rate him after one decent performance in one game against Barcelona and a friendly against Brazil how many years ago? Like I said mental or a troll

  3. raptora

    Re Xhaka. He’s pissed me way too many times for just 1 season. I’m sure even his defenders have been mindblown by how reckless his challenges are. And re Pierre that he got red carded for things that refs usually don’t send off players I’m sure I remember a few occasions when he got so lucky. Versus Ludogorets away in Sofia when our team had fought so hard coming back from 2:0 to 2:2 and this insane person doing what he does best – absolutely needless challenge in the opponent’s half, flying tackle with absolutely no chance of playing with the ball. He is either evil or his mind process is slow to oblivion I don’t know. I was there and the foul in real time looked even worse than it looked on cameras and the whole stadium expected the red. It was 66-th minute so surely it would have cost us. Happened how many times last season?! Insanity…

  4. kristoman

    Charle I will my dollar if the going gets tough we will not win 4 out of those eleven wins we picked towards the end of last. In fact the only team who has something to play (TOTTEHAM ) at the end. We lost to them. Chelsea was a one off game, final anything happen in a final. Chelsea defeated beyern in final doesn’t mean Chelsea were the better team

  5. Marko

    He was better when we switched formation but your response to that was to say everyone we played was on holiday or it was the cup. Keep up the good fight though

    All true he was better when we were playing teams with nothing to play for. We’re in agreement.

  6. Marko

    Also Don has me on toast? Don is mentally ill if he thinks we’ve got the second best midfield in the league or if Jack Wilshere is our most talented midfielder.

  7. Joe

    Chelsea was a one off game, final anything happen in a final. Chelsea defeated beyern in final doesn’t mean Chelsea were the better team

    Portsmouth. Wigan winning the Fa cup show anything can happen In a one off match. And hull Wigan Cp making the final show anything can happen in the cup.

  8. reality check

    “Why didn’t pogba perform?”
    Pogba Manchester United-
    EFL Cup: 2016–17
    UEFA Europa League: 2016–17

    “Why did matic bomb?”
    Matic Chelsea-
    Premier League 2014-15
    League Cup 2014-15

    “Why did James fail at Real Madrid?”
    James Real Madrid-
    La Liga: 2016–17
    UCL: 2015–16, 2016–17
    UEFA Super Cup: 2014, 2016
    FIFA Club World Cup: 2014, 2016

    When did ‘Winning Trophies” not matter anymore?
    “So stupid that freakin Jack has jackshit ambition and desire to be a top player. He had all the qualities when he was young.”

    “his body just couldn’t handle it. I don’t think he lacked ambition/desire.”

    Robin Williams and Rick James said it best.

  9. N5

    Tottenhams middle is as poor as ours (whoever posted it). But when Son plays there or just in front it works much better.

    Move Ozil and bring in someone who can be bothered and our middle will be more effective.

    Xhaka can’t tackle either just to weigh in on that one!

  10. N5

    That is the jack go to, that one performance against Barca!!

    Pep was asked what he thought of his performance and pep said who?

  11. Joe

    Who goes on holidays but still finds the need to nip at Bamfords heels. Obsessive or pathetic I can’t tell really

    Someone who has no life

  12. Champagne charlie


    You’re slow… Bamford chirped at me, I replied. And there’s always 24 hours in a day mate, work or holiday. Not difficult to sit with my feet up just before bed reading some news and seeing what the discourse is like on here. But I’m obsessed/pathetic for commenting back…

    As you were haha. Dons bitch

  13. Don


    1) I Do have you on toast!! Nice one Charlie

    2) I don’t think we have the second best midfield per day I just don’t think anyone has better midfield players bar spurs.

    3) The teams we played post 343 did have something to play for
    You telling me Chelsea and city let us have the cup?

    4) notice how you swerved wether or not you actually could kick a ball.

    5) just because I think jack is our most talented midfielder it does not mean I think he will now be our most consistent or dominant midfield player or wether he can even capitalise on that talent.

    I just see the talent, the skill and the vision he has.

    If you can’t then it proves my point. You haven’t played the game.

  14. Marko

    Xavi wasn’t the manager though Wallace. And besides how many are still singing Wilshere’s praises or talking about his performances anymore. He got credit last season for staying fit that was until he got injured again. Still wasn’t playing as well as someone like Arter for example

  15. N5

    Marko maybe you’re right! Alli for sure, but I’m just not a big fan of Erickson.

    Wanyama can bring some stability to the middle and he’s not a crab footballer but he’s another inconsistent player imo!

    I do really rate son though. He controlled the game at the emirates! Very underrated.

  16. Champagne charlie

    Hear that?

    That was he sound of Marko’s arse cheeks being slapped by Don. I could hear that loud and clear on holiday Marko, better get defecting as per..

  17. N5

    Howe said even if he’d not got injured Hack would most likely not have been in his plans for the coming season!

    Says it all really.

  18. DaleDaGooner

    Here you go…..Arsenal fans always wanting or gushing over other teams player. Pogba isn’t any better than Xhaka! There, I said it…..if we had him, and he played the same way he did for Man U last season, he would be crucified! Get over yourselves

  19. Don


    I don’t think xakha is top top level but I think he can and will improve and that he had a better season than pogba.
    Also that the league doesn’t contain many better midfield options

    That’s all

    He’s no jack wilshire!!!!

    And no that game isn’t just the go to game
    That whole season he was outstanding
    And some of the season after until he picked uo his first major injury
    The kid was destined for the top
    Sorry but how many midfielders can pick up the ball and do what he did with it before the curse struck. That little jink onto his left foot, past one, past two then pop, he’d slip a pass off to RvP or nasri

    He could have been one of the greats
    He won’t now but I sill hope he can achieve even half of the potential he showed l, he’d still be one of the best in our league

  20. Confidentgoner

    Rambo, not his mother, I am just stating facts. I prefer him to Coq, and recommend him as a squad member based on the analysis , not as a starter, provided he is played in his position.

    He is the best we have right now

  21. N5

    Don, injury fucked Jack imo. He looked quality then got wrecked. When he came back he spent most the time on his back and then injury in and off has prevented consistent play.

    The issue is, how long do you give him? Diaby time? Djourou time?

  22. UDA

    i don’t think the issue is individual players. vast majority of top players have pros and cons. you need a team and system where their attributes work.

    we don’t seem to build teams anymore. project youth failed, but at least you could see what wenger was trying to do. now we mostly look like a hodge podge of players, that will click once in a while when everyone is in form and we come across the right opposition.

  23. Confidentgoner


    I see your point re- Wilshire, but that is water under the bridge. He has never found that form. We cannot keep talking about the past. It does not help the team now.

    Last season’s stats between Pogba and Xhaka had been given to you. There is no comparison between the two players.

    And there are many players from the top 12 teams in the EPL that are better than. Xhaka and Ramsey.

  24. Wallace


    “Should jack be starting for Arsenal??”

    no, not anymore. but that wasn’t what was being debated.

  25. Wallace


    we only want you reporting the good stuff. let us fester in our ignorance when it comes to the bad 😉

  26. Don


    I’d give him this season
    Start him from the bench
    See if he can work his way back in like he should have last season
    That touch and vision doesn’t desert you, it’s wether his body holds up and if his attitude and desire are will there
    I hope he comes back but I’m doubtful. Either way my point wasn’t that he is the best just that he still is in possession of the most talent

  27. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘He is the best we have right now’

    Lad has barely played at PL level. Its bizarre to read commentary such as above. How exactly do you ‘analyse’ a player that is yet to be tested properly?

  28. Gunner2301

    Thing about Jack. He himself said he wasn’t prepared to adjust his game to protect himself from injury. Obviously were talking about his ankle in this context. But if he’d have done so and maybe lost 10% of his actual game it would have been a better trade of for him. I just don’t think he’s managed that situation the best he could and now he’s only known for his injuries and has devalued as a player. His best bet would be to hang on in the Arsenal nursery I’m sure he can talk Wenger round if Diaby can otherwise hell slip into oblivion.

  29. Don


    The stats I saw seemed actually quite close except for pogba winning more 50/50 assists and goals

    Xakha was clearly better with the ball and retaining possession
    Do t forget that xakha is a deep midfielder and doesn’t get in the mix as much as our attacking players and wing backs
    When they go up he sits back

    I don’t think stats tell the whole story either as some of his passes and vision towards the end of the season were a joy to watch and his positional sense improved too as I think or hope it will Continue to do next season. He can only grow as a player from here can’t he?

    I don’t get why so many seem to dismiss our players with glee.
    Why wouldn’t you want to see the best out of him.
    To encourage him.
    This attitude does affect the players from the stands, it’s embarrassing.
    I wouldn’t blame xakha in his first season in England for a couple of red cards either. We were all calling for a player that would put the boot in here and there then moan when he gets called on it

  30. N5

    Xhakas reds haven’t been for hard tackles though don! They mainly come from him being out of position and then lunging when caught out!

    Still 1st season and all that. I’m with you he needs encouragement not replacing!!

  31. EN1AFC

    Who gives a flying fuck about Pogba and Xhaka comparisons. Both were bang average last season, pretty simple really isn’t it? Just one cost 3 times as much as the other.

    How about discussing the important shit like the following:

    – 1. Closing the 18 point gap to last seasons champions.
    – 2. Bringing in further, quality personnel who improve the team to help with point 1.
    – 3. Getting rid of players who simply are not good enough in order to free up money to be spent on both transfers and wages.
    – 4. Addressing our tactical limitations
    when playing against top 5 teams expecially away from home. Predominately our shape and structure when not in possession of the ball.
    – 5. Addressing a lack of winning/fighting mentality when up against it (Everton, City, Tottenham away and Bayern as examples)

    Feel free to add any further points and solutions to said issues.

  32. reality check

    Once he acclimatised and the formation changed he flourished
    And conducted matches from deep midfield against the best opposition in the country spurs aside
    Which is more of an achievement.

    1.Pogba came in. They won EL and LC

    2.Xhaka came in. We finished 5th & won FA Cup

    All that other s*** is irrelevant.

  33. Confidentgoner


    With you on rolling up our sleeves to discuss the real problems. Thing is we have done that several times and each time Wenger has other ideas.

  34. Don

    Reality check
    You deliberately omitted the fact they finished 6th and played shit

    And no discussing who had the better season is highly relevant.

    They won’t have a europa league back door for champions league next year so if they do as badly as they did this year then they won’t be innit next year

    Add to the fact that they had spent ridiculous amounts of money on their team and I think it shines us in a better light

  35. Confidentgoner


    You are correct Wenger has been “cruel” in his use of Niles. Uses him at right back where he is of no use, then when he does well in the middle, does not want to use him.

    His management is piss poor. Niles I repeat has all it takes to boss the midfield and I don’t say it lightly.

  36. N5

    I always though Niles looked lightweight but gambon used to rave about him too so I was looking forward to see how his development went.

  37. Danish Gooner

    Dont worry Don,we wont be winning the Europa League even tough at the moment it looks very winnable,wenger will find a way to fuck it up royally,remember he is one of the only ssupposedly top managers that have never won a european trophy.

  38. Joe

    PierreJuly 26, 2017 16:58:07
    “Someone who has no life” Well Joe, you would know!!


    You and CC come up with some
    Real beauties.

    That was also fucking hilarious.

    You two must be a riot to hang out with.

    Laugh a minute.

  39. reality check


    I’d love us to win the E.L what is wrong with you! we’re in the tournament and as a professional club you’re supposed to aim to win everything you play for.
    We won’t win it though because Wenger is a terrible manager.

    Again with these ‘holier than thou’ arguments. UTD can afford to spend because they earned the money, attracted the best commercial deals through being successful. Also, The ppl that are relevant, the people that matter over there, dont care. UTD as a whole, the fans the commercial partners don’t mind Jose spending. In fact they are giving him the money to spend in the 1st place. So why do you as an Arsenal Fan care. When UTD fans dont mind.
    UTD themselves dont mind!

    Don’t be a voyeur.

    And also, who are you to judge them?
    If they want to spend. Good on em’!
    Who are you to judge and decide who is in ‘a better light’

    Gross overspending is in fact gross regardless. 42.5M for ozil is over spending. 35M for mustaphi, 17M for Perez, ALL OF THEO WALCOTTS CONTRACTS, on and on.
    The entire premier league is gross.
    So what if they spent more. Doesnt mean we’re any better. All of it is gross extravagance.

    Talk about the here and now, don’t talk about the future. Nobody knows it otherwise we all would’ve bet on Leicester!

    Ok so whats better

    Fa cup and 5th
    Europa League, League Cup and 6th.

  40. Joe

    United make double what we make on shirt sponsors alone. Never mind all other commercial revenue.

    Whether you think they wasted money on pogba means nothing to them. He helped them get into to the CL by winning Europa.

    So CL money helps them pay for Pogba. So does the little bit they made on winning Europa.

    Us finishing 5th we lost out on CL
    Money. So what did xhaka exactly do for us.

    Helped us look
    Better in the last 10 games which achieved absolutely nothing. We still finished out of CL because he was bang average to awful
    The rest of the season

    Yeah real good to be useful when the games don’t matter anymore.

    And by the way we did out play city in fa cup
    We were lucky. And you all
    Know it

  41. reality check

    I just realised something. Writing that out. Those two option are probably the absolute best outcomes AFC can hope for the coming season.

    If you could choose, how would you prefer Arsenal to end next season.

    Fa cup and 5th, or
    Europa League, League Cup and 6th.

    Forget about UTD im bored of talking about them, this is about us and whats acceptable to AFC fans in 2017.

    For season 2017/18 what scenario would you take right now?

  42. Joe

    For season 2017/18 what scenario would you take right now?

    Wenger and fans like don,Dale da Gooner ,Pierre and CC out of Arsenal

  43. Confidentgoner


    The better option is to win Europa obviously. No question.

    Can we do it with signings that we have made now? NO

  44. Joe


    How about we win the league and Europa

    Hahahahah. For a second I forgot wenger was our manager

    The best we can hope for this season is 6th and maybe semi finals of Europa.

    Maybe another enthralling exciting fa cup run

  45. Pierre

    Strange innit… We had 20 odd years in the champions league and it was regarded as pointless, waste of time but now united have qualified through Europa league and Joe can’t wait to tell us all about the benefits of qualifying for it… And that’s why whatever Joe says has no relevance because it reeks of double standards

  46. Joe

    Hey dickhead Pierre

    It doesn’t matter if we are in CL or not with the loser wengeyr in charge

    1) because he doesn’t spend the money anyway

    2) he doesn’t attract the best players anyway.

    What part don’t you get??

    We aren’t getting mbappe. Pogba. Ibra. No Matter CL or not

    It’s because wenger is a loser and not ambitious.

    It’s not hard man.

    Figure it out.

    No Double standards at all you muppet.

  47. Joe

    Even in CL we chased chamack for 2 years. Signed sanago. Had Giroud as our striker for 4 years.

    Man U spend money because they make it.

    We don’t because we have a loser like
    Wenger as our manager

  48. Don

    Who am I??? Hahahahaha
    You just made criticisms yourself and then in the next breath asked who am I to criticise untied?
    I don’t care how much they spend and you’re wilfully missing the point
    They mis spent their money. They finished 6th
    The fact that they’ve spent sooooo much and still finished 6th with some of the best players in the world and one of the best managers should surely be categorised as a worse failure than us with our “terrible manager” and useless squad of players that are constantly being berated

  49. Marko

    If you can’t then it proves my point. You haven’t played the game.

    So I have to play football to have an opinion on Jack? Makes sense. I really only played football as a kid like most on here I’d say. Bam played for Harvard apparently so therefore with your logic he knows more than you and Charlie. Don

  50. graham62


    Sorry, didn’t include a ‘category 4′, although I totally understand where you’re coming from on this.

    I , regrettably, consider myself a “cat 5’. I have become of those unique individuals who no longer cares whether Arsenal win, lose or draw. Secretly hoping that on waking up one morning, the headline news is dominated by an alien invasion, where their leaders have decided that the only cure for their own worlds safety and progression(which conveniently happens to be millions of light years away from earth) is to abduct an old, senile and deluded Frenchman from north London, in the hope that his tactical prowess and supreme knowledge and skills, will bring an end to their own planets brittleness and inabilties to compete against opposing civilizations……………………………………………….. Alas, little do they know.

    I, though, continue to dream!

    Just to make you feel even better, my neighbour considers himself a “cat 10′!! His wife left him last year because, as he put it, “My negativity towards Wenger started to consume my life, to the extent I could no longer fulfill my marital obligations”. The unfortunate thing for him in all of this, is that he still drives around in his wifes red Nissan Micra!!

  51. reality check

    They mis spent their money. They finished 6th
    Prove it. UTD have not fired Jose and they’ve given him more money. The actions of UTD show acceptance with what Jose has done and spent. Otherwise, if they held your opinion, why carry on with him and the continued spending.

    Just like Kroenke is happy with Wenger and no one can explain justifiably why. UTD are happy with Jose, so according to them, they haven’t “mis-spent”.

    Your opinion on them doesn’t matter, only their opinions about themselves matter.

    Stick to Arsenal, Arsenal fan. Get your own house in order. You would take E.L(ucl qualification) L.C and 6th right now don’t lie?

  52. tonyd

    This from the Mail this morning:

    Vasilyev said at a press conference that Lemar, a £50m Arsenal target, will not be allowed to go

    Read more:

    Wenger is not serious about buying Lemar; it’s just more PR BS.

    If he was serious, he’d had put in a bid that would be difficult to refuse.

    As I said before, Wenger should have bought Lemar at the end of the last season.