Arsenal stink out Beijing with familiar performance

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via @arsenal

You can’t read too much into preseason friendly results. However, you can’t brush off the purpose of them. To build fitness, to test new systems, to hone your style. It’s a preparation test bed. So when you watch Arsenal disappoint in the same way they did the whole season before, it’s hard not to worry that there’s a significance to what you’re seeing.

Cheslea playing their first preseason friendly looked stronger, fitter and far more interested than Arsenal. They pretty much dominated proceedings from start to finish. They dealt with us in the same clinical fashion that saw them dominate the league with such ease last season.

Arsenal looked weak. We looked tired. Worst of all, we looked distinctly uninterested in the game. The players were mailing it in. Now, you could cite the stomach bug of midweek being a problem. You could cite the issues we’re having getting our best players back into the squad. Or you could just look at the reality of the situation > we haven’t really moved the needle this summer.

We were very shaky at the back, letting Chelsea blitz us through the middle with ease. We were slow at transitioning in attack, hardly causing Chelsea a problem all game. Alarmingly, Lacazette looked distinctively average, struggling to free up any space in the first half at all. We had to resort to bringing on Giroud to shake things up. My big fear with our new Frenchman is he’s not as fast as Ligue 1 would have you believe, couple that with his lack of physical presence… and, well, you’ve got the case for a converting a £56m striker to a winger.

My big fear at the back of last season was the success of our ‘new’ formation was in fact, a bit of a red herring. We mostly played a collection of teams who had nothing to play for and we beat them. We had a superb cup final, but it’s always hard to read too much into a one off on such a grand stage. Do we really think stealing a formation is going to make us world beaters?

Today, our setup looked unorganised and lacking in purpose. The players really didn’t understand what they were doing in the same way Chelsea players did. That’s to be expected, because Conte is a different type of coach (a good one), but if we take a tanking in the Community Shield, it’ll set a poor tone for the start of the season.

Wenger hasn’t invested properly this summer. Chelsea is bulking up in areas they were already strong in. We’re sprinkling in a back up left back – who really is struggling – with an expensive striker who at best, will take a number of months to get up to speed.

There really has been very little change. It’s just same old Wenger, over and over again.

We’ll see though. It is preseason. There is still time to make additions to the squad. There’s still time to address system problems. We can still purchase players.

I just don’t see it happening.

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    Some reports that Wenger is interested in Goretzka. If he is set on Munich though, which could well be, then I would like to see us look at someone like Danilo from Porto.

    A good CDM player with good pace for that role, strong, can do all the hard work in midfield and maybe then allow Xhaka to focus on his passing game slightly more not having to worry about being abandoned or having to do the bulk of the CDM work.

    I do not think he would cost a fortune either, I saw a rumour he had a release clause of €50 Million, but I am not sure Porto would necessarily demand that is a good offer came in and the player wanted to go.

    Xhaka and Danilo as a pairing could actually be a really strong base for us. If you added Lemar as well you are starting to talk about a far more robust team with the added value of another playmaker to compensate for Ozil’s frequent disappearing acts.

    Not really interested in Rafinha, he seems, as WE was saying a couple of days ago, a very uninspired type buy that is not really going to carry the team forward.

    It is fine having the weak players like Ozil etc in attack, provided you have a steely base behind them, Xhaka and Danilo could be that base. Though as I say, Goretzka, whilst a different player, would be a great buy. Potentially a world class player in the making there.

  2. Carts

    Apparently Barcelona offered Rafinha to use for e30m.

    My supposition is that we don’t take the bait.

    He’s barely played much football in the last 18 months. Barcelona are clearly trying to make a killing on a homegrown squad player.

    Our focus should be on Goretzka, imo.

  3. leon

    Sorry but to me there are too many average over paid players in this team and its about how much you like a player its about whether is good enough or not its just that simple if we are honest Mathieu Debuchy,KIERAN GIBBS ,Gabriel Paulista,Laurent Koscielny,Carl Jenkinson,Calum Chambers,Jack Wilshere,Santi Cazorla,Theo Walcott,Danny Welbeck all of these players I would be looking to off load some of these players are just bang average and some are simply too injury prone and I would promote Joal Cambell and Lucas Pires both of whom are better finishers and more intelligent than either Wellbeck or Walcott. I dont think much has changed and this team is cut throat enough or ruthless enough. And there far too many players who 2 years or less left on the contract that should never happen.

  4. Samir


    Get rid of Koss? Are you off your rocker?
    And we can’t get rid of that many players with the Europa league.

  5. Up 4 grabs now

    Would like to see us play 352
    Put giroud and laca up front with ozil just behind.
    Pressure is off laca since we’ll play with two strikers and should give him time to settle in.

  6. Marko

    If Rafinha was being offered for cheap then we’d probably take cause if the rumours of a cheap bid for Jorginho are to be believed we would like a midfielder but not an expensive one which always runs the risk of Arsene unwilling to pay a price and gambling on no midfielder. I personally think we need two cause our midfield has been an issue for a number of years. Our retention against big teams is generally nonexistent. There’s honestly not enough leadership or personality in there. One of Goretska/Rabiot and Carvalho/Danilo/Gueye would go some way to addressing that. Even a big purchase like Rabiot and a young specialist like Berge could be something. Probably missed a chance with Tielemens and Camacho moving already this summer

  7. Up 4 grabs now

    Will need a big squad this season, Would have two teams go all out in the league and use that team for fa cup in January.
    Have a second team for league cup and Europa, we won’t win the league but will give us a better shot of getting back to the top four at least.

  8. leon

    Samir lets be honest here he never been a real leader at the club he is getting injured more and more and next season he will 33 and most of the players that I listed there are average or always injured, this conceded almost 20 goals than Totenham so lets not protend as if he some world defender he not we can better . Just think of amount money could freed up if you got rid off allot these players all of which are all over 90k a week. And with that money you can get some real world class players

  9. DM

    Up 4 Grabs

    Me too re Carvalho, just not sure where we’d play him. Also, it would almost certainly mean us not signing a more creative CM (which might be OK, but I know a lot on here want one)

  10. raptora

    Rafinha has close to 30 games played last season. Hardly a player who barely played. Also it’s Barcelona we’re talking about. Never watched him though, fk that team anyways.

    Re a midfielder… I wonder what the ideal type of MF would be for us. Since Xhaka is limited in a lot of the qualities the last person in the midfield should be good at, it makes it very hard to pick a player that would be fast, since Xhaka is slow, tackler since Xhaka can’t tackle, positionally sound, since Xhaka cannot be left in a 1v1 situation, and dangerous in attack so he contributes 5-10+ goals a season. Most of the times it’s either one of the other. Ramsey gives us the attacking threat and we will certainly need someone who can chip in goals. He is bad at defending though. For comparison Kante is great at defending but lacks a fair amount when attacking. Carvalho is similar. Cesc is great in attack but is kinda the same as Ramsey (could even be worse) in defense reason why he was left as sub in a lot of Chelsea’s games. Nasri type who is robust in defense and great going forward could be good?! Eriksen is another of similar type. Naby Keita looks like a goal scoring, technically sound Kante but his price tag is obscene. Then it’s Goretzka who is both strong, has long legs, decent speed and knows where the back of the net is is the ideal?! Like Lampard and Stevie G?! Xhaka’s transfer put our midfield in such a rough situation. Looking for a partner for a player so weird in world football. A player that you have to base your whole team around it similar to a Pirlo team but with a less talented Pirlo. I’m pretty sure that the ideal setup for him would be a diamond type of midfield with him as the one closer to the defense and two players in front doing the running for him. Let’s say Flamini and Rosicky/Nasri as the two players from recent times. At this moment in our new system it will be very, very hard to find a suitable partner for the swiss even if we were searching for one, which doesn’t even look like we are.

  11. Up 4 grabs now

    I think we’ll struggle to sign a more creative player under the circumstance.
    No champions league, won’t pay top end wages or transfer fees. (When you see average players going for 50 million it’s madness)
    We’re gradually turning into the Liverpool of the south with distant memories of winning and competing, it’s not good.

  12. leon

    I truelly believe this team needs more powerhouses in the team , they need to get away from slow pity paty football and go back to playing quick direct counter attacking football.wenger seems to think that if you defend well you are boring. This team was fucked the minute signed a new contract there not winning a thing

  13. Samir


    Koss is our best defender and he isn’t injured that often. In my opinion, the reason we concede so many goals is mainly due to our shit centre midfield. The team does not defend as a unit so we can’t really blame our defence primarily. If we had a Kante or Matic infront of our defence I’m sure we would concede ALOT fewer.

    I do agree we need a new top class CB though (Van Dijk), but along with a top ball winning CM/DM.

  14. Relieable Sauce

    Bringing in Carvalho to cover for Xhaka and Ramseys shortcomings is the wenger way alright.
    Totally uninspired, lazy and self serving.

  15. DM

    Chelsea rumoured to be interested in Ox.
    Chelsea also rumoured to want rid of Matic.

    You thinking what I’m thinking?

    (Yeh, I know it will never happen. But just sayin’.)

  16. kristoman

    Look Grab we need to spend top £ if we are to sign top quality player because it is the price you pay for not being in champions league

  17. leon

    Sam I know he and thats the problem the bar has been set so low now He is not world class or any where close too it and he clearly not a leader. There are younger and better defenders out there if you are prepared to pay the money.

  18. Up 4 grabs now


    Would be nice I would drive Chamberlain there myself.
    Probably more chance of it happening now Maureens gone!

  19. Up 4 grabs now


    No problem spending the money just spend it on quality.
    When you look at some prices that are being quoted.
    75 million pounds for keita at Leipzig.
    Walker going for 50 million plus its ridiculous.

    If we spent 200 million tomorrow I would be ecstatic, and to get us back to winning the league I think that’s what we need to do.

  20. leon

    Sam at the moment we have two defenders who almost 33 , we have another defender that cant speak English Mustafi ok well I will give him buy he only to prem but he didnt have best season and is still very young at 23 or 24 and Yes Rob Holding looks really good and its not just the defence there is no leaders in the team

  21. Relieable Sauce



  22. Carts

    I have my reservation about Carvalho.

    I think there’s something in it considering he’s just turned 25 and still plays in Portugal.

    I think he’s lacking something, relatively fundamental

  23. kristoman

    Look the inflation in the market right now is as a result of tv money. Just imagine sunderland that relegated was paid in excess of £100 million. When the selling club knows this. What do expect

  24. Samir

    Relieable Sauce

    Swap Van Dijk for Monreal.
    Matic/Goretzka/Danillo for Carvalho.
    Lemar on the left and Ozil replacing Ramsey.

    We’d be set.
    This is Wenger though, so that line up looks about right.

  25. leon

    There is he high channce that Chaimberlain will leave and I would blame him is he did , players like Ramsey and Ozil start every week no matter how badly they play and same goes for Lucas Pires who is a more clinical finisher that welbeck or wolcatt

  26. Marko

    I think there’s something in it considering he’s just turned 25 and still plays in Portugal.

    Honestly don’t think that stuff matters much. Ramsey is 25/26 and still plays average in England

  27. TR7

    “I want to leave to play and be happy. Last year I barely had any opportunities and when I did I took advantage of them.”
    – Lucas Perez

  28. Wallace

    Xhaka’s no slower than Xabi Alonso and he never had much difficulty with PL football. the difference being Alonso was rarely left isolated in a Benitez midfield. the 3-4-3 definitely helps him in that we’re more compact in the middle.

  29. TR7


    Sorry but you can’t compare Xhaka to Alonso. Alonso had everything in his game except pace while Xhaka is limited on many fronts. Except his long range passing what it is about Xhaka that really impress you?

  30. Carts

    “Honestly don’t think that stuff matters much. Ramsey is 25/26 and still plays average in England”

    LOL true that

  31. Cesc Appeal

    Carvalho and Xhaka as a pairing is surely a no go. We would have one of the most immobile central midfields in the league.

    Xhaka needs a partner who is decent in terms of pace for a CDM/CM, covers a lot of ground and is positionally reliable so that he is not regularly left isolated where his own weaknesses are exposed.

    That allows Xhaka to focus on a smaller area of the pitch to patrol and then really play to his passing game, his deep playmaking game.

    Xhaka and Ramsey is a bad pairing.

    Even John Cross, the Groom of Wenger’s Stool, picked up on the fact Xhaka seems uncomfortable with Ramsey as a partner.

  32. Relieable Sauce

    I think Carvalho would be ok in certain formations or midfield partners ie very creative and comfortable receiving the ball, or perhaps even a back 4 with a ball playing/carrying CB.
    Don’t really see how we need him in the current set up.

  33. kristoman

    Wallace come on alonso has cover in machereno. moreover machereno is the proper DM in their setup with alonso as the registra. But in our case xhaka Is the DM. He is the one doing the covering

  34. Up 4 grabs now

    Xhaka was such a bad buy, looked awful the first six months and although was marginally better towards the end of the season, he isn’t really a master of anything.
    If he’s supposed to be the playmaker what’s ozils job?

  35. Marko

    The thing with Carvalho over Xhaka is yeshe’s just as slow but he’s a proper DM who stays deep can read the game well and can actually tackle. If Xhaka had more pace he’d be a decent box to box midfielder otherwise hes just a deep lying playmaker which means he can pass well but is slow af

  36. Cesc Appeal

    Asensio is the latest one to be linked. Cannot see Madrid letting him go at all, the press in Spain is saying that Madrid are quite proud of the young Spanish contingent they are building up leaving Barcelona in their wake who use to be famed for their youth production.

  37. leon

    In my opion Xhaka was not bad signing but he is not dm player he hasnt got the stamina and Francis Coquelin as much he tries and I fully commend his commitment he is not good enough and I dont think Ramsey is either. I think this team needs to off load 7-8 players but we all know that is never going happen. There are allot players who are getting a free ride at this club. I just think has what it takes to the club where it needs to be.

  38. Marko

    50 million for Mendy!!! Wow. Remember when we were linked to him for pittance and then he moved to Marseille? Around the time we had Santos or Armand Traore

  39. leon

    I just think its a shame the board are such bottle jobs becuase they can have gotten a yong humgry manager instead I suspect its just going to be the same old crap.

  40. Carts

    City are taking the fucking piss now.

    £200m just. like. that!!

    To soften that, it’s about £165m net spend.

    Pep has it all to do now. Don’t you fucking tell me you spent that kind of wedge and you’re not up there a champions elect and a serious crack at the league

  41. Carts

    Come to think of it, when you consider City will also get rid of:

    Delph – £10m
    Iheanacho – £20m
    Bony – £10m
    Nasri – £10m
    Fernando – £8m
    Denayer – £5m
    Mangala -£15m

    That’s around another £70m-£80m they can still realistically make.

    Bring their net spend down to a more respectable £120m-£130m.

    Yet Arsenal are they fucking about with Gibbs and Perez. Madness

  42. TR7


    I think we discussed it how the upcoming season could be a make or break season for Pep. I genuinely believe he will be sacked if he doesn’t at least win the league if not contend for the CL. The man is leaving no stone unturned though is he? £222M and counting….. I think his massive spending in 2 transfer windows has dented his aura a bit. He was heralded as a visionary manager who can create wonders even with young inexperienced players and play a beautiful brand of football but he seems to be taking the easiest route possible of signing the best talents in the market for each position. I still can’t believe a team can spend 130M on fullbacks alone.

  43. Carts


    Yeah we touched on this a while back, and funny enough, I find Pep/City far more intriguing than Arsenal. No stone unturned is an understatement.

    City will sack the fuck out of him if he doesn’t deliver. it’s that simple.

    City have essentially normalised it, in a way, whereby they’ve accepted that the market is fucked, so instead of crying they’ve got on with it.

    For the top 5 epl teams, overpaying is pervasive.

    Walker, Danilo and Mendy @ £130m. Mental.

    What I would applaud them for is getting their net spend to about £120m. I don’t think anyone can say that they weren’t “smart” in their dealings.

  44. Pierre

    “The jist of all this is that we have someone like Pierre who is prepared to accept that pretty football and winning nothing of consequence (I include the modern day version of the FA Cup”

    I’m a realist.. Other than the freak season from Leicester, which teams have won the Prem in the last 12 years.. . Chelsea, city and man Utd..
    What do those 3 teams have in common, a bottomless pit of money which enables them to buy the best players and build bigger squads
    I’m sure that there is massive difference between what those 3 clubs have spent in the last 12 years than say Liverpool, spurs and Arsenal….
    Arsenal are playing catch up with those clubs and we are still nowhere near competing financially with them.. Look at the vast amounts of money city and Utd have spent in the last 3 years without winning a title or champions league…
    Spurs and Liverpool have top class managers and have won sweet f all…. Why

    Unless we have the financial muscle we will never be able to entice the likes of Nbappe to Arsenal… That’s the real world I’m afraid

    Look at Monaco, one great season and then the vultures come and take their pick of their best players… Spurs will be next come next summer…

  45. Carts


    I used £15m as that was the alleged number being quoted when PSG were allegedly interested in him after Pepe signed for the Turkish team.

    I suppose realistically, they’d have to accept about £10m for him this month otherwise, as you said, (he’d go out on loan) and leave on a free next summer.

  46. Daz

    “I still can’t believe a team can spend 130M on fullbacks alone.”

    Yeah once upon a time Real Madrid got Zidane, Figo and Ronaldo for less crazy times

  47. steve


    Your numbers seems a bit off. If their net spend now is 165m, getting another 70-80m would bring down their net spend to about 85-95m.

  48. Wallace


    Xhaka’s 24, Alonso was 28 when he left for Madrid and made the move into the world class bracket. they’re both glorious passers, both physically tough & positionally disciplined. Xhaka’s still got the red mist issue, but Alonso also had a fiery temper. I remember him clobbering Cesc every time we used to play Liverpool during those years. Xhaka needs the right partner, although I think he dovetails okay with Ramsey in a 3-4-3,but i’m confident he’ll prove himself an excellent buy over the course of his Arsenal career.

  49. Carts

    Let’s say our warchest was £100m.

    Many of us concluded that Arsenal could raise well in excess of £100m selling players and what not. Just to list the names that have been banded around for transfer; and those that barely kicked a ball.

    Chesny – £10m
    Ospina – £5m
    Chambers – £20m
    Gibbs – £10m
    Jenkinson – £3m
    Debuchy – £2m
    Wilshere – £15m
    Elneny – £10m
    Walcott – £25m
    Perez – £10m
    Akpom – £3m

    *notable absentees JC and Cazorla. Injured and will leave on a free.*

    Whether we agree or not, but how is it City can sell their players, in realising that it increase their chance of success (though no guarantees), yet Wenger is dithering as per.

  50. leon

    To me Lucas Pires is one player wouldnt sell for sure he looks a far better finisher than Wellbeck and is he far intelligent than Thoe however they are so many players they can off load like Gibbs, Wilshire Jekinson Dabushi that allot of wages that can be freed up. This team wasnts allot of money overpaying average players. And what I dont understand is players like Joel Cambell and Lucas Pires will cost less money who do allot more and work allot harder wenger would rather pay a player walcott 140 k a week..

    Another thing is really bugging me if you look wenger past history with players like nasri, febregas, henry ect he told everyone they were staying all ended up leaving its vary hard to trust anything he has to say

  51. useroz

    “Sorry but to me there are too many average over paid players in this team…”

    Don’t be. It’s inevitable…

    When Arsenal is run by a bang average, overpaid CEO, and his boss is the most overly paid, has been manager in the EPL (and probably rest of world), what do you expect and who to turn to?

    Owner – nope. Unfortunately he’s a proven average sport franchise owner who aspires to profit and profit alone.

    Board – nope again. Paid or not, these bunch of over the hill old men know no shame and football…

  52. Wallace


    “Whether we agree or not, but how is it City can sell their players, in realising that it increase their chance of success (though no guarantees), yet Wenger is dithering as per.”

    which players are City selling? apart from Iheanacho who’s a v promising young player on a smaller salary they’ve got the same problem we have multiplied x 3. players who can’t get into the team but are on salaries so huge no other team can afford them. you say 10m for Bony, okay, maybe they will, but let’s not forget they paid 30m for him.

  53. Redtruth

    “Arsenal are playing catch up with those clubs and we are still nowhere near competing financially with them.. Look at the vast amounts of money city and Utd have spent in the last 3 years without winning a title or champions league…
    Spurs and Liverpool have top class managers and have won sweet f all…. Why”

    Those clubs sack managers, we don’t….

  54. TR7


    If there is one team which finds it more difficult to move on players than us, it’s City. Most of the fringe players will sit out their contracts.

  55. Bamford10


    I’m with you: Lucas is a player & can score goals. He has done nothing but show well for Arsenal.

  56. raptora

    If Arturo Vidal was younger than his 30 years I’d try to tempt him. Absolute terrier of a player, has the lungs of 3 people, warrior, leader, has an eye for goal and knows how to press as well. Would be the ideal partner of Xhaka. We should target players with his profile to upgrade on Ramsey. Alexis would have been happy as well lol.

  57. Bamford10

    But I’ve just read that Lucas is fed up with Arsenal.

    “Fed up Lucas Perez is desperate for a move away from Arsenal, and feels the Gunners giving his No.9 shirt to Alexandre Lacazette without consulting him was ‘the last straw’.

    Perez reportedly spoke to Arsenal chief negotiator Dick Law last week, and is quoted on Spanish website La Voz de Galicia, as translated by Arseblog, pushing for a move to Deportivo La Coruna.

    The striker made just 11 appearances in the Premier League last term and is not on Arsenal’s pre-season tour of Australia and China.

    He apparently told Law: “I want to leave to play and be happy. Last year I barely had any opportunities and when I had them I took advantage of them.

    “And this season is clearly going to be more of the same. I want to fight to go to the national team. I want to play football, but for that I have to leave.”

  58. Carts


    My guess is that the following players, if not already, will be informed that they’re free to leave. I’ve priced them at what I think City will try and get…give or take a few million either side.

    Delph – £10m
    Iheanacho – £20m
    Bony – £10m
    Nasri – £10m
    Fernando – £8m
    Denayer – £5m
    Mangala -£15m

    The price takes into account their high salaries. Sell cheaper to facilitate the transfer.

    I haven’t forgotten that they paid £27m for Bony, but what’s that got to do with the price of fish?

    if you’re saying it to further highlight their frivolousness then fair enough. But it is what it is. If City have no use for him, either get a small loan fee and wage contribution of sell at an inevitable loss

  59. Ishola70

    Xhaka is not physically tough nor is he steely.

    These are the words I have heard described about him on this recent post and it’s just not the case.

    In comparison to Xabi Alonso Xhaka has a weak personality on the football pitch as well as just talking about football ability. Xhaka needs to show real bite that Xabi Alonso showed.

    When Xhaka got into trouble last season one of the reasons was because you could see he was physically shying away from 50/50 challenges. When saying shying away that doesn’t mean he wasn’t putting the tackles in but he was going in with no real conviction. Like shutting your eyes when facing a head on collision.

    I don’ know what’s wrong the guy because he is a big enough unit so these weaknesses are in his head also his lack of pace may make him wary as well because he is afraid to sell himself on the field and leave himself exposed.

    I want to see far more character from this player in the coming season. Atm he’s looking like a pvssy player.

  60. Bamford10


    “I’m a realist … Unless we have the financial muscle we will never be able to entice the likes of Mbappe to Arsenal… That’s the real world, I’m afraid.”

    We don’t need to sign 100m players to contend for the title, nor do we need to spend 200m per window. This is nonsense. Plenty of good players can be signed for reasonable sums, & both Atletico and Dortmund have demonstrated that you don’t have to be the biggest spender to beat the big spenders.

    Bogus argument.

    Not to mention that Wenger spent 100m last summer and did WORSE.

  61. Bamford10

    Stewart Robson believes the club want to sell Sanchez—

    “Arsenal want to get rid of Alexis Sanchez. I think he’s caused problems last year, or they are trying to put out that he caused problems last year. They’ve bought Lacazette, they’re looking to buy someone else. They know that Sanchez doesn’t really want to stay at Arsenal, and do you want to keep a player that next year can go for free?”

  62. Carts


    Math looks a bit flakey, I know. Obviously I’m working with margins.

    So yes, you’re right, best case scenario their net spend will be £85m-£95m; worst case £120m-£130m

  63. Carts


    I agree certain players would rather sit out their deal or go out on loan.

    However, I’d be surprised if City don’t honestly try and shift said players on even at a reduced price. Look how quick Kolarov was out off the door, granted it was for pittance.

  64. Bamford10

    Here, for example, is a cursory list of very good players who moved for reasonable sums—

    Higuain for £34m (2013-14 by Napoli)
    Lewandowski for £4m (2010-11 by Dortmund)
    Aubameyang for £10m (2013-14 by Dortmund)
    Pogba for free (2012-13 by Juventus)
    Khedira for free (2015-16 by Juventus)
    Griezmann for £26m (2014-15 by Atletico)
    Mahrez for £500k (2014-15 by Leicester)
    Kante for £8m (2015-16 by Leicester)
    Van Dijk for £14m (2015-16 by Southampton)
    Diego Costa for £33m (2014-15 by Chelsea)
    Thomas Lemar for £3m (2015-16 by Monaco)
    Bernardo Silva for £14m (2014-15 by Monaco)
    Bakayoko for £7m (2014-15 by Monaco)
    Coutinho for £11m (2012-13 by Liverpool)

  65. Wallace


    “I haven’t forgotten that they paid £27m for Bony, but what’s that got to do with the price of fish?”

    your earlier posts suggested you thought they were an exemplary financial model to follow. we’d be out of business by 2020 if we attempted to follow their lead.

  66. Ishola70

    Stewart Robson is good at times because he is anti-Wenger and anti Arsenal establishment but he does overdo it many times.

    Also I find his views and judgements on players pretty poor at times considering he is a “professional” pundit but nothing new there. Lots of if not poor pundits pretty basic ones.

  67. Marko

    Xhaka isn’t tough he’s a bit dirty but that’s not toughness and he definitely isn’t positionally disciplined.

    On Vidal yeah he’s great but we weren’t smart enough to buy him for 13 million when he was at Leverkusen. We dithered and he went to Juve instead

  68. Marko

    suggested you thought they were an exemplary financial model to follow. we’d be out of business by 2020 if we attempted to follow their lead.

    They’re just spending what’s available to them in order to compete. Are we honestly doing the same? No

  69. Carts


    “your earlier posts suggested you thought they were an exemplary financial model to follow. we’d be out of business by 2020 if we attempted to follow their lead.”

    Exemplary in a way whereby they aren’t hesitant to do away with players. the same way we’re reluctant to.

    Let’s say once the transfer window slams shut their net spend is £110m, would you say that they’ve had a good window, just based on their signings?

  70. Bamford10

    “Arsenal’s treatment of Lucas Perez is scandalous, immature and pathetic. This isn’t the face of a classy club, it’s the face of a child.” – @TheGoonerTalkTV

  71. Marko

    Bam I would replace Arsenal with Wenger. He’s been treated poorly by Wenger. He’s an example of Wenger not even wanting a striker but he brought in one just so the fans and critics would get off his back. It’s also another example of his supposed eye for talent. He’d much prefer to play Welbeck than Lucas Perez

  72. Bamford10

    Liverpool need more quality & athleticism along the back four. I am a little shocked that Klopp hasn’t already addressed this. If he doesn’t, I will be criticizing him for the first time. I hope he isn’t following Wenger down the I-will-go-to-absurd-lengths-to-prove-that-I-can-solve-problems-internally route.

    Down that path lies only disappointment and sorry, Jurgen.

  73. Bamford10


    I agree with that. I like Lucas. I wish he had Welbeck’s frame and pace, though. Good player all the same.

  74. Ishola70

    “You may be right. I am just reporting the news.”

    Not knocking your post Bamford but Stewart Robson has many axes to grind and he is not subtle about it.

    He may be right about Sanchez but at this moment in time it looks like the Sanchez trail to PSG has gone cold.

    Man City could yet have a say we will see.

    Sanchez is demanding very high wages. If he is set on these very high wage demands it may be in the interest of the player himself to wait until January to be picked up for free next season and this will give the bidding club more room for his wage demands.

    I thought like many on here that he would leave this summer and he may well do but that thought has now diminished somewhat and really it is the best for Arsenal at this stage. Even a not 100% committed Alexis Sanchez is better than what Arsenal could get in the position they find themselves in with no CL football and he may not go missing in the coming season.

  75. Wallace


    “Let’s say once the transfer window slams shut their net spend is £110m, would you say that they’ve had a good window, just based on their signings?”

    their net spend will be nowhere near 110m 🙂

    but if it is, yes, they will have had an unbelievable summer

  76. Bamford10


    Agreed. If it were the beginning of the window, maybe selling Sanchez makes sense, as there would be time and opportunity to replace him suitably. As it stands, we are probably better off keeping him.

    Poor management of personnel and squad, though.

  77. Bamford10

    “I am sensing another very busy Transfer Deadline Day at Arsenal and as a result an unbalanced unprepared squad for opening games.” – @johnanthonyr4

  78. Wallace

    Mendy (LB) – 52m
    Walker (RB) – 54m
    Bernardo Silva (CM) – 43m
    Ederson (GK) – 34m
    Danilo (RB) – 26m
    Luiz(CM) – 10m

  79. Joe

    MarkoJuly 24, 2017 15:15:48
    Bam I would replace Arsenal with Wenger. He’s been treated poorly by Wenger. He’s an example of Wenger not even wanting a striker but he brought in one just so the fans and critics would get off his back. It’s also another example of his supposed eye for talent. He’d much prefer to play Welbeck than Lucas Perez


    And yet even today posters today say we can’t compete but we throw away 17m on a players not even used and don’t sell
    Players when we have the chance (Campbell, Gibbs, etc).

    the real reason we don’t compete financially is wenger’s incompetence. Not buying higuain but wasting 17m on wellbeck Perez etc.

  80. graham62


    “The real reason we don’t compete financially is Wenger’s incomptence”

    Actually, the real reason we don’t compete has nothing to do with finances, it is all down to our managers inability to do anything that is progressive and beneficial for the club. Does this man deserve our respect? Not in my eyes, because, from where I stand, he’s just taking the piss.

    God, it’s only July 24th!